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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 22, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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clothing line. all right, thank you for watching fox news prime time this week. do not forget to check out the will cain podcast new episodes monday, wednesday, friday, we can hang out three times a week every week going forward. in-depth conversation and interesting guests. tucker carlson is up next. enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" i'm jesse watters and for tucker carlson. the ratings were absolutely terrible which isn't surprising at all. joe biden's not capable of thinking clearly and most americans recognize that. they watch football and fox news instead. that raises an interesting question, which until recently nobody has asked.
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given the obvious deterioration of joe biden's mind, he now struggles to form coherent sentences, why have the town hall at all? why not call it at 10:00 a.m. and sent joe biden off to the farm in delaware? one of the few people who tuned in last night a novelist named walter kerr and offered a possible explanation. "i've never seen anything like this. at some level and has to be intentional. no one was clamoring for a town hall. brain deterioration is being thrust in our face. cooper is racing through his question as though to keep from laughing. it feels like the enemy of propaganda." we promised that we have not edited this clip in any way. >> in terms of inflation you had told us of the town hall in july that it was near term inflation. in "the wall street journal"
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talks about 67 financial experts who said they saw high inflation going all -- deep into 2022. >> jesse: joe biden stands there for 20 seconds with his hands locked in the 9:00 and 3:00 position. watching that, it's hard not to wonder did joe biden know where he was? did he think he was piloting one of the old amtrak trains offstage. or did you convince himself he was back on the mean streets of delaware driving his 67th stingray to a throw down corn pop? aviators and metal chain until? the road and joe biden's mind was long and treacherous. the moderator tried his hardest not to notice any of this. but it was noticeable to everybody who watched the town hall last night. joe biden's handlers knew something like this would happen. they sent him out there anyway. if things became so confusing
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for joe biden last night at one point you literally stopped midsentence and we are quoting "what am i doing here?" >> 40% of all products coming into united states and america go through los angeles and -- when am i doing here? long beach. >> jesse: it's not joe biden's fault he's in mental decline come up with the political opportunities that may joe biden president of the united states, people like joe biden and susan rice are so on, are responsible for this. they lied about his condition so they can obtain more power. they are making us aware of who's really in charge. it's not joe biden. the point of last nights town hall was to make that undeniable. he doesn't have any comprehension of any of the problems this country is facing. asked about the fact that hundreds of thousand illegal immigrants are entering the country undefeated for example,
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joe biden started lying uncontrollably. first, he claimed he's been to the border and knows it well. but there is no record joe biden ever visited the southern border now this president, not as vice president, senator. not as a citizen today. fox news peter doocy as to joe biden about that. >> there's been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail into 1,008 and he certainly is familiar with the fact and stuck with the fact that in el paso, the border goes right through the center of town. >> jesse: we looked into this, 2008 joe biden flew into el paso and drove to new mexico for a political rally. he never visited the border. he didn't even drive through weights. if joe biden saw the border at all, he was in his rearview mirror. this is another lie.
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even if you believe the lie, the white house's explanation makes no sense. they're saying joe biden drove through the border one time. while he was on his way to somewhere else. according to the white house, that means he's an expert. he doesn't have any reason to visit the border now that he's president of the united states. this is so absurd, it is obvious no one in the white house really believes that. and again, they are rubbing this in their face. if joe biden is not in control. that's why none of these excuses make any sense. not a single one. town hall last night joe biden offered a totally different explanation. he said he can't visit the border because he is too busy. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before and i know it well. i guess i should go down. but the whole point of it is, i have been had a lot of time to get down. >> jesse: biden doesn't have time to visit the border.
