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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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about a disclaimer. you don't need a disclaimer. >> will: we are getting cut off -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here in spite of it all. we have spent an awful lot of time telling you what we think about the biden administration. we do it almost every night. a little repugnant. -- repetitive. tonight, for once, we are going to let the biden administration speak for itself. this show has obtained some recently shot footageen of joe biden and kamala harris, the president and vice president of the united states, or vice versa depending on yourho view.
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footage that shows them in their private moments, deep within the federal compound in washington.s it is aiv remarkable window into who these peoplea really are, d may be the most remarkable thing about it is that this video comes from the biden administration itself. they released it, apparently on purpose. they wanted you to see it. they thought you would be impressed. they thought it would make them look good. keep that in mind as you watch this first clip. this footage is from kamala harris' "surprise" birthday party the other day. here it is. >> surprise! ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ [cheers and applause] [laughter] ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪
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[applause] >> tucker: in the entire history of sad parties, that has got to take first place. it is like a roomful of aliens have gathered to act out this concept they just heard about called happiness. the head alien is a supernaturally strange being called kamala harris, who for reasons no one ever explains, walks into a room in the most secure building in the world with a piece of elasticizednt fabric over her face, but that is totally normal, just as the masked birthday celebration, this kamala harris then walks over to a man they claim is hera husband, who like her is for lease vaxxed, and he for some reason as a mask on his face too which suggest they don't actually live together or indeed have ever met. we don't know the truth but whatever it is, the two of them proceed to pantomime the most sexless imitation of a kiss imaginable, awkwardly rubbing
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faces through the gauze. and then, as if it could get weirder, harris suddenly yells "surprise" at her own surprise birthday party, like she is hosting the event for one of her multiple personalities. what the hell is going on here? who are these people? oh, just our leaders, the people who run the country. then it gets truly bizarre. take a look at this video, again intentionally released by the white house press office, of joe biden in a hallway. he totters along like a nursing home patient in the final stretch, clearly unaware of his surroundings or what he is caring in his own hands.he spoiler alert, they are flowers. watch. [laughter] >> really? oh, joe! aww, thank you. thank you. oh, look at how gorgeous. this is my favorite.
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oh, i'm going to hang this up. thank you, mr. president! >> you are welcome. >> tucker: the camera catches her masked alone in her own office. and then she talks "oh, joe, i am very touched," says this alien posing as vice president. she used the word gorgeous, they were no actual human being has used since 1977. there is even, if you listen for it, a fake kiss sound in there. we are assuming harris made that sound, although it is possible there and playing a soundtrack in the background. what we know is they want you to see this, and that is interesting. you can tell a lot about the regime by thee propaganda it produces. north korea puts on a lot of propaganda. just the otheron day, they released video of soldiers breaking concrete slabs with their bare hands, lying down shirtless on broken glass. these are the people defending north korea, back off or we will eat you.
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okay, got it. but what is the message of the joe and kamala videos? all your nightmares are real? y the people in charge or even worse than you thought they were? kamala may have seemed kind of fake to you, joe may have looked a little out of it, but actually the white house is not telling us you don't know the half of it. it is possible, harris is an actual robot with batteries, the new frontier of ai. joe biden isn't just punchy, he is barely conscious. that is the message they are sending. it is really strange. and it has been going on for a b remember last year when joe biden read from a note card that kamala harris would be his vice president? this was the announcement video released. >> hi, hi, sorry to keep you. >> that's all right. are you ready to go to t work? >> oh, my god, i am so ready to go to work. >> first of all, is the answer
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yes? >> the answer is absolutely yes, and i'm ready to do this with you, for you, i am just, i am deeply honored, and i am very excited.dy >> tucker: whoa. that is just beyond belief. so why would the people around joe biden want the public to see something like that? maybe they don't care. maybe they are not embarrassed of joe biden's condition. maybe in fact his condition was the whole point of making and the democratic nominee for president of the first place. that is unimaginable. a group of political operatives in istanbul installed a sultan of the ottoman empire. mustafa the mad. he spent his days babbling like an infant and throwing coins to birds. occasionally if he was feeling sporty, he would knock the
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turbine off somebody else's head, he was completely demented. he rarely left the palace and when he did he spoke from a script but the people around him certainly knew. they preferred him that way. he was easier to control. whatever you think of him, joe biden is definitely easy to control. you recall this clip in which biden kept referring to something as the harris-biden administration. >> the harris-biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers. >> tucker:r: again, these are prepared remarks, we can't say that enough. these are statements that the biden people are making voluntarily. so many of them are like that. they are not gaffes. they are what they want you tola see. in december of last year, kamala harris, who grew up in canada, a foreign country, swore that she witnessed "multiple generations" of her family u celebrating kwanzaa, an american holiday invented in long beach, california, after kamala harris was born.
