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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 22, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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what is being taught in their kids' schools now there is a deterrent being put in place by the department of justice that, again, make them stop and think i do even want to go this school board meeting? that should never happen in america. and i hope we see a reversal on this. carley: thank you so much for joining us we appreciate. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> attorney general merrick garland in the hot seat. >> we don't need you trampling on the rights of american parents. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border. >> i have been there before. >> has president biden ever visited the southern border. >> what would you like him to do at the southern border? >> if this is the best we have got, we are in deep problem. >> major update in the gabby petino case. >> a comparison of the dental records confirm the human remains found are those of brian laundry. >> newly released letter the nih
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admit it funded gain of function research in wuhan. >> dr. fauci mislead at best and lied to the committee at worst. >> tragedy unfolding on a new mexico movie set. alec baldwin kills and director after firing a prop gun. >> a fly ball to left center field that baby is log gone. and the dodgers now lead it 11-2. what a night. the dodgers are are back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> perfect shot it's friday always have more fun in south florida. steve: have more fun in florida
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every day of the week. ainsley: probably true. good morning, thanks for joining us. brian: thursday is friday in monday. thursday is the party. ainsley: they start the friday. steve: friday is thursday because they went out last night. steve: i'm still waiting for my table at joe's stone crab. ainsley: so good. steve: so good. thank you for joining us on this it is a busy friday. we have terrible news to start with as a fox news alert. the actor, alec baldwin apparently accidently has shot and killed a cinematographer and injured the correct of his new movie after firing a prop gun on a movie set in santa fe, new mexico. ainsley: the actor was apparently seen in tears after that accident. brian: my goodness. carley shimkus joins us live. dee dee tails are stunning and tragic. carley: good morning, guys. police identifying alec baldwin as the one who fired that prop gun that killed director of
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photography jo nia hutchison air lifted where she was pronounced dead. joe salza hospitalized and released it happened on the set of western film rust in new mexico. in a statement russ movie production all filming halted. safety of our crew top priority. alec is a actor in that film. the 63-year-old was seen outside the local sheriff's office visibly distraught and in tears while on the phone. the president of the screen actor's guild issuing a statement morning hutchisons loss reading we are quote devastated by the tragic news. our hearts go out to the family of director of grove. this is still an active investigation. and we do not yet have all the facts. we will continue to work with production and other unions and the authority to investigate
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this incident and to understand how to prevent such things from happening again. so far, steve, ainsley and brian. no charges have been filed. steve: that's right. ainsley: devastating for him and his family. i follow his wife on instagram. thank you so much, carley. carley: you are welcome. ainsley: she posts all these beautiful pictures of their family. they have two new children and you see this hang. the "new york post" has a picture of him. this is a picture he posted just a few hours before there it is right there. see the fake blood on his shirt and coat. he was just tweeting out about back in the office in person. and he said exhausting. a few hours later we know what happened. to see this old western scene supposed to be back in the day and now we have yellow police tape. steve: yeah, it's scary. detectives are investigating what exactly came flying out of the gun. tmz is reporting it was either shrapnel or a bullet struck both the director of photography and the director.
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a criminal investigation apparently is underway. he apparently he alec baldwin was taken and questioned by the police. he was released and not charged. trying to figure out what exactly happened it does remind a lot of people of back in 1993, bruce lee's son brandon was making the movie the crow. and they were using a prop gun and it was the death scene in the movie and he was shot in the back and it was supposed to be just a blank but it turns out there was an actual bullet inside the chamber. ainsley: the family doesn't want guns used at all. steve: that's right. brian: one account says lee was killed when a dummy round got lodged in the barrel of a gun. i'm just wondering i know very little about props. but if you have a dummy round can you get killed by that? is there something to create that sound that news noise, that look that if you point and pull the trigger that you get killed by a blank? ainsley: the cinematographer is
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from the ukraine. she was air lifted and died at the hospital. our hearts and prayers go out to her family and the baldwin family. he was visibly distraught out of the police department and on the set. steve: yeah. and the director is, while injured, is expected to survive. terrible news. throughout the day we will have more on fox. in the meantime, the attorney general was in the hot seat yesterday. this comes at the same time that it was revealed emails from the national school board association revealed that apparently they had been in contact with the white house for a couple of weeks before they sent the letter that asked the president, essentially, they suggested parents who were objecting to masks or crt engaged in a form domestic terrorism and suggested using the patriot act to keep the parents from causing problems, serious problems. then as it turns out. they sent that letter. we have been talking about it
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for the last couple of weeks there were just two people at the national school board association who apparently knew about it and the rest of the board is like what are you doing? we would not have used that kind of language calling in law enforcement and now essentially backfired on them. ainsley: the g.o.p. really questioned him yesterday because he said is the fbi necessary? patriot act calling parents terrorists? because in that original letter that was sent to the president by the school board association, they did say we are asking for resources and the expertise of the department of justice, the fbi, homeland security, secret service, national threat assessment center and then merrick garland, he directed the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office to hold meetings with federal, state and local law enforcement to discuss this disturbing trend they called it. steve: that's disturbing. ainsley: exactly how parents are treating school board members and staff and school administrators. brian: choreographed with the freedom of information act. see how it took place and
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emerged. i'm just torn. i don't know if the attorney general is detached or is he just kept in the dark? is that just his presentation? because he seemed relatively clueless and we know his intellect is high. it seems like at his job, either they keep treating him like the king of england where he doesn't have to make any decisions or he is just playing keeping his cards close to the vest. listen to him yesterday try to answer jim jordan's questions inaccurately by the way? >> march 25th joe biden criticizes the georgia election law the justice department. first joe biden criticizes the law 8 days later the justice department challenges it 8 days later asked the fbi to local school board issues. five days later the department of justice just just that mr. attorney general, it was just a coincidence or any connection mr. attorney general with the school board letter? >> obviously the letter which was public and asked for
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assistance from the justice department, was brought to our attention and it's a relevant factor. >> who gave you the letter? >> i'm sorry? >> who gave you the letter. >> i read about the letter in the news. i certainly would believe that the white house, um, communicated concerns about the letter to the justice department. steve: so there essaying nobody from the white house talked to me but the white house probably did communicate with the department of justice which he said was appropriate. nonetheless, it raises questions whether the white house ordered the attorney general to have the fbi investigate. brian: what do you think? is he being coy? oh the department of justice did this and is he just overseeing this? if something like this matters so much to get the fbi involved in school boards and i think it's important. if the white house calls the justice department i think this is truly important. does he just not know? is he confused about this? did anyone brief him about his testimony? steve: pretty big. brian: this is pretty important. the white house contacts you about getting involved in school boards, which is obviously going to be a public controversy.
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even if you are a supporter of it, and are you really out of it? and did you not get briefed before this briefing today? ainsley: he did ask the fbi to sit down with local officials and discuss the disturbing trend. but then he sent out his memo on october 4th, and he says in that memo if you read at this never use the word patriot act and i never called parents terrorists. steve: that's right. that's the background to what we're about to talk about regarding a new fox news poll. what is extraordinary -- so we asked people, are you concerned about what they teach in the schools? and as it turns out, 63% of democrats are extremely or very concerned about what schools teach. republicans about 20 points higher. you know, that's only of registered voters. apparently not all parents. because you would think that every parents would be very concerned or at least somewhat concerned about what they are teaching in american schools.
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of course, that is the back drop to the protest and that is what got the national school board association writing the letter after the email back and forth talking to the white house. and that's how we got to here. brian: do you know what i think is missing? would you tell me when local law enforcement was overwhelmed by these parents where they need the fbi in for additional help? if the sheriff's office is going yeah, i'm going to these school board meetings, i don't have the manpower or woman power. ainsley: only video parents at the podium telling the school board they don't like what happened or the one man arrested because what happened to his daughter. brian: $55,000 a year working two jobs while two kids go to school and come back with disturbing curriculum. that's what the fbi is focusing on ounce. ainsley: they let rioting r.errings break into stores. brian: up to $900. steve: use the patriot act. essentially using america's
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surveillance apparatus to figure out how these parents are organizing because they are showing up and making us look bad. so that's the chilling part right there. recommendation the fbi did an investigation. comes out the kids are overextended and are upset about wearing masks. ainsley: need the fbi. brian: break down the american family. ainsley: schools pushing political plans. brian: ohing the fbi find out about is it kind of odd that all these english as a second language classes have doubled in size since joe biden has taken over and 1.7 million kids have and adults have influx through our southern border? it's unbelievable what the focus is on. and how i thought merrick garland did not dom play yesterday. america dodged a bullet when he did not come a supreme court justice. he had no answer with it. did you ever consult with ethics official about the fact that your son-in-law and possibly
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your daughter is on panorama as investor or creator making millions of dollars on crt? didn't come up. i'm just investigating parents. excuse me, how could that not come up? he had a nonanswer. how could he be unprepared as the attorney general of the country to answer that? ainsley: 6:12 on the east coast. brian laundrie found dead as the fbi confirms his remains were found in a florida swamp. next a live support with his family's response to rumors they planted evidence at the site. brian: president biden claims he has been on the border despite there is no record he has been on the border. is this a town hall tale? da'da da. ♪ ♪ [narrator] this is steve.
