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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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2424. carley: it is friday october 20 second. the fbi confirming brian laundrie is dead, into an extensive nationwide manhunt. we are live in florida with the latest on the investigation plus -- >> the memo was the catalyst for great awakening that is just getting started. i think your memo is the last straw. it was the catalyst.
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carley: republicans defending the rights of concerned parents by tearing into attorney general merrick garland over his directive to investigate school board protesters as domestic terrorists. >> president biden: all products coming into the west coast go through -- what am i doing here? those who try to make this a political issue, freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. carley: president biden pressed on the supply chain in a townhall appears to mock the freedom of first responders losing their jobs over vaccine mandates. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ashley: you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday morning, todd and jillian have the day off. the white house forced to walk back president biden's comments to use the national guard 20 of supply chain problem. ashley: moron biden's cnn townhall. >> reporter: the president hit a range of topics from his stalled
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to mystic agenda to ending the filibuster. front and center was the supply chain disaster with rising costs to which president biden says he will deploy the national guard of his administration can't fix the problem. >> national guard - >> president biden: if we can't increase the number of truckers which we are in the process of doing. >> reporter: the white house was quick to walk it back issuing a statement requesting use of national guard at the same level is the purview of governors and we are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard on a federal level. meanwhile, florida's ron desantis says the sunshine state stands ready to help. >> we've got capacity, our ports can offer businesses good incentives. you set off the coast for days
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on end you might as well bring it to florida. >> reporter: the president delivered bad news saying gas prices are not coming down until next year. on the infrastructure front the president was optimistic lawmakers are close to a deal despite low indication on capitol hill the democratic infighting has ended. there was a notable uncomfortable moment when the president seemed to lose track into the moderator had to come to the rescue. >> president biden: 40% of all products coming to the united states on the west coast go through los angeles and, and - i'm -- what am i doing here? >> long beach. >> president biden: long beach, thank you. >> reporter: the president and democrats will miss a self imposed friday deadline to have a framework for a deal. we will see a vice president has something new to say later today. carley: griff jenkins, thank you.
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does big spending and big government help americans? these left-wing ideas pushed by the white house are undermining american principles. >> this is a purely corrupt, stunningly dishonest administration with 0 regard for the full of law and it is not going to last. you may be right about biden three years from now but the reckoning is going to come much faster than that because the american people are not going to put up with the level of pain and the level of incompetence this modern big socialist big government socialism represents. jillian: one states signaling a shift from far left policies is virginia where democrats are hoping president biden can help
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terry mcauliffe save his struggling bid for governor. republican glenn youngkin is tied in the latest polls. biden will visit arlington tuesday exactly one week before the election. vice president kamala harris and former president barack obama among the big names being called in as anti-critical race theory organization launches a $1 million ad campaign against mcauliffe. it accuses him of minimizing the role of children's education. >> now admitting to funding gain of function research at the wuhan lab in china. director anthony fauci repeatedly denying it. >> doctor fauci misled the committee and lied to the committee at worst by saying tax dollars were never used for gain of function knowledge or gain of function research. carley: nonprofit eco-health alliance funneled 600,$000 of its nih grant money to the wuhan lab claiming eco-health was not
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clear about the work being done there. in july 2020 of the height of the pandemic doctor fauci was pressed by senator rand paul about gain of function research. >> nih funded it. it was responsible for the deaths of individuals? i totally resent that. if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. carley: senator fall said fauci's dance has been interested, the white house's top coronavirus advisor needs to answer for it. >> he has been going around the subject and never explained why it is not gain of function but his explanation is this, we didn't know we would gain function. that is what a gain of function experiment is. if you have half a brain, it
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might be more deadly. this research could really something that could destroy civilization. that is coming from a scientist. that should scare us all. carley: it was awarded for a 5-year period between 2014, and 2019. alec baldwin kills a cinematographer after firing a prop gun on a movie set, he is seen in tears following the incident during filling of the western film front. the director of photography hutchins was flown to a hospital and pronounced dead. no charges have been filed. ashley: a fox news alert, the hunt for fugitive brian laundrie is over. the fbi confirming his remains were recovered in the northport park. carley: steve harrigan joins us
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as the laundrie family lawyer addresses rumors they planted evidence in the swamp. >> that discovery was made a 30 minute walk next to me into this swampy marshlands. the fbi and the laundrie family parent searching for remains. what they found was mainly bones. brian laundrie left his home five weeks ago. could have been dead for several weeks, exposed to water. the fbi had to use the history of his dental records to make that positive identification. this part of the marshland was searched several weeks ago but keep in mind much of it was underwater and limited what the cadaver dogs could do. the attorney for brian laundrie's parent said any suggestion they planted personal items from their son in the marsh is nonsense and they said there is no discrepancy between what they told the fbi and the truth. here is their attorney.
