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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 21, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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you make this show possible. we never forget it. never miss an episode. >> reporter: as always we thank you for being with us. you make this show possible and we never forget it. we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode. now we are going to go to laura a little early. that you're not heart be troubled and she's going to show our operation on our show tonight. >> i was a little busy today so i didn't quite get to it but i gave you a preview i just texted it to you which i gave you a preview because i know you have a bit of a queasy sensibility. >> i do not have a text from you. i just came in. >> you will have to look at it tomorrow. >> all whole video of your operation. >> it's not the whole operation because they wouldn't let me do the whole one but it is part of
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it. >> i you to aaron on tv so the world can see. >> we want to keep the ratings up but people might lose it when they see this but some of my producers are pretty squeamish about it. he will have to text me after you watch it. we will pick up where you left off. i'm laura ingraham on a busy wednesday so let's dive right in. 13 reasons why is the focus of tonight's angle. 6 months ago the angle warned you inflation was about to explode and the experts of car up. >> it's probably the single biggest story in general. >> inflation is worse than we thought. it is a mess and everyone knows it is a mess. laura: that includes the electorate.
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a new poll finds 6 in 10 americans hold biden's policies responsible for increasing inflation. for most businesses not difficult. things are falling apart because democrats are carrying out a vicious assault on our economy and our freedom because they love our system and they love european-style socialism. to remake america they must break america. you are the 13 reasons why we know it is time to throw the bums out. number one, democrats's supercharged inflation with their $2 trillion covid bill in march and they are about to make things a lot worse. >> could be anywhere between one.9, 2.2, $2 trillion childcare, pre-k, paid leave and community-based action on climate.
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>> number 2, gasoline prices are at 7 year highs and climbing. instead of producing more oil and gas at home biden is gone baking. >> you communicate with international partners who are members of opec and convey as we did a few months ago our urgent to find a compromise solution for production increases. >> number 3, our supply chains are broken. our ports are jammed up and our transportation secretary thinks he found the magic solution to end covid. >> the president's build back better agenda as a whole will ease some of that inflationary pressure. this way to smooth this out, getting everybody vaccinated and putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror. laura: look like a sixth-grade student council candidate. number 4, turkish shortages
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before thanksgiving. the other turkeys of which there is no shortage have their spin at the ready. >> this turkey day you may be paying more on a variety of issues from climate change to the pandemic may be partly to blame. >> number 5, the media are openly trying to dismiss americans concerns, telling us to lower our expectations. in other words, you've just been spoiled with all this american dream thing and the good life, just lower your expectations. that is why biden always wins. unemployment in our urban centers is out of control, just over 10% in new york city but for liberals 10% unemployment follow fisa as a success story. >> we set the bar high with a series of mandates, it didn't work.
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laura: number 7, crime is making blue cities a livable was walgreens abandoning san francisco closing 5 stores next month, rampant shoplifters who are important constituents to lefty mayors. >> some of the stores are not disclosing because of retail but because they are not necessarily bringing in the sales they once did so i don't want to attribute that to retail theft. laura: number 8, the nation's capital can't keep its metric system even working with 63% of the railcars out of service. metro still hasn't spelled out what it will take to bring them back into service leaving writers and regional leaders concerned about a lengthy disruption. number 9, our once great suburban schools are being transformed into gender and race reeducation camps for kids but you voice your concern about that and you're practically on a
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terror watch list. >> these parents meetings on critical race theory really bothers me because it is a racist dog was. >> the memorandum issued by the attorney general speaks to threats and intimidation some school officials have experienced in our country. >> remember you are the enemy. number 10, our border is collapsed and a record number of illegals are flooding in but don't worry, biden's team is fully in control. >> the message is quickly, do not come. the border is closed, the border is secure. laura: vaccine mandates are forcing first responders, healthcare workers, even airline pilots off the job, all based on anti-science logic. >> this is the pandemic of the on vaccinated. the bottom line, we are going to
