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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 20, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> dana: this has been going on for months most arriving during the night. the administration insists it's all above board. >> why is the administration flying people in the middle of the night? >> i don't know if it's in the middle of the night. >> very early in the morning. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they swiftly can be unified with a parent or vetted sponsor. something we take seriously. >> bill: we go to team fox coverage. mike tobin at the border live today. griff jenkins with the news from washington we begin there. >> good morning. let me address those numbers you gave.
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they are shocking and your math is correct. 35-year high. more importantly, they are confirming that the president's crisis at the border is showing no signs of slowing down. now, the "washington post" report suggests they have seen these final september numbers yet to be publicly released. we should already have them. it is october 20th. without them there are already more than 1,541,000 apprehensions on record. if it ends at more than 1.7 million we're talking a minimum of 150,000 for september or above 200,000. if that's the case it would be the third straight month above 200,000 for comparison, apprehensions in 2020 were less than 58,000 in september. meanwhile at the white house press secretary jen psaki has a different view of the middle of the night. as we heard in the answer you played she defended the flights as part of the administration's
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legal responsibility known as the federal flores act to release minors within 20 days of apprehension. the critics aren't buying the secretive nature of how it is being handled. >> they are flying them across the country in the dead of night because they don't want to reveal the consequences of the open borders policy. if they thought it would be a winner they would have the flights in the middle of the daytime. >> it comes as the chris magnus faced a grilling in the senate refusing to call the unprecedented surge of migrants a crisis. he needs gop support to be confirmed and a full senate vote down party lines. the border czar harris can break the note. >> dana: the biden administration is releasing thousands of migrants zboo the
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u.s. mike tobin at the southern border as the crisis is worsening. >> to griff's reporting there is no sign of this slowing up at all. before sunset yesterday groups of migrants just started showing up. the first group crossed the river a little before sunset and found a gap where the wall was incomplete and came across. they came through the brush and came up a road which led to the ball field that i'm standing now where they knew they would get help and processed. the first group was comprised of people from honduras and nicaragua. two of the families carried babies. they were all covered from head-to-toe in bug bites. everyone was dirty and thirsty. one father said they hitched rides for 20 days. unaware if they could make it or stay. hopeful for a better future. >> in mexico city they boarded a trailer that had no ventilation. people were passing out. they couldn't breathe. they were in it for two hours
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and that was what got them worried about their daughter's safety. >> we both suffered hunger, thirst, threats, danger. we've all suffered sleeping in warehouses just to make it to this country where everyone is free. >> a source with border patrol tells us the families will be able to stay. they'll get a notice to appear at a later date. the single adults made the trip in vein. they'll be sent back. the groups of families showing up at different locations along the border but filtered were runners, the people who don't want to be detected and they were more spread out. why the family got so many resources and attention from state police and from the border patrol, you had these runners infiltrating along the border and they simply just overwhelmed them. too many for the authorities to pick them all up. >> dana: thank you. i think, bill, what that shows is the people coming across
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know what the laws are. our laws. they know family units get to stay and single males are going to be deported. >> bill: we want to reflect a little bit on the exchange in the white house yesterday briefing room. "new york post" characterized it this way. it is not funny is the cover from this morning earlier today. inside the article, dana, the numbers blow you away. so far in this year 132,000 underage migrants taken into federal custody. up 64% from 2019, up 300% from 2020 and concludes. an open door and invitation for hundreds of thousands more about them knowing the laws. ted cruz was with us yesterday. he just went off. have a listen here. >> their political strategy is based on secrecy. what's happening at the southern border is a tragedy. we have had over 1.3 million
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people cross illegally. a path to have over 2 million people cross. joe biden and kamala harris caused this and their entire strategy is ignore it and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore it as well. of course they fly in the middle of the night because they have no defense. >> dana: yesterday on "the five" katie pavlich and jesse waters make good points make the united states have to finish what is a human trafficking operation, unaccompanied minors are given to coyotes, bring them across, danger, we finish that job by taking them to their families or sponsor in the united states. >> bill: with regard to the media by far and away we've covered the story more than any other outlet. that has been evident based on the past nine months of our reporters being down there and getting images like mike tobin shared there. record 100 cargo ships off the coast of l.a.
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it will continue to back up. companies continue to face truck and rail and warehouse issues. william la jeunesse is live at the port of l.a. with the latest on that. good morning. >> good morning, bill. there is a ship going by now. it is so dark but i can tell you one thing, no one is out here unloading containers right now contrary to what president biden said last week that the ports were going 24/7. in fact, the situation is getting worse. there are now 157 ships here. that is a record. 100 are offshore waiting to get in. 57 are in port. now, for context, prior to the pandemic, a total of 17 ships. we're up 800%. the problem spilling over to nearby neighborhoods block wading one street to all truck traffic and container crushed a parked car. when you see the ships, remember time is money. it is now taking 83% longer to get a product from china to
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u.s. stores. in all those shipping costs are going up. container from china last year $3,000, now $16,000. trucking a container is now 282 a mile. up 7-year high. the point is, shippers are looking for alternatives. >> they are looking for better solutions, whether that's utilizing different ports, utilizing different trucking companies, whether it is utilizing different types of warehousing services to help them manage the costs. >> some are going to the east coast and some going to a port nearby. some to seattle. oakland right now is open and looking to that as an alternative. air is more expensive but looking at that because it's faster. delta air cargo profits are up
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39% revenue. and airbus is now converting passenger planes to cargo planes because there is so much money in it. people asked me when will it end? all i can say they expect 45 more ships by friday. back to you. >> bill: by friday, wow. we go to 150 off l.a. william la jeunesse in california. >> dana: one thing that makes environmentalists mad emissions are going up. >> bill: a thread that's saying you, me and america suck it up. watching the post here is the opinion piece. don't rant about short staff stores and supply chain woes. the quote. american consumers expectations pampered and catered to for decades are not accustomed to inconvenience. >> dana: americans are wrong to have a belief in american excellence. we can do this. it is not just inconveniences, it is serious. school cafeteria food shortage is a big deal.
