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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 20, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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optimism is a force multiplier. joe biden could learn from that. god bless him and got bless the family. >> i take issue. it's get mad and then get even. is that a typo? >> i don't know. >> i don't know if he meant to say that. it's get even. >> thanks it for us. "special report" is next. hey, bret. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. coming to you from the port of los angeles. one of the major choke points at the heart of the president's supply chain crisis. we'll talk live with the deputy executive director of the neighboring port of long beach in just a moment. breaking tonight, the president's approval rating on the economy takes a major hit. a massive hit really in the latest fox news polling. what was a slightly positive grade in september is now a 20-point deficit for president
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biden. 39% approve of his performance. 59% disapprove. the president's overall approval drops from 50 to 46%. his disapproval market those from 49 to 53%. the president is making another sales pitch for his massive tax and spend plan in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania right now. you look live. he's trying to get moderates and progressives on board with a smaller scaled back version of his original tax and spending plans. we have fox team coverage on all of this. william la jeunesse in long beach, california with staggering evidence of how much and how worse the crisis is becoming on the supply chain since the president announced his plan to deal with it. peter doocy at the white house takes a closer look at what the new polling numbers mean for this president. first, we have other breaking news tonight. we go live to phil keating in north port, florida for what appear to be human remains found
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in a wilderness area where authorities have been searching for brian laundrie. good evening, phil. >> good evening, bret. two medical examiner vehicles arrived inside this nature park all within the past hour. it is a park that was known to be frequented, hiking and camping by brian laundrie. it was a park searched several times over the past five weeks. the search for brian laundrie tonight may finally be over. here's the fbi late this afternoon. >> earlier today, investigators found what appear to be human remains, personal items like a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently had been under water. >> several vehicles and personnel are inside the park right now where there's now a crime scene. it's adjacent to the carlton reserve, which was the focus for weeks in the search for
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laundrie. a swampy area full of gators and snakes. his parents went to the scene and spoke with investigators. the park is once again closed to the public. brian laundrie has been the only person of interest in the disappearance and death of his fiance, gabby petito. a wyoming federal grand jury indicted him for bank fraud for using petito's bank card the last three days of august, which happens to be about the same estimated time of gabby petito's death. laundrie and petito were on the long summer road trip visiting national parks out west. her body was found in the teton national forest. the coroner ruled her death a homicide by strangulation. according to laundrie's parents on the monday of september 13, he came to this park to go
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hiking and never returned home. that happened two days after gabby petito's family in new york finally declared their daughter was missing. bret? >> bret: phil keating in north port, florida. thanks. let's take a deeper look at the president's decreasing pop laterty among americans. a number of polls show that. here's white house correspondent peter doocy live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening. the president has been promoting this massive progressive wish list by saying polls show voters like the stuff that is in it. these new fox polls call that in to question with declining support for the things he wants to to and the things he's already done. >> it's good to be home! >> approval ratings are slipping as the president tries to save his agenda. >> you never believed from the beginning that we would get anything done. >> the president's lowest marks are on immigration. 34% of registered voter as
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prove. not much better object voter security. 35% approve. >> we've had 150 different countries that have presented illegally at the southern border. >> just 40% approve the president's handling of foreign policy and he admits there's a serious threat coming from a rising super power. >> are you concerned about chinese hypersonic missiles? >> yes. the president is in political peril. his approval among suburban voters has fallen 13 points. down 9 with democrats, down eight with women, down 7 with black voters and down 6 with independents. 43% of registered voters polled are finding bills for grocery items have increased a lot. >> meats are up 12% at grocery stores. eggs are up 12%. fresh fish and seafood are up over 10%. electricity costs are up over 5%. and yet the biden administration only sees the sky rocketing
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inflation numbers as high class problems. >> part of the president's proposed fix, trillions in new government spending. 38% believe the plans would help the economy. >> you think about extending more benefits to the american people that we cannot afford that obviously in many ways are not even federal responsibilities. it only helps hook more people on a government paycheck. that is bad for their futures, bad for their kids. >> democrats are privately figuring out how to slim down the president's proposal and key climate changes are out. >> we have too look at other ways to reduce carbon emissions. that's the discussion we're in now. >> that goes to show the bill is not finished. the president is promoting it in p.a. anyway. >> i'm not going to get into -- if i negotiated with you guys, i wouldn't be as far along as i am. i'm hopeful we'll get a good deal. >> the president is taking a trip down memory lane giving remarks where he's sharing
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memories about growing up in scranton and advice he got from mom and dad decades ago. when he got around to talking about these multi-trillion dollar spending plans, things that he claims would transform the country for the entire future of the united states, he mostly stuffed familiar lines that we've heard before. bret? >> bret: thanks, peter. americans are paying attention to the supply chain crisis. 71% of those have noticed products are out of stock. 55% noticed slow delivery times. 54% say they have stocked up on food and essentials because of this. a week ago, the president announced a big step forward dealing with the supply chain crisis. william la jeunesse tells us here in the port of los angeles, the number of ships waiting to off load has doubled since then. >> it's crazy.
