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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. fox news prime time hosted by will cain this week starts early because i want to give you extra time. >> will: i didn't know you were in dallas. i'm right across town, after the show, what do you say we meet up? >> bret: let's go! >> will: i'll see you later than. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time, i'm will cain. we start on capitol hill where merrick garland was on the hot seat, the attorney general was grilled over his doj memo targeting concerned parents at school board meetings, it all started last month when the national school board association sent a letter to joe biden demanding action over what they call violence and intimidation at board meetings across the country but listen to this. new reporting reveals that the ns b.a. had "collaborated with
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the biden white house before sending a controversial letter calling on the fbi to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorist. "was the biden administration colluding, with the national school board administration, with the white house weaponize the doj to label parents all across this great nation as domestic terrorists? the answers to those questions seem to be unequivocally yes. the justice department and then quickly followed the ns b.a.'s lead a memo saying they would identify and prosecute these domestic threats. but how did the doj reach that conclusion? did they do some type of in-depth research? did they conduct a nationwide investigation, did they have specific threats? congressman jim jordan wanted to find out. >> wanted you first review the data showing this so-called disturbing uptick? >> i read the letter and we have been seeing over time -- >> i didn't ask you, you read
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the letter, that is your source? >> let me be clear, this is not a prosecution -- >> some study, some investigation someone did that said there was a disturbing uptick or you take the word of the national school board association? >> will: nothing more than a letter, garland wouldn't give a straight answer but he would give nothing more than a letter as the predicate to this investigation. congressman jordan was cut off before he could press any more. it's obvious that the white house was following the ns bas lead and the doj was following the white house's lead. that is not the only concern congress had with the attorney general, louisiana congressman mike johnson took the attack for his family's business ties for critical race theory. >> your actions may have been motivated by your family's financial stake in this issue, publisher reports show your son-in-law off cofounded a company called panorama
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education, we now know that company publishes and sells critical race theory and its so-called antiracism materials to schools across the country. did you seek ethics counsel before you issued a letter that directly relates to the financial interests of your family, yes or no? >> this memorandum does not relate to the financial interests of any one. >> i take that as a no. >> will: to be clear, the attorney general's son-in-law sells critical race theory processes and products to more than 23,000 school districts and schools this country. if that's not being compromised, i don't know what is. the white house, the doj all compromised in their connections with both the national school board association and with critical race theory. and yet they continue to push on, targeting concerned parents. why is this so important? here's one real-world consequence to what is inside
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that letter. one of the people the ns b.a. targeted as a domestic terrorist is a father from loudoun county, virginia, why? he showed up to protest. at a school board meeting, that parents name is scott smith and as you can see here, he was pinned down by police and the rest of the school board meeting in june. smith wanted accountability from the school board after their transgender policies led to his teenage daughter being allegedly raped in the school bathroom by a man in the skirt. obviously a harrowing experience no parent should have to deal with that every parent would want to find accountability on. instead of doing anything to help smith to allay his concerns, the biden administration is looking to vilify him in the hundreds of other parents as domestic terrorists. congressman chip roy of texas would not let garland get away with this. >> the girl who had defended raped, in a bathroom in high school by a dude wearing a
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skirt, that father reacted. he became the poster boy for the new domestic terrorism the biden administration has concocted anyone who gets in the way. do you believe a father attending a meeting exercising his first amendment rights and getting angry about whatever lies are being told about his daughter being a raped in the school he sent her to be educated and, this is domestic terrorism, yes or no? >> i don't think parents getting angry at school boards for whatever reason constitutes domestic terrorism. >> will: why did you send that letter, why did you issue that memo? why target parents across this country who are only concerned with their children's safety, their education, and their future. let's ask the man who held the fire to attorney general garland, texas congressman chip roy. thanks for being with me.
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in your investigation to date, what specific threats was the attorney general capable of providing to you that gave justification for investigating parents as domestic terrorists? >> clearly attorney general offered none at this hits home for me in the story you just told, i grew up in loudoun county and trace my family respect in the 1850s. this hits home, it's personal. what we learn today, my friend jim jordan the ranking member, the attorney general acknowledged he exercised this effort in pushing the fbi in going after parents and school boards as a result from this memorandum of national association from school boards. what else did we learn today? the member into the came out from friends of mine, did a foia request. they put forward and showed in emails there was obvious collusion going on between
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national school boards in the white house. they had been coordinating this for weeks, they decided they wanted to put out what this looks like and in the context of doing this memo, footnote 13 specifically references what occurred in loudoun county. the attorney general had to acknowledge that is where he got the impetus behind going after these parents. it's a travesty, this father deserves a medal for how reserved he was about what happened to a ninth grade in the bathroom in a school he sent her to to get educated, to get raped in a bathroom. he deserves commendation for going to a school board and raising his voice a little bit and raising concerns about what happened to his daughter. my reaction might've been a little bit different. >> will: yeah. accommodation, not being labeled a domestic terrorist. i would love to walk through one more time with you what happened with this letter?