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protect vaccinated workers from ask on vaccinated coworkers. >> i thought your vaccinated. why do they need to be -- number 12, masking is becoming a permanent way of life for anyone in blue cities, even kids in school. >> cannot be complacent which right now we're going to continue to recommend masks in all schools for all people in those schools. laura: 100 days of mask wearing. number 13, finally the small matter of the aggressive rise of china. the ccp made a full of biden with the hypersonic missile launch. let's face it, china doesn't hear us and they certainly don't lose sleep over the empty words about top diplomat. >> we cannot trust china to meet the commitment is made on the taiwan issue and the rhetoric of its leader and many other
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chinese leaders in recent months has been they intend to take back i. our responsibility is to make taiwan a tough not to crack. >> he didn't just say that. the list is by no means complete but you get the point. the american people deserve better and are starting to demand better. they will not be bought off with for borrowed money or fooled by were happy talk in the press and once the peoples voices heard in 2022-2024 the old era of failure and chaos is going to be replaced by a new time of confidence and that is the angle. joining me now is victor davis hanson, senior fellow, author of the dying citizen in stores now. documenting these issues reveals the breadth of the administration's failure in 9 months, could have been 20 ways
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they are failing but of those, 13 that i just mentioned, is there one in particular that is the deathknell politically for president biden? >> the border has enraged people but the supply chain has the potential because it is the stuff of life for what you just delineated were political issues 3 or 4 months ago, now you see civilization will collapse which americans pay one dollars and cannot fill up your car or look at 2 million people who think they have a birthright to invade their country or look at ships all the way to the horizon and their shells around the they are thinking civilization is collapsing, how could it happen, these are not political issues and each one of those collapses you so articulately delineated there was a political agenda behind the never pulled 50%. nobody wanted an open borders, nobody wanted critical race. nobody wanted a new green deal
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but president biden, the virtual president, the turmoil of 2020 they thought it was mister nice guy and he was the vessel. those about their agendas at least until 2 or 3 months ago but now he has been so incoherent and mean-spirited and truthful that he, this person is a force multiplier of the popularity of the issues that brought this collapsing they are working hand in glove and we're seeing -- i've ever seen anything like it, loss of confidence in the system. people saying every day i don't know if i'm going to be able to buy gas. i don't know if i'm safe to walk out on the street at night. i don't know who this person is that just walked across the border as if they have a right to come into my country and when you lose the middle class and turnover your society to the very connected wealthy and subsidized poor and have no sacred space for the middle
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class and we are starting to look at ourselves and identify by our superficial appearance rather than our common humanity then this is what you get. >> i have to share this with you and previewing something we will feature on the show in the next few days and i had a chance to sit down with an iwo jima that today in wyoming and he's 98 years old, still stand on his own two feet, incredibly smart, sharp, incredible person. listening to him talk about america today versus the america of 1944-1945 from manufacturing losses to loss of confidence to loss of unity, loss of education and patriotism in some circles of america it was both infuriating and upsetting at the same time, but boy, did everybody listen to him and we will feature this on the show.
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it was -- it cut you to the court to hear him and what he saw and experienced and how ungrateful. >> the left has no idea what they unleashed. in the 230 third year of this republic all of us with our collective memories of okinawa and the people who died in iwo jima and the hoover dam held of tough even miserable lives to get of us this wonderful country, we in this year are going to say they are racist and weren't any good and through the country over to a bunch of ignorant and arrogant people, not going to happen. we have a bond with those people in the past, we owe them everything we have. victor hansen died at okinawa. i'm not going to besmirch his memory by going along with this woke stuff for destroying the country without borders. each person according to station has that obligation.