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>> economists call inflation the invisible tax. >> it's outrageous. >> inflation. >> i call it greed. greed. >> across the country, the supply chain crisis is hitting home. you can see why in southern california. a record 159 ships, 63 in port, but 96 offshore waiting sometimes weeks to dock. long shoremen say they're ready to heed the president's call for 24/7. when the ports ask truckers to work, not enough showed. >> we have three shifts, first, second and third. they choose not to work the third because nobody comes to pick up the cargo. on the other side, there's no place to take the container. >> the cost of the shipping container from china to l.a. is 16,000, up 330% from a year ago. once here, the trucking rate per mile is up 23%, not including fuel.
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>> our clients are looking for alternatives. looking for better solutions, whether that is utilizing different ports, whether that is utilizing different trucking companies, whether that is utilizing different types of warehousing services that can help them manage the costs. >> air is faster but more expensive. airbus this week said they were converting passenger planes to cargo haulers because of demand. >> we're here. we have capacity. >> other part as cross america have space as well. but the ships here and others on the way were booked months ago. >> it's kinds of a perfect storm with the record ships coming in in l.a. and long beach. record volume. really worker shortages and problems throughout the chain. >> now, in the last few minutes, the ports of l.a. and long beach have set a new record of 167 ships in port or offshore and 30
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scheduled to arrive by friday. the ports are now just treading water. >> bret: thanks. the dow hit a new all-time high today. the industrial average finished up 152. the s&p 500 gained 17. it's the sixth straight winning day for the s&p 500. the nasdaq lost 7. let's bring in now the deputy executive director of administration of operations at the port of long beach. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: you heard william's piece. have you seen it like this? >> today we have 68 ships at anchorage. >> bret: so it's never been like this. >> never. >> bret: since the president said they're working with you all to stay open and try to address this, has anything changed? >> i believe so. we took a major first step forward by expanding our hours of operation here at the port. we started with a pilot program
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in long beach keeping the gates open all day and all night. the reality is that the supply chain -- there's not a single switch that you can turn on to activate it. it's a series of switches. we took the first step. >> bret: so your biggest issue is truck drivers and warehouse space. >> it's a combination of things. we have a supply chain still recovering from the pandemic. we have tightened capacity, labor shortages at the warehouses. they're not open 24/7. we have issues with trucks, being acc to access chassis, returning empty containers and pick up a load at the same time. a number of issues that issues. >> bret: there was a story that california specific the way they structured laws on green energy and truck restrictions had an effect. is that true? >> we so no effect. here in southern california, we're the greenest ports in the
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nation and we continue to command the lion's share of cargo. >> here's what jen psaki said about this. >> there's multiple issues that are impacting the supply chain. some of that is that as the economy is turned back on, more people had expendable income, wages, to buy more goods, more people are buying more goods. people have started to buy more things online and going into stores that is also impacting the volume and there's a need for more. so we've been working on this since february. >> bret: they say they've been working on it since february. you have seen the changes or the focus on it in the last what? couple weeks? >> we launched our pilot program four weeks ago. prior to the launch, there was engagement by the administration trying to understand the root causes of congestion were. since the president's announcement, that has escalated. we're having daily briefings with the supply chain trying to bring -- trying to get it to
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synchronize so we can improve the flow of cargo. >> bret: some have suggested that the national guard should be implemented here. have you talked about that? about other things that could happen to deal with this? >> not about that specifically. everybody's focus is on the low hanging fruit. what can we do today to move containers with velocity through the ports and comply chain. we need to come together, align the different business models and agree that it's a priority for the nation, for the economy. >> bret: usually the administration does that. you're saying they're doing that? >> they are. they're very engaged. providing leadership and forums for the supply chain to come together and address these issues around the same table. >> bret: what else could you tell people at home that are concerned about whatever they have ordered or getting ready