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>> no discrepancy with law enforcement and us, once we clarify what happened. miscommunication and more open communication. >> major questions remain unanswered. how did brian laundrie die, and this could shed the light on the murder of gabby petito. >> they wanted brian laundrie to be found alive. he held all the answers as to what happened. steve harrigan in northport. >> republicans demanding special counsel investigation into hunter biden's controversial art deal. is there any chance of that happening? carley: ian prior is next.
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house know about a letter calling parents to mystic terrorists weeks before it was sent to the president. >> reporter: those emails show the white house in communication with the national school board association for weeks before the liberal organization sent a letter calling parents opposed to critical race theory domestic terrorists and asking for patriot act surveillance and yesterday ag garland faced a barrage of questions from republicans on that bombshell memo. >> the national school board association says these kind of threats. >> any connection with the school board letter and 5 days later your memo regarding school board issues? >> the letter was brought to our attention, a relevant factor. >> he denied agree with the substance of the school board letter. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance
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where they would be labeled as domestic terrorists. >> reporter: garland claiming currents of sexual assault in loudoun county, virginia schools. >> are you aware the boy was arrested and charged for the first assault in july but released from juvenile detention? >> of like a state case and i'm not familiar with it. i am sorry. carley: the notion of financial conflict caused by his son-in-law's witness which promotes critical race theory in public schools. >> the not relate to financial interests of anyone. >> fox news polls showing 73% of parents say they are extremely or very concerned what their children are being taught in school. republicans as garland for more evidence of threats against school board members but did not provide anything past the letter. carley: thank you.
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let's bring in executive director and former doj official ian prior. >> good morning. carley: what did you make of what you saw yesterday with ag garland? >> i saw somebody that is not in control of his own justice department. what happened here is there were reports the white house was aware of the letter and working with the national school board association weeks before they put out this letter. i suspect some of garland's deputies and staffers were working at the white house and i would not be surprised if this attorney general memo was already prewritten and ready to go and signed by garland. they sent it on september 20 ninth and the ag memo came out october 4th. it takes longer to coordinate
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with various components, nevermind other departments, other agencies at the white house and us attorneys, no way they did that in two business days. >> why do you think the attorney general want to the fbi to get involved, these are just going to be incidents of threats to school board members focused on violence but the local police department can handle that. >> what happened was the play of this ag memo was not to do these investigations but to put fear in parents that these investigations would be done and the motivation is strictly political. the biden administration looking around seeing parents, investigating school boards, putting pressure on school boards, trying to hold them accountable and the political backlash is becoming huge, sweeping the country where people are holding school boards accountable for what is being taught and the actions of school board members and hurting the
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biden administration and clearly looked at virginia governor's race and said it is hurting the governor's race, to be a bellwether for what happens in 2022. carley: teachers unions are alive in the democratic party. you are probably right about that. in loudoun county, you're very vocal about allowing county school board. his name is scott smith and he says his daughter was raped by a boy wearing a skirt in the bathroom. this story has blown up over the past week. he was arrested at a school board meeting in july or back in may and the school board members have come out and said they didn't know about that at the time and they learned about it through the media but you say you have a letter that proves otherwise. >> wtop of the local news station, last night, and email they are acquired via foia
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showing superintendent email the entire school board on may 20 eighth when the incident happened, describing sexual assault in a bathroom so that means when the superintendent went to a school board meeting where mister smith was arrested on june 20 second and said there were no records of sexual assault in bathrooms he was lying. when school board members came out last week and said we weren't aware of any specific details, they didn't have every detail but they knew about this on may 28th. they covered this policy up, pre-cooked questions from the school board meeting to hide it because they wanted to pass the controversial transgender policy that would allow bathroom used by people who identify with whatever gender they chose. this is a massive cover-up. anyone in the loudoun county school system knew about this, need to step down immediately.
