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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: why? >> dagen: i had them in my sweatpants pocket. she had a bottle of bourbon in her backpack and i had two cans of seltzer in her backpack will. >> jesse: hard smeltser smuggled to watch silence of the lambs together? that's crazy. i will see you guys here on monday. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. coming to you tonight from dallas about 460 miles from the u.s.-mexico border. we will go there live shortly. but, breaking tonight, it's official. a record 1.7 million apprehensions of illegal immigrants along the southern border according to just released customs and border patrol statistics. that's in one year. again, that's the most on record. the next highest number of apprehensions happened 35 years ago. that does not include the hundreds of thousands of so-called got-aways that evaded
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apprehension. paint a dire picture of the border crisis something current and former border officials have been raising an alarm about for months. border and probably should go back, fact checkers then went into action after his town hall last night. and today the white house press secretary attempted to clarify the boss' remarks on the border issue and several others. we have fox team coverage tonight, peter doocy is at the white house with efforts to set the record straight the day after that presidential town hall. but we start off with correspondent bill melugin back in la joya, texas tonight with staggering new immigration numbers that paint a bleak picture for border patrol officials. good evening, bill. >> bret, good evening to you. those numbers are staggering and literally just a couple of minutes ago take a look at fox drone groups of migrants come walking right past us just crossed rio grande and officially entered the united states illegally ready to turn themselves. in late in the afternoon cpb officially released september
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encounter numbers for the month of september that were just over 192 how did sand encounters border. and up grand total fiscal year 1.73 million. that is an all-time record high beating the previous high record of 1.69 million. back in 1986. this border crisis is making history and it is not slowing down. [siren] >> bill: another day, another human smuggling pursuit here at the border this time near del rio, texas where dps troopers give chase. >> 105250. >> the driver eventually loses control and slams into a parked vehicle. pins the passengers inside. the driver was arrested and four illegal immigrants inside were turned over to border patrol. in mission, texas early friday morning, another suspected human smuggling crash left two people dead and five others
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hospitalized. texas dps tells us a local police department was chasing this vehicle when it rolled over while filled with suspected migrants we witnessed this group of single adult migrants being taken into custody by border patrol. some of the men were wearing camouflage, something we often see with runners. that includes this group of illegal immigrants arrested by texas dps for criminal trespassing on a ranch in kenny county. all of the men wearing camouflage trying to evade. and in border patrol tucson sector, agents arrested mexican national felix perez torrez after he crossed illegally. convicted of felony sexual assault in wiping. the vice president of the border patrol union tells fox news it's the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who aren't caught who are the biggest concern. >> when you have so much lawlessness going on in the border and you have an
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administration that pretty much has opened the door for criminal behavior, those that are going that extra step not to get apprehended, not to get detecteed, what kind of criminal backgrounds do they really have? >> and e bret, that criminal element is constantly trying to make it through the border here just here in the rio grande valley alone on wednesday. border patrol reports that just in a matter of a few hours they arrested three confirmed gang members here after they crossed illegally, that includes two ms-13 gang members one of whom had homicide charges in the state of new york. the other homicide arrest down in el salvador. we will send it back to you. >> bret: bill, i want to clarify 1.75 million apprehensions but we don't really have a number on the so-called got-aways. it could be 300, 400,000 according to former border patrol chief rodney scott. >> exactly. former chief scott says their latest numbers are at least 400,000 known got-aways.
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but the key part of that is known. those are the ones they see on the cameras. they see on the censors and just never able to get. to say the key question is what about the unknown got-aways. how many are there agent can't be everywhere at once out on the border. bret? >> bret: bill melugin out on the border, tonight, thanks. president biden is spending the weekend at himth his home in delaware. his staff may spend a lot of time during that weekend trying to continue to clean up from a series of mistakes and misstatements during a cable news town hall thursday night. it all occurs as the president's domestic agenda really hangs in the balance because of continued democratic party infighting. white house correspondent peter doocy has that part of the story tonight live from the north lawn, good evening, peter. >> bret: good evening, bret. the president is trying to keep people focused on $2 trillion worth of progressive proposals and not on issues he says are out of his control. they are at the border and also at the gas pump where he admits prices will remain high through next year.
