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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 20, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that's "the story" for this wednesday. tonight bret baier anchors live from the port of los angeles where over 100 container ships behind him as we continue to tell the story. coming up on "your world," the fbi update on what they have uncovered in the man hunt for brian laundrie. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. >> welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." by now most of you know that neil cavuto has tested positive for covid-19. in fact, so many of you have reached out to me to wish him luck. i want everybody to know that he's feeling fine. he's a fighter and we look forward to getting him back in his chair as soon as possible. now this. a senior law enforcement official telling fox "what appears to be human remains have been found" in the search for
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brian laundrie along with some of his belongings. the fbi in tampa expected to give an update shortly. first to laura ingle with the latest in new york. laura? >> hi, charles. yeah, we're here in gabby petito's hometown where we're awaiting for any type of reaction coming from her mother and stepfather. this is where they reside and where gabby petito grew up. of course, you have joe petito and his wife. the press conference will take place shortly from the fbi to give us an indication about what they're calling or senior law enforcement officials are calling human remains in this reserve, possible human remains. we won't know until we get that confirmation. we want to show you video of where this is taking place. we've seen cadaver dogs intoing to the carlton reserve in addition to a coroner's van from
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the sarasota county medical examiner's office and the lee county mobile command vehicle. chris and roberta laundrie were captured at the park where all of the activity was happening with a search team member that told us that may have found something. if human remains are covered, confirmed to be those of brian laundrie, this is not the news that gabby petito's parent were hoping for. they told me two weeks ago that they wanted him to be found alive to answer questions about what happened to their daughter while the couple was on their cross-country trip this summer. again, as you mentioned, the fbi expected to hold this press conference. a lot of questions. i want to point out when we were covering this case in wyoming and there had been remains found, everybody needed to be careful. the fbi was careful until they came out with the press conference because there were other people missing in that area at the time. so that's why we're not hearing any reaction from the family as of yet until that official confirmation comes down.
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charles? >> thanks, laura. so what are investigators focusing on right now? maureen o'connell is here to discuss. maureen? >> they're focusing on the facts that are unfolding as we speak. for example, the parents, if you're asking me, i'd say the parents haven't been able to get in touch with them for a period of days. so last night they reached out to both the fbi and the local law enforcement to tell them that they wanted to go to the park. at that point they brought them to his camp site. now, he probably told them in the past that, you know, everyone was saying why do they keep searching this area? why do they keep searching that area? he's probably not there. i'll bet that it's going to come to light that his parents provided information through their attorney to law enforcement that he probably was there. thereby thinking that they're reducing their own culpability with aiding an abetting.
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the fact that they brought them to the camp site leads us to believe that they have known all along and probably communicating all along with their burner phones or whatever they were using. so they brought them there and then they found his backpack and they probably removed the parents as we would. they would remove the parents from the crime scene and from there they did a search and found human remains. >> maureen, with that scenario that you described, you think the parents would have at some point when the burner phones weren't working, when brian wasn't picking up anymore, that's when they may have started to alert law enforcement and because their lawyers were involved, is there a chance that there was some sort of negotiation going on to mitt gail culpability? >> yes, i think that there were negotiations going on. i don't have much confidence in his attorney personally.
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i think he's done as much harm as he has good. his approach has been terrible. the parents, you know, the truth of the matter is, brian could have been communicating with his attorney with a burner phone on a solar charger. so may have been when that stopped, the attorney himself could have been the conduit between the parents and brian. >> the public has been frustrated with law enforcement throughout this, you know, from the stop, of course, to somehow they lost track of brian laundrie. he was never a suspect. a lot of people can't come to terms with that. maybe we all watch too much television. your assessment of your colleagues and how this has gone down. >> well, it's clear that they poured their heart and souls into this investigation. the fact that they didn't have 24/7 surveillance on brian, two schools of thoughts on that.