2:20 am
carley: you are saying the superintendent of the school and the school board, anybody who read the memo knew about an alleged rape of a student and covered it up. >> covered up and allowed the student and did nothing to stop that student from transferring to a different school this year seemingly with no discipline where allegedly he committed another sexual assault on october 6th. carley: you are saying this is political because they wanted to pass a transgender policy, this boy was allegedly wearing a skirt in the bathroom at the time he raped this student. >> even without that detail, having that detail it doesn't matter. what matters is the superintendent lied in a june 22nd school board meeting and you go back to the questions asked by other school board members specifically the chairwoman it looks like these
2:21 am
questions were precooked to get this answer out because the superintendent answered question from another school board member, said to we regularly have sexual assault in bathrooms and the superintendent volunteered an answer to a question he was asked where he said we don't have records of sexual assault and the chairwoman comes in and changes the question to do we have sexual assaults from transgender students in bathrooms and he answered that question. he screwed up on the first question and the chairwoman realize i've got to clean this up. it is a lie and asked a different question. they were in on this and it is appalling. carley: those instances of sexual assault under investigation but it sounds like the superintendent in the school board with the release of this letter have a lot of questions they are going to be answering in the coming days. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. ashley: it is 5:21.
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florida fire chief is fired for refusing to punish unvaccinated first responders. our next guest is an orange county firefighter who is fighting to keep that chief on-the-job. hear his side of the story next. ♪♪ it's a cross between a bear and a sas... it's made up. -he's usually sleeping. -he'll never sleep again. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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change fired battalion chief was fired for refusing to fire employees who didn't get vaccinated, run the santos. >> the fire bring was totally inappropriate. it is ridiculous and these are people that served our communities and being tossed aside. >> jason wheat is here to react. thanks for being with us. i know you worked with the battalion chief for 15 years. what is he like?
2:27 am
>> chief davis is a great guy. he is a lieutenant and battalion chief. i knew from the beginning he would be a great leader and he has shown that. the battalion chiefs in orange county, that is why it is so important we get his job back for him and important in orange county, this is a devastating loss to them, for chief davis to be on the scene. >> the full screen of firefighters on the list to begin a reprimand for not being vaccinated, it was 289, it was 60. say those 289 firefighters are reprimanded whether they are fire put on some sort of weave would that be detrimental to the
2:28 am
response time for the community? >> at first it was 599. that is when they said he would terminate us if we didn't receive the vaccine or get a religious or medical exemption. he had to push back that deadline 30 days ended up being 289 after a lot of them were forced to put it out for the family. >> the battalion chief was fired because he didn't turn these people and who had potential religious exemptions, but has a small child, may be small children and i wonder what he is going to do next if nothing is done, governor desantis on board with helping him keep his job but what can anyone do with this mandate?
2:29 am
>> there was 20 something battalion chiefs given the order and at the time firefighters on their after chief davis got back from vacation, he studied the letter and he knew for sure they were fully vaccinated and had exemptions so he knew it was against the law to write those firefighters out and against their civil rights as well. he had to make a decision to stand up for what he believed in the firefighters and put his family at risk knowing he could lose his job but i know chief davis wouldn't live with himself if he didn't do the right thing for his firefighters and he refused to write those individuals up were fully vaccinated and had religious exemptions. these firefighters never got any discipline, had a clear record and now getting this right up.
2:30 am
carley: keep fighting the good fight and we have people like you standing up for people like that. thank you for being with us this morning. carley: a live look at the santa monica are, janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. >> janice: the big stories across the west with epic rainfall and incredible amounts of snow but the short-term problem is flash flooding. we also have a front that will push across the east coast with warmer than average temperatures. cooler than average temperatures. that front is going to push across the east coast in the next 6 to 12 hours. we are not talking about a big storm system but will bring temperatures down this weekend and the west, we will focus on the west into next week because
2:31 am
this is going to be quite an event tuesday, wednesday and thursday. heavy rainfall along the coast and incredible amounts of snow for the areas of california, sierra nevada region. there is your forecast. yesterday you wanted to know about halloween. i don't like to forecast 5 days, gets a little risky, all in all i don't see a lot on that map, really good temperatures. take this with a grain of salt. i don't like to forecast past 5 days but that is a pretty good forecast if it comes through. that is not a trick. carley: thank you for extending yourself past 5 days. we appreciate it. the time is 31 minutes after the are. you might have seen this video of terry mcauliffe storming out of an interview. >> we are over.
2:32 am
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ashley: cheryl casone breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: the $1.9 trillion stimulus package signed into law earlier in the are likely adding to the inflation problem. the american rescue plan would add 0.3% to a key metric of inflation known as pce. businesses are offering higher wages to attract workers. they in turn are raising prices was that was one piece of the report that pointed to the reasoning of this, how long as inflation lasts is a good question right now. carley: $8 a gallon for gas. >> to no one out there. that is what residents are paying. president biden admits he
2:37 am
doesn't have a solution for rising gas prices. >> i don't half a near-term answer. there two things i could do. i can go on the petroleum reserve and take out and reduce the price of gas $0.18 or so a gallon, still above $3. i don't see anything that will happen in the meantime to reduce gas prices. >> could do more domestic production but that is just my opinion. the average gas price nationally is $3.36 a gallon, for example how bad this is in california and la, paying close to $5 a gallon. you know how much of a drive. >> never seen $8 before in my life. something random about that, you know why it is so hard? >> for that particular town, a supply chain issue and location of it.
