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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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of 1876, it has just today debuted at number 2 on "the new york times" best seller list. so there's always number one, possible. thanks, everybody for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" posted by will cain this week starts right now. >> will: you are number one in many of our hearts, bret and i'm sure he will be on the best seller list soon. >> will: good evening, and welcome to "fox news primetime," i am will cain. i begin this week off showing you the heartbreaking videos, one in particular of an officer resigning over vaccine mandates. and i said, it wouldn't be the last time we see something like this. unfortunately, and i mean this unfortunately, i was right. let's check in from coast-to-coast. first right here in new york city, where mayor bill de blasio vaccine mandate is trampling on the rights and freedoms of
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new york's finest. >> it's a mandate now for all city agencies, all city workers, it's time for everyone to get vaccinated. if you choose not to, you have the right to go on unpaid leave. we will work with your union to figure out what happens next, but the bottom line is we are not going to pay people unless they are vaccinated. >> will: he won't get fired, you just won't get paid. telling the city's cops, do what i say or go home, because this is not about science or safety, if that was the case, he would not be saying goodbye to the thin blue line that stands in the way of its citizens in the already spiking murder rate in the city. no, it's about control. these officers already patrolled the streets during the height of this pandemic when cases were nearly triple what they are now. and before we even had a vaccine, but now suddenly things are more dangerous. suddenly the nypd can't do their job if they don't take the shot, what kind of sense does that
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make? and the authoritarian overreach is not unique to new york, police officers are being forced to choose between their job and the job, let's travel west, in chicago, a city torn apart by violence, 2600 shootings just this year. you would think that not only what they have, but go add new ones. instead, mayor lori lightfoot said to with the safety of her city's residents. she just needs and wants control. willing to lose thousands of officers over her fax mandate. 2,000 officers had yet to load their vaccine or testing status on up portal and so far 21 officers have been stripped of their police powers and sent home without pay according to abc. so chicago has decided, compliance, more important than safety. because again, the left just wants to get their way. they want control, and they are
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willing to dehumanize, dehumanize those that don't follow the orders that reach that goal. it to them the unvaccinated are the enemy who should never be associated with, they have said it in their own words, look at how cnn so-called mental medical expert to liana lynn characterized it this past summer. >> what we really need to do at this point is make vaccination the easy choice, and it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. >> you know what makes life harder, losing your job, so the left is succeeding. they have made life incredibly hard, difficult for people who keep us safe, make it hard for those who would stand in the way of us and violence, let's go further west in seattle where dozens of cops and firefighters were forced out over that city's mandate. these brave men and women stood up and marked on city hall to drop off their boots in symbolic protest, because of seattle won't protect their freedoms, why should they risk their lives
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to protect it. the city had just had a summer of love, or so it was called, and looks like it is about to enter the winter of danger and violence appeared at the end of the day you need to remember that these are real people whose lives are being turned upside down over vaccine that didn't exist 24 months ago, plus to help make life harder, these first responders just want to keep the lives they already had, what kind of country are we when police officers are collateral damage, scratch that, they are targets in a fight over a vaccine like this, washington state police sergeant. >> my personal choice to take a moral stance against it for medical freedom and personal choice. i will be sending out of service for the last time today after nearly 17 years of serving the citizens in the state of washington, it has been my honor and privilege to work alongside of you. we know in this district on the 19th there will be 51 of the 75
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troopers available, and only seven of the 11 sergeants. >> hardworking, determined, and caring individual, i am honored to have been your dispatcher, but mostly proud to be your wife, our future is bright, thank you so much for your service. >> and thank you for years and for being by my side. >> will: not just police forces, but families, 17 years patrolling the streets and keeping a community safer now gone and for what? lunacy. we tossed around words, words, vaccinated, unvaccinated, and stats, we are talking about people here, you know it, i will take you up on that, let's just talk about stats for one moment, the state of washington that we've been talking about, their mandate went into effect on monday, 3% of the workforce has quit or been fired. another 3% have been reassigned, another 4.6 percent is currently in the state of flux, so add
