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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cities across the country, during these riots, there would have been an indictment very quickly. >> tucker: instantly. you are not allowed to kill americans because you do not like their political views. congressman, i appreciate your bravery. thank you. >> thank you, god bless. >> tucker: we have a couple great documentaries coming up on this exact topic. we will see you soon. have a great night. ♪ ♪ 's >> announcer: americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines, day 68. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." yep, 68 long days, our americans, fellow americans, their families, our allies, thousands of green card holders all trapped behind the enemy lines of the taliban, abandoned by your president joe biden. according to multiple reports, one young woman beheaded by the taliban. why? because she once played for the
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afghan national volleyball team. as we speak, all female athletes in the country, they are being hunted down by the taliban, female athletes are not allowed to exist in the new islamic emigrants of afghanistan. oh, the one that joe and jen psaki say are so businesslike and professional. all according to joe, right? now, the people that you are taking off the terror watch list. joe biden is now allowing former taliban leaders, taking them off the watch list, and allowing them to come to america. does he think they've changed? any indication they have changed? i had doubted they change. biden has simply moved on, or in his words, turned the page. after all, he has more important things to worry about, like reminiscing about his long train rides to delaware, very important matters. take a look. >> angelo negri was from -- came up to me one day when they just announced that i had flown
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1 million some x number of miles on aircraft, and comes up as i'm getting in the car and goes "joe, what are you" -- i thought the secret service is going to shoot him. no, no, no, he's good, he's good. true story. you know how many miles he did amtrak? i don't have any idea. let me tell you, we were at the retirement dinner, and we added it up, you averaged 100, i think he said 21 days a year. 121 days a year, 36 years, plus as vice president, boom boom, you've traveled over 2 million miles, i don't want to hear anymore about the air force. >> sean: why talk about afghanistan and the american he abandoned or his disaster at the board or begging opec for energy over the disaster known as the biden economy. that bizarre, that rambling story, not even true, according to multiple media outlets and fact-checkers, but that never stops joe biden from repeating one lie after another, in this case on five separate occasions.
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and even worse, apparently joe biden now believes he was vice president of the united states for, get this, 36 years. >> a lot of the folks at amtrak became my family, not a joke. i would ride every day. i commuted every single day for 36 years as vice president of the united states after my wife and daughter were killed, i went home to see my family, never stopped going and doing that. >> sean: 36 years as vice president. okay. i think it is pretty clear to everyone watching, joe biden is not well. this man should not be our president. he is not mentally, cognitively strong enough, not fit to serve. and by the way, he also has blood on his hands as a result of his decision in afghanistan, something he said he wouldn't do, and now, because of biden's obvious decline, his radical base, they are calling all the shots, their new green deal socialism is destroying the
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economy, his policy on energy is killing everybody, everybody is paying more for every item we. a look at this, tonight's american labor shortage is so bad, dominoes can't find drivers to deliver its pizzas. grocery store shelves, yeah, they are going completely empty, and that is all across the country. we have cargo ships that have been anchored off the coast of california now for more time than it took them to cross the pacific ocean. your christmas presents probably are not going to arrive in time for christmas, and you are going to have to explain to your kids why sando was being so mean this year. inflation is at a 30-year high, even cnbc is forecasting this looming recession. trillions of dollars in this new build back better, new green deal socialism spending, that will only exacerbate all of these very serious problems. than to make matters worse, well, joe is about to fire thousands of teachers and nurses