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people not being able to get car parts and limits on the supplies you can buy. if you are in a rural area and want to buy diapers and get two packs, you have to drive back another time. these aren't just inconveniences. >> bill: not knowing when it will end. we have a system, make it work and figure it out. >> dana: senate republicans warning your privacy is under attack despite a proposed scaled down version of irs monitoring bank accounts. democrats said it is designed to enforce laws for the wealthy. this is developing. >> good morning, dana. democrats are here caving to the pressure but republicans don't see that as a win at all. originally democrats wanted banks to monitor $600 or more in annual deposits or withdrawals from your account at home. they said this would help close the tax gap and also help pay for the president's multi-trillion dollar build back better after the pushback they got
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from banks, constituents, and republicans democrats have now raised that threshold to $10,000. a change will exempt all wage earners on payrolls like firefighters and teachers, anyone on federal programs like social security but republicans say nothing that's really changed because they see this as a privacy issue. they say the i.r.s. is gaining access to account information for millions of americans. >> do you folks really want to live in a state where the government knows every one of your details of your life including finances? if you do, i hear china is beautiful this time of year. >> a senator who pushed for the threshold hike, a democrat, is blasting republicans saying he would put his privacy hawk credentials against anyone in the senate. he said we aren't creating any
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new surveillance. warren also fighting back. >> they're wrong. of course it changes, but the whole point here is to catch tax cheats, high net worth tax cheats. the idea behind it is to say look, most people who are just salaried who have wages get a w2 form so they are third party reporting. it means the employer reports not only to the employee but also to the i.r.s.. >> a republican suggested let's audit the billionaires and be done with it. >> dana: backtracking. biden weaponizing the i.r.s. leaves families and businesses lower returns on savings. tim scott will be with us. he will be able to explain how the biden administration completely botched this. >> bill: i don't know if it
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will be in the final bill. i was talking to an accountant. they will have to employees that happen every day in american banking system. the algorithm based on the computers catching this and they would send you an automated letter and ask yourself what do i do with this now and ultimately leads to harassment. let's see whether or not they work this out in the final bill. in the meantime new york's may more deblasio mandating police to get the vaccine or get placed on unpaid leave. how the unions are responding to that. >> dana: more than a dozen states coming to the defense of parents who say the biden administration is trying to silence them on school curriculums. details on that. >> bill: a reported chinese missile test causing experts to sound the alarm. was the administration caught flat footed? john ratcliffe is here to answer that question next. >> the chinese have developed a
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>> the capabilities flying at the speed of sound. hypersonic. it's difficult to defend against the fact the chinese can deliver a missile component, think how big los angeles is. it's a serious matter and one our department of defense and president himself must take seriously. >> bill: watch this story. mike pompeo sounded the alarm over reports of china tested a hypersonic missile. want to bring in former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe. thank you for your time.
6:21 am
all the reporting suggests we were caught flat footed. didn't know about it and superseded our own abilities. what do you know about this? >> the reporting is not accurate in that respect. look, we've known about the chinese testing df17 hypersonic missile as far back as 2013. when i was dni last year i commissioned and cleared several intelligence products on the state of chinese hyper sonics but i want to obscure the point this is a troubling development. it is not surprising but it is troubling and one of the reasons last year i increased our intelligence spending on china by 20%. our intelligence very clearly told us that there are discrete areas and hypersonics is one of them we didn't know exactly where the chinese were but we were afraid they were ahead of us in terms of hypersonic technologies and this testing bears that out.
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>> dana: rich lowry wrote this in the "new york post." we're facing a new cold war with china. need to act like it. went on to say we have a zombie arms control policy focused on deals with russia and china has been adding new weapons and delivery systems. we allowed china to rob our technology and use it against us. >> rich lowry is exactly right and i wrote an article last year that said the same thing from the perspective of someone who saw all of our most sensitive intelligence. on all of those fronts china intending to dominate us economically, technologically and militarily. this is all part of an effort and it is why, you know, why i called for increased spending on china and why there has been to be a greater focus and influence going forward. china will be one of the defining political issues going forward. i know that the biden administration wants them to be
6:23 am
a strategic competitor. i wish they were. they are proving themselves with each passing day to be the ruthless government that kills and tortures its own citizens, lies, cheats and steals in the global marketplace and responsible at least as approximate cause for 5 million people dying from a pandemic that started in china last year. that's who china is. unless and until we focus on that as our greatest adversary that wants to supplant us as the world' super power we'll continue to see things like what happened over the weekend that demonstrate china is getting in front of us. they're spending money in places that we should be instead of on infrastructure bills that people don't know what's in them. >> bill: there are remarkable parallels so what you are describing. 1960s usa/soviet union. the problem with the hypersonic missiles they're hard to track and defend against. we don't have the defensive
6:24 am
abilities to defend ourselves if they were used against us. correct me if i'm wrong about that. and if you would tell us how do you believe this administration is now handling beijing. because many of the policies the trump administration put forward are still being pursued, are they not? >> yeah. so to the technology that you are talking about exactly right. hypersonic, they are ballistic missile technology but don't have ballistic trajectories typically how we would track those things. when they were more of a cruise missile technology and maneuver bit they're harder to defend. why agencies are developing sensors to modify our missile defense systems to adjust to hypersonic. that's one of the things that's happening. what i will say to give people a sense of comfort, even though
6:25 am
we currently don't have the missile technologies to defend adequately against hyper sonics the chinese don't have the ability to defend against our missile arsenal. there is a measure of comfort but it underscores the point where our focus needs to be and why again we should be spending trillions of dollars on matching where china is spending money in places like supersonics or emerging technologies. machine learning, quantum computing and things i highlighted saying there are places china is matching and surpassing us and that's what the biden administration needs to focus on. and they just have to stop this empty rhetoric about china and stop talking about them as a strategic competitor when what they are is an adversary that
6:26 am
wants to supplant the united states and threat. the intelligence is clear. we need to be clear as well in our response and not let china see the biden administration as an opportunity for the next three years to advance in ways they weren't in the prior administration. >> bill: national defense. >> dana: no argument from me. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> dana: happy birthday, too. closely watched race for virginia's governor entering the homestretch. republicans are hoping to flip the solid blue state red with a focus on the issue of education. is that a winning strategy? our political panel is up next. >> the already passionate parent-driven movement is more outraged. >> i'm for raising the minimum wage for $15. glen youngkin is against every one of those policies.