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>> my sister and i, we grew up celebrating kwanzaa. every year, our family and our extended family, we would gather around across multiple generations and we would tell stories, the kids would sit on the carpet and the elders would sit in chairs, so to everyone who is celebrating, happy kwanzaa from our family to yours. >> tucker: [laughs] our family. that is just crazy! that they would put something like that i would. not one word is true, but not one word is believable. again, it was a prepared statement, it was carefully considered. b but they did not even bother to look at a calendar. it was like when kamala harris said that tupac was the best rapper alive years after he died. when you're making history you do not care about chronology or facts, we have never had a vice president who looks like kamala harris the words no longer matter. that is the real message. all that matters is what kamala harris looks like, she on martin luther king. m r
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in 19625, the actual martin luther king told a story about the civil rights march in birmingham, alabama, and at that march a police officer asked a young girl, mr. president, what do you want? in king's telling, quota, the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered "freedom," that was 1965. here is kamala harris' version of the same story, this time starting martin luther king's modern reincarnation, kamala harris. >> she would tell the story about how theys were marching, and this was back when they didn't really have armrests and seat [laughter] so they are marching away, you know, shouting and all of that, and i think it was my uncle freddie, you know, looked down, looked in the stroller, which was empty -- [laughter]ke and said "where is kamala?" and apparently they left me a block by, i had fallen out. [laughter] there you go. and then my mother tells a funny
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story about how one day -- i was fussing, you know, i was hussing and fussing, it is much cuter when she would tell the story, but she would look down, what do you want, what do you want? and i looked back up and i said "freedom!" [laughter] >> tucker: wow. ladies and gentlemen, that is on martin luther king, the canadian version, except without the wisdom, the insight, the restraint, orin the eloquence, t with a brand-new, highly creepy, engineered laugh, a noise that according to zoologist scares the hell out of squirrels and other small woodland creatures. butt may be like it. maybe you want to hear a whole lot more terrifyingly crazy fake laughter from a highly ambitious lady with dead eyes. the white house is betting that you do.h so to accommodate your bottomless appetite for being patronized by kamala harris, they released this video in which she talks about space. >> i just love the idea of flying in the unknown.
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things that we just haven't figured out or discovered yet. just think about so much that is out there that we still have toe learn. like, i love that. i love that. so i am very excited about the space counsel. you guys are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm telling you. it is funny, you imagine often that the truth is hidden away. we will never really get to what the truth but it's not very often the truth is right there, it is right in the video, just look at the video. that is the truth, it is the truth they want you to see, and for that reason, it is deeply revealing. that video tells you everything. one of those kids listening to kamala harris talking about space, we later learned, was a child actor, yet he was still the most genuine person in that video. it's kind of nuts when you think
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about it. these people literally have no idea how absurd they look, and how could they, they live in a tiny airless cult where everyone pretends that joe biden is fully competent and kamala harris is a civil rights hero. eit is jonestown. the clips we just played are the documentary evidence that historians of the future will study to figure out what happened to america. behind the heavily guarded walls of the white house, everyone has gone crazy. just this week, the biden administration declared that a biological man who wears a dress is now a female admiral, and then they sent that brave four-star female admiral out to deliver a speech that read like something out of a tv documentary. watch. >> i am truly honored to join the ranks of men and women across this great nation who have committed to defend the united states against small and large threats, known and unknown. i am honored to serve as the first female four star officer of the u.s. public health service commissioned corps. >> tucker: come on. they are daring you to sit there and not say this is ridiculous.
