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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> it is thursday october 21st. sending updates in the nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie. investigators still trying to determine if it is brian laundrie's remains, >> the governor's race in virginia is anyone's to win. glenn youngcan tied with terry mcauliffe. it is down to the wire we are down with the latest.
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>> shouldn't even talk about the number. it is not spending money. it is so tax-cut for working-class people. >> >> on the brink of disaster as he tries to sell his spending plan. a vast majority of women aren't buying it. "fox and friends" starts now. >> you are watching "fox and friends first," todd and jillian have the day off. >> >> on his handling of the economy tanking. >> to convince congress and the american people the massive spending plan is the answer. >> the president returned to his hometown to install the domestic agenda floating scaled-back version of his multi-trillion dollars social services and climate change package which still costs nothing. watch. >> the cost of the bill back
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better is 0. 0. 0. it does not increase the debt. when you talk about the number we shouldn't even talk about the numbers because it is all paid for. in addition to that, half of it is a tax-cut. it is not spending money. it is tax-cut for working-class people. >> the president's approval rating takes a beating in the latest fox news poll, you see a 73% of voters, the highest since may of 2020 rank the economy negatively with nearly 9 in 10 voters saying they are worried about inflation. biden is even falling among democrats dropping 11 points from 86% last month to 75% now and among independents 15 point drop from 42% to 27%, this as massive disruptions to the supply chain continue as pete
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buttigieg admitting there is no relief on the horizon. >> there is no magic wand. the biggest difference that would help with all the disruptions, all the shots we are seeing is to put the pandemic behind us. >> reporter: republicans blame biden's pandemic policy for the supply chain disaster, 160 gop lawmakers writing to president biden stop the litany of harmful a little reactions driving up energy costs and stop attacking the businesses with vaccine mandates a taxation and government handouts, disincentive i think work. the president has an event at noon today at the martin luther king jr. memorial. we will see if he has an update on where things stand. >> today vice president kamala harris will join terry mcauliffe on the campaign trail as the race appears to be a dead heat.
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>> glenn youngkin is more dangerous than they anticipated. >> we are less than two weeks from election day and polls showing an incredibly tight gubernatorial race in virginia, looking like it will come down to the wire. the new monmouth university poll shows republican glenn youngkin gaining ground. the candidates tied 46% to 46% among likely voters ahead of the election on november 2nd. youngkin joined hannity last night. >> i'm going to cut taxes, terry mcauliffe wants to raise taxes. i am saving strong from on enforcement, terry mcauliffe is running out of politicians who want to deviant -- defund police and close prisons and i'm going to get a job and she cranked back up. >> this as mcauliffe campaign is pushing back against a local tv station saying he did not cut an interview short. >> we are over.
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>> come on, if you had asked better questions. >> mcauliffe's press secretary tweeting it is unfortunate to see 7 news dc mislead viewers by saying terry abruptly left an interview that was only scheduled to be 10 minutes long. the mcauliffe campaign is pulling in some big names to boost voter turnout. vice president kamala harris will join a democrat in northern virginia and this weekend to mobilize democratic voters, former president barack obama will head to virginia. >> virginia, you have a lot of responsibility this year. i know terry mcauliffe and i can tell you is governor no one worked harder for their state. >> reporter: obama will join mcauliffe on saturday in richmond while stacy abrams and dave matthews will hit the campaign trail sunday in charlottesville.
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carley: thanks. ashley: to the border crisis, the number of migrants arrested at the southern border this fiscal year hitting a 35 year high. the washington post reporting 1.7 million migrants were detained. over 192,000 migrants were reportedly taken into custody last month alone as illegal crossings skyrocket under the biden administration. this as a huge new caravan of migrants in mexico is reported to getting ready to head to the united states. the mexican government is trying to keep them from leaving but group organizers are reportedly planning to leave on saturday. ashley: investigators find human remains in the search for brian laundrie. carley: steve herrion live at the park in northport, florida where the discovery was made. good morning. >> good morning. the fbi confirming they have found human remains in this park behind me.
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they found those remains in the area they found personal belongings of brian laundrie. here is the fbi investigator in charge. >> investigators found human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently been underwater. >> fox digital obtained exclusive footage of brian laundrie's parent with investigators in this park. the parents advised fbi agents on where to look for what could be their son. here is the parents attorney. >> the probability is strong that it is brian's remains but we will wait until forensic results come in.