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we have a national association, before the doj sent a letter to the white house, what am i to take away from that? did they collude, collaborate, did they send it back to the national school board association with preferred language and then it's forwarded on to the doj? if that is what happened, what does that mean for you and congress? what does that imply about our government? >> what we know is on september 29th according to a foia request, we found out that the guy who is the interim executive director of the national association for school boards, he said explicitly in the email they had been coordinating and communicating in the white house with the terms they wanted to put in the memo. the memo is put forward and sent to the white house, to president biden. five days later the attorney general of the united states said i'm going to empower the fbi and we are going to go after it and target parents. that is not a coincidence.
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we know exactly what is happening here and parents defending education which is the organization that did that should be commended for doing this foia request so we can know the truth but the truth is fairly evident, we saw it unfold in the unfair attack on scott smith a plumber for defending his daughter, that is the poster child for freedom, the poster child for parents, the poster child for upending a tyrannical federal government led by this president in this attorney general targeting the american people and parents. >> will: thank you for jumping on, thank you for your question today and your answers tonight. let me put this into context here and why this is so important and why made to figure out the sequence of events in the role the white house played to because as you just heard, there's no evidence to support the idea that parents are acting as domestic terrorists and that's because no evidence is necessary. for the biden administration targets political enemies. in january the dhs issued a memo
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stating threats surrounding the inauguration were called to wreck fences around washington, d.c., nothing came from that story disappeared. eventually, later, so did the fences. in may, dhs warned of right-wing violence once covert restrictions were lifted, again -- nothing. for the past several months, there have been a steady drumbeat to monitor and censor "extremist chatter online." of course now, parents are domestic terrorists, what do all these groups have in common? they are little adversaries the bite administration. joining me now, the host of the from the kitchen table podcast, shawn and rachel duffy, nice to see you both. apparently are not only my cohost on "fox & friends" of the weekend but you are domestic terrorists, because i know you are a concerned parent. >> i love how you laid that out. they put the fencing around the
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capital, they also said members of congress were dangerous and they made them go through metal detectors to get into the house which is infuriating to me as well because there is no evidence that anyone in congress was a domestic terrorists going to hurt any democrats, even though aoc said she was afraid from her life from other members of congress. we see there is a pattern of this. i think they thought calling terrorist racist would shut them up, it didn't work so they jumped to this new thing which is domestic terrorists and that really threatens people's livelihoods, it makes people afraid to fight back. i think that's what they are doing and also i'm glad at the hearing they brought up this connection between merrick garland and his family involvement and financial interest in feeding our children this poison in school. that family makes money doing that and i'm glad that was brought up at the hearing as well. >> will: now he's playing a role in attempting to shut down
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anyone who has a problem with that curriculum finding its way in schools. it does seem like a conflict of interest. the label domestic terrorist isn't just a slur, it's a tool that carries with it governmental ability, governmental power, surveillance ability. abilities that we've used it to the patriot act to monitor extremists overseas and now what does that allow the government to do? what kind of tool is that in targeting parents? >> to your point, its substantial power. i want to take a step back -- i want to hear the great connection between the fbi and all the threats coming in from all of these angry parents to school boards across the country, i wanted to hear what they were. there was nothing there and i think you made that point well. you went to law school, lady justice is blind. she has the scales of justice but she's blind because she doesn't look at how much money you have, your race, your color, your creed, your sexual preference, we equally apply the law to everybody in
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america but now we see in this country if you are donald trump or tunnel trump supporter or your parents don't support crt, we are going to come out to using laws to suppress conservatives. hillary clinton, the laws don't apply to her. she can whitewash or acid wash her phone, she can commit crimes or blm or antifa. those laws don't apply to liberals. my concern is we go from a democracy to a tyranny when you let the political opponents of one party use law enforcement against the other party. that is what is happening right now. the power of the patriot act, to your point is incredible, to threaten to silence anyone who disagrees with the majority. >> far from being domestic terrorists, this is good parenting i'm seeing here, these are good parents that are doing what they're supposed to do when they see a system that is