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according to the white house, joe biden will spend this weekend on vacation and delaware. the only conclusion anybody can reasonably draw from all of this is that joe biden isn't really running things. joe biden himself admitted that it various points. asked about inflation including higher gas prices, joe biden acknowledged he has no idea what to do about it. >> do have a timeline for gas prices and when do you think they may be coming down? >> my guess is you will start to seek gas prices come down as we get by and going into winter -- excuse me, into next year 2022. i don't have a near-term answer. >> jesse: i don't have a near-term answer. in reality, joe biden's handler has been begging opec to provide more oil and they've been refusing. that's the real near-term answer
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and it's a disaster. it's not clear joe biden realizes that, but if there's one thing joe biden knows as well, it's hard to deflect from his own failures. that's instinctual for joe biden. he doesn't need to know where he is or what's happening around him, he'll just do it. last night joe biden identified the real threat this country is facing. first responders and police officers. there refusing to take the covid vaccine, so they are to blame for the trauma in america. they should be fired. >> as many as one in three emergency responders to some cities like chicago, los angeles, right here in baltimore, are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates, i wonder where you stand on that. if should police officers, emergency responders to be mandated to get vaccines and if not, should they be stay at let go? >> yes, and yes. >> jesse: can you hear the applause right there and you realize a lot of people are
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willing to put up with the dementia the white house as long as he destroys their political opponents. last night at town hall demonstrated among other things that authoritarianism is far more popular than the democratic party than most americans realize. remember when donald trump warned democrats will start destroying statues of our founding fathers? he was mocked for that. but last night, joe biden said he would be okay with destroying statues of thomas jefferson and nobody batted an eye. >> new york city is removing a statue of thomas jefferson from the legislative chambers because of his history with slaveholder. you support the decision? >> it's a locality in their decision to decide what to do with that. >> jesse: he was the printable author of the declaration of independence, freed americans from great britain. now they want his stature destroyed and joe biden's not going to stop them. are you surprised by that?
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you shouldn't be. at one point, the town hall audience last night last at the idea of freedom. you want your right for self-determination? joe biden and his followers, it's a punch line. >> the two things that concerned me, one or those who just trying to make this a political issue. freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on! freedom. >> jesse: this kind of thing happened again and again. later on, joe biden again suggested getting rid of the filibuster and the crowd loved it. as long as he's talking about crushing his political enemies, they are on board and they'll forgive everything including obvious lies. for weeks joe biden claim this network fox news, mandated its employees to take the covid shot. that's never been true. last night, joe biden repeated the lie. >> do you realize mandate vaccinations?
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at fox headquarters? >> yeah, i find that mildly fascinating. mildly fascinating. and when the crowd just nods their head. the moderator agrees. nobody corrects the lie. to be clear, not a single person has been fired from fox for refusing to get vaccinated. period. after the town hall, two things are clear. if joe biden is not capable of thinking clearly. most americans recognize that. you can't watch the clips and come to any other conclusion. there's a way to signaled authority of the actual leaders, the authoritarians who write executive orders and pass the legislation. last night town hall was an unequivocal success. it turns out the agenda is more popular among democrats than we thought. many democrats applaud this situation and cheer for authoritarianism. they don't care if the dictator lies about the border, things he's driving a car in the middle of an actually nationally
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televised town hall. they just wanted dictator. if charlie hurt is the opinion editor of "the washington times" and he joins us. charlie, they can't acknowledge the guys shot because to do so, the party would collapse and the presidency would collapse, they'd be out of power so they could not get and even. we have to sit here and pretend that what we are seeing is normal. >> yeah, jesse, that's true. the real problem is what is the end game? of course, the alternative to joe biden kamala harris is perhaps even worse. she's kind of the insurance policy opposing the 20th amendment or any other attempt to remove joe biden. you know, you asked a really important question about what is the purpose of all of this. as you say, there was no -- there's no great clamoring for a
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town hall with joe biden. but i think what what is going on there is last night, it was staged, it was rigged, the questions were rigged. the questions by anderson cooper where softball questions and you saw where he would wander off and start talking about something unrelated to the question. anderson cooper would gently guide him back to the question at hand. you saw where anderson cooper and the president were both telling the same lie about fox news. he was encouraging it. i think what that was all about last night was they wanted to have that audience applaud the ridiculous insane thing that joe biden was saying and have it televised. do you know how hard it is to get a room full of people to applaud a line about firing firefighters and firing cops? and firing first responders who
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have been the heroes of this entire pandemic? and yes, that audience applauded when joe biden dropped that line. you could not find a national audience anywhere that would apply to that. i think the thinking behind it is, if we show this on tv, if we have these ridiculous lies come out of the president's and people applied, then maybe we will kind of snow the american public to think it's fine. people despise the stuff. >> jesse: i think it was stagecraft, cooked up by cnn, the white house to show the crowd applauding to give this guy momentum to push these two bills through. that's what it's about because he can't get any applause when he goes out into the real world and he'll start telling stories about his father and grandfather and wander off script. great points as always, charlie hurt's, things are coming on we've got to go. it did you want to say one more