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that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. ♪ steve: 6:17 in the east and a fox news alert. the hunt for florida fugitive brian laundrie is officially over. ainsley: the fbi says dental records confirm his remains were discovered in that swampy area. brian: dried out. that was exposed. steve harrigan joins us live as the laundrie family's lawyers rumors brian's family planted evidence in the swamp. any validity to that? >> brian, that discovery was made on wednesday, about a 30 minute walk in this direction in that marshy area. what was found was bones. he left home five weeks ago. that body depending on when he died could have been exposed to the elements and animals for weeks. the fbi had to use a history of
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dental records to make that identification. now, police had searched this area weeks ago. cadaver dogs though had a tough time doing their job that's because police say much of this area was covered with several feet of water. >> i got to see firsthand the treacherous conditions that they were working on. we are talking about water levels up above almost a chest area. rattlesnakes, moccasins, alligators. >> brian, you mentioned the possible charge that these items, these personal items from brian laundrie could have been planted by the parents. keep in mind the parents did accompany investigators on that search on wednesday. and it was laundrie's father who found the first item. a bag that longed to his son. but an attorney for the parents say that charge is simply nonsense. the bigger questions still remain how did laundrie die in that marsh land and could the notebook found alongside him
3:20 am
could that have any clues to the murder of gabby petino. keep in mind laundrie is still the only person of interest in that murder. back to you guys. steve: all right. and, steve, one other thing, daily mail has a story about essentially it says that the laundries, a former fbi agent thinks that his parents may have avoided obstruction of justice charges by cooperating at the end, you know, the fbi might have come in and said hey, if you don't tell us everything you know, we could come after you. and this agent who spoke to the daily mail felt that apparently that's probably why they cooperated on the day they found the stuff. >> i think it certainly raises suspicions five week manhunt and single day the parents do go out there. they find the items and find the human remains. steve: yeah. some people say it's kind of fishy. steve harrigan down in florida. thank you, steven. brian: not over.
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ainsley: i heard where they found the body is close to the entrance of the park. steve: on the trail and it's within a mile or two of the entrance. that's kind of a broad space. nonetheless, you know, the dad goes out, starts wandering, goes about 20 feet off the trail and says hey, look what i found. ainsley: wondering why they didn't go out with the fbi in the very begin going they really believed that's the area where he liked to camp. brian: right. steve: good question. brian: 21 minutes after the hour. hard to imagine something more important to the president of the united states what is happening national security southern border. set all time record that they allow the number is much higher 1.5 million illegals to come across our border under joe biden's reign as president of the united states. still the vice president given the charge has shown up once in a cameo and the president of the united states last night in a town hall was asked if he was
3:22 am
going to the border. there is no record he has gone to the border. now, when asked in a very soft, town hall yesterday, about the border,here's his response. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before, and i haven't -- i mean, i know it well, i guess i should go down, but the -- but, the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole helluva lot of time to get down. i have been spending time going around looking at $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world. but, i plan on -- now my wife jill has been down. steve: so jill has been down. but, let's. brian: she tells him everything. steve: let's examine what he said there so busy working on the hurricane and all the damage and stuff like that. so he doesn't have enough time to go to the southern border, but when you look at his record,
3:23 am
he spent 19 weekends at his homes in delaware. i think we have got a graphic. which is curious because the "new york post" did the math and apparently he spent at least part of 70 days in delaware homes. no time to go to the southern border. ainsley: look at the next one. steve: 10 weekends in camp david. ainsley: when afghanistan was falling. steve: no time to go to the southern border. nine weekends at the white house no time to go to the southern border. one weekend overseas when he went to the g 7. no time obviously that week. all those other times, and for him to say i have been there before, i know it well. ainsley: no record of that. steve: fox news, our brain room looked into it, and there is no record of joe biden as vice president, as senator, as a private citizen ever going. and that's why peter doocy asked jen psaki this: >> why hasn't president biden ever visited the southern
3:24 am
border? >> what would you like him to do at the southern border and what impact do you think that would have on the policies. >> why doesn't he want to go. >> gronk it's an issue of wanting to go. what's the issue most constructive address challenging situation at the border and broken immigration system. >> is this the one crisis then that he thinks he can imagine better from here without having seen it than going to the southern border. >> i can assure you the president is well aware of what the challenges are in our broken immigration system, something he watched closely over the last four years. ainsley: what would you like him to do down there? we would like him to go down there and talk to our border patrol agents and see firsthand what they're going through. he doesn't advocate for them. advocates for people illegal trying to get into our country. brian: why show up, ainsley, at a hurricane? what do you want him to do, fix it? do you want to get a screw gun and load up a dump truck? no you want to go down there and show you care. you want him to go down there and interact with the people
3:25 am
matter most. the officers and patrolmen and women what is it really like? then you demand to say i demand to see that tent. i want to make sure those kids aren't being abused. i want to make sure this situation is exactly like it's being portrayed from my staff to me. and if you don't want to see anything firsthand, then just tell me your schedule is too busy or you don't want a job as president of the united states. ainsley: almost like he doesn't want the support from these kids down in texas on the border in arizona. brian: you mean the votes? ainsley: why wouldn't he go down there just like in a hurricane you go down there and show you care. see the destruction, it talk to the red cross. it. steve: have a better handle. ainsley: shake hands with the border patrol agents support you and appreciate your service. brian: hop in a pickup truck with me and tell me. tell me how much worse it's been and what the big challenge is now. and whether square are a guys and hops on fox. yeah the president is really engaged. instead, a president who never
3:26 am
talks about the border. never gives interviews with the press and meanders around on the stage with anderson cooper with soivel yeses. steve: jen psaki said essentially working from here handling what's going on but yet last night the president said, you know what? i just don't have time. our point in that graphic is, the president has time. he has made the decision not to go. and do you know why? because the optics of seeing him on our southern border where there is a crisis although they will not call it a crisis, is not helpful to him. that is why on immigration and border, those are his lowest polling numbers because of what's happening right now. ainsley: the supply chain crisis you think he would go there and see the problem. he couldn't remember the name of long beach. l.a. port. anderson cooper had to fill it in for him. the other one. what am i doing up here? anderson cooper said long beach. brian: anderson cooper had the questions and answers.
3:27 am
border patrol agents in texas caught 17 migrants with links to ms-13. and the remain in mexico policy reluctantly will go back in play. steve: meanwhile talk about more what the president said in the town hall. meantime travel down south a florida battalion chief who answered the call throughout the pandemic now out of a job and it appears that's just mighty fine with president biden. >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and, if not, should they be stay at home or let go? >> yes, and yes. steve: okay. florida leaders saying no and no now rallying around the chief demanding he be reinstated that chief and the state attorney general joins us live coming up next. brian: right. back in a moment.
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♪ brian: florida governor ron desantis defending fired battalion chief davis after he was fired for refusing to discipline employees who didn't comply with the county's covid vaccine mandate. >> i think the firing was totally inappropriate. i think it's ridiculous. and these are people that have served our communities. they're being tossed aside. it is illegal to do it. there is going to be response. i think ultimately he will prevail. brian: a governor that doesn't want to fire people. people under him firing people. davis had been with orange county fire and rescue since 2007. he joins us now with florida attorney general ashley moody. welcome to both of you. steven, for you, what exactly happened? >> good morning brian. yes, so is was terminated a few days ago i was trying to tell them that what they were doing, i was supposed to write people up and it was unlawful is
3:33 am
essentially what happened. >> writing people up because they didn't get vaccinated when you didn't discipline people underneath you they fired you. >> they fired me, yes. they fired me because i wouldn't write people up who had religious exemptions. people who were on the list that was given to me were vaccinated. so, i had beirut that to their attention. i said we have people on this list who should not be getting written reprimands because they are vaccinated. there is also people on this list who have applied for religious exemptions that should not be getting written reprimands yet, they were. when i challenged those things they told me here is a direct order, you will do it. i said well this is unlawful. and we can't could this. so this is where we are sitting now and several weeks later i was terminated. brian: musting good to know that the governor is fighting for you. >> oh, yes. brian: attorney general moody i want you to hear what the orange rescue fire rescue statement has given about this situation.
