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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 21, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have an expected not to be felt by everyday americans. we have to get the spending under control. we cannot sustain this. >> and inflation is the number one concern as he tries to pass this bill back to better plan which some say could inflation-- invite inflation even more. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president biden's agenda is a disaster with approval ratings plummeting. >> if you have polls and a marginal desire for better life, you know president biden is in charge. >> developments in the search for brian laundrie, investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items belonging to brian laundrie. >> exclusive footage of the dry laundry parents in this part. >> the governor's race. >> terry mcauliffe and three are now tied. >> 1.7 million migrants
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were detained at the border in fiscal year 2021. >> what's really significant is it's not showing any signs of slowing down. >> one page, rosario hits one to deep right field and it's gone! the atlanta braves are one win away from their first world series a sense 1999. ♪♪ ♪♪ brian: you are looking in our studio at 12,116th avenue where the temperature inside is a 71 degrees even though richard nixon said to save energy he put the thermostat at 68. we are ignoring the next administration. ainsley: how we-- how do you know we are at 71? did you check the thermostat? brian: i ballpark it a lot. ainsley: usually feels 55.
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brian: i do feel bad for you. ainsley: don't feel bad. brian: i have a suit. ainsley: i could wear a suit if i wanted to. i have a suit. brian: that's a different look. ainsley: clearly you don't pay attention. brian: how was this downgraded to 71 degrees and richard nixon? steve: where we are sitting according to my watch phone it feels like 63 degrees. brian: feels? how do you know how it feels? steve: you have it on your phone also. brian: i looked to janice dena. steve: we want to know how the people of virginia field. ainsley: the race is close. steve: less than two weeks away from getting a new governor and that's why we dispatched lawrence jones to a diner not far from leesburg park. lawrence, what a folks talking about in leesburg and loudoun county? reporter: good morning, family. a lot of new polls coming out showing the
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president is tanking when it comes to inflation, the border. we want to know how that is impacting the virginia race for governor. we also have new polling showing it is a dead heat for that governor's race. we will be talking about education, economy and also the border and how the president national agenda is impacting virginia and then i will get to this only because ainsley told me too do so. back to you in new york. brian: lawrence, good morning. brian: did they tell me how many-- tell you happy days you will be away? how do you know how much to pack? reporter: i went to the store yesterday to get this jacket and a producer set i think you need a new jacket so i bought it and now i'm running out of close. brian: miscellaneous on the expense report. ainsley: i have an idea. reporter: i hope the company will pay for it, but we don't know. ainsley: i have an idea.
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you should put in the cookbook that recipe because you always talk about the gravy. reporter: that's right. steve, is that an offer? steve: what's that? brian: he wants to know if you can be in the book. steve: absolutely. we would love to have your recipe. it's really your mom's recipe; right? reporter: i made it better. steve: i hope she's not listening. ainsley: you are in the doghouse, my friend. steve: thank you, lawrence. brian: if you keep the tags you can return the jacket. ainsley: no, you can't pick don't teach your kids that. steve: with the supply-chain problem, why not? brian: lawrence jones warren this. steve: he just mentioned the polls and biden is tanking, absolutely. when you look at a brand-new fox news poll that came out yesterday this is an eye-opener. the president's approval
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rating on the economy, there's a 20-point difference between approval and disapproval. he has gone down 11 points since september. when you are a president who would like to get reelected in a couple of years, that's not what you need to see. ainsley: he has also gone down 11 points with democrats with his economy job performance in september, he had 86% and now among democrats 75% tier amongst republicans it's about the same, 13% in september and now 12%. independents, 42% in september and have dropped to 15 points and they are now at 27%. brian: only 27% approved and 42% are okay. that's the most significant line to me. ainsley: he had almost about half, 42% in september and now it's 27%. steve: if they could put up the inflation number again. in order, what are you most concerned about, well you're concerned
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about higher prices and inflation. look at that, close to 90% of you worry about that and then three quarters of you say washington can get together on anything, healthcare 76% and that is the reason we have been down in loudoun county a lot, three quarters of america is worried about what american kids are learning in school, so when you feel like doesn't anyone care about what they are teaching the kids, a giant majority of america does. ainsley: they do and that's why we talk about loudoun county, fairfax county and is trickling into different school districts around the country and there's also a concern about unemployment, the federal deficit, border issues, covert, taxes and infrastructure like roads. brian: right now, we are talking about something and we will go inside the numbers by joe biden says i want $3.5 trillion miscellaneous reconciliation package, just a democratic left-wing agenda. the problem is he did
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not talk to his moderates and for the last six months especially the last three weeks they haven't tear each other's eyes out as they go through it and what they will have in the bill. i'm just wondering how much different and how much more welcome america would be if a democrat wins an election, but is moderate. i see some of the things joe manchin and kristen cinema are saying and if their policies were pushed forward how much less divisive, still democrat or republican how much less divisive the whole country would be if there was some reasonable people saying we can afford this, it's the wrong time to spend like this, inflation is killing americans, i don't think it's the right time to ratchet up the corporate tax and when you have conversations that we can make it more interesting. right now their agenda is a left-wing, democrats can't take it. ainsley: why is he listening to
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bernie sanders? he has turned progressive. steve: "new york times" writer thomas friedman said the problem with the democrats right now and the reason they can't get off the mark is because they try to do so much stuff that is so far out left that america doesn't want it. apparently, the president the plan was 3.5 trillion and now he is a south of 2 trillion behind closed doors he's been working the phones and apparently the way the bill now is they have abandoned free community college, dumped clean energy programs to get joe manchin on board and to get kyrsten sinema they will not hike the corporate tax from 28 to 20%, good news. the white house met with kyrsten sinema yesterday to say if you don't want to raise taxes that way, what are you open to and they apparently talked about increasing the irs ability to collect back
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taxes. brian: which is a nightmare. brian: nightmare for the country. steve: still in negotiations, talking about taxing stock buyback, billionaire wealth grow in a global minimum tax rate. the good news is they have abandoned a lot of the stuff they wanted before because now, according to them, it's not going to cost anyone anything except billionaires speak of except for 3.5 trillion or maybe 1.9 trillion price tag. brian: they did an estimate, is 4.7 trillion not 3.5, so 4.7 trillion over 10 years and he wants to get something done by the end of the week is certainly before he goes to scotland to say look how america is cleaning up when it comes to global warming. here's the president yesterday, knows exactly who to blame and that's the media. watch. >> there is a some really smart national press with me today and they have understandably believed there is no possibility of my getting this done.
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it's been that-- been declared dead in the rival from the moment i introduced it, but i think we will surprise them because i think people are figuring out what is at stake and it does not increase the debt. when you talk about the number we shouldn't even talk about the numbers because it's all paid for, written in the same piece of legislation, so you pass the spending and you are also spanned-- passing the tax cuts and passing the taxes that will be increased. brian: totally not true. steve: for him to say it does not increase the debt is one thing about that the white house narrative has bet it costs zero, cost zero because you don't have to pay for, someone else has to pay for it. once upon a time it was 3.5 or 4 trillion and now he's telling his moderates and progressives alike unless we pass something , we are all dead in midterms. ainsley: this is the same guy on
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day one who got rid of the keystone pipeline and now, we have seen our gas prices go up. steve: supply chain it. ainsley: 84% say rising gas prices are a problem for their family, 60% say it's a major problem, 83% say groceries have gone up, 71% said they seen empty shelves, 55% say they are experiencing a slower delivery times. brian: that's called our life right now. ainsley: after covid. brian: certain things that happen you have no control over, this he has control over, hence the american people responding. senator john kennedy has a way with words. >> if you have a pulse and a marginal desire for a better life, you know that president biden is in trouble. my advice to the president is this, esther president, you just got to try harder not to suck. the best way to do that, in my opinion, is stop worrying so much about
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the woke people to stop worrying about the wild people and start worrying about america's workers. they made america great. ordinary people do next ordinary things and we are not going to get this country back on track end of the's not going to be more popular with the american people until he stops worrying about what people and starts worrying about workers. brian: there is no question. i watched him last night and he nailed it, there are some things in this bill that are scary and i try to jam the boating's rights bill to federalize election parliamentarian stepped in and now senator menendez is outlining a plan to legalize all those illegal immigrants in our country and it jam it in the 3.5, which will probably be 1.7 if they indeed pass it that will be amazing. if the president biden he's not pretty sanders come he's not the socialist i wish he would start acting like that. also, think he's dealing
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with the situation with the left, omar who says to save democracy she says you will get rid of the filibuster so there are still people way to the left saying things to hurt us right at home. steve: he has been-- joe biden for years has been in the senate trying to be-- let's all get together and i will hear from you and you and we will come together in the middle. of the left doesn't want to come to the middle ticket the middle doesn't want to go left. brian: he amended the moderates and isolated the moderates he didn't isolate the left. he said i'm with you, sorry about these two. steve: so far neither one have a one anything and that's why he is trying to get something done by hallowing. ainsley: 6:13 a.m. on the east coast and ahead the nationwide search for brianna laundry could finally be over after police make a shocking discovery at a florida park. we are live on the same. brian: the city of portland reporting traffic barriers to
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at ainsley: investigators find what appears to be human remains in the search for brian laundrie. brian: still a lot of questions with the fbi making the discovery with the help of brian laundrie's parents. steve: we are live at the park in northport, florida, where steve, it sounds like the father, chris, actually found a dry bag that apparently belonged to his son. reporter: exactly. that all went down a short distance from where i'm standing. at the fbi confirming they found human remains in the park.
