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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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news primetime" hosted by will cain who is right down the road and we did not meet up for that drink but i owe you one, will, it starts right now. >> i will take you up on that. i had a very important eighth grade football game rain check on the drink. >> bret: all right. >> will: take care, bret. i'm will cain. and tonight we start in baltimore, which was the scene of cnn's newest hit show, the mystery of the missing podium. despite the efforts of the brightest minds in television, the likes of don lemon and jeffrey tuben, the podium was never found. what is joe biden resting his hands on. what is he doing? is he imitating the great corn holeio? is he holding tight to coherence? we will never know because they did not find the missing podium. instead cnn aired a disastrous town hall with president biden last night. but here's the point, we are in a situation now where if you are
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in a circumstance that you are not able to provide -- let me cut to the chase -- i'm taking too long. >> will: that was our president. doing his best grandpa simpson impression there getting lost had n. his own story. if you listened to the left wing media, they make you think biden's performance was on par with a victorious general patent parading through the streets of paris. >> i think he showed -- he was commanding and yet comfortable. this is not a presidency in crisis. this didn't look like a guy whose poll numbers have dropped. he showed wit. laughs at himself. i thought this is a guy truly in command of the presidency. >> this is the worst magic trick in history. i can see the card up your sleeve paul be galla, your lies, they are obvious. they are i'm not sure what town hall he was watching aired on this network and to be fair to begala.
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he probably didn't watch. no one did. cable news. would you describe this answer as, quote, commanding 40% of all products coming into the united states of america in the west coast go through los angeles and -- what am i doing here? >> long beach. >> long beach, thank you. >> will: what are you doing here? let me help you out. you are supposed to be running country and fixing a supply chain crisis or any crisis for that matter. pick a card, any card. pick a crisis, any crisis. as you wander around the stage. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border. >> i have been there before and i haven't, i guess i should go down the whole point i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. >> let me see. let's see if i can die gram that sentence, okay? i have been there before and i
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haven't but i know it well. is that confusion? it's certainly a contradiction. is that a lie and then a correction slowly backing away from the obvious lie joe biden never toured the southern border. president, vice president, senator and even a concerned citizen, he has never visited the southern border. well, jen psaki told us today that he drove around in in the vicinity through. come on is that your answer? drove by it once. and while joe spends his weekends in delaware there have been nearly two million apprehensions along the southern border and 2021 alone, that's the highest number ever report recorded and, look, we still have two more months to go. you are right, joe. should get on town there and see what going on a biden forgets the name of one of america's biggest ports and lies about going to the southern border we
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are led to ask who is in charge of this white house? who is running the country? >> do you presume to criticize the great oz? you ungrateful creatures think yourselves lucky that i'm giving you audience instead of 20 years from now. >> oh. >> the great oz has spoken. >> pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. >> this is what democrats want for you to ignore whoever is pulling the strings of joe biden. who is it that is behind the curtain? hey, maybe it's dr. jill, joe hasn't been to the border but she has. >> now, my wife jill has been on. she has been on both sides of the river. she has seen the circumstances there. she has looked into those places. >> will: so, jill biden has more border experience than our president. that's a really promising sign. but, if jill biden is not the
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wizard of oz, who is. maybe it's joe's old boss barack obama who is the great powerful oz. >> tax rate, corporate tax rate 35. -- 37%. barack and i thought it should come down, the paris accord, which when i was with the obama administration we helped negotiate and the obama biden administration. >> joe spends a lot of time a lot of time talking about the former president while not acting very presidential himself. maybe he is not the great and powerful oz. maybe it's the cdc. maybe dr. anthony fauci is the man behind the curtain, more on that in just a moment come up on "fox news primetime." but the scariest answer to this question may be that no one is pulling the strings every day this white house looks more and more like a rudderless ship that is spinning around in circles, almost like wandering around. a cnn town hall. joining me now fox news
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contributor tomi lahren and fearless with jason whitlock contributor delano scirs, thank you for being with us tonight tomi, who is in charge? >> well, i think that the answer is obama administration hold overs but joe biden what happens when you get your president vote by nail. we really expect anything different from this president? he moderate. far left progressives. and he knew that he was going to be simply a puppet and he was okay with that because he wanted the title of president. he wanted that to be his legacy. now things are unrallying before our very eyes and the media is still trying to convince those viewers that are watching that things are going well. while the american people are going to their stores, they are seeing their empty shelves and realizing this moderate not much of a president at all. >> will: you know, delano, you focus on a lot of issues when you broadcast with jason whitlock on fearless.