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for the holidays as you're looking at what is here, do you tell them be warned that it's not going to come together? >> yeah, i'd say get your christmas gifts early. it's going to take some time for us to dig out of the 68 ships in anchor. by expanding to 24/7, we're going to make a debt for it. that's our mission. >> bret: how long does it take to get one ship unloaded? >> on average five to eight days. >> wow. we appreciate your time. good luck. there's a lot of stuff out here. >> my pleasure. >> bret: thank you. up next, amazing new numbers show how serious the president's southern border crisis really is. first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. in miami, nikolas cruz pleads guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder. jurors will recommend whether he should face the death penalty. the judge will make the final
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decision. fox 32 in chicago where the city's police union is calling for a judge, a new judge, in the case over vaccine mandates. the police say it violating the bargaining rights. the mayor wants the judge to recuse herself because of past work. and this is a live look at honolulu from our affiliate khon. the big story there, college and high school sports fans return to the stands. it's been nearly 19 months since spectators have been allowed there. everybody has to show proof of vaccination. masks are mandatory in hawaii. that's tonight's live look way out side the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we
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vaccines and the mixing of doses. the administration is pushing for authorization to use the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11. health officials are expected to give formal approval early next month. 15 million doses will ship thereafter. new e-mails obtained by fox news reveals how teachers unions influenced cdc school reopening guidelines. records show the two largest teacher's unions received copies of the guidance before it was released to the public. officials wanted changes of how it was written before publication. they updated the language. new york city is requiring police officers, firefighters and other individuals to be vaccinated or placed on inpaid leave. workers have until november 1 to
3:21 pm
get their first dose. meantime heading to the border, staggering new numbers on the president's border crisis. might be tobin is in la hoya, texas. >> the department of homeland security force confirms to fox news fiscal year 2021 saw 1.7 million apprehensions at the southwest border. arriving at a gap where the wall is incomplete, migrants walked in through a hole in the wall. >> in mexico city, they boarded a trailer with no ventilation. people were passing out. they couldn't breathe. that got them worried about their daughter's safety. >> we both suffered hunger, thirst, threats, danger just to make it to this country where
3:22 pm
every one is free. >> at night, there's runners. migrants hoping to slip through undetected while agents and state troopers are busy. a dhs agent said there was 100 and 300,000 got-aways that never end up part of the count. former acting dhs secretary says the biden administration needs to own the reality that a normal year will see less than a third of this year's illegal crossings. >> they refuse to call it a crisis at the end of the day. it's important. we need to be honest with the american people. on average in any given month, it's three times the amount of the three previous years. >> families and unaccompanied minors will be processed and allowed to stay with a notice to appear at a later date. the single adults have made the trip in vain. despite a promise the biden administration has not done away with the trump era policy that
3:23 pm
send them back citing a health crisis. also, 132,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border compared to 33,000 last year. back to you, bret. >> bret: mike tobin in texas. thank you. up next, a dead heat with just weeks to go in the virginia governor's race. we'll take you there.
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>> bret: constantly unloading here at the port of los angeles. the latest polling in the virginia's governors race show the two nominees in a dead heat. mike emanuel has more on this tight race. good evening. >> a new monmouth poll suggests a significant shift in the governor's race in virginia. democrat terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin are tied at 46% support, this is among registered voters. mcauliffe had a five-point lead in august and september. narrowing polls generate duelling tv appearances. both candidates were offered 20 minutes with the abc affiliate in washington d.c., wjla which broadcast to northern virginia. mcauliffe aides say he agreed to ten minutes and walked off suggesting there's other issues virginia voters care about. >> healthcare, covid, education.
