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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 22, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. new information and the tragic shooting on the movie set involving actor alec baldwin now learning the prop gun baldwin higher that accidentally killed a crewmember and injured the film's director reportedly contained a live round. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno drawn by my cohost harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, former state department spokesperson morgan and cohost of got fouled,
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tyrus. a movie pop union has told members it was a live round and not a blank that he fired at a female cinematographer yesterday in new mexico killing her and wounding the movie's director in tragic onset accident. in a was 42. it she died shortly after being airlifted to university of new mexico. the film's director was also heard and spent several hours in the hospital but was released later last night. it baldwin who is starring in producing the movie was taken in for questioning and was released without charge but he was pictured looking distraught and cheerfully talking to someone on the phone. she described herself as a restless dreamer and an adrenaline junkie. it's this video you are looking at shows her riding a horse onset just days before being fatally shot. alec baldwin just moments ago
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speaking out for the first time to the tragedy tweeting "there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident of helena hutchins. if the wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague of ours. fully cooperating with the police investigation to see how this tragedy occurred and i am in touch with her husband offering my support to him and his family. my heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved helena." tyrus, you've worked on multiple sets before and the common denominator as we progress in the movie lands is that actions get bigger and bigger and more and more dangerous, right? every film, every blockbuster and the hope is as the danger becomes greater, so does the safety but it seems at this tragic accident, that's not the case. >> tyrus: this is just ironic.
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i'm wearing a bruce lee shirt today. brandon lee, we lost him tragically to a same type of accident where the prop and the gun was fired with a live round and it that a lot of people who don't know how movies work, this falls back on the prop master, the gun tech, stunt coordinator and every movie or tv series that i've been with that has been involved with a gun, there's always a great team around with the procedure to wear every time every take that you have a firearm, has to be presented to the prop master to be inspected before you can fire it so there's a lot of questions to this and this is a horrible accident and i cannot imagine what the stunt coordinator or the props master is going through right now because he fired the weapon but typically before an actor is given a gun, it's inspected and cleared so there will be a lot of questions to this and it's a horrible
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accident. a lot of times, when you're dealing with westerns where you have multiple guns or multiple shots fired in a scene, this is where mistakes can happen so it's really important you have a great team because accidents like this, there's no coming back from. this is horrible news and an actor as a starting person and a wrestler, you hate anytime somebody dies in the wind of entertainment because it really is unnecessary when you think about it in terms of to lose your life filming something is a horrible tragedy. >> emily: between 1980 and 1990, just in ten years, we lost 40 stuntmen and doubles and other employees onset because of dangerous conditions, tragic accidents all of them and since then, there was only a handful of those lost until summer of 2017 when two died onset and horrific accidents but the conventional wisdom again was that this was put in place
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because of stricter laws that were put in place but at the same time even when tragic accident can result potentially the loss of life for these frankly largely unrecognized largely on awarded, the stunt doubles, those are never mentioned and yet they are the backbone on which these movies thrive and again, the danger they face could be life or death. >> kayleigh: they are the unsung heroes behind the emmys and whatnot but the associated press did a study between 1990 and 2016 and found that 23 people died onset, exceedingly rare for someone to die because of a prop gun. in fact, you had kevin williams, prop department supervisor at ucla who said extremely rare circumstance anything like this would happen and when they are so many different procedures and policies in place, talked about those stunt coordinators, prop masters while they are, checks