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we have a chain unbroken to these generations. i wrote a book, dying citizen but i didn't title at the dead citizen. we are not dead yet. we are all in a coma and say tear down this and rename that and teach us how great racism and we have to discriminate, don't worry about the shelves, you will get something around christmas, we are halfway to $10 a gallon, what is the big deal? i don't think so. people won't say take the country, it is yours. laura: driving to the studio. >> people - laura: driving to the studio -- >> right. laura: driving to the studio we saw $4.89 a gallon gasoline. that in and of itself is going to destroy the democrat agenda. it is so great to see you tonight and congratulations on the success of your book the dying citizen. joining me now is larry kudlow, host of kudlow on foxbusiness
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former trump economic advisor. wonderful to see you as always tonight. the one outstanding issue that could further hasten america's decline is this so-called reconciliation bill. they whittled it down to $2 trillion and we are supposed to be thrilled about that like $2 trillion is this popcorn they can pop on the stove, no big deal. does this bill need to die? are we in big trouble? >> save america, kill the bill is still my motto. $2 trillion is unimpressive because there are all these accounting gimmicks, they are scoring child allowances would be for one year but it is $1 trillion over ten years and they will do everything they can to continue it for 10 years. there is only two obstacles to this $5 trillion plus taxing, regulating, and spending bill.
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what is joe manchin who is against the spending and the other is kirsten sinema who is against the taxing. this week to make a lovely couple, their washington's most important power couple of the moment. they can stop this bill, the bill needs to be stopped and i to add to that quickly, these attacks on fossil fuels, oil and gas and coal have decimated our energy base and this is a government driven policy, we are 2 million barrels of oil a day lower than we should be. that would cut gasoline price in half and the other thing is the bidens asleep at the switch on the supply side shortages that -- contain should back up in the la and long beach ports.
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they didn't take any action to have a good 24/7, there was a governmental decision. the longshoreman, the union, the biden's unionize everything, the longshoreman did not want to go 24/7 and with all this talk about infrastructure there is nothing in there that would get updates on machinery and automation in these ports and that is also because the longshoreman oppose it and american consumers do not want to wait. they hate shortages. they hate austerity, they want prosperity and government central planning is not the answer. laura: i am thinking about the fact that we were able to ramp up manufacturing in the united states in the 1940s, to win the war. we could win the war with us manufacturing might in our incredible courageous serviceman. we can do that but we can't get a bunch of cargo unloaded from some ships coming into our ports. what has happened to america?
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>> your opening, you are right, the only thing the opening should have when you are putting those individuals running the biden administration looked to me like the junior varsity, may have been the freshman team, they are unaware, simply not aware of the situation. laura: is amateur hour. >> that is right. ideology - ideology prevents them - right. so much of this. >> the striking figure that spells out why biden -- what biden has done. the atlanta for gdp growth estimate is now 0.5%. it was 6% growth just two months ago. under trump our growth would be flying high now, at least i hope you would've done the borrowing
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but what is causing the 0.5%? >> part of that is there are no cars to buy so consumer spending looks very weak. it's really not that there are no cars to buy because of these container backups because they'll have semiconductors that the cars need, can't produce them and not in the showroom. the second point is inflation. whether it is temporary or permanent doesn't matter. it is. it exists today and we are only making it worse by creating this economic scarcity. those people in the washington post are writing this stuff, only wealthy people have patience. you don't need these consumer goods. this is jimmy carter. i got to tell you. that is malaise talk. what is really at the root of this is very bad government decisions and that is why i am touting manchin and cinema.
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they should call donald trump had asked to become republicans because there is no place in the democratic party for sensible moderates anymore which is a shame but it will be what it will be as i don't see the changes being made. >> joe manchin right now is working against the interests of the people of west virginia. they want sensible policy, this s is reckless policy so joe manchin, you got to be better than that but i think kirsten sinema is better than that. why is the congressional and media obsession over january 6th a dangerous precedent? glenn greenwald explains in a moment plus how is someone who was so integral to spreading the russiagate line now involved in changing our elections forever? molly hemingway has the details. it's so good to see you. you too! so really, how are you? oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia.