3:28 pm
job creation. >> we're over. that's it. >> thank you. >> i gave you extra time. you could have asked better questions. should have asked questions viewers cared about. >> youngkin was asked serious questions about former president trump, abortion and vaccine mandates. he answered them all. youngkin responded to mcauliffe's walk-off today on "fox and friends." >> here's terry mcauliffe that won't answer questions from a local reporter. he yells at sheriffs, barks at people all the time. he's losing it. he knows this race is slipping away. >> mcauliffe has big-name surrogates. kamala harris is in print william county. former president obama will be in richmond. mcauliffe has expressed concern about the "head winds from washington" due to the president's low approval numbers
3:29 pm
in virginia. bret? >> bret: mike, we hear about who is campaigning for mcauliffe or who is not yet. what about youngkin? who is campaigning for youngkin? >> it's been stunning. youngkin is a one-man show making personal appearances on his behalf. an interesting strategy. hearing directly the voters getting to hear from him directly and no vips with him out on the stump. >> bret: we'll follow this closely to election day. mike, thank you. meantime, massive confusion over the political future of one of the most important senators currently on capitol hill. we've had him on this show many times. an article on the mother jones website said west virginia joe manchin is considering a switch to independent. what that means and is it true or not. congressional correspondent chad pergram fills us in.
3:30 pm
good evening, chad. >> good evening, brett, a manchin defection means democrats could lose control of the senate. it's 50/50 now. manchin denies the report. >> it's bull [bleep]. find out who is saying that crazy stuff. >> the moderate manchin defies gravity in the increasing liberal democratic party. >> bret: there's a lot of people, republicans i talked to say what would it take for joe manchin to switch parties? >> if switching a party to have a d by your name or an r changes who you are as a person puts you in the wrong profession. you can have me anywhere you want. going from one to the other, i have never considered that. >> if manchin formally joins the gop, republicans would seize control of the senate. the last time the senate switched control was in 2001.
3:31 pm
that's when jim jeffers left the gop and caucused with the democrats. that was the last time there was a 50/50 senate split. a slide to the right would represent the ultimate power move. >> so my question is, why don't you fess up and become a republican? >> i believe deeply in my democratic roots. a little different than the washington democrats. it's a true hardcore west virginia democrat values. >> it's possible manchin could become an independent and still associate with the democrats. that would not change senate control. the leak comes as liberals would like to ditch manchin. progressives are fed up with hick dictating the social spending bill or does the leak reveal manchin trying to gain leverage. he asked nor the corporate tax rate at 25%. he said the tax rate may not be part of the bill. bret?
3:32 pm
>> bret: right. could be don't screw around with me, too. we'll see how this plays out. meantime, another story on the hill. where does the house stand, chad, with contempt of congress for steve bannon? >> the house votes tomorrow to send a criminal referral to the doj for bannon. the house voted to send the resolution to the house floor. expect lawmakers to ask attorney general merrick garland if he will prosecute bannon at a hearing tomorrow. fox has told some gop members will vote yes for bannon because they don't like people ignoring congressional subpoenas. bret? >> bret: chat -- chad pergram. up next, how russia is dealing with afghanistan now that the u.s. gone. >> the american people lost, the afghan people lost. the winners are russia, china and iran.
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>> bret: welcome back to the port of los angeles. the navy engineer and his wife charged with trying to sell secrets about american nuclear submarines to a foreign power are pleading not guilty. the couple was arrested earlier this month following a year-long sting with undercover fbi agents. russia the increasing pressure on the taliban following u.s. military withdrawal from afghanistan. the country is facing a economic collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe. moscow hopes to take advantage. here's rich edson. >> the taliban in moscow. meeting with officials from afghanistan's neighbors like china, pakistan and iran. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov opening the conference pushing the new leaders to form an inclusive government and
3:38 pm
prevent terrorism from spreading out of afghanistan. lavrov highlighted a notable absence from this week's meetings. >> we regret that our american counter parts could not participate this time. >> the state department blamed logistics on u.s. officials skipping a meeting with russian, china and pakistan. >> it's not a meeting we're able to take part in this week. it's a forum that's been constructive in the past. >> senior u.s. officials met earlier this month with the taliban. the state department says they discussed safe passage for americans and afghans, terrorism and respect for women. world leaders are pushing for the taliban to respect human rights and promote stability in afghanistan. fresh off praising suicide bombers that attacked american and afghan soldiers, taliban leaders traveled to moscow and requested international aid. >> all participants of the
3:39 pm
maintenance and security of afghanistan andsupported that afghanistan's assets in u.s. banks should be released. >> the taliban is pushing for recognition from world governments. russia says that's not a topic. there's strong opposition in the u.s. >> we're having discussions when it comes to human rights and women and the role of women in their society. we would have to see a lot more changes take place before we would even think about normalizing. >> here in the u.s., several inquiries in to what happened during the american exit with reviews from house republicans and inspectors general from the state department, pentagon and others. bret? >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thanks, rich. up next, the panel on the latest fox news polling and other polling showing the president's increasing troubles. first, beyond our borders tonight. two bombs attached to a bus explode in damascus killing 14
3:40 pm
people. the bus was carrying syrian troops. nobody has claimed responsibility for that attack as of yet. in northwestern syria, rescue workers say 12 people were killed in government shelling. that town is the last rebel onclave in that area. queen elizabeth is in good spirits and resting at windsor castle after a health scare. a volcano in southern japan erupts blasting ash into the sky. officials warn of falling rock and lava flow. there's no deaths as of yet. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back.