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thing? >> good to seal. did you see the point when he was talking about the supply chain and he was talking about bringing up the national guard to unclog the supply chain? and then went over to the white house and the white house said, nope, we are not doing that. it begs the question who is in charge here? it's not joe biden. >> jesse: it's not. nobody can argue otherwise after last night showing. and thank you so much. in 1987 during his first presidential run, joe biden tried to perpetrate himself as a lifelong civil rights activist. he claimed when he was a teenager he marched in the civil rights movement. >> when i marched in the civil rights movement, i did not march and the 12-point program carried i marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes, and we changed attitudes. >> jesse: shortly after he made the claim, joe biden was forced to admit it was a lie. during the '60s, i was in
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fact very concerned about the civil rights movement. i was not an activist. i worked in an all-black swimming pool in the east side of bloomington delaware. i was involved, i was involved with what they were thinking, feeling. i was involved, but i was not out marching. i was not down in selma. i was not anywhere else. >> jesse: lesson learned, apparently not. this week joe biden and once again claimed he was a civil rights activist. >> he looked at me and said, joe, you should run. but i said i feel strongly about all these issues, but getting involved with the civil rights movement. he said, joe, you should do it. i've been following my predecessor, the last president, a deep black hole and abyss. i've been thinking about it, it's what got me involved in the civil rights when i was a kid. >> jesse: joe biden lies, gets caught, and now a decade later
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he's repeating the same line. what's going on here? can we believe anything joe biden says? what about the stories about corn pop? t.w. shannon is a former speaker of the oklahoma house of representatives. he joins us. psychologically, would you think is going on with joe biden and repeating the civil rights lie after he's already been caught? >> well, jesse, i think joe biden summed it up well last night at the town hall when he stood on the stage and said to the world, when am i doing here? he's trying to protect himself now is the great white hope but remember there is a reason for that because i guess if we believe the democrats he got more black votes than barack obama allegedly. that's counting dead voters, but let's be honest. joe biden slee -- he offered the crime bill. it devastated generations of black communities by passing it
5:17 pm
by convincing america on the house floor that black boys and i was a black boy at that time, 12 years old. he tried to convince the world that we were somehow super predators. he introduced this term into our lexicon. if so, yes, he has a history of civil rights and being on the wrong side of history every civil time. >> jesse: i don't know if it's deeper or maybe, a feeling of inadequacy. he lies about his resume constantly. it will remember the plagiarism, he's had to change his story multiple locations. he has embellished his academic credentials. he's been caught red-handed doing that. i get the feeling that like deep down he knows he's not that talented and he's not good enough. he just kind of fix it until he makes it. unfortunately, he has faked it all the way to the white house and we are now paying the price. >> 50 years, this is the same
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guy who's the protege of senator roberts. who is the self-professed member of the kkk. so close to joe biden he asked joe to do his eulogy. after obama was elected and asked him to be as vp only to feel, you've offended many african-americans and myself when he complimented barack obama for being clean. this guy's record on african-american issues is abysmal and it's actually laughable that somehow he's trying to portray himself as the great white hope of african-americans. it is sad, unfortunately, a lot of blm black lying marcus', they are falling for this. but i'm not falling for it and i think the majority of americans are waking up as well. >> jesse: tw shannon, thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you, jesse, great job filling in for tucker. >> jesse: after alec baldwin shot and killed a crewmember on the side of his new movie. another person was seriously
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injured as well. fox just obtains the 911 call from the scene. that is stray i had to. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: so-called green energy products often destroy entire ecosystems. wind turbines and in particular are devastating for bird populations. tucker's documentary series took a deep dive into how green energy companies bully people into silence about this. here's a part of it. >> in 2009 there was a pamphlet that there would be some turbines built in our area. a local couple had alerted the natural resources that there was an eagle nest were three turbines are going up. if they thought the government and the natural resources would protect it. instead, the government hurried ahead so that on new year's day, lets them when they issued the permit to remove the eagles nest. >> that's not peaceful. that's not peaceful. >> i film them removing the
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eagles nest. >> if i was in your place, i would step down. feed your families bird nests then! >> how did the power committees get away from all of this? because they are powerful and ruthless. >> i was sent a cease and desist letter and i didn't respond i just posted their letters online. this is how they operated. on the 14th day at 9:00 p.m., a guy came to my house with a lawsuit. it's like a third world country, they would have you shot me to be honest. >> the episode of tucker carlson original is called blown away, people versus wind power. out now on and these are definitely worth watching, i promise. authorities say after alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the upcoming film of
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"rust," she was the cinematographer and the director was also wounded. baldwin's prop gun contained a quote "single live round." they don't like the documents say he was handed a loaded gun on the film set by the director was unaware it was loaded. fox news original obtained a 911 call from a script supervisor on the sides. the script supervisor can be heard blaming the assistant director for failing to make sure the prop gun was safe. here's a part of the call. >> wasn't loaded with a real bullets? >> yes, i cannot tell you that. the movie gun shot. >> okay, we are getting ready to get them out there. to stay on the phone with me. >> okay. >> [bleep]. if you sit and yell at me.
