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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> tucker: yes, it's important. alex, thank youuc very much. a new episode of tucker carlson originals tomorrow. we will be back. the sworn enemy of of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. now the great sean hannity takes over. >> sean: i will take one of those wind mills. no thanks. welcome to "hannity." a breaking report on the manhunt for brian laundrie. remains were found in a remote var in florida and his backpack and notebook. is he alive tonight? first we turn once again to what is the horrific and preventible disaster in afghanistan. >> behind enemy lines. day 67.
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>> sean: 70 days since joe promised he would not abandon americans and 67 days since he did abandon fellow citizens. they are still not home. family and friends and thousands of green card holders and allies. none of them are safe and secure. many reports of people being beaten and murdered. back at home the southern border has never been worse. and our economy is in shambles. you look at energy prices. they are through the roof. now we are begging russia and opec for more oil. our reliance on foreign oil is back. our supply chain in chaos. russia and china are emboldened like never before. and despite 3 vaccine and monoclonal antibodies more people have died from covid-19 this year than under donald trump.
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remember i will get this under control and you can celebrate the 4th of july. now maybe you won't be able to celebrate christmas. with a new more lethal delta variant on the way, it could be getting worse. they get worse and worse. joe biden, the sad truth is that the united states of america the country we all love -- and i wish i never had to report this -- it's a dangerous state of decline. we have good news. we can solve this. we can fix this and save the american people, for example that joe biden abandoned in afghanistan. we it reinstate donald trump's remain in mexico and resume construction of the southern border wall and finish the keystone pipeline and drill for
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oil and gas in texas and oklahoma and alaska and north dakota. instead of begging opec and getting energy from russia. the bad news is sadly none of this will happen with joe biden and the radical green new deal socialists in power. he caused every crises. with each passing day, his administration's policies and proposals are only making everything worse. sadly it's not clear that biden knows what is going on. today during what was another typical rambling bizarre speech in pennsylvania, biden the cognitive decline more obvious than ever. you decide. >> where i played short stop in the first year.
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my dad helped build the field down there. i spent a lot of time buying penny candy. and watch movies. i was the only kid in my era i was able to walk across that. my dad moved to scranton which he was a junior in high school. went to st. thomas, not the prep. just saint thomas in those days. my nickname was black bird. i was not very big. you could beat me but i would hurt you. [laughing]. >> sean: god save this country. did you understand that? he was supposed to be selling his build back better green new deal socialist spending bill am he got sidetracked. since joe is not able to articulate the details of this it spending bill, we will for him.
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build back better and green new deal will wreck the economy for decades. it has nothing to do with real infrastructure like roads and bridges and tunnels. it will raise taxes on everyone despite of what they are telling you, especially people making under $50,000 a year. this build back better green new deal socialism will allow the irs to spy on your bank accounts and they tell us it won't cost us a penny. it will destroy our oil and gas and energy industries. it will waste billion dollars on green new deal projects. it will fund the socialist
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entitlement more people to choose not to work. if passed this green new deal build back better madness will cause inflation to sky rocket when inflation is already out of control. near a 30 year high. that's why we are today. median income house holds are spending an extra $175 a month on food and fuel and housing. you have been to the grocery store? a 12 pack of pepsi doubled. pringles are up. milk and chicken and beef is up. proctor and gamble announcing a host of products prices going up. they will spend extra 1.2-million dollars on transportation to get their
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products to market and every penny will be passed on to you the consumer. that's if you can find what you need in stock. their empty shelves across the country. we have stores rationing products like paper towels and toilet paper. why the mad dash for toilet paper. ron klain calls these high-class problems. they want to lower our expectations we can get what we want. a top biden advisor is telling us we need to make sacrifice and we may not be able to get the jacket we want in 15 colors but we will get a jacket. jen psaki calls it the tragedy of oh, your treadmill didn't arrive on time.
