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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 21, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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back and forth taking notes on things. >> i'll be at the ballet. >> you're going to the ballet? >> that's amazing. >> who's watching the kid, you didn't ask me to babysit. >> you're not legally allowed to do that. >> i'll watch them. am i allowed? >> bedtime is 7:00. >> that works perfect. "special report" is up next. >> bret: i would go with dana over greg. good evening come on bret baier, we are coming to you tonight from dallas and we are receiving word in the past few minutes that the -- we have word from the fbi, the dental records show the remains found in a florida wilderness reserve are those of federal fugitive brian laundrie. some of his remains and personal effects were found earlier this week, he's a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend
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gabby petito, her body was found in wyoming last month. correspondent phil keating has this breaking news again, finding those remains and now identified as brian laundrie. is going to join us in just a bit, we will go live to florida where that investigation is continuing. what do you have on the ground? >> it is official, the nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie is over. the human remains found here inside the nature park behind me yesterday next to a backpack and a notebook belonging to brian laundrie, we were told late this afternoon those remains involved bones, skeletal remains but there was enough left over which involved his teeth that the fbi weeded out in the past 30 minutes they did make a match
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with the dental records they had for brian laundrie and the skeletal remains that they found here. 5:15 this evening in northport at the home of brian laundrie's parents chris and roberta, an unmarked vehicle was seen parking, two agents went inside. they met with the parents for about three or 4 minutes and left clearly informing them about the dental records match. he was the only person of interest in the disappearance and murder -- >> bret: phil keating on the ground, we lost that live shot again. these remains according to the fbi are those of brian laundrie. we have the official fbi comparison of dental records confirming the human remains are his. the next question becomes where this investigation goes and if brian laundrie's parents have more to tell authorities about
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the circumstances of gabby petito and what their son did and did not say, we don't know if they are going to cooperate further after this. also breaking tonight, attorney general merrick garland is in the hot seat all day on capitol hill, republicans on the house judiciary committee quizzing the ag over his recent memo targeting parents of school students over comments at school board meetings pick of attorney general saying the justice department defends those free-speech rights and the parents are not domestic terrorists but that issue and others may force some explosive moments at this hearing. correspondent david spunt has the other a top story tonight. >> attorney general merrick garland is standing his ground on several hot button topics brought up today from january 6th. one of the recurring themes over several hours today, school board meetings. minutes after the hearing began, it went off the rails.
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>> mr. chairman, what are our colleagues on the other side of the aisle afraid of? are they afraid of videos of parents? >> the gentleman was recognized for his opening statement, as he finished? >> republicans push to show a video about school board meetings, democrats said no sighting of rule that requires 48 hours notice for video presentations to be shown. attorney general merrick garland in the hot seat answering multiple questions from republicans about his october 4th memo that directs the federal bureau of investigation working with each united states attorney to convene meetings in each federal judicial district within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum. >> i think your memo was the last straw. i think it was the catalyst for a great awakening that is just getting started. >> the memo issued five days after the national school board association wrote to president biden about the rise of threats by parents to school board officials writing these heinous actions could be the
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equivalent of a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. >> not in a million years did we dream that one day we would see the justice department treat american parents as domestic terrorists. >> but garland said his memo doesn't use the words domestic terrorism or patriot act. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> he says the one-page memo is a warning only for those who threaten or commit violence. the memo doesn't use the phrase "other forms of intimidation and harassment" without definition. also asked about the border crisis, specifically asylum cases. those numbers continue to grow. he also said special counsel john durham's budget was renewed and his investigation into the origins of the russia probe will
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continue. garland, pressed on the length of the investigation into the attack on the capital last january. >> this is not long at all, i've been in lots of criminal investigations that took away longer. we've arrested 650 people already. speak of the attorney general was asked specifically if he were charged anyone defying a congressional subpoena, think of steve bannon, he said, and i quote we will apply the facts and law and to make a decision consistent with the principles of prosecution. >> bret: thanks. kentucky republican senator rand paul says i told you so does not begin to cover how he feels about the scandal over the u.s. taxpayer funding of what is called gain of function virus research in the chinese lab. senator paul has consistently asserted that dr. anthony fauci's denial of such action constituted lying to congress. new evidence is spotlighting
