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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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they've taken it. i will visit it if i go to andrew's place first. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching. you can catch me tomorrow, 2:00 p.m., fox business, making money. the sooep s&p closed at an all-time high. hope you're listening and making that moo la. i took care of your wallet. the five will take care of everything else. next. >> dana. i'm danait's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." tuesday on capitol hill for merrick garland, house lawmakers get a chance to grill the top law enforcement official over a bunch of covering issues over the memo, mobilizing the fbi to investigate parents making threats against local school boards. republicans call it intimidation and a crackdown on first
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amendment rights. >> dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, a snitch line on parents starting five days after a left wing political organization asked for it. that's not political, i don't know what is. >> we don't need you, the justice department, or the fbi trampling on the rights of american parents who want the best possible education for their children. >> are we, my friends, neighbors, constituents, are we domestic terrorists? >> no. >> are we criminals? >> attorney general, do you believe that a father attending a meeting exercising his first amendment rights and, yes, getting angry about whatever lies are being told, about his daughter being raped in the school that he sent her to be educated in, that this is domestic terrorism, yes or no? >> that happened as the new e-mail showed the biden white house was talking to the national school board association weeks before and asked the administration to
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investigate possible acts of domestic terrorism. days later, garland put out the memo to look into threats. jim jordan pressing the attorney general on where he got the data on the uptick of violence. >> your memo, the first sentence, you said in recent months, there's a disturbing spike in data and intimidation of violence. >> yes. >> when did you show the data showing the disturbing uptick. >> i read the letter and we have been seeing over time. >> whoa. i said -- so you read the letter. that's your source? >> greg, let's kick it off with you. have some thoughts? >> it's scary. this guy's the attorney general and he's less prepared than jessie watters. >> such a cheap shot. >> think about it. this guy is initiating an investigation on parents, not because he had statistics, actual specific cases, but because he got a letter. the letter is from an environmental group or blm, he
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wouldn't have proceeded like this. it's a political action. you have to admit that. but what's worse is how easy it was to motivate this guy to comply, just send a letter. i might do that to you, harold. just for the hell of it. i will make up something. it's weird how removed he is from reality, right? he talks about how he reads stuff in the news. he had no idea about what happened with the department of interior last week. the dude is the attorney general. didn't know that an insurrection happened. he has no idea about the statistics behind the police suspect interactions. he gets all of the direction from secondary undocumented opinions. i mean, if they're going to target u.s. citizens, you should be getting your info not from buzz feed, right? you are talking about ruining people's lives. you're an attorney general producer for "the view," it's disgusting. >> i think the news we got today that the white house and the national school board association was talking before
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the request went from doj to the fbi. to me, that raises some eyebrows. so to speak. >> it does. and who do i blame garland for? obama. he was the one that brings garland to the conversation. he was the one that obama pitched to be the supreme court justice because he was so moderate. turns out he's not moderate, not even competent. you can write a letter to the ag and they can activate the fbi? oh, there were articles in the letter that they linked to. i read some articles. he got a letter from a liberal and read some fake news and that's how you get an active fbi investigation? the crux of this story was this one parent that was mad. why was he mad? he was mad because someone raped his daughter in a transgender bathroom and the school covered it up. that story is about a week old and the ag wasn't briefed on it, didn't know about that. the whole case -- the whole frivolous thing that was based on, falls apart and the guy has
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no clue and he says, you know what? i'm not familiar with the facts of the case of the father. well, he wasn't familiar with the facts of all of the other fake threats that they put in the letter. i read the letter, remember? 20 threats, only one was credible. he said, you know what? the father situation, it seems like a state's case. what do you think an angry -- it's a state's issue. and then he comes out and he says, you know what? we're going to investigate this because the biden white house crafted the letter with the liberal union guys and made the doj get involved. where does that sound familiar. it sounds like the russia hoax, doesn't it? it sounds like the liberals are cooking up the collusion. so they get the department of justice to go after the political enemies. it happened with russia. it happened here again. >> do you think, harold, he regrets writing this memo to the fbi? >> hoping he doesn't.
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i have a slightly different opinion than this. we have on this show, i think we show what happened, it was a school board meeting down in murfreesboro, tennessee, and he sent medical experts and some of the parents are there. they disagree with the experts. and told the medical experts, we know where you live. are there examples of people who should -- i think if you take the word parents out of the thing -- i don't like the snitch line, but if you're going to go after people who try to assault and attack other americans, that's one thing.