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sorry, it is ridiculous. sorry, not playing along! but they don't think it is. and so you have to ask yourself, how long will it be before joe biden appoints a horse to the supremee court? and when he inevitably does that, how long will it be until cnn informs us this is a watershed moment for equine rights? don't you dare laugh, that would be a hate crime? jesse kelly is committed to laughing, host of "the jesse kelly show," he joins us tonight. jesse, thank you so long for coming on. y why would they release videos of themselves that make them even less appealing than you thought they were? >> because they don't know. they don't know kamala harris, she is the real life version of there is an old communist story, i'm sure you know it from the soviet union, some s 13-year-old boy who turned in his father for denouncing the regime, and then his family murdered him and he was this national hero for the soviet union, and it turned out they completely invited him. kamala harris is the real life version of that.
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she is a complete blank slate who believes in nothing, she never hasnkel believed in anythg except advancing to the next top job, and she is the real life version, the blank slate, they can paint her whatever she wants because every part of the system is so corrupt and rotted with this, theyheve never get challee so they do not feel the need to prevent a believable story, who is going to challenge them, tucker? >> tucker: she cannot even settle on a pronunciation of her own name.ho we have played video for pronouncing it different ways from her own name. a lot of politicians are phonies, most are,e,n but they e not that phony. why her? she is like an insult to the intelligence of every american. >> it is odd. i will tell you, she is actually one of the oddest politicians i've seen in my life because what you just said, most politicians are sociopaths and lie about everything and don't actually care, we all get that, but they at least have learned how to pretend, right?ti b the picture where they hugged a an old lady or hold the baby as if they are not grossed out by
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this little gremlinro they have been handed -- >> tucker: [laughs] >> or something like that. but kamala harris can't do it. she can't make yourself do it. there is nothing real about her, her and joe, you brought it up earlier, a picture because she is a black woman, if she had transition to being a woman from a man she would have been the ultimate candidate, but what is joe doing with harris? she has half a brain and isdi known for her brain. >> tucker: it is just so interesting. if somebody said to you, jesse kelly, we've got these really strict, obviously racist t criteria for picking someone. it has to be this color, this sex, you would have no problem finding someone 100 times more qualified than kamalait harris. what does it tell you how they feel about african-american women that that is the one they picked? >> tucker, we are what, 48 hours remove from the president of the united states comparing voter i.d. laws to jim crow again on national tv?rs
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these are not people -- these are not people capable of shame. we think about them as real human beings, that is a manner that is a woman or that is a president, these people are not capable of that, it is not in their nature. they are completely lost. they are social pets, all of them. >> tucker: i got to say, and this is controversial, but i think i would rather watch stacey abrams on tv, who i think is loathsome, but at least she is a recognizable human being. she has written softcore pornography, she hasn a heart. kamala harris, it is like i'm watching ai in action. it is the future! >> i think they would disagree with you because stacey abrams, yeah, she is absolutely horrific in every possible way but she does have actual thoughts. you can tell she is a human being pleasant thoughts of her own. remember this is all barack obama was third term, that is way of susan rice there, every loser barack obama put tinto power there. they don't want a thinking human
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being. they want kamala harris. they understand kamala harris is somebody who is -- worked very hard to gain her career in politics, she will not do anything to lose it, she will do what she was told when she is told, that is why when she takes over after they carport joe out of the back eating werthers originals, it will be so much worse. >> tucker: such a smart point, and we to remind ourselves of that every day. this isth obama's third term in these people were picked because they are compliant and hollow, that is totally and absently right, i think they are the jesse kelly, thank you so much for that insight and the werthers. ♪ ♪ so, as our infrastructure falls apart and our power grid flickers, you are a lecture that make sacrifices, but the people who lecture you would never consider making those sacrifices. the push for green energy, so-called, is the latest example of the very politicians telling you we need wind farms are keeping those out of their neighborhoods because they are awful. we took a very close look at that double standard on display everywhere, a new episode of our long for documentary series "tucker carlson originals,"
