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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 20, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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san antonio here we have. >> dana: great city. >> bill: roll this thing. >> dana: hippos, a face painting part of a sensory enrichment program they have down there. i guess it's getting a little -- there you go. you can frame it. here is harris faulkner. >> harris: alerting with the white house laughing off one of the worst supply chain disaster in our nation's history and brace yourself, we're told the situation is about to get worse. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". at this moment a record number, 100 cargo ships back logged at the port of los angeles, the largest port in america. next the worst part. 45 cargo ships scheduled to pull into port and arrive there tomorrow. the crisis has put tremendous
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strain on our economy. store shelves nationwide are waiting to be filled and the holidays right around the corner. administration reportedly considered sending in the national guard to move things along. they waited so long that now it's an emergency. but when asked directly about the crisis, white house press secretary jen psaki responded with a joke. >> it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain. people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time not to mention all sorts of other things. so why is it -- >> the tragedy of the treadmill that's delayed. >> harris: she is so funny. the "new york post" going after her with a scathing editorial head lined. send in the clowns writing disrespect, there is no other way to describe how little the biden administration and democrats in general think of the american people.
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republican lawmakers not holding back, either. >> this is where socialism always takes you. it takes you to -- >> they think the failures aren't real. this president has just failed us. >> harris: let's get more facts. william la jeunesse live in long beach, california. william. >> these are not luxuries you see behind me, but essentials the american people buy, everything, diapers, dishwashers, detergent. things we use every day but there is a traffic jam right now on the water, harris. it is backed up. 157 ships in total. 100 are offshore waiting to get in. some could be out there two to three weeks and you have 57 in port. prior to the pandemic you were looking at a total of about 17 ships, no wait times. back then it took 40 days to go from shanghai to a shelf in l.a.
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right now 80 days. time is money. the ports had wanted to add that third shift, the 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. i talked to the longshoremen today saying they're ready to do it. the terminal operators could not get it done because the truckers wouldn't come because the warehouses were full and didn't have the labor to unload the trucks so it is yet to happen. >> we have three shifts, first, second and third. we choose not to work the third because no one comes to pick up the cargo in the third shift on the other side of the supply chain there is no place to take the container. >> all the costs are going up, right? container from china to the west coast used to cost $3,000. now it's $16,000. to move 500 pounds by air, air cargo has gone from $3,000 to $5,000. trucking costs up 23% not counting the fuel. shippers are definitely looking
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for alternatives. seattle, the port there is full and back logged. oakland is open. i talked to a schipper but i have to figure out what it will cost. it may or may not pencil out. air is an alternative because there is availability there. delta had record revenues from cargo and airbus has now begun converting passenger jets to cargo jets to try to avoid the shipping bottleneck. >> it is the perfect storm right now with the record ships coming into the ports in l.a. and long beach. record volumes and really worker shortages and problems really throughout the chain. >> bottom line, harris, the ports are a mess but shipping companies are 11 had record profits in the last quarter. back to you. >> harris: speaking of money, everything will cost the rest of us more. we'll get into that on another day. william, thank you.
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the supply chain crisis is affecting everybody. the average american says this is nothing to laugh at. >> it's crazy. >> you can tell the difference. >> it is outrageous. >> i think really affects people who are just living on the edge. >> a huge impact. it impacts your entire life when you spend more on groceries and you have less for other things. >> greed, greed. >> harris: jason chaffetz. former republican congressman from utah. let's roll back the tape and start at the top. white house press secretary thinks it is something to joke about. that's troubling on many levels. i am wondering if she just sad, needs a snack and nap and come back at it? >> that would help. look, the problem is the democrats don't have an answer. it is their policies they put in place that are causing these problems. so they have to just joke it
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off and pretend it is some high-class problem. when you go to costco and can't get toilet people. the people entry level employees, fixed incomes, people who won't get big raises are the ones hurt the most. this is something that was brewing for a long time. it didn't happen just two weeks ago. that is the problem. when they started raising the price of gasoline, when they inhibited the ability of older trucks to come in and take those containers out. when the unions did what they did in terms of the labor. it was never the fault of the truckers or the blue collar people that were out there doing it. it was the democratic policies they put into place that slowed this whole thing down. they just laugh and joke about it but the problem was six months ago when they enacted all of these new policies. >> harris: i'm glad you said something about the truckers specifically. i've talked with many of them and learning along the way.
