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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 21, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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literally higher, not a joke. not a joke. not a joke. i come from a corporate state of the world, not a joke. laura: freudian slip, your presidency, your entire presidency is a joke. thank you for watching remember, it is america now and forever. grant that takes it all from here. jillian: thursday october 21st, fox news alert, stunning update in a nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie. investigators trying to determine if it is laundry's remains the profound near his notebook and backpack, live with the latest. the governor's race in virginia is anyone's to win. republican glenn youngestkin tied with terry mcauliffe. it is down to the wire and we are live with the latest. plus.
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>> you shouldn't even talk about the numbers. not spending money, it is a tax-cut for working-class people. >> president biden's agenda on the brink of disaster as he tries to sell his spending plan but according to a fox news poll the vast majority of americans aren't buying it. "fox and friends first" starts right now. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd and jillian have the day off. a brand-new fox poll reveals president biden's approval rating on his handling of the economy tanking. carley: biden scrambles with massive spending plan is the answer. >> reporter: the president returned to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania to purchase domestic agenda currently stalled in congress, new ways to pay for multi-trillion dollars social services and climate change package. >> the cost of the bills back better bill is 0, 0, 0, and it
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does not increase the debt. when you talk about the number we shouldn't even talk about the numbers because it is all paid for. in addition to that half of it is a tax-cut. it is not spending money. it is a tax-cut for working-class people. >> the president's approval rating continues to take a beating, 73% of voters, i since may of 2020 rank the economy negatively with almost 9 in 10 voters saying they are worried about inflation. when you look deeper into these numbers biden is fighting even my democrats robbing 11 points from 86% last month to 75% now and among independents a 15 point drop from 42% to 27%. this as the supply chain everywhere continues to be hit with massive disruptions,
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setting up container shortages and poured closures with transportation secretary pete buttigieg admitting this isn't going away anytime soon. >> there is no easy fix. the biggest difference that would really help with all the disruptions, all shocks we are seeing is to put this pandemic behind us. reach homage republicans blaming the policies for the supply-chain disaster, 162 lawmakers writing a letter to the president saying stop the litany of harmful regulatory actions that are driving up energy costs and stop attacking the american businesses with vaccine mandates, taxation and government handouts that are disincentive i think work. we will see what the president has to say and the vice president later today at the martin luther king jr. event and see if he continues to sell that plan is costing nothing. carley: top progressives rejected by voters in the 2020 election but senator john
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kennedy calling out biden for still pushing the far left wishlist. >> senator sanders, senator bernie sanders tested negative for president. the american people didn't elect him. they elected joe biden joe biden basically said i will govern from the middle. i will be the second coming of barack obama. may be a little left of middle. instead he has been the second cousin of bernie sanders and his and tire administration is owned, lock, stock, and barrel by the wokeers. >> biden hopes to reach a spending deal with $1.9 trillion after originally pushing for twice that amount. steve: vice president harris will join terry mcauliffe on the campaign trail as the race appears to be a dead heat.
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jackie ibanez joins us as democrats rambled to convince voters the gop candidate glenn youngkin is more dangerous than they anticipated. good morning. >> with less than two weeks ago polls show an incredibly tight race in virginia's cabinet or election. the gubernatorial race looking like it is going to come down to the wire. on the monmouth university poll shows republican glenn youngkin gaining ground, the candidates now 546-46% among likely voters ahead of the november 2nd election. he joined hannity last night. >> i will cut taxes and terry mcauliffe wants to raise taxes. i'm strong on law-enforcement, terry mcauliffe is running around with politicians who want to defund police and close prisons and i am going to get our job machine cranked back up. >> reporter: this is a, campaign is pushing back against a local tv station saying he did not cut an interview short.