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two weeks away fwor the governor of education. analysts say the tight contest could be decided by fired up parents concerned about their children's schooling. all happening amid fallout over an alleged sex assault at one of the state's public schools. >> today i'm calling for an immediate investigation into the loudon county school board for their gross negligence. they had a duty of care and they failed. they endangered our students and violated the virginia constitution. >> dana: let's bring in our panel. we have veteran "politico"s. president obama and president biden will go try to help terry mccauliffe. it seems he looks like he knows he is running this tight race. things aren't feeling good. i notice that he is campaigning in alexandria, virginia, the
6:33 am
northern virginia suburb which at this point in the race if he is having to campaign there what does that tell you? >> well, this is a race of turnout. the most interesting statistic the president's party lost 11 of the last 12 virginia governor's races. typically virginia tends to be a bellwether and wants to be a counterintuitive here. what the democrats are concerned about is turnout and why they are bringing out the big guns in obama and biden to make sure they get these drop-off voters who they are worried about not voting in a president -- in a governor's election. >> dana: karl rove showed us those numbers in terms of early voting are way below what democrats need to pull out a win. terry mccauliffe yesterday ended an interview abruptly. >> all right, we're over. that's it, that's it. i gave you extra time. come on, man. you should have asked better questions early on. questions the viewers care
6:34 am
about. >> dana: roo*ins, -- reince, when you were at the rnc what would you have thought about that candidate's state of mind? >> he is flustered and jim is right. this has been trending democrat, this state for many, many years but i think what's happened here is glen youngkin has done a good job of exploiting the issue of education, whether or not parents should be involved in their kids' schools, which it seems like a bizarre thing to even question. terry mccauliffe -- biden's numbers with independents and lazy voters is only at 32%. and terry mccauliffe has become that used to be really cool car in the driveway. now it's old and boring. what's happening here, though, youngkin has to get out to loudon county because if you go back four years ago, ed gillespie broke every record
6:35 am
there was in the republican party in loudon county but still lost. what's happening is the turnout issue is front and center. last quick thing. the reason why both parties are targeting the national message is that there aren't a lot of kind of gubernatorial, high propensity voters left. 1.8 million people voted in 2020 that did not vote in 2017 in the last governor's race. that means both parties are specifically targeting those only presidential voters that are moved by the big guns to turn out and vote. that's what you are seeing happening. it will be very, very close. >> dana: jim, when you have parents who are fired up and mad after covid closures, all that you saw this year with critical race theory and now this horrible situation in loudon county with the accusation of a rape that was presumably hidden under the rug, is that something that could tip this in the
6:36 am
republican's favor? >> that's what glen youngkin is banking on. i agree with reince. both parties are making this a national issue. mccauliffe has largely campaigned on abortion after the texas decision trying to fire up those suburban women who the end not to vote in governor elections. both campaigns have nationalized it an interesting way and the first bellwether which party has momentum going into the 2022 mid-terms. >> dana: and that's why we would love to have you back at some point to talk about that. eye on virginia until 2022. thank you so much. >> bill: mayor bill deblasio announcing a new vaccine mandate applying to all city workers including police and fire departments. new york will require all public servants to get a shot. the first shot by the 29th of october. if they do not they'll be placed on unpaid leave. about 70% of city workers are
6:37 am
currently vaccinated according to records here in the city. we'll see how it goes. a lot of people have been public how they feel about that. the numbers within the police department and fire doept, watch that story. meanwhile a tense day of negotiations we're told. the white house, though, saying that president biden is very confident about saving his spending agenda. what's in the bill now? we'll talk to one of the progressives in the meeting yesterday. meghan mccain slamming the view as a toxic work environment and what she said was the reason it made it impossible for her to stick around. >> i don't think that people who go into liberal spaces, which is every other space except fox news and media, i don't think you should be punished for it and personal life should be impacted and that's exactly what happened to me.
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>> dana: meghan mccain opening up about being a conservative in mainstream media. she said she was targeted and treated differently as a token conservative. here she is on hannity last night. >> being a conservative woman
6:43 am
in the liberal moment -- the more i pressed liberal candidates and liberal guests on the show the worse it got for me backstage and spilling out on air. i probably would not have survived emotionally the past five years of my life between my dad's passing and cancer and everything that i speak about in my memoir happening at the view and other things in my personal life if it weren't for the women i met at fox news. i had a sisterhood at fox that i lost at the view. >> dana: she says in her book one of the reasons she decided to leave is when she became a mother she realized she wanted a different course for her life. we wish her well. >> bill: i was watching that from last night. the further on the trump administration went, the more vitriol it got toward her. >> dana: we watched it. >> bill: okay now. will democrats get a deal on the trillions of dollars in new spending? this is the golden question in america. president said to be lowering his proposal to under $2 trillion to the white house. >> our goal is to continue to
6:44 am
make progress and based on the morning meetings and our expectation of the afternoon meetings we expect they will do exactly that. >> bill: wisconsin democratic congressman house progressive caucus chair, thank you for your time, great to have you on. you have a trillion requests, we have a trillion questions ourselves here. you have a long, long list. what are you willing to leave on the table and give up, sir? >> well, i think the conversation we had yesterday with the president was our priorities are to keep as many of his priorities in the build back better agenda and do them for a slightly shorter amount of time just to get them started to see if they will work well for the american people and make sure they are immediate. american people will see some benefits as quickly as possible as we are getting out of the covid era. so we were very happy to hear that is also the president's strategy. we want to make sure the american people benefit. at the end of the day that's what the bill will show.
6:45 am
>> bill: you would be willing to concede fewer years for these programs to get them into law and we have seen when these programs are in the law they are hard to extract. is that the clear strategy you have today? >> it is similar to when social security came out. many of the same arguments you heard about social security when it was created. now we see it is one of the most popular programs the federal government offers. the child tax cut that 40 million american families are getting now that will be extended because of the build back better agenda is a tax cut for working people. so often when you look at the last administration, the tax cut they had 86% of the money went to the top 1%. this is a benefit that real people will get and see and also have cost savings on things like childcare and prescription drug prices. >> dana: there are a lot of
6:46 am
details to be worked out. while those details are working out the president's poll numbers have gone down. his political capital he has less to spend. the other side of capitol hill and that's the senate. you have two democrats who i know have been a little thorn in the side to the house democrats. here is something that you said about kyrsten sinema. half of manchin and sinema have shown us something waiting for the other half to show us something other than a designer purse. do you think that's a way to get kyrsten sinema to come to the table and accept some of these ideas? >> first of all i came to congress with kirsten. i know her well. there was a picture of her with joe manchin. there was a pink purse. what i was getting at is joe manchin is negotiating like a legislator is supposed to negotiate. i may not agree with him but we'll get to the deal.