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>> jesse: deadlines reporting there had been a recent accidental discharge of the prop gun on the set, and the "l.a. times" reporting the crew members walked off the set just hours before the shooting. one crew member was reportedly complaining about gun safety. jim clemente's a hollywood technical consultant and former fbi special agent and he joins us now. tim, the legitimate movie set with safety protocols when you're dealing with a prop gun, what would go into something like using a gun during the filming? >> the first thing, jesse, is the safety rules. if oracle roles of firearm safety you follow with any gun. treat every weapon as if it is loaded, never point a gun at anything you're not willing to kill or destroy, never put your finger on the trigger unless you're willing to kill or destroy, and always be aware of what's in front of, behind, and around your target.
5:28 pm
all four of the roles were violated on that movie set. if you're following the rules, nobody's in danger and nobody gets hurt. if i do not know that alec baldwin's to blame, the producers, the ed the woman mentioned, the assistant direct, there's a whole host of people because it's a cascading set of issues that led to this happening. clearly it was not just alec having the gun in his hand, it was him not knowing it was possibly loaded and not treating it like it was loaded. he bears a little bit of a responsibility as a producer. but clearly, they weren't. >> jesse: so one round i guess wounded one person and killed another? are you thinking it was some sort of ricochet situation? >> well, generally the director and the director of photography are in close proximity to each other on the set. they are usually right next to the camera or behind the camera, or somewhere close by. it's possible that it was one
5:29 pm
round, but possibly not a bullet. there could've been something else like a shell casing in the gun and i understand since this was a period piece it's most likely it was a revolver. it's possible that the wrong caliber was put in first or something was introduced into the chamber, which was still in the chamber and a blank was split into the cylinder. it rotates in the gun fires. whatever's in the barrel can be projected down the barrel. that could fragment and hit two people at the same time and literally go through one person's to the other. >> jesse: it looks like sloppiness because there was another incident apparently d is earlier where there was a discharge situation that people were concerned about. you know investigators are going to look at everything, they're going to look at sloppiness, sabotage, i think everything's on the table here. you do not have a loaded weapon on the set like that. treated that cavalierly without
5:30 pm
multiple protocols being violated. it's such a tragedy. i do not see any sort of explanation behind little leaks that we are hearing throughout the day. in your opinion, you're familiar with this kind of situation, what is your gut telling you about what happened? >> well, again, there is a failure and probably a prop of master and an arm around whenever you have weapons on site. both those people are very responsible ordinarily and they would be the person you would go to with the weapon. before and after you're going to use it. somebody should have handed the actor, alec baldwin, and said, alec, this is loaded, dell pointed at anybody, don't put your finger on the trigger. when you shoot it, make sure you're pointing in a safe direction and it's got a blank in it. you can still cause harm. then alec should have recognized
5:31 pm
that. if the gun is taken away by the prop master or the armor, whatever's responsible. during rehearsal he was holding the gun and his hand and i don't know if the accident occurred during the rehearsal or during the scene they were filming. but either way as i said there's several people who are responsible and one of the reasons were not hearing details coming out is because there could be criminal liability. i do not disparage any of the people involved as individuals. but there are ramifications when something like this happens. unfortunately, it could be criminal. >> jesse: according to the call looks like it was not the armor or the prop master that handed the gun, it was the assistant director. all of those things were not followed. thank you so much for the insight, tim. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: growing evidence that a special counsel could be appointed to investigate hunter biden's conduct.