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>> not call the fbi, right? you call the local authorities. >> i think in some instances, those who thought that the local authorities were a part of the group trying to arrest them. i wish we didn't have to deal with this. but i do think that the facts here should lead us to a conclusion that will decide if someone should be investigated or not. if i show up at a school board meeting and i yell and i tell a school board member, i know where you live, i know where your kids go to school and you best believe you better watch out, i would expect a law enforcement official to call me. >> i'm not going to -- >> but ag garland has no facts. he admitted that, there's no body of evidence. this memo is purely based on the letter that the national school board's association wrote that they work with the white house in crafting, 20 state school boards recently disavowed that
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letter from the national organization and saying we're not part of this. we're not witnessing violence. the threshold for action by law enforcement, harold, is the -- that the likelihood of violence that is real and imminent. not -- not even threats of violence don't stand up. it has to be likely and real. for law enforcement to intervene because the first amendment is so strong, the right to free speech and the right to spirited debate. here's what's going on here. questioning critical race theory. parents across the country, you got called a racist. that didn't shut them up. that didn't keep them at home. they go to school board meetings. now they have to call them domestic terrorists and sick the fbi and department of justice on them. why? these are parents -- these are not just white parents, these are parents of color across the country that are trying to
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finally dismantle the ecosystem that is keeping children undereducated, uneducated, and stupid. i'm talking about the strangle hold of the teachers' unions. i'm talking about the white elitists who control school boards across this country. and the reason they try to do this with the department of justice and this memo is because here's what's also coming out. and it came up in the hearing today. is the woke consultants who are being paid with taxpayer dollars and the dollars of parents who are pedding this critical race theory claptraps across the country. it's going in the hands of the rich and the few, including merrick garland's son-in-law. that's where it's going. but these are parents -- the organization called parents defending education. watch nomani. she used to write for "the wall
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street journal." she is fired up. they're behind the freedom of information act request. it will come pouring out. finally parents across the country regardless of their race will take back the education of their kids from the unions and the woke consultants. >> make one more point, i'd also like to blame cnn besides barack obama for this. because guess what, cnn didn't report this loudoun county rape scandal. msnbc didn't report it. clueless about a major development in the crux of this case to label them domestic terrorists because the main stream media didn't cover that story because it didn't fit the narrative. >> they didn't do it perfect. >> put it on the doj. >> they didn't brief him on purpose. >> exactly. >> i didn't racialize this at all. race has nothing to do with this for me. two, the way you impact your school board is you elect new school board members. your don't threaten them with
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violence. >> election day is coming up at least in virginia. >> much more to come as americans panic over inflation. president biden doesn't appear to have a plan to fix it.
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>> president biden trying to sell his massive spending agenda while voters panic about inflation. the cargo problem getting worse even after biden promised to fix it. store shelves are empty. americans are taking notice. nine out of ten voters are worried about rising prices of goods, ranking, yet, the top issue among people who are extremely concerned about it. instead of trying to fix the problems, all biden can do is push the same talking points about the spending plan. >> the cost of build back better bill is zero. zero. zero. and it does not increase the
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debt. when you talk about the number we shouldn't even talk about the numbers because it's all paid for. ment in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. it's not spending money. it's a tax cut for working class people. >> dana, when a politician repeats the same word over and over again, i think he's probably lying. >> i don't know, there's a lot of politicians do that. >> exactly. >> and they're all lies. >> biden has lost 11 points in a month among democrats on his handling of the economy. >> one of the biggest problems is that president biden is pushing a $5 trillion bill that doesn't address the pain in everybody's feelings. so you have polling armageddon. it senator schumer's on pac showed that in the last five months, president biden, with persuadable voters went from a plus 5 to a negative 30. so, it's not going in the right direction for the democrats. and at the same time, you have the white house trying to woo
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senator man chin and isolate kirsten sinema. what i've seen from her, she's not someone you want to dare. she doesn't like being pushed around. manchin said he doesn't like the short sunset. this is the gimmick they pass the freebies and pay for a bill and in the election for 2022, they'll ask the republicans, how dare you not be for children, etc. and senator sinema said she doesn't want any new taxes. the whole idea that the president just said, it costs nothing, it costs zero. i don't see how they make that math work. >> that's the opposition of the small plan. the lie and response, the tragedy of the treadmill. >> this is about the supply chain chaos right now. where are the emergency orders, right. to free up money for truck driver schools. to temporarily lift bans on freelance trucking or
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regulations. joe's previous emergency orders weren't this urgent and some of them you might say were symbolic. i can't remember which ones but -- >> the pipeline. >> exactly. that's the problem. there's nobody in charge. say what you will about trump, you probably would have crushed this, he would have dealt with this the way he dealt with the vaccine. he would have had a warp speed with truckers the second you heard about it. they would have fired mayor pete. it would have been hilarious. two months? the crisis is two months? what are you doing. then he would be gone. instead all we get is joe biden talking like a 10-year-old trying to explain to his parents a dream, there's this train and then the bird came. it's incredible. because it's halloween, i came up with an analogy. the white house is coming to halloween as the headless horseman, because the administration has no head, has no leadership. there's no face of the administration. it's not jen psaki.
