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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 22, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> have a great weekend. >> have a wonderful time with your family and sleeping in but watch "fox & friends." >> dana: president biden's new vaccine mandate causing business groups to panic saying it will further compound the shipping crisis hitting companies where it hurts and right before christmas. good morning, i'm dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." the deadline for federal workers to be fully vaccinated is december 8th. the trade group for ups and fedex says it could further disrupt the supply chain smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season. >> dana: president biden addressed the crisis saying he
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may call in the national guard. >> would you consider the national guard to help with the supply chain issue? >> yes, positively i'll do that. what you have to do is get the ships in and unloaded. >> trace: jackie heinrich live for us on the north lawn. good morning to you. administration already throwing cold water on that idea. >> that's right. white house official shut that down as quickly as it came up telling fox news they are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard to solve the supply chain crisis and also saying requests to use the national guard fall to the states under the purview of governors. not something they're pursuing despite the president's comments. the walk back comes after other high-profile people within the administration caught criticism for down playing the severity of the crisis. jen psaki called it the tragedy of the treadmill and klain had
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his high class problems retweet. the administration has taken steps to work out an agreement between the ports and truckers and distributors the president hasn't taken any action to address price hikes on energy. he admitted there is no near-term answer on gas prices. >> president biden: i must tell you, i don't have a near-term answer. two things i can do. i could go in the petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. there will still be above three bucks. >> that news comes as a trade group like ups and fedex sounded the alarm about the december 8th vaccine mandate saying it could further complicate ply chain issues. they ask to postpone the deadline until 2022. he made no indication he is
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changing course on vaccines. >> president biden: two things that concern me. one are those who just try to make this a political issue. freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on, freedom. number one. number two, the second one is that, you know, the gross misinformation that's out there. >> last night the president also was asked if police officers and emergency responders should be mandated to get vaccines and if they don't if they should be let go or stay home. his answer to that was yes, and yes. trace. >> trace: jackie heinrich live on the north lawn. dana. >> dana: in virginia voters will elect a new governor. education is a prifsh otal issue and a new ad against democrat terry mccauliffe. watch this. >> raising children.
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there are so many roles. cheerleader, teacher, the most important, protector. but terry mccauliffe spent years minimizing the role of parents. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor bill bennett. education is a major issue in this virginia race taking place in a couple of weeks. that might not be the case for this year. this seems like -- i would love your expertise on this -- an issue that could carry into next year's mid-term elections, bill. >> i think so. education is a huge issue in virginia. glen youngkin is going on offense about it. a long time since we've seen republicans do that as you know. and i think this is a very good thing. he has a real shot. i think he is a very good man. but in some ways this is even bigger, you're right, it will carry forward. a couple ways it will carry forward. it is education but it is bigger than education.
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it is bigger than republicans versus democrats. what we're seeing here is a challenge to the authoritarian state. parents in loudon county and elsewhere saying no, you don't have control of our children. we have control of our children. whether we talk about education or vaccines, we are seeing what was predicted in books that were written in the 20th century. brave new world, even something like the hunger games, dystopian, where authoritarian states bear down in a heavy-handed way on the freedom of individuals and citizens. in america we don't stand for it. what you're seeing is that cry of freedom in loudon county, on education but in other contexts as well. you bet it will echo in years going forward. >> trace: good morning. i sat and watched the hearing yesterday with merrick garland happening during this show and i was surprised the united
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states attorney general literally came out and said he took this action about the school boards based on two things. one, the letter from the national school board association and two, news reports. not specific crimes, not data, right? not evidence. he based it on a letter and news reports. were you surprised by that? >> attorney general should have more to go on when he talks about prosecuting people possibly than a letter from the national school board. by the way, this shows the national school board is part of this establishment against which parents are protesting. when i was secretary of education i came up with the term the blob. you guys are too young to remember the movie. >> dana: i remember the blob. >> but the blob consumes everything. the education world national school board association is part of the blob in cahoots with a democrats. big democrat influence and close connection with the biden
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administration. so i'm not surprised but i'm very disappointed that the justice department would take its direction from the very liberal now national school board association. but this is what the fight is about. we're in a hell of a fight. i don't know where my old friend -- he was a friend back then when i was confirmed -- joe biden became such a toy totalitarian. we have some real issues out here at american freedom. that's what is at stake. in virginia and will be next fall as well. you are seeing this all across the country people are saying hell no, we won't go. we aren't going to get vaccinated. we aren't going to put up with critical race theory. you are not going to ask my kid what gender do you want to be today? no ma'am, no, sir. >> dana: a quick thought on this. i don't always love to play the game if trump had done that but in yesterday's hearing when it became clear that the national school board association and the white house had been in
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communication and knew about the letter, assuming communication means they were discussing the possibilities of it, and then it gets sent over to d.o.j. for this decision to say to the f.b.i. look into this. to me that is quite a bit of political interference. >> it's big time political interference but look, teachers unions and the professional education organizations have a very large role in the democrat party. when that convention comes together you'll see 20% of the delegates are part of the education establishment. so they will put the thumb on the scale. if donald trump had done it, it would have been chinese influence or russian influence. >> dana: we might have calls for impeachment. >> we would have. >> dana: bill bennett. >> these are very serious and interesting times. thank you. >> trace: meantime, alec baldwin fatally shoots a
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cinematographer and injures a director after firing a prop gun. the actor just hours before the incident. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live with us here in los angeles. jonathan. >> trace, good morning to you. it was about 2:00 p.m. local time in new mexico when police got this call. >> according to the sheriff's office in sante fe county alec baldwin had fired a prop gun on the set of his new movie rust shooting two people in what a spokesman for the movie described as an accident. 42-year-old woman, the director of photography on the movie was killed. director, who is 48, was injured. the sheriff's statement said quote, this investigation remains open and active. no charges have been filed in regard to this incident. witnesses continue to be
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interviewed by detectives. now the international cinematographer guild released a statement saying in part, quote, we're working to learn more and we support a full investigation into this tragic event. the sante fe, new mexico, newspaper reported that baldwin was seen in tears and not publicly commented. the shooting stirs up memories of a similar tragedy on a movie set when 28-year-old brandon lee, some of the martial arts icon died from a gun mishap on set in 1993. our hearts go out to the family of helenea joel and no one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set, period. a lot of questions remain in the baldwin incident. was the gun loaded with blanks, bullets? or were the victims simply