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here's part of it. >> the number one rule of wind development does this, the starbucks rule which says "never try and cite a wind project within 30 miles of a starbucks coffee shop."ve >> kevin lives in michigan where he spends a lot of his time fighting industrial wind coprojects. >> the demographic that is in the willing to pay a premium price for quality coffee is the same demographic that typically has the education and financial wherewithal to organize and resist irresponsible wind projects. >> we met him at this wind farm in southern michigan, which by the way is a 31 minute drive from the nearest starbucks. >> people who look at some of these wind proposals figured out quickly that one of the reasons their community is being targeted is it is poor and they are perceived as being desperate for revenue. they think we are a bunch of rubes and hicks out here. >> since the first american wind farm started spinning in new hampshire and in 1980, the most powerful supporters of so-called green energy have
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successfully prevented wind farms are being built near their farms. >> the consensus that global warming is being accelerated by the burning of fossil fuels. >> when developers proposed a wind farm within view of kennedy's compound -- >> they will be producing clean renewable energies -- >> kennedy used his ample political power to crush the project. >> tucker: the episode is called "blown away, the people versus wind power," out now on we think it is ♪ ♪ so, the administration has completely reordered the country with vaccine mandates that have no signs -- no scientific justification and one state is fighting back. that state is florida. governor ron desantis made a big announcement about that today. he joins us after the break. also look crisis. we'll be right back. ♪esy. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, pretty much
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since the day joe biden got inaugurated you've been hearing in the media every day that the tstate of florida is a covid hot spot andve virtually every person in the state has died of the coronavirus. suddenly you are not hearing that anymore. why is that? because the numbers are too stark to deny. in the last seven days, florida has averaged fewer covid cases per capita than nearly any state in united state, ranks 48th out of 50. now the governor of the state ron desantis has announced a special legislative session to ban covid-19 related vaccine mandates, not just uni businesss throughout the state of florida. the governor of florida ron desantis joins us now. governor, thank you so much for coming on. so, if you would explain what this would mean and why you are doing it. >> tucker, over more than anything, this is an individual choice. your livelihood should not be dependent on whether you get a covid shot, much less in the future, if these mandates take hold, whether you get your yearly booster or booster every six months or whatever they are going to make you do.
10:26 pm
this is a personal decision. number two, what biden is doing is unconstitutional and we have a responsibility as a state to fight back against federal overreach. but then, number three, this is not good for the economy. this is just bad policy. you have a lot of businesses that actuallyno need people, particularly in health care, and what, you are going to give people walking papers in the middle of this? so i think it is bad all around and i think yes, we are going to be doing litigation against the biden administration, which is important, but we also need to do legislation to buy protections for folks in florida. i tell you, tucker, yes, biden is doing mandates that i disagree with that, i think we all do, but there are businesses that are doing this on their own, even apart from the mandates, and these are employees of theirs that have been working throughout this whole pandemic, and now they are being told you get your walking papers? that is not a free choice. you know, tucker, we had a nurse today at our event, she has already had covid and she is pregnant right now, and so she says, "i think this is something
10:27 pm
i don't want to do." how is that something that you were going to deprive her ofsa r right to make a living based on that very reasonable decision? >> tucker: so, the white house is very focused on you and your state and this is the centerpiece of their domestic agenda, vaccine mandates, what they care about most. so if you openly defy them, i mean, are you expecting them to hit back, try to choke off federal health care money to the state, or do you expect some kind of confrontation with the biden administration? >> well, i'm sure they are going to do whatever they can. tucker, over the summer when we had dealt a hit, i started a monoclonal antibody program because people were being admitted to the hospital without getting early treatment. since we put that program in, or daily admissions have gone down 90%. as we were doing that, biden try to cut off the supply to florida because this is working, and so i imagine they are definitely going to do something to try to hit back, but at the end of the day, do you think people -- dond you want to protect people's jobs or do you not?