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and emergency medical professionals and cops and soldiers and firefighters because of his rigid vaccine mandate that will only exacerbate every problem in the economy we already have in a major way. and remember, biden and other top democrats, they once followed not to support any kind of vaccine requirements. want to know where vaccine hesitancy comes from? them. because they changed their mind. the cdc website changes constantly. the nih, flip-flop fauci, joe biden, all of it, they literally have created an environment where nobody believes anything they say. this might bring back memories. >> mandatory? >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory, i would not demand it to be mandatory. >> perhaps the federal government should step in at issue mandates, and if not, are you putting the needs of unvaccinated people ahead of the needs of vaccinated people? >> i think the question here, one, that is not the role of the
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federal government, that is the role that institutions, private sector entities, and others may take, that certainly is appropriate. also, local communities are going to take steps they need to take. >> i don't think you will ever see a mandating of the vaccines, particularly for the general public. >> sean: we cannot require, that is not something we can do. oh, all of a sudden, i guess they can do it. is it just to score political points or divide the country for political gain? why is there no other option, like many states and localities have adopted? whether democrats like it or not, look, the debate of vax do, don't vax, we have had that debate and for whatever reason, i don't know, millions of americans are willing to lose their jobs, lose their benefits come abandoned their retirement, because that is how strongly they believe in their position. many of these people have rare conditions that forbids them from getting the vaccine. others have natural immunity and
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they believe in the science of natural immunity. like, for example, this case we are all watching in israel. it is going to be peer-reviewed, 800,000 people, close to it, and it seems natural immunity is better than the vaccine. time will tell. let's follow the science. the debate for them, though, for many people, is over. their minds are made up. they are willing to lose it all, and they are locked in. that will take our economy. we will suffer even more. and why? in order to vilify those americans that will not make us any safer or more secure? it is not going to end my covid-19, it is not going to stop the spread, but democrats, they don't seem to care about it. how about a simple object, okay, we do not want you to lose your pension, we do not want you to lose your job, we do not want to be short-staffed, how about you take a test once a week or twice a week or whatever? by the way, why don't they ever mention monoclonal antibodies are ever treatments? whether you have a breakthrough case of covid or you
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unvaccinated, it seems to be working wonders because joe biden now did it for the first time actually mentioned it because it was it was so successful used by ron desantisn florida. they definitely don't care, seemingly come about the economy. they made that clear. yesterday in response to the current economic crisis, and opposition to the new green deal socialism filled back better, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez complains that republicans are just upset about a changing country. >> i think they are upset about a change in country. i think they are upset about the fact that we cannot build -- that they cannot really have majority, you know, they cannot be elected with a majority with just a very narrow, homogenous, classist, space. and they are scared. and they are angry. and they are doing absolutely everything possible to ensure
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that we disenfranchise the very people and communities that have the power of changing this country for the better. >> sean: i think a lot of people are upset at the state of the economy. a lot of americans upset that we abandoned americans behind enemy lines. a lot of americans are upset at the disaster at the border. a lot of americans are upset that illegal immigrants get preferential treatment. no covid testing, no vaccine mandates for them. i think most americans are really upset it costs so much more to fill up their gas tank and heat and cool their home, and of course, the rising grocery bills and empty shelves, and virtually nobody in the media mob is blaming joe biden, even though he deserves it. and he reduced to come artificially, america's oil and gas supply, and in the meantime, the man remained constant, that means the price goes way up, and it has gone way up. and he is paying americans not to work. we have record level spending causing inflation to skyrocket.