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struck by shrapnel and how did this happen? was it an uncontrolled misfire? was there horse play with the gun before it was fired? all of these will have huge implications for what happens next and what kind of legal jeopardy alec baldwin will find himself in. >> trace: i remember there was an actor but put a fake gun to his head. it was a blank but still had enough strength to kill him. >> if that was loaded with blanks, you have to be really, really close when you fire it to somebody for it to actually do this kind of damage and actually kill someone. there are a lot of questions what was going on with that gun. >> dana: i thought i would jump in. i heard on npr this morning that one of the scenes in the movie they are filming had to do with a rancher being accidentally shot. so there might be additional irony. terrible. i imagine what it would be like for the mom and dad of the young cinematographer to get
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that call. unthinkable. thanks for your reporting. >> trace: thank you. >> dana: lawmakers grilling garland on artwork. >> trace: a possible bombshell revelation of the origins of covid. a stunning admission from the nih that contradicts testimony from fauci. >> dana: with the situation getting worse by the day is it time for biden to witness the border crisis firsthand? >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> president biden: i've been there before. i know it well. i guess i should go down. but the whole point of it is i haven't had a hell of a lot of time to get down. rty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> dana: startling development from the national institute of health to the house oversight committee. the top agency official says the united states helped fund research on bats infected with coronaviruss at a lab in wuhan, china. some critics say it amounts to gain-of-function research. let's check in with jonathan serrie live in atlanta. >> the national institutes of health has ordered one of its grant recipients called ecohealth alliance to submit any unpublished data from experiments the organization helped fund at a laboratory in wuhan, china. lab mice modified to mimic the human immune system became sicker when exposed to a certain virus found in bats than they did when exposed to other bat viruses. the niv says it was an unexpected rilt of the research as opposed to something the researchers set out to do and it was not gain-of-function
6:19 am
research. but senator rand paul says top nih officials including dr. anthony fauci are parsing words. >> he has been sort of kind of going around the subject and he never fully explains why it is not gain of function. i think his explanation is this. it was inadvertent. we didn't know they would gain function. that's what a gain of function experiment is. >> nih explained the bat coronavirus viruses studied under the grant are far distant from sars covid 2 and couldn't possibly have caused the covid-19 pandemic. any claims to the contrary are false. although the research in question is unrelated to covid-19 it raises concerns about operations in general at the wuhan institute of virology. nih director collins says he believes the virus that causes covid-19 developed naturally in animals and eventually spread to humans but he says without
6:20 am
more cooperation from the chinese government, you can't completely rule out the laboratory leak theory. dana. >> dana: unlikely that cooperation is coming. thank you, jonathan. trace. >> trace: attorney general merrick garland faced tough questions on capitol hill on the growing list of issues the justice department is facing including the crisis at the southern border and controversial memo directing the feds to help address threats against educators. he also faced questions on hunter biden's art sales which led to this exchange with congressman ken buck. watch. >> will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? >> i'm not able to respond to questions about investigations of the former president or of anyone else. i'm not able to discuss any investigations pending or. >> you work for the department of justice for 15 years and are you allowed to tell us whether you will appoint a special counsel. you may not tell us whether you are investigating or not
6:21 am
investigating a particular matter but you are allowed to tell us whether you will appoint a special counsel and that's my question. >> we'll be taking it under advisement. >> trace: congressman buck joins us now. good morning. i saw your art show yesterday and found it very compelling. i talked to an art dealing 6 months ago he said if this guy's name was hunter jones instead of hunter biden his art would sell for $75 or a couple hundred bucks. the fact he could get $500,000, $750,000 the same as a monet would make the feds and media curious. >> i was stunned the attorney general said he just received my letter or just was asked this question. this has been going on for years with hunter biden. he was corrupt during his father's tenure as vice president. receiving $50,000 a month from an energy company in ukraine when he had no energy background.
6:22 am
an association with the china central bank not because he is a banker or has any idea of what's going on in the private equity world but rather because of his dad's work as the vice president. now he is selling art for $500,000 when the reality is the only reason he is able to do that his dad is president. we don't know who is buying the art or what favors they receive from the bind administration. >> that's the key part. we don't know who is buying the art. jonathan turley wrote the following. hoo dini made an elephant disappear. the bidens made a circus disappear in front of an audience of millions. is sheer size and audacity contributed to the trick. the bidens made a full size scandal disappear with the help of media members who did not want the public to see it. you add to that big tech involved in this and when jonathan turley says there is
6:23 am
ample reason for a special counsel he has a very good point. >> it is an excellent point and the real problem here is that the biden administration has a conflict of interest in examining the activities of the son of the president. and for that reason the department of justice should do the right thing. i worked at the department of justice. i know that almost all of the people at the department of justice are great, hard working people who seek justice. this is the way to seek justice is a special counsel. >> trace: congressman, you know the department of justice. give us your instinct. do you believe the attorney general has any intention of appointing a special counsel to look into hunter biden's activities? >> i think he is overwhelmed at this point. i don't think he is running the department of justice. he is relying on a lot of people to serve the president and i think he is overwhelmed by what's going on at the white house. so i don't think he is focused on it. i think ultimately he will know
6:24 am
that's the right answer. he was a judge. he was a federal judge. he knows right from wrong. whether he is able to do it is another thing. >> trace: congressman ken buck, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dana: nba's complicated relationship with china. what someone said about china's president xi and how the communist party are firing back. we'll tell you about that. criticism over a new policy that some say would allow the i.r.s. to snoop on american's bank accounts. larry kudlow is up next. >> every single american under audit every year. completely outrageous. i think the american people are going to go berserk over this. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party.
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>> trace: five week long manhunt for brian laundrie has come to an end. the f.b.i. confirm human
6:31 am
remains found at a florida nature preserve this week were laundrie's, dental records used to make that confirmation. steve harrigan outside the preserve the north port, florida. good morning to you. >> good morning, trace. dental records were used because local authorities say what they found those human remains were mostly bones. this body, the remains of brian laundrie, the 23-year-old may have been under water submerged for as long as five weeks. really they had to use dental records to make the i.d. we are getting new information about brian laundrie's last night in his parents home and never to return home again. the parents according to the lawyer said brian laundrie was despondent and questioning whether or not he would kill himself. here is the attorney. >> let's wait for the medical examiner. if they can come up with some other explanation for the cause of death, you know, we're going to accept that.