3:34 am
said mr. davis was terminated on grounds to failure to follow a direct order. insubordination result issue disciplinary action on october 5th, 2021. what's your reaction to their reaction? >> you know, you have political leaders making policy decisions based on political optics with no regard for what it means for the rank and file and their management of their communities. this will be devastating. you will see i have a kansas cities in public safety ranks that will have a direct effect on communities. not to mention it is unlawful. it sun lawful against florida law to have a vaccine mandate. so i have taken action in court. i have stood up beside these firefighters and said you cannot do this. it's illegal. it makes no sense and it's reckless for the communities of florida. brian: just so good to see somebody fighting for workers. the president feels the exact opposite of you. listen to him. >> police officers, emergency
3:35 am
responders being mandated to get vaccines if not should they stay at home and let go? >> yes and yes. [applause] >> two things that concern me. one are those who just try to make this a political issue. freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. [laughter] no, i mean, come on. freedom. number one. number two, the second one is that, you know, the gross misinformation that's out there. brian: okay. hysterical. stephen? if you are vaccinated you can get it and transfer it. if you aren't vaccinated can you get it and transfer it. what's he even talking about. >> i have no idea. i have no idea. because that's the challenge that we see right now in our department. just recently, i discovered that two firefighters were tested because we are being mandated to test weekly. and two firefighters were tested
3:36 am
and both tested negative. their lieutenant just to do it, to see, you know what? i'm going to take this test. he tested positive that morning. he took a second test it came up positive. is he vaccinated and they are not. i don't understand why they are saying why is everyone saying you can -- this is such a problem. brian: yeah. i know one thing, guys, you don't laugh. nothing is funny about this. all right? they thought it was funny last night. i don't. and i think you are going to get with the attorney general on your side and governor on your side and you are doing the right thing. stephen, i hope you get your job back. i know that's all you ever wanted to do. attorney general moody thank you so much. stephen davis, thank you. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead attorney general merrick garland grilled over controversial school board memo. >> the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right. that's not what the memorandum is about at all nor does it use the words domestic terrorism. brian: but do garland's words
3:37 am
match the doj directive. congressman darrell issa live next. ♪
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san antonio steve yesterday attorney general merrick garland defended memo during intense questioning on capitol hill yesterday. watch. this the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right. that is not what the memorandum is about at all nor does it use the words domestic terrorism. i can't imagine any circumstance the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism mr. gash
3:42 am
garland's comments come as the weaponize against parents. republican congressman from southern california darrell issa. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, steve, there is nothing more intimidating than the department of justice going after you for what you say or do especially if you are just a sentence talking in front of a school board meeting. steve: sure, what he said yesterday, he said nobody at the white house talked to me about that letter that the national school board association sent, but they are the ones who called parents potential domestic terrorists and said hey why don't you use the patriot act to investigate these people who want to yell at me. >> well, we have got a lot of laws in america that have to do with timing. including insider trading. so, when a letter -- when a memo like this goes out urgently five days after the event, pretty much you can see the chain of it took them two or three days to pressure the department of justice to move this way. they may not have talked directly to the attorney
3:43 am
general. but somebody is in charge at the department of justice as a as a matter of fact, yesterday, it would have been nice if we had had that person in front of us since the attorney general didn't know anything -- he was so ill informed i thought he was sergeant schultz from hogan's heros if you remember that. he knew nothing, he -- even when it came to 5,000 isis firefighters that were released from bagram probably a big chunk got on airplanes sitting in america. he didn't know anything about that. steve: absolutely. let's talk about something else, you are from southern california. we know that the ports of l.a. and long peach are backed up record amount of stuff needs to be offloaded from container ships. how big a problem are the unions out there when it comes to getting the stuff off because rioters had a poll that looked
3:44 am
at 350 container ports and l.a. and long beach at the end of efficiency. anywhere else in the world quarter of a million dollars plus year you would be able to recruit a few more workers to be able to expand your ability to unload and move these containers, for whatever reason you cannot see the sun set in san pedro right now because the containers block your view for the last hour as the sun sets. it is that bad. it's not just that there are 60 plus ships sitting there waiting to unload. it's that there are containers in front of containers so that they can't even give you the container that may have been on shore for a week. and all of that goes back to the inability to expand and meet this challenge and get caught up once they got behind they actually became less efficient. i have been involved in import and export for over 40 years. i have never seen the kind of
3:45 am
inefficiency that you see when you physically go to the port. and i went to the port to see it and was just astounded at what the truck drivers go through. imagine you trying to move one container and you wait all day as a truck driver to get one container that inefficiency means that those truck drivers moving containers are now about one fourth as efficient it prereflects in four times the charge to get a container delivered. all of this is part of our inflation. steve: and prices for everything are through the roof. and this is going to be a big problem for everybody. congressman, thank you very much. for telling us about the long longshoremen out there. i don't think a lot of people knew that. >> they are good people. they just cannot get their union to let them expand the force to meet the requirement. that's got to change. steve: the president was very proud of himself having talked them into working overnight but maybe he needs to do a little more talking to them. congressman, thank you. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right. it is quarter before the top of the hour. carley is in today with
3:46 am
headlines. carley: that's right, steve. listen to this. a retired police captain shot six times in a gun battle during an attempted robbery in california. multiple suspects attempted to rob former oakland police captain joiner in broad daylight at broad daylight. joiner managed to pull out his own gun it opening fire killing one suspect and kill another. >> jerry electric workers across the u.s. are walking out of factories protesting biden's federal vaccine mandate. these are images from a walkout in ohio. others are reported in indiana and south carolina. ge is requiring all of its employees get jabs or receive an exemption by december 8th. and open t. to dialogue. immediatian dave chapelle says is he willing to sit down with netflix employees to discuss his jokes about the lgbtq community. his publicist saying quote the
3:47 am
streets are talking and dave is listening. when everything is open i'm sure the communities will come together. this as the associated press issues a correction on this photo of a netflix counter protester. the a.p. falsely claimed that he screamed profanities but the protester took to twitter saying he only yelled i love dave chapelle. on to thursday night football fans tuning in to fox to show the cleveland browns pick up a big win over the denver broncos. >> johnson cuts back and no signal yet. touchdown. >> cleveland johns ran all over the broncos defense rushing for 146 yards. backup quarterback key nan did his part filling in for injured bayfield 199 yards. touchdown in the browns 17-14 victory. those your headlines. i will send it over to you, steve. steve: cleveland is waking up happy. >> sure is.
3:48 am
steve: thank you very much, carley. 12 minutes before the top of the hour, on the streets of new york city, there is janice dean. do you know what? it was just a perfect autumn morning this morning. janice: really nice. beautiful conditions here in new york city. we do have a cold front that's going to move through bringing some showers and thunderstorms new england down to florida. the temperatures are really nice this morning. cooler air moving in behind that cold front as it sweeps across the east coast. here are your temperatures across the nation 3. 4 in minneapolis. cold air sunk in along portions of the west in towards the midwest. we are going to warm up actually across the central u.s. this weekend and the big story is going to be the incredible amounts of rain and snow that is going to happen across the west. it's going to be widespread. we have winter storm watches and warnings in place. the first round goes in today and then the next round this weekend into early next week, bringing epic amounts of snow and heavy rain. look at the drought monitor. extreme to exceptional drought, factor in all of the rain and snow we are going to get it will
3:49 am
put a major dent into the drought. flash flooding and debris flows that's what we will be watching into next week. silver lining there but we have to be very careful across the west. steve: janice i said autumn weather snow is winter weather. one season at a time, please. janice: not yet in the northeast. i will keep you posted on that. >> thank you very much. condoleezza rice our former secretary of state roasted the left at the al smith dinner in new york city last night. >> hard not to be struck by the mosaic that is new york or to notice that i haven't seen this many wine glasses since governor newsom's dined at the french ath laundry. steve: more from the former secretary of state speech straight ahead on this friday "fox & friends." ♪ you can go your own way ♪ go your own way ♪
3:50 am
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brian last night was the al smith dinner famous for both
3:54 am
presidential candace that show up since the previous turn of the century. they roast each other. had. brian: in the off years 75th dinner. last year in the off year was virtual. last night they raised $7 million all-time record. the featured speaker was condoleezza rice. i had a chance to be on the day its last night. that's the group i went with all my neighbors. my lovely wife dawn the mcdonald's. steve: did you buy a table? brian: yes, i did. i thought it would be a great way to donate to a good cause and rent a tux. sandra smith and martha mccallum were there, too. ainsley: when we are in the audience we see you on the day as with martha mccallum and all these famous people. al smith was the governor of new york. he did so many things for charitable organizations. steve: the condoleezza rice the
3:55 am
stormer secretary of state keynote speaker had some fun at the democrats' expense. >> when i got this invitation from cardinal nolan to give the keynote address at the al smith dinner i was of course really honored. then i asked myself why me? actually, to be honest, i thought what am i going to wear? i'm a californian republican, not a new york congresswoman. so tax the rich didn't quite cut it. [laughter] so i just dropped that idea. and i decided i would just rely on the spirit of tonight. looking out over this crowd, i haven't seen this many wine glasses since governor newsom dined at the french laundry. and so i thought to myself now who would you choose as my partner? mike bloomberg, of course. no -- if i'm going to hang out with a billionaire, i would like to hang out with one who is going to take me into space. [laughter] maybe bill de blasio.
3:56 am
[laughter] gulfport mayor? i decided it was a play on a republican golfer on a former new york official who was once a sure thing andrew cuomo. no, no, no. there is not enough social distancing in the world to do that one. brian: it was pretty awesome. i thought she was really great. also one of the awardees looked at mayor de blasio got here on time. we told him it was a 2:00 start. he is late for everything. ainsley: he likes to sleep. he likes to nap. >> great night javits center. >> why doesn't condoleezza rice run for president? ainsley: i was thinking that too. brian: so smart and composed. steve: she would take a pay cut. brian: true. ainsley: 6:56 on the east coast. more "fox & friends" coming up. brian: i hope. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. carley: president biden appears to mock first responders losing their jobs over vaccine mandates. >> i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. no, i mean, come on. freedom. >> this will be devastating it makes no sense and it's reckless to the community tragedy unfolding on a new mexico movie set. >> we have a shot accidentally. >> the actor alec baldwin win has accidently shot and killed a cinematographer firing a prop gun. >> we don't need you trampling
4:01 am
on the rights of american parents. >> i can't imagine any circumstances in which the patriot act would be used. >> nothing more intimidating than the department of justice going after you for what you say or do. >> cuts back and touchdown cleveland. wow. what a drive. >> your first career start, what does this feel like. >> i want to give thanks to god. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: capitol hill washington,
4:02 am
d.c. rascal flatts broke up. they broke up, right? [sighs] brian: lyrics of this song staring at you taking off your makeup wondering why you even put it on. ainsley: oh, that's sweet. brian: that's wonderful. i wish i wrote that. steve: i wrote it. ainsley: say but. steve: you could say it about brian and i. say it about us every morning at :01. brian: i remember when the kids were little they were wonder going every dad put on makeup. make sure if you are not taking a shower take the makeup off it ends up on the pillow. ainsley: your daughter was oin 7th grade needed at vice about makeup. steve: after the tv show you wear it out of this building. brian: i do. i never think about it i'm the best looking guy on the train. ainsley: so true to your point, steve. if you walk in our groom room 9:01. steve with baby wipes and just doing this and look at it and it's just brown.
4:03 am
brian: like the shroud of torrent your whole face. steve: not exactly. brian: not the messiah. steve: burnt amber. ainsley: baby wipes. sorry. brian: that's right. steve stove joe biden was over on cnn where he faced 90 minutes of questions. of various. brian: a lot of meandering and strolling. steve: one thing that he was asked about was his vaccine mandate. on september 9th what he did was he announced a vaccine or testing mandate. here's the thing, here we are to a couple of months later we still have not seen it the deadline is december the 8th. brian: private businesses over 100. steve: with government contracts. private businesses are trying to figure out what are we going to do? the white house said they were going to do it. waiting for osha and all the guidance. haven't done anything. all they have said you have got to get the shot. you have got to get the shot. it there have got to be rules.