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that up and you get over 10% of prison guards, firemen, health care workers affected by the dehumanization. and that's just in the state of washington. let's take a quick trip back east and go to new york where "among police 30 percent are still not vaccinated" and among new york's bravest "nearly 45% of fdny firefighters are unvaccinated." you see the cost of these mandates to her safety, to our cities, to us, to principled men and women that are losing their life's work to human beings. journeymen outcome of the host of "unfiltered" dan bongino. always good to have you with me, you were one of those human beings, no, you are one of those human beings who served in the secret service and here today you are a commentator, a great one at that. and you have chosen to take the stand against vaccine mandates at your company cumulus media, tell me what to make of all
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these mandates come of their cost and why you are making the stand. >> i am making a stand and i should disclose as i have often, it's not a secret, i've said it on the air, i am vaccinated. i have lymphoma which is a cancer of the immune system, and things are okay now, but i was as high-risk as they get, i took the shot early on on advice of an oncologist and doctor, but that's the point. that situation was unique to me. not everybody has lymphoma. thank the lord. i'm not using his name in vain, that was my unique situation in a consultation after research i had with a very intelligent doctor who is a personal friend of mine. this was never however about a vaccine. of course it's a vaccine mandate, no, no, let me disabuse anyone out there, this has nothing to do with the vaccine. the left hated the vaccine. when donald trump's operation created these vaccines, it's
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still out there, you can go watch it and read their tweets, they said they would never take it, they don't trust it. and then they flipped on a dime when joe biden waltzed his way into the oval office and all of a sudden you are a heretic if you dare ask questions. and one more thing here, we run this country, this is our country, we built it. we built it we power it, we run it, this is our country. we outnumber them. to these people work for us, if we stand in solidarity and say, my body is mine, it was given to me by god and he was not awarded and is not a ward of the state, i will determine what goes in it and what does not based on injection and a vaccine, when we stand in solidarity there is nothing they can do. you know, will, they want us to genuflect in front of them, but as one person stands in the second in the third joint, 51% of people are standing and the outcasts are the ones at their knees. i'm not getting on my knees. no one else to get on their door needs either.
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it's your body and i stood up for these people because i have leverage in the power to do it, and i have a voice and i will not forfeit the opportunity and let them sit there and get their asses kicked. i'm sorry, these people have to sit down and explain to their kids why they are out of a job but because they have natural immunity and some companies seems to play dr. fauci and can't get his head out of his own ass and get his story straight! it's time we stood up. don't be afraid. folks, we come on the air and see it myself, i am not anti-vax. that's a capitulation to the left. you may be anti-vax one day. you may come out and there could be a vaccine for another disease he read about and the research does not work out. it is perfectly -- i'm not anti-this vax, let me be specific. we do this and it's a capitulation to the left, we don't owe them squat. don't be afraid. you have every right to read the research and say, hey, listen, it was sold at 90 plus percent
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effectiveness and it's not, can i get an answer why? you have every right as a free a free god-given rights free person to ask a question. you don't owe them squat. you speak up and don't be afraid. don't be afraid, don't capitulate these idiots on the left. >> will: really quickly then, dan, you make the point, you point out that you are vaccinated, but your stand as a principal stand for others so that arrive at a different choice, and individualized choice from years. if that's on the definition of principle, i do not know what it is. so let's just tie a ribbon coming you say it's not about the vaccine. you point out the hypocrisy and other positions when president trump was in office, so what is it about, dan? >> this is about the left wiping out any sense of objective values, big given rights, they don't like anything with the state, anything that competes with the state is an impediment and an obstacle to the left. if it can take away the biggest
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obstacle of all on their agenda, the idea that you have control over your own body, you are not sovereign over your own body and skin, then it's off or not, well, it's lost. i'm telling you, this has nothing to do with the vaccine for these maniacs on the left. nothing. they know full well natural immunity is a biological fact and charlie brown encyclopedia fact that a 3-year-old knows about. it's not about that. it's about taking from you every last competition to the power the state and that you are sovereign over your own body. >> will: here's a thought to lead with. if we say goodbye to 40% of the firefighters, 30 percent of those police officers, if we say goodbye to the service we pay for, why are we paying taxes? dan, i always love talking to you, i love to hear about your principal stand coming you and i will be talking more in the future. thank you. so people as pointed out are