6:32 am
if not, i guess we'll have to accept that brian did kill himself. >> now laundrie's lawyer and his parents still so far refusing to say anything about what they might know about gabby petito. back to you. >> trace: steve, thank you. >> dana: leading democrats in congress axwrees to raise a proposed i.r.s. tax reporting threshold to $10,000 a year up from the previous proposal of just $600. critics are still slamming the move. the "wall street journal" editorial board with this headline. the $10,000 i.r.s. tax dragnet trsh re wants to snoop on bank accounts to trigger more audits. let's talk to larry kudlow. "washington post" columnist said her headline is the party of tax cheats. basically saying that because republicans don't want to go along with this, that they are advocating for people who cheat
6:33 am
on their taxes. what do you think? >> yeah, sure, we're all a bunch of cheaters. the fact remains a snoop is a snoop is a snoop. so whether it's $600, or $10,000, by the way, the patriot act never provided for this kind of i.r.s. treasury snooping and there is no national security issues here. look, this is measured over the course of a full year, all right? i had a senator on the other night. one of the experts on this. so basically, dana, anybody -- anybody who is earning -- i don't know, $50,000 or $60,000 a year will have the total of the course of the year will have $10,000 in transactions in and out of their bank account. every single american will qualify for this and it has nothing to do with rich people
6:34 am
cheating on their taxes. by the way, the vast, vast, vast majority of rich people play by the rules. there are rotten apples and we already have laws to deal with those rotten apples. this is just one big snoop. a terrible idea and america hates it. america hates this. it may be one of the single most hated provisions in a bill which, you know, save america we have to kill the whole bill. save america, kill the bill. in a bill of a million bad ideas i think this is one of the worst. >> dana: i have the friend who said it is like the worst james bond villain came up with the idea on the democrat side to go after the americans by using the i.r.s.. the i.r.s. is the most unpopular entity in the country. want to ask about the supply chain issues. one of the things president biden did last night at the town hall meeting on cnn. he offered nothing new. he seems to basically
6:35 am
understand that there is a problem but it doesn't feel like there is a sense of urgency and should there be? >> well, there should be a sense of urgency because it is slowing down the economy and it is causing an increase in a variety of prices, not just for rich people. ordinary prices. it is hard to buy a car. they can't unload the semi conductor. car sales have slipped down. two points on this. we learn now with some research it was the long shoreman's union that pressured the local authorities, local government authorities in los angeles and long beach not to go to 24/7 work period. they closed down at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. that's point number one. point number two is also the long shoreman's union that did not want to put in automation. you know, new equipment and new technology that would have more
6:36 am
automation to unpack and transfer whatever is in these various containers. so they are fighting progress. these are union work rules that have made it much harder to unload the containers. and the bidens don't want to cut into that because, you know, they love unions and the unions are 5 or 6 percent of the total workforce and the bidens want to unionize all kinds of things in this terrible budget bill. so some of this could have been solved if they had gone after it many, many months ago. >> dana: one of the things that press secretary points to in february of 2021 they did have a supply chain commission they put together but didn't seem to do anything. it advocated for a lot more green energy things. to the longshoremen union. they didn't want to go to automation and robots because
6:37 am
they were fighting for american jobs. some people think it's worth fighting for. how do we balance that? >> i don't think so. look, throughout history we have learned that new technological developments, including various aspects of automation, create a stronger economy that produces more jobs. and the consumers benefit. now, you can't have a small group of labor unions, in this case one particular union, hold up progress for the entire country. i remember reading years and years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago automation was going to kill the workforce. completely wrong. all this advanced technology we have created adjusting for the temporary pandemic impact we've created tens of millions of new jobs. >> dana: 10 million open jobs now. thank you, great to have you. on all of these important issues and we'll keep paying attention to that.
6:38 am
thank you so much, larry. >> bye, dana. >> trace: as larry was saying companies across the u.s. struggling amid supply chain issues. douglas kennedy visited a packing container company in warwick, rhode island whose owner says he is not sure how the company will survive these latest challenges. douglas joins us live with more on that. good morning to you. >> hey, trace, running a business usually means having something to sell. unfortunately for many, that's now a waiting game. you used to have to wait two weeks, then four weeks and then six weeks. >> now it's 12 weeks. it's crazy. >> this woman is the supply manager for the grimes box company, a small supplier of packing containers in warwick, rhode island. for their materials, they rely on paper and cardboard manufacturing, an industry hit hard by recent supply showdowns. >> small business is under the
6:39 am
gun now. >> brian is the owner of the company, his father founded it in 1931. 90 years later he can't help but wonder how he and his 14 employees can survive. recent supply chain problems. >> you have had four major price increases since december. >> that's right. the big guys control the marketplace. you don't pay, you don't get. you are out of business. >> it is not just paper. retail and construction are also feeling the pain. according to the national federation of independent business, half of small business owners report that supply chain disruptions are having a significant impact on their business. >> obviously a lot of this started with factory closures due to covid. >> yeah, the disruption like that can have a cascading effect throughout the supply chain. >> a professor of supply chain economics in new york city says the cascading effect has led to
6:40 am
a low supply of shipping containers and overstressed trucking industry. she sees no end in sight for the little guy. >> businesses have to wait because the delays will persist. and it is going to be tough to compete with the big companies but small businesses just have to -- >> something tells me you won't wait for this to resolve itself. >> absolutely not. my customers and their customers can't wait. we have to get the boxes to our customers. >> all of which requires more calls, more work, and more money. the new normal for today's small business. that's it from here. back to you, trace and dana. >> trace: douglas, thank you. >> dana: more details emerging about the suspect in an alleged rape aboard a philadelphia passenger train. authorities say the man was in the u.s. illegally for nearly six years. we'll examine why he was able
6:41 am
to avoid departation for so long.
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>> trace: prosecutors in philadelphia say charges are unlikely for the train passengers who stood by while a woman was allegedly raped by an illegal immigrant. the suspect has been in the u.s. illegally since 2015 and has previously been charged with a sex crime. we have a philadelphia talk radio host. i live in the nation's biggest sanctuary state. everybody remembers the kate steinle story killed by an immigrant with a long record. even liberals say at some point the far left prosecutors have got to take action against these illegal immigrants who commit crime after crime after crime with zero consequences.