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and i'm going to be on the side of protecting people's jobs, and if joe biden wants to be on the side of causing people to lose their job, well, then we will let him do that and we will fight the good fight. >> tucker: yeah, because he knows more about medicine the nurses and doctors. so, the supply chain crisis is a real crisis. a year ago, it cost 3 grand to move a container from asia to the east coast of the united states, now 20 grand, so this is affecting every part of the u.s. economy. you say yout have a solution or part of a solution to this, what is it? >> so, we have capacity at all of our ports. remember, tucker, they made a big deal about l.a. starting 24/7, we always do 24/7 in florida. we've got capacity at all of our ports to offer these businesses good incentives if they reroute their ships. we have already had some ships rerouted. we expect to have more. but if you were going to sit off the coast for days on end, you might as well bring into florida, we have great logistics
10:29 pm
on the ground that can get it to market and we are happy to be able to step up because there are and the shelves. this is driving inflation. this is going to cause shortages, we already see shortages, going to affect the christmas season, so i think florida can be part of the solution. >> tucker: the more florida acts like a country, i think that if all of us, my personal belief. governor ron desantis, i appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> bthatrn thank you. >> tucker: so, dave chappelle does a comedy special, whether you liked it or not, super popular with most americans, buo protesters have now gathered outside netflix headquarters demanding that that special be removedav because the jokes aret allowed anymore. is comedy possible in a country like that? that's next. ♪ ♪
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do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> tucker: not so long ago, it was a >> tucker: not so long ago, it was a feature of high school biology class that biological sex is biologically real, it is detectable at the dna level, you are born with it. you don't get to choose it. just like, your eye color, height, susceptibility to breast cancer or a million other things, it is genetic. genetics are real, maybe unfortunately, but it doesn't change the truth of it. but now, that's hate speech. in his new special, dave chappelle the comedian explains what happens when you challenge this lunatic new orthodoxy. c >> canceled people that are more powerful than me.
10:36 pm
you cancel j.k. rowling, my god, j.k. rowling, wrote all the "harry potter" books by herself. she sold so many books the bible worries about her. [laughter] and theyer canceled her because she said in an interview, this is not exactly what she said, but essentially she said gender was a fact. and then the trans community got mad as [bleep] and started calling her a terf, i don't even know what the [bleep] that was. but i know that trans will make up words to win arguments. >> tucker: well, that is the truest thing ever thing, they make up words to win arguments, you see that in a lot of places. and on about as radical, conventional, fourur years ago o one would have noticed it. but now, a number of netflix employees have decided to protest the special. they wanted pulled off the service. then they harassed a man who came to support chapelle and freedom of speech. watch. [chanting]
10:37 pm
>> it's okay to laugh, but you are sparking hate conversation. >> why are you breaking my sign? >> [bleep]. >> he's got a weapon! >> tucker: so they break his sign, then they accuse him, he is left holding a stick, accuse of him holding a weapon. so his speech is violence, their violence is speech, see how that works? what is interesting is the number of people who really care about this issue enough to assault someone over it is tiny, yet they have disproportionatehn power. 350 million people in the country, maybe 1100 feel that way and they are running everything, why is that? seth dillon may know that
10:38 pm
answer, "the babylon bee," one of the very few remaining satire sites on the entire internet, he joins us tonight.e seth, thank you so much for coming on, the stuff is in your face every single day, you are the target of a lot of this. you have to wonder, the people trying to destroy your business and your life, they are a tiny percentage of americans, aren't they? >> they are, but they wield all the power. this is the funny thing. they really are a joke at this point because they try to project themselves as being marginalized. these are the marginalized, these are the oppressed. you can't make fun of them. the way that you can tell who holds all the power in a society is by who you can't make fun of, right? o o >> tucker: that's right. >> these are the people you can't make fun of. it is clear they hold all the institutional power in our culture and it is very interesting when you have comedians like chapelle, you have to worry about now, telling jokes, you don't just ask yourself, is this funny? you have to ask yourself, is this joke going to offend somebody who is more powerful than me, but identifies as being marginalized because i might lose my career?syo >> tucker: your site manages to be consistently funny, and i think probably most of our viewers get, you know,
10:39 pm
"babylon bee" headlines texted to them at least once a day. do you feel you are on the edge of getting your business taken away from you? >> i mean, that is the goal, right? there are tenn different ways they are trying to attack comedy, one of them is not even intentional, they are making reality absurd. that whole opening you did with joe biden and kamala harris and these videos and how fake they are, it is impossible to satire is that. these people are beyond parody. they have turned reality into a parody of itself. then there is an intentional way, they fact-check jokes, try to rate temples, get them takene down for misinformation. then they accuse you of hate speech under the guise of satire or comedy like what they're doing with chapelle and saying his jokes are beyond the pale and hurt people but really it is the joke police, it is the people who are saying "oh, his jokes hurt my feeling," those are the people who deserve to be mocked more not less because it is silly to act like joke police, like jokes are violence. you said it earlier, you know, the speech is now violence and the violence is speech. jokes are notth violence.