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>> the laundrie family home is a magnet for protesters, people who filed this case intensely, some coming from different parts of the country often yelling at their parents saying they did not do enough in this investigation or shielded their son from police. worry about gabby petito. >> or her family! >> this park was just reopened to the public on tuesday, it is closed again now. likely the fbi will be processing this area for the next several days to come. >> let's bring in fox news contributor, the laundrie family attorney said the body is likely that of brian laundrie. do you agree with that assessment? >> yes, i agree and the whole
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purpose of bringing his family done was to man identification. his identification has been made by the family, probably by fingerprints, they are waiting to do a dna test. the difficult part will be because of death, depending on the environment since it was underwater for a while. carley: they said the body was submerged in water until recently. how does that affect the investigation into how and when he died? >> the most important thing will be what kind of animal activity there was during the weeks he has been missing. insects, rodents and alligators, that will -- it won't affect identification but will affect the cause of death and that is
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what the medical examiner will be working on the next couple days. >> if the bodies that are brian laundrie, there is a chance we may never know how he died. if he committed suicide or because the elements or something else like that. >> chances are they will find the cause of death but there's a possibility if there's enough destruction of the body by passage of time it may be difficult. what would be most important is what is in the backpack and what is in the notebook and i'm sure the fbi is doing work on that now. >> that's a very good point. the placement of the body tell you anything? the lawyer for the laundrie family so the body was found pretty close to the entrance of
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the park, a mile or two in. what does that tell you? >> they will have figured out how long it would have taken him to get down to where he was found and part of it will be they have been looking for other shoe prints, tire marks to see if he was dropped off in a vehicle in the area that wasn't submerged. so they will learn a lot about how he got there. if there's an injury to the body may be difficult to distinguish an alligator from a rock or even a gunshot wound but if there were a gunshot wound there should be a gun in the vicinity, we don't know if they found one or not at this time. >> there are two parallel
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investigations happening right now, one of them is in florida, having to do with this body that was found yesterday and the other is the murder investigation into what happened to gabby petito. how this what we discovered yesterday with this body -- affect the investigation? >> it is a great resource because what is a backpack, and what is in the notebook, if he's keeping a notebook and it like he may have kept it in some kind of protective plastic or something from the photographs where the water might not have destroyed things, he may have listed in their what was happening during that critical time and even an explanation, if it is a suicide some kind of explanation so that the families will know better what happened. >> that is what they want, they want answers you say they may still get the which is good news. thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate your insight.
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emails show the nation's most powerful teachers unions influenced the cdc's last-minute changes to school reopening guidance for joining me is caitlin sutherland, executive director of americans for public group originally obtained these emails, thank you for being with us this morning but i want to read through these and they will discuss that. so first, thank you for your continued openness to our suggestions and input. it will be great to see the insertion in the event i community transmission results from a new variant of sars covid 2, a new update of these guidelines may be necessary. this emails shows will you forward the union's email to her team at the cdc, a cdc official said yes, we will work with the team. super, thank you for doing that
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and then this email appears to show the cdc official sent final guidance to the teachers union before releasing it publicly saying thanks again for your continued partnership and input, attaching a pdf version of the operational strategies that will post today. tell us why this is so concerning that it seems there's this closeness between these people talking about the reopening or not reopening of schools and not only that, but how it doesn't follow the science. >> good morning and thank you for having me on. thanks to americans for trust's ongoing lawsuit against the cdc we received a new emails that further reveal the coordination between the white house, the cdc and teachers unions on covid policy. the more emails are released the more we see this is all politics and no science. the latest emails show the teachers unions were writing the school reopening guidance just
2:19 am
hours before it was released and before the cdc made the guidance public, everything passed the teachers union one last time. they didn't want anything by the scientists at the last minute or the parents and certainly didn't run anything by the bipartisan group that would have to implement it. the more emails are released the more we see outside influences behind the supposedly science-based decisions. >> this made a lot of people mad because it didn't fall in line with the science of those recommendations especially because evidence showed schools are not the primary source of covid contraction. do you share the sentiments with that? or any science-based possibility with what they were doing in cahoots with the teachers union?