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losing their jobs across the country because of this vaccine mandate, but this can't all be doom and gloom, you just heard about a principal stand, and there are signs of hope, there are people out there who are doing what dan called for who are using common sense and standing up. yesterday on this program we told you that southwest airlines will no longer place on vaccinated employees on paid leave coming out today in ohio hospital along with two high scl networks will accept natural immunity as a valid reason for employees not getting the shot. dan just laid out, it is simple enough that a kindergartner understands it. natural immunity is strong. i said that two months ago on the show and i hosted in august. i told you about an israeli study that defied the edicts of fauci and prove natural immunity is stronger than vaccination immunity. i gave you five truths about covid and they were called conspiracies and misinformation. two months later, they are facts
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on which we base policies and reason-based places like hospitals in ohio, people are following the science, what will the u.s. military? dan robert is facing a discharge for refusing the vaccine because of his natural immunity. and he joins me now along with his attorney todd calendar. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with me. let's please walk through this, why -- i assume it has something to do with your natural immunity, but why have you chosen to forego taking the vaccine under the mandate imposed upon you? >> first off, i appreciate the opportunity to be here and i do speak for myself tonight in this instance, just know that it is not the official position of the dod or the u.s. army, i am a covid survivor, i experienced it with very little symptoms and i'm trying to preserve that opportunity to make that choice as an individual between me and my doctor that we decided between the benefits and the risk of the vaccine that it was not a necessary procedure for
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myself to receive. >> will: how has the military responded to your choice, dan? >> thus far as we know, the dod has issued a mandate and they set a timeline saying that we may face consequences such as a separation or administrative action against us, and so far they have held to that end we are taking this opportunity to challenge that in court. >> will: so we are saying goodbye to police officers we are saying goodbye to firemen, and we are saying goodbye to soldiers. let me turn to your attorney now. what legal action, what remedy might be out there to help people like dan. we have heard by the way that these mandates are constitutional, so what to legal remedy might exist? >> first and foremost we filed suit back in august on this very issue and there are specific regulations as well as other ones on this very point, notably ten usc, 1107 a says that the president alone can order the
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shots particularly experimental ones such as the use. it starts they are. are there regulations on top of that that specifically state that prior immunity as a basis for exemption from the shots, none of that seems to matter to the dod. the starting point that we never should've had an emergency use authorization, there were 36 separate approved medications that the fda had and could have used, so they went with the investigation of the drugs known as experimental vaccines. >> will: you are pointing out all the therapeutics that have been maligned and discouraged by the way, if there is any alternative, it does not get emergency use authorization. i hear you making that point. i'm curious, todd, may be dan, you are better to answer, i will ask both of you. what do you suspect? how many soldiers are currently choosing not to submit to the vaccine mandate? how much are we compromising then national security? dan on that, because you are in
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the military, but how many soldiers have reached out? >> first off i can only speak to my personal experience, a few peers and myself have had the same questions where we have banded together to take on the case as well, it will be difficult for me to stay broadly in number or a percentage, but i would say that todd has been reached out to for multiple at least hundreds of service members who would have a better bearing to answer that question. >> will: is that, hundreds? >> it is thousands, tens of thousands, or perhaps 200,000, the lawsuit to that we had a plaintiff of at least 200,000. it may not be quite that high because of pressures, but extraordinarily, i would guess that it is not less than 100,000 members to put in perspective. we lost 55,000 people in the entirety of the vietnam war and are looking into losing at least 100,000 service members at the stroke of a pen right now. >> will: tell me that does not compromise our national security
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as china is launching missiles across the world. speak of these are the best of the best. could a man sergeant, majors -- >> will: including operators and navy seals. gentlemen, thank you so much, keep us up-to-date on your case. >> thank you for having us. it's been on their silver linings in moments of hope and positivity, we can see it as we look at ohio and southwest airlines. coming up, nine months since he left office, but democrats are still feeling the long-term effects of trump derangement syndrome. of course they are, he is their box office gold. we will talk about it next. ♪ ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity?