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this issue. this, as they lab leak theory for the origins of the coronavirus gains more support as well. correspondent jonathan serrie joins us tonight from atlanta. speak of the national institutes of health has released documents raising the questions about u.s. government funded research on viruses conducted in china. in a response to a lawsuit filed by the intercept, the nih provided annual grant reports from eagle health alliance which the intercept says provided additional evidence of the u.s. nonprofit and its sub award the wuhan institute of virology, were engaged in risky experiments and the nih may not have been fully aware of these activities. the reports outline experiments in which researchers made clones of the virus responsible for the deadly 2012 outbreak of middle east respiratory syndrome or mers and give it properties of other viruses found in bats. similar reports earlier this year led to this test the
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exchange on capitol hill between senator rand paul and dr. anthony fauci. >> you take an animal virus and you increase and transmit ability to humans, you're saying that's not gain of function? >> that is correct, senator paul, you do not know what you're talking about. >> the virus outlined in the grant reports are unrelated to covid-19. nevertheless, top scientists including dr. fauci and his boss, nih director francis collins, say they cannot rule out the theory of the pandemic was the result of a laboratory accident without more cooperation from the chinese government. back in the u.s., florida governor ron desantis announce he will convene a special session of the republican-controlled legislature in november to fight vaccine mandates posed by businesses. >> your rights to earn a living should not be contingent on covid shots. >> the governor supporters cheer the fact that the cases in florida are declining despite the state's opposition to mask and vaccine mandates. >> lord is worth today's of the
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pandemic may be behind it but politifact points out that it's infection rates are still higher than most states. >> bret: jonathan serrie in atlanta. the pentagon's hypersonic weapons programs suffered a setback after a booster rocket failed to lift off, that's according to reuters. the test was intended to validate aspects of one of the hypersonic vehicles in development. senior pentagon officials say a separate series of tests wednesday was successful on navy and army hypersonic weapon component of the types. there is a report tonight that china performed a second hypersonic weapons test this summer, the financial times is reporting a second launch was about two weeks after the first. of the pentagon and u.s. intelligence officials were said to be caught off guard by the advances by the chinese. the u.s. does not currently have missile defense systems able to track and take down a hypersonic
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missile. former secretary of state mike pompeo, thanks for being here. >> how are you doing tonight? >> bret: i'm good, sir, knowing what you know about the chinese in their development militarily, how concerned are you about these hypersonic missile tests? >> this is serious business, their capability looks to be within a couple of dozen miles, a target for something that travels multiples of speed of sound. it's to create a new threat vector for the united states. we are seeing several of these during the last 6 to 8 years, not the least of which is their cyber capabilities you and i have spoken about before. this is serious stuff. we need to respond to it. the most important thing we have to keep in mind is the intentions of xi jinping. he's talked about the fact that he wants to have each of us living in a world that looks like his marxist-leninist, we
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can't permit that in this military tool that he's developing is just one arrow in the quiver of xi jinping aiming at course of action, not only against the united states but against the west. >> bret: the white house has evolved and how it's answering this question, jen psaki was asked about the weapons test report to the other day and another series of questions, take a listen. >> we have been consistent in our approach with china. we welcome stiff competition but we do not want that competition to veer into conflict and that is certainly what we convey privately as well. [reporter questioning] >> yes. >> we are not going to comment specifically but generally speaking we have made clear up our concerns the military capabilities that the prc continues to pursue. do we have concerns? we do and we are going to continue to speak out. >> bret: what else could this administration be doing message wise or otherwise in result of
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what's happening? >> this is a full on challenge from the chinese communist party, this isn't about stiff competition, this is about the intention of a communist party that wants to undermine our way of life in the united states pick of the most important thing you can do if you underestimate this or talk about this as a competition, they had a good day, we had a bad day, that's not what xi jinping -- we've seen this with the soviet union before, we know how communism works. the obama administration completely ignore these hypersonic programs, we began to build out our capability and the capacity to defend against them. they need to build up coalitions much like we had built up in the quad with japan, and india, and australia to begin the shape of the west would respond to these new set of activities, those of the things the administration can do. friends, partners, pay economies around the world to push back against head of the way president trump and our team did for our four years in office.