6:47 am
your thoughts. >> that's right, trace. the most alarming thing about this particular story is this guy was already detained, as you noted, back in 2017 i believe for 120 days for sexual assault no less in washington, d.c. he was released. an immigration judge determined it wasn't that big a deal. not serious enough to deport him, let him go after putting him on probation where he raped or assaulted again here in philadelphia. and the police even if they wanted to do something are powerless to do anything about it. trump's ice during his administration actually took out billboards in the city of philadelphia telling people that people like this man philadelphia are told not to work the federal officials to make sure they don't repeat offend. >> dana: when we watched the situation at the southern border, every week one of our reporters gets the numbers and they look and think okay, last
6:48 am
night three people who had already been convicted of sexual assault tried to come into the country illegally and caught. you think of the hundreds of thousands of gotaways this year along how many other sexual offenders are in that group but i want to ask you about the other part of the story so disturbing from start to finish and that was that people on the train, filmed it, did not try to stop it and it goes on for 40 minutes. what is the reaction in the city to that news? >> i'll tell you, my callers anyway. it is easy for all of us to say what we would do in that situation. my callers to my radio show were all disgusted and horrified. i don't know if it's symptomatic of a country losing its conscious or social media culture where everybody wants to get clicks on a video. the prosecutor is saying no one will get into any trouble if they help us.
6:49 am
i don't think there are many people that want to be helpful now because they are afraid of either prosecution or public shaming, which they deserve. it is unconscionable to think that for a train ride to continue on while a woman is being assaulted and it took an officer boarding at a stop and watching it happening. the officer saw it in progress. he got involved but others didn't while they pulled out their cell phone. there is no human explanation for why. >> trace: i'll go you one better and expound if you want to. the train made 27 stops during this rape. and people were putting their phones up and they used the surveillance video camera to go back and see if anybody was trying to call 911. not only did they not intercede in this thing nobody tried to call 911, which is the most astounding part of this whole thing. >> i'm so conflicted about it, guys. it is a terrible tragedy and
6:50 am
the soullessness of the people not getting involved breaks your heart and makes you angry. if you hit rewind you think to yourself why is this man allowed in the country to rape a woman, assault someone sexually again? in a country that doesn't seem to want to adhere to its own laws the fact that the man was allowed on a train to rape this woman makes me sick. the fact that people sat and watched it is another disgusting part of this story. >> dana: a great point. if you want to help protect american citizens and the women of america and also you want to help police officers it's a great way to do that. deport the people committing crimes that should be easy to do. thanks, chris. >> right. thanks so much. >> dana: ports facing record backlog and the problems keep piling up. we'll talk to a marine veteran who stopped a gas station from
6:51 am
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>> dana: get this, an attempted gas station hold-up not going as planned thanks to my next guest. marine who fought off a group of armed robbers in arizona and joins me now. great to have you. i thought this video popping up on video over and over again and couldn't stop watching it. tell us what happened as we show folks at home. >> well, i was sitting there -- standing against the counter talking with everett, the clerk. i'm there pretty regularly so i knew him fairly well. we were talking about how we needed to not be a gas station
6:57 am
clerk anymore and needed to come work out with me over in the proving grounds. then i turn around to go leave and walk out and as i'm turning around i hear the door kind of open real aggressively and at that point my senses tinge ld a little bit and i looked over and saw one person with a gun and they started yelling open the register. kind of did a quick sweep, saw two other guys without no other weapons and decided that's the guy i'll hit. >> dana: you grab the gun which is brave and part of your training as a marine. what was in the bag? what was in the bag you hit him with? >> two gator aids, two energy
6:58 am
drinks and a snack. i didn't even know the bag was -- i didn't know the bag was still attached to my body at that point. completely unaware. i was going to take control of his head and the gun at the same time and the bag just happened to be heavy and attached to me and smashed him right in the face. >> dana: what did your friend everett say? >> he ended up jumping over the counter and chasing to see where the other guys went around the corner when they ran out. he was a little worked up about it but definitely an exciting start to the day -- for him end of the day. he is the night guy. >> dana: he has to be glad you are one of the regular customers and there at the time. maybe a word about your military service and the training that you have that will serve you well and the rest of us for the rest of your life. >> the military training, i
6:59 am
mean, there was a quote going around about it's a little misleading that is two things i said put together but the military training helped a little bit. a little bit with the muscle memory but most of it was just being prepared. i take my personal safety and the safety of others around me pretty seriously on a regular basis. so just being in the right mindset of if this happened. once they happened it was -- i was mentally prepared. did what had to be done. >> dana: we wish you had been on that philadelphia train. if anybody sees james out there buy an energy drink, monster is your preferred or a beer if you want one. >> i'll take a beer, please. >> dana: i would love to buy
7:00 am
you one on me in yuma, arizona. thank you so much, james. >> remember epstein didn't kill himself. >> dana: very clever. trace, he is amazing. imagine if he had been on the train. i think it would have turned out differently. >> trace: you were talking to him in the break saying great to have you the show and talking about the philadelphia event. he said if i had been on that train things would have been a little different. >> dana: great to meet him and wonderful to have him on the show. supply chain crunch getting worse by the day. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. bill hemmer is off today. good morning, trace. >> trace: good morning again and good morning i'm trace gallagher. massive backup and pent-up demand. crisis straining every link of the supply chain from storage space, railroads, trucking, congestion at major ports where a record number of container
7:01 am
ships are stuck wanting to unload everything americans are waiting for. >> dana: fox team coverage. hillary vaughn at the white house, chris wallace with analysis and william la jeunesse is getting us started in los angeles at the port. maybe you're in the water. >> almost, dana. have you ever been to a wal-mart or a home depot and wondered how did all this stuff get here? well, this is how. but when there is a kink in the supply chain, it is a mess. take a look. right now we're in san pedro bay. it is a parking lot. three miles off the port of l.a. and it has never been this crowded. there are 109 ships waiting to come into port. these guys are at anchor but there is another 55 that are up the coast malibu, down to san clemente. no parking space here. how big is a typical container ship? it will carry 25,000 pounds.