10:40 pm
they don't hurt anybody. if we are all equal, we should all be able to joke about each other indiscriminately and not have this hierarchical structure where we have certain people who are off limits and we can't joke about them. >> tucker: if we are all equal, boy, you got right to the heart of it there. only in a country where we areig all considered equals cannot happen, but we are not that country anymore. you are exactly right. seth dillon, i appreciate you coming on.n. >> thank you. >> tucker: we told them a couple weeks ago that attorney general merrick garland's family profited from the fascist order he put in place categorizing angry mobs as al qaeda. we learned aiz lot more about that. garland'ss son-in-law profited from racist theories taught to your children. we have the numbers on that and they are astounding. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: merrick garland, the radical and now we learn corrupt attorney general of the united states was on the hill
10:46 pm
today, defending his memo, his obscene, unprecedented memo calling on parents who are mad at the school curriculums that their children are being forced on, calling this people terrorists. at one point, congressman mike johnson of louisiana asked garland about the company's son runs, panorama education that makes a ton of money pushing racist ideas. here's how merrick garland responded. >> did you seek guidance as required? >> this memorandum is aimed at violence and threats of violence. >> excuse me, did you seek ethics counsel before you issued a letter that directly relates to the financial interests of your family, yes or no? >> this memorandum does not relate to the financial interests of anyone. it is against -- >> i take that as a no. mr. attorney general, will you commit to having the ethics t
10:47 pm
committee review the case and make the results public? >> this memorandum is aimed at violence and threats of violence -- >> ihi understand you're talking point. you're not answering my question. >> tucker: what a repulsive little sleaze ballpo that guy i. he sicced the fbi on people who criticized his family's business. he sicced to the fbi on people who criticized his family business, that is what he did. and he won't even admit it. asra nomani is with the group parents defending education, the group has released a woke consultant report card saying panoramic education received millions of dollars. give us a sense of what this company does, merrick garland's families company, his daughter's and son-in-law's? >> well, what is such a national scandal, merrick garland went from being a prosecutor to a protector of this phenomenon, woke industrial complex. panoramic education is one tip of the iceberg of this multimillion dollar industry. what this company does is a screener, they call it a social and emotional screener, and what
10:48 pm
they are doing is data mining our children. they are asking children from hawaii to maine about their sexuality, their gender, and also asking these questions of their parents. we filed a freedom of information act request across the country and we ended up quantifying $20 million of contracts from companies around the school systems, and this is a scandal that everybody needs to pay attention to. >> tucker: wait a second. if i walked up to a kid, a school kid inn a public park and started asking sex questions, i would be beat with a two-by-four and arrested, rightly so. how do they get away with asking sex questions of other people's children?ki b >> itt is a scandal. what happened is merrick garland's son-in-law, a young man, joined up with another young man at yale
10:49 pm
university and they came up with this idea that they were going to do psychometrics on our students in order to improve their academic performance. there is no evidence this actually is effective, but what has happened as it has become a trojan horse.t so you all know this critical race theory is bogus. they say it is taught in law schools, right? but somehow we now have this book called "a is for activist" and what has happened is they use these surveys and these multimillion dollars contract in order to bring in consultants that bring in the very divisive ideas of critical race theory, this thing called gender theory now, queer theory,th and this is how they are radicalizing and indoctrinating our kids. it is scandalous that our chief prosecutor for this country is now running interference for the woke industrial complex. it's really -- >> tucker: it's beyond belief your client with coordination from the national association of school boards.