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>> you are right that people are mad especially parents. it is important to remember the teachers unions directing this have a political agenda. parents were not consulted at all and it is them who had their students out of school for a year and a half. ashley: we are seeing a few of the emails and exchanges back and forth. do you think more emails will come out? >> so glad you asked that question. so far we received thousands of pages of emails but we are not done fighting the cdc to hanover more emails was there's a lot more to see and we will continue fighting for transparency until we had parents deserve all the answers. ashley: appreciate you being with us this morning. carley: new questions about hunter biden's former business deal that in a report linking him to a russian à la carte just
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rated by the fbi and from the basement to the bunker, politico is ripping president biden for hiding from the press, joe conger has noticed it is live with us coming up next. medicis with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. it will not work for everyone. imbruvica is the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll, and it's proven to help people live longer. imbruvica is not chemotherapy. imbruvica can cause serious side effects, which may lead to death. bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you have signs of bleeding, infection,
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>> the report reveals hunter biden tried pitching himself as an expert resource on a russian oligarch hunted by the fbi, sending it to a us aluminum from seeking payment for information. >> hunter biden trying to sell for 25,$000 his knowledge, intelligence about this russian oligarch who is quite odious if you look at the treasury department's press release. carley: that oligarch investigated for money laundering and extortion.
2:26 am
hunter after ford email suggested 55,$000 for, quote, refined analysis on the oligarch. calling out president biden for shying away from the press saying the lack of energy reflects the bunker mentality the white house has taken with the media. show concha is here to react. in the first 9 months of donald trump's presidency, he did 57 interviewed, obama, 131, the number there, you see president biden is only the 11 and that is why politico says biden is in the bunker. >> we have been talking about this for many months as far as the president pleading the fifth, thinking he can run his presidency by not talking to the
2:27 am
american people. i don't mean scripted teleprompter based speech, but where you actually do a one on one with somebody and the difference between a one on one and the press conference or he calls on hand-picked reporters is one on one allows for follow-up, for the interviews, decent journalist to press the president on things like you have this massive spending bill, how can you say it will cost the road dollars, that will not add anything to the debt, will be a tax cut for the middle class when inflation is at a 30 year high. i love to have that interview with the president but he does not allow them because he's not confident in his argument and his handlers will not allow it in any way, shape or form. here you have a president who has not done one 1-on-1 interview since labor day while trying to sell this package, he
2:28 am
is not selling it, they do that when they wanted to get something passed. >> not only has he not done a 1-on-1 interview but you think it will ever be to the point he does hold a press conference, a news conference that he will openly take questions like donald trump did? >> i think you will see the new york jets play the new york giants in the super bowl before we see that happen. todd is not here. the president will run to save space and that is cnn to do another townhall on that network. it is a distant third a major cable news networks, lost 80% of its audience since the end of the year, if you run to cnn which is hemorrhaging viewers which have mostly liberal audience and that is how to sell
2:29 am
what you are trying to sell. president biden currently at 28% approval in quinnipiac's new poll among independents. you can't get one in the 3 from that group, the group that decides elections to support you. that is how bad it is for the president right now. jillian: we appreciate you. >> did you hear the puppy working throughout the entire segment? that is why i was flustered. nonstop. ashley: we have to take the puppy off the show. >> i will bring back something. ashley: something to look forward to. carley: let's head on down south a live look at orlando, florida. janice dean is here with our fox weather forecasts. >> janice: over the weekend i asked for pictures and it up twitter, false pictures too.
2:30 am
i will they asking for pictures on social media at janice dean. current temperatures, the cold front across the central us, mississippi river valley, colder air, the cold front will not miss us both in the northeast today and friday. take a look at this, the area of low pressure, cold air dropping temperatures, warm air ahead of it and here it comes across the northeast, friday morning, drop those temperatures for the weekend. the other story is the big storm system moving across areas of the west coast bringing coastal rain and mountain snow. this is a good thing even if it will bring the potential for flooding, i relation snow. ultimately it will be a big drought buster and that is what we need out there. the rainfall totals on the coasts will be incredible and
2:31 am
the snowfall quite impressive so this will go into wednesday, not light on the weekend it will be over several days but that is the good news. a drought buster, we like to hear that. carley: some people will ask what is the weather for halloween? >> i will look ahead. ashley: two things to look forward to. pet pictures and halloween weather. time is 5:31 on the east coast. another new poll, more bad news for president biden showing and losing support from white women and hispanic voters which was behind that? we will ask a motor panel coming up next. ♪♪
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>> president biden's approval rating a freefall his polls indicate his favorability slipping among women, a new fox news poll reveals 45% of americans say they have a favorable impression of the president. hispanic market expert and ceo, and new york city mom, good morning to you all. you voted for president biden.