7:02 am
a small car weighs -- tons. small car weighs one ton. imagine you go to game day, 25,000 cars, that's how much one will carry. so 10 days ago president biden said he had some good news that he was going to speed things up. that was news to these guys, these truckers we're talking to. they're saying going 24/7 at the ports is not solving their problems. >> the ports are already open for two shifts. so you already have basically 10 hours on both shifts so the extra four or five hours that the ports are being open are not -- i can't return an empty in that extra time that they're doing here. they are only allowing containers to go out that are already on wheels. that's my whole problem. i don't have a chassis to bring in. >> as a truck driver, they don't organize themselves the way to do it. they need better organization in the ports. >> so it's a little like
7:03 am
dominoes, right? if it doesn't work here a lot of problems down the line. supply, price, imagine trying to sell artificial christmas trees, right? if they show up in january it doesn't do any good. insurance broker told us the claims are already piling up. >> the impact is widespread and the spoilage that is occurring is where people are and companies are losing money because they aren't able to get product on the shelves in customers' hands. >> the bottom line is, dana, this supply chain when it is not working container ships -- when the ports aren't working this is what we have right now. >> dana: logistics is interesting to me. i love you are out there figuring it out for us. thank you so much. >> trace: meantime president
7:04 am
biden says he does not have an immediate solution to skyrocketing gas prices and that americans could be feeling the pain at the pump for months. >> president biden: my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by going into the winter -- excuse me into next year in 2022. i must tell you, i don't have a near-term answer. >> trace: the average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.37. up more than $1.20 from a year ago. prices in one california town surging to more than double the national average reaching $7.59. fox business network hillary vaughn at the white house with more. >> good morning. the president says he knows people are feeling the pain at the pump but there is only a few things he can do about it and even still it is not going to do much to really bring the
7:05 am
price down. >> president biden: there are two things i could do. go into the petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. it will still be above 3 bucks. it will be hard. a possibility to be able to bring it down. >> the white house says they're working to move gas around the u.s. to address fuel shortages and cracking down on price gauging at the pump and pushing opec to pump up supply. gas prices are sitting seven year highs and inflation is high, too. i asked the white house why they are saying the president is making progress on the economy when it doesn't feel like it for many. >> what do you say to people who are looking at their budget and they are saying this doesn't feel like progress under president biden. it feels like a pay cut. >> let me first say this. i said it earlier. the president knows how even a small price increase really can squeeze too many families.
7:06 am
it's something he is aware of. >> it is not just expensive to fuel up, it will be expensive to heat up. the president also said last night he knows it could be a very cold winter for some. for people who use natural gas to heat their home it will cost them 30% more to heat up during the holidays. trace. >> trace: cold and expensive. thanks. >> dana: democrats trying to strike a deal before the massive spending deal. house speaker nancy pelosi claims her party is, quote, rounding the turn but moderate senator joe manchin says he doesn't expect a deal any time soon. here is what biden said last night. >> president biden: no, i don't think we'll be able to get -- look, when the united states senate and you are the president of the united states and you have 50 democrats, every one is a president. [laughter] every single one. so you have to work things out. >> dana: let's bring in chris
7:07 am
wallace host of "fox news sunday". a lot of movement this week trying to get a deal done. some democrats are very frustrated with the president and feel like they haven't pushed hard enough and looks like they'll have to take a haircut on all the different issues they wanted to get passed. kyrsten sinema said no to higher tax rates. senator manchin is fighting with bernie sanders but they project this confidence. how do you see it, chris? >> well, they aren't going to have a deal this weekend or even a framework this weekend and i doubt they will next week. self-imposed deadline of october 31. i think they are making progress on the spending side of this. they've come down from 3 1/2 trillion to closer to 2 trillion. still an enormous amount of money but less and there seems to be growing consensus that things they will have to eliminate entirely like the community colleges, free community college and things they will cut back like child
7:08 am
tax credit from 8 or 10 years to 1 or 2 years. a lot of people don't like it but seem to be accepting it. the big new wrinkle is on the pay side. how they will pay for it. we learned this week that kyrsten sinema is against the things that joe biden has been talking about for months raising the tax rate, top tax rate on the wealthy, raising the corporate tax rate maybe from 21 to 25%. that's the way joe biden has been saying they'll pay for this for months and we hear it may be out. talk about they won't tax the wealthy, they'll tax the super wealthy billionaires and maybe not corporate taxes but corporations buy back their own stock there will be a transaction tax. that's all very complicated stuff and the ways and means committee in the house hadn't even begun working on that. you can't just put that together in a couple of days. >> trace: i want to go back to the supply chain thing if i can and get your take on this quickly. last night the president was asked if he would consider using national guard troops to drive trucks and he said yes.