3:19 am
unclear whose remains, but they were found right around and some personal items that belonged to brian laundrie. here is the chief fbi investigator. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been underwater. reporter: you mentioned the father, fox digital got exclusive footage of brian laundrie's parents inside the park with investigators. a lawyer for his parents say they helped guide investigators to a place where brian laundrie could be. >> it's quite sad as you imagine as a parent finding your son's belongings alongside some remains and that's got to be heartbreaking and i can tell you they are heartbroken. reporter: the brian laundrie home here has been a magnet for protesters with people screaming
3:20 am
at the parents that they have not been doing it for the investigation as far as this park here, it's closed it down now and the fbi says it will take at least several days to process the scene here. back to you. steve: steve, it sounds like the brian laundrie family who joined the search yesterday, sounds like they gave the police officers a month ago a really good idea of where they might find brian. >> that's right, but one of the challenges has been the park was largely covered by water. when the water receded it made it easier to find these items, steve. ainsley: was in a marsh or a lot of rain and flooding? reporter: it is a marshy area with crocodiles, water moccasins, tough terrain to get through. steve: thank you very much. carly is joining us. you were outside the laundry house for a long time. >> yes. it blew my mind yesterday that the fact
3:21 am
the police have been searching the creek and carlton reserved for five weeks now and then the very first day, i mean, all of a sudden the parents over and i say okay, you know what, we will help with the investigation. we are going to go to the carlton reserved and then despite the fact that there has been truly an international search for brian laundrie, they are the ones that find something, the first people to find a backpack and that evidence led police to find a body. brian: are you surprised-- we got this yesterday and here we are almost 24 hours later and we still basically have the same questions. we see his belongings and hear that parents were there, but they have not tied this together. reporter: i spoke to a former homicide detective and he says they will probably reveal with
3:22 am
identity of the body or the remains today, so i think we have to wait a little bit longer on that. also, i mean, this is so gruesome, but there are a lot of animals out there with alligators and it depends on how much of the remains there are. ainsley: he went to the preserve on the 13th of september so it's been more than a month to. steve: the attorney says it's probably him. reporter: the other thing is police have said the body until recently was covered in water. you are talking about how swampy it was, so that could be why the parents had better luck at finding a something pure i just think it's so on that after five weeks of bullies searching the preserve the parents come in and they are the one that found it. ainsley: they found a backpack and a notebook it said it looked like it was covered in a bag and hopefully something can be recovered. reporter: the biggest question is what happened to gabby. brian: there are 70 people that disappear and they found the
3:23 am
remains of five other people searching for brian. reporter: there are people in grand teton that were also missing that when they found gabby's body there was a story about other people missing as well in the national park and it may not be her and that it ultimately ended up being her but it's really shed a spotlight on other peoples look on the scene as well. steve: it is a curious they should join us search yesterday and they found the stuff, i mean, you knocked on the door a month ago and they didn't want to talk. all right. more later. in the meantime your mother news? reporter: we will start with portland police think traffic barriers will stop drive-by shootings. authorities hope it will slow activity at gun violence hotspots. and make it harder for drivers to get away appear this is the city sees a surge in violent crime. just this week portland -- portland hitting a record number of homicides recording
3:24 am
67 killings so far this year. the ceo of united airlines' warning flyers that ticket prices are getting ready to soar to get this happening just ahead of the busy holiday season. scott kirby blaming the cost of jet fuel which is backed by one 100% since this point last year. pending a vaccine mandate it could cause further baxley-- fax-- cancellations. the braves are one win away from a world series first as they take game for against the dodgers with outfielder eddie rosario leading the way with four hits including two homers to give atlanta a nine -2 win as the astros take a three -2 lead over the red sox one lucky red sox going home with a piece of that after it broke off.
3:25 am
that could not have been a good moment or maybe it was as long as no one got hurt. steve: broken back, a lot of slivers. meanwhile, $5000 cash and grandparents on demand and an indiana town is offering unique incentives if you moved there. the mayor joins us next to explain why it pays to move to greensburg, indiana. get out a map and figure out where it is. that segment next. ♪♪
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reporter: parkland school shooter nikolas cruz apologizes as he pleads guilty to not 2018 valentine's day massacre. the plea allows the jury to sentence him to death row as punishment. he blamed his heinous actions on marijuana
3:30 am
while addressing the court. of 14 students and three staff members died. 17 people were also shot during the six minutes of terror at marjory stoneman douglas high school. take a look at this, a marine is caught on camera quickly disarming a suspect in an attempted robbery. the marine was able to detain the suspect until authorities arrived. to other suspects were able to get away. when asked how he was able to take control of the situation, the marine saying quote the marine corps taught me not to mess around. mayor governor kathy hochul goes massively at a crowded sports bar in new york prompting outcry from locals calling her tone deaf as kids in the state as young as two years old are forced to masks at school and daycare following a mandate from her in september. and tom brady poked fun at aaron rodgers after the quarterback was
3:31 am
heard chatting i still own it you two bears fans a sunday. >> wanted to say congrats to aaron rodgers obviously are not as a great quarterback, but i guess he's a shareholder of the bears. i saw a look at him enthusiastically telling the crowd how happy he is to own soldier field. reporter: when asked if he owned the new york that's because of his dominant record against them to which brady said he would settle to owning the teams color green. ainsley: thank you. remote workers less about, and indiana town wants you to be their newest resident nar operates a pretty unique incentives. the city of greensburg will give eligible new residents $5000 to move in along with a gift card to the local farmers market and home-cooked moment-- meals, event tickets and even a ymca membership, but the best incentive is grandparents on demand with the mayor joshua march joining us now to explain.
3:32 am
good morning to you, mr. mayor. >> good morning and thank you for having me. ainsley: this sounds wonderful to have you gotten any takers? >> we have had great success so far. we are over 500 applications already in less than a week or so and of course we will go through that vetting process to find us as a new neighbors. ainsley: what are you looking for when you go through the vetting process? >> we are looking for individuals willing to move to greensburg decatur county in southeastern indiana and we couldn't be more proud to have them bring their jobs with them. we are looking for remote workers who are higher income level that would like that small town, small city feel in a safe environment with great schools and in the midwest. ainsley: small chat-- small town charm and you are located in between indianapolis and cincinnati come close to louisville, the great cities and i was reading online you had a world-famous tree growing out of the courthouse tower with murals
3:33 am
downtown and shops, restaurants and you are famous for your breaded pork tenderloin's. that sounds great. how many people are you offering this to? >> we don't actually have a limit. we would like to find the best caliber candidates that we can and we are excited to welcome them. we don't have a limit. we would love to have 20 if we have 20 individuals bring their disposable income to our community that would be more than a million and a half dollars annually in revenue generated for local businesses and for economic development plan we would love to have them here, so that would be a great target number if we can achieve that, but we will see if we end up finding the right people to be new neighbors of ours in southeastern indiana. ainsley: mayor marsh, sell me on your account. what do you love about it? >> it's my hometown as well. i'm a college graduate, a lawyer and i chose to come home because of the small-town community we have. the people there make it one of kind and we couldn't be more excited
3:34 am
to have some new friends join us and the culture and our community is strong with great schools. we are a safe community and as you mentioned right between indianapolis, cincinnati and louisville so we have world-class amenities if you want to go to world class museums it's demonstrate. ainsley: and grandparents on demand people welcoming you into your home for a home-cooked meal? >> yeah and what we are trying to do is if someone moves to a new community one of the biggest problem is the integration into the community. how do you make friends, network, how do you feel like you belong and that's what we are focused on with our relocation package with the home-cooked meals an opportunity to make new friends in our community through a food and of course grandparents on demand has been incredibly popular. tammy winning is the director of our community foundation and her husband dan have stepped up to welcome people with kids and if you need to go on a date night or you have two fill in program pair on grandparents day, they are available for that.