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we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. ♪ ♪ >> will: you know america is in crisis, because it is obvious
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to anyone with eyes, inflation out of control, labor shortages, supply chain crisis and a record number of border crossings. the adversaries like china is laughing at us when they are not firing missiles in our direction, but the most important story to democrats in the media still, you guessed it, donald trump, it has been everyday for the past five years, take adam schiff for example instead of doing his job in legislating his chasing the ghost of donald trump crying that the doj and merrick garland won't prosecute the former president. speak of the justice department taking a position that you can't prosecute a sitting president which i also disagree with to say now that is a practical matter, you can't prosecute a former president. doesn't make him against the law? that is a dangerous proposition in the abstract given that trump is already running for president again, it's a more dangerous prospect for the future. spell like that famous line from "breck broke back mountain" just
4:24 pm
can't quit. but chuck todd is surprised that people are not more outraged by this. it's because this might be a little bit disturbing to the folks in d.c. that are alarmed about january 26 -- january 6, 40% want to hear more, 56% of folks told quinnipiac they know enough already, and boy, i would argue that we have not gotten much at all, right? it has been technically no new information in quite some time. >> will: we know, but that has not stopped you from covering it every single day for the last nine months, so here to react, the host of tucker carlson tonight, took her himself. hey, tucker, glad to have you. >> i am almost always writing in this hour, but i have been hooked up to the earpiece watching, this is one of the most unbelievable 20 minutes of
4:25 pm
tv i've ever seen. that dan bongino segment was so inspiring, it shocked me. i'm going to watch it again. anyway, this has been a wonderful show paradigm very impressed. >> will: i am grateful, thank you for that, tucker. what do you think, not just democrats, but the media cannot quit donald trump. >> i think they have different agendas, the adam schiff clip, he is a totally sinister person and of course discredited, on the intel committee, he was caught lying repeatedly over the past five years and retains his position, so that's a failure of our system, but in the quote you just played he said look, trump is going to run again, we better prosecute him, in other words he believes that the point of the department of justice is to take his potential political opponents off the table by putting them in jail, that's a third world -- so adam schiff is -- that attitude is a huge problem for democracy i would say. as for the media, people like
4:26 pm
the guy from nbc, the comb-over guy whose name i can't remember, they are all the same, they don't actually work for the democratic national community, i think he is married to someone who does, but are they continuing to repeat day after day point by point, word for word the points of a political party, they are not getting paid for this and in the extremes they lose all of their self-respect and dignity, they are just marionettes, it's embarrassing, how can you live with yourself? i think that all the time. >> will: what is odd, they don't just lose their self-respect, they have lost their ratings as well down 50% since january of they are in the toilet, it's embarrassing. but it all seems to be, tucker, a fight over one word, the word is insurrection. it's what we do with that word? they have learned, adam schiff has learned that the doj will do nothing with it, no one has been charged with insurrection, but it is an attempt seemingly to i don't know, rewrite history? >> it was never in insurrection, it was a malay, and there were
4:27 pm
some complicate it components that clearly a lot of federal informants and/or agents in that crowd, their role is still unknown, we should find out. but in general these are people who thought the election was stolen, they have some evidence to support that view, it is not a free and fair election, you don't have to believe it, the voting machines were rigged to look at 2020 and say, that was not fair. i mean, you shut down negative stories about one guy and highlight stories of the other? i mean, google stopped the trump campaign from sending out fund-raising emails in gmail. nothing like that has happened before, we change the way that we vote, we did it by mail, of course there was massive fraud, these are real concerns, but to these people had a reason to be frustrated, democracy that they believed and turned out to be fake, so rather than answer their questions or reassure them that our system is real, we throw them in jail? what is that? i will tell you what it is, it is a rotting ruling class that sees its hold on power slipping away and is grasping even tighter and that just never
4:28 pm