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i know race is though something that is central to what you -- you analyze and pay attention to in this country. here is why that is important to note. while we have a border crisis. a supply train crisis and afghanistan crisis. one of the administration turn to in the last couple of days in the last 12 hours they turned once again to race. they will turned once again to white supremacy and january 6th. >> i mean, honestly, that's what they always turn to, will. so when you ask who is behind, you know, the administration, one of the things that i would suggest is just listen to the things that come out, right? read the tweets, read the press releases. watch the press conferences. so, whether it's race and, you know, attacking parents who speak up at school board meetings and criminalizing parents who care about what their children are being taught, whether those parents are black or white or whether it's the administration's obsession with gender and gender identity, right? while china is testing hypersonic missiles we are
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sending out tweets about international pronoun day and commissioning a biological male who identifies as a woman and saying that this person is the first female four star admiral in the united states history. so, the administration really sounds like a college campus at this point. >> will: it's a really good thing. a really important note to point out that while we had confirmation that china sent a second hypersonic missile test across this globe, we were focused on international pronouns day at the state department. tomi, i don't know that you can ever really be surprised at this point but how does cnn, how does anyone walk out of that town hall and sit there and say that was a commanding presence? how can you do that? >> i have watched better performances on watch what happens live or real housewives reunion on bravo than we saw last night. he did the same thing throughout his candidacy and those that
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voted for joe biden should have understand what they were getting. it's not as if he suddenly started to slip when he was elected or inaugurated this has been going on for months on end. the american people who voted for joe knew this but they let their trump derangement syndrome get in the way. they wanted a man that was calm. they wanted a man that would hide in the basement. and they wanted a man that would spend more time in the ice cream shop than at the actual southern border. none of this is surprising to any of this. i hope those on the left are having serious buyer's remorse although that's the only thing they could buy at this point given the supply chain crisis. but we have an opportunity in the midterms to correct this all of you who made a poor decision, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself, look at what's going on. don't lie to yourself, none of this is going to well. let's change it. >> will: the shelves are not stocked, they are empty, but remorse is in full supply. that's certainly something that hasn't been broken by the supply chain. delano, last question to you, do you think tomi is right though? do you think anybody is buying remorse?
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is anybody regretting this decision or have we separated ourselves into such stark media bubbles that it's simply not breaking through for all those people who simply voted up or down for president trump, not joe biden? >> i do think that there are people who are having buyer's remorse. because at the end of the day, americans care about real issues. and, again, i bring up education. as the a parent, there is no issue that's more important to me than education of my children. one of the reasons we chose to home school. for a lot of parents who thought that what they were going to be getting was more resources in the classroom, again, all they are getting is more woke speak, attacks, they are being criminalized, again by this particular administration. and i think this is an important example of why substance matters in politics. not superficial representation. not which politician wears which sneakers and carries hot sauce in their bag but the types of things that actually matter. the bread and butter issues that matter to americans. people starting to pay attention right now. >> right.