3:35 am
we want to be sure your kids and you when you move to our community feel welcomed and are a part of the community right out of the gate with grandparents on the demand. ainsley: it sounds like mayberry where everyone knows everyone and looks after 11-- one another pic if you're interested go to make my for more information and you will get the welcome wagon. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: less than two weeks out until the high-stakes election for virginia's governor and new polling shows a dead heat. next republican candidate for lieutenant governor joins us to discuss-- talk about why voters are leaning right. lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends and loudoun county. reporter: that's right it's a dead heat in the race for governor and we will talk with folks about that plus loudoun county, ground zero for the fight for education. at coming up and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made
3:36 am
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steve: we are less than two weeks away from voting day in virginia and the latest polls show republican gubernatorial candidate, bob youngkin, is in a dead heat with democrat terry mcauliffe, so what do voters think? lawrence jones is talking to them over breakfast with friends at the leesburg diner in loudoun county, leesburg, virginia on kings street. reporter: hey, steve. dead heat in that race and the defining issue we have been hearing is education. we have to listen to this. you are no stranger to "fox & friends" and i notice this shirt right here and you say parents are not domestic terrorists. where does that come from? >> we are in a dead heat in virginia and education because people like merrick garland and the biden administration have come after and put a target on the backs of the parents and said we and of course terry mcauliffe said we don't
3:41 am
have a place in our children's education and i think parents across the virginia, not just fairfax or loudoun county have had enough. we want a say in our children's education. we are the primary stakeholders and our children's education unlike u.s. secretary said we are just important, no, we are not important, we are the primary and it's not the place of the government to put themselves between us and our children. reporter: we have been hearing that from parents all over the state. i want to talk to william who used to be in public school and your mom took you out. what is the climate like on campus? >> we wore masks for longtime. we were out of school and i had some teachers showing me woke videos and it was horrible. reporter: what were those videos like? >> it was degrading to watch. reporter: did you feel attacked and those videos? >> in some sense, yes. reporter: we have been hearing that from the parents, the students. i want to go to gary. you say the vaccine
3:42 am
mandate have to go. >> i mean, the science doesn't back it up and how many people across the border, illegally, 1.7 so it's really 2.4 million. are they all vaccinated? is there a mandate on them to get vaccinated when they ship them all over the country and these cities where you don't know where they are going? none of them are vaccinated but they want to vaccinate your kids, they want to vaccinate you. why? for mac and you said it's impacting the race in virginia. you say the governor can lead the state but you can't leave the state. >> if you ask him a question he doesn't like he just walks away, but how do we walk away? reporter: so true. chris, want to talk to you about inflation for you say it's impacting this governor's race in virginia. >> it has to. inflation is a tax on the poor and middle-class. the rich can deal with it. but, in this county and this state, i mean, loudoun county and a lot
3:43 am
of money, but there's a lot of working-class here so it's a big impact on everyone here. it's all man-made, disinflation shouldn't be in place right now. reporter: thanks so much. guys, as you can hear now what is happening in national politics, happening in the national polling is affecting what's happening in virginia and this governor's race. back to you in new york. breakfast with friends all morning with concerned parents and citizens in loudoun county. ascended back to you. steve: thank you, lawrence. also in the commonwealth of virginia is winsome sears who is running for lieutenant governor of the great state. good morning, winsome sears. >> good morning, steve and to your listeners. steve: great to have you as well. when we talked last you guys were a couple of points behind and now according to the latest mammoth paul for the most part you guys are tied here why is bob youngkin surging right now? >> steve, what a
3:44 am
difference a day makes. it's because the voters know that we had the solutions. glenn is going to be our governor and he has programs from day one on what he's going to do. he's going to reduce our gas tax that the democrats have increased for the first time in 20 years, first time that they had a total control, 20 years and he is going to delay the tax that businesses have that paid so we can fully recover from covid. he's going to get rid of the food tax, a tax on groceries. we have the ideas, we have the solutions at the people are ready for change because they are tired of the constant divisiveness, white against black, you know latino against-- and the democrats have done this. steve: when you look at the whole and you look at it closely it turns out your side the republicans seem to be more motivated with the voter enthusiasm, you are through the roof leading-- bob youngkin is
3:45 am
leading terry mcauliffe 49 to 26%, and head by 23% and clearly a lot of the motivation, when you look at the most important issues regarding the voters in the commonwealth of virginia, 27% it's about jobs and the economy and then education is right behind it. that's all tied to what's going on in loudoun county and elsewhere in the state whether it is crt or masks or whatever, people don't like the fact that terry mcauliffe said parents shouldn't have a say in their kids curriculum. that's crazy. the parents we have talked to have said-- reporter: here's the thing, we know the pta has been trying to get involved-- in fact, the teachers union and the school boards have said to parents, get involved in your children's education, get involved in the minute we get involved, joe biden department of justice--
3:46 am
six the department of justice on us. these children are our children and don't belong to the state. we finally understand that they have nefarious purposes against us. when it comes to jobs and the economy, we have to protect the rights to work in virginia. i have spoken to enough businessmen who have brought their businesses here and they said the number one criteria was right to work. if we lose it, steve, it's projected we will lose about 11 billion with a b, $11 billion, 40,000 jobs. we can't afford that. steve: terry mcauliffe has said he doesn't want joe biden to campaign for him because joe biden is not popular in the commonwealth of virginia. his numbers are underwater and now guys are catching up. is at all related? >> of course it is. the proximity of virginia to d.c. is there and so what happens in the federal realm will hit us here,
3:47 am
i mean, we have the pentagon here, we have all of these military installations here, so they have to be careful and of course, biden is sinking and so terry who is also sinking doesn't want that. you know why he is sinking, he doesn't have the ideas, he doesn't have the solutions. steve: winsome sears, running for lieutenant governor in the commonwealth of virginia. thank you. >> thank you very much, steve. steve: thirteen minutes before the top of the hour and we talked about this earlier as it feels like a 63 degrees in new york city's. reporter: is very nice today and we have a cold front that will come in tomorrow, steve bringing temperatures down a little bit more seasonal average as we get into the weekend. i will show you where the temperatures are warmer ahead of this cold front. much colder air behind it, so that front will march across the eastern third of the country and you can see that 24 hour temperature change in some cases 10 to 15 degrees below yesterday. past 24 hours showers and thunderstorms along the front from the great
3:48 am
lakes to the gulf coast. some could prove to be heavy rainfall and some isolated severe storms including large hail and damaging wind appeared then we talk about the west, i mean, blockbuster storm systems moving in. we will worry about the flooding potential and some intense snow across the mountains but the good news is it will provide a lot of much needed moisture in areas that need to see the rain, i mean, we have been through an excessive drought situation for much of the west. there is your forecast today. we will get up to 74 degrees with mostly sunny skies in new york city. hello, my friend. steve, back to you. steve: thank you. coming up republicans huddling up to discuss the border crisis because democrats refuse to hold a hearing. we will talk to retired at the ice director about that coming up next on "fox & friends" knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
3:49 am
so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ dignity. it demands that we can still do the simple things. so it demands life-changing technology, to relieve chronic pain. ♪ ♪
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3:52 am
.. >> republican lawmakers hosting around tables demand accountability as the border crisis spirals out of control. >> it is a crisis that didn't have to happen. this is a self inflicted wounds.
3:53 am
vice president harris went to central america in search of the root cause, she had no further to go then into the oval office, look at the president of the united states and realize president biden is the root cause. >> we now have the first president of my lifetime that came into office and intentionally unsecured the border. >> this is dhs confirms 1.7 million apprehensions on the border this year alone and they had a secure border, how much worse it would have been to have donald trump not started the year off as president. tom home and attended the round table and talked about that. a non-hearing hearing. where they all years yesterday? was anything accomplished yesterday? >> they took a lot of staff, a
3:54 am
lot of good questions, what the ground looked like, what caused the surgeons how to fix it and the changes the biden administration made the caused the surge. it was a good hearing, very informative. pete: rodney scott was asked to leave. on the surface he seems the antithesis of someone who will secure the border judging from his track record and not admitting it is a crisis. >> i thought he should have gotten hammered more. if it were the trump nominee it would have been all of them. he is pro-sanctuary cities, refused to work with ice, refused to work with special agents and officers and even though his officer wanted to and they tried to he ordered them not to assist immigration authorities. he has run against donald trump from day one, says his policy is
3:55 am
inhumane, that donald trump created the most secure border in my lifetime. this administration, the worst choice, they want to do their job. pete: any democrats understand social security polly -- politics. how to secure the border, the president has 23% approval on border security. why would it not be in his political interests to get a hold of this thing? >> it absolutely is. the numbers are at a historic high. we've never seen numbers like this in the history of counting numbers for border control. if he cares about the safety and security of this country he should have hearings. it is not just about illegal immigration but public safety, public health.
3:56 am
national security issue. 17 people on the watchlist, 400,000 got aways. how many are suspected terrorists? if you think the number is 0, you don't understand the dynamics of the border. pete: he turned around 60% of the 1.7 million especially when seeing overnight flights, we need night vision glasses to see everybody dropping off in smaller ports around the country. hopefully someone will stop listening to you. thanks for joining us. still ahead in the next 2 hours joe rogan coming to the defense of dave chapelle at the top of the hour. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind.
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit president biden's agenda on the brink of disaster, approval ratings on the economy plummeting. >> you have a poll, marginal desire for a better life, president biden is in charge. >> breaking develop into the search for brian laundrie. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains. >> fox digital obtained exclusive footage of the brian laundrie parents. >> terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin are tied. a seismic shift in the electorate. >> 1.7 million migrants detained at the border in fiscal year
4:01 am
2021, what is really significant is it is not showing any sign of slowing down whatsoever. >> that one is gone. >> the atlanta braves are one win away from their first world series since 1999. ♪♪ working 9 to 5 ♪♪ what a way to make a living ♪♪ pete: a lot of people will be working 9 to 5 in north carolina, 2 hours as the sun comes up, a beautiful day, 55 degrees as we look at our bookshelves and looks like the cleaning person was in. welcome to our 2 of "fox and friends" for the 21st day of the 21st year of october.