7:09 am
of course, the white house kind of walked that back saying well it's up to the governors, not the president. it is not really the president got that wrong he said he was in the process of doing that. it seems like this president, this white house has kind of a habit of saying they're in the process of doing something and that's absolutely not true. so what is your take on that last night? >> i think you bring up a very good point, which is it is not just the solution to this problem, there is the question of people's confidence that when the president says something that it is going to happen or that he understands how it is going to happen. when he starts talking about things. for instance, think of inflation, you saw the exchange with hillary vaughn. how many weeks did the white house talk about well, it's transitory? now you hear the president say i don't have a plan to get down fuel rates and heating and oil rates until 2022. you know, as you said expensive
7:10 am
and cold is a bad combination to proceed towards an election. there is a real question of confidence that when the president says something it is going to happen. one, as you point out with the idea of bringing national guard in as truckers, one, he doesn't have the power to do it. it's up to governors in their own states and two think of a national guardsman in an office and you put him in the cab of an 18 wheeler rig and say take that down the highway? that won't work out very well. it just is stuff that doesn't hold up to scrutiny. >> dana: one last thing last night when the president said that he would consider for some issues basically busting the filibuster and again some democrats wanted him to do that from the beginning why are you talking about that now? we don't have time to get that done and he campaigned saying he wasn't for that. >> he campaigned a little bit kind of -- he was ducking the issue that he had reservations
7:11 am
about it. but as he points out, when he says well, we could do it maybe for the debt celg. maybe do it for voting rights and very more but says i might lose three votes if i did it. three democrats are against it. we know manchin and sinema are against it and there are more than another one who are against it. again you ask yourself why is he saying this stuff? it seems no real possibility that it is actually going the happen. >> dana: i bet you will clear it up for us on sunday. what's coming up? >> the big issue is will they make progress on the tax and spending bill and if they can get enough progress on that can they pass the infrastructure bill? we'll talk about that. i can't say i'll clear it up. i don't know if there is anything to be clear on "fox news sunday". >> dana: thank you so much. have a good weekend until then. >> i hope then, too. >> dana: of course. >> trace: tragedy on a movie set. alec baldwin involved in a
7:12 am
fatal prop gun shooting in new mexico leaving one person dead, another injured. we'll have reaction from hollywood on that. >> dana: authorities confirming they found the remains of brian laundrie in a florida nature reserve. he was the sole person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. now attention is shifting to his parents. could they possibly face charges in the case? >> there is not going to be justice for gabby. this will never be in a court of law and we will never know exactly what happened to her. >> trace: president biden taking heat for not going to the southern border to see the humanitarian crisis firsthand. a live report from the border when we come back. g liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> dana: authorities confirming they have charged robert durst in the death of his former wife. police filed the charges in
7:18 am
suburban new york. his wife disappeared in 1982. body never found. the real estate heir is serving life in prison for murdering a friend. that friend helped him cover up his wife's murder. he is currently hospitalized on a ventilator with covid. >> trace: the hunt for brian laundrie is over. remains found in a swamp on wednesday are those of him. the focus shifting to his parents searching with authorities when his remains were found. the laundrie family attorney says they had notified investigators about that area of the reserve when brian first went missing. >> we gave them all the information that we believed was relevant to the areas that brian would normally hike. chris had looked there two or three days prior but it was
7:19 am
flooded. when that water receded more things were accessible. so the f.b.i. probably having looked deeper into the reserve never got back to that area to search again. >> trace: joining me now is the co-host of in pursuit with john walshe. breaking news in all this now is that now we're getting information the parents actually knew their son, parents of brian laundrie, knew he was despondent and they feared he was going to commit suicide when he went into that preserve and my question is how come authorities didn't know this and how come we didn't know this and the petito family did not know this? >> i don't think the laundries have been forthcoming with information that made sense. we know what the lawyer is saying to the public and what the lawyer is not saying to the public. he has been not a great --
7:20 am
maybe untrustworthy narrator in this story. the fact they say we knew brian was going to hurt himself that wasn't clear from the beginning. their timeline changed over the course of this including they said they told law enforcement to search this area and all of a sudden they come out and say now they can find him. is that true? do we know they told law enforcement to search that exact area? there were tons of resources poured into the area. i find it very coincidental the first day the parents join the search they happen to find brian's remains. >> trace: i want to know what changed. yesterday they find the remains, a couple of days ago they find the remains and suddenly brian laundrie is the key suspect and wanted for murder. you haven't identified the remains and what was in the notebook? was there a suicide note or confession? what is happening in this?
7:21 am
is the petito family being kept up to speed in all this? the answer is probably no. >> you are absolutely right. there is no reason that law enforcement has to share with information with the petito family. it would be a courtesy if they kept them in the loop to a certain degree. it's not a guarantee. we don't know what was in brian's backpack. we do know that gabby was killed by strangulation. we won't have a smoking gun if you will or a knife in the backpack, a murder weapon likely. but could there be a confession? we know brian had a diary. it was recovered. it does have water damage. we'll see how much they can recover from the diary and if there is a confession in there. that would be great. bottom line is the manhunt is over and the guy who is allegedly the killer of gabby petito can no longer hurt anybody and i think the petito family is taking solace in that. >> if you are the petito family what is the one thing you want
7:22 am
to ask brian's parents and his sister. they didn't ask about where gabby was the preposterous on its face. what's the thing you want to know more than anything from that parents? >> i think there are a lot of answers we need from the parents especially what was brian like when he first returned? did you ask him where gabby was? when he got home and returned in that van without his fiance, wasn't your first question hey, where is gabby? if it wasn't, why not? if it was, what was brian's answer? what was brian saying? how was he acting? did he confess to his parents he had killed gabby? did he say they had just split up? the problem was the petitos have been asking the laundries a lot of these questions before gabby was even reported missing. the laundries refused to answer questions and they lawyered up. this is not a good family. they wanted to do the right thing and wanted to find brian because he is a person that
7:23 am
could murder again. this is not a family that is really trying to give back to the public and make sure it's all right. i think they're covering their own. >> trace: they have been very disingenuous and the sister say saw him twice and never asked her brother where is gabby is preposterous. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> dana: president biden trying to explain why he hasn't made a visit to the southern border. this is what he had to say during the town hall last night. >> plans to visit the southern border? >> president biden: i've been there before and i haven't -- i know it well. i guess i should go down but the -- the whole point of it is, i haven't had a hell of a lot of time to get down. >> dana: it is unclear if the president ever traveled to the southern border. peter doocy asked that last
7:24 am
month? >> why hasn't president biden visited the border? >> what do you like him to do and what impact on the policies 1234 >> why doesn't he want to go? >> i don't think it's an issue of wanting to go but what's most constructive as a challenging situation and a broken immigration system. >> trace: meantime adhs sources tell fox news more than 30,000 migrants may be arriving at the border in the next week. the border saw all time record traffic in fiscal year 2021 with more than 1.7 million migrant encounters and don't forget the 300,000 that got away. we're live in la joya, texas, with more this morning. good morning, bill. >> it's been a busy morning and deadly morning here in the rio grande valley beginning with a suspected human smuggling pursuit crash. look at the photos from
7:25 am
mission, texas 15 minutes away from where we are now. texas dps telling us this vehicle was being pursued by a local police department suspected to be filled with illegal immigrants when it rolled over in front of a house and ejected two men killing them both. five others hospitalized. we blurred the bodies in the photographs still on scene there. texas dps telling us they're investigating this as a suspected case of human smuggling. look at this video we shot here one hour ago when we noticed border patrol taking into custody a group of single adults including men wearing camouflage and zip tied together. those are typically the runners trying to get away from law enforcement. no family units, no little kids in that group. different from what we saw yesterday. if we can pull up this third piece of video. this is what we typically see here, the large groups of family units walking down the road after they cross the rio grande looking for border patrol to turn themselves into knowing they'll likely be released into the country with
7:26 am
a future court date. this as a dhs source is telling fox news you can expect upwards of 30,000 migrants to arrive at the border within the next week or so. not just family units. there are criminal elements mixed in. look at this mug shot out of border patrol's tucson sector. agents reporting they arrested this man, he is out of the state of wyoming with a felony conviction for sexual assault out of wyoming out there. back here live to wrap up out here in the rio grande valley on wednesday alone in just a few hours border patrol arrested three gang members including two ms-13 members, one with a homicide conviction out of the state of new york. the other with a homicide conviction out of el salvador. the criminal element still trying to get in. send it back to you. >> trace: commit crimes to come in and commit crimes and don't get kicked out. >> dana: nba in hot water with china after the player's
7:27 am
pointed remarks to beijing. will the league back him up and risk losing billions? president biden plowing forward with his climate agenda. we'll get into that next with alaska senator next. for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. this may look like a regular movie night.