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one is that he wasn't charged with anything other than -- initially, he wasn't charged with anything. but secondarily, small departments don't have the manpower to put surveillance on someone 24/7. it's not where one guy sits in his car. you have to cut off choke points going northbound and southbound. you have to be in communication, know the back yard, you have to have teams, usually three shifts per day to do something like that. it's not something easy. it very manpower intensive. what we do for one criminal or one crime we need to apply those same standards to everyone. >> maureen, thanks very much. really do appreciate it. i want to bring in -- >> thank you, sir. >> want to bring in josh cassio. what are you hearing on the
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ground, josh? >> yeah, i can tell you this area is a hot bed of activity right now. dozens of media out here. from what we're hearing a source saying what appears to be human remains were found at a site searched by a cadaver dog within the park today. that is a huge development in this case. at this point, the fbi is only saying that they found "items of interest" in the reserve here, which is now closed to the public. we have reached out to the laundrie family attorney. he confirms some of the items were articles belonging to brian. we have video over the scene. we've seen a white tent out there in the reserve. remember, this is the last place that brian laundrie was believed to have been according to his parents. it's also where they found that silver mustang. his parents, by the way, were actually out here earlier today
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assisting in the search. the fox digital reporter overhead police telling the laundries "we might have found something" saying that they might have found something. i can also tell you, the medical examiner has been called out here. which logic means something significant has been found. we're hearing unconfirmed reports that perhaps the items that were found may have been in an area that was once underwater and that's why they may have not been located until now. so at this point, connecting the dots, it seems like we may be nearing the end of this week long search for brian laundrie. a person of interest in the death of gabby petito. we are waiting on a news conference with the fbi. we're expecting that in about a half hour's time right here where we should get more clarity on all of this. when you start putting the dots together, it appears there's been a significant break in this case, which of course has
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captured the attention of folks in florida a cross the u.s. and across the world really. one more thing. we know there's been a temporary flight restriction put in place around the reserve to keep news helicopters and drones away from the scene. that is very, very unusual. another sign that something big is going on and certainly that the fbi is taking this very, very seriously. so we're going to continue to stay on it. again, we may be nearing the end of this week's long search for brian laundrie. back to you. >> thanks, josh. folks, we'll take you do this press conference as soon as it starts. meantime, if a body was found, what can we expect? how can they make the identity? we want to bring in a forensic pathologist. doctor, i'm not sure if you heard all of the reporter but seems like a fair amount of evidence there on the scene. they brought in the cadaver dogs, the medical examiner.
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what are they looking for? >> well, they're trying to determine whether these are human remains number 1 and number 2 to proceed with identification. identification will consist not only of the paraphernalia and other articles like clothing and so on but scientifically the forensics, the dental work, see whether that matches and then they may be employing a forensic anthropologist to determine if this is consistent with the remains of a young adult, caucasian male. i don't they'll have the dna. that will take awhile. depends if there's any soft tissue still remaining. i don't know if this is a body that has been completely skeletonized. and then try to determine what
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they can as to the cause of death. the brian laundrie shot himself, most probably he would have shot himself in the head, through the mouth or in the chest. in which case, there will be bony evidence. i doubt he would have hanged himself in that environment. i doubt that he had drugs to take. possible. that will take awhile for forensic toxicology examinations. it will be difficult in the absence of soft tissue and body fluids. >> i want to remind the audience, there's no confirmation that this is brian laundrie. it's speculation, of course. his family is there and the media is there and called off the press. before i let you go, how much of this work that you described can be done there on the scene? could we have a clearer picture even before they go back and take him back for a thorough autopsy to his identity?
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>> well, the preliminary examination can be conducted there. however, to do it properly, you want to take all the remains, lay them out on a table, line up the bones as they are in the human anatomy and proceed with the chief examination and the bony identification. they'll look for insect life to get a better idea of how long the person has been dead. so these are things that will be conducted at the laboratory. i don't think you're going to get specific findings there unless there's something more than we know thus far. >> thanks, dr. wecht. we're waiting for an fbi update on the search for brian laundrie. when it happens, we'll take you there live. they customize my car insurance,
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>> charles: president biden set to speak in scranton, pennsylvania shortly as he continues his social spending push. the new topline up in now being looked at is said to be $1.9 trillion. that's down from 3.5 trillion. will progressives go for that? emanuel clever weighs in on that in just a moment.