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look, some of their choices are to sleep in the truck for days out at a port. that's why you hear part of william la jeunesse's story they want to check in and get unloaded and trying to be part of what's the answer. hard to do that if the companies don't have anybody to unload what's on the trucks. let's move on. >> two quick things. the democrats changed the number of hours these truckers can work. that was a fundamental problem and something that republicans fought against. suddenly the truckers couldn't do those types of things. >> harris: great point. backlash as media outlets seem to blame american consumers, axios out with this headline. unruly customers threaten economic recovery. consultant quoted saying we've unnaturally privileged the consumer over the employee for a while now. we're seeing it shift away from
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customer obsession to a more balanced view of the world. a "washington post" op-ed titled don't rant about short staffed stores and supply chain woes. a bit from that reading consumers might have been spoiled but generations of them also dealt with shortages of some kind. now it's our turn to make adjustments. then this. the reaction. congressman mark meadows tweeting, try to lower your expectations is becoming the theme of joe biden's america. another user pay more, get less. and shut the [bleep] up about it seems like a questionable mantra going into the mid-terms. there is so much. we'll get to it a little more here. are they really test marketing bread lines weren't so bad after all? jason. >> yeah, i think i like to way mark meadows phrased that. just get used to it, folks, we'll be more like cuba than the old united states where
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things are plentiful and america first. that is the approach. remember, under the biden/harris administration what has happened over the last 18 months or so with covid is there are 4 to 5 million less people in the workforce. so when we talk about the supply chain problems. we talk about the actual retailers, when you go to a restaurant and you have people that just -- the wait staff and the people that are doing the dishes, they are working so hard because they are working with less people than they would normally work with because the biden/harris administration incentivized people to sit at home and get a check from the government. that policy has an effect. now we're seeing on the store shelves wherever you go. go check it out yourself. >> harris: true. just the litany of response from every corner of america, from every walk of life. people are feeling this. all right. let's move on. 17 state attorneys general are
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taking on president biden and the department of justice. they are accusing attorney general merrick garland of using the f.b.i. to intimidate parents and demand the d.o.j. immediately stop targeting so-called threats to school officials. indiana attorney general is leading the effort. he says the federal government must back off. >> this is crazy. parents will win the day. they are trying to divide the family, brian, so the state can come in and run our lives and grow our kids. you can talk at a school board meeting. you cannot commit violence or trespass but there are laws for that, brian. you don't need the d.o.j. involved in this matter at all. we'll stand up for the parents of this country. >> harris: so why would the federal government want to step in so heavy handedly when we have law enforcement, at least for a while. the vaccine mandates are complicated. we'll get to that later in the
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show. >> it is intimidation pure and simple. the heavy hand of federal government. they don't want to hear from parents. you see this playing out in virginia. terry mccauliffe says it out loud. parents have no say. they believe that on a nationwide level. terry mccauliffe says it out loud. this is the democratic approach to it. say nothing, let the school boards deal with it. empowering parents, really, as the democrats you'll take on parents and say you have no right to do this? come on, department of justice? there is not something else you should be working on going after parents at a school board meeting? come on. >> harris: i say this about our police officers in america. they were essential and now it's almost like they are the enemy. and i say that about parents, too. how did we go -- remember, we were in the classroom in our homes. we were essential for our children's education just a few months ago and now they want to call us something different. your last quick thought.
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>> i just don't understand how the department of justice even has 10 minutes. they have no jurisdiction. this is a state and local municipality issue period. get out of the way. work on espionage and white collar crime and kidnapping and sex trafficking and the people coming across the border illegally. let's start working on that. >> harris: a homework list for the d.o.j. thanks for being in "focus." thank you. the white house under fire for dismissing questions about those secret migrant flights. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night. let me tell you what's happening here. >> harris: republicans accuse the biden administration of hiding the consequences of the border policies as the number of arrests hit the highest level ever recorded.