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>> bret: you are one of the first people to speak out about at least the circumstantial evidence pointing to a lab leak theory in wuhan and what you were seeing. now we have this new development about gain-of-function research. your thought about how that has evolved in recent weeks. >> i was called racist for contemplating the idea that the virus might well have come from a virology lab inside of china. now it's quite likely that in fact was the case. it has evolved because we have had government leaders including dr. fauci not speak the truth. i heard you play the quote from senator paul, he wasn't telling everything he knew about american involvement, taxpayer money going to this virology lab to work on this research that was juicing viruses. out of it we know the full story of the fact that this might well have come from that virology lab and my goodness, two years on the chinese communist party continues to cover up the fact
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that a lot of virus has traveled around the world to kill 4 million people around the world something we should not discount and our government needs to find tools and weapons to respond to the chinese communist party for what they did to the world. 4 million people no longer on the planet because of what china did. >> bret: how should the u.s. push for them to pay for it if, in fact, that's where this origin came from? >> there's lots of tools, we can certainly find ways to do this in the court system. i've written about options there, there are many where we could use our private court system to benefit those people who were harmed and injured by with the chinese come to the party did the. the world health organization is not an organization -- this administration said we were going to go back into that, that lab is still operating, there's no indication they have improved their safety conditions and i'm confident they are still working on highly contagious viruses. those of the kinds of costs you
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can begin to impose in the chinese come at his party, they can't be permitted to roam freely around the world and participate in international organizations and hold an olympics in just a couple of months and do that when these people care about human life, they took a highly contagious virus that was pretty lethal and put it on people on airplanes and it is continuing in the united states of america. hundreds of dead here, and lots of people out of work. >> bret: you look good, you lost a lot of lbs, you planning for something big? >> thanks for noticing, my son is getting married in the summer, next year. >> bret: we'll ticket on that, thank you for the time. i appreciate it. we go live to southern california with the supply chain crisis is growing, more than 100 cargo ships are now waiting to make it port and there are multiple reasons why, we'll look into that again. here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight.
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fox 9, the former minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman who had called 911 is sentenced to four years and nine months in prison. he was initially convicted of third-degree murder and manslaughter and given 12 and a half years, that conviction was overturned. his new sentence is for second-degree manslaughter. as the national transportation safety board reveals, a driver was behind the wheel when a tesla electric car crashed and burned last april killing two men. the agency says both driver and passenger were in front seats with belt buckle to the time of the crash pick of the agency made no determination as to whether the autopilot partially automated driver assist system was running at the time of the crash. this is a live look at miami from the ws bn, our affiliates down there. the big story tonight, royal caribbean international announces the launch of the ultimate world cruise pick of the ship will visit 150 destinations in 65 countries and all seven continents and will
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last a 200 nights. booking costs start at $61,000 per person. 274 nights, how about that? that's two outside the beltway, we are outside the beltway too end we'll be right back in dallas right after this.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ♪ ♪ >> bret: stocks were mixed today, the dow lost six, the s&p 500 gained 14 to post a new record close. the nasdaq gained 94. inflation is becoming a major worry for americans, the latest fox news poll indicates 87% of those responding are extremely or very concerned about inflation and higher prices. 76% feel that way about political divisions and health care. what schools teach concerns 73%. unemployment at 71%, what schools teach making the big jump. the number of ships waiting off the coast of los angeles to enter port is now more than 100
3:22 pm
with dozens more arriving today and tomorrow. tonight, national correspondent william la jeunesse on the water looks at how spending so much time at sea waiting is affecting people aboard those vessels. >> for these crews, most of them are effectively marooned for months, they would like to get off and go to walmart or cvs but as foreigners, they can't without being vaccine or receiving a vaccine. shipping companies with the supply chain issue, it's the cost of doing business and they are not hurting. >> it's frustrating like i said. >> this is the first time he has been ashore in weeks. >> since his pandemic, i can't even go home in my hometown. can't get off the ship. >> without a covid vaccine, most mariners can't leave their vessel and ship owners don't want them coming back infected. >> can you imagine if you are
3:23 pm
like 19 to back 22 guys and you're out in the middle of the water. 19 to my 22 guys every single day and you can't contact your family, sometimes it's like being in jail. >> it's truancy ports around the world but worse here because of the backup in the ports. 2-3 miles up the ports of l.a. and long beach and what you're looking at is a massive traffic jam in the pacific. right now there are 167 ships of these ports, that is a record. the focus of the supply chain crisis are these, the container ship. >> unfortunately when we have these bottlenecks and you can't get your car, your container out of the terminal, time is money. you're losing money. >> port officials say despite the slow down, shippers and china continue booking los angeles, here is what they can expect -- that container ship left china september 5th, they arrived here 15 days later september 20th. it remained offshore until
3:24 pm