4:02 am
brian: know what is getting the flu and everyone's allergies are better. >> my allergies are not better. >> if your allergies are better. pete: it was better last year because everyone was wearing a mask all the time. this year not so much. >> did you do that? brian: as the leaves come off the trees with the mold and the dust that is my problem and it is "happening now". >> are you allergic to those? >> every 7 years of metabolism changes. i heard it from i don't know. it is an old wives tale. that means it has got to be true. >> a big governors race in virginia. they aren't in that, they are tied. people are upset because of what he said about parents not being involved in school so we sent
4:03 am
lawrence jones to loudoun county, virginia. >> reporter: that he did national governors race and new poles about the president's approval numbers dropping, talking about inflation, supply chain and education. part of the reason i love doing these diners, look at these parents, coming from different perspectives, talking with each other and that is why we are here, getting different perspectives, how it will impact the governor's race, respectful conversation about critical race theory and impact it has on education. we are talking with these folks all morning. brian kilmeade's private jet can't make it. >> my landing gear, that is my problem. brian: it is a little chilly and
4:04 am
lawrence had to get a new coat. as i have been watching the next hour fox is going to have to pay for that coat. is that suede? >> reporter: it is. brian was making fun of me but they send me with a suitcase and add assignments to my list, one day at the border and then at a diner. brian: my question was sincere. if you go and extra day. you do a super bowl weekend one small suitcase. a standard when it comes to dress, even though it is a reversible sweatshirt or a down jacket on discounted martial, i have a look to maintain. >> reporter: the "fox and friends" family.
4:05 am
under my private jet, this is why i had to go through the store. brian: supporting the local economy. ainsley: you can pack one suit. brian: the shirt tells no lies. thank you. ainsley: you can wear the same jeans. pete: we joked about supply chain, it is a problem getting close. and bringing back inventory from a couple years ago because they need something on the shelves. looking at the columbus, ohio dispatch newspaper and they are running out of all sorts of things they normally have in the school cafeteria because they
4:06 am
are short on food, utensils, in columbus, ohio, pancakes or cereal from the kids, short on pizza, chicken and hamburgers. it is impacting everybody. ainsley: that is what i hundred 60 gop house leadership members, are calling on president biden to end and reverse these covid era policies because it is not working and hurting the supply chain, making it a crisis. energy costs are going up. stop the harmful regulatory actions that are driving up costs, stop attacking american businesses with vaccine mandates and stop incentivizing people not to go back to work. laura: have you noticed your product being out of stock? 71% said yes. 27% said no. no slow delivery times, 55% said yes. we should be lowering expectations. 29% don't see a problem.
4:07 am
39% say yes. 59% say no. if people start noticing they will start recording making things worse. the american people i think respect hustle. not always going to solve every problem but there is something about trying to solve a problem people are heartened by. with the transportation secretary going on paternity leave and doesn't tell anybody and tells us it is a good thing that 100 ships are of the west coast and america has a lot of money, we don't buy that. you can't smile this away. when you complain about things we are out of like staples in your lives and jen psaki says these are treadmill problems, the treadmill saga, it is saying that is your problem, not my problem and the one thing about donald trump, he would sit there at the border and try to fix it, you don't like what he did, many of you thought he got it right in the end, he would be on shore
4:08 am
in california with a bullhorn saying bring these ships in and if you are trying to fix the problem that goes a long way. get the ceos last week from fedex and ups to come up with one idea. let's get one port working 24/seven. what a waste of resources when bob nardelli comes up with an idea they talked about yesterday, and use the national guard. >> they've been looking at that for a wild. >> looking at what the administration has been looking at. talk about the ships, over 100 of them off the coast of los angeles and long beach you know how long, there's 100 ships, you know how long it takes to take
4:09 am
all the containers off one ship, for 5 days and over 100, that is 500 days worth of taking stuff up. it depends on the number -- ainsley: to get them to florida or texas. pete: the thing about la and long beach that handle the most cargo in the united states and according to reuters they are among the least efficient ports in the world. they look at 351 ports around the globe and out of 351 los angeles is number 328. behind tanzania. long beach even worse. 333 behind the country of turkey. we should be - the president is pushing infrastructure, we should look at how japan does it because they have a number one most efficient port in japan followed by saudi arabia,
4:10 am
followed by china, the world is getting a run. if president biden wants people to support his infrastructure bill, a bunch of actual infrastructure to get stuff off ships. >> pete buttigieg is criticized because he took paternity leave while this was happening, also he is saying this is because we are making more money, people are buying more things and this is actually a good thing. he says there is no easy fix to handle the supply chain crisis. >> there is no easy fix, no magic wand but a lot of things we can do. three things are causing this, supply, demand and the pandemic and as long as the pandemic continues we will see disruptions. the fact that americans have more money in their pockets compared to a year ago and they use to spend it on going to shows or travel they are more likely to spend it on things which is why we have a record number of goods coming through our board.
4:11 am
the president has and calling it i have been calling for major infrastructure investment to spend on improving those ports, airports, roads, highways, and railways and we have a chance to do it with the president's infrastructure bill that i hope will pass very soon. will: looks like it was a bipartisan $1.2 trillion constructs with $560 billion in new money and the president wanting to get it done he could have got it done because it had bipartisan support, got out of the senate, in the house they had 50 yes votes on it but he couldn't control his left and the follow-up question to pete buttigieg is why did he pay past it. and you couldn't do this and i did in 9 months. he can't control his own party, what an insult it is for the american people and small business owner waiting on essential supplies, this is a good problem to have because of the american people aren't going to shows but ordering stuff
4:12 am
online. going to hamilton for another microwave oven. it is similar activities. what pie chart with the looking at to come up with that comparison? that is the narrative, this is a good problem, could we have a picture of the barge it is stuck on? >> storage containers are so scarce toymakers this christmas focused on small swishy toys, things they can pack millions of into a little container. moody analytics. moody's analytics, the supply chain headaches show no sign of subsiding. it is off the container, what do they do, they are leaving it in
4:13 am
neighborhoods around the port. >> valerie contreras, from the wilmington neighborhood council, talks about that. >> residential streets are backed up and can't handle and overflow. and to the point where residents cannot get in or out of this driveway. running 24/seven. you can feel the vibration as these trucks are lined up going to and from the storage charts. very little has been done. >> 60,000 truck drivers.
4:14 am
who would do this ever since we saw the american indian crying in the commercial in 1972, so desperate to get this stuff off the barges so what do they do with the empty containers? dumping them in neighborhoods. the shipping container company, we are in a tight spot because the trucker situation and everything else please be patient with us. steve: i am waiting for the rest of the media to pick up the hunter biden store, most drug addled international business person drug addled individual of a high-profile family and history of this nation, nobody is picking up this story. miranda devine picked up the topic, a book coming out in a month. it is amazing how many international corrupt deals hunter biden is expected to.
4:15 am
the russian oligarch arrested by the fbi over the weekend, everyone thought as soon as they see the russian they think it has got to be trump even though the whole thing. up but there was an idea, she would use her search engine. ainsley: she typed in his name on hunter's laptop and it came up. steve: a proposal from hunter's company, they could help the big aluminum manufacturer with knowledge of elite networks regarding this. would they be willing get, alcoa, to pay hunter biden 25,$000 from phase 1 and 55,$000 for defined analysis and to pay
4:16 am
hunter that much money the the elite networks aligned with this oligarch. alcoa - and the inside. how does hunter biden know these corrupt oligarchs? what is going on? miranda devine is trying to make sense of it. >> russian oligarchs, his townhouse in manhattan and washington dc rated by the fbi on tuesday. i thought i would search the laptop's name and there it came, hunter biden trying to sell for 25,$000 his knowledge, intelligence of russian oligarchs who is allegedly quite odious, the press release for 2011 when it sanctioned him.
4:17 am
steve: why don't they carry the president's son is doing international business with a crime syndicate? >> it was canceled all over social media. published it but if you try to retweet the story - steve: multiple outlets say it is a ballot laptop it should be looked into but no one looks into it. liz cheney is on a january 6th committee and there's a lot to discuss. pete: going back a year ago when we were doing the story of the post was doing the story the white house came aspirational white house talking about russian disinformation. the members of the biden team sticking with that laptop is phony russian disinformation. miranda has the whole thing, laying it out in a new book. ainsley: other networks will cover it?
4:18 am
who is buying his art? bakery influence? steve: no way to figure out who is buying it. will: i will look into him. up to no good. real quick. you know who doesn't deny his laptop? hunter biden. don't know. don't know. steve: the information is. ainsley: if you ever dropped a laptop up to get fixed don't pick it up. he never did. don't forget. good morning. carley: starting the crime crisis targeting major american cities police arrest two people every michigan couple is shot dead at a gas station. authorities say the killers begin spring a couple's car with bullets. miraculously a 9-month-old baby held by his mother was not hurt in that shooting.