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19 it went everyone to me the election figure, lawyer mark elias, he corrected our elections by funneling cash from the dnc and the clinton campaign to a foreign spy who created the trump dossier. that is not always four years later elias spearheaded the left's legal blitzkrieg to dramatically change how people
12:25 am
voted. you can thank them for vote by mail and ballot harvesting. the fixer is still on the job and working to further undermine our elections and political system. molly hemingway is a fox news contributor and author of the new bestseller rigged, media, big tech democrats seized our elections, in stores now. what is he up to now? >> amazing that this is the guy who was general counsel for hillary clinton's campaign, comes up with the russia hoax, orchestrates the false and damaging live that donald trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with russia and now he's out on tv talking about being a defender of democracy when his operation in 2020 was to sue state and get involved in litigation to weaken election security and create a system where tens of millions of mail
12:26 am
in ballots flooded the system without being appropriately checked, the reason we have such chaos and confusion in the 2020 election and fascinating to me that it was the same guy who did so much damage in the 2016 election and also the 2020 election. laura: he looks like a bloated corrupt washington, physical embodiment of everything that is wrong with washington. cnn's brian seltzer recently asked this elias character about your book. is part of the exchange. >> how do you handle that intense scrutiny, that coverage, the criticism from right-wing media? >> i take it head on because i think that ignoring it, this is one of the things your show does extremely well and i wish all of the media did with what your show does, you don't ignore the right wing misinformation, you take it head on so that is what i try to do.
12:27 am
laura: complementing seltzer was the first tell, you do such a great job. >> he reminds me of michael avenatti who is currently in prison who would go on cnn and talk about how other people were engaged in misinformation when he was engaged in misinformation but i wish he would take head on what is going on. i wish he would be audience just about the role he played in causing chaos and problems in the 2020 election but also what he did in 2016 election, his partner was just invited by john durham as part of the probe to the hillary clinton falls nearby russia collusion but this is a guy you need to know. he's more competent than michael avenatti and his operation wreaked havoc across the country and weakened the credibility and integrity of election laws. he has a lot of money behind him
12:28 am
and coordination and if republicans want to have free and fair elections they need to match him and the amount of money he has. laura: quick question about universal mail in voting. it looks like in places like california and other states it is here to stay. i don't like and is a lot of people don't like it but the state legislature, you are not changing it. don't republicans need to learn how to win under the rules that exist until they get in the state chambers and can change the so we can tell people not to vote, tell people it is all corrupt but you got to win. politics is the art of winning. correct? >> part of this is whatever the are just making sure there are appropriate security provisions. universal mail in balloting, having voter id and things like that but it is important whatever the rules are both parties play equally, kind of
12:29 am
like performance-enhancing drugs, you don't like use of steroids or other drugs if they are allowed you have to learn how to use them, that's something the republican party will be getting better at. laura: great to see you tonight. >> i heard from a number of my colleagues in the last several days who say they don't want this target on their backs. they are trying -- they don't want to anchor kevin mccarthy. history will judge those of us in positions of public trust. remember that as you cast your votes. as you think about how you will answer, what did you do when congress was attacked. >> history will remember what liz cheney and house democrats are trying, she back the creation of a january 6th committee despite the fact that doj already investigated. our next guest pointed out, one
12:30 am
of the largest doj, no probes in us history. glenn greenwald is an independent journalist, author of securing democracy. you go so far as to call his congressional posturing dangerous. why is it particularly dangerous other than being foolish? >> we have the 3 branches of government assigned different powers, important that one take power if the constitution doesn't assign it. when there are crimes committed as there were on january 6th, the branch investigates and the judiciary determines guilt with all these safeguards, it's not the job of congress to investigate private citizens to determine whether or not crimes are being committed but what happened is they know the justice department is not going to deliver on this narrative a pedal for eight months which that this was an insurrection, these people were traders, the engaged in sedition, no one is
12:31 am
charged with any of those crimes, to word or kidnapping of aoc, the congress wants to put on this political show trial, this theater and in the process hauling before congress private citizens to interrogate them on their political associations and issuing subpoenas that are very invasive to investigate private citizens, a huge transgression of the congressional authority that we had with the mccarthy hearings that congress can't do that. if there are crimes, try people in a court of law, that's what adam schiff and liz cheney are trying to do. laura: the january 6th committee chair let it slip, the true purpose of this investigation. >> we fulfill our responsibilities by discovering the facts behind the january 6th attack so that congress can consider legislation with a full understanding of the activities that led to an attack on congress itself.