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not the superficial nature of one skin color or rather the content of someone's character and their principles. delano scwirs and tomi lahren i will be talking to both of you have in the future. thank you so much. >> thank you, will. >> thanks, will. >> will: turning noe now to another story we have been covering, democrats label parents school board meetings across the country domestic terrorists. yesterday congressman jerry nadler doubled down. >> i know doj and its components are key to the biden administration's national strategy countering violent extremism. this growth and extremology violence and intimidation directed at healthcare professionals, teachers, social essential workers and school board members. >> any domestic terrorists. form everywhere hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate fulg, tulsi, i'm exited to talk to you tonight. you have been although a
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democrat, on the outside of the democrat machine and in your day and age it wasn't that long ago by the way was it 1 to 18 months ago. you were labeled a russian asset slur invogue domestic terrorist. tulsi, do you see the same motives behind these accusations? >> yeah, this rely comes down to the reality, will, that the american people are facing some incredibly serious challenges and really what we need right now are competent and caring leaders who put the interest of the people and our country above all else. but that's not what we have. this is a bigger problem than democrats or republicans. this is about the establishment elite trying to hold on to their power and continue to increase it. and the mainstream media is a powerful arm of that establishment elite. and it comes down to this. you're either with them, agreeing with them. supporting them. carrying the water for them. or you are not. you are either part of their
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team or you are not. if you are not and this is what we are seeing happening now, it's what i have experienced, then they will target you, censor you, demonize you, and call you a domestic terrorist and sick the attorney general on you. seeing you as a threat to their power and, therefore, the enemy. >> will: tulsi, you are, of course in congress. you are also a soldier. compassion and competent leadership. did you see comp tense at town hall on cnn last night. >> i have got to be honest with you i didn't watch the town hall. i seen a few clips that came out of it, again, i think it's important that we look to the reality that given the situation that we have, given the american people, do not have that competent caring leadership that puts them first or any serious attempt to address the needs of the american people. you can understand why they don't trust our leaders. it's clear to us all that our leaders don't respect us, they don't trust us, and as i
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mentioned those who don't agree with this establishment powerful elite, we are seen as the enemy, as a threat to their power. and the american people deserve better than that they deserve leaders who will put their interest first. regardless of what political party they are a part of and who will put the american people in our country above all else. >> will: well, tulsi, you were not alone in missing that town hall last night. it wasn't very well viewed. it wasn't very highly rated so we won't single you out for being one of the many millions of americans who chose not to watch; however, i do want to ask you this as well. you talk about the democratic machine and those that are on the outs. there are several democrats right now including senators joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema who seem to be on the outs with the machine. seem to be on the outs with the elite. seem to be on the outs with the consensus. what would you say to kyrsten sinema? >> i know both of them. i consider them both friends,
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kyrsten sinema and i served together in the house of representatives, and it's what i have told her directly and personally as hold your ground and put the american people first, kirsten and i don't agree on every issue. there are positions she has taken i don't agree on. she would probably say the same about me. for her and for any other representative in congress, democrat or republican, put the interest of the american people first, and you can't go wrong. i want to reiterate the point that i mentioned about this being bigger than democrats and republicans because you can see how joe manchin and kyrsten kyrn sinema are being targeted in the media. you will see how the media will favor republicans who toe the establishment line. if we look at this clearly this goes beyond the partisan politics and goes to hey, if you are part of the insider establishment powerful team, then you will be treated nicely. if you are not, whether you are a democrat or republican, then you will be punished and you will be targeted.
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>> will: and you have the personal experience to attest that it is not easy. it is not easy. the entire not just political apparatus but the media apparatus as well will target you but you will be principled. tulsi gabbard, i was pleased to get you on the show tonight. i'm excited to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thanks, will. >> will: up next, a tragedy in the dessert after alec baldwin cooperating with authorities after accidently shooting and killing a crew member on the set of his new show. and now the finger pointing has begun. this sad story next. ♪ they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need.