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rotten, that's indoctrinating their children. that's teaching their children to be activists and marxists instead of teaching them reading and writing. >> will: it's not just surveillance, it's setting aside due process. it is a tool to prosecute, to persecute parents. really quickly, i want to show you this, have you seen this tweet? this is from the connecticut senate democrats, connecticut state senate democrats, it's about halloween, just people dressed up. that shows people dressed up for halloween, you can see the questions are you going trick-or-treating? no, we are going to a school board meeting, they are laughing at you. they are suggesting you are a horror show in trying to protect your children. >> they are trying to demonize parents, trying to scare parents or their livelihood, trying to scare them with social standing, trying to isolate them and make them -- these parents are doing
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exactly what they're supposed to do and we ought to have a discussion later on what parents should do in this situation. i think that we have to become better, more savvy consumers of education whether it's k-12 all the way through college. if your school is hiding, if you're a school that is willing to show the curriculum, schools that are doing it right are excited to show you what they are teaching, excited to show you the curriculum and reading lists, schools that are afraid of parents are probably doing something wrong. that should be a red flag for all of us. i'm glad to see people fighting back but there's so much more we need to do. i think school choice is the ultimate answer. >> i'm wearing masks over my face, hear my voice but don't see my face come you can't come at me come fbi come i love that. >> will: i haven't checked my phone in the last 15 minutes, it will depend on what the latest declaration from dr. anthony fauci is but i believe you have to wear a mask at school board
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meetings. your new book all-american christmas is available right now we are at fox news books, it's a perfect gift for friends and family, go check it out from their family to yours. thank you both for being with me tonight. up next, the comment that could cost dr. fauci his job. >> senator paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the nih has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research. >> will: rand paul on today's admission by the nih that they did in fact gain-of-function research. and dr. fauci lied about it, that is next.
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>> will: the walls are closing in on dr. fauci, a bombshell report conference is something we knew all along. he's a fraud who lied before congress about the funding of gain-of-function research. senator rand paul had confronted him on multiple occasions and you saw the video, what did fauci do? deny. >> with all due respect you are entirely and completely incorrect that the nih has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the wuhan institute. >> gain-of-function research was going on in that lab and nih
4:23 pm
funded its, it meets your definition and you are obfuscating the truth. >> you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals, i totally resent that. if anybody is lying here, it is you. >> will: no, dr. fauci, it appears it is you, you are the liar strips because now we have solid proof. in a newly released letter, the nih admits that it funded gain-of-function research in wuhan claiming it wasn't transparent about the work taking place. they shifted the blame to eco-health alliance. rand paul was right, dr. fauci was lying. kentucky senator rand paul joined me now. thanks for jumping on the show with us tonight, do you feel vindicated? >> yeah, but it's not about me, it's ultimately about the safety of the country and the world. 5 million people died from a virus that came out of a lab,
4:24 pm
wouldn't we want to know, wouldn't we want to prevent this from happening again? this virus is very deadly, what if we had a virus that had a 15%? they are also experimenting with the mers virus, coronavirus from the early 2000s that had a 50% mortality and here's what they say, they still to this day are trying to get around the truth. they say well, it was unexpected that it gained function. how do you know if it's unexpected or not if it's unknown? if you take a virus from a cave, he combined it with a virus that has a 50% mortality, it either is going to be more transmissible or less but you don't know in advance whether it's going to be worse or better select gains function, that is something that is expected to. some of these viruses are going to gain function and the possibility of it leaking out is a horrific thing for mankind. dr. fauci has been steadfast in this, he said early on back to
4:25 pm
2012, should a scientist catch one of these diseases and spread it as a pandemic, that the collective accumulation of science would be worth the deaths of the people who died the. that's a question people need to ask, was it worth 5 million people dying? >> will: do you think that moment, that clip that we played, that interaction and you have had numerous interactions with him now, with this information, do you think that was perjury? was he lying to you under oath? is there anything for you to do now, is there any accountability? >> is not only me, many scientists are coming forward to our experts in this area saying they have been funding gain of function. he has been parsing words, he's been going around the subject and he never fully explains why it's not a gain of function. his declination is this: it's inadvertent, we didn't know they were going to gain function. that is what a gain of function experiment is.