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>> should have asked better questions. >> reporter: mcauliffe's press secretary tweeting it is unfortunate to see 7 news dc mislead viewers by saying he abruptly left an interview that was always scheduled to be 10 minutes long. the mcauliffe campaign is calling big-name figures to boost voter turnout including president barack obama. >> virginia, you have a lot of responsibilities. i know terry mcauliffe and i can so you as governor no one worked harder for the state. >> obama will join mcauliffe in richmond while stacy abrams will have the campaign trail sunday in charlottesville. carley: we will see if it makes a difference. now let's get to the border crisis. a number of migrants arrested at the southern border this fiscal year hitting a 35 year high. washington post reporting more than 1.7 million migrants were detained. over 192,000 migrants were reportedly taken into custody last month alone is illegal
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crossing skyrocket under the biden administration, this is a huge new caravan of migrants in mexico is getting ready to head to the us. the mexican government is trying to keep them from leaving but the group of organizers apparently planning to leave on saturday. chicago miracle lightfoot taking he for asking suburban police officers to fill in for, she may fire if they do not get the covid shot. the national fraternal order of police saying, quote, the very real threat to public safety in the city has been entirely manufactured and unnecessarily escalated by merely lightfoot in new york city's largest police union is training legal action in response to mayor bill deblasio's mandate that all city employees get the covid jab or be fired. the police benevolent association is found to, quote, protect our members rights.
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>> school shooter nicholas cruz apologizes as he pleads guilty to 2018 valentine's day massacre. the plea allows the jury to send them to death row as punishment. he blamed his intersections on marijuana while addressing the court. 14 students and 3 staff members died, 70 people were also shot during the 6 minutes of terror at marjorie stoneman that was high school. onto a fox news alert. investigators find what appears to be human remains in the search for brian laundrie. steve harrigan is live at the park in northport florida. what do you have for us this morning? >> the fbi is confirming human remains were found right here in this park and they were found near personal items that belong to brian laundrie. here's the fbi tampa agent in charge of the investigation. >> investigators found human remains, personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been underwater. >> fox digital obtained
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exclusive footage of the brian laundrie parents with investigators, an attorney for the brian laundrie family says parents helped investigators, advising them on air where they thought their son might be found. >> you can imagine as a parent finding your son's belongings alongside remains and that has to be heartbreaking and they are heartbroken. >> reporter: the laundry home is a magnet for protesters who angrily shouted at parents, they claim parent of not done enough to help the investigation and even shielded their son from investigators. no worry about gabby petito. >> this park is closed to the
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public. the fbi will be processing the area for several days. >> steve harrigan with an important update. now let's bring in former homicide detective brian foley, good morning to you. we learned a lot yesterday. what are your thoughts on the latest? >> they found what they said to be human remains, you find remains and not able to determine you can say human remains. a medical examiner responded saying human remains, there will be an autopsy today determining the cause of death depending how much remains, mother nature in florida when mother nature in this type of weather the remains might not be significant enough for cause of death but keep in mind these are two paralleled of investigations, gabby's and
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brian's caveats investigation does not stop at this point. they will keep working with the prosecutors until they basically enough to say we would have had enough to make an arrest on brian laundrie and prosecutors will close the case with exceptional circumstances. we will learn hopefully what the cause of death is on brian. we can't assume suicide here. probably list of people would like to have seen brian did, there's a lot of work to do against the effects of mother nature. waterbury area. they have to extend the search now. animals can separate evidence a where the cleansing gets extended, they would we are looking at weeks in the florida weather. >> the laundrie family attorney so the probability is high that the remains found yesterday are that of brian laundrie and you just said that you think we will find out for sure today?
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>> that's my guess. there was a coroner on scene. there will be a scientific autopsy in the lab today but the corner likes to go on scene. they want to see the body in its natural state to determine as best they can and go through hospitals, when they first moved the bottle body her medical examiner, they will do some examinations on site. they will feel around the skull, not much but lightly, to determine if there is anything immediately depending on if there is a scholar this point, not to get too gruesome but this is going to be a difficult autopsy for the medical examiner considering what nature has done. >> police have been searching the area for weeks and the first day they decided to go out and
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search for their son, they come up with something they find something, does that strike you as odd? >> it does strike me as suspicious. we've had similar circumstances of the body found that day, you always wonder about that, but with the agent on campus it is he actually explained why they didn't find the body before hand. cox don't like to be questions or looked at as if they didn't do a good job so he provided the general public with a reason why they didn't find it and that is that the area was previously covered in water. now that area might be searchable. may be they didn't search thoroughly before but now parents indicate to fbi where they think he was, where he likely hung out, they know where their kids are, where they hang out. it is suspicious but i think the fbi would - carley: i guess water could be a factor.