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>> i don't have a near term answer. >> staffers don't either. >> there are limitations to what any president can do as it relates to gas prices. >> same for the supply chain. >> 40% of all products coming into the united states of america on the west coast go through los angeles and um, um, what am i doing here? >> long beach? >> long beach, thank you. >> floated the national guard. >> would you consider the national guard to help with the supply chain issue? >> yes, absolutely. positively i would do that. >> turns out that's not true. >> cody policy could make from the leader of a union representing u.p.s., fedex and dhl workers warned. we have significant concerns with the employer mandates announced on septemberth, 2021 and the ability of industry members to implement the required employee vaccination by december 8th, 2021. we don't actually ina anticipate these disruptions. >> president's top priority is
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finalize ago deal with trillions of taxpayer dollars for social programs. >> do you feel like a deal is close? >> i think it's very possible. >> the vice president pitched the plan in the northeast today. >> i have a motto. i drink -- i eat and drink no for breakfast. >> she has been much less visible handling high profile assignment immigration. >> do you have any plans to go to the border before the end of the year? >> um, i don't have any at this moment, no. >> president biden claimed he has already been. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before. and i haven't -- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down. >> there is no proof of any trip where he actually got out of the car. just a motorcade from mexico to new mexico 30 years ago. >> he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> he said he has been there before. are you saying he drove by for a few minutes? does that count? >> what is the root cause? where are people coming from who are coming to the border, peter? people come from central america
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and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to those countries ten times to talk about border issues. there is a focus right now on a photo op. >> that's not what he said either. he said i guess i should go down. does he think he need a photo op. >> he doesn't. >> most of the drive officials here are saying counts as a biden trip to the border from el paso to las, cusass is north. if delaware senator joe biden had much of a view of the border that trip it was in the rear view mirror. bret? >> bret: peter, i have one question back to the gas prices. in the town hall he says he doesn't have much control but it's un' to saudi arabia and he kind of trailed off. did the white house follow up on that today? >> there's not much of a follow up. something else the president said though is that a lot of people in the middle east want to talk to him and he doesn't know if he is going to answer the call. they are basically saying if
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they tap the strategic petroleum reserve here in the united states to get some more gas into the interior of the country, he thinks that it could lower prices by about just a little bit in the near term but he says through 2022 expect some pain at the pump. not his word pain at the pump but higher prices. >> bret: right. peter doocy, live on the north lawn, thanks. more on this with the panel. a story getting a lot of attention here in texas but obviously has implications for the nation. the u.s. supreme court is allowing the texas law banning most abortions to remain in place for now. the justices have agreed to hear arguments in the case november 1st. fox news chief legal correspondent anchor of fox news at night shannon bream is here with the details. good evening, shannon. >> good evening, bret. it is fair to characterize what happened today as rare and unusual for a body very deliberative with detailed framework how these cases proceed. this one is on the fastest of the fast tracks.