4:26 pm
you don't know when you combine turtle viruses that they will be more deadly but it might be if you have half a brain you know if you combine two viruses it might be more deadly. he knew it was a gain of function experiment, he didn't know the result of the experiment. if that's the definition he's going to use? we still have all this craziness. we do this in our country, we need to make sure -- so far no democrat has been willing to listen to this, i've been asking for an investigation for months, no bipartisan committee has brought this up or decided to tackle this. we have scientists, kevin s bell from mit, one of the great technological discoverers, he's not a partisan he wrote in "the washington post" a week ago that this is a civilization ending kind of research, this research could release something that could destroy civilization. that is coming from a scientist, that should scare us all. >> will: i know what you're
4:27 pm
saying, he's playing semantic games with you, arguing with you about the definition of gain of function, he's weaseling out whether this satisfies his definition of gain of function. i'm sure there's going to be some semantic games about whether or not he knew eco-health alliance had broken their grant with the nih. i'm sure there are outs but there needs to be some accountability and you laid out one of them. this gain-of-function research goes on, and the other is his word is gospel, people don't question his word on a host of things. is there anything you can do to force accountability? >> we have referred him to the department of justice, but they have a big problem you've heard domestic terrorism with moms at school board meetings. i think they're going to be spending time going after moms and parents complaining about what they are teaching at school but i don't know if they have time to go after dr. fauci for lying. he should be held accountable because what we have developed
4:28 pm
as a system of health care in our country where doctors are afraid to speak out because he will cut out the research funding, doctors who have talked about innovative treatment to try to help people survive covid are being lectured and told we will take your license. this is the kind of thing, this top-down centralization of medical authority, it's not good for our country and it's not good for innovation. in a crisis like this abductor will stumble upon something that really works and we may learn from that but not of doctors think they will be fired if you do anything outside the algorithm. >> will: if you want to be investigated and he won't be fired, should dr. anthony fauci resigned? >> without question. it's for lack of judgment. he continues to think we should fund research in china, eco-health is still getting money for research in wuhan. there's a project from 2022 max 2025 that to my knowledge anthony fauci is still in favor of funding. he said that's where the fat viruses are, we got to go there
4:29 pm
without any kind of understanding or comprehension that perhaps the chinese communist military or government isn't the same as dealing with the democratic government elsewhere in the world. he doesn't realize that might be a problem and they might have not just unintentional problems but actually might have intended to or intend to create things that would be very damaging to the world. >> will: senator rand paul, hopefully there is someplace we can find accountability for these lies. thanks for jumping on with us tonight and letting us know what you make of this new report. there is no doubt that anthony fauci should resign, the lies are mounting, it's too much. up next, democrats are freaking out after somebody leaked their plan to replace kamala harris with mayor pete. plus speaker of the house newt gingrich, don't go away. wealth is saving a little extra.
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>> will: we are back with a fox news alert, the fbi has confirmed that the human remains found yesterday in a florida nature park are those of brian laundrie. we go live to phil keating. speak of the human bones, the skeletal remains found inside his nature preserve yesterday are in fact confirmed to be of brian laundrie, the wanted fugitive. the fbi denver confirming late this afternoon that it was confirmed thanks to his dental records. late this afternoon, two fbi agents pulled up to the laundrie house in northport where they spent three or 4 minutes inside and then left clearly informing the parents in person that they're 23-year-old son is dead. laundrie was a subject of a nationwide manhunt, the only person of interest in the disappearance and death of his 22-year-old fiance gabby petito. the laundrie family attorney said the parents will not be making any statements and to please respect their privacy. the young man and woman had been
4:36 pm
on a long summer road trip out west documenting their exploits on social media. he returned home to florida without her and her body was later discovered in a wyoming national forest, cause of death a homicide by strangulation. with her parents also are making no comment at this time. according to the laundrie parents two days after gabby was reported missing, their son went to the environmental park for a hike. he never returned and was never seen again. the cause of his death still yet to be determined. the story riveted much of the nation for the past two months with people demanding justice for gabby petito. now we know that the only person of interest or suspect in her death is now also dead. >> will: thanks for that report. brand-new fox poll tonight as well showing 87% of registered voters are extremely or very concerned about inflation or higher prices.