4:04 am
we still don't have the rules. brian: brought us the booster shot before the fda okayed it he wanted to change, i believe, the mantra which is kabul is a disaster. you mean this is your plan to get out of afghanistan? we see this disjointedness. one thing get out of the administration whether you agree with the policies or not was organizations and professionalism. all along the way we are seeing them shooting from all different directions. and their -- his chief of staff retweeting tweets that only make it harder for jen psaki do her job. ainsley: imagine being that woman last 18 months working hospital system save lives. gets pregnant. doctor tellser you if you don't want to get the vaccine i understand and gets fired. brian: like the espn reporter. ainsley: yesterday he was mocking anti-covid vaxers. most people are not anti-vaxers they just question whether or not this is going to be safe for them down the road. steve: here he is last night asked about and we have been
4:05 am
detailing on this program how a number of first responders are being let go right about now because they have not complied with local and state mandates regarding getting the shots. here's the president. watch this. >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and, if not, should they be stay at home or let go? >> yes and yes. the idea is that, look, the two things that concern me, one are those who just try to make this a political issue freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. [laughter] no, i mean, come on. freedom. number one. number two, the second one is, you know, the gross misinformation that's out there. brian: misinformation he said about fox. he thought i think it's funny that fox has a vaccine mandate. you have a testing option at fox. what he said is totally inaccurate. steve: we don't have a mandated we have a protocol.
4:06 am
brian: that's a little different. someone should tell the president. that's misinformation. ainsley: why don't they dethat in all of these government positions. we don't want you to lose your job and have kids worry about food on the table. why don't they say let's test you every day. why don't they do that businesses front door go in a little room and get a test. steve: we do that here outside of studio d. brian: delta airlines wrote me the other day delta has testing options but they charge you. they charge you $200 a month. we are going to test you, we are going to charge you. that figures into your decision. healthcare. steve: well, down in florida. ainsley: $200 a month? steve: it's an incentive. it's like bill de blasio is going to get people the shot $500. ainsley: i would rather spend $200 a month if i didn't get vaccinated than lose my job. steve: $200 i believe is to compensate them on the offset
4:07 am
the healthcare costs. first hour of "fox & friends," brian was talking to a fire alabama chief, former down in orange county, florida. he got fired for insubordination. he would not -- he was told to, you know, discipline people who had not gotten the shot. and he said i'm not going to do it. he got fired. here he is. >> they fired me because i wouldn't write people up who has religious exemptions. people who were on the list that was given to me were vaccinated. so, i had brought that to their attention. i said we have people on this list who should not be getting written reprimands because they're vaccinated. also people on this list who have applied for religious exemptions that should not be getting written reprimands. that's the challenge we see right now in our department. >> you have political leaders that are making policy decisions based on political optics with w. no regard what it means to the rank and file and management of their communities.
4:08 am
brian: he got fired. here is what he has he has his state attorney general and his state governor fighting to get his job back. if that happened in new york you would have the state governor and the mayor cheering that he was fired. so, just goes show you how confusing this gets like the governor of arizona is standing up for -- against his own city council, i think it was tucson that is firing people for not getting mandates. you only have so much power. the president has so much power. the governor and the mayor only has so much power. confusing because everyone is on different pages. steve: it is but the u.s. supreme court has had the chance to intervene in different vaccine mandate cases where they would essentially say you can't fire people. but the supreme court has essentially said nope, we're not going to get involved in that in other words, the mandates continue. so people are getting fired and the supreme court apparently they're okay with that. brian: the president would not even acknowledge the problem with people, great people
4:09 am
getting fired as cops and firefighters and medical workers and teachers didn't even give that a second thought yesterday. meanwhile, this was stunning news. fox news alert. actor alec baldwin accidentally shoots and kills a cinematographer and injured a director after firing a prop gun on a movie set in new mexico. he did not think was loaded. ainsley: then he was reportedly seen in tears after the incident. steve: carley shimkus joins us right now with what we know. carley, this happened in santa fe, new mexico, where they were making a movie. carley: that's right, steve. police identifying as alec baldwin as the one who fired that prop gun that accidently killed director of photography halyna hutchins. she was airlifted to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. director joel so you zoo was hospitalized and reportedly been released. it all happened on the set of the western film rusk in new mexico. all production has been halted and that the safety of our cast
4:10 am
and crew remains our top priority. baldwin is actor and producer in the film. 63-year-old was reportedly seen outside the local sheriff's office in tears. the president of the screen actor's guild issuing a statement mourning hutchins loss we are devastating by tragic news hearts go out to the director of photographer halyna hutchins and joel so you zoo. we did not have all the facts. we will continue to work with the production, the other unions and authorities to investigate this incident and to understand how to prevent such a thing from happening again. so far no charges have been filed. but an absolute tragedy and an accident that unfolded that effects a lot of people. steve: yeah, no kidding. thank you very much, carley. so now a criminal investigation is underway to figure out what exactly came out of the gun. tmz is reporting that apparently it was either shrapnel or a bullet. mr. baldwin was taken in by the
4:11 am
detectives from santa fe and was questioned. he was not charged. he was released. nonetheless, you have got to figure out what was in the gun? ainsley: they will do the investigation. this is the front cover the post. here there is a shot. can you see him dressed up in his costume and he has fake blood on his shirt and fake blood on his coat. he posted this on social media just a few hours before the incident happened and he said back to in person at the office, blind me it's exhausting. little did he know his life would change forever a couple of hours later. our hearts go out to his family, to him, i'm sure is he devastating and to her family she is from the ukraine and the director is going to be okay it seems like. brian: i think is he a co-spruce producer in the movie sometimes producers so hands on there is relationships with these cinematographers. relationships with people behind the screens. ainsley: clearly she was right there with him. steve: you wonder how it happened because during the movie, if you are going to shoot somebody, there would be somebody, you know, the person
4:12 am
you are going to target over there somewhere you would aim at. but, if he hit both the cinematographer and the director, clearly they were just off camera. maybe he was aging it just slightly off camera. we don't have -- some of the facts we don't know exactly was it during actual filming. walls it during a rehearsal? who was on the set? we don't have enough information. tragic. brian: goes back to brandon lee, the last time we heard about this 1993, bruce lee's son. a dummy round got lodged into the barrel of a gun and fired into his stomach and second dummy round went off. the so-called blanks can do damage, clearly. steve: well, in that case, they had left the primer charged in the cartridge and that ultimately is what killed him. because when they did the autopsy, they found a 44 slug in brandon lee's spine.
4:13 am
ainsley: lee family is saying they don't want these prop guns used on movie sets. brian: switching gears now. back to what something else said effects irving's lives and that's inflation and supply chain. we know that 40% of our material, the stuff that we order. the stuff we are bringing in and the company needs comes through the ports of los angeles and long beach. and that's congressman darrell issa is out in san diego now. he is back in congress. and he was talking about the things that he could do. he is talking to you about inflation. and what the tools that the president could implement if he really wanted to get this thing done. steve: here's the thing long beach and l.a. they are two of the least efficient ports in the world. 350 container boortz, los angeles, i think, is 230? and long beach is 233 rather 300 -- they are both in to 300. so in efficient. what he said is something we haven't heard.
4:14 am
we have heard well, you know, we don't have enough truck drivers. did he not blame the truck drivers. he blames the unions. and, remember, it was last week that joe biden said hey, i sat down and talked to walmart and i talked to fedex and i talked to the unions, and they have agreed to off load stuff at night and the union also work at night. clearly, according to darrell issa, you can blame the unions for a lot of the problem. ainsley: here he is. >> i have been involved in import and export for over 40 years. i have never seen the kind of inefficiency that you see when you physically go to the port. and i went to the port to see it. and was just astounded at what the truck drivers go through. imagine you trying to move one container and you wait all day as a truck driver to get one container. that inefficiency means that those truck drivers moving containers are now about one fourth as efficient. it reflects in four times the charge to get a container delivered. they just cannot get their union to let them expand the force to
4:15 am
meet the requirement. that's got to change. ainsley: when you look at those boxes that are on these ships or look at these trucks, you know it's not just toilet paper we are missing. it's important things that are coming over from china and other countries and vietnam. including some of our drugs and hospitals have undergone so much over the course of the last few years. now undergoing another emergency. they are in short supply of some of the discussion we all need to keep our lives to stay alive. such as chemo medicines and heart disease medicines. the fda is listing 10 drugs in sport supply right now. steve: covid and supply chain. not just injectable drugs. shortages of it prescription vials and vials to put the medicine in. while the white house poo poo saying this a good problem because there is a lot of demand or you are just upset about the delayed peloton. this is impacting so many people because it is drugs they need to
4:16 am
stay alive. and these hospitals, university of virginia medical center says they don't have enough anti-inflammatory medicine for chemo which is also used for covid. so if they run out of that the doesn't get the chemo they could actually die. ainsley: this is america. you possibly won't get your chemotherapy. brian: if try something having one port open up 24 hours, that is not enough in our country to think you are actually trying to solve the problem. you have all these ceos and you come up with one answer and that suffice tore anderson cooper on cnn last night incredible. ainsley: coming up, the fallout after dr. anthony fauci's agency admits to funding gain of function research in we hahn. brian: keep china in check sent off not one but two hypersonic missile test. general jack keane it reacts to
4:17 am
it china's rampant effort to military dominance ♪ ♪ this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but, whatever work becomes, the world works with servicenow.