4:19 am
detroit police calling a targeted hit. a washington state trooper and his dispatcher wife stand up for medical freedom after they lose their jobs for refusing to get vaccinated. richard and selena thompson joined me earlier to say they should be able to make their own medical decisions. >> this is not for me an argument about vaccination. it is bargain about freedom and constitutional rights and civil liberties, something i spent most of my adult life protecting and for other people and being taken away from me. >> reporter: 127 washington state patrol officers have been fired for refusing the covid jam. netflix respond after employees walk out in protest of dave chapelle's latest comedy special. the streaming service saying and respects visiting of any employee who chooses to protest as fellow comedian joe rogan defense chapelle who he says is riding out the cancel culture storm.
4:20 am
>> it is not a homophobic or transfer back person. he makes fun of himself. just making jokes. that doesn't mean hate. >> the specialist transfer back and want netflix to illuminate any references to the comedian in the workplace. they were met by counter protesters in support of chapelle. donald trump is launching a new social media platform called truth social. it will apparently stand up to the tyranny of big tech without discriminating against political ideology. the site is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year, something to watch out for. truth social. pete: he will be back on social media. will: had meetings with major investors. we will see. i just thought - ainsley: hold that thought. brian: some things are better left unsaid. thank you.
4:21 am
meanwhile the white house rolled out a plan to get the covid vaccine into the arms of millions of young children, the benefits outweigh the risk. doctor nicole saphier is on deck, and the panel of parents who will be affected by this. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection,
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it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat.
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4:26 am
vaccinated? >> not at this time. there is not enough data out there for me to become for double with vaccinating them. when the initial vaccine came out they tested it, 300,000 adults and as far as the research i am seeing, the only number of children this is been tested on his under 4000 and i am not comfortable with that research. ainsley: you are the same? >> i am not anti-vaccine. i got the flu shot, my boys got the flu shot but this is overreach and biden administration's attempt to control the generation of children. first of all the vaccine is not even approved, they don't have it, it hasn't been a long time and third, the children are not even affected. study after study after study showed children are not affected. the fatality rate is 0.007% and
4:27 am
we are afraid of transmission to adults, the vaccine is available for adults so adults should get the vaccine if they believe it to be effective so parents are pushing back. silent majority aren't silent anymore and we are organizing locally at my school district testing and recalling board members for these overreaching mandate that if you go to and help us contribute to our cause we would greatly appreciate it. >> what is your advice when you hear their arguments which are valid and you know the facts, children under 12 make up one% of all the covid depth since january of 2020? what is your advice? >> both of our moms make excellent points. i liked hearing from the white house yesterday they are going to should this vaccine be recommended younger children make it widely accessible a they are going to give it to
4:28 am
pediatricians, give it with smaller needles. these are all things to help accessibility and availability for the parents who have children at home who have chronic medical conditions. vaccine for all ages should be widely available and any parent should have the option to vaccinate their child if they so choose especially those living at home with a chronic medical condition at this does place children at high risk for severe outcomes from covid 19 but the burden on children has been enough at this point. any mandate that comes will be done in haste and will have severe consequences down the road and that is because overwhelming evidence across the globe shows the severe risk of a fatal outcome or hospitalization in this age group from covid 19 is extremely rare. it is not 0 but it is extremely rare. moving forward looking at vaccinating this population we need a clear to lineage of risk
4:29 am
versus benefit and like we saw with myocarditis and it wasn't and young adults when you have this clinical trial data, that will become available next week when the cdc meets it will be based on the clinical trial data from pfizer, not a large population study. it wasn't until we started vaccinating people that we saw some of these rare side effects. we are going to take a look at the pfizer data to see a clear do lineage of clear benefit of the vaccine from risk and if they can prove that then anyone who wants the option to vaccinate their children should be able to but i don't think a mandate should becoming in this age group. ainsley: was your reaction when you are the cdc director say schools should not lift the mask mandate even after all the children were vaccinated? >> that is very upsetting to me. i don't want my kids wearing a mask now and they are not vaccinated. daughter is running around outside at her school wearing a
4:30 am
mask when they are outside and she can't breathe and comes home saying she has a headache and i don't know, i don't plan on getting my children vaccinated right now but in the future if they are going to force these kids to wear a mask, why am i going to put something in my child's body that i'm not comfortable with they still have to wear a mask albeit school? >> if they got vaccinated they would have to wear a mask. >> i would be very upset. this is an attempt to control the future generation of our kids, they are forcing the masks, forcing the vaccine and stripping away our freedom. ainsley: thank you so much. we heard from concerned parents, examining the covid vaccine for our children, next hour we meet with one nasa engineer
4:31 am
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4:35 am
pete: a fox news alert, an update in the nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie. investigators discovered human remains not far from where they found brian laundrie's backpack and notebook in the florida freezers on thursday morning. crime victims advocate and john walsh's son, the cohost of in pursuit. the whole world looking for this guy. the family call the cops two years ago, we went to the carlton reserve. and the dad finds brian's stuff. what do you think of that?
4:36 am
>> they choose their search to begin with and they find brian's remains. according to the lawyer, they searched this area already. the lawyer has been somewhat of an untrustworthy narrator in the story so who knows if that is true. i find it strange that all of a sudden when brian's parents decide to join the search. he's all of a sudden found. brian: the probability is strong those are brian's remains. use it in the past you and your father both said you wonder whether or not the family was helping brian in his quest to stay out of the clutches of the cops. >> i believe the family helped him get a head start. wasn't sure how much of a head start, driving them out of state, providing him resources
4:37 am
but without a doubt they helped him get that head start. they were very cagey, would not answer any questions from the petito family. when this was unfolding before law enforcement got involved it was the petitos questioning the laundrys where gabby was and instead of answering the questions they lawyered up and went silent. this is not a good family. they stonewalled the petitos when they were looking for their daughter. the fact that they may have helped their son i absolutely believe they gave him a head start. brian: they have a notebook, his backpack and who knows what other incidental items. can you imagine where there would be a smoking gun in that stuff that would tie him to her murder? >> there could be of some
4:38 am
murderers keep mementos to remind themselves of the crime they committed. we believe she was killed by strangulation. if that was done with bare hands there might not be a smoking gun left behind. he will see what happens when law enforcement comes forward. they may never come forward with the items that they find. brian's remains haven't officially been called brian's. we have to wait for dna and the like. see what happens with law enforcement and may not. brian: the world is curious what happened. thank you for watching, cohost with his father, thank you for joining us.
4:39 am
coming up, condoleezza rice found the alarm on one of the most hot button issues in america, why she opposes teaching critical race theory. lawrence jones having breakfast with friends in loudoun county. we will talk about that and more, looks like a little cream in that coffee. the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth.
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4:44 am
>> i thought they didn't teach that are -- >> not certain 7-year-olds need to learn it. in birmingham, alabama my parents never thought i would grow up in a world about prejudice but that is somebody else's problem, not yours. i would like black kids to be completely empowered, to know they are beautiful in their blackness but don't have to make white kids feel bad. a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction. we teach the good and the bad but was we don't do is make 7 and 10-year-olds feel that they are somehow bad people because of the color of their skin. it is part of the plan. will: that must've been fun on
4:45 am
the view. critical race theory of top issue for loudoun county, virginia, let me bring you to condoleezza rice's comments. >> you wants black folks to feel comfortable in their skin, and weight kids to understand they are not responsible for the sins of their ancestors. you couldn't have said it in a better way. always so profound in her statements. don't care what i think about it. in loudoun county, a lot of things, and you say that is a big concern it. >> it is wrong and unacceptable. after the assaults, like taking
4:46 am
self defense, in tuesday -- >> reporter: let your voice be heard. proud of you. thank you. we've been talking about critical race. a great dialogue about it. where do you come from? >> i am an active volunteer would fight for schools and we are recalling the school board primarily for foia violations, open meetings, we are concerned about policy, indoctrination has no place in education. when we discovered the misconduct and gross negligence of the board and superintendent, i got enraged. i shouldn't have to worry about the safety of my child in school. >> reporter: a lot of parents agree with you. i to go to renée, we have been having a great conversation was where do you stand on critical race theory, the good, bad and ugly.
4:47 am
>> heard people say my kids take themselves for history what happened here, black excellence needs to be taught, real history of what happened needs to be taught but there is a way to do it, so we don't repeat what happened in american history but learned and learn from it and move forward together, understand, we contributed as african-americans and black people contributed a lot that hasn't been taught. it is important to focus on black excellence, not black trauma. when you teach everybody about our history everybody can prosper. >> reporter: thank you for your service. last thing, safety is the issue. the mandates that are happening in the school. >> two students in high school,
4:48 am
at woodrow high school, really immoral, shouldn't be forcing things, to force things on people and frankly this policy is unnecessary. it was implemented on little transmission rate,.0 one% across the student population. >> reporter: i told you loud and county is the ground 0 of this fight, school safety and these mandates. i will send it to you guys, new york will be an impact on this race in virginia. >> they are tied according to the latest monmouth pole. great job. steve: money raised pretty much equal and they -- except for more money raised for virginians going to youngerkin. >> it is a stance.