2:38 am
remember california paid high prices, a lot of times it is the top state in the country because of regulations that lawmakers have a lot of power when it comes to how gas prices, oil prices, how they affect the country but right now they are choosing not to do anything. >> making prices go up, thank you so much. democrat candidate terry mcauliffe storms off during an interview but media outlets choose to ignore it. >> healthcare, covid, education, we are over. that is it. i gave you extra time. you could have asked better questions. carley: joe concha joins us now. take a look at this and i said your expert opinion. cbs evening news era minutes, abc world news tonight, 0, cnn
2:39 am
0, m s nbc 0, all 0 on that exit. >> amazing. your too all or too young, i am too old to bring up this analogy but dean wormer from animal house described a student's grade point average, 0.0, that is what we saw all around these networks not reporting on the story, 0.0. if a republican candidate or donald trump did the same thing you don't declare an interview is over unless you are the interviewee or you are joe concha and you got to get to a tease. the local affiliate that conducted this interview, wj la said mcauliffe was offered the same amount of time as his republican opponent, glenn youngerken and he stormed off
2:40 am
after 10 minutes when the networks is actually the agreement was 20 minutes which makes a lot of sense given how big this race is and regardless who or what was agreed to and that depends who you believe mcauliffe comes off with president biden running off the stage declaring the interview was over before taking any other questions. he looks defensive and scared and given how the race is trending toward youngkin and the republicans directive and how poor the campaign the governor has run is par for the course terry mcauliffe who is in that heat in a state president biden won by double digits. biden himself and his performance as president has something to do with that, tracking down the colors. youngkin wins in virginia will sit desk on one panic in the democratic party. >> new op-ed called as radicals sees the democratic party, these liberals may be the only voice of reason left, the liberals your referring to don't look on capitol hill.
2:41 am
>> a video op-ed i do, why not appear on their too. the loudest voices on the democratic side of the aisle were alexandria ocasio cortez or ilhan omar, adam schiff, principal conservatives of the lincoln projects. it puts the far back in the far left but now you have these voices of reason, guys from another democratic party, john stuart, bill marr who are making a lot of sense these days, in their respective platforms. stuart on apple tv, maher on hbo. stuart dismissed the wuhan lab leak. maher constantly rails on cancel culture. i love what stuart had to say about the wuhan lab leak. he said, quote, oh my god, there is a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking wuhan, china, what do you think we could ask? the wuhan novel coronavirus lab
2:42 am
the disease that has the same name. he makes total sense here. when those guys say these things the left on twitter goes nuts, can't believe they are not marching in line. it is independent thought. a completely foreign concept called common sense and great to see some voices making common sense. carley: making the point about the wuhan lab. thank you. appreciate it. happy friday. coming up the border patrol bracing for tens of thousands of migrants hoping to cross the border before the remain in mexico policy is reinstated. congresswoman ashley pinson says it is time for americans to resign next. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> the inside story and what is happening in 14 minutes. paris hilton, speaking out on abuse she faces a child, calling on president biden, she will join us live at 8:30 a.m.. congresswoman alisa stefanik,
2:47 am
her first interview giving birth to her first child and congressman darrell issa speaking out after a jury garland's ruling on capitol hill. we will look at the fbi's counterterror operations looking into parents. general jack keane a china tested not one but two hypersonic missiles. nancy grace breaks down, brian laundrie is dead, his remains uncovered in a florida reserve. unless i the wrong promo, got that. >> i want you to remember that. that came off the top of my head. see you in 13 minutes. thousands of migrants cabinet the southern border in the coming days as the biden
2:48 am
administration plans to implement the trump iraq remain in mexico policy. ashley hinson joins me to weigh in. it is a good thing, the remain in mexico policy. border patrol says 60,000 come to the us in the coming days. >> an athlete voiding leadership from the biden administration on this issue and the safety and security of the american people, they refused to answer my questions and other members of congress's questions over the past couple months when it comes to border issues. they are dodging on how many people are coming into the country, where they are going, can they track them, it is time we have real leadership in this position which is why a call from the secretary to resign. >> this exchange from president
2:49 am
biden at the cnn townhall last night. >> i have been there before and haven't had a lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and whether and traveling around the world. ashley: the president said he's been to the southern border before but according to peter doocy there is no evidence he has ever visited the border as the vice president, candidate, senator or concerned citizen. is that acceptable? >> absolutely not. vice president harris was named border's are more than 200 days ago, she has not been to the border. she has been to texas and flown over the border but that is an acceptable as well. the american people deserve answers. they need to stop the surge at the border and they turn a blind eye to a crisis they have created. their policies created this when
2:50 am
they took office in january, this is compounded every month, whether it is the surge in people, drugs, gangs activity. this is their responsibility and their blinders are on. all they care about is the spending spigot in washington dc. they are arguing how many trillions of dollars to spend on his social spending packages rather than fixing the problems that affect americans every day which is safety and security. it is time for new leadership. carley: we learned 52 people were arrested in panama with ties to al qaeda and they were trying to come into the united states. looks like we lost the congresswoman. we are going to try to get her back up because i was about to ask her a very important question. she says she's calling for alejandro mayorkas to resign because she asked many time for answers to the border crisis and he hasn't given her any of the answers she's looking for. we will try to get the congressman back up as we tried
2:51 am
to get to her but we have to cut the interview there. times 5:50 on the east coast, republicans grill attorney general mary garland as he defends his actions to crack down on parents in school board meetings. lara trump is next.