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4:22 am
and tested two hypersonic missiles leaving the u.s. intelligence agency stunned. china now shooting down reports claiming they merely carried out routine testing. fox news senior strategic analyst not buying it retired four star general jack keane, general, should would he be concerned about this hypersonic test? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. first of all china is denying that they actually did anything like this. they are trying to say well, what we were really testing was a reusable spacecraft. well, if that was the case, why are you doing it to secretly? the second thing, maybe of concern to us is, certainly our government isn't admitting either that this was hypersonic orbital test. certainly the congress wants to get more answers from that i believe that the government has got to come forward and be straight up with us in terms of what is actually happening here. is this a bona fide new threat? i suspect it is. what this is and why we're so
4:23 am
concerned about it, this is technically speaking is called hypersonic fractional orbital bombardment system. that the is fact that you can send up a rocket with a hypersonic missile with it, orbit the earth and deliver a nuclear weapon to the target. so that kind of capability is new. it opens up a new chapter, certainly in the weapons arsenal. why is that, brian? because we're simply nuclearizing space. it's very interesting that during the cold war the soviet union and the united states voluntarily agreed not to conduct this kind of weapons. no fraction orbital bombardment system, no nuclearization of space. china, who professes to never ever conduct a first strike has now developed a first strike capability where we cannot -- where we don't have early warning and we don't have much
4:24 am
capability to defeat it that is the harsh reality of where we stand today. we have to have a sense of urgency to modernize our nuclear program need that desperately tpsdz behind we develop the early warning and detection capability to deal with this threat. brian: brand new category. do we want to do this? we have $3.8 billion in our budget for hypersonic weapons is this a category for space force. >> space force will certainly have a real to play here. what we're really talking about is we knew eventually space was going to be weaponized. domain out there obviously that all of our countries are dependent on it and it's not surprising that at some point weapons are going to be in space either with satellites or also
4:25 am
space stations, et cetera. so, yes, it's not only this deterrence that we have to make sure we acquire but also our conventional deattorneys with convention deterrence eroded because of the 9/11 wars. we are literally playing catch up here because they have us out gunned and outmanned. i understand what the president is saying professing confidence in the military, yes. he is going to do that as commander-in-chief. but, the truth is, we have erosion in our capabilities and we have got to move quickly to get that kind of deterrence. after all, the only thing we are trying to prevent here is a war. and the way we do that is the same way we did it for 40 years with the soviet union. make sure when the chinese look at the american and allied capability, that is so significant and the costs would be so great that they would not commit an act of force as a result of that. that is deterrence.
4:26 am
one the capability is there. and, two, they believe we would use it. brian: right. >> that's what we got to get back to. >> absolutely. technologically moving forward not just making more weapons but better weapons, better than theirs. staying a step ahead with r and d. with the free market and them clamping down on frequent i'm we can do it focus on it. put guys like you back on the advisory council. give the advice to make america a safer place. general, thanks so much. always great to talk to you. >> great talking to you, brian. have a wonderful weekend. brian: you too. we move ahead. the manhunt officially over. brian laundrie's remains were found in a florida swamp. nancy grace has been on the gabby petino's case from the start and joins us next. ♪
4:27 am
4:28 am
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4:31 am
♪ >> we are back with a fox news alert. the fbi confirmed the fugitive's remains following a manhunt search from justice is over. following what's next for the case and part 2 of gabby petino's special and she joins us now to react. nancy, i'm curious, what do you think is happening? >> well, i know that according to the defense attorney for the family, steve bertolino that the evening that brian laundry left home he was angry and upset and his parents tried to stop him from leaving that goes to the theory that he committed suicide. he was found at carlton reserve. he was identified through dental records because apparently he was totally skeletonized
4:32 am
interesting. it hasn't been that long but his body was under water as well there are a lot of wild animals roaming in that area that may have had something to do with it, the fact that he was skeletonized does not preclude the fact that his bones may not be all together or predict the medical examiner will be on the scene trying to put the body over 200 bones back together again. ainsley: what about justice for gabby? >> i have got to tell you, there is not going to be justice for gabby. this will never be an n. a utter cough law. and we will never know exactly what happened to her. unless there are enough forensic details from her body such as skin kelsey cells under her nails. something to tell us exactly what happened. was it after a fight? was it following the argument at the restaurant? we may never know those answers. but this is what we do know. we believe brian laundrie murdered her and i mean murder.
4:33 am
premeditation twinkling of a moment blinking of an eye. much less the somebody dead as you are looking directly into their face. that's premeditation. i know she was murdered and i believe laundrie did it. how and why we'll never know. ainsley: what about his parents? do you think they were involved? there are these rumors. >> i do find itics stream coincidence they go out on carlton preserve and in an hour they find belongings, ps notebook or have a lot of his room nations extremely self-absorbed writings about his thoughts. we may get some clues from that. and then suddenly his body is found. if you follow that through, that thinking that they planted those items, doesn't make sense. a logical conclusion they planted the body, too? that did not happen. i would be more concerned if i were them about aiding, abetting and encouraging him, hiding out from police.
4:34 am
and not revealing the truth. here's the fly in the ointment, unless they did an overt act, they will never be prosecuted. ainsley: athens, thank you so much. >> thank you. i will see you sunday night. ainsley: yes, ma'am. be sure to catch gabby petino's investigation with nancy grace part 2 airing live on the fox news channel sunday night at 10:00 p.m. and you can also catch it on fox nation if you missed it sunday night. 7:34 here on the east coast. the national institutes of health now admitting to funding gain of function research in wuhan. why did dr. fauci repeatedly deny that an adviser to the world health organization is going us next. >> we sphrot funded gain of function research i don't know how many times i can say it madam chair we did not fund gain of function research. liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:39 am
nih and naid categorically has not funded gain of function research. again, we have not funded gain of function research. i don't know how many times i can say it, madam chair. we did not fund gain of function research. steve: you get the idea? despite continuous denials from dr. fauci the national institutes of health which he runs now admitting the u.s. did fund gain of function research at wuhan through a grant provided to the nonprofit ecohealth alliance. a top nih official writing, quote: the limited experiment described in the final progress report provided by ecohealth alliance was testing its spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronavirus circulating in china capable of binding to the human ace 2 receptors in a mouse model. all right. got a little technical there. let's try to figure out what that all means. joining us now from the world health organization adviser
4:40 am
jamie metzl. jamie, good morning to you. >> hey, steve. steve: so, dr. fauci, where he said we have not funded. we have not funded gain of function research. technically, he is probably correct. because, why? >> because what they mean by gain of function research is very narrowly defined according to them by a 2017 nih document meaning taking a virus that is already able to infect human cells and making it more infectious. but the real question in my mind is not whether it was or wasn't gain of function research, it's just what was it? what was funded? what was happening in the wuhan lab and that's what we really need get to the bottom of it. steve: because, ultimately, you know, and there is growing conscientious that, you know, this could have been a lab leak this could have been some experiment gone haywire and now 5 million people are dead? >> it's up to 15 million if you use the economist's figures. but i have say been saying early
4:41 am
last year a lab leak origin is a very real possibility which is why we need the fullest possible investigation. and certainly that will require access to all relevant samples and personnel in china. we need to point fingers everywhere. just fairly. and certainly we need to look closely at the nih. nih needs more transparency, the ecohealth alliance, which is as you mentioned not profit group getting funding from nih and some of that went to the wuhan institute of virology have been anything but transparent. we need much greater transparency by everyone. and we need a full examination into the origins of the pandemic. steve: absolutely. but, nonetheless, and you have seen dr. fauci on television, when he is up on capitol hill. he is very defensive. and he is adamant. and as you put it earlier, they have -- the lawyers, at nih have narrowly defined what gain of
4:42 am
function research is. and apparently he feels that they are within that lane. but, nonetheless, the american public needs to know that the united states government, you know, gave these grants to this organization that put money in the hands of these people. >> yes. no, that's exactly right. that's why we need a full investigation and in some ways, i think this binary question of gain of function research was it or wasn't it is really a bit of a side show. what we need to know is what happened, what role did the united states government play and most importantly what was happening in china. >> ultimately what it comes down to you can be on television calling for transparency but until china actually helps us out, you got to figure the numbers they have given out are just complete fiction it would behoove the administration. we need to hear joe biden say something or the president, the
4:43 am
official administration come down and say, look, we don't think china is telling the truth. and we need better transparency or we need cooperation, he has always talked about how he is friends with the president of china. needs to pick up the phone and say hey, what exactly happened there? >> yeah. so joe biden has actually been saying a lot. when he authorized the 90 day intelligence review. that was first full intelligence review by the united states government of pandemic origins. but we all need to do more. it's just outrageous that china is preventing a full investigation. we need much greater transparency. and we need greater urgency in pushing for the kind of full investigation that's required. steve: after joe biden's 90 day i object tell review they said inconclusive. leaves a lot of us as you just said now we need more transparency. sir, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. >> my pleasure.