12:32 am
>> was he getting at, what legislation are they heading at? >> that is the huge fraud. it is true that congress has the power to investigate under very limited circumstances for example they are considering changing the law. that is why democratic lawyers told them to say that so that it seems justifiable. what laws could that possibly changed by investigating who did what on january 6th? it is already a serious crime to incite an insurrection, a serious felony to threaten elected officials or engage in sedition. they are not trying to consider lawmaking or amending any laws, they want to drag people into the spotlight to satiate the liberal thirst for retribution, placement and vengeance. it is just a political show trial and that is what makes it so dangerous. the supreme court said you can investigate if it is to help you rewrite laws but nobody believes
12:33 am
that is really what this committee is doing. >> should biden have to take a cognitive test and what is going on at netflix, raymond arroyo has all the details in seen and unseen next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our time for sentencing segment where we expose the cultural
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stories of the day and weekend raymond boy oh. in washington, biden treated us to storytime i understand this week and it was not really covered. >> it is concerning. a teacher of the year intimately started talking before anyone was in place, once he got to the mic it was storytime. >> i showed at the democratic convention and i want to make sure everything was going to be okay and report that i was the kid at the convention and it was into over, delaware, after the afternoon session i went back to the hotel, typical motel you drive up, get out of the car and walk in the door. >> sorry to interrupt this riveting story but we have breaking, this is senator bill
12:40 am
cassidy of louisiana telling axioms he supports cognitive tests for elected officials. >> would be reasonable to have 4 supreme court justices, members of congress in leadership positions in the executive branch and annual sort of evaluation in which they have to establish i'm doing okay? would be for that? >> that's a reasonable plan. >> we now you return to president biden's story already in progress as he bears his tail. >> i was in there. i was shaving and i had a towel around me, i was in the bathroom which is 8 by 10, two beds with the headboard nailed to the wall, disk nailed to the wall and all of a sudden i hear them! bands! bam! coming in! i have not been two of them personally. and i am in my towel this guy
12:41 am
said, from new york, said joe, we just had dinner, we were thinking you should run for united states senate. >> what were they drinking at that dinner? cassidy's cognitive test suggestion makes more sense the minute. you can't have the president of the united states scrambling on like this. he did a day after day and did it today as an event. laura: cassidy should have taken his own cognitive test when he agreed to the infrastructure spending. i'm glad he is for the cognitive test but come on, cassidy, your senator of louisiana. speaking of cognitive abilities, tell us about the netflix employees who forgot the definition of the word comedy. >> some of the streamers, employees, staged a walkout to protest dave chapelle's comedy special the closer and lines
12:42 am
like this particularly. >> in fact, every human being in this room, every human being on earth had to pass through the phase of a woman to be on earth. that is a fact. >> there were 150 people at this walkout. they claim chapelle is transforming and they want netflix to air a warning before the special. here's a moment of that walkout. knows what happens when these protesters encounter a man with a we like dave placket. they want tolerance but - >> that is -- >> not freedom of thought or expression. this is the entire problem of the dave chapelle controversy in a nutshell.