2:36 am
how are you feeling about him today? the change i did vote for him. i think he has accomplished some pretty significant things when it comes to environmental regulations which is always been my top platform. when i consider what he has done to america's children or rather not done it is heartbreaking. i think we are 274 days into his presidency and still masking, restricting and curtailing every freedom our schoolchildren have. he promised schools open and children restored within hundred days and we are way past that deadline. >> quinnipiac poll asks do you approve of the way president biden is handling his job as president and 40% of white women approve, that number is 33% of hispanics approving and those
2:37 am
numbers are significant, those two demographics, do those numbers surprise you? >> the overall approval rate has declined, there's new data yesterday, 2.6 million digital discussions and negative sentiment along hispanics, 62%. he does his when the last election in states like arizona and georgia to the hispanic vote. that is with the analysis revealed after the election. this is concerning for democrats and a lot of what we are hearing around restrictions, moms concern keeps getting back to school. some lack of action that people want to get back to what we
2:38 am
knew. >> are you frustrated with president biden over hypocrisy regarding the border in afghanistan, please explain. >> we heard about building back better yet we see at the border the crisis of mostly women and children, the tens of thousands susceptible to sex trafficking, drug lords and the complete disaster of afghanistan almost overnight, back to barbaric times with women not being allowed in education and not being able to drive, it is atrocious. >> the white house just released its plan to get children vaccinated between the age of 5 and 11 and the vaccines are going to be distributed in smaller doses. >> it is ridiculous to be
2:39 am
honest, it has been shown over and over again that our kids are statistically not likely to get sick from covid. in a year and a half, there has been a total of 500 pediatric deaths from covid. it is a lot but when you compare it to other sectors and accidents and car wrecks, a drop in the bucket. we are trying to vaccinate the least formidable group instead of sharing that with the most vulnerable countries to stop a global pandemic. this just feels like your politics. >> how do you feel that vaccinating your child? >> former farmer executives, i love science and evidence and
2:40 am
back to science and evidence, the flu is more deadly and requires higher levels of intensive care units to be open for children than covid. i am one of the parents who has a choice to ashley: gavin newsom mandated children get vaccinated. what are your thoughts on that? >> it is ridiculous. what they are at high risk for, they declared a national emergency, mental health, children and adolescents with suicide rates as the second leading cause of death skyrocketing. ashley: you are impressive ladies, we are grateful, thank you for waking up and sharing it with us. we appreciate it.
2:41 am
ashley: coming up, donald trump was silenced by big tech so he is starting his own social media site. cheryl casone has details next. carley: all eyes on the governor's race which is in a dead heat. we are checking in with lawrence jones live from loudoun county. ♪♪
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ashley: the virginia governor's race heating up with two weeks until election day. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe and in neck. carley: at the leesburg diner in loudoun county, school boards will be a topic of conversation for you today. >> you are so smart. education is the leading issue in virginia. you drop 11 points and the latest fox news poll. is starting to impact a lot of that.
2:46 am
send the doj, where you can't even get the products and people may miss christmas as a result, attempted to celebrate it and kids may not have their choice. this governors race is in a dead heat. education is the number one issue. i am assuming. >> this paul, 46 but also, what you are doing this morning with breakfast with friends. >> the issues facing the country today. education will be that. they were the first going to the school board meetings. the doj and fbi, the risk to public safety.
2:47 am
i will talk about the economy and the impact of inflation on them. we will be talking about what is happening at the border, the president dropped on that issue. those are the two defining issues of the day. i still what they think about it. carley: the polls that just came out on president biden and how that has an impact on the race in virginia and doesn't appear it will be good news for terry mcauliffe but it is in neck and we have to wait two weeks to see what happens. only time will tell. it is anybody's race. >> reporter: we are in the final stretch. carley: don't forget to eat breakfast. thanks a lot. talk to you later. president biden says there is no need to talk about the numbers when it comes to his massive $2 trillion spending plan.
2:48 am
>> a new fox news poll reveals telling members how americans feel about biden's handling of the economy. >> reporter: the president making lengthy remarks in his hometown telling the audience don't worry about the cost. >> it does not increase the debt. when you talk about the number we shouldn't talk about the numbers because it is all paid for, written in the same piece of legislation so you pass the spending, you are also passing the tax cuts and the taxes that will be increased. carley: 39% of those surveyed approve of the handling of the economy, dropped from last month. he's losing ground among democrats and independents in that time frame.
2:49 am
the plan would be a tax cut for the middle class. >> focus on, the, this has really erupted for netflix. transgender netflix employees offended by comedian dave chapelle's new show making a list of demands during the protest in the la offices, eliminating references to chapelle, investing in trans-and non-binary content, the investment and transfer the content and hired friends people to leadership roles. netflix responded in a statement we value our trans-colleagues and allies and understand what that can cause. we respect the decision of any -- we recognize more work to do with netflix and our content and many in the transgender community find offensive.