works in any regime ever. >> will: something to talk about that i personally appreciate and i know a lot of people do as well, this has a real cost that people are sitting in jail denied due process over this issue and it is not a defense of any one of these people as individuals it's whether or not you believe in the principle, do you believe in due process or do we lock people away in america as i would jail and do see is guantanamo bay? >> exactly, without even answering, if people committed crimes, actual crimes, those statutes deface the property, of course, punish them. we should punish writers. i have said that for a year as we have black lives matter destroying some of our biggest cities and no one was punished for it. but you should never punish someone for expressing their political views period and above all in a democracy you have to answer people's questions. and if the a question is was the election fair, tell me. how is it fair for the democratic party just shut down the other side. if you claim it is fair like
4:29 pm
chuck potter or whatever kid's name is, you are a liar. >> will: and living in a culture of lies for over a year, so there will be people with distrust. i don't, what i'm about to watch is really good, and it is a tucker carlson today special called blown away about the dark side of wind power, tell me about it. >> it is one of those stories that kind of amazed me, because any person who cares about the environment is at least open minded about alternative energy. i certainly am, so the idea of getting it from windmills sounds cool. the truth about wind farms in the united states right now is that today are an offense against the environment. they destroy the environment, they kill endangered animals, they are not actually viable sources of energy, and more than anything, they are not evenly spread. the people who are pushing wind farms 100% of the time put them in communities that oppose wind farms but are too poor to do anything about it. in some places in the state of
4:30 pm
new york for example, former governor cuomo made sure that that when firms were only placed in republican county is, such a proponent of green energy he uses them as punishment? the whole thing is a scam that benefits foreign companies and hurts the natural environment. it is one of the biggest irony is i have ever seen. >> will: you know what i like about this show so far, you complement of the first 20 minutes, what i think u.n. dan bongino have illustrated is that you can hold a position and realize you don't have to sign on for these cartoonish policies that undercut it. in other words i know you, you are a big outdoorsman camilo fishing and a look at this and go, this climate change junk undercuts actual environmentalism. he is sinning, no, that does not mean that i support mandating people losing their jobs. we are not cartoon characters put i will be watching in about 30 minutes. >> appreciate it. >> will: coming up, why are people so mad at dave chappelle? look at this, you will love this video, because they are ripping
4:31 pm
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get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1 with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> why did you break my sign? why are you breaking my sign? i'm just here to say that dave chappelle, funny guy. i love [bleep]. >> will: what you are watching on your screen there is netflix employees and surrounding protesters who staged a walkout this afternoon in protest of dave chappelle's latest stand up special, and he took the brave stand to say that he thought the jokes were funny. those people, the protesters come the employees, they accuse the company of platforming transphobic comments, but why don't you be a judge for yourselves. >> cancel j.k. rowling, she said
4:37 pm
gender was a fact, and then the trans community got mad as [bleep]. i agree, i agree, man. gender is a fact. >> will: scandalous. and authoring a tepid apology saying that he screwed up in the way that he communicated with staff, but he says for now he is not removing the special. joining me now is brett weinstein, dark horse and author of the evolution and the challenges of modern life, brett, you have experienced this stuff first hand, you have experienced it on college campuses and with your podcasts and digital outlets, you know what is fascinating about this netflix thing is for now it looks like a big american company standing strong come but i think i have to empathize for now, how long can they hold out? >> yes, i'm concerned about the same thing. in our book, heather and i argue that humor is the way that
4:38 pm
human beings sort out difficult issues, that that is an evolutionary purpose and in this case that we have is a small group of motivated activists trying to shut down the ability of an audience that clearly wants to hear this comedy, he wants to get in the way and pressure a corporation into removing it. >> will: and how do you explain, look, i think we can pretty easily define and identify why thousands of employees might be staging a walkout, a search for power and some grievance, what about all of the other comedians? there are comedians taken the side of the protesters, not dave chappelle which has to be the cardinal sin of comedy? >> yes, i think fortunately for dave chappelle he is big enough to endure whatever they throw at him, but most people are not and the amount of pressure that can be exerted by these mobs is absolutely tremendous. it is actually reshaping what we can say to each other and eventually it will shape what we