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instead of looking for solution the biden administration would rather lie and mock the real concerns of millions of americans. the people they hurt the most? middle-class americans and those americans that are poor and struggling already. they can't afford the high cost of everything going up and heat and cool their homes and fill their gas tanks. joe biden caused all of it. call could be prevented and stopped tomorrow. just go back to the trump policies that worked. take a look. >> do you believe that right now there is a crisis at the border? >> i think that the answer is no. >> as individuals come across the border and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms. if they have symptoms the intention is to be quarantined. they are not intending to stay
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here for a lengthy period of time. >> why is the administration flying migrants to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> i am not sure it's the middle of the night. >> 4:30 a.m. >> the cost of the bills adding to the deficit is zero. zero. >> there are 2 kinds of christmas shoppers. the ones who have their list completed by halloween and people like me who show up at the mall on the christmas eve. on the latter bucket there will be more challenges. >> you can't get furniture and treadmills third on time. >> the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed? >> sean: that's supposed to be funny. $3.5-trillion says will cost zero.
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those 2 a.m. flights are not missed of the nights for illegal immigrants. that would be an early morning flight. you see what they are saying? under the biden administration you need to accept our lives will be worse and stop complaining. get in line. remember jimmy carter told us lower your thermostat and put on a sweater and make modest sacrifices because the energy crisis would never get better. that's what he told us. you might remember this. >> we must face the fact that the energy shortage is permanent. there is no way we can solve it quickly. if we all cooperate and make sacrifices and help our
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neighbors we can find ways to adjust and make our society more efficient and our own lives more enjoyable and productive. keeping our thermostat at 65 degrees in the daytime and 55 at night. we could save half the current shortage of natural gas. >> sean: and shop for christmas presents in october. the more things change, the more they stay the same. a labor shortage is driving many of our supply change woes. that's only going to get worse? why? joe's vaccine mandate. we have discussed this or and over again. you know my position. take it seriously and study and look your own health condition and talk to your doctors. i believe in the science of
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vaccination. i am not your doctor. i am not telling anybody what to do. i encourage you all to take it seriously. i have seen the worst of it. i encourage all viewers. consult with your doctor. i believe in freedom and liberty. i believe in medical privacy and i also believe in doctor/patient confidentially. get informed. what if you had a positive covid test? first question i would ask my doctor what do you know about monoclonal antibodies? he might tell you about regeneron. i won't give you medical advice. nor should any of these people with one size fits all medicine either. everyone in this country made up
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their minds about the vaccine. i don't think many minds will be changed at this point. the debate for many people is over. millions of americans are actually willing and ready to give up their jobs, their salaries, their pensions. their careers because they don't agree with the mandate. it's happening already. the chicago police, they could be down 1,000 officers and we know about the violence in chicago. we may lose thousands if not tens of thousands of military personnel. they may quit or face hefty fines they won't be able to pay. teachers are not going to get it. we will have a shortage of teachers and cops and military and firefighters and first responders and the nurses and healthcare workers that went into work in the worst of covid and risked their lives to save others. many got covid themselves.
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they dove on one covid grenade a minute after another. worked in a covid petri dish. now we are going to fire them? longer response times for 9-11? rising crime. healthcare shortages would be a reality. is that making america a better or safer place? of course not. instead of vilifying half of america the biden administration should focus on educating the country. if you have a break through case what do you ask your doctor? ask about monoclonal antibodies. they are effective in disrupting the progression of covid-19. joey only mentioned them one time. then he rationed it because
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governor ron desantis set up monoclonal antibodies throughout the state of florida once the delta variant started showing all of these breakthrough cases. the biden administration never mention this is treatment. if people are against the vaccination why not test them every day and employees accommodate them. they would rather demonize them. with democrats everything is political. this will impact our economy. the fox news poll 60% of americans disapprove of joe biden's handling of the economy and on foreign policy and taxes. here is house minority leader kevin mccarthy. i would hate that nurses and military men and women, i don't
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know what their reasons are, but it seems like they made up their mind. they won't change. instead of firing them where is the option to save their job and pensions and still work in it a safe environment? >> sean, one year ago they were the heroes of america. today they want too give them pink slips. why don't we allow them to test? i was a conference this weekend. i had a home kit. i face timed with the doctor looking at the test. in 15 minutes even though i am all right vaccinated could tell i was safe. a number of these people have had covid. why don't we help these people that were heroes a year ago and help america get through a tough time. it seems like it's 1979 again. americans hostage in the middle east. opec we are begging to produce for oil. we had billy carter and now we have hunter biden and inflation.