5:32 pm
plenty of evidence from his laptop, foreign business dealings, and his creepy art. the question is, will it happen? that is next. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: hunter biden made a lot of money from foreign companies while his father was bp. he apparently committed a felony to acquire a firearm and sells his paintings to honda unknown buyers for hundreds of thousands of buyers. jonathan turley is a law professor at george washington university and he says all of this is enough evidence for the appointment of a special counsel. if jonathan turley joins us now. using your father as a cash register is probably the worst
5:38 pm
of it but it's not just that. it's the money laundering, suspicions with the art gallery, it is -- i don't know, kickbacks from the chinese. documented in the laptop, jonathan. where you start? >> you have to start with the general agreement with hunter biden and what he's doing and to some extent, his uncle, was a classic peddling scheme that went on for years and raised millions of dollars. really hunter biden had nothing to sell but influence and accents. he himself admitted he was a hard addict in terms of drugs and alcohol. going up to the campaign for the presidency. he only had influence and access to cell and he did. now, what's troubling is that there is already a criminal investigation in the field, they
5:39 pm
are already investigating possible tax violations and money laundering. it is impossible to investigate those questions at this point without stumbling over the president of the united states. the emails that you referred to talk about the comingling of funds. hunter biden complains that of the half of what he was making was going to his father. one of the lawyers is telling him we are going to be playing your father spills out of the accounts. it's going to be impossible to unravel the accounts without dealing with the president of the united states. as a classic reason for a special counsel. i don't know how that is something you can avoid at this point, because it's not a question of whether we are going to have a criminal investigation, it is ongoing. it is in the field. >> jesse: but they can't because his presidency is teetering. politically, do you appoint a special counsel, and inflation
5:40 pm
crisis, gas price crisis, border crisis, hostage crisis. i do not see how they politically survive. it is pretty clear the biden family has been tough coming after people that ever asked questions about their family. you know, they play hard world politics. >> it's not just the biden family. >> jesse: the democratic party. >> also the media plays a big role in this. in fact one of the most clever aspects of this entire scam for management is the media, the washington press corps is heavily invested in bearing the story if it became a major story, it looked rather poorly for most of the people in washington. who have been ignoring are actively trying to confiscate what we know. what's troubling about those that hunter biden and the emails are now contradicting with the president had said.
5:41 pm
he denied any knowledge of the dealings. hunter himself contradicted that. but people have said that he was actually in meetings with the president discussing these deals. >> jesse: a very honest man, remember, he marched in the civil rights movement, the border is secure. 3.5 trillion plus nothing. if to say that you have nothing to do with your friends business dealings is dressed exactly what we have been told. jonathan turley, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: joe biden has finally got around to building a wall, except not where you think. plus, another afghan refugee emitted a sex crime. the refugees have not been vetted. more on that next. ♪ ♪ omega-3 from fish oil is an important nutrient
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>> jesse: the southern border crisis is officially the worst in american history. if numbers released by u.s. customs and border protection, more than 1.7 million migrants were detained by border patrol this year which is the highest number ever reported.
5:47 pm
>> department of homeland security source confirms the fox news fiscal year 2021 psalm 1.7 million apprehensions at the southwest border. that breaks a record for illegal crossings, which stood since 1986. arriving at a gap where the wallace and complete them complete them on from honduras and nicaragua finish their dangerous journey. at night, groups of migrants appear from the darkness between the big groups are the runners. if hoping to slip through undetected while agents and state troopers are busy with the others. dhs source tells fox news the fiscal year somewhere between 10300 got away never ending up as part of the counts. >> jesse: border patrol arrested three violent gang members who crossed illegally in the rio grande valley earlier this week. two members of ms-13 and had previous murder charges. if the other was part of the 18th street game and was reported no mike departed last month. he could secure the border right
5:48 pm
now. administrations currently letting more than a hundred million dollars of border walls materials rust and go to waste. but he doesn't believe in border security or walls. at that is, unless it's for his own house. last month, the department of homeland security spent $445,000 for the installation of security fencing and his house. while he failed to secure the borders, he is making to secure the border on his vacation home. maybe walls to work after all. 19-year-old afghan refugee was arrested this past weekend for sexual assault. he was in montana because the government put him there. he's part of the federal afghan resettlement program. the governor called for the biden administration to
5:49 pm