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and this. >> the voice that i hear screaming at me from all ends of the military is why is it necessary? we don't understand it. it is understandable. everybody wants to do a good job who is in the military. >> harris: members of the u.s. navy taking a stand against a vaccine mandate for the military. however, sources tell fox news the navy is harassing some navy seals for seeking religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate order. an attorney representing those navy seals is in "focus" next.
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boots. the men and women who save lives and fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate. the city's deadline expired tuesday for them to get the shot. chicago may be facing a mass ex dues of police officers who refuse to comply with the city's vaccine order. mayor lori lightfoot is down playing the resistance and any threat to public safety. >> we're seeing the number of folks actually after being given the opportunities and even a direct order saying no is very small. very small. so i am not seeing at least today that there will be any disruptions in our ability to keep our neighborhoods safe. >> harris: illinois officers who find themselves out may soon have no way to travel far to find another job. indiana republican senator mike braun tells fox news quote, our
8:20 am
police do the hardest job in the world and shouldn't be fired for not complying. indiana's police departments are hiring now and will welcome you will the respect you deserve end quote. garrett tenney live in chicago. garrett. >> harris, they may not have to go to indiana. the counties surrounding chicago have a lot of job openings and sheriffs there say they are hearing from a lot of cpd officers who want to get out of the city. some because of this vaccine mandate. right now as many as several thousand officers are at risk of being taken off the streets for refusing to report their vaccination status. that has prompted the city and the state to come up with contingency plans but even those contingency plans are getting pushback. this week a statewide law enforcement coalition said chicago could need help in an
8:21 am
emergency if enough officers are taken off the jobs. several sheriffs replied they won't send any deputies to help because the mayor created this emergency herself. a sheriff told me this hour it wouldn't make sense considering many of the outside departments don't have any vaccination mandates themselves. >> bog wills me the people could sit home because of no vaccination but summon other policeman with the same problem. you depleted two police forces, your own and somebody else's. >> light foot and david brown are standing by the mandate and don't expect there will be a shortage of officers and most none compliant officers are choosing to update their status. >> i know the bravey and
8:22 am
courage. we have to do everything we can to save their lives. if it takes this mandate, if it takes going through counseling session, going through a no-pay status, going to internal affairs for direct order, if that's what it takes, i'm willing to do it. >> remember, we could be back right here again come january when testing is no longer an option and once again several thousand officers could be at risk of being taken off the streets if they are unvaccinated. harris. >> harris: i wonder what the crime will look like then? the mayors are trying to downplay the numbers and all that and it isn't a big deal. if it weren't they wouldn't keep having news conferences about it. garrett, thank you. >> that's the big question and concern for everyone. >> harris: the u.s. navy is promising severe punishment for service members who don't comply with the defense department's order to be
8:23 am
vaccinated. sources telling fox news navy seals seeking religious exemptions are facing intimidate and harassment. general counsel at first liberty institute and marine reservist is representing some 34 active duty navy seals and two reservists. welcome. good to have you on the program. first of all, what's your argument against the mandate? what are you doing legally? >> thanks, harris. we represent a large number of u.s. navy seals at first liberty. they've been threatened, harassed, intimidated, silenced. they don't have a voice. first liberty is the only voice they have right now and look, we hope that we don't have to challenge this in court but if we have to, that's absolutely what we'll do in order to protect these elite warriors. right now they are supposed to be fighting for our nation and right now they are fighting for
8:24 am
their careers and livelihoods. the navy is essentially forcing them to choose between their faith and serving their nation and nobody should ever have to submit to an ideological litmus test like this. >> harris: the argument is based on religious exemptions. walk it out for us. what will you say in their defense? the whole country is watching. police and military are very different. we'll get to that in a moment and their resource. americans across the board are having this conversation about the argument that you are about to make. >> it all starts with the u.s. constitution, right? the first amendment the free exercise of religion is enshrined in our constitution and part of the bedrock foundation of this country and what our country was founded upon and guess what? not just the u.s. constitution but federal law and department of defense regulations themselves require the department of defense to honor religious freedom. we have regulations now that
8:25 am