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♪ >> will: well, alec baldwin is breaking his silence following a gun mishap on the move rust. matt finn joins me from los
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angeles with more. >> the "l.a. times" is reporting a prop gun had misfired a few times on the new mexico side of the film rust and a half dozen crew members walked off the set to protest working conditions just hours before the baldwin shooting. here is a portion of the 911 call after the deadly shooting. >> we have a shot accidentally. >> santa fe county sheriff's office was called to the bow nanna ranch movie set yesterday an tore and producer fired a prop gun accidently hitting cinematographer alayna hutchins killed. advocating for safer conditions on the set. director dzousa owe expected to be okay. the shot was a live single round according to the "l.a. times." the santa fe sheriff's office
4:23 pm
releasing a statement writing in part, quote: this investigation remains open and active. no charges have been filed in regard to this incident. witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives. baldwin was photographed looking distraught shortly after the accidental shooting on the new mexico set. the actor has since tweeted, quote: there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of alayna hutchins, a wife mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. now a prop firearm could be anything from a rubber toy to a real firearm. we'll keep you updated on this investigation. will. >> will: yeah. thank you for that, matt. some questions. what's a live round instead of blank. simply blanks doing on a movie set. we will look to those answers, matt in the future. thank you matt. what a sad story. >> sure. >> will: the goal posts keep moving of course they do. this time when it comes to being fully vaccinated.
4:24 pm
quote, fully vaccinated. this minute actually it means you have received the full dosage of one of three vaccines. but the left wants that definition to evolve as however they see fit. in fact, the cdc is already preparing to change what it means to be fully vaccinated. thanks to joe biden's booster push. >> we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. we will continue to look at this. we may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future. but right now what i would say is if you are eligible for a booster, go ahead and get your booster and we will continue to follow. >> will: so on monday i told you two things. on monday i said that the travel of a story from conspiracy theory to truth is generally about 45 days to two months this week it was five days. on monday night i told you or i rather asked you what definition of fully vaccinated. now we see that is a moving desks. no named journalists who are more like stenographers in a
4:25 pm
court who made woo have made great writers in the soviet union suggested i should look up the cdc's website. the cdc website suggest fully vaccinated could be here in the process, of course, of moving, of changing its definition. journalism requires more than just asking the bureaucracy what you are supposed to report. joining me now fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary and the host of tim cast irl tim pool. gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. dr. makary, so fully vaccinated could soon mean boosters but it will move again after that. what on a six month cycle? what is fully vaccinated? >> it's a arbitrary term. the risk is different in every person. that's what they lost sight of. new lexicon moving towards assumes everybody has the same risk adult with two vaccine doses is going to have more risk than a child with none. almost like a child has two doses in their system. the people with moderna are holding up well.
4:26 pm
why are we not hearing about that. the frustrating thing is if they would have spread out the first two doses we probably wouldn't even be talking about boosters. >> will: yeah, here is the real world implication, tim, you and i talked about this in the past. we live in a world of rolling mandates, you can't go into a bar. you can't work unless you are fully vaccinated. then, what does that mean? is that going to mean we are going to have to get shots every six months or we have to, i guess, remain unemployed? >> well, the vaccination card that you do get has two extra spaces on it many people brought this up online what are they for if not for boosters or other vaccinations. the university of denver is going to be mandating flu vaccines i think it was entirely predictable. not that long ago dave reuben tweeted out we would see booster shots. big push, actually suspended on twitter for misinformation only to later have this become a reality. so it's censorship, it's mandates,' and i think here with
4:27 pm
talking about vaccine mandate the word mandate is the most important thing because this will evolve well beyond this and big fear now it will turn into a social credit system of sorts. once everyone has the app. that's tracking you, tracking your weight, your age, location, a lot of really creepy surveillance. >> will: to that point, tim, florida is currently working on digital ids, overseas working on qr code digital ids. more than passports. dr. makary i don't know what your agreements or disagreements might be with, for example, dr. robert malone, but i know that he was saying recently that there is a cumulative effect to vaccination. so, in other words, if a child is forced to get a covid vaccine every six months the risk of myocarditis goes up extonally with every new shot. we have to factor that in against the risk that covid actually threatens children with. >> that's right, your body is sense advertised with every exposure either the vaccine or the virus itself.