4:49 am
brian: talking to folks on the street at that diner. >> reporter: amazing how that happened. talking to brian kilmeade, a wonderful discussion, you have to tune in. quickly, have to look at what is happening in new york city, 60 new york, 60 in cleveland, cold air moving in, showers and thunderstorms on a cold front ahead of it. the west, showers and thunderstorms over the next 24 to 48 hours, cooler air and unsettled weather moves in, and to talk about the west, heavy rainfall and big time snow over the past couple days. thank you for coming to "fox and friends". >> got to like it. aaron rodgers and the packers
4:50 am
back at home. another win against the washington football club in chicago. jen hale after this from fox sports. ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> the nfl season starts tonight. the broncos head to cleveland, should be a great game. fox is covering it all. we have sunday afternoon covered. green bay to atlanta, philadelphia at vegas, detroit, welcome back. what do you expect in your game. >> thanks for having me. this, can he look good. he returns last week in london after bruised ribs and maybe sean watson being traded, he's going to be wanting to have an amazing showing.
4:55 am
they are getting back two main weapons. it will be a long day for the dolphins. >> they got there first win and will do so much and are doing so poorly. the big game tonight. what about you? >> he has been through so many different struggles. this is the game to capitalize on because the browns without mayfield, he has a folder injury. they need to step up. check what von miller is saying, and good materials. >> that is the linebacker mentality in washington football club against the packers, so horrendous, looks great since.
4:56 am
>> they are 5-1, the third year in a row. it is focused, the only thing washington had in this game, green bay's during two corners take advantage if they want to stay in it and aaron rodgers accompanied the goal on sunday. brian: the team is struggling big time. let's go to the game this weekend. have a great game in miami. the jackpot last week a 25,$000 for week 7, play the super 6. you know the rules, be part of it and win some big money. do you smell the privilege, north carolina parent outraged at a banner at a high school football game, more on that. new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation.
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>> supply chain crisis continues. buttigieg admitting there's no relief on the horizon. >> no easy pex or magic wand. >> spilling over into our community and it is not contained any longer. >> nationwide search for brian laundrie could be finally over. >> human remains and prnl items belonging to brian laundrie. white house distribute covid vaccine to children. >> my mandate tied to an 11-year-old will be tied to hate. >> pure politics. i'm one of the parents who have a choice of what is right for my
5:01 am
child. >> in a dead heat with democrats terry mc. >> we have the solution. >> trump announces formation of social platform to countercensorship for so long big tech hits conservative voices. we're trying to create a koafdz free network. ♪ ♪ >> good morning new orleans. it is beautiful there. look at the sun coming up and clouds in the sky traffic is moving down the street. and there we are in new york city. 6th avenue 48th and 6th fox news head quarters are located. >> happy with americas. good morning america. brian: now with scooters and they're building more bike lanes. ainsley: traffic is worse than before because they've
5:02 am
eliminated some of the lanes, the traffic and turned them into bike lanes. steve: big arrows saying bike lane goes this way they're all coming other way. >> when you walk across a runway street. you have to keep your head up. brian: keep in mind too new yorkers, you people in charge, people have to deliver stuff, look bread and supplies to people in new york you need cars. you do need trucks there have nowhere to go. little by little taking away lanes to green out these city and it is so dangerous when you first tack a step off a curb. because you just saying okay there's a green light. you can get slammed. steve: look both ways. brian: why? steve: it says walk you don't look? brian: because like there's a count down before you walk. steve: you trust drivers of new york city? brian: absolutely. steve: out of his head.
5:03 am
brian: a count down like ten, nine, eight of pretty good speed. >> but the car -- >> the cars know. help what we're up to. steve: you trust all of those people driving cars. hole recow. brian: nonverbal deal they don't speed up to hit you and you don't make them slow down. that's what i'm saying. ainsley: check with lawrence jones in virginia, guys running against oche other down there. >> it is a dead heat down in that race and what we're seeing is national politics is starting to make an impact on the local politics. and so biden administration it is agenda democratic party linked together in this race. number one issue, education, and how it has impacted louden county and ground zero for night and inflation talking with business owners telling me how
5:04 am
price of goods and how that's going to be passed on to the consumers. some of the stuff is out of stock and they can't get it so all of that is impacting this dead heat race between, you yonn got food here pumpkin pancake and this is -- >> fall version of it. >> caramel apple. >> we were doing something that i got hungry so i'm gong to eat this before my next hit. how does that sound to you guys? steve: a three hour show you should have three breakfast. brian: supply chain problems and you have your last pancake. >> it may be my last pancake on crack. brian: i think ainsley was gopg say make sure you don't get syrup on that fox phone suede
5:05 am
jacket. what did you say? >> nobody dresses better than ainsley she knows how to eat properly and not get it -- ainsley: what was that 80s movie -- he spilled wine on the girl with the mom's suede suit dr. mcdreamy. >> my first date. >> a glass of wine on my wife's blue suede suit kongts bring it back. >> you're aging me because i don't remember that movie. >> 80s. ainsley: you should watch it. >> great reporting out there thank you. thanks for brk fast let's bring in lee he's running for governor in the state of new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. brian: what do you make of the fact when you look at fox news polls people are worried about cost of stuff. they're going their grocery
5:06 am
store going to the retail stores they don't see stuff on the shelves. steve: administration, though, says this is a good problem because that means after the pandemic, lee, that people are buying more stuff. there's a lot of demanding and you can thank joe biden for that. does that logic make sense to you? >> no. clearly they're spinning as if we're living it through a democratic national convention if they were to be honest about this and to show leadership, there are numerous issues that are being faced right now. you covered it on your channel where you have ships that aren't able to get into port. truckers that aren't able to move the goods out of port fast enough. the process of becoming a trucker and then in d.c. right now they're talking about trillions of dollar in new spending they want to increase the corporate tax rate, it's not going lead to more manufacturing more domestic supply, less reliance on foreign countries. it is actually going to go the opposite direction joe biden comes into office, and it will
5:07 am
suck down keystone pipe lien and fast track nord stream too and gas prices home heating oil costs, and then empty shelves, and these are not high class problems. these are impacting all americans of all walks of life and they don't want spin. steve: want to hear some spin and let's just hear what the administration wants the message this crisis -- >> so there's no easy fix or magic wand but a lot of they thinks that we can do. there are three things that are causing this supply, demand and the pandemic as long as pandemic continues we see all kinds of disruptions why biggest they think we have to do still as a country is put the pandemic behind us then you have demand issues fact that americans have more money in pockets compared to year ago and whether they used to spend it on going shows or -- travel they've been more likely to spend it on things why actually we have a record number of goods coming through our ports.
5:08 am
brian: i don't feel any better, do you? >> not at all, and secretary he's made a personal decision to spend less time in offings than he wants people to focus on what's most important is leadership to address the issues that are causing the empty shelves in the rising costs. and when you have inflation rising faster than income growth it doesn't feel like you have more money in your pocket. it actually feels look you have less money in your pocket even if there might be a little bit more money in the paycheck because things cost more. and there are leadership failures that we're seeing different levels of government in california, whether it is the governor the state it is local city mayors, it is the federal government helping to work to coordinate different agency process, it is all contributing to this problem of goods just not making its way into the country fast enough.
5:09 am
now you enact initiatives like wanting to get rid of all gas power vehicles like we just saw this move in new york want to get rid of all gas power vehicles by 2035 and you want to push in your reconciliation bill or infrastructure bill or whatever other vehicle you can do it to get electronic cars all across entire country well you're not relying less on china, if you're moving to let your cars you're relying on it even more and there's so many different examples look that where policies are leading to an increase reliance and that's not good for economic security or -- or just the safety of our country. >> congressman we saw those planes coming in in the dead of night thank flit post got a tip. they went out to westchester which is a suburb of new york as you know. and 2600 unaccompany migrant youth loangted to long island that's been happening for the past year we're being told. 50 more are going to the social service shelter in new york out
5:10 am
there on long island. mercy first which is the catholic charity is welcoming them in taking care of them an providing shelter for them. were you told that you were going get 2600 or was that a secret and they just put them in the shelters and didn't want anyone to know? >> no, it was a secret. some of these flights come in in the middle of the night there's no heads up now if you want to question administration once you find out about it they'll say well this isn't a secret. yeah but none of us knew that was gong happen and questions regards to what kind of vetting took playings and who are these people an how many of them are over 18 how many people are urged 18 we know that people are legally crossing the border. we see the pictures the video of migrants at the border and all of a sudden they're not there anymore. we know that you're not sending them all back so we have questions about where they're gong who they are, we have issues on long island challenges in this country related to drug trafficking, human trafficking, labor trafficking sex trafficking, and we need a
5:11 am
secure board here in new york state, though, we have all of these people coming in and they're coming dead of the night and not getting answers. >> going into bretwood long island and they're going to work class areas and they've got to flood -- all of a sudden there's ten new kids in class and don't know how to speak english that changes dynamic of everything all of the parents working so hard their tax dollars going school for their kids and in come kids from other places they don't know using resources that they paid for. >> right. and when i was in the state senate in new york i represented bretwood central islip i remember going to visit where the entire grade every class had over 40 kids in each classroom. in order for one kid to go to the bathroom three or four other kids have to go up that was a disruption. amount of people coming in and out of this school, a lot of derchght grade levels that they're learning at it is a big disruption it is a beg cost.