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network, to find out if you can save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> i have a message for xi and your henchmen. i will say again, again and again, loud and clear, i hope you hear me. free tibet, free tibet, free tibet. >> dana: those remarks from the celtics have a major backlash. here is alaska senator dan sullivan. the chinese statement. tibet is part of china. we welcome unbiased friends
7:33 am
upholding -- we will never accept the attacks and smears on tibet's development. tibet -- taiwan that we can talk about but tibet issue is still one. nba once again caught up in this. >> look, here is the key issue, dana. we already know that the chinese communist party stiefls and crushes free speech in china. that's a given. what we need to make sure doesn't happen is the stifling of free speech in america and that's what their goal is. what i always talk to business leaders, i say you need to reject kowtow capitalism. what is that? it's when ceos and business leaders make decisions like stifling speech so they can get access to the market in china. >> dana: linkedin just left china after being accused of that very thing by an american reporter here amongst other issues. also this. last night president biden did
7:34 am
a town hall at cnn and asked about taiwan. let's listen to this and get your take. >> china just tested a hypersonic missile. what will you do to keep up with them militarily and can you vow to protect taiwan? >> president biden: yes and yes. militarily, china, russia, and the rest of the world knows we have the most powerful military in the history of the world. don't worry about whether they will be more powerful. >> dana: this issue about taiwan is reaching not a fever pitch but getting up there. >> i actually think it is important it's out there. taiwan is not some peripheral side show and great power competition. to me it is the front line of tyranny versus freedom similar to west berlin during the height of the cold war against the soviet union in the last century. so what we have in our country
7:35 am
is a history of commitment and resolve with regard to taiwan. 25 years ago as a young infantry officer i deployed with the marines to the taiwan strait when they were threatening to invade the taiwanese on election -- eve of their presidential election. but what the president -- he is saying things that are important but what he is doing in terms of actions is actually weak. right now the president is submitting a defense budget that would cut defense, that would shrink the u.s. navy. to me the actions of what we're doing in terms of keeping a strong military are much more important than the words. that's what the chinese communist party look for, strength. >> dana: the other thing is the issue of strength the economy. we are oef in a little situation now with inflation, gas prices, supply chain problem. look at the gas prices. the question we asked on the fox news poll this week. do you think rising gas prices
7:36 am
are a major problem for the nation? 67% said yes. for families 50%. i know you come from a very strong energy-producing state. i'm sure you would like to produce more energy. this issue of gas prices, also home heating oil, ability to produce and be independent, how high a priority is that for you and for maybe the president? >> in is a huge priority for me. a huge priority for my constituents back home in alaska. dana, here is the issue. from day one -- day one this administration has been focused on shutting down the production of american energy, killing these great american energy jobs. strong arming financial institutions not to invest in american energy, killing pipelines. so the fact that we're seeing this huge spike in energy prices and with winter coming, winter is coming, there is going to be more pain at the pump paying for home heating fuel for americans and the
7:37 am
other thing this is doing is empowering our adversaries. this is a purely homemade problem from the biden administration's self-imposed disarmament on american energy independence. >> dana: he said my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we go into the winter. he said but the next year of 2022. some pain to come. >> pain to come and a lot of the blame -- almost all the blame in terms of energy prices sits squarely on the president's shoulders and policies. >> dana: good to see you. give your daughter our best. thank you, appreciate it. >> trace: democrat terry mccauliffe looking to energize his base doing campaign stops in deep blue parts of the state. youngkin is gaining ground in the final days of the race. we're live in arlington,
7:38 am
virginia with more. >> 11 days to go until election day. democrat terry mccauliffe kicked off his bus tour this morning after slipping in the polls. he is now tied with republican glen youngkin. >> this really is a consequenceall election. we don't need a donald trump is khakis, let me tell you that, folks. this is a real serious election. we need someone who understands how tough this job is. >> president biden is expected to campaign for mccauliffe. kamala harris did last night. glen youngkin is critical of the big names brought in and he is banking on support from newly politically engaged parents. >> we'll raise expectations in our schools and then fund in the largest education budget in the history of virginia. >> this race is being closely
7:39 am
watched as a gauge of voter sentiment ahead of the mid-terms. of course, education has become one of the most talked-about issues of this campaign. trace. >> alex, thank you. >> dana: trace, fatal prop gun shooting involving actor alec baldwin as accidental gunfire kills a crew member on the set of his new movie. could baldwin now face charges? record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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>> dana: actor alec baldwin shooting the head of photography and wounding the director on the set of his new movie after a misfire with a prop gun. the production company telling deadline there was an accident on the new mexico set of rust involving the misfire of a prop gun with blank. production is halted for time being. the safety of cast and crew is a top priority. a full investigation is underway. let's bring in carley shimkus. a terrible tragedy and situation. she has died and the director who was hit was treated and released. >> the investigation has really just begun so we don't know exactly what went wrong but we do know that he was on the set of a movie called rust. which is a western film that takes place in the 1800s. so there are guns. he picks up a prop gun and
7:45 am
winds up accidentally fatally shooting the director of the photography, 42 years old and the director of the movie was injured as well. there are reports after the incident he said repeatedly why was i given a hot gun? which could mean why was i given a gun with live ammunition? and if that's the case, you have to imagine that the prop master or someone on set is going to face serious questions and there could possibly be a wrongful death lawsuit or even criminal charges. but this is a total tragedy and this is something that he is unfortunately going to have to live with. most law enforcement people that i've spoken to today say that he is likely not at fault. somebody hands you what you think is a prop gun and you use it accordingly and something else happens. that's not alec baldwin's fault but a total tragedy. look at his face there. >> dana: i heard on npr that
7:46 am
the movie includes a scene about a rancher accidentally shot. >> wow. >> dana: the other thing is that you had this whole movie production. the questions i would imagine everyone will have to go back and look at protocols. how do you make sure these guns are not going to kill anybody? >> i know. i think when most people that aren't in the movie industry or know a lot about guns, when you hear the phrase prop gun you think it's a fake gun. a lot of movie sets use real guns with blanks, which means it doesn't have the projectile tips. there was a man who pulled a prop gun to his head and wound up dying because the impact fractured his skull. this is so rare but these prop guns do need to be handled with care. >> dana: what he is going
7:47 am
through today as well and her family. i can't imagine getting that phone call. >> her last pose shared a video of her riding a horse saying it was one of the perks. it was one of the perks of the job working on this film is to be able to ride a horse in your free time and also a picture of alec baldwin on her instagram as well. when you are on set of these small kind of movies, you do get to know each other pretty well. i'm sure he is going through it and got to feel bad for everybody involved. >> dana: thank you for giving us the update on that. >> trace: can this case be solved? >> yes, this case can be solved but again, it is hard. >> trace: a case that has baffled detectives in one long island town for decades. the beach murders. we have an exclusive look at new clues that could crack the case. a shortage of school bus drivers, have you heard about
7:48 am
this? threatening the future of school sports. we'll get reaction from one educator next.
