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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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todd: setting up a lawsuit that will eventually be before the be supreme court. all books across the country will need to be rewritten. ken paxton, thank you, sir. we appreciate it? >> thank you. carley: good to join you. todd: likewise, my friend. carley: "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. >> a fox news pressing the white house for answers. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants in the middle of the night. >> i believe we have a moral obligation to do that. >> they want to hide and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to be complicit in covering it up. >> travis troy smith announced is he canceling any performance that mandates masks, requires covid vaccinations. >> i had to stand up for freedom. freedom for all those people to be able to go out and do what they enjoy. >> meghan mccain who recently departed "the view" speaking out. >> you targeted if you are a
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conservative, the worse it got for me back stage. >> the republican glenn youngkin within punching difference. parents big reason why. >> i am calling for immediate investigation for the loudoun county school board for their gross negligence. [cheers and applause] >> that's a line drive in the right center field it's going to go down and go to the wall and clear the bases. going to score for the astros. ♪ ♪ steve: since we started with video of astros at the end of that little soundbite montage, let's start down in austin, texas, right now 66 degrees. it's 5:01 in your time zone. they are going for a high of 84. you know, austin was actually the second name of that city.
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carley: what was first? steve: waterloo. they named it waterloo first. owe ahmadinejad to him referred to as essentially the father of texas. the secretary of state for texas they said, you know what? enough with waterloo. let's call it austin. steven austin thought a great idea. ainsley: lot of people moving down there. brian: steve has gotten into this. steve: i started it with the temperatures and the mottos. brian: i don't know. ainsley: he is the mayor of austin we are being told. steve adler. and elon musk is living there now, too. or moving there. moving his company down there. steve: austin. brian: austin matthew mcconaughey's own soccer team and attracting big teams. ainsley: he owns a soccer team? brian: yes. ainsley: he played soccer. brian: no a football guy. he takes his shirt off a lot as steve points out. big football guy.
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ainsley: he should be a swimmer. brian: no more rom comes for him. ainsley: i hope not no. that's like saying reese witherspoon is not going to do that. steve: she writes cookbooks. everybody writes cookbooks. ainsley: anything reese witherspoon touches turns to gold. we love. steve: whiskey in a tea cup. i was going to do a transition. speaking of cookbooks the queen of cookbooks drummond the pioneer woman joining us this morning. brian: quick reminder, real quick did, we get better. ainsley: did i remind you you are anchoring a morning show, can we get someone else to order the coffee? we can order the coffee in three hours, brian. steve: while you were talking somebody said hey, brian did you order the coffee? brian: i got my watch. got a text.
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did we get new woofers or something in the music sounds so good like surround sound. steve: do they still do that? ainsley: i have sono speakers. steve: they're great. brian: little ones. ainsley: woofer speakers underneath my tv long big ones. steve: a sound bar. brian: remember the bigger the speaker and better the sound suddenly they realized we don't have to make them as big. ainsley: when i was younger i got buick sky hawk the car that all three of us shared. and i was so upset because it just had a radio. so i went, found some cassette player that you can pull in and out. remember those, you could take it with you so no one steals it. i put one of those in and i had such great sound i cranked it up i busted every speaker in my car. then it sounded like remember when you busted a speaker and it sounds grainy? the money you spent i just left
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it. steve: my watch just reminded me i remember in the 70s for their radio. [andy griffith music] steve: they would put speakers, actual shelf speakers in the back of their cars which would give you the good sound but then when you hit the brakes, boom. anyway, welcome to free association news. brian: can whatever comes into your mind just say it. ainsley: we are on the couch. brian: talk about something really disturbing that is not as happy if you are an american, that is illegal immigrants coming across our border at the tune of 1.5 to 1.7 million already this year and then you factor in the thousands of unaccompanied minors that are being flown middle of the night midmorning two states without even informing the governors into communities often overwhelmed already with class sizes and underfinanced by their local municipalities. they have been flooding.