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it's a vessel on a troik, is what we have right now. there are no ideas and only spending, because there's no head. >> and they disemboweled the economy. >> i don't know what's worse. >> the economy is expected to grow .5% right now. it was expected to grow two months ago at 6% and it's all of the inflation and the supply chain problems. all biden. >> the s&p500 closed at a record today. so i think there's a disconnect between everyday middle class americans, working americans, and the ultra wealthy and those are invested, not the ultra -- but those who are invested and the ultra wealthy. what joe bide season trying to do is address some of those things. i'm not one to think you should overtax or overregulate anymore. but i am one to think that you have to lay out the priorities. i would agree with greg as you saw yesterday, i thought the president missed an opportunity earlier in the speech. that's why i wanted to go back
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in the speech. but he got going, it took him a while to get going. you have to lay out, why are we spending this money. is it too much, is it too little. at this point, we're not there yet. the narrative is not as tight as it should be. they're going to get a deal. manchin is going to get a deal with sanders. if sanders and the progressives don't want to play with manchin, we wouldn't get anything at all. >> the wealth gap narrowed under president trump and blown apart under biden because the rich are getting richer bah us of the federal reserve. what the federal reserve is doing is inflating assets but the biden administration needs the fed to monetize the debt, to prop up all of the debt that they're issuing to fund the spending, i digress. >> you want to go fox business on us all of a sudden. >> it's important. >> that's what i said. >> the working class are getting screwed. >> i would agree. the senate is going to have to raise rates to tame inflation, right? eventually you're going to have to suck it up and do that no
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matter what the political cost would be to joe biden. they have to raise them. it's going to make the market correct itself. then what do we have? stagflation, slow growth, high inflation, lower rates. jimmy carter 2.0, joe biden, did he just call the most expensive bill in american history a tax cut that costs nothing. >> yes. >> that tells me he can't sell these things so he's using republican talking points to sell this thing. greg made a great point. we know politicians can't move heaven and earth. at least act like you're trying to do something -- declare an emergency. act like you're doing something. maybe all of the unvaxxed people, make them truck drivers, unvaxxed, ride it out. at least i came up with an idea. he has no idea to solve the number one problem facing this country, he just says, it's a good thing, suck it up, peasant.
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>> a great idea about hygiene. this is another one, i'm going to write this down. we talked about how the candle -- >> that wasn't me? that was a short cut. >> i gave you credit for it. i gave you credit for it. >> and you don't spend three days to bring down inflation. up next, a disturbing trend, an example of people recording crimes instead of calling the cops.