4:28 pm
when we ignore natural immunity which our public health officials are continuing to do, then they are ignoring the fact that when you vaccinate people who already have been sense advertised from the exposure of the virus greater risk of complications like myocarditis. >> will: tim, last question to you. so that's fascinating what you said about dave rubin being suspended for whatever it was he said about the requirement for boosters. i said a few months ago if you had mentioned natural immunity i think you would get a big tech censorship. what are we looking at here? we're keeping up with the latest television appearance in the latest press release from fauci or the cdc? that's acceptable thought? >> it really seems like it even after fauci is proven wrong and wrong again deflects by saying criticizing science. the latest story that the nih released a statement that effectively said they were performing what i think we all know to be gain of function research. it's a back and forth game. it's to me one of the biggest -- two big problems.
4:29 pm
one is the mandates are going to continually get worse. especially if we are arguing about natural immunity and exemptions. we should be saying no to the mandates. no to having our papers. public accommodations and if we don't stand up, it will just continually get worse. our kids won't -- we won't recognize the world that we send to our children. >> will: you know, just to add to that, tim, we are making laws. we were implementing policy not through the lengths legislative process or executive orders. implementing laws across this land based on fauci's latest television appearance. all this talk of democracy, that's not democracy. tim poole and dr. marty makary? >> it's a decree will. >> thank you very much. >> will: thank you both. caught red handed bombshell how woke school booed pry advertiser. one radical agenda over the safety of a student allegedly raped. that and more on the increasing power of victim saling's on "fox
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>> will: woke school leaders are doing their best to ruin american schools and taking your kids down with them. they have become obsessed with critical race theory and pronouns and chose social distancing or active justice. when that happens students get hurt. take for example in loudoun county the epicenter critical race theory and debate surrounding it. new email attempts to cover up by the school board an alleged sexual assaulted of a female student by a male wearing a skirt in the girl's bathroom. the email shows superintendent scott zeigler informed the school board in may and they kept it quiet only acknowledging it after reports in the media made it impossible to ignore. it looks like the school board decided woke agenda was more important than the safety of their students. joining me now is glenn lowery,
4:36 pm
manhattan institute senior fellow and economics professor at brown university. glenn, i'm privileged to talk to you tonight as i have told you in the past i'm a big fan. i know that you are not familiar with the particulars of this case. but there is something bigger going on in this country and this hierarchy of victimhood when people devote themselves to social distancing, what do they do when victimhood competes with itself, when they have competing victimhood narratives? how do they chose winners and losers? everything we see is through the lens of victimhood? >> yeah, that's right. and with respect to african-americans, i think this is especially pernicious. i don't know how to answer your question how do you rank or choose people who have different answers. but i think that imposing our situation, the situation of african-americans as one essentially of victims is bad for the soul. i think it's bad politics. at the end of the day, and i think it's very bad social policy.
4:37 pm
>> yeah. i'm not surprised you don't have the answer to that question because i don't think anybody does, glenn, and that's the problem, when you are dealing with sinchly ranking victims, you don't know how to pick winners, you don't have a principle guiding you through this. i know you are part of a new movie called the great american race game and you talked about it in this movie that victim hood is this addiction that's been sold to african-americans, for example, by the democratic party. what can you tell me about that? >> yeah, i was very happy to be associated with the film, actually. because raising some important questions. black holds democratic 85s 90%. we have been doing that for 75 years. the question comes at the end of the day what do you get for it and i like the idea of opening things up. i like the idea of raising the question of whether or not the democratic party always has african-american interests best at heart. i see that with respect to the debate about charter schools and choice and public education. i see it with the debate about
4:38 pm
what's going on at the border and the long-term implications of open immigration for low skilled workers who are blacks in the cities of america. i see it even in the abortion debate where the rate of abortion amongst african-americans is extraordinarily high. and you can at least raise questions without contradicting everything that the supreme court has decided. you can at least raise questions about what's healthy and good for black people. but the dependence on the democratic party and the party's dependence on the black vote those questions don't get raised. >> will: take a quick look if we can at the great american race game. watch. >> basically, telling democrats you submit to the agenda and you bow to the agenda. i will never bow. and i will encourage anybody else don't bow. >> the democratic people have convinced people they're the good guys never mind the democratic party is the party of slavery.