october 10th waiting 20 days to enter the port, five days longer than the trip itself from china. >> there are ten major shippers, they control over 85% of all the waterborne transportation of goods in the world. >> experts say the ocean shipping industry is on course for record profits this year fueled by spot raids from china, 127% of the west coast, and they are still setting records tonight. >> bret: william la jeunesse and the waters of the port of los angeles, another major problem for this president, this administration tonight, rising gasoline prices. you are paying more right now for fueled and you have in the last seven years. fox business correspondent jeff flock takes a look tonight from pennsylvania. >> as perhaps you can see, the sun is setting on yet another day of increased fuel prices,
3:25 pm
the sign back there behind me pushing $4 for a gallon of premium gas, tends to be higher in the northeast than the national average which comes in at $3.37, the average gallon of regular gas. one year ago it was $2, $0.16, that's a 56% increase and what that means of courses we've got a whole lot less money to spend on other things. one research group finds for every dime of increase in the price of a gallon of gas, it's $1.3 billion taken out of discretionary spending. leading up to christmas we will have because of high gas prices $35 billion less to spend on other things. according to the oil gurus, it's not going to change anytime soon. >> the only way i see that continuing to rise another couple of cents a gallon until we get relief in the crude oil market for more oil supplies returning, unfortunately this is
3:26 pm
going to be bad news for the consumer because the balance of 2021. >> that crude oil market is under some pressure because as we look forward to a green economy and less reliance on fuels, reticence on the part of the oil companies to spend money to explore. if you look at the numbers on oil exploration as recently as 2014, we spent over $700 billion a year looking for new oil. by 2018, that had been reduced to less than 500 billion and this year, the last year it was about 300 billion or more. until we get to that green economy, it might cost us some green. >> bret: met one guy driving by has gas. thank you. up next, president biden lets his frustration show as his domestic policy agenda is still stalled. ♪ ♪
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3:31 pm
tonight. >> spending trillions on social programs isn't as easy as it looks. >> the process of government is frustrating and a sometimes dispiriting. >> at a ceremony celebrating the statue of dr. martin luther king, the president veered way off topic, talking covid relief. >> think about it, what did you do for me lately? we had $1.9 billion we took care of. >> republican critics -- >> following my predecessor, the last president into a deep black hole in the abyss. >> and climate change. >> super storms, droughts, wildfire, hurricanes. >> the staff handled the finer points of spending negotiations. >> he believes the deal will happen, it will be transformational. >> it could also get people hooked on government programs according to republican >> speak of the game is to shrink the cost, start a whole lot of programs and claim that it doesn't really cost much because they expire in a year or two and the goal is they become so popular that we get them
3:32 pm
forever. >> biden officials on sweat and the costs. >> we see the cost is zero because it's going to be paid for. >> but american consumers are paying more for nearly everything as supply chain problems persist introducing new questions about the president's pledge not to make the middle class pay anything for his policies. >> you guys say that president biden does not want to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. but there's a new fox poll that finds 83% of registered voters are noticing bills for groceries in everyday items increasing. how is that any different than a new tax? >> can you give me a little bit more? speak of the supply chain is all backed up, there are bottlenecks, prices are going up, people are paying more. house at any different from a new tax? >> i would say this, we are dealing with a historic and evolving pandemic that is impacting our economy.
3:33 pm
>> they would rather talk about the stalled build back better plan than the major increases in the cost of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. a lot has changed here in just three months when white house officials celebrated that they calculated the cost of a fourth of july barbecue for the whole family had fallen $0.16. >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thanks. congressional democrats are trying to finalize details as mentioned there on their social spending bill, the big one on capitol hill. but not so big anymore, perhaps. congressional correspondent chad pergram tells us where things stand tonight. >> democratic leaders want a framework for the bill soon. >> we're almost almost to the stretch. >> we heard that last month. >> we made great progress and we are proceeding. >> that's why there's skepticism about finishing up now. >> it isn't done yet, it will be
3:34 pm
because now we have to narrow the scope and we are in the process of doing that. [reporter questioning] >> we will have an agreement that we will pass both houses. >> it's hard to know were key senators to stand arizona's kyrsten sinema. [reporter questioning] and there is conjecture about bickering behind closed doors between senators joe manchin and bernie sanders, it's not helping matters. >> come to an agreement by the end of the week. >> there's lots to settle about taxes and climate policy, there may not be a clean energy plan but pelosi pledges drastic cuts in carbon emissions. >> we are very close to having a deal when i talk to the white house the day before yesterday and i think it's a
3:35 pm
matter of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> pelosi is selling the plan hard. >> this legislation will be paid for, in fact it may be more than paid for. >> no one knows the true cost of a still unwritten bill. >> it's going to cost trillions of dollars, someone is going to pay for it but it's a future generation. >> if democrats are able to nail down details of a bill that could unlock a vote on the infrastructure bill next week a vote on the spending bill may not come until next month. >> there was a vote in the house today to hold the steve bannon a former trump advisor in contempt of congress today for disregarding showing up for that january 6th committee hearing. what does that all mean, what is it all go? >> it's up to attorney general merrick garland to decide to prosecute for not cooperating with a houses investigation to the capitol riot. nine g.o.p. members voted to hold bannon in contempt, g.o.p.