say that religious accommodations should be granted and shall be granted and only in the most limited of circumstances the government has a very high bar that it has to meet in order to deny a religious accommodation. we've been told from the pentagon from the highest levels that the d.o.d. does not intend to approve any religious accommodation request and to my knowledge and i've heard it from multiple sources not a single religious accommodation has been approved at this point. that's insane. that can't be the case but yet that's exactly where we are. >> harris: you do your job. i watch and observe. one thing i would put into the conversation i would be looking for right now areas where they have made exceptions for other things. right? i'm sure there has been. >> there are exceptions, medical exceptions in there, and one of the interesting things is the way the navy is
8:26 am
going after these seals is they've told them that look, even if your religious exemption is approved we'll kick you out of the navy seals and family members not subject to d.o.d. jurisdiction are not allowed to travel. your spouse and children who want to go home to visit family can't travel. if your religious exemption is not approved we'll come after you for recruitment for the money spent training you up to $2 million per individual seal. we're asking people to help us fight for our warriors. go to first because we're all in for our navy seals and asking people to get behind us and help us do that. >> harris: first we'll get it up so people can have a further conversation about this. when you talk about clawing back the specific and specialized training for a navy seal and going after their
8:27 am
family, that feels punitive on a host of levels and by the way, when my dad fought, they prayed before they went into battle. come on, there is religious exceptions. >> it is purely vindictive and showing their true colors at the pentagon. i believe this is nothing more than an ideological purge. >> harris: mike berry, come back when you make movement. we'll report it in focus. thank you. >> thanks for having me absolutely. >> harris: more brutal polling for president biden. it has some people asking where is joe's endpoint here? is there a bottom to these polls? especially in light of an especially bad milestone. and there is this. >> we've never seen anything like it before where you are literally talking about an i.r.s. dragnet across the bank accounts of every single american. >> harris: republicans saying
8:28 am
the democrat plan to scale back i.r.s. snooping plan is nothing but a whitewash and still a dangerous attack on your privacy. how is that? what will they get to? the top republican on the ways and means committee, congressman kevin brady of texas is in "focus." stay close.
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while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves. >> under the proposal the intimate financial details of everyone in this room at a minimum of every american who has the job will be turned over on a daily basis to the i.r.s.. this stuff is crazy. president xi would be proud. >> harris: senator john kennedy there among many republicans who are saying our privacy is under attack. they say democrats scaled back
8:34 am
version of their original i.r.s. proposal to snoop on bank accounts is meaningless. democrats raised the threshold from $600 to $10,000 for banks to monitor our every transaction. elizabeth warren, one of the plan's earliest backers is taking on the critics. >> i'm curious what your response is to republicans changing it from $600 to $10,000 really doesn't change who is going to be impacted. can you just give me your quick responses to your? >> they're wrong. of course it changes. the whole point here is to catch tax cheats, high net worth tax cheats. >> harris: congressional correspondent aishah hosni with more details. >> republicans are saying look, you can change the number all day long but what doesn't change is the privacy concern,
8:35 am
your privacy. originally we know that democrats wanted to strengthen and embolden the i.r.s. for the build back better plan. after pushback from banks and republicans and democrats raised the threshold of monitoring from $600 to $10,000 in annual deposits or withdrawals. the change will exempt anyone who gets a w2. all wage earners on payroll like firefighters, teachers, anyone on federal programs like social security. republicans say a large part of the working population here will still face privacy issues. >> if you have an $800 monthly payment for your rent, you have a $400 for food for the entire year, $10,000 you are now going to be audited potentially and certainly investigated, your accounts by the i.r.s.. i think we must be very careful when that number goes up it
8:36 am
sounds like a big change. the truth is every single working american will still be captured an their financial information transferred to the i.r.s.. >> democrats are saying republicans are making things up. they blasted republicans and saying he would put his privacy hawk credentials up against anyone in the senate saying we're not creating any new surveillance. >> harris: i wonder if he will open up his bank accounts, too. not that i'm interested. >> we could ask. >> harris: kevin brady, the top republican of the house ways and means committee is in focus. so there are a lot of things that cost thousands of dollars in our lives. a funeral, for example. that triggers the i.r.s.? >> yeah. good to see you, harris. thank you for really pulling the curtain back on this issue. look, all this is being written
8:37 am
in secret by democrats. what we do know is they are demanding to hire 80,000 new i.r.s. agents to harass taxpayers and insisting on this i.r.s. bank surveillance scheme. it ought to be troubling. it will -- look, at this point what we know is that if you are spending $200 a week you will be swept up in this surveillance. we know that if at the end of the year the i.r.s. suspects suspicious activity in your personal or business account they will be able to seek transaction by transaction details about your life there. this too, by the way, is an i.r.s. that unfortunately has a troubling history of targeting americans based on political beliefs and again this is a pattern under joe biden and the white house. they continue to leak personal