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the president is not giving leadership and the white house tells us to lower expectations. we need the fundamental man like ronald reagan. there is nothing in america we can't solve. we have the ingenuity. and we can continue to lead instead of these policies putting us in this position. we don't have to be where we are today. we can have christmas, and stop inflation and stay at work. biden's disastrous position is doing. the bill going forward, they continue to lie to us. when they said they fixed it and took from $600 to $10,000. if you make $28 a day or spend that, you are still a target. which is the majority of america.
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he wants to hire 85,000 iris agency. that's larger population than scranton his hometown. >> sean: we can get monoclonal antibodies and on the border go back to the trump policies that work and become energy independent again. that would help the economy. while it won't be easy, i would be if favor of going back and rescuing our fellow americans he abandoned 66 days ago in afghanistan. >> sean, i am working today to bring americans home. i know americans right now trying to get across. my biggest obstacle is the u.s. state department. it's not just americans. we have people from the u.k. and
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france. those allies who were there not because they were attacked 20 years ago but because america was attacked. that's what this president did. left them behind. if he allow america to be energy independent we help the environment. american natural gas is 42% cleaner than russia but he allows the russian pipeline to go forward. >> sean: that's nut. thanks, kevin. joining us now with more louisiana senator john kennedy. all of these problems we are discussing here are preventible. they are all about to get worse. if we fire the healthcare workers and the cops and the firemen and our military, i hate to think what that impact will be on the economy.
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>> this is more about treadmills. if you have a pulse and a desire for a better life, you know that president biden is in trouble. therefore, america is in trouble. the debackal in afghanistan enboldened russia and iran. open borders and crime. a justice department that thinks parents are dangerous domestic terrorists and a treasury department that wants access to the checking account of every american who has a job. no wonder the american people are so angry.
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so many americans think this administration doesn't care about them or their future. i say this with respect. with all the respect i can muster. my advice to the president is this. mr. president, you have to try harder not to suck. the best way to do that in my opinion is stop worrying so much about the wokers. they hyperventilate on their yoga mats. start worrying about america's workers. the people who get up every day and go to work and obey the law and pay taxes and try to do the right thing by their kids. they made america great. ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
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we won't get this country back on track and the president won't be more popular with the american people until he stops worrying about the wokers and starts worrying about the workers. >> sean: i am not sure he is capable. i not sure he knows what day of the weak it is. i say that sadly. >> then what the president will have to do -- i don't know if that's accurate or not. the president will have to replace some of the people around him to seem to be obsessed with trying to make the left socialists happens. >> sean: he signed the bernie sanders manifesto. >> i am not executing the
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president. he is responsible. senator bernie sanders, he tested negative for president. the american people didn't elect him. they elected joe biden and joe biden said i will governor from the middle. i will be the second coming of barack obama. maybe a little left of middle. instead he's been the second cousin of bernie sanders and his entire administration. is owned lock, stock and barrel by the wokers. they are not americans. >> sean: when we come back polls in virginia dead even. the blue states of virginia can it go red? 2 weeks from tuesday we will find out. joined by republican candidate glenn youngkin next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: we have breaking news >> sean: we have breaking news in the search for brian laundrie. authorities have uncovered his belongings and found partial human remains in a florida reserve. here with the latest our own laura. big news tonight. >> yes, there is no word on the confirmation of who these possible human remains belong to. the fbi was able to give us a significant update today.
11:29 pm
we will go through. investigators found human remains in the carlton reserve where they have been searching for weeks for brian laundrie. they called him a person of and in the murder of gabby petito. we have notf heard that language from the fbi before.e. gabby petito's calls and texts to families stopped in late august when she was on a cross country road trip with her van. the coroner ruled her death by strangulation. cadaver dogs arrived on the nature reserve with the laundries told the fbi their son ha gone on a hike. gabby petito's family hoped brian laundrie will be found alive because he is the key to
11:30 pm
what happened. this is not the outcome gabby petito's family hoped for. >> sean: big breaking news out of virginia. a poll showing o the gubernatorl race between glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe is dead even. 46-46. terry mcauliffe is filling the pressure. storming out of an interview with a local reporter say you go need to ask better questions. take a look. >> healthcare, covid, education. >> we are over! that's it. i gave you extra time. come on, man upon you should have asked better questions early ask questions the viewers care about. >> sean: democrats are pulling out all of the stops and bringing in kamala harris who is
11:31 pm
under fire herself for a video urging church goers to get out and vote which might violate irs rules. if you are a democrat you get a pass. a republican you get 10 years in jail and terry mcauliffe is losing it. unravelling and don't forget mcauliffe made it clear he doesn't want parents involved in their kids education and wants to set the stage for far left indoctrination. listen to terry mcauliffe himself. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.. i get tired of everybody running down teachers. >> sean: dead even race and coming down to turnout on november 2nd. here is the republican virginia gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin is with us. obviously this is a real race
11:32 pm
and he is nervous. you distinguished yourself. you believe parents should have input in their kids schools. you would eliminate crt on day one. what are the major differences in your campaign? >> the reason why terry mcauliffe doesn't want to talk to that reporter anymore because he was asking questions about schools and crime. last night we had an event where 1,000 people showedla up. they know the difference between what i will do for virginia. get our schools reestablished with standards of excellence where parents have the right to be engaged in their children's education. terry mcauliffe wants government between parents and their children.