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the court has ordered initial brief. argue follow monday. texas law fda bans most abortions after heart beat is detected after roughly six weeks into a peg nancy. though the justices will hear november 1st, it's much more procedural about whether the justice department can actually sue a state, state officials or private individuals in attempt to keep the law from being enforced. it's not about the merit. white house press secretary jen psaki saying today she reiterated the president's position on the texas law they say is, quote, blatantly unconstitutional. in the meantime, the justices elected not to put the law on hold. justice sotomayor objected to that today writing this, quote: these women will suffer personal harm from delaying their medical care and as their pregnancies progress they may even be unable to obtain abortion care all together. every day the court fails to grant relief is devastating both for individual women and for our
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constitutional system as a whole. pro-life group live action called the court's decision not to block the law quote a victory for life that will save the lives of innocent preborn boys and girls. as for actually getting to the abortion debate on the merits, that's going to happen december 1st. the date the justice also hear arguments over mississippi's law banningsing most abortions after 15 weeks a decision in that case is going to be due in june. late june and, bret, of course, that puts it right in the middle of all of those midterm elections and campaigning. >> at love things to watch at the supreme court. shannon, as always, thank you. we will see you don't. stocks mixed today, the dow closed at up 74 new record. the nasdaq gave back 125.5 today. for the week the dow rods about 1 percent fijt. the s&p 500 gained one and two thirds the nasdaq picked up one and one third. investigators in new mexico are looking for answers tonight about what caused a tragic fatal
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>> high lead results in drinking water samples, the mayor there is says outdated service lines or leaching lead into the water of individual homes. another 900 water filters will be distributed next week. a live look at seattle from fox 13, one of the big stories are a number of humpback whales have been born this season. they recorded 21 calves documented through washington and british columbia. one expert says it's the highest annual number on record. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway could from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ .
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star republican political figures. the case had drawn interest was parness. he was not charged that case. fingers are being pointed tonight as the supply chain crisis worsens. it is a complex problem with many possible culprits. national correspondent wic nose shows us from the. >> truck driver i think it's all in the ports. president biden promised to speed things up. congestion at the ports is worse. >> just like compressing 10 lanes of free waive traffic ton five. largest port a record 109 ships offload. half don't have assigned place to anchor just outside the ports. forcing the rest to simply drift in waters well outside san pedro bay. going to 24/7 operations was supposed to jump start improvements in the supply
3:21 pm
chain. by now there is no evidence it has. 24/7 placating the public to say we are actually doing something. >> a shortage of warehouse workers is one problem. the other a lack of chassis to haul containers. >> the extra four or five hours that the ports are being opened, i can't return an empty one in that extra time. they are only allowing containers to go out that are already on chassis on wheels. that's my whole problem i don't have a chassis to bring in. >> while containers stack up at the ports, the economy slows businesses get hurt. >> companies are losing money because they are not able to get products on the shelves. >> as losses increase, so do insurance claims on spoiled food and time sensitive deliveries. >> there is no creative way or quick fix for this problem right now until the goods both the end user goods and components get into the country and get into the factories and the
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manufacturer's hands. until then, we are going to start running out of things. >> who do you think can do more? >> i believe it up to the ports and mr. president. >> >> so the container ship really revolutionized the way world moves cargo china and dependence on it what we are seeing a global supply chain overwhelmed and no silver bullets, we're told, to end it any time soon. bret? >> william la jeunesse in the water off port of los angeles, william, thanks. now to some good news for a change. there is renewed hope tonight for people with kidney problems. doctors in new york have pulled off a break through procedure involving the use of a nonhuman organ. fox news contributor dr. marc siegel has the breaking details tonight on this. good evening, dr. siegel. >> hi, bret. dr. robert montgomery, chief of surgery and founding director of the chance plant instituted at myu and my colleague has a long
3:23 pm
history of kidney transplant pioneer driven by his own personal need for a heart transplant. we caught up with dr. montgomery and got a look at the groundbreaking surgery that was performed. >> we want to make sure that as many people as possible have that opportunity. >> dr. montgomery pioneered a lottery system for mixing and matching donors and recipients that has saved thousands of lives. >> unfortunately, nearly half of the people who are waiting for an organ won't make it. we came up with an idea that that person would give their kidney to someone who had a living compatible donor and then that donor would give to someone else and so you can form this single, you know, act of altruism. >> but the massive organ shortage continues, so the first two and a half day successful transplant of genetically altered pig kidney to recipient is groundbreaking. montgomery says the surgery was
3:24 pm
no more difficult than a human operation. with the pig gene that would have caused the rejection, deleted. immunosuppression then worked. >> we can say that, you know, it functioned well. it did all the things that a kidney is supposed to do. it acted like a human kidney transplant. and we didn't see any evidence of, you know, a rapid rejection. >> so the kidney did make urine almost immediately, like moments after we joined the blood vessels. >> montgomery says that the next phase will be studying longer periods after transplant to make sure that the pig kidney isn't rejected. i asked him which organ game next? >> i think the closest organ to the kidney in terms of being kind of yesterday for prime time is the heart. >> he calls it a game changer. pig kidney and then the heart. bret? >> bret: that's a great story. dr. siegel, thanks. up next, we are entering the homestretch in the virginia governor's race and it's down to
3:25 pm
the wire. we will have a live report there. >> glenn youngkin has done nothing run down the state since he announced. he knows nothing about the state. >> terry mcauliffe is seeing the sun space set on his 30 year political career.