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now, by the way, hawking a trillion dollar socialist spending bill, basically stealing from your kids, your grandkids, guess what that does to inflation question work that will make it worse. the mob and the media, they are not angry about any of that. instead, they are mad that joe biden's messaging isn't more on point. take a look. >> so, what is going on with you? why are you so bad at politicking? why are you so bad at politics, democrats? when you had the winning message, when you have the senate, and you have the congress, and you had the white house, and you can't win with a winning message? something's wrong! >> democrats, get your butts in gear and get passionate about saving this damn country. you are weak, you are weak. >> sean: i take a little disagreement with that winning message thing about socialism, but forget about the horrible economic crisis. joe biden needs to sell it better, really? well, we come i guess, the greedy, spoiled people of
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america, i guess we all just need to lower our expectations, settle for less, tell your kids at christmas that santa is mad at you and it is not going to be the same this year. we need to stop complaining, sit back, enjoy another dark winter under joe biden and anthony fauci. joining us now with more, the host of "life liberty live in," the author of ten solid weeks ie best-selling book in the country, the number one selling book for the entire year, american marxism, the great one, i call him, mark levin. great one, i will let you just take it from here because i can't name a single thing joe biden is doing that is working. maybe you can. >> no, i can't. thank you, sean. what is going on is american marxism. the better call it what it is, what is going on here. i want to talk about something specific that is illustrative of what is going on in this country. we have open borders that violates federal statutes, nobody is holding any hearings
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on that because they don't care that joe biden is violating the law. joe biden has put in place critical race theory throughout this government, violates, in my view, the equal protections part of the 14th amendment and the 1964 civil rights act. this gender is him, which violates the rights of little girls and women who participate and athletes -- athletics and so forth. you can see how they are trying to legislate in secret. they keep talking about the so-called progressives and moderates working on a deal. the only people who are cut out as we, the people. we are not involved in this deal. they keep threatening the independence of the supreme court, of course. we have murder through the roof. we have our enemies on the move. communist china, fetishistic russia, the islamic regime in tehran, and of course the inbred they are in north korea, and what is the house of representatives focused on? making inflation worse, spending trillions more, and the nancy pelosi has set up a little soviet type of bureau called the january 6th committee, which she only allowed people on the committee who already decided
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that donald trump is guilty of something. and so, we have reprobates on this committee like liz cheney. i remember when people used to talk about wanting her father in prison. you remember that, sean? i remember when people are very upset and said that her father had lied about the intelligence information, and i don't remember any special committee put together to investigate any of that. liz cheney is not investigating what happened in afghanistan. she is not investigating all the ms-13 and drugs coming across the border. she's not investigating threats against the u.s. supreme court or anything of the sort. she has lost her mind. she is unhinged, and i am picking on her specifically as an example of what is a soviet style committee set up by speaker of the house who is chasing after x president of the united states. the only time of regimes that do this sort of thing is, mao used to do this, of stalin course used to do this, castro used to do this, no longer in office, try to use the power of the
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government, has anybody event charged on january 6 with insurrection, they keep calling this an insurrection, nobody. has anybody been charged with sedition question work nobody. has anybody been charged with cheap treason? nobody, so why did they keep calling it an insurrection. the only person killed on january 6th was an innocent protester who wasn't violent in the least. the fbi already said there is no plot, so what is this committee that nancy pelosi has put together? what is this committee actually doing? well, it is the worst attack on our democracy and history. no it's not. the greatest threat to our country is not what happened on january 6th, it is what happens every day in the democrat party and their surrogates and mouthpieces in the media. that is the worst attack on this country, our economic system, our representative government inc. system and so forth, that is the greatest threat that we place. did people seek merrick garland testify today? they have two types of people they appoint in this administration, radical marxist kooks and evil types.
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here you have merrick garland that doesn't know anything that is going on. there was a real insurrection of the interior department last week. merrick garland was unaware of it. how is he unaware of it? they pushed through, they injured a police officer, nobody gives a damn when the portland courthouse, a federal courthouse was attacked night after night with fire and all kinds of stuff, when the police were under attack, who nancy pelosi called stormtroopers, merrick garland says "well, that is not domestic terrorism because nobody there, it was happening at night." meanwhile, they got your parents. liz cheney concerned about that? not in the least. now we have a big problem in this country, ladies and gentlemen, we have a rogue presidency, we have a rogue department of justice, we have an out-of-control democrat-controlled house. by three votes. the democrat-controlled senate. 50/50. by the luck of the constitution, the vice president breaks the tie, and what do they want to do? what do they say they want to do? fundamentally transform our economic system.
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well, me you have a choice. free-market economic system that you have in free countries, that respects individuals, creates growth and wealth for individual human beings to work their way up the ladder, or you have a centralized, marxist type, socialist economic system where in washington, d.c., either who work for the civil service, note politicians decide who gets what, now where does that work? where has that ever worked? did it work in cuba? did it work in venezuela? did it work anywhere it has tried? no, and they are doing it in secrecy, and by god, we have to get it done by october 31st, why? because joe biden is going to be at some big meeting, i think it is a climate change meeting, when he wants to talk about climate change, so we've got to fundamentally transform our economic system, or governing system, destroy your freedom, destroy your lifestyle by october 31 so joe biden can jet off to a climate change meeting.