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in thanks to the "new york post," we have video and still pictures and quotes. we found out that this has been happening and it's been happening in new york and west chester county. the surrounding area. and long island alone they have figured that 2,600 illegals have been flooded into. ainsley: children. just the children. brian: children. ainsley: peter doocy doing an excellent job pressing the white house on some of these issues. he was in the press briefing room or what do we call that in the press briefing room? he is asking jen psaki about this. at first she denies this. i don't think it's middle of the night. steve: made a joke. made a joke. brian: hysterical. ainsley: the times and she makes a joke about it, listen. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure that it's in the middle of the night, but let me tell you what's happening here. >> 2:30 a.m., 4:29 a.m. >> we have early in the morning. >> here we are talking about
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early flights. earlier than you might like to take a flight. it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they swiftly -- can be swiftly unified with a parent or a vetted sponsor. that's something we take seriously. steve: and do you know what? at those hours, unless you are doing a morning show that is considered the middle of the night. when you go to bed at night you say good night, you don't say good morning. ainsley: launched into talking point our responsibility. steve: which is what you would expect them to do. his question was a good one. why are you doing this under the cover of darkness? the answer is easy. because they don't want people to see what's happening. if they really cared about those kids, why would they drag them across the country and have them get out at 2:30 in the morning and get in a bus and ride for an hour. i mean, that doesn't seem humane to mean. the cover of the "new york post," they have an editorial and it takes aim at psaki. and there it is right there. it's not funny, jen, where they talk about inflation, whether
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it's oh, you know, the delayed treadmill or what's going on on our southern border. on the editorial page they write disrespect. there is no other way to describe how little the biden administration and democrats in general think of the american people americans care about how many illegal migrants are being led into the country. the white house crew doesn't care. americans care about whether they are going to be able to buy holiday gifts and how much they are paying for groceries. democratic officials don't care. it doesn't affect them. how infuriatingly, insultingly out of touch they are. the talking point with the white house now with the supply chain it's a really good problem to have because this means people are spending more money and there is a lot of demand. do you know what? people demand halloween candy right now. and there isn't any on the shelves of a lot of american stores. ainsley: they flippantly say oh it's a treadmill. you can't get your treadmill? steve: you al peloton.
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ainsley: you can't get your jacket in 15 colors you can in another color and high class problems. enough is enough. this is affecting everyday americans. and, yes, in the grand scheme of things, if you can't get your halloween costume or can't get your furniture but when it's months and month and months and people are used to get their goods and paid for them and can't get them it's a problem. steve: i was at the grocery store and bob the grocery guy i said what are you out of now he said we're running out of everything. ainsley: it is a big deal. it's not a high class problem. it causes inflation, higher prices. that affects poor people, middle class and high class americans. it effects earn. back to that original talking point about the planes in the middle of the night, you look at long island where you live, brian, 2600 children have been brought into long island on these flights. that's very concerning to the congress men and women out there representing long island. this is on both sides of the aisle. you have a congressman tom slozy
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a democrat. andrew garr ba reno from long island. is he a republican. tom says is he angry and frustrated for not being advised ahead of time. he learned about it from the post. how many kids? where are they going to schools? haven't given any detailed information. he is concerned out on long island they have had so many problems with ms-13 that gang that formed in el salvador. brian: a couple of things. we can't raise the world's children. it's impossible to take carol of our kids and everybody else's kids and the video that you just saw is a go sign to central and south america, africa, norway, whatever, to come to our country. ainsley: taliban. brian: you get. in you get flown through. you get a nice plane ride. you get put into a suburban community in america light years better than your country. now is the time to sell the house and send our kids to another country. do they understand the ripple
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effect of this? it goes to the money that they mortgage out, often time they have to borrow. they give it to the cartels who escort their children through the jungles, through the border areas. and if they are lucky enough to survive and not get abused, they are the rarity. they are not doing anything magnanimous to help these kids. that is the problem. and they know it. and i cannot see why the american people are not more outraged although in a recent poll illegal immigration is the number two thing people are most concerned about. the question is what are we going to do about border security. what about the new chief of border patrol? will that person have an idea of how to get ahold of this? not if it's chris magness. how disturbing is this exchange? here is just one of them. senatorred to young asked him the simplest question is it a crisis? the answer is yes. now you will hear his. >> do you believe we have a crisis at the southern border? yes or no. >> does it really matter whether we call it a major challenge, a
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crisis, a big problem? no one believes there is greater urgency to this matter than i do. >> are you saying there is not a crisis at the border? >> senator, no, i don't think. >> is there a crisis or is there not a crisis at the border? >> senator, i would say that my highest priority is going. >> is there a crisis at the border? >> senator, what i'm certainly trying to convey is how serious i take what's happening at the border. steve: okay, he does not want to say it's a crisis. we all know it's a crisis. here's the thing. ultimately he was asked what would you do to fix the serious problem there? you are not going to call it a crisis. ainsley: they created it. steve: do you know what he said? he just sat there. he didn't have an answer. brian: he is the least qualified person to have that job. steve: he is for sanctuary cities and stuff like that. a former police chief. ainsley: i don't care if they are qualified they just like his
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politics. steve: they want somebody, the administration does. brian: terrible. steve: simply going to take their instructions. ainsley: why do you have to be qualified if you are not going to do anything about it anyway. steve: this is not a crisis, it's according to plan. brian: rodney scott saw he has a little bit of integrity would not take a job that would allow him to do miss job. i have a idea. love to do a job could it effectively. put my hand up. disaster as police chief and disaster at border patrol. i hope one democrat says to themselves i can't sleep at night if i leave the back door to our country open. i won't vote for him. just one democrat has to object. and then this guy could go down in flames. that's my hope. steve: i think it's the front door. just saying. some people are come in. anyway, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday. busy day. wait until you see this next video. virginia gubernatorial hopeful terry mcauliffe melts down, walks out of an interview just last than two weeks before election day. >> all right.