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at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone. ♪ >> bret: we are about to enter the final full week of campaigning in the virginia governor's race. democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin are neck in neck is recent polling. democrats are bringing in some of the party's biggest stars to
3:29 pm
try to help mcauliffe. former president obama will be in virginia tomorrow. last night it was vice president kamala harris. here is correspondent alexandria hoff. >> let's go get them. >> democrat terry mcauliffe kicked off get out the vote tour in arlington, virginia showing off new wheels and sharpened tongue. >> >> a recent slip in the polls has put the former governor vying to win back his position in a dead heat against republican glenn youngkin. youngkin is banking on support of for from frustrated patience struggling to find their voice in school policies and curriculum. >> this race is so clearly moving our direction it's because virginians recognize that terry mcauliffe is all about big government imposing its view on individual liberties. >> if youngkin were to pull ahead, he would be the first republican in 12 years elected to that statewide seat. with hopes to spark enthusiasm among democrats, president biden is set to hit the campaign trail in virginia next week despite
3:30 pm
low approval numbers. vice president kamala harris lob idea for mcauliffe last night. >> this race is tight. and what happens here, i promise you, is about the people of our state and people of our country. >> harris lent her voice to a video message playing out in black churches across the commonwealth. >> i believe that my friend terry mcauliffe is the leader virginia needs at this moment. church involvement with political campaigns. on the push for minority voters. democrat doug wilder virginia's only black governor wrote this when mcauliffe announced his run, quote: why should he expect that vote to be there for him in 2021 having shown such little appreciation for it. former president barack obama will campaign with mcauliffe in richmond tomorrow as glenn youngkin's bus tour will kick off as well some 115 miles away in no, your honor virginia's fairfax county.
3:31 pm
>> new early voting data shows that 9.5% of registered voters have so far returned their ballot with registered democrats largely outnumbering republicans. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. a religious organization whose 17 members were kidnapped in haiti was asking supporters to pray tonight and share stories with the victims' families of how their faith helped them through difficult times. ohio based christian aid ministries issued the statement a day after a video was released showing the leader of the kidnappers threatening to kill those abducted if his demands are not met. haitian officials have said the gang is seeking $1 million ransom per person. china is urging the u.s. to avid what it calls sending any wrong signals about taiwan. this comes after president biden said at that town hall the u.s. would come to the defense of tijuana in the event of a chinese attack. the white house clarified that as well today, too. senior foreign affairs
3:32 pm
correspondent greg palkot tells us where things stand tonight. >> has the u.s. taken one step closer in being involved in a clash between china and the island of taiwan. president biden appeared to last night. >> i don't want a co-war with china. i just want to make china understand that we are not going to step back. we are not going to change any of our views. >> are you saying that the united states would come to tijuana's defense. taiwan's defense. >> yes we have a commitment to do that. >> seen chinese military aircraft enter their region cited u.s. rock solid support. china was also quick to react. >> we urge the u.s. to be cautious with its words and actions on the taiwan issue. and not to send any wrong signals. >> america's taiwan relations act is purposefully vegas vaguee u.s. shall make available to taiwan service was in such quantity as may be necessary to enable taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capacity. experts say tampering with a
3:33 pm
strategic ambiguity risks war with china. >> writing a blank check creates then a misimpression on taiwan that maybe they can declare independence which would absolutely destabilize the taiwan straits situation. >> in nato meeting in brussels defense secretary austin appeared to be doing damage control. >> nobody wants to see issues come to blows. certainly not president biden. and there is no reason that it should. >> for the immediate future, analysts say chinese president xi will hold back on any taiwan invasion not wanting to disrupt next year's winter olympics in beijing and the chinese communist party conference which xi should get a new mandate. >> white house spokesperson jen psaki also said today president biden was not announcing any change in america's taiwan policy. experts say it was china threatening the island as a safe way to go. bret? >> bret: greg palkot in london. thanks. up next, the panel on why white