6:47 am
we could use more of that in public from senator sinema. i know her values but we need to see it on the table. you can't negotiate if someone doesn't put on the table what they are for. >> dana: she said she has been clear, sir. she said she has been clear. >> that was 10 days, two weeks ago that comment. everyone is working together right now. there are 200 plus democrats in the house, 48 in the senate rolling together. a couple in the senate and a few in the house are picking out what wood it will be made out of. we'll get the bill done at the end of the day because it is so important for the american people and i think senator sinema and manchin will be there. >> bill: you see the inflation numbers. why is it smart to pump trillions more dollars out of washington into the economy especially now? >> we just had a presentation from an economist this morning from moody's did a great job we're at the peak of the inflation because everything just reopened from covid. in many cases things are coming
6:48 am
back to pre-covid prices. they went down because of covid when people were out of work, etc. now they are getting back to where they were. they show the trajectory going back down. the problem is not everyone has benefited from all parts of the economy. many people in my district and across the country are still hurting. >> bill: a lot more people can hurt with inflation. you know the trap that comes with that type of economics now. do you consider yourself a capitalist or a socialist? >> i've been a small business owner for 33 years. you tell me. >> bill: you are saying -- >> i know about capitalism. >> you are saying you are a capitalist? >> when you are a small business owner since you got out of college and had hair longer than anyone the republicans in congress have owned the small business more than 98% of them. i think i'm good at understanding capitalism. >> bill: i love the answer. however, in this tax plan here, you are going to go after some americans and you are going to
6:49 am
tax more than 60% of their gross income depending where they live in the country. i know you want the revenue. is that fair? >> no. so that is a misrepresentation of what joe biden has in his plan. there is no final bill out there yet, right? we have what we passed in the house. until we see a final bill, what joe biden has said people who make more than $400,000 and corporations that haven't paid their fair share often who hide their profits overseas are the ones to pay it. it will cost nothing to the average person. >> bill: my point is some americans who are high earners between state and city and washington and obamacare, they are up 60% of gross. last question. one last question. >> it was taken out during the trump era tax cut that affected those folks more than almost anything so you are right,
6:50 am
those folks are upset they are paying more in taxes. they should go to the republicans who passed that bill that benefited the top. >> bill: a moderate democrat from new jersey and big on is salt deal. he was the only one in the second meeting who came out and publicly talked about the meeting. collectively your group went to the microphone at the white house and put a statement out as well. we didn't really see that from the other side. what does that tell us do you think? >> what it tells me and if you talk to people like myself or jayapal we don't go into a lot of details because it isn't finalized yet. the president is anxious to get it done and working hard behind the scenes and how he operates to get it done. until there is actually something in ink, we don't want to put out something and misrepresent what's in the bill. the good news is, it looks like things are largely moving forward that is in the president's agenda. some things unfortunately will drop off. some things will have a shorter time period. at the end of the day the real
6:51 am
benefit to the american people will be a tax cut for 40 million american families vee wra the child tax break. lower prescription drugs and childcare and medicare and other care for family members create millions of jobs, many that will tackle climate change and it is paid for. most important. no cost to the average person. >> bill: it costs nothing, zero. >> to the average person absolutely not. >> dana: all right. one thing we do know. president biden got everyone together. democrats for today unified. we'll stay in touch. >> bill: please come back, okay? >> i would love to. >> bill: there is a lot on the line here. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> dana: some auto parts on hold for months and fewer workers to make repairs we'll talk to an auto body shop owner how the situation is affecting her business and 17 state attorneys general telling the biden administration, new
6:52 am
pushback on the justice department's effort to crack down on school board meetings next.
6:53 am
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6:57 am
when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> global supply chain crisis bearing down on auto repair shops. my next guest says some customers have been waiting for months to get their cars fixed. thank you for your time and good morning to you. what are you dealing with? >> we're dealing with parts on back order that have no release dates. we're dealing with supplies as far as paint material goes as well. we're dealing with unhappy people who are running out of rental coverage and no way to get to work or get their children to school. it is a mess. >> bill: wow. when did this start? >> it's been getting progressively worse up until
6:58 am
about 2 months ago it really kicked in. it has been getting progressively worse and the worst part is that if you are going to your insurance you have a limited amount of rental coverage. if you're a claimant you can be in the rental as long as you need. you don't have money to lay out for rental cars. it is a frustrating situation. >> bill: it seems like a domino effect, right? not just for you but for the customer. >> it is, right. it is. you know, from an employer point of view, we have vehicles sitting that we can't get paid on so i still have to pay my people and my bills but i can't get paid on these vehicles. if we can make them safe to drive we do and have them come back for the part. if we can't the vehicle will sit until it's complete, i don't get paid. >> bill: you don't get paid, right. how many people are there out there just like you? thousands?
6:59 am
>> exactly. right. we're mom and pop, my husband and i. we're family. we stuck it out during covid. everybody got paid. we didn't cut benefits for 401k and take care of our people and continue to do so. it's a situation beyond our control that we can't control. that's infuriating. if it's on me and i'm making business decisions that put me here that's one thing but it is not. it's something that you can solve. every problem there is a solution. and if you're not doing anything about it, you are either incompetent or you can't or you have -- you are intentionally doing it. it is just frustrating. you wonder where is this coming from and why? >> bill: can you answer that yet? >> pardon? >> bill: can you answer that yet? >> can i answer it?