11:33 pm
he wants to raise taxes and defund police and close prisons. on the ballot right now in november is the future of virginia and of america. virginia gets to vote to make a statement for a state that has been blue and getting ready to elect a republican governor and charge forward with a new day in virginia. >> sean: the countedy of loudon is a central point in this campaign. serious allegation of a rape in a bathroom confirmed an investigation. nothing is proven yet. the student was transferred to another school. now another allegation of another assault.
11:34 pm
my question is:an pending the results of that investigation, why was that student still allowed in any school and how did the superintendent say they knew nothing about it when the police knew all about it? >> i called for an investigation of the loudon school board. the fbi should leave the parents alone and focus on what happened in the schools. a perpetrator was prosecuted for sexual assault and they tried to hide him in another school. he did it again. the school board is guilty of gross negligence. people should be fired or resign. i called for a full investigation. in the attorney general is not willing to do wait until january
11:35 pm
15th when show up and our next attorney general will have a full investigation. virginia parents deserve this. our schools are not safe. they are teaching our kids what to think as opposed who how to thing. we will re-establish excellence in schools and safety. >> sean: glenn youngkin if you win this race it will be a political earthquake that will be heard across the country. you are dead even. we will follow this closely. coming up donald trump jr. has reaction to biden's plummeting poll numbers and president trump a big announcement we will share with you. we have obtained exclusive video of illegal immigrants arriving in new york in the middle of the night or as jen psaki tells it an early morning flight at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. and breaking news about hunter
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: biden's mounting fail >> sean: biden's mounting failures and approval down to 37%. his abandonment of americans in afghanistan and the border and the energy policy disaster, the economy in a free fall. more dead people from covid this year than last year. it's so sad and all preventible. look at this new poll. quinnipiac showing donald trump higher rating than biden.
11:41 pm
from -- there has been a massive shift in exit polling. if it were held today donald trump win today. we know where liz cheney stands on all things trump. that is more about fuelling lies about the former president responsiblee was for organizing that madness on january 6th. that's not true. donald trump is suing to stop the release of records related to this fore gone conclusion january 6th committee.
11:42 pm
there is a battle over executive privilege. joining us is donald trump, jr. john solomon: trump announces formation of own media company social platform to counter censorship to give a voice to all. what can you tell g us about th? >> well, it's a big deal. for so long, big tech suppressed conservative voices.s. if you are pro second amendment and pro-life, you have been in facebook jail. we are trying to create an open and free network for people to communicate. to exercise your first amendment rights. my father will form the trump media and technology group and
11:43 pm
truth social. a platform for everyone to express their feelings. big tech and those on the left have been saying well, if you don't like the rules we enforce only one way, go create your own. so we did just that. y that's going to launch very soon. we will be in beta testing in the next few weeks. full launch first quarter of '22. we are looking to give a voice back to the american people. you saw what they did to the president of the united states. we want to make sure americans have a voice. no political discrimination. we will cancel cancel culture and push back the tyranny of big tech. america has been waiting for this. we have been working on it for a while. now we are inre the process to t that going to return our voice back to those who need it and want it.
11:44 pm
conservatives everywhere and people everywhere. we want a discourse among everyone. not a one sided platformrm where if someone on the left disagrees that you wipe you out. go to and sign up. we will launch fully in '22. >> sean: i look forward to it. the most extreme ayatollah have a platform on twitter and your father was canceled. everybody with mccarthy and senator kennedy, afghanistan and the border preventible. more people dead in this country from covid this year than last year. i don't see anymore covid count on fake news cnn or msnbc.