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3:45 pm
or buts. >> this is a tough time in our country. our focus is on getting the pandemic under control, returning to life, a version of normal. >> bret: the normal version for polling has been the approval is down on a number of fronts. our fox news polls has the president down when it comes to taxes, the economy, border security, immigration and the overall approval on the economy really breaks down poorly on independents especially. if you look at the quinnipiac poll, the numbers are troubling for democrats. the overall approval at 37%. break it down by party, the independents at 28% approval to karl rove's point. that is a key factor for a number of different democratic constituencies, candidates to consider not only this year but
3:46 pm
next year. we're a long way from november 2022. these are big indicators. let's bring in the panel. bill mcgurn is the economist for the "wall street journal," leslie marshall and steve hayes, editor of "the dispatch." i can't remember a free fall this fast for a long time. >> no, it's really precipitous. i think it's explained by a couple of things particularly among independents. if you look at what joe biden ran on, he ran on restoring normalcy to washington, to bringing back some sense of organization that things would be working and the economy would recover. we've seen washington in chaos. it's dysfunctional. he didn't improve it. he said he would based on his long experience in washington. the other problem is he promised the economy would recover. you had the biden white house
3:47 pm
well into the administration suggesting that inflation was transitory, this was a shoulder slug. they went after larry summers that suggested this was a longer term problem that needed to be taken seriously. that is coming back to bite them right now. the real problem, the big challenge, the long-term challenge is people don't feel confident that the economy will recover. that things are going to get better. that is because this is what they're seeing in their day-to-day lives. the poll that you showed earlier with 43% of americans saying that groceries and day-to-day goods have increased significantly, 40% seeing that they've seen a little increase. that's 80 plus percentage of people that see that they're feeling this in their pocket books. that's rough ground for the biden white house. >> bret: we'll put that up. it's the fox poll, bills for groceries and every day items. 83% to your point that feel it. that affects things.
3:48 pm
if you look at the condition of the economy in that poll, excellent or good, 26%. that's seeing a drop, only fair or poor, 73%. leslie, the messaging here at the ports of los angeles and long beach, that the supply chain problems are a good thing, that it means good things are happening. doesn't seem to be sticking for this administration. >> no, it doesn't. as a democrat, i don't like to see falling numbers but i don't believe polls. hello, hillary. can't forget that. the president didn't say he was going to do this in 1 year or 2. he has four years to do it. any president does in my administration, any party. let's look at the supply chain. the supply chain issues are global. they're not just here in the united states. we were buying more and more sitting home and buying differently, bret. we were clicking rather than going to stores. we're buying things we don't see on shelves.