3:34 pm
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♪ ♪ >> do you have plans to visit the southern border. >> i have been there before and i haven't -- i mean i know it well. i guess i should go down but -- but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. >> there has been reporting that he did dry through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. he does not need a visit to the border to know what a mess was left by the last administration. >> bret: the white house saying he drove past the border during the 2008 campaign and and saying even though he said that maybe he should go down that he didn't really mean the president didn't that town hall that he would go down. town hall needed to be cleaned up today by the white house press secretary in a couple of different points. meantime gallup, the approval
3:39 pm
analysis for gallup says that the biden's average third quarter job approval rating is down 8 points from his second quarter 53%, 11 points from his first quarter rating at 56%. this 11 point decline is larger than any prior president registered between first and third quarters although similar to those to the last three democratic presidents barack obama. clinton and carter. about. >> bring in our panel ben domenech publisher of the federalist. harold ford jr., and jason riley "wall street journal" columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan instudy jason, there were a number of incidents that the white house had to clarify. we pointed them out here. the border the situation about gas prices. and maybe most importantly about taiwan. >> yes, there are a number of issues going on here. i would add to that bret, the spending debate going on in
3:40 pm
congress right now. i think joe biden's problem is that he is trying to present as a democrat versus republican issue. when, in reality, particularly with regard to the spending bill, it's a democrat vs. democrat problem. he can't get his own ducks in a row. and you have a debate going on between progressives in the democratic party and more moderates in the democratic party on how to spin this spending bill that they want to unleash and frankly boils down to ambitions being greater than their actual mandate that the american people did not elect a progressive president to pursue a progressive agenda and biden is trying to slip one by the american people. >> bret: "the washington post," harold, writes it this way about that town hall. president biden had one central message for disappointed progressives at his cnn town hall last night please be patient. the problem with biden's
3:41 pm
promises to come back to progressive priorities is that his razor thin democratic majorities in the house and senate won't be any bigger and republicans won't be any more inclined to go along which is why progressives have been urging him for months to fight to get rid of the filibuster. something he said he might actually be for now. >> well, thanks for having me on. this is, i think jason nailed it with the frame progressives didn't and don't have a massive majority in the house or even a comfortable majority in the house for that matter the senate. i think when we elected president biden, the country did, they were electing someone they thought would bring a level of stability and maturity and experience to the decision-making and to the white house. and to jason's point, the president has spent most of his time trying to referee disputes between and amongst his own party members. i have said for some time, democrats take the victory. give the country what they have asked for which is an
3:42 pm
infrastructure bill. demonstrate that you can govern and lead and come back and do the other things. i think at some point president biden is going to have to say to democrats in a forthright way, i hope he doesn't have to say in a forthright way with an outcome in virginia that is detrimental to my party. terry mcauliffe has asked for democrats to give us victory and give us a chance to lead in the governor and lead majority which is the way you actually enact policy. >> i think it's going to be hard for my party. >> bret: i don't see how it's going to get done before that virginia election. we will see. they may try to put the pedal to the metal there seems like big sticking points. i mentioned the filibuster change and the evolution of the president how he has talked about it take a listen to that evolution. >> i'm trying to bring the country together and i don't want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster. >> if it's a relic of jim crow it's been used to divide civil rights legislation historically why protect it?