7:00 am
no, i wish i had the answers. my answer, hire somebody from chick-fil-a and you will have the barges emptied within a week. that's my solution. there has to be somebody out there that can facilitate this happening. my parts are probably floating out there someplace. >> bill: thank you and good luck. we'll keep in touch with you. >> dana: she is not wrong. >> bill: the effect on the greater economy is substantial. a frustrated woman you can tell. >> dana: major effort underway to defend parents who say they're speaking out to protect their children. attorneys general from 17 states putting president biden on notice demanding the federal government cease efforts to intimidate parents and silence them at school board meetings. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. merrick garland directed the f.b.i. to investigate parents over school policies and vaccine mandates and critical
7:01 am
race theory and vaccine mandates. 17 attorneys general blasted the feds for stepping on parents rights. >> the attorneys general across the country, some of us, we're the first line of defense and maybe the last line of defense against this creeping and running socialism that we have. >> this is extreme overreach by the biden administration and i'm proud of these parents for standing up for their young people. for caring about their children enough to have their voices heard. >> dana: jonathan hunt has more on this. hi, jonathan. >> good morning. a scene being repeated across the country in the past few months. parents on both sides of the vaccine mandates issues and both sides of the argument over teaching what some call ethnic studies, others critical race theory passionately arguing their cause and some sometimes crossing a line. >> we know who you are. we know who you are. we know who you are.
7:02 am
we can find you and we know who you are. you will never be allowed to public again. >> the department of justice decried a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers and staff. that followed a request from the national school board association for an investigation of what it called threats against its members likening actions by some parents to domestic terrorism. some anti-mask and vaccine skeptical parents are saying they are exercising their first amendment rights in pursuit of protecting their children and now they have the backing of 17 state attorneys general writing to president biden and attorney general merrick garland saying the nsba has not pointed out any actual instances of violence and adding, quote, they seem more concerned about suppressing speech with which it disagrees rather than real threats of violence.
7:03 am
>> we will keep pushing back. encouragement people showing up. we won't tolerate the department of justice and f.b.i. criminalizing dissent here. it is unamerican. >> the a.g. has accused the biden administration of using scare tactics and intimidation to silence parents. that is exactly what the school boards accuse some parents of doing to them and so the debate will go on, dana. >> dana: this accelerates it. thank you. >> bill: a shocking revelation now in the border crisis. arrests at the southern border hitting 1.7 million over the past year according to data from the "washington post". the highest level since 1986 when reagan signed the immigration control act. secretary of homeland security and visiting fellow of heritage foundation. welcome to the program. a clip from a hearing, senator young trying to get an answer out of the official from the department down there. watch.
7:04 am
>> what number of illegal crossings would you consider to be a crisis? what if we were to quintuple that number would you then call it a crisis? >> senator, i appreciate your question and i'm already doing my best to acknowledge that the situation is very serious. it would be regardless of what we call it, it is -- >> i'll move on. >> it is something important to me. >> bill: we didn't show how many times it was a crisis. didn't get a straight answer. he is a police chief in tucson, arizona. what do you think of that? >> well again, they refuse to call it a crisis at the end of the day. it is important because we need to be honest with the american people what's going on on the border. the apprehension numbers for this year in every month it's three times the amount we have seen in previous years and the second highest fiscal year on record. and if you add the gotaways,
7:05 am
more than 400,000 individuals this fiscal year you are looking at the highest fiscal year on record for illegal immigration, illegal apprehensions coming into the country. it is catastrophic at the end of the day. i think the biden administration have the wrong border security strategy in place. i think they know it and need to change course and need to do it quickly. >> dana: do you think that's why they go back to the remain in mexico policy? >> i think that's one piece of it, dana. but i think it's important to remember they are only doing that because the court told them to. at the same time just over two weeks ago they also filed another policy memorandum trying to kill the remain in mexico program even though the supreme court has told them to reinstate it. so i think they continue to be all over the board on trying to put enough policies in place. look, we know it works. we gave them a roadmap of what worked in 2019 and 2020 and i think it's important to remember we had one of the most secure borders during that time
7:06 am
period and so we've gone in about eight months from having one of the more secure orderly processes on that southern border to an absolute crisis out of control putting our border patrol, law enforcement agents in a crisis day after day after day. >> dana: the "new york post" exclusive reporting about the migrant children who are being flown in the middle of the night. here is senator tom cotton on that. >> the obvious reason why they are flying the migrants across the country in the dead of night they don't want to reveal the consequences of their open borders policies. if they were proud of their policy and thought it was a political winner they would have the flights in the middle of the daytime. >> dana: what do you think of this? hhs, health and human services department take it from there after cbd is done and finish the job. you haven't seen the secretary on this ever. >> no, i think senator cotton is right. this is the reality and these are the pictures of what catch and release looks like.
7:07 am
it is why we chose to end it back in 2019 and 2020. but once you start releasing these individuals particularly minors from hhs custody you release them to sponsors all over the country. it is an administration earlier on this year that actually relaxed some of the vetting requirements that were we're placing these children with the sponsors. they were overwhelmed in numbers and backing up and needed to move the children through quicker and relaxed the vetting requirements. again, wrong decision because of poor border security strategy that is breaking the system. the system is beyond capacity and so i think that's why you see not only images like this, but images of 15,000 haitians under a bridge. they have broken the system and not sure how to fix it. >> bill: chad wolf, thank you for coming back today. we'll speak again soon. it won't resolve itself on its own as you agree. thanks, sir.