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but first, to david lee miller in pennsylvania with more on the president's visit. david lee? >> charles, for the first time since he was elected president, joe biden is returning to his hometown. any moment now, we expect air force one to be touching down. the president will make his case to a hometown crowd for mass single of his social spending build back better agenda. a white house memo details the agenda on how it could impact the keystone state. some of the items seems like wishful thinking. free community college is one item he might be forced to scrap. another the child tax credit. his sales pitch is expected to focus on how the social programs will improve life in pennsylvania and touch on the bipartisan infrastructure deal. according to the administration, pennsylvania could receive
1:18 pm
almost $13 billion to improve roads and bridges. another $8 billion to improve mass transit. the governor and mayor will be at the speech. not everyone is pleased to see mr. biden. supporters of former president trump have been driving around, waving flags and banners. there's still a great deal of pride welcoming a hometown boy that made good. one of the major roadways was named the biden express way. how much that enthusiasm will translate to his agenda for social and economic programs, that, charles, remains to be seen. before he boarded air force one, a reporter asked him if he was optimistic there would be a deal before the end of the month. he said "i think we'll get a deal." charles? >> charles: david lee miller. so joe no, or joe yay?
1:19 pm
some asking joe manchin about his future with the democratic party. chad pergram has more. >> a potential party shift by joe manchin could flip control of the senate. manchin denies the report. >> it's rumors and bull [bleep]. >> joe manchin is a moderate. reporters and commentators have asked manchin for years about switching parties. >> why don't you fess up and become a republican? >> i believe deep will in my democratic roots. >> there's some on the left that would like to torpedo manchin because he seems to have prevailed when it comes to the cost of the social spending bill. he wants to spend $1.5 trillion. but manchin leaving the party could cost democrats control of
1:20 pm
the senate. manchin could become an independent and still caucus with the democrats. under that scenario, democrats would still maintain control. charles? >> charles: let's get to emanuel clever. congressman, before we get to the spending push, your thoughts about the support. senator manchin thinking about leaving the party. we played a sound bite that was intriguing. he said he's a west virginia democrat that may not match up with the washington d.c. democrats. that was a few years ago. the washington d.c. democrat has moved further left. >> well, i think joe manchin is really one of those individuals that is trying to represent his state. he's from one of the most conservative states in the union, maybe the most conservative. the fact that he's been able to win is a testimony to the fact that he's trying to remain
1:21 pm
faithful to his constituency. i happen to like the senator. i think he is a good human being. and i might have some disagreements legislatively with him right now, but i think we have often bragged hopefully with some evidence that we can handle inside the structure of the democratic party any number of ideologies and individuals that might lean left or right. some go to the extreme on both of them. i don't want to lose senator manchin or anybody else from the party. i think he would be -- he's a good voice and maybe one of those voices that helps move people to a more centrist position. >> charles: and to that point,
1:22 pm
that's the crux of this battle. within the democratic party, we're down to 1.9 trillion according to reports. how do you see it going from here? >> well, you know, we've been talking all day. i've been in meetings. i just got out of a meeting a few minutes ago. i think that the number that we wanted certainly is not the number that is going to be agreed upon. it's going to be i think between 1.5 and maybe 2.2. but it's not going to go much higher than $2 trillion. and even feels weird to use the t word. i think that's where we are. we have to be realistic. all day today, all day yesterday, members of the democratic party are going in and out of the white house
1:23 pm
meeting with the president and are some of his people trying to get an agreement. from what i hear, we are closer today than we've ever been. doesn't mean we'll have an agreement by 5:00 today. but it does sound like an feel like a deal is imminent. >> charles: sir, i have a minute to go. is this part of the negotiations? it seems like you have the dollar parameters in place. is this part where you sort of -- i know this administration is high on public relations and always sounding like they won. is this where every one has to get the messages down, the moderates and progressives and white house can claim victory? are we at that stage of this negotiation? >> at this stage, what we want is for everybody to be able to claim victory. that means -- or everybody believe that they lost. either way, it means that there