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how do police and fbi deal with the parents now in trying to get answers in gabby's murder? >> could be in trouble. doesn't seem that way. with the potential arrest warrant helping them. as far as the ongoing investigation, they have to go to gabby's parents and talk about this too. when a police officer has to tell a victim's family that the potential murderer is that it is not what you might think. it is very emotional. it is now out the window, the suspect will not face justice, if it turns out to be the case. >> gabby petito's family so they want him alive, they want all the answers they can get
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regarding what happened to their daughter. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. carley: it is 4:14. parents are fuming in california, trying to make their young kids eat lunch outside in the rain as part of their covid protocols. we are talking to a concerned dad next. >> a big show for you this morning. show concha, lawrence jones, all live coming up. your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. (all) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $250 purchase allowance on 2021 buick suv models.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at >> the cdc will consult an expert panel before finalizing official recommendation for who should get a covid maxine booster shot and when following the fda authorizing the next are dose to those who got the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccine. americans will be able to mix and match between any of the two
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drugmakers, this is the white house releases plans to vaccinate 28 million kids as young as 5 years old. it is shots could soon be offered to kids at their schools, in addition to their doctors offices and pharmacies. federal regulators will meet over the next 2 weeks to weigh the safety and effectiveness of giving low-dose pfizer shots to elementary school kids. >> covid restrictions in one children at school district are forcing kids to eat lunch outside in the rain to help stop the spread of covid 19. the founder every open california schools is here with me to discuss. thanks for being with us and i to to read this and then we will discuss it on the other side. this is the email sent from the principal, rain is forecast this week which will present an added challenge to our lunch routine. students are required to eat outside. at this time due to covid restrictions. i'm asking you to send your children to school with rain gear and warm jackets. my question is what are the restrictions that are in place in california that would force these kids to have to eat outside especially in the rain.
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>> pretty appalling hearing reports like this but a lot of the blame falls on state of the parent for coming up with these confusing, arbitrary and unscientific guidelines about distancing and quarantine where they have to remain a certain distance from each other if their masks are off. appear inside they have to go home if there is an outbreak. schools are just trying to follow this the best they can. laura: it seems like another case of parents having no say in what goes on in the classroom with their students and children. do you share the same sentiment and do you think other parents do as well? >> this is pretty appalling. this is just one egregious example, schools finally opened this summer. we were had reports of kids forced it on the laptop with the sun 6 feet apart.
1:22 am
in another recent case in california because of the rain kids were told they must, quote, chew with their masks on because lunch was moved inside. i to know what adults are doing this, seems public health officials coming up with these you don't have children or say this. >> >> when talking about kids when they back to school in august, happen to eat 6 feet apart on the blacktop, the hot pavement but the teachers, you say they were able to sit on the shade next to each other no problem. >> yes. that is what we are hearing. staff and adults recognize you have to make exceptions to some of these rules and adjust for themselves. it is when it comes to the kids that there's no accommodations, follow the letter of the law exactly as it is in no humanity imposing these restrictions and we need to get back to the focus on our children keeping them safe, keeping them educating and remove the nonsense we are seeing. >> if you had one recommendation as far as keeping kids safe,
1:23 am
teachers safe, it is important. what would you say because it seems there is a miscommunication between the school and the health department as you said. >> state health the permit is not communicating clearly. the only thing that is required from what we have seen so far is the inside mask requirement. the other stuff they are trying to impose is pretty flexible. my message to the schools, you don't have to follow everything to the letter of the law, get our kids back to normal, we believe masks should be off the kids at this point and that is whatever kids need most, normalcy for their education and mental health. >> i to to note the school reversed course and acknowledge some people were upset at the decision to force -- that is what they ultimately settled on. thanks for being with us, we appreciate it.