temporary halt refugee resettlement in montana. back in september the governor said montana welcomes all were fully vended afghan allies. thomas is the former acting ice director. he joins us. one of the most alarming pieces about the story, tom, the lawyer for the fervor, the afghan guys said there was cultural and language barriers that played a role. like he doesn't know the english word for stop? or it might mean something different in afghanistan than it does in montana. >> first, let me fix what was said earlier. at the turn of homeland security once again is lying. we'll find out it's close to 1.9 as the numbers come up and get pushed through. it's 100,000, 300,000, they got
5:50 pm
away two months ago. it's close to 400,000 got a ways. .7, that's over 2 million people. as far as a refugee, you will see more of this. you will see more of this because they're not defending the people properly. why do i say that? in the normal process, it takes 18 or 24 months and these are people we have a lot of information that's been assisting the military. most of the people will take longer than 18 or 24 months. how do you bet them because your normal venting goes through the cis over to the u.s. embassy who verifies the passports, the birth certificates, the residency, any sort of identification by the government. how do you do it if it's no chief admission, or the u.s. embassy workers? how do we do it when we do not have access to afghanistan and government records because it's controlled by taliban. joe biden broke at an end let me be clear, it's the first of many people who will escape the proper venting and become a
5:51 pm
problem to the country. >> jesse: into disgrace and he could do something about it right now but he won't because he's incompetent and corrupt and that's clear. thank you. as if we needed another reminder for how filthy new york city is, we are learning a disgusting rat disease and spreading. it's making new yorkers very ill. more on that next. ♪ ♪
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- [michael] have you experienced the delusion cascade? it is where one person, without knowledge or facts condemns something in society and the masses join them to bully and protest. where does this sweeping behavior of being uninformed, or ignorance come from? i share this origins and the agenda in my new book. - [announcer] in "hope for this present crisis", dr. michael youssef presents a seven part plan providing practical steps on how to be a godly influence in our society and how to take a stand for our faith in
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a culture aggressively opposed to the truth. there is hope for this present crisis, if we act now. this book is now available to you for just the cost of shipping and handling: $4.95. and if you order today, dr. youssef will also include the action guide, "practical questions and answers for this present crisis". call or go online today for your free copy. >> sean: undoubtedly rat disease is making new yorkers old. one person has died. new york is infested with rats so how bad would it get? marc siegel is a fox news medical contributor and he's been on top of the story. we talk about the bubonic plague here and what's going on? >> not yet, but we are getting there. this disease i'm going to talk about left us with 1 million cases around the world and 59,000 deaths every year.
5:57 pm
new york is moving up in terms of rats. a disease rats are the number one carrier. new york is the third most rat infested city. another democrat stronghold, chicago. at lori lightfoot has hired over 1,000 feral cats to try to kill off the rats to decrease the spread of the diseases and it's not going to work. >> jesse: are the cats unionized because they have to be unionized if there working in chicago. >> that's one end garbage. have you looked on the streets of gotham here? garbage to the skies and guess what garbage breeds? rats. rats carried the disease in the so i don't want to scare anybody in their but we've had 14 cases and one death. if the if you touch it you can get flu-like symptoms and a high fever and red eyes. you might think you had covid. >> jesse: not only do we have to worry about bullets, home
5:58 pm
homeless, junkies, we have to worry about deadly rats in new york city and bill de blasio's done a bang-up job here. is this doing with anything of the sanitation department and are they working? i agree, i've seen piles and piles of trash just not collected and left out for nights on end. >> i think you hit it on the head and sang for a ghost go, ellie has a huge homeless problem and rats love that. they look dangerous. the huge horrible long tails and they look like they're coming right at you. you find out they are carrying the bacteria in the. if i could treat this if i knew you had it with antibiotics. but the problem is rights, the sanitation department is the problem. no and then i see the sanitation truck pulling up.
5:59 pm
i don't think the mayor made the same deal that he made with the unions that actually have those pile drivers constantly pounding the noise and constantly rebuilding the streets. but sanitation, no. >> jesse: i don't know if you can see, but this is a rat lugging a softshell crab, some old bay seasoning, we've yet to find that out. the tail is long, it looks beefy, pretty well fed. we're going to be on the lookout for this and if i catch anything, i have to see you and you have to see me when i come to your office. you can't be doing other fox shows when i show up to get treated. i've got to run though. >> you don't even have to be bitten by the rats, just touching where the touches, you can get sick! or the fleet jumps on you and you get the bubonic plague. i'll treat you, jessie, don't don't >> thank you very much, dr. siegel, now i'm terrified.
6:00 pm
that's about all of it. don't forget the new documentary series is out right now. it's called blown away. the people versus wind power. it's definitely worth watching. tune in each night at 8:00 p.m. for the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a good evening, here is sean hannity! ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines, day 69. >> sean: welcome to hannity this busy friday night. americans held behind enemy lines. thousands of green household cardholders, we have no idea the exact number all suffering under taliban rule. many are already dead.


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