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>> a disturbing pattern emerging in america, people recording crimes on a cell phone instead of interphenoing or calling police. we told you about the train rape
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outside of philadelphia where passengers did nothing to stop it for over 40 minutes. another example in atlanta where the mayor says witnesses recorded a shooting that left two dead instead of calling the cops. >> we did start receiving phone calls. but social media received information and has received more information quite frankly than we have received in our 911 center. we just ask if you can put down your camera, put down your phone, call 911. and then allow us to do what we do. >> now, greg, i'm not clinically trained to opine on psychological behavior, what might be behind it -- this is what i'm coming to, behind the twisted behavior of those who -- committing these crimes. but i would argue, the people who are watching, i feel as a citizen, it is the most sickening thing that we shared yesterday. how do we -- should we use law
2:29 pm
enforcement to do it? should we change laws to hold good samaritans respond in situations like this? what's the answer? i hear the frustration in the mayor's comments. >> i think the answer is that guy shouldn't have been in the country. he should have been kept in jail after his first sexual assault. so, i mean, that is the first solution. these days, you think you would -- i mean, we were talking about this. you think you would step in. if you see something, say something. but that's easier to say when the mob isn't salivating for your scalp. there may be reasons why people don't report stuff. i think, what if i was on that train and i stepped in and the cameras turn on me. what side would cnn take, right? right? what would they say? they wouldn't say a rape of an incapacitated woman by an illegal immigrant was stopped. it would be like, you know, white man attacks black migrant seeking love. i am sorry, but you know what, it's true. people are now -- when the camera turns on you, your
2:30 pm
behavior changes. so i'm trying to think of a way to defend these people. that's the only one i can come up with. but other than that, it's despicable. >> you had judge janine on who had thoughts about if we should change the laws. what did she say? >> we don't have the good samaritan laws in terms of there's a duty to report unless you're in a position of power or government official and you know that a child is being endangered, then you have to answer. but it's not uniform. i can also imagine that -- i imagine that democrats are going to tell you that the social media company should be held responsible. that's like blaming the gun, right? so, i again think that we have to go back to character and we should do something to protect people and the police and help them out, help out public officials like the mayor or, excuse me, the gentleman from the transit agency in pennsylvania which is deport people who should be deported. >> mm-hmm. >> and there should not be a -- an appeal. >> right. >> that should -- that's not
2:31 pm
even a question. >> i don't disagree with you. but when you and i are south southerners, the instinct when someone sees a crime to take the camera and film it than to take their phone and call the police, that's a problem we have to address in the country as well. >> moral decay, it's attachment. you're addicted to your phone. it's a detachment from a real world, a soullessness, if you will. but to greg's point, trying to explain why somebody would do this, well, in these liberal cities, these left wing das, this perpetrator might very well be back out on the street before you get home. so -- >> you -- you hurt the guy. >> if you hurt the guy, you're going to get sued and you might get arrested, number one. and number two, if you call the cops and then he gets out immediately and finds out you're putting your family and yourself at risk. so i'm trying to think about what the calculation might be.
2:32 pm
everybody in every major city has to think about what am i going to do because it happens because it will. >> it's going to go back to people -- people stick by each other. we don't see that anymore. >> i'm thinking about what it would look like for you to get into a fight on a train. that's amusing. and hopefully that would never happen, right? >> it's happened. >> these funds have turned humans into machines. so, now we are not humans anymore. we are part robot, part machine. we've detached ourselves from reality. we're videographers, we're passive videographers, desensitize the violence. we do it on the phone. when life happens, we sit back. it has nothing to do with humanity because we're not part of humanity anymore. so, for the people that do this, here's what i suggest. you can become a star in your own film if you put your phone down and go out -- and be a
2:33 pm
hero. try to save this poor woman from being raped. other people will film that. and then you can star in this big movie which will go viral, all right? so, put the phone down and participate in life instead of watching life happen like you had nothing to do with it. >> may i offer an idea that you might want to write down for the social media companies. here's the idea that technology could allow you to do something where if you come across a crime where when you start to film, you can hit a button that calls police at the same time. you won't miss a second, you won't miss a crime, but you can call the cops at the same time. an engineer can work on it. do the right thing. don't worry about the mob. >> a live pd button in our phones. >> fox. >> fox across the nation button. >> you are good. tucker carlson joins us next to preview the new special on the left and green energy.
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>> let you know, greg is disgusting. tucker carlson taking on the left's green agenda in a must see episode of his original series, the preview of "blown away," the people versus wind power available on fox nation right now. >> texas as the most wind power capacity in the united states but the texas tur pines which are not winterized iced up in a cold weather event in february of 2021. the electricity output collapsed. >> all of the federal and state subsidies for wind and solar that have caused an overbuilding of wind and solar in texas. it's cheap energy. big companies love it. they love to virtue signal with
2:39 pm
it. the texas grid like the california grid is becoming increasingly unreliable and difficult to maintain, difficult to keep that power. in a steady basis. >> all right, tucker, we're going to take it around the table and let's begin with dagan mcdowell. >> we've seen this happen in britain in the north see where the wind turbines stopped spinning and the prices went up 11 times normal levels. this is where we're going, right? >> for sure. this wouldn't exist without taxpayer subsidies. even people open to the idea of alternative energy like me, are kind of shocked. the deeper you uh look at this at the effect effect on the natural world, on the environment itself by wind farms, this stuff is terrible for the environment, actually, the closer you look at it. it's terrible for animals, it's terrible for the landscape, including endangered animals, by the way. including several people who live nearby.