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we are over. >> thank you. >> i gave you extra time. come on, man. you could have asked better questions. >> all right. we are over. steve: could have asked better questions. his opponent glenn youngkin will join us live as the democrat walks away from the questions and no answers. ainsley: and country star travis tritt canceling concerts because he does not agree with the covid mandate at his vane yous. fight for freedom as one business takes a stand against restrictions. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a good day to be alive ♪ the sun is still shining when i close my eyes ♪
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carley: good morning, we are back with headlines. a record number of homicides is recorded in portland. the city hitting that grim milestone this week as authorities report 67 kills so far this year. the surge in violent crime coming as police struggle with staffing issues due to covid-19 mandates, budget cuts, and mass resignations. there is now a record backlog of cargo ships at california's biggest ports in los angeles long beach. 100 ships more there. the normal number of ships waiting to unload just 17. and proctor and gamble announcing price hikes on razors, toothpaste jitting pressure. bigger grocery bills are coming. an arkansas restaurant group is paying students to do their homework during shifts as it struggles to find staff. the explore restaurant group setting aside one hour for
3:20 am
workers. the employees will also receive an extra $100 if they receive an a as their final grade. they will join us live later this morning to talk about it aaron rodgers slams cawlt after the pc police come after him for taunting chicago bears fans. listen. >> >> part of this, you know, woking cawlt that gets off on trying to silence people. >> rogers says he does not regret telling bears fans he quote owns them while celebrating a touchdown. the packers beating the bears 24-14. the rivalry there continues, guys. brian: right. always good to look at the podcast the guy in the tank top. carley: with his leg up. a little distracting but that's his thing. brian: they need a wardrobe deal. steve: i did not know. ainsley: social media companies wearing hoodies, i think anything goes.
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brian: that's pretty important. ainsley: thank you, carley. steve: if did you go in any new york city restaurant indoor dining a card shows you are vaccinated. ainsley: and photo i.d. steve: steve even better to make sure that's you on the card and you didn't buy it for a buck somewhere. they have the same thing in the great city of san francisco. and one of the spots is great, my favorite chain of restaurants. it is in-n-out burger. they have fantastic burgers and fries. here's the thing. they have been shut down by the city, the fisherman warp's location a apparently you don't need it to drive through the drive-thru but you do need it indoors. they would have to have a sign on the door that says okay there is a requirement you have to have been vaccinated to come in. so many people apparently, you know, it's the honor system. and the city said that's not the way we wanted this. so we are going to shut you down. they shut them down.
3:22 am
and now in-n-out burger is firing back. ainsley: this is one of my favorite restaurants, too. not only because the burgers are delicious. like chick-fil-a they take a stand for their faith. the owner is a really devout christian who also puts scripture in the bottom of the milk shake cups. so we love this restaurant for many reasons. but, they are serious about it they said look we are not going to take a demands. this is a choice, a personal choice. here is the quote actually from in-n-out burger. our store clearly and properly posted sign image to local vaccination requirements. after closing our restaurant local regulators informed us our restaurant must intervene by proving proof of vaccination and act as enforcement personnel by barring entry from any customers without the proper documentation. we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government, it's unreasonable invasive and unsafe. steve: right. brian: number one, never been to an in-n-out burger but seems
3:23 am
quick. steve: they are great. brian: i credit this company big time. i feel so bad for these hosts and hostesses in restaurants big and small have to say from mr. . and mrs. johnson can i see your vaccination card and over 18 and then i can seat you. in new york they are starting with inspectors, obviously happening in san francisco where they come around and say are you having a good time? can i see -- did they check your vaccination card? can i see it? so you are getting double-checked and clamping down not because you have committed a crime and are on the run. not because you are on the wanted photo in the post office but because you have to verify that a company checked your vaccination card and if not they can fine you. and in a nation about to split find the restaurant and probably that person gets fired. in a place that's hard to hire people in a nation that's on the edge right now, we do not need this type of clamp down but that's exactly what we're getting and you need companies like this standing up. ainsley: i will say for someone who lives in new york city and
3:24 am
experiences this on daily basis, friends who are very adamant about wanting to stay safe and all of that they like that there is the option to be able go inside and stay safe with all the people who have been vaccinated. brian: they are not in dangerrier. ainsley: my problem with the story the way they do it. to shut down an entire restaurant, i wish they would have some sort of a compromise which is, i guess, the indoor, outdoor thing. you but just to shut you down after 18 months of being through so much. losing money. worried they will lose their businesses. steve: the statement from chief legal officer saying it's unsafe. it is unsafe for the person who is at the door saying can i see that? because as we have seen here in new york city, i remember, remember that hostess over in times square got beat up because they asked -- there was a problem. anyway at the hostess station. travis tritt the country singer apparently booked a bunch of shows for a tour that he is in the middle of right now. and because some of the venues
3:25 am
for, perhaps, what you are talking about, ainsley to make sure if you are going to do indoors feel safe. some of them have mask mandates or vaccine mask man days or things like that. any place that has those things he said, you know what? i'm not going to show at those places because i don't want my fans to have to go through that. here's travis last night with tucker. >> i started getting a ton of messages from fans who were basically not warned about these mandates or restrictions ahead of time. showed up at the gate, and were turned away and were not even offered refunds. so this is not about -- this is not about following the science. or trying to look out for the safety of the people there. this is about something else. this is trying to divide people.