7:08 am
>> thanks. >> dana: fox news has learned the state department inspector general is briefing congress this week on its investigation into president biden's handling of the failed u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. specifically the planning and execution of the evacuation of the u.s. embassy in cap you will. rich edson at the state department with the latest on this. >> good morning, dana. the state department inspector general says her office has initiated several oversight projects into the united states withdrawal from afghanistan. this is two months after the u.s. troop drawdown there, a rapid taliban takeover of afghanistan, and weeks of chaos at kabul airport with afghans and americans scrambleling to evacuate the country. they are working with many others. there will be multiple reports and all that could take months. the state inspector general notified congress this week her review includes examining the process for admitting and
7:09 am
resettling afghans in the u.s. and the american embassy emergency planning and execution. republicans on the house foreign affairs committee have launched their own investigation into what they call the disastrous u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. they are requesting from the white house and state department documents and intelligence and the lead-up in the withdrawal from afghanistan. dana and bill, back to you. >> dana: bill, the thing is they will do this investigation while there are still americans there. the civilian groups and former members of the military are still trying to get them out. >> bill: as we reported a few days ago they'll keep on working on flights until the end of the year. a clear signal americans were left behind. southwest airlines have done an about face reversing plans to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave. >> dana: more questions than answers in the alleged brutal sex assault of a woman on a train. could the bystanders who watched and did nothing face
7:10 am
criminal charges? >> when they say inappropriate behavior, behavior that you wouldn't want your 10-year-old to see, call the police. call 911. thousands of veteran homeowners have discovered the power of using their va home loan benefit to get money for their family. we called and we got $58,800. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. i called and got $54,200. near record low rates means lower payments. turn your equity into cash with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. >> dana: south west airlines was expected to enforce a policy but now let workers who medical or religious exemption from the vaccine not reviewed work past that date after thousands of flights were canceled earlier this month leaving passengers stranded across the country. >> bill: outrage growing after the sexual assault of a woman on a commuter train outside of philly a week ago. other commuters recorded the attack on their i-phones
7:16 am
instead of calling 911 to help. she was harassed and assaulted for more than 40 minutes and traveled 27 train stops before the suspect was arrested. we have more on the story now. >> bill, police say the rape happened on a train just north of philadelphia. fellow passengers looking on during the course of this alleged sexual assault failing to help her. some potentially recording the assault on their cell phones. the alleged assailant is in custody. a 35-year-old facing multiple charges including rape and sexual assault. police say the attack happened last wednesday night after he boarded the train in north philadelphia getting on at the same station as the victim. he harassed and grabbed the woman before raping her. other riders held up cell phones pointed in the direction of the attack. police didn't arrive until a transit system employee called 911. >> the door is open and an
7:17 am
officer entered and saw what he believed was a criminal act. ripped the man off of her and pulled him out onto the platform. >> for reporting tucker carlson tonight team the suspect had a criminal record and originally come to the u.s. on a student visa terminated in 2015. 2017 he pled guilty to a sexual abuse misdemeanor and sentenced to 120 days in prison. he was never deported because it was determined his crime wasn't serious. he is going the return to court on october 25th. >> bill: stunning indeed. >> dana: let's bring in judge jeanine pirro. i'm a little speechless on this one. it is so upsetting. >> we should all be speechless about something like this. it speaks to the disintegration of the society. it is a culture that is
7:18 am
non-feeling, dehumanizing victims when we're seeing them in front of us. for so many years we always try to think we won't be a victim. it will never happen to us. that's one of the reasons we don't put ourselves in place of a victim. this was so horrific and so awful that people actually took to their cell phones. you know, the reality is that 27 stops as mollyline reported, people had a lot of time. he started groping her and harassing her. ripped off her clothes and raped her in front of all these people. no one did a thing. something called the bystander effect where there is a bunch of people together and no one does anything so no one else wants to do anything. the bottom line is this. there is no good samaritan law in the united states or a law that requires anyone to do anything when it comes to helping someone out unless a child abuse or neglect case where there is mandatory reporting. unless you are a police officer
7:19 am
or physician charged with the responsibility. the most outrageous part of this is the prior arrest for drugs, conviction for sexual abuse and judge saying it is not a serious crime. i suspect -- you know, if i were a gambling woman i would say misdemeanor first time sexual abuse staertd as a felony. they gave him a deal and he is still in the country and here illegally. no one will send him home. >> bill: the whole idea of 27 stops without somebody intervening. the police chief who runs the transit agency. >> i don't know what's running through the minds in folks' heads. it concerns me enough to want to have a conversation with you folks to get the message out that if people see behavior that is unusual, we want to know about it. >> bill: of course. >> good for him. >> bill: that could have gone
7:20 am
52 stops. it took 27 stops. >> dana: an off duty transit person. >> no one even bothered to call 911. how hard is it to do that on your phone and say leave her alone? she was resisting him. she was pushing him away. no one had any idea they were together or anything absurd like that. this is about the degradation of victims and humanity in our society. >> dana: what about the prosecutors who in some of these cities like in philadelphia don't do anything about it? >> they don't take the mantle of the victim and that's the problem. when you have prosecutors, we have the total disintegration of society. it is horrific, awful and what if he had taken out a knife? it's a shame these people are involved. thee are the people who should be ashamed.
7:21 am
>> dana: anybody who filmed it, would that be evidence? >> it absolutely is evidence. who filmed? if they filmed it with the idea they would give it to a prosecutor. let's see how many call the prosecutor and say i have the video of that where it shows she is resisting an doesn't want him near her. >> bill: you have been involved in countless cases in your career. i don't think we know the whole story here yet. >> probably not. >> bill: there is more to find out about the other people on board these trains. >> it is so true we never know what is going on and right now that police chief, that one you just heard from, good for him. he is going to get to the bottom of this. >> dana: so upsetting. thank you, we appreciate you being here. >> bill: in a moment it may be frustrating for the white house but manchin and sinema are drawing praise from conservatives. they have not signed off on the massive spending spree.
7:22 am
how the president is trying to win them over. the white house may be second guessing its plan to snoop on your bank account. senator tim scott weighs in on that and more coming up live next.
7:23 am
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quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. >> bill: the husband of california mom missing since january following a raid at the family home on tuesday morning. prosecutors saying larry killed the missing mother of three after learning that maya made an appointment with a divorce attorney. her family claims she once told them if something happens to me it will be larry, end quote. he faces charges of murder and illegal possession of an assault weapon. >> dana: the facebook company name could soon be a thing of the past. the big tech giant is looking at rebranding to reflect its
7:28 am
larger portfolio including instagram, whatsapp and others. this comes as facebook faces a slew of scandals under scrutiny from congress. it could be announced when they hold the connect conference next week. reminds me of when google went to alphabet. it was a bigger company. umbrella company and all their other companies underneath it. >> bill: maybe a smart business move. the company has been roughed up lately. >> dana: mark zuckerberg is the ceo of the larger company. he will get called to come to testify in front of congress. the holiday season is fast approaching as the nation's airports are gearing up for turbulence. travelers could face long waits and delays as worker shortages over president biden's vaccine mandate continue to wreak havoc. what are we looking at?
7:29 am
>> good morning. what we learned this week as you know among the tsa workforce in the nation's airports less than half of them are vaccinated for covid. in fact, the number is around 40%. that received both of the doses. so there is this controversial push now for them to get the jab ahead of president biden's december 8 deadline for federal contractors to be full eye vaccinated and also been as turbulence grows with the vaccine mandates for airline staff. southwest airlines has been taken to court over this as you know. hundreds of employees representing multiple carriers protested this week outside southwest's world headquarters in dallas. >> we want to have freedom of choice. freedom to make our own medical decisions. we don't want to be mandated to take an injection if we don't have to.