2:40 pm
these are in poorer areas that don't vote for the politicians that put them there, period. >> tucker, it's been a long time, good to see you. as we think about wind turbines and batteries for electric vehicles and solar panels, china is leading us in producing and manufacturing and developing these things. and normally china is not so transparent when they're trying to beat us in something. we saw last week, the hypersonic fast missile that they developed that surprised us. how do we reconcile -- are they doing this? should we continue to let them do this? because it's not going to be bane fit to them? or do you think about things -- ways in which we can make this green energy agenda more efficient or these products better and more reliable? >> well, i mean, the area leading us is in coal power. they're continuing to build massive numbers of coal plants. the divide in carbon emissions is not close. multiples of carbon output that
2:41 pm
we should note at the beginning about our conversation with global warming. we don't have the capacity to build, we don't have the rare earth materials among others and we don't have the manufacturing to make the green energy that they're calling for. so, by definition, when we start building these along both coasts soon, that's china's win. they're going to be making them for us, period, and the batteries. >> tucker, how would you suggest the american people stop the building of these. right now, they're putting in a bunch of these turbines off of the coast of the long beach island and the jersey shore and the fishermen are appalled because it's going to destroy the fishing waters. they can't sell the fish to the people who want to eat the fish at the shore. how do you suggest people combat this? >> if you look at where wind farms are, i happen to live near one, they're almost exclusively at places that are economically depressed so they're taking advantage of the mostly foreign
2:42 pm
wind farms. the community, to the extent there are any people left that could play a role in this. you're destroying a fishery? there's a lot of evidence to make the california condor extinct, for example. sending whales in the wrong direction interfering with the sonar of the marine life. these have a terrible effect on the environment. it would be nice for the environmental community to say something about that. >> good. >> i remember about maybe a year or so ago, my aunt patty sue, former mayor of rawlings, wyoming pointing me to an article in "the new york times" about a big development of wind power under discussion and the community was trying to explain all of the problems that you were just talking about. i understand that that is happening across the country. there's one other thing that we haven't mentioned here, that was a part of that, which is when these wind turbines, when the blades end their life, their useful life, when they go to a land fill, they do not disintegrate. you cannot recycle them. they will be there forever. so, i think that there's a
2:43 pm
misunderstanding of just how really green these are. >> well, that's right. there's no painless way to get energy. every energy source has a down side, period. nuclear, hydro, coal plants, natural gas, it doesn't matter. they all have a down side. energy is not free, it never will be. the down side from wind farms so far exceed the upside, the only reason they exist -- there are towns -- i'm familiar with some of these towns where the majority of the town's annual budget comes from wind farm companies so it's a deal they can't refuse. they're preyed upon because they're weak. that's the underlying story of green energy, i would say. >> tucker, it's greg. how are you? >> so great. >> you look great. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to talk about the other alternative energy that we don't hear about anymore negatively. nuclear power. why is it that -- why is it -- i get the feeling that the democrats have quietly embraced it. you don't hear about it anymore after three decades of essentially preventing it from
2:44 pm
becoming an option -- what changed this em? -- them? there's no anti-nuke movement anymore. >> i mean, for one thing, that whole brand of 70-style hippies who went camping and cared about the outdoors and lived in giant sequoyas to keep them from cutting down, they're all gone at this point. the constituency died, first. second, if they're not complaining about the industry, that means they're in the industry. follow the money there. nuclear power is dangerous. all forms of energy are dangerous. it's baked in the cake. so you have to make rational decisions. we're not getting to utopia with energy, sorry, ever. >> thanks a lot, tucker. i was shocked that people don't live in sequoyas anymore because i interviewed a bunch of them a couple of years ago. >> i love those people. >> i do too, i love them. >> they're cool people. >> they are. blown away, the people versus wind power is streaming right now on fox nation. >> coming up next, a major
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>> fox news alert, a major update in the gabby petino case, confirming that the remains found in the fl park are indeed brian laundrie's. surprised? >> not surprised. how they were discovered was fishy. the area had been underwater and the water receded and they discovered the belongings and now his body. what's unfortunate for gabby's family, he will never face a jury or punishment for this. he's dead and there's no prosecution. >> phil keating, he might have some information. phil, you there? >> i am here. i did confirm earlier this late this afternoon that the skeletal remains were actually just bones. that's what the human remains were. but at that point, we still did not know the identity of whose bones they were. then about 5:15, across town over at the laundrie home, an unmarked car pulled up.