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this government is dysfunctional. many of the democrats are out of their minds. some of the republicans are out of their minds. the media are corrupt. we need a big fumigation effort here. so in the next election, we have to throw these bums out, and the election after that, we have to throw this doddering old fool in the oval office out. that's it. >> sean: that's why we call you the great one. mark levin. thank you. with more reaction, senior counsel of president trump kellyanne conway i'm a fox news contributor lara trump. lara, let's get your thoughts, and all that you might let you take it from there. >> well, i think mark hit something really important. the problem is the democrat party, by and large. they have a big problem in their hands adding to 2022 because no one wants to buy with the democrats are selling. what are they running on? open borders, inflation, empty shelves all across our country, high crime, defunding the
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police, making us dependent on foreign oil again. i mean, they really have given americans nothing positive. he is exactly right. their goal at the end of the day is to socialize america. that is not just an unpopular message in this country, it is un-american. people have not flocked to america since the inception of our country because of socialism. they have flocked here because of our freedoms, because of our capitalist system that says if you come to america, no matter who you are, no matter where you started, and you have the will to work hard and you have a dream, there is no limit to what you can achieve. in america, right now, they want to stifle that. they don't want people to have dreams, they want to divide us, they want to make sure we are fully a lot reliance on the government going forward from here on out, socialism as mark t point out, has never worked anywhere it has been tried, and quite frankly, if we do not take
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back the house, the senate in 22 and then the white house in '24, we are in a huge mass as a country, and i don't know if we can ever recover, but never forget who brought it to you. a house, senate, and white house fully run by democrats, ladies and gentlemen. that is who has brought you the total and complete disaster that we have in america right now. >> sean: well said. i can't add to that. kellyanne, i will ask you the question this way, we do know how to solve these problems, we wanted to solve the border issue, we would go back to the trump policies. what we want to solve the energy issues, we would go back to the trump policies. if we care about america's we abandoned afghanistan, we would go in and rescue them sooner than later. i don't believe in leaving them behind. the economic damage that is being done in large part because of energy, this can all be reversed, kellyanne, but it is not going to happen with this radical group of democrats in this party. >> no, and if anything, they are
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trying to impose their will on us. in fact, i know people call them gases and mental acuity lapses, but they are just lies. build back better cost $0, that is false. we won't strain anybody in afghanistan, that is a live. he lies about his background on amtrak. also, that the border is secure, a live, there is not a crisis, a lie, and we have to call them lies, another thing affecting the polls now. joe biden does not have a mandate as it is because he has a 50/50 senate and a very slim, hairline majority in the house. so he doesn't have a mandate really in washington, he doesn't have a mandate in the polls now, and yet his staff is convinced he should be fdr, sprinkled with a little aoc, and it is a toxic combination for the rest of us. that is why it has led to inflation nation. if you look at the latest polls, sean, three quick things. number one, 54% disapprove of joe biden's handling of the economy. he has given us inflation nation.
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number two, inflation is now tied with kovic as the major concern in america. think about that for a moment. that is because the cost of living is something people need to grapple with. the same folks who benefited, the blue-collar workers, on energy independence under president trump and the tax cut and jobs act under president trump and the deregulation of small business boom under president trump, they are now suffering under joe biden's policies and inflation is tied with covid. number three, it is the pessimism we see going forward. 46% of the people in cnbc poll say the economy will be worse in the next year, the highest number since 2008, when we had an economic collapse. you don't see any end insight. >> sean: kellyanne, it's only going to get worse. kellyanne, thank you. lara trump, thank you. when we come back, attorney general merrick garland grilled by lawmakers today about the doj's efforts to go after parents concerned about issues like crt. we have the highlights, he didn't do particularly well,
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let's keep making a differene together. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, i am up matt finn in los angeles. the fbi confirming remains found yesterday in a wilderness park in florida are those of brian laundrie. the agency said they used dental records to make a positive identification.