3:43 pm
>> no reason to protect it other than you are going to try the throw the entire congress into chaos and nothing will get done. nothing at all will get done. and there is a lot the stake. i have also think we are going to have to move to the point where we fundamentally alter the filibuster. that remains to be seen. exactly what that means in terms of fundamentally altering it, whether or not we just end the filibuster straight up. >> bret: that's quite an evolution, ben. >> how different your attitude is when you move from the senate to the white house toward the filibuster you know and essential defense of american representative politics or just a nuisance to be wiped away. look, i think that what harold said is correct in the sense that progressives don't have a majority here. they don't even have anything close to it. and, yet, what this represents, what this massive spending package represents at this point is an attempt to try to satisfy virtually every progressive priority even in ways that are sloppy and don't make sense from
3:44 pm
fiscal policy perspectives. if you add a smaller policy package, you might be able to have something that was more permanent, more longstanding, instead you are likely to end up, if anything ends up passing at all with a package that is more easily swept away potentially by a future republican majority. i think that democrats are really waking up to the fact that while individual parts of this plan may test well when they are polled and when they're asked of the american people. as a whole, this plan is not something that the american people are all that excited about and they don't really believe it's going to satisfy the problems that they see every day when this comes to inflation, when it comes to their pocketbook and certainly when it comes to the increasingly controversial issues related to education which are so key in this virginia race. >> bret: jason i only have a few seconds here i was. essentially his hands are tied and gas prices are going up into
3:45 pm
next year saying a lot depends on opec and saudi arabia. republicans would point out that a lot that happened in the previous administration to free the u.s. from foreign oil and that we're back in the place we were before that. >> you are right. and what biden isn't telling you that his progressives are happy with high energy costs to the extent that it pushes people towards renewables, towards green new deal type policies and so forth. they have no problem with fossil fuel energy prices going up. but the american people do. the voters do, and, again, joe biden was not elected to transition us off fossil fuel even if that's what the progressives want. >> bret: which is a big contention in that last debate. i got run. up next, the friday lightning round. virginia's governor's race. the china menace, winners and losers if we can fit it all in. ♪ ♪
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>> elections are always close. we need people to get out and vote. i can't tell you how important it is. >> what we see on the other side is sun setting on terry mcauliffe's 43 political career. >> my opponent a donald trump wannabe. >> terry mcauliffe saw the states grow around us 120%
3:50 pm
faster economically. >> when i took office the last time our state was in chaos. i worked with everybody. built a robust economy. >> first thing i will do as governor is declare virginia open for business. we won't have lockdowns. >> democratic strategist james carville said this week he is scared to death about this race in virginia from a drank point of view if you look at the rcp average very tight 48.8 to 47. the recent monmouth poll just out this week had it at a dead heat at 4. we are back with the panel. ben, your thoughts? >> the virginia should scare every democrat because terry mcauliffe's approach has been to nationalize this, to bring in all these different national figures to back him up and to try to make this an election where glenn youngkin is viewed as a stomping horse for donald trump. youngkin localize it education issue. the same monmouth portsmouth we have seen youngkin creep up and up to the pointed he actually has an advantage.