2:50 pm
a couple of fbi agents went in for three or four minutes. and then minutes ago, the fbi denver which has been leading the fbi's investigation due to the proximity and control over the happenings in wyoming where gabby petino's body was discovered, they tweeted out and i will quote to you what they wrote. a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found are those of brian laundrie. steve bertelino, the quoted attorney for the parents, also put out a short note saying that the parents have been notified. we have no further comment at this time. please respect their privacy. so, the national man hunt for brian laundrie is now officially over. it was, in fact, his human remains found here yesterday inside the nature park where he had been told by his mom and dad to the fbi that this was where he went off for a hike as he
2:51 pm
frequently did two days after gabby petito was reported missing up in suffolk county, new york, by her mother after not hearing from her for weeks and weeks. of course, brian laundrie returned home from the big western road trip to all of the national parks without gabby. what he told his parents to explain why she was gone, nobody knows. but the family did go camping outside of tampa. they've been under investigation but probably won't be charged at all now that their son is dead and there's no way to contradict anything they had shared. but brian laundrie is dead. >> thanks, phil, all right. one more thing, up next. why hide your skin if dupixent
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♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
2:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> time now for one more thing, haven't done this in a while. it's at sports corner. introduce you to the craziest, most epic, intense sports event that has ever taken place in history of the world, the balloon world cup. competition took place in spain, you have to keep the balloon from touching the floor and you can do that anyway you see fit to. you have to wear a helmet because it can get pretty physical and in the end come out of the participants from 32 countries that competitor from peru took home the win. >> greg: you hate peru, don't you. you said it angrily. time for this. greg's heavy metal christmas!
2:57 pm
with the supply chain chaos underway it's hard to figure out what you're going to get the kids, make up a heavy metal christmas by ordering the new melton's album, acoustic covers of all their songs. five cds, 36 tracks, all the classics like civilized worm and don't forget to breathe in and night goats. they even do some covers like everybody's talking but my favorite song of all time is on their. you would like it, i would call it deranged metal but with the beach boys vibe. you've got to get that. >> i will check it out. >> time for an addition of mom
2:58 pm
texts. your opening statement about 9/11 is understood tonight, not crazy inflammatory end out there, i agreed. you just appeared, it's a review of pandemic powers. number 2, how can you make statements like i don't trust to the irs, if you live in russia or perhaps you prefer to. number 3 come i sure hope you're watching and please do not support the undermining governors of texas, florida, et cetera, they are criminals hurting their constituents. >> she crossed the line. >> brett's conversation with the surgeon general and education secretary, not sure what that means but keep them coming. >> i love mom texts, megan. >> this is my cry for help. this is me pushing my dogs charlie and dale on the luggage cart in my building. i do this a lot, they seem to
2:59 pm
enjoy it but i bite have lost my mind. >> remember when we used to live in the same building? it was very fun. >> i'm inspired by dana's sports corner, this is a big night in school. you inspired me, a big night in sports. you have all four major sports night playing, baseball, braves-dodgers, you have the browns playing the broncos and you have the nhl, the nba has three games. we'll do this again sunday, we will have all four. >> i have a show that people have to watch! >> enjoy, good night for sports fans. >> what's your favorite? >> i have three tvs, i'll have them all on, we will be going
3:00 pm
back and forth taking notes on things. >> i'll be at the ballet. >> you're going to the ballet? >> that's amazing. >> who's watching the kid, you didn't ask me to babysit. >> you're not legally allowed to do that. >> i'll watch them. am i allowed? >> bedtime is 7:00. >> that works perfect. "special report" is up next. >> bret: i would go with dana over greg. good evening come on bret baier, we are coming to you tonight from dallas and we are receiving word in the past few minutes that the -- we have word from the fbi, the dental records show the remains found in a florida wilderness reserve are those of federal fugitive brian laundrie. some of his remains and personal effects were found earlier this week, he's a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend gabby petito, her body was


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