1:24 pm
was a compromise. i'm good with the compromise. i think that's what is lacking in congress. people coming in with an unwillingness to change their position to match that of the country. let me just say since we're running out of time, i'd like to wish neil cavuto godspeed and i will pray tonight for his recovery. even though he is very tough sometimes. >> charles: you two have one of the most beautiful relationships on tv. i love watching you interact. i appreciate you coming on and neil appreciates your prayers and thoughts. >> good to be with you. >> charles: the women's national basketball team is getting out of the taliban-controlled afghanistan. trey yingst with more of his tremendous reporting from doha, qatar. trey? >> charles, good afternoon. 369 people were flown from kabul today on a qatari evacuation
1:25 pm
flight making it the largest ebb vac flight to date for the country. 55 people are linked to fifa, either soccer players or played basketball. we spoke with the women's national team that was getting out of afghanistan. everyone on the flight today shared one common theme. they were relieved to be leaving the taliban controlled territory. there's a big frustration with how long these evacuation flights were taking and especially nor the women that were there trapped in afghanistan knowing how the taliban treats women. it was of great concern to get out of the country. take a look. >> the afghan women's national basketball team is escaping taliban control territory. we spoke with these players earlier. you can sense the relief that they feel leaving afghanistan and the disappointment that they have to leave their home behind. they're determined to continue playing basketball wherever they end up and representing this country.
1:26 pm
>> in afghanistan, we have lots of challenges for women especially basketball. because the people say the woman couldn't play sports and they shouldn't be in sports. >> a number of american citizens were also on board the evacuation flight that headed from kabul to doha, qatar. charles? >> charles: thanks very much. great reporting. folks, we're still waiting for an update on the search for brian laundrie. when it happens, we'll take you there live.
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>> charles: harold, it's outrageous. it's like a self-inflicted wound. here we are talking about $6 gasoline. could it happen? >> well, sure. in fact, it has happened. we're seeing prices even higher than that in california, for instance. we made that prediction. average price of gas was a little over $2. so it has surged and surged for good reason. the reason behind that, charles is this: it goes back to economics 101. you know, it has to do with supply and demand. when you curb supply, the only thing left to give is price. so that is what has happened
1:32 pm
with the ban on federal leasing, the federal permitting on federal lands. you know, you've taken a lot of resource off of the table. >> charles: i'm sorry, harold. we have to go to florida for this fbi presser. >> continued diligence on the story. as you know, the north port police department has worked collaboratively with the fbi throughout this investigation. so special agent michael mcpherson will make a prepared statement. there's no questions today. hopefully it answers some of them. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is michael mcpherson, the special agent in charge of the fbi tampa division. as you're aware, the fbi and the north port police department and our state and local law enforcement partners have been searching the area of the
1:33 pm
carlton reserve for brian laundrie a person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. earlier today investigators found what appear to be human remains with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been under water. our evidence response team is on scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. it's likely the team will be on scene for several days. i know you have a lot of questions. we don't have all the answers yet. we're working diligently to get those answers for you. we're grateful for the dedication and professionalism of the north port police department with our partners from state and local agencies. complex investigations like this cannot be accomplished by one
1:34 pm
agency alone. there's too many agencies to name them all here today. portions of the environmental park and carlton reserve will remain closed until further notice. this is an active and ongoing investigation. so we ask the public to maintain distance for many law enforcement personnel, equipment, vehicles and other related activity for the safety of the public and to protect the integrity of our work. we have no additional comment related to today's activities. our fbi denver office is the lead investigative agency and all future inquiries should be directed to them. we appreciate the support from the public and continue to ask for your assistance in bringing this investigation to close. thank you. >> was the backpack found near the body? >> justice for gabby! [chanting].