3:36 pm
members of the 1-6 committee like liz cheney and adam kinzinger voting yes but one surprise was nancy mays of south carolina. she opposes watering down subpoena power if the g.o.p. wins back the majority. >> bret: we'll follow its. another democratic heavy hitter comes to virginia to try to help the democratic nominee in the hotly contested governor's race there, we'll have a live report. >> i'm excited to. >> we watch liberal leaders in richmond really take virginia into a bad direction. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours. ok, let's talk about those changes to your financial plan. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: we are getting a snapshot tonight of what americans are worried about when it comes to their children's education, the latest fox news poll says 63% of those responding feel a major problem in schools pushing a political
3:41 pm
plan, 57% say threats against officials, 54% say parents pushing political plans, almost half the site too much focus on race, 47% believe parents do not get enough say. vice president kamala harris is the latest in a long line of high-profile democrats trying to rescue the governor's election for terry mcauliffe pick of the former governor has lost his lead over republican glenn youngkin. correspondent mark meredith is on the trail reporting tonight from virginia. >> virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe says he needs his party's help if he's going to get his old job back. he writes "i don't get why folks aren't stepping up and taking this seriously, it's scary how close this is getting." vice president kamala harris will offer her support joining mcauliffe at a campaign event 30 miles outside of washington. >> we have a great relationship, she's only done some things for the campaign.
3:42 pm
>> recently he told his surrogate the biden-harris administrations polling is dragging him down. republicans are spending their time and money focused on one issue, education. >> we can absolutely keep our schools open. >> a new monmouth university poll shows glenn youngkin with a narrow lead on the issue, up eight points since august. >> terry mcauliffe spent years minimizing the role of parents. >> the conservative backed free to learn action group release to this ad today accusing virginia democrats of backing a far left education agenda. it says it will spend a million dollars airing the message while he says if elected he will make education reform a top priority. >> funding the largest education budget in the history of virginia. >> mcauliffe says he has no plans to surrender the issue. >> we have to treat our teachers better and that's the main reason why i'm running again. >> we are expecting the
3:43 pm
vice president to take the stage within the next few minutes. the voting bloc is considered crucial if mcauliffe is going to have any chance here in northern virginia. next week and the president biden holding one more campaign event with mcauliffe. >> bret: mark meredith in virginia. former secretary of state condoleezza rice on the view giving her opinions on the controversy over education and critical race theory. >> i would like black kids to be completely empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness, but in order to do that, i don't have to make white kids feel bad for being white. somehow this is a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction. >> bret: talked about it for a while, she added about the january 6 capitol hill riot, it was a horrible, very dark day but "it's time to move on." up next, the panel on attorney general merrick garland defending himself against
3:44 pm
republican lawmakers irate over the targeting of parents who criticized their children's schools one way or another. beyond our borders tonight, a military outpost in southern syria where u.s. and coalition forces are staying hit by a coordinated attack, the assault appearing to include a two drone strikes and a number of small rockets. u.s. officials say no american troops were injured or killed they are. british police charged a 25-year-old man of somali heritage with killing a member of parliament, we brought you that story. conservative lawmaker david alma's was stabbed to death in a church last friday. the court also charged that man with preparing terrorist acts, prosecutors say he considers himself affiliated with the islamic state. some stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. a product of mastery. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 es 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ ♪ >> not in a million years did we dream that one day we would see the justice department treat american parents as domestic terrorists. >> will fbi agents be attending local school board meetings? >> no. >> are we domestic terrorists? >> no. the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish.