7:30 am
>> a day later southwest hit pause on the mandate deadline while carriers like american and united move forward. so hard to believe but thanksgiving, then christmas all just right around the corner. lots of people will be taking to the skies. this is the first holiday that vaccines were readily available to americans. they are expecting more folks to feel comfortable flying and so really what do we say? pack your patience if you are going to fly for the holiday season. >> dana: you took the word out of my mouth. i was going to say that. thanks. >> bill: president biden meeting with manchin and sinema has democrats try to get behind a pair of massive spending bills. leadership fills they will fall short. steny hoyer saying it is very tough. we have to reduce the dollars because we can't pass the president's proposed dollars or
7:31 am
the senate's dollars they want to use. we'll have to use the lower number. got that? tim scott is here. how are you doing, sir. good morning. we spoke to a lawmaker from the house from wisconsin. he is confident. he said it would cost zero dollars for the american people. >> dana: and everyone will love it. >> that's ridiculous. no way it will cost zero nor the american people. a $2 trillion. the largest tax increase in american history is not free. when you spend 1.9 trillion in a covid relief package with less than 10% for covid you have a 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and follow that with a $2 trillion social infrastructure bill there is nothing free. cost to the american family goes through the ceiling. tens of thousands of dollars of additional debt added to every single household in america.
7:32 am
this is failed leadership and a one way ticket to socialism. it is not good for america and certainly not good for americans. >> dana: what i saw coming outs of this meeting biden had yesterday with the progressives and moderates, basically especially progressives will take an inch because they know they will get the mile later on. what he said is we'll get these programs, get everybody hooked on them for a year and next year for the mid-term and when you are running for reelection don't you want to extend the child tax credit? how could you not want to have free community college? what do you mean you aren't for the climate programs and try to pin it on republicans. >> dana, you hit the nail on the head. that's why one of the things i've said for the last several weeks the cost is one thing. the content is scarier than the cost. you think about extending more benefits to the american people that we cannot afford that in many ways aren't even federal responsibilities. it only helps hook more people
7:33 am
on a government paycheck. that's bad for their futures, bad for their kids. as a guy who grew up in poverty the one thing i always wanted to do was live the american dream of homeownership. it requires work. i wanted the start my own business. it requires employees. the two things missing from this so-called recovery, workers because they are paying people to stay at home which means the american dream gets further and further away for people living in poverty like the household that i grew up in. >> bill: dana makes a great point there. what would you do in that circumstance? how would you vote? >> i would vote no because here is what i know about government hand-outs. if you can do it yourself you should. if you cannot it's a different question. what we're talking about today is extending benefits well into the american middle class for one purpose, to get more people disconnected from work, more
7:34 am
dependent on the government and that's bad for their lives. listen, here is one of the things we can say, dana and bill. during the pandemic the height of the pandemic we basically had 100% income replacement for the vast majority of americans. they had more time off, led to more crime, more suicide and more appear -- apathy. >> dana: they pulled back the i.r.s. looking into people's account. i think they tried to pull this over on the american people and tried to pass a bill and we would find out what was in it later. i think this is so politically poisonous and they realized they had to back away. >> $600 versus $10,000 sound like a big job. if you are a minimum wage earner in america your account would be still transferred to the i.r.s.. if you have an $800 a monthly payment for your rent, you have
7:35 am
a $400 for food for the entire year, $10,000 you are now going to be audited potentially and certainly investigated, your accounts by the i.r.s.. i think we need to be very careful when the number goes up it sounds like a big change but the truth is, every single working american will still be captured in their financial information would be transferred to the i.r.s.. so that is not a concession because republicans aren't even allowed to be part of the negotiations. >> bill: why have any number? >> bill, that's exactly right. >> bill: help me with something here. i think america and washington in particular has a giant riddle to solve by the end of this year, maybe it gets done and maybe it doesn't. i guess we'll blow by the halloween deadline. maybe christmas, early december. but you have a debt ceiling, government funding bill. you will have to make a
7:36 am
decision on infrastructure and the massive social spending bill. based on what we understand right now the democrats have cut the number in half. i don't know if that's true. what do you do if you are a progressive? do you say well, i wanted a to z but i have to accept a through h and i will vote on infrastructure bill as well. you see the rubik's cube that's shaping up. what do progressives do if the number is cut in half and the infrastructure bill is still on the table? do they vote yes on both in the end? >> bill, the news that came out of the white house that i heard about was that joe manchin was standing pretty strong on not allowing much of the climate agenda to be part of the package. the progressives say without the climate agenda in the package they won't vote for it at all. and that may include the bipartisan infrastructure package. i'm hopeful that frankly they continue to argue with one another and push this can down
7:37 am
the road. it is ultimately in the best interest of everyday americans, people working paycheck to paycheck not to have another $10,000 or $15,000 national debt placed on their household for what really is not priorities, not necessities, but a wish list. a christmas wish list of progressives. >> dana: senator scott i wanted to ask you about this. you worked hard for most of the year with your democratic counterpart senator cory booker, police reform effort. it didn't work out. he blames you. watch this. >> we made tremendous progress over nine months on the bill that wasn't quite the george floyd bill but would have made transformative change in policing in america. i thought it was the beginning of the end in the negotiations but turned out that my republican negotiating partner was not willing to embrace so much of the change that we had agreed upon. >> dana: that true? >> well two things are true. i am still at the table two
7:38 am
years in a row they walked away. more importantly, what they wanted to do were two fundamental things i completely disagree with. number one is to nationalize all local police. that is not the american way. number two, there were 11 sections that either reduced funding, made departments ineligible for funding, and that to me means defunding the police by a little thousand cuts. those two things i won't agree with. we did make progress on the choke hold and no knock warrants and police cameras. but in the end change requires resources. we cannot ask police officers to go into some very dangerous situations without the equipment or the manpower. almost 400 vacancies in baltimore city right now because they can't recruit officers. you don't demonize, demoralize and defund police and ask for
7:39 am
better policing. once again i know it's a long answer. i will say this. imagine 81% of african-americans saying that they want the same level of policing or more policing and the cities they live in are cutting the police budgets. that sounds contrary to reality. >> dana: indeed. great to see you. thank you for being here. >> bill: come back soon. thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> bill: school protests playing a major role in the race for virginia governor as the biden administration threatens parents who speak out for their kids. martha maccallum has reaction next.