1:35 pm
>> charles: well, the fbi just a really brief comment there. you can hear protesters calling for justice for gabby. we certainly were thinking about hoping for more. so we're sort of left in a lurch here. the families of both sides left in the lurch with respect to all of this. maybe we will hear more. there was one question thrown out there about the backpack. there was no answer. we'll be right back. ur type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> charles: "the washington post" reporting that the u.s. detained over 1.7 million migrants along the southern border in the 2021 fiscal year along. that's up 500,000 a year for the last seven years. might be tobin is in la jolla, texas with the latest. mike? >> charles, we have that
1:40 pm
confirmed through an independent dhs source. fiscal year 2021 broke a record. that record stood since 1986. the one thing that we can see, the flow of migrants is not slowing down at all. they started appearing at son down yesterday. the first group found a gap in the wall where the construction was not complete. they crossed through the river, came through the brush, the side roads and came here to this ball field where they were helped out and processed by border patrol. they're from nicaragua and honduras. single adults and families. the babies were covered in bug bites. the father of a 10-month-old told the story of hitching rides and walking for 20 days until he got here. they didn't know if they would make it or stay. they're hopeful for a better life. >> so in mexico city they boarded a trailer that had no ventilation. people were passing out.
1:41 pm
they couldn't breathe. they were in it for two hours. that's what got them worried about their daughter's safety. >> we both suffered hunger, thirst, threats, danger. we've all suffered sleeping in warehouses to make it to this country where every one is free. >> the families will be able to stay. the unaccompanied minors will stay. single adults that made the long trip in vain. they will be subject to title 42, which sends them back cite ago health crisis. the one thing, the big groups of families that appear on the border. in between them are known as the runners, the people that want to get across undetected and also called the got-aways. you don't have figures for the people that make contact with the authorities. their numbers are estimated for that fiscal year in the hundreds of thousands. charles? >> charles: thank you, mike.
1:42 pm
want to switch gears here and get back to the laundrie situation here. we've got former fbi assistant director chris swecker with us. short and brief. obviously the press conference, there was a lot of anticipation there would be more. the public intrigued by this. from what you understand, what is happening now on the ground, give us your assessment. >> yeah, the fbi, the special agent in charge in tampa got to the point. they found human remains. he made it a point to mention the notebook was found with the remains. that's a pretty good tip-off there. so i would say the chances are very high that this is indeed brian laundrie. they're not going to say that now. they have to get a positive identification on that. they will process the scene. it's been under water awhile. the fbi response team will take their time and go to it with meticulous detail.
1:43 pm
they want answers. you know, just finding his body is not enough. >> everyone wants answers is in a fair amount of frustration on how this played out. i had maureen o'connell on earlier. she thought maybe there was possibly communication during this period between laundrie and his parents. any thoughts on that? a lot of public speculation that they have known more than they told anyone. >> i don't think there's any question. again, this is pure speculation. it's based on 40 years of experience. i don't think there's any question that the parents know more. at least when he first came home with her van, without her, there was -- they obviously had to ask questions where is gabby. i can't imagine him not giving them some information. so the real question is, did he
1:44 pm
go straight to the national park there or the park area there. did he kill himself or was this an accident. a lot of questions that need to be answered here. the forensics and the investigation, we're getting closer now. i thought he was probably in that park area, that he probably did what he did and ended his own life. >> charles: could he have stayed in the park without any help this amount of time? we've seen survival assessments that have gotten off the grid for a fair amount of time. for the most part, it's rare that anybody could be isolated like that without some sort of help for sustenance and things like that. >> yeah, i don't think given the conditions of the terrain, the climate, the bugs. everybody talks about the snakes and alligators. the mosquitoes alone would drive you out in a day. i've trained in the everglades when i was in miami with the fbi.