12:43 am
>> they never went the other side to have their say. they want total domination and total control of the conversation whether it is on the internet, facebook, youtube, twitter, netflix, they will always eat their own eventually. you can never satiate them, you can never bow down to them, period. >> netflix's ceo says there will be no warning on the special and tells the hollywood reporter we are deeply committed to supporting artistic freedom with the creators who work with netflix. this is a huge plus for netflix. i don't always agree with the content but there is no taking it away, freedom of expression, freedom of artistic expression is crucial and i think of don rickles who i saw so many times who said comedy, when you're laughing you are all doing the same thing. it reminds us of our shared humanity and gets us over the surface bigotry we sometimes hurl at one another. it is an important thing. humor should be kept free like
12:44 am
everything else. laura: they would never allow don rickles. i don't think they would allow him. they are protecting chapelle for the moment but the obamas have "at netflix. it will always be a particular type of entertainment. great to see you tonight. if you're not paying attention to what is going on in the uk you should, nigel farage is here next with a warning to americans. don't go away. te. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> nothing better captures the modern left's perverse worldviews in these two tweets from london mayor semicon. from june 3rd of last year, the brutal killing of george ford ignited fury around the world. i stand in solidarity with black people experiencing systemic racism. compare that to his reaction this week to the murder of a member of parliament. i'm deeply saddened by the tragic news that sir david has passed away. it is just awful. so floyd's death in police custody was a david amos stabbed
12:50 am
together by systemic terrorists was his passing away. here with me now is nigel farage, former brexit party leader. this is insane but not at all surprising. >> a complete double standard. past away as if it was a 98-year-old, world war ii veteran who fell asleep and not woke up the next morning. it is complete refusal to call it out, this was a little, horrible, ugly, murder committed by a man who was held as a suspect, reported to the authorities 7 years ago, central government the radicalization program stabbed mister david 17 times. laura: it is so disturbing on so many levels. another terrifying byproduct of mister amos's murder is what
12:51 am
politicians are using it for. >> we will have criminal sanctions with tough sentences for those responsible for allowing this foul content to permeate but that is caused by harmful content online that is worse than ever. >> the online safety bill is a huge importance, one of the most important tools in our armory. >> this is something we see, where leftists are pushing and punishing anything they deem to be harmful content. what is happening here? >> since this murder last week every one is saying control the internet and limit what people say but it is all about the kinder, gentler politics. that is what they are putting it down to. it has nothing to do with that. we all know there are some
12:52 am
things on the internet that are not be there but this is not being caused because people have different political opinions, it's not being caused because of hate speech. it is being caused by radical islamic terrorism and my feelings most members of parliament refused to call it out because they fear being called racist and secondly, they are fearful of telling the truth unless they themselves become a target. we are burying our head in the sand about the real arm that is going on here. limit free speech and take anybody there is to talk about immigration and border patrols, tried to slip down, get them banned on social media. is very dangerous indeed. >> sign it is doing that, russia has done it, free speech doesn't exist in either country and just so people understand what is
12:53 am
going on, a parallel to the united states, the uk is going to fast-track the internet speed regulation bill and his the limit. under the draft of the bill, social media companies search engines will be required to remove harmful content is a significant adverse psychological impact on an adult of ordinary sensibilities. first of all, what is an adult of ordinary sensibilities wouldn't call the murder of mister david amos a passing away. what is this objective measure your, certainly not objective even if it were permissible? >> what you and i both call the liberal left, anybody who has a concerning view is somehow evil, hateful, nasty and should be clamped down upon and that is where they are going with it.
12:54 am
after all, the 40 fifth president of the united states is still banned from twitter where is the television leadership use the platform every single day. we really do have to stand up hard and i'm hoping when we get different social media platforms emerge over the coming months and years that otherwise free-speech is literally dead. >> great to see you tonight. president biden goes back to scranton. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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among treatments and may prescribe another medication first or may instruct you to take a smaller dosage of fanapt. remember you're not alone, there is help. call 8557 fanapt >> laura: joe biden is not kidding >> president biden is not kidding around. >> do you hear me now? not a joke. amtrak became my family. the reason we left have the rest of the world, not a joke, best in the world, not a joke a renewable energy, not a joke a marine one, not a joke, keep things moving, not a joke,
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literally higher, not a joke. not a joke. not a joke. i come from a corporate state of the world, not a joke. laura: freudian slip, your presidency, your entire presidency is a joke. thank you for watching remember, it is america now and forever. grant that takes it all from here. jillian: thursday october 21st, fox news alert, stunning update in a nationwide manhunt for brian laundrie. investigators trying to determine if it is laundry's remains the profound near his notebook and backpack, live with the latest. the governor's race in virginia is anyone's to win. republican glenn youngestkin tied with terry mcauliffe. it is down to the wire and we are live with the latest. plus.


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