11:45 pm
>> 100%. our news has been so biassed and our social media platforms have been so biassed for so long. the second the truth gets in the way of their narrative,n it disappears. it's black listed. that was a big part of why we wanted to create truth social. we want to make sure that these things get out there. you see it with big tech and in the search engines. look up a major topic and all you see is cnn and msnbc. the leftist narrative all the way down. we want to make sure the other side of the story is heard. all of the disasters of this administration and there are so many more. not a single success unless you for china. they love joe biden because he is doing a phenomenal job for
11:46 pm
the chinese to take over the world. >> sean: and in russia you are happy to. joe is making them rich again. hunter made money from russia and china and ukraine. if the last name were trump it would be a different story. the launch is a in first quarter of 2022. people go where? >> to sign up. in a couple of weeks you can be part of the beta testing of the sight and the full launch in early 2022. we will push back against the tyranny of big tech. >> sean: we have exclusive video of illegal immigrants being dropped off.
11:47 pm
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we have one about developments on secret flights of illegal immigrants in the dead of night from the southern border states like new york and florida. we showed you photos earlier this week. from the new york post these flights landing in westchester in new york and early morning hours. or as jens aki says it's not late in the night it's early morning. it comes as border arrests at their highest level since 1986 maranda devine has a more exclusive details she was there
11:52 pm
wwith the photojournalist at night one of those videos was shot she joins us live jazz others as well i love how they say it was an early morning flight. it is 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. an early morning flight? of travel quite a bit my life. >> i mean it was really but typical of the biting administration and the white house press office frankly. they upped the stage and obstruct and never tell you anything they are so opaque i got the runaround during the week when we were trying to fin out more information about thes flights. i think the american people deserve to know where these migrants are being dispersed around the country. at white plains airport we managed to watch two of them come in and watch the beginning of another onewh which is stopp in jacksonville, florida before it went on to white plains.
11:53 pm
there are hundreds of these flights occurring all around th country every week. and there's no way that we coul really track them all without some transparency. >> we know they've got preferential treatment no cover testing because they won't be here very long the jens aki light and there is no testing and no vaccine mandate. let me move on. >> they say they are testing. >> they say they are. that contradicts what they said earlier in there's no evidence it's happened at all. we see if they look sick or hav a temperature that's not testing . >> let me move on you have a story in tomorrow's new york post that i went to give viewer awe preview of. a connection between the laptop from helen hunter in a russian oligarch who is manhattan townhouse rated this past tuesday. what can you tell us?
11:54 pm
is actually online now it'll be of the new york post tomorrow just all that there with these russian oligarch was his townhouse in manhattan and also another mansion he had in washington dc were rated by the fbi on tuesday and i thought i would just search the laptop before his name in bingo there it came hunter biden trying to sell to $25,000 his knowledge and intelligence about these russian oligarchs0 who was allegedly quite odious if you look at the treasury department press release from 2,011 when i sanctioned him quite a scary individual individual but dirt biden apparently knew enough about him to want to sell intelligence about his quote elite that worth the value of the company. i don't think he got the money because one of the alcoa quite smart governor relations people
11:55 pm
in another e-mail said she didn'teo think that that was th information hunter was offering was worth what he was initially asking for $55,000. >> imagine at the last name or trouble, i think we've know wha the answer would be now your book the laptop from how with even more detail is some of the salacious movie coming out when? it's coming out november 30 and i think there's a lot about the russian oligarchs that hunter biden felt with in the very to putin. >> no one really knows about that. >> and i get my manuscript when? soon? 's. >> soon, sean. all good things come to those who wait. >> thank you mario demo hannity after this.
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.. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we
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have left. thank you for being with us. you make this show possible. we never forget it. never miss an episode. >> reporter: as always we thank you for being with us. you make this show possible and we never forget it. we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode. now we are going to go to laura a little early. that you're not heart be troubled and she's going to show our operation on our show tonight. >> i was a little busy today so i didn't quite get to it but i gave you a preview i just texted it to you which i gave you a preview because i know you have a bit of a queasy sensibility. >> i do not have a text from you. i just came in. >> you will have to look at it tomorrow. >> all whole video of your operation. >> it's not the whole operation because they wouldn't let me do the whole one but i


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