10:50 pm
this whole thing is so corrupt, it's actually shocking. asra nomani, i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> we invite everybody to send us your tips to parents defending education. we are looking forward to finding whatever is going on in your school district. thank you. >> tucker: thanknk you for that. as you know, police across the country come under intense scrutiny any time they shoot someone, even if it is justified. p p when they shoot an unarmed person, there is an expectation we will know exactly why. but the doj decided not to apply any scrutiny to the a killing of ashli babbitt. she was an enemy of the regime. one member of congress who is not happy about it was there that day, january 6th, and he joins us after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: michael byrd may be the single most reckless capitol hill police officer still in uniform. at one pointha he left his loadd glock in a public bathroom and
10:56 pm
somehow kept his job. then on january 6th, byrd, without warning her apparently shot and killed ashli babbitt, despite the fact she was tiny, female, and unarmed. but to the media, this is worth applauding, because ashli babbitt they told us was in fact not a protester but a trained assassin from the air >> ashli babbitt, who was a trained air force specialist, trained by our tax dollars to kill. she was a military member. if she had gotten through that door, god knows what kind of harm she could have done. >> ashli babbitt is the woman that was leading the mob that was about to storm the house floor, and she was shot by a brave officer who was the last line of defense for many members of congress, and many of these members are the slowest, least mobile members because they were having the hardest time getting out. if they had been overrun by that mob, people would have been killed.le t >> tucker: she was a specialist in the air force. her specialty? assassinating members of congress. this is completely insane. we would never apply the standard to anybody who wasn't supporting the republican party,
10:57 pm
let's just be honest. finally, members of congress are asking obvious questions about this. a former police officer who referenced the state of texas in congress and recently wrote a very tough and smart letter to capitol hill police chief and justice department. in one of the letters he says this, "based on my extensive law enforcement experience, i can see nothing to possibly justify the lethal use of force against miss babbitt on january 6th.seveen i how can a negligent use of lethal force not infringe on rights?" good question. we also have a picture of michael byrd aiming his gun at this congressman on january 6th. thank you so much for coming on tonight. and thank you for doing this. you are right there. just restate, the argument you are effectively making to the department of justice as a former police officer.
10:58 pm
>> i am a former county sheriff in texas, served as a sheriff for eight years and i've been in law enforcement for 30, so i know a little of what i'm talking about. this all started because leader mccarthy asked me to be one of his five picks to be on this select committee to look into january 6th. of course, that unraveled really quickly because nancy pelosi rejected us, but i did my due diligence and spent an enormous amount of time examining the documents on january 6th, the senate report which came out in march of this year, and what i uncovered, what i discovered was really, really disturbing to me. january 6th, quite honestly, the american people need to realize january 6th really should have never happened. the intelligence was there. the leadership within the capitol police had all of the intelligence, and it should have never happened, and then of course you look into it and you see what took place, with this shooting with ashli babbitt, and listen, when i was the sheriff,
10:59 pm
i had officers, deputies, they have shot and killed people. i have had deputies shot. and so i have some experience dealing with investigations and use of force issues, and i s haven't talked to an office or anywhere across the country that felt what lieutenant byrd did was justified. it wasn't. tucker, it was murder. >> tucker: and no one in the u.s. media, essentially, have said a word about it. it says if you vote for the wrong person, it's okay to be shot to death for that. >>be it's amazing, too, these investigations, took place january 6th, the department of justice already had -- released their press release stated that they would not be seeking any criminal charges, and that is april 14th. that is a very quick investigation. a as a matter of fact, there is information out there that says by february already, they chose not to pursue any charges against lieutenant byrd, but i t will guarantee you, if that shooting would have taken place last summer in one of our large
11:00 pm
cities across the country, during these riots, there would have been an indictment very quickly. >> tucker: instantly. you are not allowed to kill americans because you do not like their political views. congressman, i appreciate your bravery. thank you. >> thank you, god bless. >> tucker: we have a couple great documentaries coming up on this exact topic. we will see you soon. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines, day 68. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." yep, 68 long days, our americans, fellow americans, their families, ourn:co allies, thousands of green card holders erall trapped behind the enemy lines of the taliban, abandoned by your president joe biden. according to multiple reports, one young woman beheaded by the taliban. why? because she once played for the afghan national volleyball team. as we speak,y all female athlets


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