4:39 pm
>> will: when i tell you i'm a fan i don't give gratuitous compliments. i watch the glenn show. >> thank you. >> will: going back to blogging days. i know where you come from and that is this the democratic party has been selling victimhood narrative and isn't working for black americans. in all self-awareness searching for trying to be true tourselves, answer the question while we are together though, has the republican party shown a true interest in serving the interest and the abilities of african-americans? what can republicans do to actually serve this group? >> well, first of all, take us seriously. tell us the truth about what's going on. ask for our vote. come to our communities. know what's going on amongst african-americans. show an interest in the problems. listen. but, i think not writing the black vote off is the best thing that the republican party could do for the country. and i think there is increasing signs that there are receptive
4:40 pm
corridors of the african-american community to hear carefully expressed and passionately rendered advocacy for our interests but from the republican point of view. i don't think they should write us off at all. >> will: i think you are right. it's up disputable that the democratic party has taken this vote for granted and given back very little in return so now it's time for republicans to step up in that vacuum. all right, glenn, i will be watching you on the glenn show check you out substack and check. thanks, glenn, good to talk to you tonight. >> will: up next, the great ceo who went against group think and big tech and its big left agenda. is he backing ron desantis. how is that being received? next. ♪ is
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♪ >> will: so, you're about to meet the man who may be, may be the bravest ceo in big tech david zacarias founder of
4:46 pm
callen. he recently came out i guess as a desantis supporter. >> i do want to ask you about the fundraiser you are holding for governor desantis who obviously is a very divisive figure. why do you support such a divifn candidate. >> you are not divisive just because you don't agree with the orthodoxy of -- desantis was the first governor stop using lockdowns e found the right policy on lockdowns which is to stop them and did it despite extremely hostile media. when somebody takes the right position on issue despite the hostility of media that's something i can really respect. >> will: david zacarias, the founder of callen, the first social platform joins me now. i will have to get the will cain podcast on to call-in. i do like taking calls with listeners. i hope we can talk about that. talk about your position, i described it as brave. i think it's brave for anyone to be a bit of a maverick or stand
4:47 pm
up as independent regardless of ideological surroundings. you are standing up amongst orthodox n big tech. why is big tech overwhelmingly adheernt to one thought process. >> it's a great question. we do kind of live in a monday mono culture in big tech. they came together and imly, who i have known for many years, really surprised supporting desantis especially in light of the fact that the media has demonized him so much. they can't believe that somebody has been in the tech industry for 20 years could be a supporter of desantis. >> will: yeah, it's not so much about that one individual reporter because she is somewhat representative of the media at large. and what i really lik about what you said, david, you said, you know, why is desantis divisive? you have given me a baseline a normative that anyone, i guess, what, on the left? that's what's normal and if you are outside of that that's what
4:48 pm
is divisive? >> right. exactly. this is why we have to be so weary of words like polarizing or divisive, especially when they're used as an excuse to censor content from. the frame of reference people in silicon valley information bubble everyone who agrees anyone who disagrees with orthodoxy is divisive. divisive by basically being hetero dox. this is why we have to be careful new for censorship when they are basically saying that divisive content needs to be taken down. >> will: look, that's what we have to go with this. by the way i would assume you are divisive then because you are outside of the orthodoxy. you are divisive. i think for many of us, i know some watching right now, they are not just concerned, david, they are terrified, they are watching cremp take hold in silicon valley through big tech. tell us, you are inside of it you have been involved with paypal yammer, callen.