7:40 am
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>> when i'm governor every school will be mandated to
7:46 am
report crimes to local law enforcement. no more cover-ups, no more keeping parents in the dark. never again will radical school boards be able to hide, be able to hide criminals in our schools. >> dana: republican candidate for virginia governor calling for an investigation into claims loudon county school board tried to cover-up sexual assault allegations against two students. martha maccallum anchors the story. it's an issue for the northern suburbs in loudon county could put youngkin over the top. >> he has clearly drilled down on this issue of education. this is the thing that is going to make or break him i think in this whole story. when people learn about what is going on in the school system and realize there are people -- this isn't just in virginia but in other places, too, teachers accused and put in new york they call sit rubber room. you still get paid but sit in another room not teaching
7:47 am
students. it is such a horrific system that protects people in this environment. i think that parents have woken up in such a big way during the past year and a half and covid when they've seen what students are studying in class and what i find really interesting are the parents speaking out saying i voted democrat my whole life in virginia, but i'm not happy with what i see going on here. now i'm considering making a different choice. we'll see what happens. the polls are razor tight in virginia. we'll see what happens. >> bill: two things here. mccauliffe camp continuously try to tie youngkin to donald trump. he made an ad released yesterday. glen youngkin's campaign based on donald trump's conspiracy theories. constant threats against public school funding. the big hitters trying to help mccauliffe one after the other. karl was with us yesterday.
7:48 am
rove makes the point it is not having that much of an impact. here is his reaction from this past weekend and stacey abrams. >> they brought in the big guns and sent stacey abrams to nordstrom. rock star on the democratic ticket. at the four locations, 396 people showed up that day. democrat enthusiasm is really problematic. >> that's clearly the democrats' problem in virginia. the turnout issue. however, we have to remember this is virginia and it is a state that has an enormous number of government employees. the average across the country of government employees is 15% per state. virginia 18 1/2%. so you get the high population areas around washington inside the beltway and you have a very difficult balance republican and democrat in that environment. we'll see what turnout looks like. the most interesting aspect of this election and what people
7:49 am
will be watching for larger ramifications is the issue of independence whether it comes to education, vaccines. the freedoms that people want to have to determine their own -- their children's education. millions of kids have left the public school system and that's something we'll be tracking more closely as well. the reasons they left. where they went. some cases they didn't return to school. that's the most scary outcome of what we've seen happening in some of the urban environments. other kids made the choice to go to catholic and private schools. it will be fascinating to watch how they turn out for this election. >> dana: we'll check it out for "the story". >> bill: guess what was on the hill? paris hilton was on the hill. advocating for reform at youth residential treatment centers and why the issue is important to her coming up next. usa can help.your famiy
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>> harris: a record number of cargo ships off l.a. what does the white house do? they decided to make a joke about it. apparently amusing to the white house the secret flights taking child my grants across the country. president biden's new poll numbers have some asking where is the bottom? republican congressman kevin brady, jason chaffetz and more in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> i'm confident the bill will create a world where all youth have the support and opportunity they need to heal, thrive, and not just survive. >> dana: paris hilton on capitol hill wanting help for the abuse of children and she has been -- carley shimkus is here to explain more.
7:56 am
>> paris hilton on capitol hill. an advocate for teenagers in care facilities which are home for troubled youth. she says she spent time in four of them as a teenager. acting up, parents didn't know what to do and sent her away. she said she was abused and the abuse happens a lot. she wrote in the "washington post" yesterday said she was choked, slapped, spied on while showering, made to take medication. locked away in solitary confinement in a room covered in bloodstains and scratch marks. she is calling for government oversight. she wants federal standards of care for children that all states have to follow. she says it's not happening right now. >> bill: who knew? >> who did know? one of the facilities she was at is called provo canyon school now under new leadership. when she was there, she says she was abused. the school is in utah. she spoke at a utah state
7:57 am
senate panel calling for oversight and it passed unanimously. >> dana: we have a flashback. she testified in a texas state committee. >> i'm an institutional abuse survivor and speak on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of children currently in residential care facilities across the united states. for the past 20 years i have had a recurring nightmare where i'm kidnapped in the middle of the night by two strangers, strip searched and locked in a facility. i wish i could tell you this haunting nightmare was just a dream but it is not. >> dana: she is willing to get out there and talk about it. >> the situation reminds me of the britney spears conservatorship. not a lot of americans know about it having to do with mental health and you get a celebrity going through it or experienced something like that to advocate and then it gets a lot of attention and then things change. >> bill: wealth does not always
7:58 am
lead to good health, right? hbo show called 15 minutes of fame having to do with social media. the trailer here, watch. >> clicking on those stories is a money generator for the platforms. >> we're more profitable if we are addicted. >> companies like facebook are not liable for anything. >> yes. 15 minutes of shame clever name. monica lewinsky co-produced it for hbo max and said she is patient zero of cancel culture. imagine waking up and everybody talking about you with a mistake you made. everybody who has a child that uses social media or been on social media knows people say really mean and nasty things. there has to be a technical, psychological and keyboard courage to say something online you would never say to somebody's face. one of the big problems kids used to be bullied in the
7:59 am
playground. now they bring the bullying home with them on their phone. >> bill: sounds like social dilemma. >> there was a woman who was a healthcare executive and said during the pandemic -- we're dealing with a situation where sometimes you say something wrong and it doesn't mean you should receive death threats or anything at all but it could also be helped by dialing back a little bit on social media yourself. you say this a lot. you don't have to say everything. >> dana: don't tweet, just don't. write it down, put it in a draft and walk away. >> bill: put it in your journal. >> dana: don't tweet. that's my advice. before we go. what do we have today? >> bill: we have in the spirit
8:00 am
of is it halloween? san antonio here we have. >> dana: great city. >> bill: roll this thing. >> dana: hippos, a face painting part of a sensory enrichment program they have down there. i guess it's getting a little -- there you go. you can frame it. here is harris faulkner. >> harris: alerting with the white house laughing off one of the worst supply chain disaster in our nation's history and brace yourself, we're told the situation is about to get worse. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". at this moment a record number, 100 cargo ships back logged at the port of los angeles, the largest port in america. next the worst part. 45 cargo ships scheduled to pull into port and arrive there tomorrow. the crisis has


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