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and balances, bulletins they look at, it says treat all firearms as though they are loaded which is how you should always treat a weapon. there are so many questions here, usually they have billings in them or are not loaded at all. it also another expert on the matter pointed out that it's really rare when a gun is actually pointed in someone's direction so why was a weapon pointed in this direction? we know this was not intentional, but it is a tragedy. i know alec baldwin is really hurting right now and many others. >> when we talk about liability, of course we don't know what's happening in the situation but generally speaking after the death in 2014, the director was charged with involuntary manslaughter and he served time in prison. the assistant director got off with probation but there are very real legal liability consequences to these tragic accidents. >> morgan: what was
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interesting to me that you were saying earlier, the people that were killed or injured and spent time in the hospital seemed to be relatively senior people on the shoot so i was struck by that. i also thought that it was surprising that we haven't learned yet if this happened while it was shooting a scene where someone was being careless, someone who has obviously been in the military being and my dad is a hunter, grown up around guns, he seemed really bizarre to me that there would be a gun, a loaded gun with an actual bullet in there so i have a lot of questions and let me just say obviously alec baldwin has been a really political figure, has not been silent but in addition to the woman who lost her life and her family, alec baldwin has seven children come i think he has two little babies, there's a lot of innocent people that are affected by this tragic accident
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today. it >> emily: something else that's pretty interesting in terms of the regulatory framework is the stunt coordinators don't have a qualification system so the person that is in charge of all of these stunt workers, there is not regulation required. other positions onset do but that very crucial one does and when you take a step back and look at other requirements for example, you have to have a permit to burn a trash can onset but you actually don't need a permit to set a human on fire. those stunt doubles who get set on fire, the suits that protect them, you don't need a permit for that there's a whole abyss behind the situation where there are really large holes legally speaking that it would benefit them and improve the protection. >> harris: i've seen you advocating for that, such great detail on that. i want to go back to something that morgan said, the people who are actually her illness as i understand the director of
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photography was not someone who is necessarily a stunt double, the director, not somebody who is necessarily a stunt double but when you look at this, the movie they are shooting is called rest and it's about a teenager whose arm around with his grandfather for accidentally shooting and killing somebody. so i want to look at the human elements of the story because i don't know all the ins and outs of the stunts and all of that but what i do know is the very real impact that friends and family in ukraine right now are having at the loss of helena hutchins at as they express their love in their grief today, we understand it. and the way that tyrus put it, no one should be harmed in the making of joy and entertainment even sometimes when that joy and entertainment can be a scary movie like what i like. whatever. for all of this is just a firm reminder that they are human beings pulling off this entertainment that we all get
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into whether it be music, whatever it is that we are into. they are putting themselves at risk and i just wanted to pause for a second and think of helena and also joel the director because he was harmed in this, he was shot as well. >> emily: coming up, the manhunt for brian laundrie is over. but where the case goes next and how the family is responding to critics. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans. one of the benefits that our country gives us as veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference.
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>> harris: an actual manhunt for brian laundrie is over. now the fbi is confirming the human remains found in a florida wildlife reserve belong to that of boyfriend of the late
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gabby petito where they discover the remains along with a bag of laundrie's belongings. it's in an area that was underwater during earlier searches but they're still so many questions remaining unanswered as you can imagine not just when or how brian died but also why did his parents wait for days to report their son missing after he went to that park in september? police found the remains less than an hour after the parents came to help with the search two days ago. their family lawyer says suggestions they tried to cover up for their son or plan evidence are ludicrous and nonsensical. high-risk? >> tyrus: ludicrous and nonsensical being used to describe the situation, the parents decided to cooperate and within an hour of their cooperation, the body was found. unfortunately in these situations, we are not going to get all the answers.