5:12 am
and now you have a push up in albany, new york state example or in washington reck reconciliation bill and provide benefits in march they created excluded workers functioned up in albany it was over $2 billion of new money the money is -- has tried up and they created highest income tax rate in whole country help to pay for it. >> sure. >> these are concerns of hardworking law abiding americans and cost are real and impact and quality of education is real too. >> would you lower taxes would you lower taxings you're running for governor in this senate >> there's a great example of how you can come up with billions of dollars. i can think of many other examples as well. but they shouldn't have even created this multibillion dollar fund which required to raise tax an people are fleeing state saying you think you're raising my tax rate ilk move to florida guess what you lowered my tax rate to zero.
5:13 am
>> administration says look we have to attack care of these children because we're required by statute if they're in the country we have to do something about them but at the same time, it's administration policies that was the essentially the green light that said come on in. because we're gong to fly you to siaset here's what tom said about what is gong on in our southern border. >> our numbers are historic high. historic we've never seen number like this in history of numbers. this isn't just about illegal immigration but public safety and about public health it is a national security issue. look, border patrol 17 people in the fbi watch list, 400,000 got aways. how many of them were known suspected terrorists if you think that number is zero you don't understand dynamic of the border. brian: part of the dynamic getting people away from border is i'm sure the federal government has chartered dozens if not hundreds of flights.
5:14 am
we only know about a couple of because new york post you know, probably got a tip or something like that. but thed a administration is flying people congressman in middle flght night because they don't want people to see what they're doing. >> yeah. exactly, and when you know, we saw peter doocy pressing jen psaki on this clarifying a 4 a.m., 2 a.m. flight is early morning flight. and required pushback in order to do it it is a full blown crisis at the southern border entire travel up to the united states is a dangerous mission. we should be better securing border finish better wall construction we're paying to not finish building the border wall. and we have all of the fentanyl coming across our southern border as with. these are real impacts to american it is lives. hundreds of thousands of people they're talking about coming in over the course of this current month it is only going to continue to get worse as i mention earlier with the supply chain issue they feel like we're
5:15 am
living through a democratic national convention on this too. >> congressman give everyone a real turn of new york 2 billion for illegal immigrants added money and replenish it give family real option as you get your republican campaign together get that nomination, and ping people really be listening because so many are fed up. congressman lee thank you so much. stick around for us. gabby -- >> meanwhile we have a fox news alert remains of brian laundrie. authorities returnings down to park in florida this morning. >> that preserve is where we peenged steve harrigan steve tell us what latest is. that's right after five weeks a major discovery happened a short disaps where i'm standing in this nature preserve they found what are the fbi now confirming to be human remains and alongside those remains are personal items that they say belong to brian laundrie here's the fbi officer in charge of the search.
5:16 am
>> investigators found what appears to be human remains and personal items such as a backpack, and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until roongtly have been underwater. >> fox digital obtain video of laundrie parts yesterday inside the park helping with the search. attorney for the parents say is highly likely remains are of that brian laundrie. >> product is strong that it is brian's remains but we're going wait for forensic result it is to come in to verify that. >> we're angry protesters who say that laundrie parent have not done enough to help in this search. the fbi has shut down this park now it is likely they will process this scene for several days ahead. back to you guys. steve: steve harrigan live from
5:17 am
carlton reserve in west side offield let's go back to congressman lee zeldman but petito family is from your district you've been talking to them nonstop during this entire time. >> well, for one they've done a pretty powerful, amazing inspiring job of channeling what they're going through and to a pause they created gabby petito foundation gabby petito foundation eve this a great fund raiser with amazing bands donated food venue everything donated raised affiliate money they're already doing scholarships. on the other front i had a conversation with joe gabby's dad and he's already thinking about things that you know states are do that the federal government can do, to help better deal with these types of issues. we have domestic violence issues going on all of the team every day, all across our entire country. they want to channel this into a positive. they are concerned about what's
5:18 am
going on with this search, with this investigation. they were in wyoming for a few days recently because of what was beginning on with gabby. and i was with their attorney on sunday at that fund raiser that they had in patchhog. if they have new evidence there's a notebook more information, more closure i'm sure they're going to want to know what that is and people are staying tuned if this is, in fact, brian laundrie we'll see what the next reports are. but i will say their family it is inspirational they're coming together, she had four parents because they were divorced and remarried. and they all want to turn into a positive that's why they created the gabby petito foundation. >> it is a terrible story and see if they are tiebl positively identify that body later today. congressman thank you very much for joining us today from d.c.. >> thank you all. all right thanks. ainsley: over to carley she has headlines for us. hey, carley. ming start here with this overnight chicago cops shot by
5:19 am
friendly fire while apprehending homicide suspect they are said to be in good condition. this coming as chicago mayor lauri faces heat to requesting police from neighboring communities they would fill in for officers fired for not her vaccine mandate and accusing her of playing political games. tucker carlson traveling to uncover the wind energy scam. watch. >> we will never see a solar panel in the hamptons. >> don't fill a monstrosity in my backyard. >> destroying the environment that made the voormt. you can watch blown away, the people versus wind power today on fox nation. and the brains one win away from a world series burst they attack game four against dodgers eddy leading way with four hits including two home terse to give
5:20 am
about atlanta a 9-2 win. this as the astros tack a p 3-2 lead over red sox houston pitching holding boston offense for the 9th win and despite loss one lucky socks fan going home with piece of that. catching it with hand after it broke off.e are your headlines s some serious hitting there. goodness. >> lucky it went that way to catch with his hand and speculated wide and far that, you know, atlanta they have to pull all star game out because they have election rules wondering if they make world series will they have to play in colorado? because that's where major league baseball is said -- all star game. >> there we go again and now if they're back in -- >> a do over on that then pep and won't let them play. >> one win away from getting the world series. major league baseball we'll go. >> thank you carley. meanwhile thanks carley.
5:21 am
high school football team taunting catholic kids and hear from one parent pushing back. when we come back.
5:22 am
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that was easy. i know, right? and even save with special offers just for movers. really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at >> parpghts at a north carolina high school football game were stunned when they saw that. that huge banner implying catholic school privilege an holding seen that said sniff, sniff you smell that privilege, before the start of their game against charlotte catholic high school, but parents including our next guest say the sign couldn't be further from the truth. melissa swanson joins us to discuss. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. ainsley: you were at that game.
5:26 am
tell us what happened. >> yes. so the butler high school cheer leaders were holding a sign that said sniff, sniff smell that privilege. and privilege was written in white. i know a lot of parents didn't catch on really quickly what the privilege meant that it was written in white. but just based on my own son and what i deal with on a daily basis and what i try to teach him i picked up on white privilege white away. >> and you felt like it was racist right? >> i hate to use that word but yes. yes. it was definitely geared towards the white, rich privilege folks that they think are the only people at the catholic school. ainsley: and is that true? >> absolutely not. as mentioned, i have a biracial son, i'm a single mom. and by no means would i call
5:27 am
myself rich or privileged. ainsley: did the school know about it? because football team ran through that sign. >> oh, school had to know about it. like i said the cheer leaders were holding it out on field and that's the disapoangting part of afl this the parents, coaches, school administration, they all allowed this to happen and at what point is enough, enough? and when adults are allowing this that's where the problem lies. >> charlotte school board said squad members and adults responsible for oversight will face consequences as a result of that banner display butler high school cheerleaders sent apology letter to counterparts at the charlotte catholic school, soon there will be a meeting between the school cheer leading squads to facilitate good will and understanding. how do you feel about that? are you satisfied with that? >> i am satisfied with that. because, i mean, no one is looking for the teammates to be suspended at least i'm not.