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steve: the time is 28 minutes after they are. a football rivalry takes a nasty turn, the low blow over privilege that shows woke politics are seeping into high school sports. facebook is heading for a rebrand, we are talking about it all with comedian jimmy phelan who joins us live next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice denounces critical race theory during an appearance on the view. >> i thought they never teach critical race theory, they went
1:29 am
to law school or something. >> i'm not certain 7-year-olds need to let. i would like black kids to be completely empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness but in order to do that i don't have to make white kids feel bad for being white. somehow the conversation has gone in the wrong direction. >> rice was the first black woman to head the state department. she believes parents should have a say in their kids education. netflix respond after employees walk out in protest at dave chapelle at latest comedy special. the streaming services it respects the decision of any employee who chooses to walk out. the special is transferred weekend to eliminating references to the comedian in the workplace. they were met by some counter protests in support of chapelle. one had his jokes are funny sign destroyed. >> north carolina parents were stunned after cheerleaders held a huge banner at a high school football came and signed the
1:30 am
catholic school had white privilege. the host of fox across america on fox news radio is here to react. the sign said you smell that privilege, that is a dig. what is your thought? >> it is so letting. i am technically not about youth sports because of the money i have lost gambling on them but i will indulge because you are my powell. this is identity politics run a mock and it is so cheap and stupid. when it comes to sports first and foremost there's will: type of privilege, final score privilege but we are teaching kids to prioritize things that have nothing to do with the game, the part that frustrates me as we got to this place now where we are demonizing prosperity.
1:31 am
the stereotyping is disgusting. there was a banner calling a different race besides white people the country would be on fire, they would be protesting. i might be losing a nike store because at this point you can't count on goods to get here in time for christmas i might have to go with the looters on this one but it is pathetic because we keep doing this thing where rather than teaching kids ambition we are teaching them to demonize people who have made it and believe they should have it handed to them too. >> not even true, one mom whose child goes to the so-called white privilege school says i am a single mom and i raised my son on my own, we pay for the school and work hard to be there and that is a real point. when did working hard and going to a nice school become a bad thing? >> really quick. i want everyone to know this. there is no such thing as white privilege. i was a cab driver most of my adult life. when my alarm clock went off at
1:32 am
3 in the morning and punched me in the soul, it wasn't any easier to get out of bed and go drive those 15 hours because i was weight. it is so stupid. there is work privilege if you were born with a good were catholic and you come from a good family that supports you and has that infrastructure but the idea that we are oversimplifying everything to race is a reductive, cheap and divisive and it is not teaching kids self-reliance like you can do it. how do we go from 8 years of obama saying yes we can to a society that says no we can't? >> you should run for office. the school district responded in a statement, squad members about the progressive squad like the cheerleading squad, squad members and adults responsible for oversight will face consequences as a result of that manner display, soon there will be a meeting between the school cheerleading squad and squad to facilitate goodwill and understanding. we've got to move on to this topic about facebook, facebook is changing its name, not the social media platform but the
1:33 am
company that owns facebook, what's apps and instagram. they are going with something else. what are your thoughts on that? >> first of all, what they should have to do in terms of coming up with a name is do this in facebook service. they should have to take a quiz that would tell them what decent company they would be were they to become a decent company. this is obviously one of those really shady rebrand. there are two types of couples to renew their vows no one has been married 25, 50 years and it is cute and they are old and sweet. the other is they do it at year 13 because you got caught playing strip poker with the stewardess and that is the kind of rebranding this is. they want to forget the old brand and give themselves a clean slate but we will never forgive them because facebook, what is it really? it is just a fight club for people who don't want to get hit. you can walk on at any hour of the day, there is someone to fight with you. post a picture of your dog,
1:34 am
somebody will be but trump and i would be my dog didn't vote. >> i call it keyword courage and i don't know. i like instagram, it is picture oriented but twitter and facebook, has to do with words and people being mean to each other i don't like as much. a lot of people had fun with the rebrand on social media saying facebook should go by workbook. don't know they will consider that but it is out there. you can catch fox news radio and fox nation. thank you for waking up and being with us this morning. we appreciate it. carley: former president clinton releases a video after having an infection. >> doing great. on the road to recovery. i want to announce to everyone out there take the time to listen to your body.