9:16 am
the answers of them were played out before the tragedy happened with the father told on himself a little bit when he said he pleaded with his son not to go because he knew how unhappy he was with you if you break that down was i'm sure he was aware of their history and the situation given the fact they lived under his roof so the family is black through this whole process, the lack of cooperation i think is telling and only when they lost contact with their son or didn't have any way to get a hold of him, this is just my theory is that then they want to join the search once they were able to communicate and wonder what happened to their boy and thus we now know the answer. we are never going to get all the answers are gabby unfortunately. those will go with what we all assume was her boyfriend who ended her life. >> harris: you put it so
9:17 am
perfectly, all of that is your hypothesis and i would imagine they were going to be a million of them and for that family, for a lifetime. you can pray for closure when someone loses someone in this way without the answers, you can pray for closure and i don't know, do we just open a box and get more information or did we close the box on the getting more information? we don't know yet. >> morgan: i think it was two weeks or three weeks ago when he was reported missing and i sort of implied then that i thought that this was a potential outcome and there were so many unanswered questions around the parents, but there's also a big unanswered question for gabby's parents that they will now never have answers and that is why did you kill my daughter, why did this happen? i'm really feeling for them today because in addition to losing their daughter, they don't get their day in court. i'm sure in one sense there's relief as apparent that their
9:18 am
daughters potentially, we don't know this for sure, but looks like allegedly their daughter's killer could be dead but we don't know for sure and we will never -- those parents never get that answer so i'm thinking about them today and one final thing i would say is as we do learn more things them i will be interested in learning if gabby was strangled from the front or the rear. that could actually tell criminal experts a lot about the final moments of her life and how it ended so there still more that's going to come out. >> harris: you talk about the intimacy of a crime. they are facing you, what it takes to kill the life of someone you say you love and the reverse, that person fighting so mightily and you don't have to face it is such an interesting point. as we bring this out to the couch, one of the things that we will always be hunting in addition to why it is what tyrus alluded to. could any of this have been
9:19 am
prevented with who? who knew who they really were and what they were going through? her parents didn't have the benefit of seeing them live together those last few days before they took that trip. his parents had that. >> emily: that's exactly right. a friend instead. and we know of a patchwork of people, strangers, law enforcement officials who have weighed in that something didn't sit right with them, that they were concerned about her, had conversations with her, female law enforcement officer who said how can you stay with them so i'm sure there's an oddity. >> harris: what could happen legally with these parents, anything? >> emily: this is what most excites me because let's be honest, i hope you died a super slow, agonizing, painful death, but the parents have culpability let me tell you about this loss of a crime called accessory after the fact. you access, relieve, comfort, or aid someone who has committed a
9:20 am
crime in the u.s., they could face up to 16 years in prison. here's the rub, he hasn't actually been charged and now he's dead. >> harris: on the feds naming him not a person of interest, but escalating that to a murder suspect, that won't matter because there were no charges. >> emily: it matters if they knew an offense against the united states was committed for it so is some culpability. >> kayleigh: i was really perturbed to hear some comments from the laundrie family attorney, came out on tv and said he was angry about the questions that tyrus just raised, how did this body get found, fair question he's angry about that. you have a right to be angry, the family of gabby petito, not the lawyer of brian laundrie. he says for some unknown reason, there are some people outside of their home yelling. people are outside of the home
9:21 am
yelling because they didn't answer the phone when they called for days. they took him on a camping trip when he showed up without his girlfriend. he went missing and then waited for days to report it. that's why people are in your yard and the lawyer simply said we don't have comment at their point, just too much pain. >> harris: anything? i heard you take a deep breath. >> emily: and the collective conscience, we feel he is gone, where is the justice, there is going to be reckoning with the parents. people are putting all of their energy because they want someone to pay for this in some way. >> harris: we will cover the news and the facts as they unfold from the very beginning. we don't know what they will be but we will be right there to cover them. the white house sends out real-time clarification of what the president of the united states was saying. they were fact-checking him in a cnn town hall last night where he called on unvaccinated police officers to be fired and
9:22 am
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9:27 am
their lives in a split second should lose their jobs if they refuse to give, get vaccinated. he went on to a mock americans. >> those who make this a political problem, i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on, freedom. >> kayleigh: i believe this is an anti-police president. he was pro-police, he would've quelled the defund the police movement and his party and instead he basically enabled it, stayed silent on the matter for a while and now it's not defund the police, it's drain the police with this orwellian vaccine mandate. >> tyrus: to be fair, there was football on last night and there was also the season started, so i was going to say i didn't give it attention.