3:49 pm
about the education of their children, about the curriculum taught in their schools. that is not with the memorandum is about at all, nor does it use the words domestic terrorism or patriot act. >> bret: attorney general and the hot seat on capitol hill answering questions about this memo, increasing harassment and intimidation and threats. instructed the fbi to work with school boards. "the washington free beacon" reported this spirit of the country's largest school board association collaborated with the biden white house before sending a controversial letter calling on the fbi to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists according to previously unrecorded emails. the letter makes clear the white house was aware of the letter before it was released while raising questions about whether the white house colluded with the association on the letter to prompt federal action. start with the panel, mara liasson national political correspondent national public
3:50 pm
radio, former white house press secretary ari fleischer, and katie pavlich. a lot of questions from the public and lawmakers on that committee to the attorney general, what about that back and forth in what he was saying. >> today is a day i'm so grateful for mitch mcconnell for keeping merrick garland off the supreme court to. he comes across with such soothing words, never in a million years would we ever do this and he meanwhile is very political behind the scenes, otherwise why would the department of justice ever have issued that letter in the first place? they have to be aware that when you are told somebody needs to be treated as a domestic terrorist and then you say the fbi's going to look into this and we are going to convene meetings with u.s. attorneys within 30 days of receipt of this letter, they mean action. he can't have it both ways. it was not a good day for impartial, nonpartisan justice and he never heard about the insurrection that took place last week at the department of
3:51 pm
the interior, where climate activists, 55 of whom got arrested into the police to occupy the department of interior? he said he never heard of it. that was reported in "the washington post," reported by msnbc, by fox, and by the associated press, how could he not have known? >> bret: there is another exchange on that school board letter. >> one of the worries that i have about the way that we are talking about race is that it either seems so big that -- >> justice department committee cates with those organizations prior to the letter. did you help the national school board association put together the letter? >> i have had no such conversations, i would be surprised if that happened but i don't know. >> when did you first review the data showing this so-called disturbing uptick. >> i read the letter and we have been seeing over time threats -- >> i did ask you -- you read the
3:52 pm
letter, that is a resource? >> from the national school board association with represents thousands of school boards and school board members says there are these kinds of threats. >> bret: obviously condoleezza rice wasn't the hearing. jim jordan pressing on what was the initiation and the attorney general saying it was that letter. >> the national school board association appears to be reporting that there is this uptick of threats, it's the job of the department of justice to look into things that could be a crime. acts of violence, not protests as merrick garland said or any kind of freedom of speech rights that are exercised at the school board meetings. will not wait and see with the department of justice does but the republicans on the panel are clearly trying to say that they are going to be going after parents and squelching their free speech rights. >> if you look at the timeline
3:53 pm
of this, the white house did have knowledge of this letter days before the department of justice came out with their memo and merrick garland said today the memo they released had nothing to do with domestic terrorism and the patriot act. but the letter from the national school boards did use that language, did ask the justice department to do that, it was given to the white house and addressed to president biden in a few days later coincidentally, the department of justice releases the memo saying they're going to keep a closer eye on this despite the fact they haven't investigated whether these are federal crimes or not. they simply got this letter. the broader question here is, president biden said he wanted an independent justice department. the sequence of events here doesn't indicate that and more broadly speaking, the department of justice under democratic president has a history of going after political opponents and using the federal government and law enforcement agencies to do
3:54 pm
that whether it was irs targeting of tea party groups in 2010, whether it was the fbi going after trump administration officials and getting an illegal warrant to spy on carter page. this is a question whether the part of justice is going to do on behalf of the white house to get ahead politically. >> bret: a couple things but hearing, the ag saying they will consider the attempt that's voted on in the house against steve bannon, and that the durum investigation is in fact continuing and is fully funded as he continues that investigation. stand by if you would, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, i look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel.
3:59 pm
>> media that praised john mccain for being an independent vote to tank the repeal of obamacare, get ready to condemn joe manchin if he's an independent vote that tanks joe biden's spending spree. >> bret: he said it's going to take a long time, will exceed. >> the nba sanctioned celtics forward ines cantor for speaking out against china's president xi for being a communist dictator. >> democrats say again they are close to a deal, this time they might be right -- or not. >> bret: or not, that might be in the headline. i'm here in dallas again tomorrow, a couple of events for the book tour to rescue the republic, thanks again for making it number 2 on "the new york times" list, just out. then i'll be back after tomorrow
4:00 pm
to washington, d.c., all next week, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. fox news prime time hosted by will cain this week starts early because i want to give you extra time. >> will: i didn't know you were in dallas. i'm right across town, after the show, what do you say we meet up? >> bret: let's go! >> will: i'll see you later than. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time, i'm will cain. we start on capitol hill where merrick garland was on the hot seat, the attorney general was grilled over his doj memo targeting concerned parents at school board meetings, it all started last month when the national school board association sent a letter to joe biden demanding action over what they call violence and intimidation at board meetings across the country but listen to this. new reporting reveals that the
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