8:38 am
private taxpayer information. and so this ought to be troubling. i think at the end of the day as i've looked at this they aren't targeting high net income individuals or big corporations. they believe that families, farmers and small businesses are tax cheats and this is the way they believe they can go after them. >> harris: so i'm not on the house ways and means committee. my math might not be too strong. 52 times two. what aren't we spending a couple hundred dollars a week on? that's over $10,000 a year if you're eating. and americans are struggling during an inflation period now. but that means that everybody gets looked at. by you giving us that information of $200, what does that look like? it looks like everybody. >> it really does look like everybody. they talked about making exceptions to this again all written behind closed doors. >> harris: why is it secret by
8:39 am
the way? why is it secret? they didn't invite anybody to take a look at this? >> no, no, no, this is all secret discussions. what we're getting is what they choose to leak to the media. the american public understands exactly what's going on here. by the way, all this is done because they think they can generate a couple hundred billion dollars for them to giveaway to their special interest groups in this tax bill. it ought to frighten every american. >> harris: let's get to this. white house press secretary jen psaki appearing to make light of a "new york post" report exposing the secret -- that word again -- secret nighttime flights carrying migrant children from the texas border region. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure it's the
8:40 am
middle of the night. >> very early in the morning. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they swiftly can be swiftly unified with a parent or vetted sponsor. >> harris: there it is again with the jokes. republicans such as senator tom cotton don't think this is funny. >> obvious reason they're flying the migrants across the country in the dead of night because they don't want to reveal the consequences of their open borders policy. if they were proud of their policy and thought it was a political winner for them they would have the flights in the middle of the daytime. >> harris: night flights, all of this coming as videos from some 20 hidden cameras in arizona show lines of migrants streaming into the state in remote mountain and desert areas. the stunning report from the "washington post". arrests by the border patrol
8:41 am
have soared to the highest levels ever recorded. look at the number on your screen. 1.7 million migrants for the physical year that ended in september. >> i was thinking perhaps the white house could put joe biden on one of those planes and fly him down to the border so he can see what he has wrought. we have never seen anything like this in our lifetime, certainly in the damage is not just located in states like ours, in texas, but across the country. i have noted, as you have, the fentanyl deaths now are at an all-time high and some numbers 100,000 americans die. what has changed this year from last to do that? the difference obviously is on open borders policy where we're
8:42 am
seeing not just migrants crossing but drug traffickers, sex and human traffickers and criminal gangs as well and the president absolutely ignores this issue, denies there is a crisis, but americans -- i think this is one of the reasons his approval ratings is just dropping. it seems by the day. average americans understand how serious this border crisis is. >> harris: sure they do. they see it in their own communities as you just laid out. mid-term elections looming. voters will talk about this. congressman kevin brady from texas. great to have you in focus. >> good to see you, take care. >> harris: "washington post" lashing out at the squad and other progressive now blaming them for stalling the president's tax and spend agenda. it comes as president joe biden's approval rating is falling like a lead balloon
8:43 am
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>> you look at almost any poll that comes out and the president's numbers have dropped dramatically from earlier this year. the biggest drop has been among independents that will decide the 2022 mid-terms. the democrats are in grave difficulty in 2022. no ifs, ands or buts. >> harris: the approval numbers continue to slide south. a new poll shows just 37% of americans approve of the president. that same poll also shows biden's favorability rating has fallen below that of donald trump. 41% say they have a favorable view of trump, just 40% say they have a favorable opinion of biden. a big drop from his highest marks in february when 54% of americans viewed him favorably. the president's falling popularity comes amid mounting
8:49 am
crises for the administration including and you know them because they are in "focus." supply chain crisis, 30-year high inflation rate, worsening border disaster, the list goes on. you can look. we usually scroll it. today we have pictures. david bossie wrote the white house must be a very difficult place to work. they're running out of options, questions like how did it get so bad so quickly? and what can we do to stop the bleeding are getting harder and harder to answer. the sudden fall from grace has been nothing short of precipitous and experts are wondering where the bottom is for biden. all of that a quote. power panel now, matt gorman former rnc communications director, crystal knight former critical director of priorities usa. how troubling is this, matt?