1:35 am
>> clinton a thumbs up while walking out of the hospital earlier this week. he's finishing his course of antibiotics at his new york home. time is 4:34 a east coast, police in portland are so understaffed they are now relying on an unbelievable new tactic to stop the out-of-control murders and drive-by shootings. we will tell you how things are going. plus the supply chain chaos is spilling into the streets. we will talk to residents who live near a major port who says it is a crisis that is crushing their quality of life. oh well, ! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. jillian: welcome back. in a report from the new york post reveals hunter biden tried an expert resource of original attack targeted by the fbi sending that email to you as aluminum firm seeking payment for information. >> hunter biden trying to sell 25,$000 his knowledge, intelligence about this russian oligarch who was allegedly quite odious if you look at the treasury department's press release from 2011 when it sanctioned him. >> that oligarch previously investigated her money laundering and extortion,
1:40 am
suggested an additional 55,000 for refined analysis on the oligarch. lawmakers press romney manual on his role in the 2014 killing of a black man during his confirmation hearing to serve as us ambassador to japan. laquan mcdonald's shot 16 times by a former police officer. >> responsible and accountable for fixing it so this never happens again. to be honest there is not a day or week that is gone by in the last 7 years i haven't thought about this and thought about the what ifs and the changes and what could have been. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez opposes nomination citing claims he was involved in an attempted, attempted cover-up, the squad member calling the nomination shameful. carley: shipping containers are piling up not only in california's ports but within
1:41 am
the surrounding streets and even on top of cars. joining us to react, board member of the wilmington california neighborhood council. valerie, this picture is obviously stunning in more than one way but i want to pull this back up and if you speak to this because not only is this a burden to your neighborhood in your area but this is downright dangerous. >> use it is. the shipping industry is spilling over into our community and we cannot sustain it any longer. we have had some truckers coming into our community, residential streets are backed up and we cannot handle the overflow ford is happening at the ports and it is quite dangerous. this particular container, the driver pulled around the corner. it disconnected from his wheel and crushed his car. imagine how many trucks are traveling through residential
1:42 am
streets, and really lined up waiting to go into the storage yards were these containers are stacked. i spoke to a couple residents and they are very upset about what is taking place. we have a community crisis with these big wigs loaded over 80,000 pounds. clearly we have markings that say nothing over 6000 pounds. >> it seems a very obvious thing, nothing over 6000 pounds of it is allowed and not only is it dangerous but also can hurt the integrity of the infrastructure and roadways which will cost more money as well and if you see these videos you talk about the containers lining the sides of the streets and we have it on loop, it shows how those containers are lined
1:43 am
up like that. of you always had an issue with this because you said for years you've been trying to get someone to do something about this or has it gotten so bad with what is going on with the ports that it hit its breaking point? >> that is right. we've had these issues for quite a long time now but it is to the point where the residents cannot even get in and out of their driveways. imagine it is running 24/7 so the vibration as these trucks are lined up going to and from the storage yard so we are jason to ports as the exit the terminals but what is really disconcerting to me as we've been asking for help from our leadership and very little has been done, but i believe they are going to come to the point where they know exactly what to
1:44 am
do and find some sort of solution to the storage problem but we certainly can't handle them in our small community any longer. carley: do you expect to see alleviation on what is happening in your neighborhood in your community or have you gotten any direction from any of the officials? >> to my knowledge, they are planning some sort of meeting, we've not received an official notification but residents are taking matters into their own hands, they put barricades on the streets, big signs that say no trucks, to discourage them from coming down and when i see this picture, are they getting certified drivers to haul these containers, because they are in
1:45 am
a panic to move quickly and put our lives at risk? >> hopefully you get to have close questions when you talk to some officials about that is good luck to you and thank you for being with us this morning, we appreciate it. >> earlier this month we spoke to a colorado woman who was denied a life-saving kidney transplant because she wasn't vaccinated and this morning we have an update, we are excited to share with you, plus. >> i will be signing up service for the last time today. >> washington state police dispatcher signs off with her police officer husband for the last time before a vaccine mandate fired them. we will talk about that coming up. ync,