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laundrie, a person of interest in the disappearance of his girlfriend gabby petito, was the subject of a massive manhunt following her death. he disappeared in september, two weeks after he showed up alone at his parent's home in northport, florida. less than a week after, laundrie went missing. the body of gabby petito was found at a wyoming national park with a pair had been on a cross-country trip. an autopsy determined petito died of speculation. laundrie was not charged in petito's death but was indicted for allegedly using her debit card in the days following her killing. i am at matt finn. now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines, log onto ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: now the attorney general merrick garland was on the hot seat on capitol hill today, tried to walk back his efforts to weaponize the fbi against parents standing up to radical, out-of-control school boards. take a look. >> fbi agents attending local school board meetings question
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rick >> no, fbi agents will not be attending school board meetings and there is nothing is memo to suggest it. >> sean: real strong republicans like jim jordan major to hold him accountable after that deception. now, listen to congressman jordan expose garland's agenda to politicize the doj come along with this exchange with the committee chairman jerry nadler. watch this. >> the chairman just said this before doj was political and went after their opponents. are you kidding me? three weeks ago, the national school board association writes president biden, asking him to involve the fbi and local school board matters. five days later, the attorney general of the united states does just that. a snitch line on parents started five days after a left-wing political organization asked for it. that's not political, i don't know what is. it's a video about parents at school board meetings, moms and dads speaking at school board meetings, and you guys aren't way to let us play it? >> an objection has been heard
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that you failed to give the 48 hours request required by the rule, and therefore -- >> what rule? mr. chairman, what role? >> sean: what real rule? did we get an answer? ask yourself, what are democrats like nadler so afraid of? why are they so resistant to transparency and openness? why so resistant to making sure that children are not being indoctrinated in schools? and who would be against parents wanting to involve themselves in their kids education? that is called good parenting. the fact is, there are now efforts all across the country to turn our schools into far left indoctrination centers, and it's fueled by extreme ideologies like crt, and that attacked anyone that dares stand in their way. now earlier in the week, former secretary of state condoleezza rice was on that hard-hitting, loving news show known as "the view" and had this to say when asked about crt. take a look.
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>> i would like black kids to be completely empowered, to know that they are beautiful in their blackness, but in order to do that, i don't have to make my kids feel bad for being white. so somehow, this is a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction. >> sean: wow. democrats, they continue to endure the issues that matter most and the unequal standard of justice is staring us right in the face, because also at today's hearing, congressman ken buck grilled garland about hunter biden's art business and the biden family corrupts syndicate business. take a look. >> in 2019, hunter biden couldn't find a gallery to list his art. and what happened in 2020 that changed all that? his dad became president of the united states. now a single piece of art from hunter biden sells for more than the average american home. will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? >> i'm not for the same reason i'm not able to respond to
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questions about investigations of the former president or of anyone else, i'm not able to discuss any investigations pending or otherwise with respect to any citizen of the united states. >> general garland, you may not get these four hours back but you may get some art history credit for today. >> sean: joining us now, executive director of fight for schools, ian pryor, along with fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell terrel. leo, let me begin with you come i want to ask you this fundamental question here. i would like parents involved in school. on that issue, i think it is a slam-dunk, and the fact that they were willing to listen to the radicals in their party and look at parents as domestic terrorists? >> sean, you said it earlier, joe biden, democratic party have weaponized the, the department of justice has weaponized the fbi to intimidate parents over their concerns over a racist
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curriculum. that is a local matter. this is nothing more than a backdoor way of voter intimidation to scare parents who hate critical race theory from getting involved in local politics. it's the centerpiece of the election for 2022, and i applaud condoleezza rice, because i want to destroy this notion, i hate critical race theory, condoleezza rice hate critical race theory, people of all colors find it racist. it's antiwhite, it's antiblack, it makes the country hate each other, and i think it's very clear that garland -- it's a great thing that garland never became a judge, because he is totally nonresponsive. you got not a single answer from a guy who wanted to sit on the supreme court. thank goodness he was not placed on the supreme court. >> sean: listen, he has politicized the justice department. he is not looking at delaware's draconian, noninclusive voting laws. no, he's going after the very inclusive voting laws in georgia. you know, they don't have early
6:34 pm
voting in delaware, they don't have drop boxes in delaware. both states have photo i.d. requirements. ian, let me go to you. parents are concerned, rightly so, but also this other question which was brought up here, and that is the biden family syndicate. joe biden, while he is firing keystone xl pipeline workers, giving a waiver for vladimir putin's pipeline. joe biden has been next assignment, as china is saber rattling and flying into taiwan airspace with their fighter jets, as they talk about reunification with taiwan. i want the question asked by a special counsel, are the bidens compromised by russia, by china, by kazakhstan, ukraine, for example, and when are we going to get those answers? >> yeah, i don't think we are going to get those answers. obviously, special counsel had to come from the department of justice and we saw today why merrick garland is attorney general, he is a figurehead.