4:44 am
steve: all right. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. carley has some headlines. carley: that's right, i shower do. death row inmate who avoided earlier execution because he wanted his pastor by his side is put to death. willie smith received lethal injection in alabama. this after a supreme court ruling prompted the state to change its procedures allowing spiritual advisers in the room during execution. smith was executed nearly 30 years after being convicted of murder. shocking video shows robbers, mass robbers terrorize a seattle. wearing ghost face killer mask made famous by the scream film. emptied the cash register and several customers before taking off. they are still looking for the suspects. residents in gorda, california, are paying nearly $8 for a single gallon of gas. this as gas prices hit a 17 year high across the u.s. and
4:45 am
president biden says that's not going to change any time soon. >> don't have a near term answer. i don't see anything that's going to happen in the meantime that's going to significantly reduce gas prices. >> as of thursday, the average gas price nationally is sitting at $3.36 a gallon. and the l.a. dodgers world series hopes are still alive thanks to the bat of chris taylor. >> taylor. not one, not 2. but three. taylor hitting three homers leading l.a. to 11-2 victory over the braves in game 5 of the nlcs. the series heads to atlanta for game 6 tomorrow night. those are your headlines, steve, over to you. steve: that's great. carley, thank you very much. meanwhile, what kind of a day do
4:46 am
we have in store? well, she is out of doors with the "foxcast." >> it depends where you live. across the northeast. really quite nice. cold front move in bringing cooler air behind it, across the midwest. we will get into temperatures above average this weekend. we see the severe weather move in sunday into monday across portions of the midwest. there is your 24-hour temperature change along with that cold front that's going to sweep on through the east coast over the next 12 to 24 hours. all eyes are on the west. we are talking about epic rain and incredible amounts of snow. maybe even blizzard conditions as we get into the weekend. we have the first round that comes today and then the second round that arrives on sunday into monday and even tuesday. and we are, i mean, this is quite incredible for this widespread of an area across the west. feet of snow sierra nevada region and the colorado rockies. and then we see several inches of rainfall along the coast. so that's a great thing for the
4:47 am
drought but short-term we will see flash flooding and debris flows especially across the burn areas of california. we will keep you up to date. happy friday by the way, steve. steve: tgif. thank goodness it's fox. janice: got it. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead, paris hilton working to get congress to take action. she's going to join us live from d.c. to discuss her battle against the troubled teen industry. directive infringes on first amendment right. dads and moms across america aren't buying it pete and rachel react next. ♪ ♪
4:48 am
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♪ ♪ steve: garland grill, the attorney general garland defended his memo regarding the controversial investigation into parents 7 behavior at school board meetings. insisting he never labeled parents' actions domestic terrorism. here's the a.g. >> the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right. that is not what the memorandum is about at all. nor does it use the words
4:52 am
domestic terrorism. i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. ainsley: this as lawmakers accuse the biden administration of weaponizing the doj against concerned parents. brian: we got the memos, "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth representing the entire staff right now. so, pete, make us proud what was your take away yesterday. do you think merrick garland was playing dumb or in the dark? pete: i think he was playing dumb. he claims to know nothing about the he is,ial assault that happened in the bathroom in loudoun county reaction of parents there triggered a lot of the feelings people had when he
4:53 am
stands there and says never use patriot act reminds me of couple things pertains to covid. remember they said we could never mandate. that was just months ago. could never mandate people get the shot. three or four months later it's mandates right down the middle. or when we ultimately the cdc guidance we found out as it pertains to schools was effectively written they wrote though. he admitted from the stand if you watched yesterday that the national school board association are the ones that told the justice department that's these threats were happening. the justice department barely looked into whether the threat was real and instead turned around and wrote this memorandum effectively classifying be on the lookout for violence when he could provide and others can provide no instances in these school boards or threats against actual teachers. teachers unions are in control. they are in control of the white house. they are in control of the
4:54 am
justice department. ainsley: they have a lot of power, don't they and a lot of money. rachel, good morning, we brought rachel in, too. rachel: good morning. ainsley: we wanted to ask you about this because there is a fox news poll 63% of democrats, and 81% of republicans are extremely or very concerned about what's being taught in our schools. but, yet, they want to bring in the fbi to deal with moms like you who are at the mode yum complain complaining about crt. we have issues at the border. we have crime going up. fentanyl coming into our country. and this is what they are worried about you, the mom you? are the threat. >> yeah. we moms are domestic terrorists, would he moms who, you know, put our kids, you know, bring our kids home. feed them dinner, get their homework after a long day of working and have to run off to a parent, you know, school board meeting or parent teacher meeting. they are trying to demonize parents and really put fear in them if they speak up and you are right there. are a lot of other things they could be looking into. what really concerns me,
4:55 am
ainsley, is audra nomi, the head of parents defending education, she did a deep dive into the group merrick garland's son-in-law running. brian: panorama. rachel: exactly. not only poisoning minds taps trojan horse for data mining which is a huge inface of privacy. this is a scandal of massive proportions. we need to get to the bottom of it. steve: he was asked about that yesterday but deflected because he was busy doing a lot of that rachel, since you came into the party second today. why don't you tell us about your weekend plans. rachel: we have a lot of great guests. well, sean duffy is going to be on this weekends. dan bongino, carol swain, clay travis, and also senator mike braun. so we have a great lineup this weekend. >> i believe rachel, you forgot one though. and the one you forgot is that
4:56 am
it's your birthday today. ainsley: happy birthday. pete: rachel campos-duffy's birthday. ainsley: we are so glad you were born, rachel. what are your plans other than working? rachel: i am going to work in the morning. but my husband did something really amazing. he flew all my chickens home so my kids were flown in last night and going to have a nice dinner tonight and my parents are with me and my sister is coming. steve: rachel, speaking of the kids watch. this happy birthday, mom, we love you. your husband did the camera work. steve: that's great. rachel: nothing professional about that. ainsley: we love you. we will be watching ains. rachel: we are going to party all weekend? >> more "fox & friends" comig
4:57 am
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> it all happened on the set of western film rust in new mexico. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i have been there before. >> what would you like him to do to the southern border? >> they turn the blind eye for a crisis they created. >> brian laundrie found death. >> he was identified through
5:01 am
dental records because apparently he was skeletonized. >> the nih it admitted it funded gain of function research. >> condoleezza rice spokes fun. >> who would you choose as my partner? andrew cuomo. no, no, there's not enough social distancing in the world to do that one. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's 8:01 in ocean city, new jersey. that image is part of new jersey shore and refer to it as america's family resort. beautiful day there.
5:02 am
64 right now. going for high of 70. >> nice. >> welcome to new jersey where i live. brian: it's so weird after the al smith dinner last night i went to the club and i was leaving at 4:00 in the morning and that was the song that was playing. peter: what song was that? brian: studio 51. ainsley: i wished -- i wish that were part of my era and then watched studio 54 and then i watched the movie, okay, she went opening night and never again. i would not have gone there. peter: they were trying to get people in. she has a lot of stories. ainsley: we have geraldo there. i think he went there a few times. brian: he's probably in the vip list. ainsley: shock gripping
5:03 am
hollywood as alec baldwin found himself in tragedy. peter: authorities in new mexico a prop gun with blanks apparently misfired and killed crew member and injured the director. brian: carley shimkus with what we know so far. a lot of questions. carley: a lot of questions but here is what we know. police identifying alec baldwin as the one who fired the prop gun and then accidentally discharged killing director of photography sonia hutchison. airlifted to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. director joel sosa was hospitalized and reportedly been released. all happened in the set of upcoming american western film called rust. that is set in new mexico. in a statement rust movie productions said all work has been halted and that the safety of our cast and crew remain our top priority. police are investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged from the prop gun. baldwin is an actor and producer
5:04 am
on the film. the 63-year-old was reportedly seen outside the local sheriff's office in tears. a representative for baldwin refused to comment on the accident. so far no charges have been filed. just two days before the fatal incident hutchison posted the video celebrating horseback riding and support for the family since the accident. peter: it is absolutely awful. let's bring in geraldo rivera. >> good morning. peter: a terrible, terrible thing that has happened and once again, you know, in the history of hollywood we have seen a number of times where the prop guns which are supposedly, they don't have anything lethal in them wind up killing people. geraldo: you know, i remember investigating the death of brandon lee under very
5:05 am
circumstances, the son of the famed martial artist bruce lee and i interviewed the mom and it was a tragedy. no one could understand how brandon could be shot and killed when they are so careful. i really feel for the family of the victims in this movie the alec baldwin movie and for him he's going to be haunted by this tragedy for his whole life. i mean, it's unclear whether he intentionally discharged the weapon which would be very, very unusual. there are wranglers around and people are intent on enforcing discipline with the weapon where accidents can be eliminated hopefully and in this case a discharge, whether he stumbled or aimed, i don't know what happened other than the fact that the poor lady, the mom, you know, she has a 10, 11-year-old kid and director of photography and now she's dead, you know,
5:06 am
the director wounded. where this all goes from here, i don't know. whether or not they will be criminal charges,ic depends on the chain of custody of the weapon involved and exactly how it came to be discharged. obviously on the civil side that'll be lawsuits for wrongful death and so forth. it is -- i feel awful for everybody involved. alec baldwin will now live -- now he will live with awful tragedy shadowing every move. ainsley: changed the lives of so many different people. geraldo, you have been to the border, joe biden, they looked back in history as senator and vice president, he has not gone to the border and last night at town hall with anderson and anderson asked him, listen to what he said. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before. i know i will, i guess i should go down but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole lot
5:07 am
of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by -- by hurricanes and floods and -- and weather and traveling around the world. but i plan on -- now my wife jill has been down. ainsley: geraldo, 19 trips home to delaware, 10 weekends at camp david, more weekends at camp david than the white house. he has time to do that, he has time to go campaign in virginia next tuesday but no time for the border, your reaction? geraldo: i think this is his weakest spot. i think the president and the vice president have done their best to -- to ignore the chaos at the border. it is and i think fair to say regardless of your political persuasion this -- this chaotic situation is a function of good intentions. they didn't mean to signal to latin america and the rest of
5:08 am
the world, come on over, but they did with their -- with their policies, they thought compassion would rule the day instead it was the, you know, the road to hell paveed with good intentions and we have a chaos at the border. i've used that term a couple of times. it is the best term. you have the record crossings, record arrests. it is anarchy at the border, the border patrol trying their best but people just want to come. just take haiti just for one second. we watched the haitian group, you know, walk their way through latin america through the gap, the jungles carrying their children and then through the whole of central america and mexico to get into the united states, why? now we know, look at haiti now. 17 americans or 16 americans and a canadian missionary including 5 children including an 8-month-old are now kidnapped in haiti. that's why the people are running away. when you have a president that says come on down and you have
5:09 am
chaotic poor countries where people just want to get the hell out and get to the golden -- the land of promise, the united states, that's the recipe for disaster. we need the wall, we need the president to engage the president of mexico. they've got to do something and the fact that he has ignored it studiously i think really reflects very poorly on president biden. brian: geraldo, i do agree with you, we definitely immigrants while every country decreasing from japan to russia. i agree with you and one way to do it and the reason with the haitian stories that are different these guys aren't coming from haiti, they are coming from central and south american countries who have gotten the go sign from this president. they are walking across the border with biden-harris shirts on. this is totally their fault. i don't even think it's good intentions it's called doing the opposite of trump for political purposes and being clueless on
5:10 am
how to handle it. geraldo: one thing, brian, that the president really missed the mark on is talking to the president of mexico. when trump was in office, he called the president and threatened mexico that if mexico didn't do its share to stem the side, the folks walk across 150y even get to our southern border. trump really forced them, forced the mexican government to take responsibility for the people in its territory and it really had the effect of stemming some of this tide. when biden on the other hand is made fun of by mexico doesn't deal with mexico, doesn't wheel tariffs, for example, as a way to get mexico to comply, as he tries to be mr. nice guy, i think that he has sown the the
5:11 am
cloth, they need to finish the wall, the money is being wasted. take some concrete step to show that the united states is serious, that every country deserves secure border. immigration is great. brian alludes to it. russia is shrinking, japan is shrinking, america is being muscular and growing much of it by hybrid and immigrant digger that we were blessed to attract but it's got to be organized. it's got to be systematic and it's got to be fair and right now you have back to that word chaos. peter: there is chaos and the courts said joe biden you cannot derail the remain in mexico program. they are going to start it next month and they're already 60,000 people on the mexican side of the southern border ready to come on in and it's a mess coming up then. in the meantime i want to talk to you, geraldo, about what start today on fox nation and that is cops all access.