2:50 am
ashley: let's talk about truth social. i thought is coming. >> reporter: we suspected this. donald trump launching a social media platform, i created truth social, tmt g to stand up to big tech. we live in a world where the taliban has a presence on twitter but the american president has been silenced, this is the next up, the platform will feature a prescription video service, on demand thing. jason miller who launched his own platform put out a statement, and added on the statement, even more market share. trump was banned from facebook and twitter following the january 6th riot. this is his way to get his voice out there. he did have a newsletter. it didn't really work out.
2:51 am
carley: i wondered why he didn't promote parlor more than he did. probably because he had his own idea. thank you so much. prices are going up, grocery store shelves are clearing out. americans say their number one concern is inflation. ashley: congresswoman who says that country deserves better leadership with her solution next. ♪♪ living on a prayer ♪♪
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dial the number on your screen now to request a free wellcare guide today. or visit our website at that's wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> border apprehensions a sword to the highest number ever recorded with custom and border patrol detained more than 1.7 million migrants in the 2021 fiscal year. >> here to react florida congresswomen. good morning pick that number, 1.7 million doesn't even account for got a ways, those that
2:56 am
abated border security. >> good morning. you are one 100% right. not only 1.7 million apprehensions unacceptable, unconscionable really, but apprehensions doesn't mean we caught them and returned them to their home country. a lot of those folks are in our country now with a five-year notice to appear before a judge. we all know no one will actually follow up on the court date. on the guideways, we know we have about 350,000 known and got a, individuals that were either captured on camera or they were seen by a border patrol agent and they were evading them. of those are the ones particularly troublesome and worrisome because they are the known as sex offenders, gang members, the individuals seeking to avoid apprehension because they have a record. they know they will get turned around. where are they in our country now? >> congress moment, do think as far as the issue a border it's
2:57 am
beyond repair and if not, what will it take to fix this and then not only that, but how long because 61% of those migrants that were expelled were expelled under title 42. >> right. i'm an eternal optimist and i don't think we are too far beyond repair, but it will take some pretty tough leadership and really strong focused leadership. clearly, what we have now is anything but, we have a weekend at bernie's type president, so i wouldn't expect much out of the white house, but what i expect is a republican-led congress after the midterm to take charge. obviously upholding title 42, reinstating mpp, my roger-- margaret protection protocol. there is 89 miles left of the ball to build. all the money had been appropriated in this administration on day
2:58 am
one, halted the progress and in some cases along the southwest border they are actively taking down the wall, which is incredible because it's the fourth multiplier. we can fix it. >> your congressman-- your colleague tony gonzalez in texas said he was speaking to panna moss foreign minister and she said there are 100,000 people that have crossed through panama on their way to the united states and 52 were arrested with ties to al qaeda. you are a member of homeland security committee, i mean, this is pretty concerning. >> absolutely and it's another reason we needs secretary mayorkas, secretary of homeland security to get out. he needs to resign. he would not agree to even briefing members on the homeland security committee before the end of september on the individuals that have come across our border, apprehended that are on the known terrorist watch list. we know there are many of them who have.
2:59 am
if the fbi can produce statistics in the number of people in criminal activity across the u.s. why won't homeland security released a number of individuals who have been apprehended at the southwest border that are on international terrorist watch list this administration is trying to hide something. >> fox news poll shows inflation is a top concern for voters right now and biden's approval rating is starting to take across the board, but biden pushed so hard in 2020 to help the middle class, but this is directly affecting the middle-class and not in a good way. >> absolutely. doesn't matter if it's gas or groceries or goods, we are going to pay for it to everyday americans like myself, doesn't matter what you are trying to do go about your daily life, you are paying for it. there's no such thing as a free lodge, mr. president. we will be paying atac due to his reckless spending policies. washington cannot spend
3:00 am
out of control like they have, like the democrats have an expected not to be felt by everyday americans. we have to get the spending under control. we cannot sustain this. >> and inflation is the number one concern as he tries to pass this bill back to better plan which some say could inflation-- invite inflation even more. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president biden's agenda is a disaster with approval ratings plummeting. >> if you have polls and a marginal desire for better life, you know president biden is in charge. >> developments in the search for brian laundrie, investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items belonging to brian laundrie. >> exclusive footage of the dry laundry parents in this part. >> the governor's race. >> terry mcauliffe and three are now tied.


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