4:49 pm
how within big tech? >> i think what's happened here big tech companies under a lot of pressure. left to their own devices, i don't think the founders of these companies like facebook or twitter, i don't think it would be censor. under tremendous pressure from above and below. from above the senate judiciary committee they hauled up zureg and dorsey and other are committees to lecture them on the need to take down more content. that's always what these hearings are about is basically telling the social media companies engage in more censorship. so that's the pressure coming from above. also pressure from blovment you have got sort of employees of these companies who form sort of online digital woke mobs or write boycotting campaigns they are trying to pressure the executives of these companies to engage in more censorship as well. i think that's kind of what is going on here a little bit of a courage deficit. i think if these founders would stand up to the pressure they would find that it's not that
4:50 pm
difficult. i mean, in the wake of my appearance on bloomberg, even though, you know, i am expressing, even though i'm exhibiting this hetero doxy on bloomberg. i can't tell you how many people texted me privately to offer their support. you have these very powerful people. you wouldn't believe the powerful wealthy people who are in tech groups basically saying. >> will: fear runs the day, david. lesson there fear runs the day. watching it play out at netflix. right about the pressure from bo and below. that's really interesting insight. thank you so much for your time tonight. don't go anywhere. comedian tim young is here and he is on the clock next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> will: a few minutes left in the showtime for comedian tim young to put on the clock. first, we all know two things that work. wheels and walls, it seems like joe biden figured that out and
4:56 pm
now he's planning on building a wall. his department of homeland security is going to cough up $455,000 for it. a wall for him. listen, he is more important for us obviously. innovation happening on the southern arm forward or period of $455,000 isn't a lot of money to the bidens. he could have coughed it up and he's a fantastic con artist. >> will: it to beautiful wall. everybody's talking about the wall. it will be joe biden's wall. one for the elite and one for him, none for the people. next up, here we go, we are going to leave early and let's get it. aoc is feeling the burn but may be she's feeling it too much. in >> i talked with bernie on the phone a decent amount, not just because we're colleagues bt
4:57 pm
he's legitimately my friend and he makes me happy. >> will: oh, wow. speak i think 70s hitting the sauce. i want a woman to talk about me like that. i'm currently single. if you want to get toasted and send me video love letters all to get any day of the week. >> will: may be she's into dance or grandpas or something. that was very friendly. it is not the word? she said they are friends. that was very friendly? i don't know if that's the word i'm looking for a period >> i've never spoken like that to one of my friends. >> will: you need better friends and her girlfriend apparently. i heard you have a closing line. kamala harris has news for you. >> i have a motto.
4:58 pm
i drink acne and noel for breakfast. >> will: your clothing line is how she gets her day started there. >> look at this, go to my website and go to the merge star. also by the way what concerns me about this is dementia contagious because she seems a little off. i feel like maybe she spent too much time with president putting. >> will: she had the big surprise party so she could be out because the big surprise party where she walked and then said surprised to herself, maybe -- maybe she surprised herself. >> i do it like every other week. >> will: you do? i'm really trying to answer the question honestly, i'm thinking back. i got to get to the story because it's my favorite one. earlier in the show we should get the photo of joe biden, this one, the great photo?
4:59 pm
posing behind an invisible podium or something, i do not know. it didn't take long for the internet to do their thing and here's an example. this is what he calls strapping horse. that's what joe called it with the border patrol, strapping horse, not ours, tim, tim. >> i thought horses were banned and it looks like he's going to go with someone and be violent obviously he's gripping his hands like this. he's out there with the people in the audience and that's where supposed to do, what they do on msnbc. i feel bad, "the daily caller" shared this picture, they will be fact-checked. i'm certain that people are doing research to say this is a false and manipulative media. >> in this case, they would absolutely be right. but once again comedy and satire. tim young, check out the new clothing line.
5:00 pm
all right, thank you for watching fox news prime time this week. do not forget to check out the will cain podcast new episodes monday, wednesday, friday, we can hang out three times a week every week going forward. in-depth conversation and interesting guests. tucker carlson is up next. enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" i'm jesse watters and for tucker carlson. the ratings were absolutely terrible which isn't surprising at all. joe biden's not capable of thinking clearly and most americans recognize that. they watch football and fox news instead. that raises an interesting question, which until recently nobody has asked.


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