1:45 pm
they have mosquitos that pick you up and carry you away. i don't think you can live there or stay there any longer than a couple days without help. >> charles: chris, a lot of frustration with the law enforcement. you just suggested maybe you thought that is where he would have been found ultimately. any thoughts -- there's a postmortem on all facets of this. any thoughts why this area -- why he couldn't have been discovered sooner? >> yeah, we'll find mistakes were made along the way. could more have been done early on? better coordination between wyoming and north port? could the fbi have gotten into this case a little bit sooner? i think these are all questions again that we'll get answered in due time. but you know, i hate to dig in right now. but i guarantee you there were
1:46 pm
mistakes that were made. >> charles: so walk us through the steps. the fbi obviously just chairing very little with the brief press conference again. you heard protesters chanting justice for gabby. questions were thrown at them. the public's appetite is intense for all of this. what is going on at this very moment and maybe give us a timeline. >> yeah, the fbi has a very specialized team that they call the evidence team. that's retrieval of evidence. they don't test it. they send it to the lab. there's an art and science in retrieving it correctly and storing it correctly. it's on going. they'll combine that with the electronics, tests, e-mails. cell phone tracking, leads that have come in. things that they may have found at the residence when they did the search warrant. there's a story to tell. they have to complete the picture with the forensics at
1:47 pm
the scene and it will take -- i'm going to say 48 hours to get all of the answers here. but there's definitely a story that will be told and we'll get all of our questions answered. >> charles: meantime, the public is still wondering why perhaps there wasn't a more -- in other words, he was never elevated to a prime suspect. chris, listen, i never got a straight answer from anyone why that was the case. could you explain that? >> yeah, i don't like the word "person of interest." that's not a real police word. it's not an fbi phrase. i think he was a suspect from the very beginning. i think there's legal implications when you name somebody. look at richard jewel and the olympic bombing. they had the wrong guy. law enforcement has gotten cautious ant naming someone until they actually have an arrest warrant in hand.
1:48 pm
>> charles: thanks, chris. really appreciate it. i want to bring in pria banagy. we just heard about the collection of the evidence there. we had the forensics pathologist on earlier. how much work do you think now is being done and how urgent is that work in terms of being able to zero in all of the specifics on cause of death, identification and those things? >> yeah, this is a complicated case, you know. my colleagues have their hands full. really that is because of multifactorial. not only is it hinted that this is a partial body, right? partial remains. so i don't know exactly what was found. i.d. or identification will be first and foremost because you want to know who you're autopsying. i understand that there is a lot of evidence in this area. but cannot be sure who you're
1:49 pm
autopsying until there's a definite identification. hopefully if there is teeth available, they can go through dental records. otherwise, you know, you have to go through dna, this is a public place. if it is brian laundrie, you have to see what parts of the body are there. you always try to go back and recover as much as possible. so working with what they have, they have to find out why he did. so it's multilayered, if you will. >> approximately how long would that particular pro second take? collection of data, collection of the evidence. doing what they can in the field and then ultimately being able to go through those series of things with the dna checks and so forth, maybe dental checks. to process itself. how long would it take in your mind? >> yeah, i mean, i think based
1:50 pm
on what modalities they're using, it could be within 24 to 48 hours or could be slightly longer depending on if they have to run dna. i'm not exactly what protocols are run because that's not my expertise. but the collection of evidence can be done quickly, especially if they have narrowed down an area and then, you know, from the body itself. >> charles: once -- again, once we -- once everything is brought back, what would they be looking for? obviously there's great speculation. you have to say perhaps people are wondering if he took his own life. is that something that could be determined there or would that depend what the process was or whatever means he might have used? exactly. the biggest limitation is how
1:51 pm
much of the body is recovered. you know, that's going to be either really helpful what they have or maybe not completely informative if the body is found in pieces. remember, this is a very difficult environment. not only multiple extremes of temperature, it's wet, swampy. that brings up so in animals as well on the land. there's insect activity, maggots, beetles, fish, alligators. you don't know what has been on the body. you really have to see what you have. x-rays are helpful. then you dive in and look with your naked eye and do a very detailed dissection to see what you can and cannot gather from the body parts that you have. >> charles: thanks, doctor. folks, this is just moments ago from the fbi news conference.
1:52 pm
>> earlier today investigators found what appear to be human remains along with personal items like a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been under water. our evidence response team is on scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. it's likely the team will be on scene for several days. >> charles: former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams joins us on the phone. ted, when it was previously underwater for whatever reason the tide has shifted, the water has shifted, how much more difficult is that going to make being able to examine this information and this evidence? >> well, it may be somewhat complex, charles, to examine the evidence. but one of the things that i'm
1:53 pm
concerned about is how much of the actual body, whoever this is and it is believed that there's a possibility that is the brian laundrie, how much of that body is intact. because the body has been out there now over a month. if its been there that long. we know that the water has just receded in that area. so one of the concerns are can that i make an immediate identification. i heard you ask the last guest that. we know that brian laundrie has certain tattoos about his body. they brought out today cadaver dogs. as a result of them bringing out cadaver dogs leads me to believe that the body itself may not have been completely intact and they were using the cadaver dogs to find body parts.