4:39 pm
are able to think. >> will: so as odd as i think it is for other comedians to sell out dave chappelle, let me give you another example and it tells us where we are in 2021 when it comes to free speech, the aclu is taking the side of people that are looking to control the speech of teachers, now this is a teacher in latin county virginia that did not want to be forced to using certain pronouns, but to aclu who once defended the ku klux klan right to say awful things says that the teacher should not use the pronounce of his choice. we lost free speech and the aclu? >> we have to be a little careful, because there is the question of teachers right to speak without being compelled, we also have children in the line of fire here, but i must say that i am increasingly alarmed to see the aclu not only failed to live up to its mandate, but appear to act in the exact opposite direction, it
4:40 pm
is now functionalizing history is a day when it altered ruth be ginsberg quote to make it gender neutral. it acting on behalf of sensors as it did when it supported amazon and it's a borrowing of abigail schreier's book, and now we see them coming out in favor of compelled speech, it's extremely alarming, because the aclu is effectively lose the last line of defense of the use of liberties. >> will: but now an enforcement mechanism for censorship and we need to be honest about that. that's who they are now today. i always enjoy listening to what you have to say, thank you for coming on and talking with me tonight. coming up the biden administration paving the way for vaccinations for kids as young as five and are up to their old tricks to make it happen. don't go anywhere, you have to hear about this. especially if you have a young one. next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ ful.
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4:46 pm
authorize the covid vaccine for children between the ages of 5-11 in the coming days and weeks. in fact, they already bought the doses, they are not waiting for the science. and why would they? dr. fauci thinks it's a great idea. >> if we can guess the overwhelming majority of the 28 million children vaccinated, i think that that will play a major role in diminishing the spread of infection in the community, that's one of the reasons why we want to do as best as we can to get those children from 5-11 vaccinated. >> will: i want to speak bluntly on this, this is not just lunacy, its child abuse. in new york post calmness, and dave rubin host of "the rubin report." i know that you have young ones, and we spent a weekend together not that long ago where i taught you to shoot a gun. that being said as the mother of young children, would you make of this? 5-11, here comes the vaccine?
4:47 pm
>> the one thing i want to say is you do not care about my kids more than i do. if i thought covid-19 was a threat to my children i would be first in line to get them vaccinated to make sure that they were wearing and 95 masks, not the masks that my kids wear to school, i would make sure that they were taking real precautions, but the fact is that covid-19 is not a giant risk to kids. a lot of countries have figured this out in america seems really behind on it. so i don't need to be convinced that the vaccines are safe, i need to be convinced that they are necessary. >> will: i know you have talked about this and i follow you on social media and you are not the only one, we have repeated the truism, this is true, covid is at less risk to your child and the flu, we never force flu shots on children, we never mask children for the flu and it is statistically more dangerous to children than covid, why is that not breaking through? >> well, get the fact-checkers ready in the mist information
4:48 pm
specialists looking at what i am about to say, but according to the cdc's own website, the last numbers we could pull up, children under 18, .002 mobility on covid, not 2%, .002. there are about 500 kids under the age of five who have died and it seems like they have all sorts of other things. that's not to diminish any of those deaths, but at this point almost two years from two weeks to flatten the curve, do you think maybe it's time to pause and say, may be our elite and maybe the scientists and government bureaucrats who have been basically either lying or getting everything wrong all along, do you think maybe we should take a second glance when they say something? fauci who was privately emailing a friend that masks don't work and you touch your face more, so you might be susceptible to germs while telling the rest of us to double mask and vaccines used to be 100%, now they are
4:49 pm
not, kids need them, kids don't need them, god knows where we will be at. >> will: just to illustrate the devotion of science, the latest in the fda is in-service boosters, you can mix and match your shots, you want to get mentor and bunt moderna and mix and mix with j.j. it's fine. it's like legos. we see the way that parents get so upset about critical race theory in their schools and education i have to think that this is a line in the sand where you can go around making parents do something to their children that science does not support. >> right. i hope just like the parents fighting back, the parents who are willing to fight for their kids on this are ready to be called names and call domestic terrorists, be said that they don't care about science error they are kids, they don't care for other people's kids, but i think the parents need to stay strong, the world health organization came out with a malaria shot earlier this month, i'm not giving my kids that one either because they do not need