2:52 am
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carley: welcome back. president biden mocking vaccine skeptics during a cnn town hall while also saying police officers and emergency responders should be fired if they refuse to get the covid jab. >> those who just try to make political issue, freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. no, i mean, come on, freedom. >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and if not, should they be stay at home or let go. >> yes and yes.
2:56 am
the mandates are working. carley: biden as officers coast to coast with getting or getting fired. first responders in seattle turning in their boots in protest. there are so many people that are being affected by the vaccine mandate. >> republicans are grilling a.g. garland on capitol hill as he defends his school board memo parents are entitled to protest. carley: fox news contributor chief joins us now. good morning to you, lara what did you makes a we have you -- there you are. what we saw with the attorney general yesterday. he was grilled on capitol hill and a lot of it had to do with his memo directing the fbi investigate instances of alleged violence at school board meetings. >> well, good morning, guys. yes, coming to you a little different today had technical
2:57 am
difficulties. carley: glad to have you. >> thanks for having me. listen, i think it's very frustrating to the american people to see that we have a fully open southern border that we have had 1.7 million people that have been apprehended so far at the southern border this year and, yet, not a single one of those people he could tell us has been prosecuted so far in america. that law being blatantly broken and nothing done about it. contrast that with what we see right now with parents all across america basically the goal, i think, of this memo that was sent out, he, of course, claims it had nothing to do with being domestic terrorists and he never used that word but the end goal was to make every mom and dad out there who wanted to see hey, maybe, i should check out what's going on in my child's school right now. maybe i should find out what they're learning about in school and exactly if that aligns with our beliefs, it was to make them stop and think should i do this?
2:58 am
maybe i shouldn't go to that school board meeting and that is an infringement upon our constitutional rights. it's so unamerican and scary place to find ourselves n america. he tap danced around quite a bit there i still don't feel like we got any great answers from him. >> laura i want to get your reaction on the other side. take a listen. >> any connection with the school board member and five days later school board issues. >> obviously the letter was brought our attention and it's a relevant factor. i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. ashley: but they were labeled as domestic terrorists. these parents, they are being portrayed to be the bad guy when
2:59 am
they just want to know what's going on in their kids' classrooms and i think they have every right to know that and i think a lot of people would agree. >> yeah. it is a completely legitimate thing to want to know how your child is being taught how they are being educated. our tax dollars goes to pay for many of these schools. for us to get that answer, i think it is very unclear what is going on at the justice department. if he really is aloof and doesn't know, then that is major problem. we have seen by the way how the, you know, how influential some of these school agencies have been in dictating what happens in schools. remember, it wasn't too long ago that we had mask mandates all across our country when the teachers unions decided they would like the mask mandate. those things coincided very closely. so, again, i just think that that is so unconstitutional and such a shame to see something like this happen in america. she's patients are outraged. not only are they unsure as to
3:00 am
what is being taught in their kids' schools now there is a deterrent being put in place by the department of justice that, again, make them stop and think i do even want to go this school board meeting? that should never happen in america. and i hope we see a reversal on this. carley: thank you so much for joining us we appreciate. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> attorney general merrick garland in the hot seat. >> we don't need you trampling on the rights of american parents. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border. >> i have been there before. >> has president biden ever visited the southern border. >> what would you like him to do at the southern border? >> if this is the best we have got, we are in deep problem. >> major update in the gabby petino case. >> a comparison of the dental records confirm the human remains found are those of brian laundry. >> newly released letter the


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