6:35 pm
mark levin said early on the show, they appointed mayor garland because he would appease some of the moderate republicans, he will get through, but the real power at the department of justice is his staff and deputies, people who are working with the white houss schoolboard letter comes out and goes to the department of justice. this cake was baked before they put it in the oven, so i think looking for the department of justice to appoint a special counsel to up look into some of these matters, we are going to e waiting a long time. >> sean: that is unbelievable. these kids aren't being indoctrinated. it is a captive audience and parents dared to speak out, now we are going to intimidate them. that is not the america i know, just like abandoning americans in afghanistan, that is not the america i know. thank you both, ian, leo. now the biden united sanctuary states of america is worsening by the minute. now border arrests have now hit the highest level since 1986. as authorities now detained more
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than 1.7 million illegal immigrants at the border so far this year, that we know about. we know the number is higher. and remember, that number does not even include the so-called getaways, meeting the illegal immigrants that were not caught, it does not include that. and according to a new report, a whopping 125,000 illegal immigrant children have crossed the border under the biden administration, and the real world consequences of open borders are more undeniable than ever because we are now learning that the man accused of raping a woman on a crowded train in philadelphia, yeah, that person was released from immigration detention and never deported. how much worse does this get before they can admit they've created this crisis? we know the answer. trump policies worked. remember, the crisis extends beyond the southern border, and we have shown you all week that biden is secretly resettling
6:37 pm
these illegal immigrants all across the country in the dead of night. oh, 2:00, 4:00 a.m., that is actually called according to jen psaki, chief propagandist, that would be an early morning flight, not one that i have ever heard of. now why not tell, for example, states, they are sending these people in? and why do they get preferential treatment as illegal immigrants? why don't they get covid tested, where is their vaccine mandate? where is there proof of a positive test? because they're not going to be here very long, another jen psaki live? here with reaction from arizona senate candidate, state attorney general mark brnovich along with radio talk show host dana loesch. dana, we will get your take first. just looking at this, you know, i said joe biden, march, april, may, june, july, had time to get americans out of afghanistan. 13 days before he abandoned americans come he said he wouldn't do it. i think john and drastic is right, he has blood on his hands. now joe is aiding and abetting
6:38 pm
lawbreaking of the border and other -- i blame him for that, too. is that fair? >> i think that is absolutely fair, sean, and as always, good to see you. i think it is absolutely fair and it is fair to say too that this administration is just advertising the fact that there is no law and order at the border so is anybody surprised that we have a record number of arrests, a record number of people being detained, and again, people will get cited and then released. that is the other big problem here. and to your point about all of these children, these migrants -- this has been ongoing for quite a long time, i was actually a little earlier talking with congressman tony gonzalez from my state, saying this is been an ongoing thing for some time and is just coming to light, the number of children that are being transferred to elsewhere in the interior part of the united states. as you have so often talked on your program, this idea of democratic compassion at the border and democrats say they do this because they are very concerned about the individuals that are coming to seek asylum here in the united states, their
6:39 pm
actions and responding to this do not seem like those of compassionate people, much less a compassionate government. compassion is making sure that we are enforcing the rule of law equally, which we are not doing, and it is creating further crisis, and it is actually endangering children. that is on their hands, too. >> sean: you are right there on the border in arizona, and it is as bad there. what can you tell us you are discovering about how illegal immigrants in the dark of night are being dispersed around the country, like we saw in new york and in florida, attorney general? >> yeah, sean, i was just at our border again this week, and i will tell you that law enforcement is demoralized because the biden administration has essentially decriminalized people crossing illegally. we know the cartels are seizing control of the southern border and meanwhile, the biden administration and his enablers like cartel kelly are literally putting folks, criminals,