9:28 am
unfortunately, it was very similar to when i watched my red sox in the playoffs, watch them lose by ten runs, there was a lot of this and you almost feel sorry for the president as he struggles to answer and then you realize this is where we are at right now. he spoke to his best ability what he really thought and we have defunded the police, we've lost a lot of good police men and women to early retirements to just basically moving onto other things had now if there was ever a job where taking your home life into your own hands and making decisions for what's best for you, i think police officers, nurses, doctors should be allowed to make their own decisions. the idea to make it sound like it's patriotic to fire someone who wants to take their own chances i think is about as un-american as it gets but to be honest with you even watching
9:29 am
some of that at some point if you watch anderson cooper, he is trying to mouth the words to finish the sentence for the president. i'm not making it up, watch it and i don't like bashing the president of the united states, any president of the united states but the best way i can describe it was painful and he's really out of touch with the american people. i'm sure his woke administration is very proud of themselves undermining our president literally after he speaks to clarify because he wasn't clear enough so i think we've probably seen the last of the town halls, most certainly won't see it on different networks but it didn't help him at all with anyone who was on the fence. you love the president, it was more of the same but if you are looking for answers last night, you are better served watching the football game for the basketball game. >> emily: it was an evening full of whoppers, full of lies
9:30 am
because we fact-checked it here at fox and we can't find any evidence of president biden having gone to the border so why did he tell us this? >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before. i guess i should go down but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and whether in traveling around the world but -- my wife jill has been down on both sides of the river, seeing the circumstances they are. >> kayleigh: joe doesn't have time but he's going to delaware at 8:00 p.m. this evening for a vacation, may be diverted to the border. >> harris: i felt last night was particularly fast and it seemed like anderson cooper was
9:31 am
put in a friendship role of trying to finish his sentences. at one point talking about defund the police, the president couldn't even get out his own words about it and anderson cooper said you've been saying you don't want to defund the police for quite some time. you actually had to throw him a talking point bone. and i guess you could call it a question, i didn't hear the inflection there but what's particularly sad is that these issues are so tremendously important for all of us including the people that he says he loves. not everybody that joe biden knows lives in the white house. how do we know? because he keeps going to delaware. somebody he cares about lives outside the beltway and no doubt they are having at least some of the ramifications of having a supply chain crisis, right? i know everybody thinks of the treadmill in but that's what we
9:32 am
are all waiting for, some are waiting for her feminine products and diapers an end all sorts of things but he does not live in the real world. so then the question becomes is he listening and can he apply what he is hearing and learning to real life? we are not seeing that. >> kayleigh: he is not listening to one of former aides texted me. "oh, my goodness, they are in fact-checking joe biden in real time." so the principal assistant press secretary under president trump we did this "the staff was busy fact-checking in real time. staff issued clarifications on a range of remarks including on the supply chain crisis to raising taxes and even taiwan. my favorite part was the comedy of that earnest hardworking reporters which weed out something like you are seeing here, president biden says he
9:33 am
was absolutely consider deploying the national guard to help with supply chain issues and then cut to so white house official emails made this requesting the national guard at the state level and we are not actively pursuing the use of a national, this happened like 60 times, it's hysterical except it's not a laughing matter that our commander-in-chief and president of the united states his this derelict with everything he says almost like he doesn't realize that he is the president. let me get morgan in here really quick. you run a press shop as well. we having a clean up that mike pompeo said? ely said things perfect. >> morgan: only had to do that once when we were overseas and it was one of the more tense conversations i ever had. i've been meaning to write an op-ed around this so i'm just going to sing it here, this president and his entire administration lack empathy. they don't stand up for the men
9:34 am
and women that protect this country whether you are talking about first responders, cops, or even the border police with the fake crisis last month, there is a lack of empathy for anyone a derisive attitude and that lack of empathy in my opinion permeates all the policy decisions foreign and domestic. >> kayleigh: no doubt about it, we've learned that pretty well by now. coming up, planning on going to a school board meeting? some democrats think that makes you some kind of villain. who is behind the latest attack on parents concerned about their kids education? veteran homeowners, with mortgage rate near record lows and home values at record highs now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off your high rate debt.