3:51 pm
the idea that a republican could win in the commonwealth of virginia on the education issue should absolutely terrify democrats going into next year's midterms. >> bret: harold? >> i think ben nailed it there, too. i wouldn't count terry mcauliffe out. he is the best retail politician in the party. hable nationalize this race. there as a lot of governor's races are. he has president obama coming in reminding virginia they voted democrats over the last few cycles have to see jump ball there. i wouldn't count terry mcauliffe out by any stretch. >> bret: i want to turn really quickly to china and what the president said about taiwan, defending taiwan. the white house this to walk that back and say the policy hasn't changed. china jumped all over it. it seems like sometimes the china policy for this administration is a little ambiguous. jason? >> well, biden is right. we need a presence in that part of the world. you know, we're essentially in a cold war battle with china right
3:52 pm
now. not only militarily but also economically. trump administration likes to talk about testimony the left called it bluster. but now that biden's office are taking it seriously, i applaud them. anyone who is paying attention knew this was an issue. >> bret: all right, winners and losers, ben? , really quick. >> two sides of the coin loudoun county parents vs. the loudoun county school board. the revelations of what that superintendent of that school board hid about what they knew about a bathroom sexual assault coming clear this week. an incredible story that is terrifying parents across the country. >> bret: harold, winner and loser? >> my winner is a little different but serious to me tom brady at 44 years old is leading the nfl in passing yards and my loser could be the brooklyn nets if kyrie irving can't play because he won't get vaccinated. >> bret: always count on you in the sports winners and losers. jason, bring it home. >> my winner is former secretary
3:53 pm
of state condoleezza rice talking about critical race theory in schools saying black children are not helped by making white children feel guilty for being white. amen to that my loser is the new york city political class which is removing a statue of thomas jefferson from city hall. so, we're now erecting statues of george floyd and taking down statues of thomas jefferson the world has gone mad, bret. >> bret: you know, they took down a statue of ulysses s. grant in san francisco. yes, the world has gone mad. okay. thank you all. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
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>> bret: it's friday and you know what that means. "notable quotables." >> the world lost one of the greatest leaders that we have ever witnessed. >> joe biden greatest hit list you can now put on the list nuclear arms race with china. >> freedom. i have the freedom to kill you
3:58 pm
with my covid. no, i mean, come on. freedom. >> i don't know where my old friend became such a to tall tarren. >> investigators found what appear to be human remains and backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> justice department defends the first amendment right of parents to complain vo voice russly as they wish. >> mr. bannon mr. l. comply with this investigation or he will face the consequences. >> all of a sudden hear bam, bam, bam. banging on my door. >> remember we win noeed. >> we are talking. >> this donkey on donkey fighting here is something to watch. >> so your biggest issue is truck drivers and warehouse space. >> we have tightened capacity, labor shortages. >> the cost of build back better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero, zero, zero. >> mr. attorney general who buys hunter biden's art. >> what is he doing is springing everybody into this commonwealth of virginia who has nothing to do with virginia. >> i'm ready to go.
3:59 pm
i have more energy today than the day i was born. >> one week monday on "special report" democrats flood the zone as you know cover this race really closely. will all of that work as we close in on election day 2021. this weekend on it "fox news sunday" virginia senator mark warner will appear as well as democrat congressman ro khanna of the congressional caucus. the cdc director will be with chris wallace. i will be there as well on the panel. please remember, if you are so inclined to pick up my new book "to rescue the republic use ewe his sis s. grant crisis of 1876. it is available wherever you buy books. i have an event in dallas tonight. then i'm back to d.c. starting all next week. my thanks to the crews and staff in new york, los angeles and here in dallas for hosting me over the past two weeks. it's been a good ride. thank you very much, everybody. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special "fox
4:00 pm
news primetime" hosted by will cain who is right down the road and we did not meet up for that drink but i owe you one, will, it starts right now. >> i will take you up on that. i had a very important eighth grade football game rain check on the drink. >> bret: all right. >> will: take care, bret. i'm will cain. and tonight we start in baltimore, which was the scene of cnn's newest hit show, the mystery of the missing podium. despite the efforts of the brightest minds in television, the likes of don lemon and jeffrey tuben, the podium was never found. what is joe biden resting his hands on. what is he doing? is he imitating the great corn holeio? is he holding tight to coherence? we will never know because they did not find the missing podium. instead cnn aired a disastrous town hall with president biden last night. but here's the point, we are in a sit


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