8:50 am
you've done a lot of messaging. what would you say about this? >> it should be troubling. we're clearly worse off than we were a year ago. the key is this, right? biden is not leading. his white house is not leading or shaping events they're responding to them. a good example is this. when asked to confront an issue or change an issue, they seek to change how the media portrays it, not the issue itself. we saw quibbling over not middle of the night flights, early morning flights. if the supply chain issue, it is a bunch of treadmills. not a crisis at the border, it's a challenge or problem. they play the word games or semantic games. they can't tackle the issue itself. that's a bad sign for where they are going. >> harris: they are going to need some new messaging. crystal, what is your rebuttal? >> we have to remember in october 2017 trump's approval
8:51 am
rating was 38%. this is not unusual for a president his first term battling multiple crises that we've seen. >> harris: joe biden said he would build back better. i would imagine the part of build if your polling number are lower than trump. >> american people should expect the polling numbers to improve once the biden infrastructure bill is passed. i can't promise what the poll numbers will be overnight. >> harris: i said is that going to solve inflation overnight? >> no, no, no, absolutely not. >> harris: will that solve the border crisis overnight. >> many of the crises this president is facing now are not overnight solutions. the president is attempting to make sure every single policy that he is putting out will -- >> harris: you think it can be
8:52 am
fixed with this one legislative move. >> i don't think anything can be fixed with one bill or agenda. we were talking about the polling numbers so what i'm doing is comparing where donald trump was in october 2017 and where the president is right now. >> harris: the question is how does biden turn this around? that's the messaging that they need? >> he turns it around once his agenda gets passed the american people will begin to think about this presidency and this administration differently and we'll see the numbers reflected in the latest polls. what we're seeing right now are crisis upon crisis happening and the president and his administration is responding akoeshdingly and why the numbers are where they are. >> i will go back to you, matt. your thoughts. >> with all due respect i was in the exact same position making the same argument back in october 2017. i kept saying if we pass tax reform we'll right the ship. president trump's approval ratings will go up and republicans will succeed in the mid-terms. i was there firsthand and tell
8:53 am
you we all know we got wiped out in 2018, right? tax reform while extremely good policy and good for the economy we saw it was not the silver bullet we thought it would be. if democrats are banking on this trillions of dollars of unpaid for spending to be their silver bullet in 2022 i've been there. it ain't going to work. >> harris: despite biden's polling numbers terry mccauliffe the democratic candidate for virginia governor insisted that president biden will campaign for him. >> he is coming and i'll let the white house make the official announcement. i can promise you that president biden will be back in state very soon before the election. >> harris: the white house has yet to confirm that but several other democrat heavy hitters will be joining terry mccauliffe on the campaign trail including vice president kamala harris and former president barack obama. crystal, can joe biden, with
8:54 am
the sliding mojo measured in the poll numbers help out terry mccauliffe who just made another mistake on the campaign trail? he doesn't like the media because we don't ask the right questions. >> harris, any top ticket democrat can absolutely help terry mccauliffe in his governor's race. what we've seen already is dr. jill biden has been, keisha lance bottoms has been, georgia candidate stacey abrams has been and there is a promise that former president barack obama will be there as well. president biden going to help out mccauliffe is absolutely helpful. we need to protect that particular state. virginia is important to the democratic election. >> harris: reporters might ask joe biden questions he doesn't want to answer, either. at least we'll get a shot at him. 15 seconds, matt. >> every word out of terry mccauliffe's mouth is a noun, verb and donald trump.
8:55 am
he needs trump to fire up the liberal base. they are not engaged right now. >> harris: thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break. veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more because the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. use that cash to pay high rate credit card debt or plan for retirement. the newday 100 va loan. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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