4:37 pm
meanwhile, 76% care about deep political divisions and almost the very bottom of the list, if you can look down that far, only 65% are concerned about infrastructure. why is that the only thing joe biden and the democrats seem to care about? it's like they flipped the pole upside down. here now, newt gingrich former speaker of the house. he's got a new book, beyond biden out on november 2nd, you can preorder your copy now on amazon. glad to have you, you can see what's important to americans, why is the biden administration on interested in those issues? >> that's true across the board, they aren't interested in controlling the border which is a huge issue for americans, they are uninterested in the rise in murderers which is a big issue for americans, you could go through the whole list of things. the biden team which includes schumer and pelosi and every
4:38 pm
democrat in washington except maybe joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, they are committed to a hard left big government socialist model. they have to pay off the unions, they've got to pass big spending. they've got to find ways to take care of their allies and i think that you see them literally tone-deaf. i don't have the language -- and i've been working on this. these are people who reject reality. reagan used to say you didn't worry about what liberals didn't know, he worried about what they knew that wasn't true. now i'm worried because even when it's objectively obvious, they are flying children at night into westchester county, new york, getting them out of texas and i don't think anybody knows where they're going, what's happening to them and the white house is just totally out of touch with reality and frankly so is the
4:39 pm
democratic party in the house in the senate. >> will: we will have to have a longer conversation about this because i'm fascinated about what you said to. i struggle with the language as well. i think they are developing a pseudo-reality, they have manipulated so successfully there is no need to adapt to what they think is the real reality. this much more here but i need to ask you about a new story as well. new report out democratic donors see this reality. joe biden has no future politically, kamala harris has no future politically and democratic donors are now looking to pete buttigieg as the possible future may be as early as 2024. how is that for reality? >> you've got in pete buttigieg somebody who took two months off on family leave leaving behind nobody in charge of the department of transportation as we drifted into a gigantic crisis of logistics with over 60 ships stuck offshore from long beach, off of savanna come off of los angeles, you can take a guy who was a total failure at
4:40 pm
solving one of the biggest economic problems we have right now and we are going to somehow magically make him the democratic nominee. as a republican, i think it's terrific. as a matter -- as a matter of reality, how can you take this guy who's utterly irresponsible and there's a certain level where family leave doesn't quite work where if you are in charge of the whole country's transportation system. he didn't leave anybody in charge. for two months we were rudderless, had nobody in charge and the entire logistics system got steadily worse as we are going to discover that christmas. >> will: i can sympathize with him a little bit, i don't know where else they would turn, i don't know what else they would go. i don't know where you go? >> they got lots of people, they got senators, they got governors, they got movie stars. somewhere out there, there's somebody better than
4:41 pm
pete buttigieg. >> will: fair point, i look forward to talking to you in the future when we have a little more time. up next, the radical left winning the free-speech battle on college campuses but a group of brave professors are fighting back. we are going to talk to one of them, you got to hear this story. what happened at uc berkeley and mit after the break. ♪ darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. >> will: the battle for free speech on campus rages on, and guess what? the radical left is winning. the latest battlefield is mit were a speech by a renowned geophysicist named dorian abbott was blocked by angry students who are outraged over comments he made in the past about affirmative action. abbott's speech was the latest casualty of canceled culture in academia and he talked about this, the chilling effect and this kind of atmosphere of free speech being squelched on tucker carlson today. >> what you do for a living does not intersect with american politics or cultural transfer? >> nothing. in fact to me this sort of
4:47 pm
science is supposed to be a secret garden where you can retreat from all of those types of activities. over the last 5-10 years, everything has been introduced into the science. there's been a politicized nation of science. if only a few of us are standing up and asserting principles of academic freedom, maybe we can turn the tide. >> will: joining me now is keith whittington, princeton politics professor and academic freedom alliance chair. thank you so much for being with me tonight. let me ask you this, professor abbott has been canceled now for a speech at mit, i believe he's also suffered cancellation at uc berkeley. what is it that he has said that is so controversial that students simply cannot tolerate? >> he just spoke out about affirmative action policy and express conservative view and most americans actually agree with. it's extraordinary controversial on college campuses. we had this very disturbing episode where the argument is you're not allowed to give a
4:48 pm
talk because you have some disagreements with people based on what kind of policies you should have with affirmative action. >> will: he said affirmative action should go by the wayside, we should use merit more in decision making and that's what his talk was out at mit. was he supposed to talk about affirmative action? >> he was supposed to talk about his area of expertise in this case planetary alignment and search for extraterrestrial life. planets in the development of life, this has nothing to do with disagreements about affirmative action. the argument is we should hear from scientists picking their scientific research if they hold along political leanings. >> i just want to be clear, professor abbott is he known well in his field? is a highly respected when it comes to that specific discipline, is he qualified to give these talks at mit and berkeley? >> absolutely, the reason he was
4:49 pm
invited to give talks at mit in the first place, this is an honorary talk which esteems people in the field. the scientific research is really good, he's very well known in his field and he has a tenured position at one of the leading institutions in the country at university of chicago. and these the kinds of people that you want to give scientific talks. simply for doing their science. >> will: let me add this up through a series of questions i've asked you, we have a renowned expert in a specific field scheduled to give a talk to impart special wisdom to these students and because he has a political opinion on a totally unrelated issue, he simply can't be tolerated on campus. it's clear that our academia is corrupted by something, what is it corrupted by? >> it's corrupted by politics, it's a serious problem. there's an effort to limit the boundaries of what types of disagreements people are allowed
4:50 pm
to have on college campuses and if you get sideways with the dominant opinion or at least the opinion that some political activists have on campus, they are going to hurt you professionally or prevent you from advancing your career, to prevent people from listening to your scholarly work because of those political disagreements in the university should not operate that way. precisely to push back on this, and emphasize what we are to be doing on universities taking ideas seriously, debating those arguments and making her own decision and not trying to suppress people's speech because we disagree with it? >> will: all due respect, i think you have a monumental task before you in saving academia but i wish you all the best luck. thanks for being on the show tonight. don't go anywhere, comedy legend adam corolla next is going to go on the clock and you do not want to miss it.