6:40 pm
felons, being distributed throughout the entire country. as you said at the very beginning, we know these are just the people who have given up, willing to reach a record amount more than 2 million this year, what about the god-aways? law enforcement answered about 18 to 30-year-old males crossing the desert and the dead of night, thousands every week, dressed in camouflage, that we don't have criminal records, that are dangerous -- >> sean: but they are not checking backgrounds. >> they are not. >> sean: they are not doing a health check, they should, security check, they should, and means testing whether or not people can take care of themselves while they are here after they pass the other two tests, to not be a burden on the american people. >> absolutely, sean, and you know we have several lawsuits and during the course of one of our lawsuits, trying to get the biden administration to enforce the law. internal documents from dhs show that felons, dangerous people, rapists and killers being released into our -- >> coming up from panama,
6:41 pm
panama's government told us that. >> sean: say that again, dana. >> 52 people that had ties -- terror ties coming up from panama, panama's government, one of their officials actually told the united states that, that they were trying to tell, sean, the administration for quite some time, the demonstration is not listening. that is a huge deal. >> sean: also, remember, the old taliban rulers from 20 years ago, joe biden has taken them off the terror watch list and is inviting them to come to america. is there any evidence they have changed their hearts? i doubt it. scary times. dana, thank you. attorney general, soon to be hopefully senator, we appreciate you being with us. coming up, wait until you see kamala harris. i mean, this was the single, most bizarre birthday celebration at the white house. we've got the tape. clay travis, lisa boothe, they had a reaction, we continue. ♪ ♪ which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
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♪ ♪ >> sean: well, the p.r. makeover for vice president harris is not particularly working and she is being mocked yet again tonight after this bizarre moment when she shouted "surprise" at her own surprise party. take a look. >> surprise! [cheers and applause]
6:48 pm
[laughter] >> sean: and it only got worse from there. this awkward exchange between joe and kamala after he presented her with a bouquet of flowers. take a look. >> really? oh, joe. i'm very excited, thank you. oh, look at how gorgeous. this is my favorite. >> thank you. >> i'm going to hang this up with great pride. thank you, mr. president! >> you're welcome. >> sean: why do i get the feeling i am watching an episode of "real housewives?" now, ask yourself, is this what the biden team is focused on? putting out birthday cheer, let's go joe videos when they really should focus on, you know, rescuing or fellow americans from afghanistan, addressing the supply chain crisis, inflation, may be this
6:49 pm
difficulty at the southern border that they created, may be pay attention to russia, china, iran, their priorities are, to say the least, messed up. here are the reaction fox news contributor lisa boothe, out kick founder, cohost of "the clay travis buck sexton show," clay travis. clay, we'll start with you. i don't mind birthday celebrations. you know, i think some people go overboard, i don't give a flying rip about my birthday, you're going to get me a present, here's what i want to. i a betty crocker vanilla cake with vanilla icing in the can premade and i am good, there is nothing else you can give me that will make me happier than that. >> sean, may be the only thing that has gone well for joe biden since he took office is the idea that kamala harris would be an improvement has completely given up the ghost. remember what everybody was like, hey, joe biden is old, he is decrepit, there is no way he is going to make it through his term, they are going to replace
6:50 pm
him with a younger, more politically savvy kamala harris that will be able to run in the future. democrats are like, my goodness, keep everyone away from kamala harris. she might be the only politician in america, sean, with a lower approval rating than joe biden, and it is because of stilted, wooden, awkward, inauthentic video after inauthentic video. this wasn't too long ago she was talking about seeing the craters on the moons with those kid actors from canada. now she is yelling "surprise" at her own birthday party and kissing her husband on the mouth while both are wearing masks? no one does this. she is a fraud. he warned the whole thing is so staged, lisa boothe. now, we already got word that she is hiring p.r. people for this "makeover," then they hired the child actors, then they have, oh, yeah, i'm sure they are all wearing their masks every single minute of every day, even though they are fully