4:50 pm
it. it's not that i don't believe in vaccines, and vaccinated against covid-19, i just don't believe that kids need it whatsoever. >> will: let's leave it here, less to you, no distinction between vaccine supporter and vaccine mandate supporter. if you can't parse those two things, you're vaccine hesitant. >> no, you should make a choice for yourself, i'm not saying ignore science, but you know, like i rearing in the nba, if you are young and healthy and you have had covid and antibodies, make a choice for yourself and if you feel that you should get it, then you should get it, but the government dictating everything over our lives, does anyone two years into this thing think the government knows what they are doing? >> will: it is the position that joe biden held ten months ago, he was against mandates, now it's conspiratorial the torah -- conspiratorial. thank you for talking to me tonight. don't go anywhere, jimmy is here and is dressed for the occasion. you should see his shoes. we are putting them on the clock
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>> if you minutes left in the shewbread time to put on the clock for stories 60 seconds each. the first story. in the bombshell interview with the her today shewbread katie couric claimed that the real reason as her stance as the cbs evening news anchor was not a success. watch. >> i don't think people internally really accepted me. i thought we were much further along when it came to sexism because i enjoyed such a great position at the today show, i thought america was really read for a female anchor of the evening news. i think we were just not as far along is i naïvely thought various. >> not her fault. >> first of all i have an answe for kv katie couric, but i'm afraid she might wait
4:57 pm
america is ready for anything i it's good beer to give you an example we've never had a president joe biden's age, but we're not meant because he's in his late hundreds, when the democrats say they need new blood, they need transfusions. you're predated kidney katie couric. next story, under fire for judging contestants based on appearance for three former pageant users are teaming up with the feminist group to calling this discrimination. >> this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen periods and they say that as someone who once me aoc at a bar. i met her downtown and union square. in surprise they could call it the miss france passion for it shouldn't be that they france pageant, which is observed. this pageant has been around fo 100 years because people like working on looking at women.
4:58 pm
i don't look, i married 15 years . my wife and i met on tender. >> that doesn't end up, man very . >> at the last form of bigotry in america. ugly bigotry. >> it was a genius move. >> giving her dog veggies in th uk. could get you in big trouble. they take canine health very seriously and it's illegal to feed your pup and all veggie diets great i'm in on this very dog owners caught breaking they could face jail time and a $27,000 fine. they're not herbivores brickey get you should be in jail for this freight and with you. dogs are the one last source of your happiness we have been thi world. and if you start making your do a vegan commitment of the other dogs want to hang out with him because he's got work it into the first sentence of every. how about i drive in a previous great if you have begin dogs,
4:59 pm
the movie homeward bound is now wendy's bound. >> insufferable vegetarian vega dogs work it into the first sentence of every introduction. >> work it into every conversation. until recently made headlines with her dramatic weight loss but that doesn't stop her from having weeklies indulgences verity has mcdonald's at least once a week for it she loves th best food chain so much she say fries, nuggets and a big mac ar her death romeo. giguere love the fact that she' talking about death row paragua because she sang so many breaku songs she's fantasized about killing one of them. the song hello from the other side is about prison glass. why is she talking about food commission everybody's mad at her because she's the only person that lost weight during the pandemic. my death romeo would behind square chicken kebab.
5:00 pm
right fte that you want to die. >> that will do it for me tonight. thank you for watching fox news prime time. of the back tomorrow night. new episodes every monday, wednesday, and friday. stay tuned. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >>tucker: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it's directly across from the hot california. it's not that far from the states and that's a bad thing because mexico and the pain now be the single largest producer and distributor of the syntheti opioid fit in all. cartels are making it in mass quantities. they're not making it for domestic consumption within mexico


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