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9:39 am
parents demanding answers at school board meetings after the national school board association asked the fbi to investigate against those parents as potential domestic terrorist. the official twitter account tweeted this out. it's a cartoon. his shows a woman encountering a group of famous horror movie killers like penny wise the clown, freddy krueger and jason voorhees and asked them going trick-or-treating? they reply going to a school board meeting. kayleigh mcenany. >> kayleigh: you can't help but feel like the democrat party is playing a very weird game of russian roulette now and by that i mean i talked about biden being anti-police, they are becoming the anti-parent party. >> harris: did they not have parents who are democrats? >> kayleigh: this is their twitter feed. this comes after terry mcauliffe said parents have no role in their kids
9:40 am
education, comes after we've learned -- sorry about that, technical difficulty there. comes after we see a poll for the first time monmouth has the republican one up on the issue of education. that doesn't happen for republican candidates for this will not work well for the democrats. >> harris: virginia is an interesting litmus test for what democrats are looking at now getting ready to do his lap around the state and the tour bus and that's always a sign, congressman bigs from arizona and i talked last hour. he's doing well seeing an opportunity in that space. what's your take on this? to matt once again pushes the narrative the most dangerous person in the neighborhood is that people hearing the american flag. it's the person who dares to question the control and the blind brainwashing that exists
9:41 am
out of the left and these unions that somehow they are able to vilify these guys and call them monsters for daring to participate in the process of their kids education, absolutely ludicrous. >> harris: tyrus? >> tyrus: first of all, let me put a button on the whole biden town hall thing real quick, if he was a fighter, they would have stopped it. that's where we are at. >> harris: and you would know with your wrestling belt on your shoulder. >> tyrus: heavyweight champion, yes, i would know this. as a parent and as a former teacher, i cannot think a better group to motivate if you are running for governor then middle-class families. moms and dads, the ones who print off the papers and knock on the door, be outside the courthouse so this group you are mocking and making fun of and being completely out of touch with is probably the most dangerous group in terms of running for office. you want to know why he is up one point? he is going to win this election
9:42 am
because you have attacked two things that most middle-class families depend upon. a strong police force in education for their children in both those things you mocked and made fun of and secretly push the bernie sanders socialist progressive agenda on the american people and that's not what they signed up for. >> harris: i would add they've underestimated the fact that people really want to be able to count on something when they go to work every day and they come home that they can still buy the basics. >> tyrus: parents voices matter and you meet them at the table when it comes to their kids education. >> morgan: i just keep staring at the heavyweight belt. i'm going to wear a tra next time i'm on the view. >> tyrus: if you want to, go ahead. >> harris: do you have one? with got time for that. >> morgan: in 2002, 30 pounds ago in 20 years ago. as a parent, i know a lot of us
9:43 am
are on this panel, i have no interest in the state taking complete control over my child's education. public school can be great, my parents were incredibly involved in my public school education. my daughter is 11 months old now and then putting her in little gymnastics music classes planned probably worried about what he's doing and that's because parents care about their children, we want to be involved and if you run against that, you're going to run into a lot of mean, tough mamas. one mcintyre is hit the nail on the head. you wake up the parents, you've awakened a giant. up next, is meghan markle overstepping her boundaries, does she have any? by some republicans say the royal family should take away her royal title altogether.
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9:48 am
energy prices jeopardized democrats come the midterm elections? he will join us live. plus, karl rove top of the hour on history on the ballot in virginia and alec baldwin releases a brand-new statement just moments ago after accidentally shooting and killing someone on his movie set. big two hours coming up, join john and me as america reports friday edition top of the hour. >> emily: we bring a fox news alert you now, the supreme court of the united states has agreed to hear a challenge to the legality of the texas law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. the justices have agreed to hear about the private parties and the doj challenge to the bill that bans most abortions after six weeks. they will be held november 1st and it's important to note that the law will not be blocked in the interim. the justices said they friday they would decide whether the federal government has the right to sue over the law because the argument here was that the biden
9:49 am
administration tried to sue texas to stop the law. texas argued that you don't have jurisdiction here and part of the questioning is whether this opens the door to revisit roe v. wade and prior decisions i could have an impact on the legality of abortion in the federal sector so this is vastly important, when the supreme court of the united states agrees to take n here the private parties and doj's challenge to the texas law banning abortions after six weeks that is going life and we will bring it all to you as they occur especially those oral arguments on november 1st. >> kayleigh: morgan wanted to wear a tiara and we don't have that, we do have megan with a tiara. some republicans have a message for meghan markle, to acting and stay out of politics. g.o.p. lawmakers went so far as to call on the royal family to outstrip the duchess of her title after meghan markle wrote a letter to nancy pelosi advocating for paid family