5:12 am
tell us about it. geraldo: well, i'm delighted about it. many, many years ago along with the creators to have program john langley and malcolm barber we did kind of a dray run and we did a couple of our network specials called american vice that led to the cops series, the iconic series was on the air for well over 30 seasons, everybody loved it but then, you know, some sad things happened with police misconduct including the death of george floyd at the knee of derek chauvin in minneapolis and even though cops had nothing to do with the tragic death. people said wait a second, this program has nothing to do with, you know, any act of violence by cop or perpetrator, it was a chronically of men in blue. cops are good, we used to love
5:13 am
cops. fox had the guts to bring it on the air. all access, we put it in context and we talked to some of the officers involved in the vivid kinetic clips that cops consists of and the reaction so far has been magnificent and they just asked us to continue producing these programs through april. so you'll have geraldo to push around at least that long. peter: we love that. you were talking about the clips. here is a clip of us, what happens with now that marijuana is in large part legalized in a lot of places across the country and then how do you -- when you combine that with a traffic stop, what happens? here is the officer? >> both of them had felony warrants. the simple traffic infractions of them not having head lights on that led to so much more. that's also the case for marijuana. if we smell marijuana in a vehicle that's probable cause for us to search a vehicle.
5:14 am
so in that aspect it's going to hurt there. we will not be able to find as much because every stop is an investigative stop. peter: what you have done on cops all access is you have updated things with new interviews with people who know exactly how it pertains to today and law enforcement. geraldo: one quick point about marijuana, it will enormously complicate police work and in the old days you had pot, you went to jail. now how are you going to send people to jail when you have senators, congressmen, newsmen, you have people with back aches and foot aches and headaches smoking pot. more and more states are legalizing it and law enforcement has to catch up with that and in the meantime the poor officers, they are the point people, they are the ones that go by the open window and they never know pot smoke is indication the guy has a gun in his happen or he's going to blue your brains out if you make the wrong move.
5:15 am
it's a very tough job. you know, we have to rally around our officers. we've got to embrace them. the real problem in our society is a civil war that's going on with gun violence that's really inflicting cities like mine in a way that is historically very distressing. peter: check out cops all access which is the same kind of pass geraldo had at studio 54 back in the days. geraldo: some day in f you want to know, ainsley, i will tell you all about that. ainsley: i would love that actually. peter: thanks geraldo. ainsley: 8:15 on the east coast and still ahead president biden mocks freedom in cnn town hall last night. >> so just try to make this a political issue, freedom, i'm the freedom that kill you with my covid. come on. freedom. ainsley: congresswoman elise stefanik reacts after the break.
5:16 am
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and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal!
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...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> police officers and emergency responders be mandate today get vaccines and if not should they be stay at home or let go? >> yes and yes. those who just try to make this a political issue, freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. no, i mean, come on, freedom. ainsley: president biden demanding first responders who failed to comply with vaccine mandates to lose their jobs and
5:21 am
mocking people to use freedoms not to get vaccine and here to react is new york congressman elise stefanik. good morning to you, congresswoman. congresswoman: great to be with you, ainsley. ainsley: what's your reaction when you hear him say that? congresswoman: my reaction is this is absolutely absurd and sadly it's typical of joe biden to attack everyday freedoms. first of all, they are turning their back on law enforcements and first responders who put their lives and their health on the line every single day particularly during the covid pandemic. we've also seen in new york state the consequence of these unconstitutional mandates with governor hochul's mandate regarding vaccines. we have seen walkouts and this is where our health care, hospitals, community centers are facing staffing shortages and in my district we have a rural hospital that's no longer able
5:22 am
to deliver children, deliver babies because of these mandates. so it's unconstitutional and it is an attack on everyday freedoms and it's something that house republicans are fighting back against and i give credit to republican governors across the country who are also challenging these unconstitutional announcements from the administration. ainsley: yeah, and there are certain circumstances. you mentioned hospital that is can't deliver babies because they don't have the workers. doctors said not to get the shot so she could have a better chance of getting pregnant because she was worried about that and you know for me at least time is of the essence when i wanted to have a baby and i wanted a baby so badly and in certain circumstances don't you think there should be an exemption? >> absolutely there should be religious exemptions and we want to encourage every american to have those important conversations with your doctor. we are promoting vaccines. we have invested in vaccines but every person situation is different. in many cases people contracted covid and have the natural
5:23 am
immunity. so there needs to be flexibility. these mandates are unconstitutional and it's attack on freedoms in the country and to have the president of the united states mock freedom, frankly that's un-american. ainsley: what about new york city, things are about to change here after bill de blasio said there's a mandate? congresswoman: well, it's just another example of new york city spiraling out of control with the failed leadership from mayor de blasio particularly after two years when we've seen skyrocketing crime numbers in new york city, the fact that he's instituting the mandate for law enforcement officers, for first responders and for city workers, it's going to have a hugely negative impact both on the way of life in new york city but also on the safety and security in new york city. so new yorkers have to stand up and demand better leadership from their mayors, from their governors and from the president of the united states. ainsley: they were our heroes 18 months ago and now they are possibly losing their jobs because they are not going to get vaccinated.
5:24 am
i do want to mention that you had a baby, baby sam and this is your first television interview since having him. there he is. beautiful pictures. how is it going? congresswoman: it is going wonderful. sam is just a joy. as i have said to you before, ainsley, it's like life before sam and after sam and life is so much better after sam. he is smiling, he's 8 weeks today. today is his eighth week birthday so happy birthday baby sam from monday. ainsley: is he sleeping through the night, probably not? >> not quite. he slept from 8:00 to 2:00 a.m. but i'm excited to see him out of time. ainsley: i do have a doctor that says if they sleep 6 hours, they call that sleeping through the night so you got your first night last night. congress congress absolutely. ainsley: what's the best part? congresswoman: the best part is amount of love. your heart grows by infinite sizes and every day i love him more and more and it also is
5:25 am
amazing to see how quickly they learn and absorb things. he can recognize my voice now, my -- they had turned on the tv when they had a press conference with my house republican colleagues and he turned his head and recognized my voice so it's just so, so special and i'm so proud to be his mom. ainsley: you are teaching him about the country, the importance of hard work because you're a congresswoman, i don't know how you're balancing all of this but god bless you and i know sam is going to have a wonderful life. he's going to learn so much from you. congresswoman: thank you so much. ainsley: you're welcome, thank you congresswoman, the search for brian laundrie ends after remains found in florida swamp. we take you to newport, florida. and paris hilton using her voice to convince members of congress to fight abuse in youth facilities. she's going to join us live to discuss deeply personal fight and you'll hear her story.
5:26 am
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learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. peter: it is 8:30 in new york city and fox news alert. fbi confirmed that florida fugitive brian landrie is dead. dental records helping authorities id remains in northport, florida swamp. steve harrigan joins us live with new information on brian's mental state apparently before he died, steve. steve: that's right. the reason the fbi had to use dental records that's pretty much was left after 5 weeks in the marsh, the body exposed to elements as well as animals and we are learning new details about brian landrie's final
5:31 am
night in his parents' house before he set off never to return again. his attorney is giving details of what went on that night. here is the attorney. >> brian has been extremely upset, you know, chris and roberta were concerned about him. they expressed that to me that when he walked out the door that evening they wished they could have stopped him and they wished they could have prevented him from going out. reporter: the attorney says the family doesn't know yet whether brian landrie killed himself and so far they are refusing to any anything they might know about gabby patito. back to you. they've been putting up the fight since the very start. they refuse to let police interview their son and they changed the date about when
5:32 am
their son left and suddenly they led police and investigators right to son's body. certainly questions about their behavior throughout this ordeal, steve. steve: some had said dad walked around and it seems a little suspicious but i'm sure the cops are working on that. steve, thank you very much. live report from northport down in florida. meanwhile the gabby patito family lawyer telling laura ingle they are grieving loss and will make a statement when they are ready. laura ingle joins us right now. laura, apparently the patito family not ready yet. reporter: we reached out when the news came about over the last two days and as you said they said to me they are not ready at this time, they are still grieving the loss of gabby patito and they will make the
5:33 am
statement when the time is appropriate. i can tell you two weeks ago we interviewed all four parents of gabby patito. they wanted to find him alive, what happened in wyoming on the cross-country trip. they told me they always had felt that brian was the key to this, that he would possibly have the information of what happened. they wanted him found so they could get answers and if he was responsible for the death of their daughter, they wanted him brought to justice and held responsible, of course, now here we are with the new developments and that information coming from the attorney. steve, we never heard that before that brian when he left that day going on a hike he was upset in the way that he was. that's brand-new information today. steve: it is and the parents didn't want him to leave and they knew where he was and took them while to find his body. back about what 10, 11 years ago
5:34 am
there was a series of deaths in that neck of the woods and that story is now being told in multipart fox nation series and fox audio podcast called grim tide. 10 people found on long island, they still haven't figured out what happened. reporter: that's right. you know, our team has been taking a deep dive. i'm coming from gilgo beach, this is not far, there were bodies that were found in this area and down the road in oak beach all along this section of ocean parkway. our team taking a very deep dive into this case through the series. we've been working on it for the better part of a year interviewing investigators, attorneys, victims families and for the first time steve, the suffolk county district attorney has allowed camera in. our camera crew went into the crime lab looking at brand-new technology being used to solve this case with an mvac machine.