1:54 pm
so but this is something that a lot of people are going to ask why didn't they find this initially if they went through that area? and the answer may very well be that the area at that time was under water. >> charles: yeah, i've had that conversation with several of the law enforcement guests. that's a big issue with respect to the general public. more pressing, of course, is the identification and then how -- you brought it up. how did a month go by, how long was he out there, when did the demise come? again, this is assuming that this is brian laundrie. what role do you think the parents are going to play in terms of the investigative process from here on out? >> well, the investigation is going to continue, charles. the parents are going to be a focus of that continued
1:55 pm
investigation. as we know that on september 1, brian laundrie alleged to return home there without gabby petito. we know that between september 6 and the 8th, the family went hiking in the fort desoto park there and brian was alleged to have been with them. we know that on september 11, the parents -- it wasn't september 11th. it was september 13. they reported brian having been missing. on september 19, gabby petito's remains were found out there in the grand teton park. so the question that begs for an answer and they'll tell this, how long is that body been in the area in which it was found. >> there's speculation, we had again, a guest that suggested
1:56 pm
perhaps there could have been communication between the parents and perhaps a later with brian using burner phones. certainly if he was in there for any length of time, he had to have assistance and maybe someone -- if there was assistance, someone knew. is there a way of going back i would suspect to find out if there was electronic transmission from that area of the park to anyone else? >> well, to some degree, law enforcement have the capabilities of making those checks. have reported and i believe that if brian laundrie was in that park because remember, he was reported missing on september 13, he was alleged to have gone to the carlton reservoir area there. my thing is, if he did have a burner phone, that is more likely than not to be some
1:57 pm
evidence that should be somewhere around, perhaps. >> charles: ted williams -- i'm sorry, ted. where does it go from here? what are we looking at right now? we have time lines with respect to identifying the body. we have some sort of timeline from when we may hear back from the fbi. i suspect those things have to intertwine. so give us a timeline in your mind on where we go from here. >> well, i think we should know something preliminarily in the next 24 hours whether it is brian laundrie. they can always have his dental records and they can check. there's two investigations going. one out at the grand teton park to try to make a determination if brian laundrie, who was considered a person of interest and in my estimation was really
1:58 pm
a suspect or had anything to do and what if anything he had to to with the death of gabby petito. but all of these things, like i said, there's two duel investigations taking place. one there in florida trying to identify these remains and see if they're in fact brian laundrie and then the one that is still going on in the grand teton park in wyoming. >> charles: ted, considering the potential conditions of the body that's been submerged under water for a certain period of time, how much more complicated would that make investigating the scene and the evidence in the grand tetons? >> well, it's according to what was going on and what if any animals got ahold of the body of gabby petito. but it may not be that difficult because they've already told us
1:59 pm
the manner and the cause of death, one being homicide, the fact that she was strangled. they had enough information to find out that on gabby petito. as it pertains to brian laundrie, the question is if that is the body, how did he die. it's more likely than not that if it's brian laundrie, i have to believe that he died as a result of a gunshot wouldn't. that is something that they'll look at. naturally if you look at that area, there's no way he could have hung himself. maybe he took some medicine and died that way. the most likely source would perhaps be that it would be gunshot. i'm sure they're looking to see if they can find a weapon. that whole area is a crime scene. keep that in mind. >> charles: ted williams, thanks so much. maybe perhaps, folks, we're
2:00 pm
getting closure on this tragedy that captured everyone's attention in this country. that will be it for us, for me today. of course, make sure you catch me tomorrow, "making money" 2:00 p.m. on fox business. a lot going on with respect to the market. we're back near an all-time high. but for now, "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld along with katie pavlich, harold ford jr., jesse watters, and she bungee jumps off a step stool, perino. "the five." ♪ ♪ fox news alert, potential major breakthrough in the manhunt for brian laundrie. the fbi confirming that they have what appears to be human remains at florida wilderness park along with personal items


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