3:49 pm
of course, as we see from where you are, not far from me at the ports in long beach, the l.a. ports, we're seeing more boats stuck there, more containers. also seeing, you know, more trucks not able to turn this around. a lot of people think of it simplistically. it's not a box going from point a to point b. this is like a relay. i hand the baton to you, you hand it to somebody else and goes to somebody else. that's what we're dealing with. we've had supply chain issues maybe not as bad as this but not that far from this since the beginning of the pandemic. we've continued to click, click and buy, buy, which is good. good for the economy. but obviously it's caused a clog in our supply chain. not just here in the united states but worldwide. >> bret: bill, when you hear financial pundits saying inflation is worse than we thought it was going to be. it is really something. people are feeling it and telling others, hey, this isn't
3:50 pm
normal. >> yeah, i think look, i agree that some of the supply chain issues are not joe biden's issues. but by the same token, the idea that the federal government in washington can flip a switch and fix it or send in the national guard and that will help. the supply chain is a very complicated thing. one of the reasons the "wall street journal" opposes tariffs because it really interferes with that, with a lot of innocent people. it's just so complex. you cannot fix it with the government. yet the president sort of implies that he can do it. you know, he just said if the private sector doesn't step up, we're going to, you know, ask them to act and get involved. that's the opposite way of thinking of it. we had a great story about how home depot, target, walmart are hiring their own ships. they have an interest in getting stuff on the shelves to put it
3:51 pm
in context, the reason he's getting clobbered at the polls, especially by independents has nothing to do with political ideology or labels. it's because he doesn't have a success to his name. afghanistan was a catastrophe that everyone watched. people -- we know the border is a disaster. kamala harris is in charge. she won't go anywhere near it. we no from terry mcauliffe that biden's unpopular. he's not enthusiastic about having him there. i think what he's done in these months is create an uncertainty whether he's up to the job and competent. that is really reflected in the polls, which is to point out are not just little drops, but very big drops. >> bret: so the border issue, we continue to cover it. it's a major issue especially for those states along the border and also around the country as we had the story of the children being flown to different states around the country.
3:52 pm
also, border arrests have soared to an all-time high according to the customs and border patrol. authorities detained 1.7 million migrants along the mexico border in 2021 fiscal year and arrested by border patrol soared to the highest levels ever recorded according to this data. that does not include the number of get-aways that we've talked about before, with rodney scott and others from border patrol. >> no, that's right. i think bill makes a really crucial point here that applies both to inflation and the discussion that we're having about the economy. also to the border. president biden down plays these mistakes. he minimizes them. makes it sounds as if they're not a big deal and the government can come in and fix them, solve them very easily. his rhetoric on inflation and the supply chain is of a piece with what bill is saying. he's suggesting that he can make
3:53 pm
things better quickly. he is setting up expectations when he's unable to do that will make him look even worse. he did the same thing on the border. look at the rhetoric from the administration, in the transition in the early months. he did the same thing. down played the problem. they suggested they could ease off of the trump policies on the border and would be little effect. we've seen in fact something quite to the contrary. he's creating these problems for himself. i think creating expectations that he can solve them when he can't. >> bret: this new poll has a tie. terry mcauliffe has always led. is there increasing concern about that race in the democratic circles? >> we know it's a tight race and knew it would be. it's coming down to a race with joe biden and donald trump in a sense. we know virginia is a different state in the north than the south. that's what we're seeing. i'm not surprised it's a
3:54 pm
reflection of what we're seeing in our nation, which is a split between left and right. except for the independents that are pulling the president down. >> bret: we'll see who campaigns there. it will be interesting. that's a race that we're covering closely. education is a big issue in that race. panel, stand by. when we come back, to the port of los angeles. tomorrow's headlines with the panel.
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3:59 pm
national school board association for suggesting that concern school parents be regarded as domestic terrorists. >> bret: pleasant. >> wyoming president liz cheney says no vote on criminal content for steve bannon. >> bret: just a switching party is weak, here we go, steve. >> minus donald trump says something to help the g.o.p., we don't know that he is going to do this, but after days of beating up liz cheney and mitch mcconnell and colin powell and suggesting republicans would stay home unless they relitigate 2020 would be newsworthy if he did. >> bret: all right, thank you, panel, tomorrow on special report, based president harris, remember if you are so inclinedo
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pick a my book, the crisis of 1876, it has just today debuted at number 2 on "the new york times" best seller list. so there's always number one, possible. thanks, everybody for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" posted by will cain this week starts right now. >> will: you are number one in many of our hearts, bret and i'm sure he will be on the best seller list soon. >> will: good evening, and welcome to "fox news primetime," i am will cain. i begin this week off showing you the heartbreaking videos, one in particular of an officer resigning over vaccine mandates. and i said, it wouldn't be the last time we see something like this. unfortunately, and i mean this unfortunately, i was right. let's check in from coast-to-coast. first right here in new york city, where mayor bill de blasio vaccine mandate is trampling on the rights


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