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♪ ♪ >> will: all right, a few minutes left in the show, time to put comedian and clock podcast titan adam carolla on the clock, four stories, 60 seconds each. here we go for your first up, who said boys don't cry? i know you're going to love this, men actually cry more often than women do and a report shows that men cry on average four times a month. finally something for adam kinzinger to be proud of. this is teed up right for adam carolla. crying man, adam. take it away. >> well, first off, boys shouldn't be crying. the only time it is okay for a guy to cry is either when you see the movie "old yeller" or brian's song. or you've got a lot of money on the browns and they don't cover. i'm guessing there is a lot of crying during football season, you took the under and there was a last-second safety, men are
4:57 pm
turning into women. more males currently wear bracelets then eat a stoop, this is a bad sign. no one who storm to the beach at normandy ever cried, even on the beach, so this is insane, this is sad, grab yourself some kleenex and mop it up, boys. >> will: to be fair, adam, i might have shed one during "saving private ryan." i did not storm normandy, but that movie might have gotten me. up next, forget fixing the border, kamala harris cannot even attend her own birthday party without screwing it up. watch this. >> surprise! >> will: just to be clear here, she yelled "surprise" at her own surprise party. [laughs] >> well, all right, sad, i heard joe biden got her a gift, right? let me circle back. everyone is mad, why is everyone
4:58 pm
wearing masks? everyone is vaccinated. send a message, we want to get back to normal. by the way, they all wear the mask until they get to the podium, then the mask comes off, then when they exhibit, the mask goes back on. kamala harris should be getting a gift for joe biden. she is the worst politician in the last ten years. in the debate she called him racist and sexist and now he makes her the vice president and is giving her a gift? she should give him a gift every single day he is alive. >> will: it also shows nothing is real. surprise! i'm so surprised that i yell at first. hoping to escape her almost a year, royal caribbean might have the cruise for you, this cruise from the cruise company is rolling out a 274 night, 65 country trip, and tickets start out at $60,000. you can do the podcast, i'm sure, from the cruise, adam. so are you in? >> well, what is so glamorous
4:59 pm
about being at sea for 264 nights? i mean, it is no big whoop. i am from l.a. there is 100 container ships that are at the port out here. those guys have been sitting on those boats for 150 days and probably took them 75 days to get here from china, they are going to be there for another hundred days or so until pete buttigieg adopts another kid, so no big whoop, there is no novelty to being at sea for 300 days anymore. there's tons of guys right in the pacific right over here that have been sitting there all day. >> will: are never thought about that, what life is like on the shipping containers right now. finally, netflix employees hate dave chappelle and signs. protesting outside because they are still somehow mad about dave's latest stand up special, but someone out there had dave's back, adam, watch.
5:00 pm
[indistinct shouting] all right, adam, 20 seconds left, what do you think, can you defend comedy? >> yes, i can come and i will say this, because it is a serious problem about comedy, which is netflix is talking about a disclaimer. you don't need a disclaimer. >> will: we are getting cut off -- ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here in spite of it all. we have spent an awful lot of time telling you what we think about the biden administration. we do it almost every night. a little repugnant. for tonight, for once, we are gg to let the biden administration speak for itself. this show has obtained some recently shot footage of joe biden and kamala harris, the president and vice president of the united states, or vice versa depending


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