5:28 am
ening that would be a little deras egg. but what i would look to see is the coming together, i mean at some point we're going to have to come together and we're going to have to get over this because -- our children are seeing it and and it is allowed and when children are allowed to do this and it is parents and the adults aren't stopping it it is only gong to continue. ainsley: maybe good will come out of this and a good lesson for all of the students to learn from thank you so much for being with us melissa. you're welcome. the back log of ships anchored off southern california hitting all time high. we're live in los angeles with a look at the chaos. plus lawns jones is having breakfast with friends an louden county before they pick their next governor. hey, lawrence.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
>> all right number of cargo ships are backing off nearly every u.s. port in the country. ainsley: expercent say it is not just the pandemic that's crippling the supply chain. steve: what? kelly o'grady from our sister network fox business joins us live as perfect storm of problems hit the global shipping market. kelly, i think you're out on the west coast this morning. >> i am. i got the whole gang here. this is great. well listen, even as the ports of los angeles and long beach are now operating 24/7, this supply crunch isn't going away they account for 40.of the sheping con ands that are cool into u.s. as of last night 108 were waiting off the coast ready to unload. now the covid shut down and scwents back log created a subsequent perfect storm as you said. and experts, though, predicted this crisis going back to 2015
5:34 am
now consumer habits changed with rise of e-commerce but we expect to get purchases immediately right. pandemic accelerated that but authorities see the need for supply chain to change permanently. >> we needed to have amazon state of mind what does that mean? amazon changed everything. amazon's 24/7. that is a 21st century mindset now and that's what port authorities and stakeholders have to do to continue to be competitive. >> now, i want to highlight the trucking industry because it is an important part of this even if ports are operating 24/7 you can't unload ships there aren't trucks more importantly truck drivers to support goods and 72% of the cargo coming into this port leaves by truck, and prior to the pandemic there was already a shortage of 60,000 workers. that's only gotten worse as the pandemic has dragged on. now the good news is mario tells me there's a growing consensus
5:35 am
among stakeholders to need to transform that supply chain to amazon state of mind. 20% by 2025 by shipping containers this isn't going away. back to you guys. steve: not any time soon kelly as it turns out port of los angeles one was least efficient ports on planet earth and that supply chain crisis one the issues facing voters in the heated races for the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> that's where we find lawrence jones this morning he's talking to them live at the leesburg dine or in ladsen, virginia, hey lawrence. >> i finished my breakfast as you noted because of the supply chain shortage maybe the last time i have that dish. let's twawk folk here today greg, you say that you're concerned with the state of the country. >> i'm absolutely concerned with the state of the country i'm completely distraught at what occurred over past eight month you talked about supply chain
5:36 am
crisis and my clients are like where is my stf where's the leadership in our country these days we have an empty head president who doesn't seem to be getting things done, much less entering the crucial questions of the american public. and the liberal media who just remain silent. and relative to the republican party i would like to see a little bit more of an aggressive nature where they hold the liberal democrats more accountable. it is so frustrating as an american to see what's happening to our country and at this time that we take control. reporter: we hear that folks that they want republicans to fight they are them. you say kevin, everything that the democrats are touching -- is failing. >> everything they touch is failing. i mean from the border, to supply chains with to foreign policy, to mandating the fauci ouchy down to the state level where you've got governor northam and all democrat
5:37 am
controlled there, they're limiting our second amendment rights they're taking away our first amendment rights down to the school, the county level where the school system and school board -- >> hit everything. >> limiting our speech and telling, you know, telling our parents you don't have a say in the education. terry mcauliffe said parents have no say in the education that's wrong. >> democrats agree with you eve one last person i want you guys to talk with is tom. you say that you're concerned with the mandates. >> mask mandates. you know, they refuse to lighten up on that and it is really causing a lot of kids to fall behind in school. mental issues, stuff like that. you know it all goes back to the school board a lot of people think it is all about their agenda but the school board they're not that intelligent to have an agenda. so it is nothing but them just following left like a bunch of puppets. reporter: thank you so much. got a sentiment that i continue to hear on ground and it is interesting because there's a lot of former democrats or
5:38 am
people that still consider themselves democrats but they're just not comfortable with the direction of the country right now. the question is will that impact this virginia race? as you guyings said early in the show, it is a dead heat right now. i'll send it back to you guys in new york city. steve: thank you very much. thanks to leesburg virginia in loudon county. down the street if. >> great idea for hayden halloween costume i have ordered three not getting any of them if you look it is in rout, it is somewhere in route but it is not getting here. >> on a ship so brian said haledden should dress up as one of the shps bigs barge like a big box -- and a costume and boxes on top. she walks around she will -- >> will she understand it? >> no. but if you're an adult going to halloween party sending us your pictures you dress up as a barge out in the middle of --
5:39 am
>> this can relate to that. a big costume. once again i will not -- >> your wife head one side and go together. steve: fantastic and somewhere biden will be looking down and president vaccine mandate goes into effect thousands of federal workers could loser that jobs. brian: introduce you to a nasa engineer who could be forced out after 37 years.
5:40 am
5:41 am
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5:43 am
brian: grouch nasa in opposition to president biden vaccine mandate a nasa employee put 37 years, seeking religious exemption to the mandate will bt will retire if her request is denied that means america lose she is joins rouse sofia, why does this mean so much to you not to get the vaccine?
5:44 am
>> because elbow my body is god's temple. i've really take care i believe what i need to put in, and all use stem cell as you know development or test, and as a pro-life, i just do not believe that's a right thing to do. so i'm stand firm particularly sphieght for the constitutional right. it is our first amendment right, it is our rally we call it the constitutional rally. we're not anti-vax i'll made it clear with reporter. we're not anti-vax and want to get vaccinated, great. but those of us that do not, we should not be forced to choose between our jobs and the vaccine. >> how many other people at nasa feet same way and now joined your group? j right now i have hundreds 42 and rest is contractor. and there are more joining every day i couldn't even keep up because i don't have any social media. i only do through e-mail and my
5:45 am
personal e-mail and phone. that's how i keep the group informed. i actually have someone from contact me yesterday after they saw the news, and they're looking to have a rally and ask me how to do that. so there are more people finally bold enough to step up. brian: here's what nasa says as agency processes request to follow guidelines and existing policying and regulations governorring reasonable accumulations, the president says mandates work you say not for you -- final thought. >> well, if@feel like it work why did he not force illegal immigrants and the refugee and people who are receiving money from the government to get the vaccine? why are they forcing the people that are working to get this vaccine? i just didn't make any common sense. brian: people topght marginalize saying they're uneducated you're
5:46 am
not unexpected 37 years at nasa hopefully people can join your group and president will see nurls and back off. thanks so much. >> i hope so too. thank you. brian: quick message on november 2nd less than two weeks now, of the president freedom fight will be out i'll be in new york signing books go to brian kilmeade an on the th in charleston, west virginia got about 37 days so check it out and brian janice dean will be joining me. while giving the weather. >> but need to ask and i'll give you the weather and this is fan club by the way they dime see you. what's your name? >> don winger. >> curtis. >> deborah winger. in florida, and somebody is either angry or excited that we're here on the plaza let's
5:47 am
take a look at the map it is not florida but we'll take it lots of sunshine right. temperatures in the 60s today we do have a cold front, though, that's going push across gulf coast up to the great lakes behind it. much cooler air in some cases 10 to 15 below what it was yesterday this team so past 24 hours we see that cold front move through showrings and west coast holy moly you guys coastal rain and mountain snow two feet of snow, in parts of the mountains of california. i mean, that's pretty incredible it will help the drought. say hi to your friend brian kilmeade. hi, brian. brian: a time to cool to new york because it gets too cold for you floridians when while strailgt ahead tiktoker discovering audio recordings by her personal device and first dmek with dana what's coming up up live in her show in 13 minutes. >> thank you for the math lesson
5:48 am
thank you for that. attorney general about to testify on the hl for the first time this morning a lot of hot button issues and preview hearing for you and joe manchin switch parties we'll ask mitch about that and nancy grace will be here with updates in the man hunt for breen laundrie is the nationwide search finally over? we'll see you in 12 minutes mow. ♪ ♪ dignity. it demands that we can still do the simple things. so it demands life-changing technology, to relieve chronic pain. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back a woman is going viral on tiktok after discovering how much data amazon has gathered about her through home gizmos. >> these are all short voice clips. which is so scary this is me turning on a light. there are 3,000 short audio clips in this file alone. >> unbelievable. hannah is the data privacy tiktoker behind that video she joins us along with our buddy cyberguy kurt good morning to both of you. >> hi. brian: so hannah, you were
5:53 am
shocked to discover those device you have in your house they're just always listening and they're keeping a record on you. aren't they? >> yeah i was shocked to download my information and see all of that but honestly like putting these devices in my home i expected it. but i guess i didn't expect a volume of files. >> right you don't expect it but when we sign up to activate these thengs we grant them permission but we don't really think about what that means. >> yes that's absolutely true and i feel like with amazon we want to demand more than compliance we want to demand them to go further and want they will to protect their information and yes there are ways to delete this information. but i -- i guess i didn't exactly know what i was signing up for. and i -- with this 3500 files. >> no kidding. so cyberguy thought this is morning when people go wait they have 3500 of her voice clips,
5:54 am
how many do i have? so people are going to start pick their smartphone go into my profile. how do you delete that stuff? >> well, i tell you right now hannah one question how long did it take for you to get your information once you requested it? >> it was within a day i think, but they said in the disclaimer it could take up to 30 days. >> great. right. so here's what you want to do to go to request my data page use web for this one on app it is not so easy choose what data you want to receive and there's a best of your bunch of options there i packed afl my data why miss something they've got and tap submit request and you'll get an e-mail associated with amazon account and need to click confirm that request. and then you wait for hannah it was less than what 24 hours and up to a month. steve: yeah. and hannah, this is something you want everybody to know more about amazon put out a statement
5:55 am
you can't grant permission for alexa app such as mobile devices locater to have results for traffic restaurants recommendations other stuff and you can manage these permissions in the app. so you would like people to realize hey, wait they've got that stuff, i should get rid of it. >> i just think it is important to have an informed consumer i think as individuals using technology and social media we need to take back our data we need to understand what these companies are doing with our data and -- i don't think it is bad to have an amazon alexa i don't think it is bad to use social media. i just think it is important to be an informed consumer. steve: speaking of kiewrls kurt on your website you have something about how amazon inters nay tores have swindled 27 million dollars in one year from 96,000 people? >> 96,000 people 27 million frm june -- from july of last year to june
5:56 am
of this year. and how it works is you get a call from an amazon rep imposter they read a list of charges say you didn't buy these did you no i didn't buy those an they feel trapped to giving over password and debit card information i'll show you how to remove a lot of your privacy. i applaud you for what you've done. steve: check it out at amazon .com. stepping aside back in a couple. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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