9:50 am
leave. that's raising a new questions about her possible political ambitions. she and husband prince harry have become increasingly vocal about politics and have been called out for their hypocrisy. i went on the monarchy's web site, says the head of state, the queen has to remain strictly neutral with respect to politics, we have megan, we also have this little beauty from harry. >> i don't want to start going down that commits a huge subject and when i don't understand what you can find a loophole in anything, laws are created to protect people, right? that's how i see it. i also want to say about the first amendment as i sort of understand it, it is bonkers. >> kayleigh: first amendment is bonkers. >> morgan: that's why we fought a little more so we didn't have to hear what he and his family thinks so he can stuff it. i'm going to take a little different approach than you guys
9:51 am
think. i think i really get annoyed when men tell women and even if they were republican lawmakers to stop talking or not have an opinion. she can say whatever she wants. she is an american even though i think she is still an american. they live here, so she can have an opinion, i may disagree with it or agree with it but we can't really tell the royal family that they should strip titles. it's not our country, right? it's not any of our business. we fought a whole war for it not to be our business. >> kayleigh: as she writes this letter to chuck and nancy, she advocates for paid family leave but says i grew up on the $4.99 salad bar at sizzler but what i remember was the feeling. i know how hard my parents work to afford this because eating out was something special and i felt lucky, keep in mind she went to private school from kindergarten and on. >> harris: i'm not going to
9:52 am
pass any judgment on what meghan markle eight when she was little. >> kayleigh: i ate at the pizza bar. it was great. >> harris: every time he opens his mouth, it convinces me that all men marry up. i guess that's why because what he said doesn't make any sense. i don't know what he was talking about, the first amendment. it's because we have it that we are actually listening to you, harry. on our side of the pond. i would also say this, how does this woman continue to get the kind of access she has? anybody can write a letter and everything but then the whole world, the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader, didn't she get a little meeting over at the united nations too? and what is her skill set for engaging in this way politically? i'm just curious, have lots of questions, i know prince harry
9:53 am
isn't asking them, but i will ask them. and do my people are comparing the way she describes her upbringing but she went to a private school. now she's extremely well off, nothing wrong with eating at the salad bar, i love the pizza bar growing up. i think it's the whole tone deafness that we see coming from this administration. here's a chick who married a prince and now she writes a two-page letter waxing on, babbling and this is what i ate and this is what i did and therefore i beg you, it's like there's no auditing happening, no one says that says let me help you to be effective and refine your own methods. but have a effective way of conveying your message because otherwise it's one more example that she's out of touch and totally ineffective. >> harris: there are lots of people. >> kayleigh: paid leave for federal workers, keep that in mind. more "outnumbered" in just a
9:54 am
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♪ >> you get a text that disappeared over time. a company has created body ink that disappears in 15 months or less. tyrus, this was my idea, my famous business idea. it is for like undercover cops and prison and everything. you get tatted up and it disark peers. this company is billionaires and not me. what say you? >> tyrus: i hate it. >> harris: really? >> tyrus: it goes to the problem we have in this country with accountability. if you get it done, you own it.
9:59 am
when you get a tattoo, you need to think about it and it be important to you. more things for people not to be accountable of. you make a bad decision, it would be nice, you wouldn't see tattoos of exes or the names. if you get your boo's name in temporary ink, that is an argument. >> what about law enforcement undercover? >> i love the undercover -- i have a quick poll, the american flag is under attack. would it last longer on my arm or on the streets of -- >> harris: man. i'm happy about this, just 15 minutes ago, the tattoo of greg gutfeld is gone. >> tyrus: wow. i wouldn't have shared that.
10:00 am
>> morgan, final thought. >> harris: they know i'm kidding. >> morgan: everyone under age of 25 should get the temporary ink, i didn't do it, i know peep they'll do. i will buy shares in the company. >> thanks to everyone. here is "america reports." >> bye, greg. >> sandra: thank you, team. fox news alert to kickoff "america reports" and brand-new hour. one person killed and another wounded on the set of alec baldwin's new movie after the actor fired a prop gun during filming in you new mexico. tragic story, indeed. hello, i'm sandra smith in new york. hi, john. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. director joel, director of photography, hutchins were wounded during a scene for the new western called "rust." hutchins was flown to the hospital and later died. souza was


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