7:49 am
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>> harris: a bombshell on the origins of covid. what the n.i.h. is admitting versus what dr. anthony fauci has been telling americans many, many times. cue the dust-up with senator rand paul, remember that? a town hall with a friendly audience on a friendly network. but the president, oh my
7:54 am
goodness. we'll take you through some classic biden blunders. dr. marc siegel, tammy bruce, congressman andy biggs, big hour in "the faulkner focus" next. >> dana: the case baffled investigators. the body of more than 10 victims discovered in a beach town. now the long island serial killer remains elusive. but new technology could lead to answers. laura engel is live in gilgo beach new york. you've covered this for many years. >> that's right. investigative team is digging into the murder mystery for the better part of a year with our cameras rolling to give you an inside look at this investigation. this is known as the long island serial killer case. some people know it as one of the most notorious crimes in the country and it took place right along the shores on long island. we have an exclusive the share with you.
7:55 am
for the first time the district attorney allowed a camera crew inside the crime lab where investigators are now using cutting edge technology, including a system to collect dna from rough objects being used to retest physical evidence that has been preserved for the last 10 years. it's key. nine of the 10 victims whose remains were found along the parkway were sex workers. the killer used burner phones to contact these women and also used a cell phone belonging to one of the victims to make taunting phone calls to a family member. until recently, those calls were very hard to trace. but the d.a. invested in technology to analyze old phone data in this case. >> we are going do look at where cell phone towers picked up signals.
7:56 am
>> one of the advantages of this program is that it is able to read these records that are years old. we can look at them in a way that we were not able to previously. >> police search for one missing escort named shannon gilbert led to the discovery of 10 sets of remains in the thick brush off ocean parkway. we ventured into the thick weeds with the family attorney to get an understanding how difficult for the search for the victims would have been and see the terrain that kept them hidden for so long. while the district attorney can't tell us if they have a suspect right now, they have said that they have identified certain phone numbers of interest in this case and are getting a clearer picture of what took place. we have this all for you on fox nation and fox audio podcast. it all dropped today. >> dana: fascinating. thank you. >> trace: school districts across the country are scrambling to hire bus drivers
7:57 am
amid a nationwide shortage. districts in montana say the situation is so bad it is threatening to cancel school sports. we are talking to an athletic director from billings, montana. how bad is the problem in your area and how close are you to canceling sports? >> well, thank you for having me. we have had to cancel sports in the last couple of years due to a shortage of drivers. we started our fall season in late august. i don't think we've had one week where we haven't had to adjust our schedule because of the driver shortage either because we couldn't provide them for people coming to see us couldn't provide them. an issue affecting our state. >> trace: i know you have had coaches drive some of the smaller buses. what's the remedy, mark? do you have parents drive? what's the next step for your
7:58 am
district? >> we certainly have great parents who will help us do whatever we can. i think that is an option for short-term solution. i do think that we need to look seriously at the rates we pay our drivers for the time and responsibility that they have. the pay is not near enough. i know that the d.o.t. regulations are very strict, which is good. but i think the fact that it takes maybe up to eight weeks sometimes before they can start driving deters some from driving. we're working together across the state to adjust our schedules but it is causing some issues with our schedules. >> trace: is that really the main problem? we'll put up the numbers on the screen national from august 2021. 158,000 drivers look at december 19, 206,000. we talk about losing 50,000 school bus drivers nationwide. do you think it's a pay thing or something else? >> i'm not sure. we would have to ask the bus
7:59 am
companies about that. i do know our company is jefferson lines and they said that they get request after request after request for help and they are working together throughout the country to find solutions. again, i'm not sure what the short term solution is but it is ning when it is impacting the education of our kids. >> trace: look, i hear you. i went to a school where the next closest high school was 50 miles away. bus drivers are everything when it comes to athletics. thanks for coming on and best of luck to you and your district. >> dana: that's interesting. it is happening across the country not just montana. our little before we go. i know that you have a yellow lab, right? >> trace: i do. >> dana: would you ever be this calm if your yellow lab was kissing a whale shark? >> trace: the whale shark are
8:00 am
vegans, i guess if they fell in the shark would carry him around. the dog wants to eat. labs want to eat anything. it doesn't matter if it's a whale shark. >> dana: the late, great jasper loved looking at fish. he probably would have fainted if he saw that one, though. trace, great to have you. thank you for helping us out. >> trace: always good to be with you. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: a bombshell revelation on the origins of covid and what it means for dr. anthony fauci. i'm harris faulkner. the national institute of health acknowledging it did fund experiments at that laboratory in wuhan, china, which critics say show gain-of-function research. an official at the agency describing it as a quote, unquote, limited experiment. this comes despite the repeated and heated denials from dr. fauci. remember this


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