6:51 pm
vaccinated, et cetera, et cetera, with the booster shots. it's just phony, and meanwhile, we've got real suffering, real problems for poor americans, middle-class americans. look at the price of a gallon of gas. let's start there. everything we buy costs more. this is beyond amateur hour here. >> well, yeah, everything has gone downhill since joe biden took office, but to clay's point, they are desperately trying to make this woman likable because they know joe biden is not seeking a second term, he can barely get through a press conference, he probably goes to bed at 5:00 p.m. after having ice cream every night. this man is not running for a second term. so that leaves them with kamala harris, and when joe biden was trying to pick a vp, he said okay, here are the boxes i want to check, a woman and a minority. nowhere on that list was likability, and the problem for that administration on the probable kamala harris is look, you know, sean, working in television, any publicly facing job, whether it is tv, whether it is being five politician, authenticity is the key to trust, and she is the most
6:52 pm
inauthentic person, no one trusts her, and that is why she was fifth in california before dropping out in the presidential race, and why her approval ratings are abysmal, no one trust this woman because she is a phony. >> sean: and clay, when you watch closely, especially when kamala harris is when her own office, there is somebody there filming, in the office, knowing that joe is coming, and she is "oh, joe," and the act and the show, it was all staged, just like the child actors, it's all staged. it's all phony. i mean, i don't -- maybe -- >> you said it was "the real housewives," i think it is "veep," but the difference is "veep" is a satirical comedy. to your point, they had cameras there. had joe biden walk in eight different times to try to hand those flowers to her, and
6:53 pm
they're like oh, this is the best version, we will share this with the public, when you have a reality show going on, it is rare that you get real authenticity because you are taking multiple versions, that is the best version of kamala! she is either the worst actress of all time, which may well be true, or the least authentic. maybe she is just being an actor accurate version of herself, which is lisa said, is an absolute fraud. >> sean: last 30 seconds, lisa boothe question rick speak on the covid front, still wearing the mask. this is the only issue joe biden is not upside down on, continuing the fearmongering in perpetuity because it is the only thing he has any semblance of control over, that is why he went from 70% of the country needs to be vaccinated, to 98%. if he had his control, none of us will ever be free in the society because this is the only issue he has been getting absolutely crushed on because the man is a complete disaster. and kamala harris is obviously worse. >> sean: obviously, the
6:54 pm
borders -- >> surprise! [laughs] >> sean: russia, china, afghanistan. >> the only thing going his way -- >> it's everything. >> worse than him. >> child actor. >> sean: brandon's birthday. we will call it that. >> lets go, brandon. >> sean: all right. straight ahead, we have a hero . you don't want to miss this tape, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we have a hero of the day. earlier yesterday morning, yuma county arizona, person enters a gas station armed with the gun trying to rob the place. look at your screen. the person comes face-to-face with the u.s. marine veteran, instantly disarms him, stopping the robbery from happening and sending the other would be
7:00 pm
robert fleeing. that is a euro and congratulations. anyway, everyone should learn to defend themselves to some extent, please. that is all the time we have left for tonight. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle" including surgery is next. have a great night, we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" back in washington tonight. we are going to give you can't miss analysis of biden's train wreck of a town hall on cnn. his meandering, incoherent thoughts on everything from the supply chain crisis to gas prices to china. by the way, he defended vax mandates and somehow insisted that people are actually quitting their jobs are losing their jobs because of them. that is despite broad evidence to the contrary. he has no clue if gas prices are


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