5:35 am
that's a very specialized machine that can retest evidence that has been preserved for all of this time and also the phone analytics room, we were taken into that room. this is a very big part of trying to track some of the phones that were used in this case. many of these victims were escorts and they were sex workers and they were discarded along the parkway where we are now. this is an intriguing series. 5-part series on fox nation and also bonus episodes along with it on the fox audio podcast, steve. steve: very good, laura, thank you very much. be sure to watch grim tide streaming now on fox laura, thank you very much. meanwhile switching to washington, d.c. and paris hilton work to go expose the epidemic of abuse at facilities for troubled teenagers. she will open up about her traumatic experience as a young woman and discuss her fight to get congress to take action to protect kids. paris hilton live next.
5:36 am
5:37 am
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5:39 am
5:40 am
>> welcome back, a tennessee mom escorted away from a school board meeting after speaking up against a policy isolating students who don't wear a mask. listen. >> that we signed up in williamson county schools and what you are doing to them through your policies is evil and wrong. >> the superintendent admitted the quality of detention is less than ideal. condoleezza rice pokes fun at democrats in speech. >> i'm a californian republican, not a new york congresswoman, so tax the rich didn't quite cut
5:41 am
it. i haven't seen this many wine glasses since governor newsom dined at the french laundry. >> joked also about former governor andrew cuomo saying there wasn't enough social distancing in the world to make having her work with him politically. and those are your headlines. you were at the dinner. brian: president bush had the intro to condoleezza rice one of them and he wore a tuxedo shirt via a video. he was very funny too. this is my family came. one got a table. sandra smith is not my family. there's sandra and her husband and martha came in as well and great maria bartiromo hosted and did a fantastic job. steve: it raised $7 million for catholic charities. brian: this is off year. when they get candidates they get a ton of money.
5:42 am
ainsley: you got a table and didn't invite us, thanks. brian: you could have gotten your own. steve: let's go to the streets in new york city. janice has a lot of friends out there. janice: a lot of friends, you look handsome in tuxedo. where are you from? >> kristina from houston. >> megan from pittsburgh. >> dianne from warren, ohio. >> i'm sheila from doyles town, pennsylvania. janice: i think you ladies brought the beauty here today. 61 in new york city. colder air moving across the east coast. that's associated with a cold front that will sweep on by this weekend and then we watch the west, holy-molly, coastal rain, a lot of coastal rain and mountain snow. this is going to go through something called bombo genesis,
5:43 am
strong storm system and several on the way and that's going the produce the rain and heavy mountain snow which is going to be great for the drought. all right, it's friday. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian, my friends. thank you so much for coming to fox -- >> ainsley: hi. steve: good to have them all. brien: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. next guest is speaking about the abuse she endured while in care youth facility as a teenager. now she's joining lawmakers and calling the biden administration to take legislative action to stop the abuse of children at group youth facilities. >> i was strangled, slapped across the face, watched in the shower by male staff, called vulgar names. children were regularly hit, thrown into walls and even sexually abused at provo. ainsley: my goodness, entrepreneur and influencer
5:44 am
joins us now. good morning to you, paris. >> good morning. ainsley: i know that your parents thought it was hard tough love, what is their reaction now? >> my parents are just in shock, heartbroken, angry that they were lied to about these schools and the parents are just as much victims as the children that have to go to these types of places. steve: you know, you were so -- your story is amazing and if nobody has read it it's in the washington post where you tell when you were 16 you were kidnapped by people working for your parents to take you to one of these group facility home for treatment because you were rebellious and during your young life apparently they put you in four different facilities. so you saw better than anybody how bad these places could be but because essentially they would not allow any word out, you could tell your mom, hey,
5:45 am
you're not going to believe what's going on but they controlled every -- all of the communication, so your parents never knew what a living hell those places were. >> my parents had no idea, they thought that was a normal boarding school. they have such deceptive marketing that the families have no idea and being a child there, they cut you off from the outside world. everything is supervised when you call your parents, if you say one negative word about the place they immediately hang up the phone. you get punished and have your phone privileges taken away. so it's very hard being there and being able to tell what's happening to you. brian: two questions, paris, why are you coming out now and how hard was it dealing with that once you got out? >> when i got out of there i was just so traumatized that i didn't even ever want to think about it or speak about it out loud, so it was something that i just buried inside for over 20
5:46 am
years but i'm so grateful that i have told my story now because it's just been so healing and the fact that it's made such impact so far, changing laws in 7 states and now here trying to push legislation on our bills so it's just -- i'm very proud to have turned my pain into a purpose. ainsley: yeah, yeah, exactly. tragedy into triumph. what would you like congress to do, what was your message in washington? >> my message to everyone in washington is this is not a political issue. it's not about democrats and republicans. this is a human rights issue for children who are dying in the name of treatment, so i really urge congress and the president to act now because this is an emergency. steve: when you say children dying in the name of treatment, in your op-ed you actually talk about that, you talk about a young man who died. i'm sure his parents as well
5:47 am
thought, you know what, a little tough love is what the kid could use, not that kind of love. cornelius fred ricks was 16-year-old and he was restrained by 7 staff members for 12 minutes and ended up dead because of that. that should not be happening. these people are not properly trained. they should not be restraining. there needs to be rules, regulations or staff that are going to keep getting away with this. ainsley: how did parents find out which facilities are good and which are not? >> it's very simple, you do your research. there are breaking code which is a survivor community that i work with. they have types of treatment and then all of the bad places and what's happening because they just use such deceptive marketing that you really, really need to do your research. steve: to read her story go to
5:48 am paris hilton thank you for joining us from washington. ainsley: thank you, paris. steve: good luck. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up in a few minutes but first we will check in with dana perrino. >> i'm glad that i was here to able for having her. the white house and the national school organization in communication. bill bennett will weigh in. president biden tried and tried again to get the legislative agenda out of desk spiral. will they ever get a deal larry kudlow and chris wallace have analysis? and quick-thinking veteran who said not today, you will meet the marine. see you at 9:00.
5:49 am
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brain brian all right. it's like a scene out of a movie. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you're going to need a bigger boat.
5:53 am
brian: fishermen in new york understand that scene. they're getting just as big a shock but not by sharks, they're catching massive blue fin tuna summed up to 600 pounds. usually the mega fish are found 40 to 100 miles out in massachusetts and north carolina but anglers in new york are closing them close to shore. one proof talk to richie, founder of the brooklyn fishing club. richie, set the scene for me. >> well, i've been fishing in the area for 20 years full-time charter boat operator, owner, what i have seen this summer is like nothing that we have ever seen here before. it's a bite that when you see prince edward island canada, now here in brooklyn new york blue fin. sight to see.
5:54 am
brian: what's your role in this catch? go. >> my role would be, i don't know, i kind of am a platform for, you know, all the anglers of new york city to share information with each other. i run the brooklyn fishing club and one of our missions has always been to connect and serve the anglers of new york city so once we found out that these tuna were around, we used our instagram fishing club to kind of promote it, promote the bite, show the world that, you know, there's outstanding fish here in new york city. you don't have to travel too far and here we are, you know, over the summer i'm sitting on rockway beach and i'm looking out and i can see the tuna feeding a couple miles offshore. so it's really been unbelievable. brian: kyle, i've never done anything like this, i hear it's very hard to reel this fish describe the physical toll. >> oh, well, the fish are solid
5:55 am
muscle. a small one is 200 pounds. some of the fish are over 700 pounds that were being caught. so we are fishing with rods and reels that are larger than a human head. 40, 50 pounds of pressure at any given time. you're fighting them for two hours or more. the immense pressure, you couldn't physically hold it. we leave them in the rod holders or back harnesses and after a long battle you fatigue the fish and come back to the surface and you take pictures or try and land it. brian: wow. when it's time to -- when it's time to sell, you could sell this thing, right? how much -- how much tuna is on the tuna? >> there's a lot of tuna on the tuna. unfortunately i can't sell it. i'm not permitted to but i do enjoy it thoroughly. i love sushi and this is the
5:56 am
freshest sushi. don't get better than cutting up your own pieces. brian: why in new york, why now, have you talked to experts, why are they coming here? >> we have large amounts of bunker fish. they are miles and miles of them and the tuna fish found them and they stuck around for 2 and a half months feeding on them before they swam off. that's what held them here. brian: you got them. víctor lucia and richie colonbo, thank you for the great fish story. >> thank you for having us. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling. aaaand welcome back to guess what it is.
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>> have a great weekend. >> have a wonderful time with your family and sleeping in but watch "fox & friends." >> dana: president biden's new vaccine mandate causing business groups to panic saying it will further compound the shipping crisis hitting companies where it hurts and right before christmas. good morning, i'm dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." the deadline for federal workers to be fully vaccinated is december 8th. the trade group for ups and fedex says it could further disrupt the supply chain smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season. >> dana: president biden
6:01 am
addressed the cris


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