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keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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carley: shoplifting skyrocketing in chicago with scenes like this
1:50 am
playing out across the city, soft on crime policy allows thieves developed $1,000 of merchandise before they are prosecuted. officials say the policy is meant to shift focus from low-level offenses but secure security sadism opening criminals. in portland, police resorting to using traffic barriers to stop drive-by shootings. authorities say they hope it will slow activity at gun violence hotspots and make it hard for drivers to get away as portland police grapple with a shortage and budget cuts during a surgeon violent crime. just as we portland hitting a record number of homicides, reporting at least 67 killings so far this year. ashley: a washington state trooper at his dispatcher wife stand up for medical freedom as they lose their jobs for refusing to get vaccinated. >> my personal choice to take a stand for medical freedom, personal choice. i will be signing out of service
1:51 am
for the last time today. >> proud to be your wife. >> letting me know former washington state patrol employees richard and selena thompson. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> this is an emotional video the thing that strikes me as you both have devoted your life to keeping people safe and then one day you wake up and are told you are the danger. >> that is correct. ashley: why did you decide to leave the job you love? >> we've been frontline workers the last year and a half during this pandemic. we practiced social distancing. we have masked. we cannot contract or spread coronavirus, we were tested multiple times but very recently for antibodies and don't have them. our precautions have been taking place.
1:52 am
it should be more than this is not for me an argument about vaccination. it is about freedom, constitutional rights and civil liberties so something i've spent most of my adult life protecting and for other people and being taken away from me. my choice. carley: you have two small children, we heard one of them in your arms right now. the fact that you both don't have your jobs all the more scary. >> we will be without medical insurance at the end of the month and we do have future employment, but we are very lucky to have that because a lot of people don't but it is not easy. >> forgive me if you said this. did you file for an exemption and what was that like?
1:53 am
>> the process wasn't followed, we filed, we were granted along with hundreds of state patrol employees including hr policy but we were told there would be no accommodation based on the governor's state hr and what they decided, accommodations made available to schoolteachers for instance in washington were not made available to the rest of the executive branch employees which was unfair. >> selena, 127 washington state patrol employees were fired for denying the covid 19 vaccine and a lot of people are concerned that will affect their safety. what will happen with the police force? >> i know for dispatch we have eight centers in the city of washington and in vancouver we
1:54 am
handle five counties in going from 17 dispatchers and we are going to be down to eight. that means our units are being placed on emergency priority traffic and our communications will go to a different center at night because we don't have the staffing. >> what is next for you two. what are you going to do? >> we have a couple of opportunities, we are not quite ready to talk about those yet. they are in the works, backing up 127, that's part of the frustration for me, those numbers, they are not telling
1:55 am
the narrative accurately, doesn't account for the vacancy rates. >> that is true and that's why so many people are nervous. i was talking to a business owner in seattle yesterday whose business is broken into 6 times and he said when he called police they tell him to follow an online report. we got to leave it there but thank you for speaking out and hopefully get your beautiful baby to bed now. richard and selena thompson, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> texas, greg abbott telling unvaccinated americans come to the lone star state for medical treatment. one woman with stage v kidney disease told "fox and friends first" earlier this month a colorado facility told her to get a covid vaccine or don't get surgery. >> have been told i wouldn't be required to take that shot and then now i'm being told something different than a month earlier. it feels like this shot is a
1:56 am
1-size-fits-all solution. >> abbott says vaccines in texas remain voluntary for all. you feel that colorado defending the mandate saying covid poses an increased risk to transplant patients. >> we have a jampacked 5:00 hour. joe concha, lawrence jones, don't go anywhere. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast. make it palm springs. ♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. do you know how it feels to live with schizophrenia? i am a good parent. jared? i'm hearing the most awful things, people shouting at me.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> it is thursday october 21st. sending updates in the nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie. investigators still trying to determine if it is brian laundrie's remains, >> the governor's race in virginia is anyone's to win. glenn youngcan tied with terry mcauliffe. it is down to the wire we are down with the latest.


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