3:26 am
>> that's right. >> this is trying to shame people. i felt like i had to stand up for freedom. freedom for all of those people to be able to go out and do what they enjoy doing. and enjoy a concert without being harassed. brian: sooner or later we are going to realize you can't k. not spend the rest of your life running from and segregating people. running from this covid-19 virus which is dropping off a cliff in cases, hospitalizations, as well as deaths. people are going to realize that the biggest danger is the anger between everybody. if you are vaccinated, according to the science, and you do have a break through, it's going to be a little bit of a cold. it's no way -- that's no reason to run and hide the rest of your life. and for the unvaccinated people and if you are unvaccinated you are not only going to be vaccinated you are going to have the antibodies that your body builds up. i think everyone has to back off, pull back and start living with this. because, the anger that they're creating in this country starting from the top up because he wants to get his approval
3:27 am
ratings up, is over the top. steve: well, there is a great taller in this morning's "wall street journal" that talks about the supply chain and stuff like that. and why is it so hard to get people to go work at different places and the primary reason now apparently is that people are afraid of covid in their workplace. so they have decided you know what? at this point i have saved up a little money i'm not going to go to work. that coupled with the fact that there are so many openings people looking for a job are actually in the driver's seat. do you know what? i'm not going to take that job where i, you know, for whatever reason i'm going to take this job instead. that is why there is so much job hesitancy these days. brian: if you were to believe the president and anthony fauci who is so bright and always right. if you do -- if you do have break through case, you are going to have mild symptoms. steve: you hope. brian: oif we believe the science.
3:28 am
steve: no there is always. brian: infinitesimal chance it could get through. why cross the street there is too much of a risk. ainsley: people are definitely tired of the mandates. i do know several people have passed away after vaccinated. brian: someone should tell the president that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. ainsley: i know one family in texas lost three of their loved ones all vaccinated and died. they were older. maybe had other conditions. steve: my next door neighbor. brian: i know people that have gotten the vaccination and life is destroyed because they have inflammation of the heart that nobody wants to acknowledge. steve: so, anyway, it is a problem. that does explain. we thought we would bring you up to date on all the vaccine mandates and the backlash. brian: and it continues and it rages in this country only because their responsibility the white house and it team of scientists. meanwhile, lawrence jones is live in virginia with republican glenn youngkin ahead of the heated governor's election. lawrence? morning. >> good morning, family.
3:29 am
glenn youngkin wants to be the next governor of virginia. last night he had a fired up crowd, packed house, even outside. so what is the agenda? we will talk with him next coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe getting test were with a reporter who test questions him on the vaccine mandate. glenn youngkin rallies voters demanding accountability and sounding the alarm on a far left education agenda. joining us now with more from campaign headquarters in south falls virginia "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones along with virginia's gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin. good morning lawrence, good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you so much. got glenn youngkin with me. i want to pick up where ainsley left off. you have the former governor, your opponent, that walked off the interview yesterday.
3:34 am
the interview was about public safety and education. why is it going this direction for him right now? >> well, he doesn't have anything to say about it. he failed when he was governor. this is what virginians want to talk about. they are worried about their schools and what did he do he? brought standards down and left us with a failing school system oh by the way 20 year murder rate when he was governor the murder rate went up 24%. not only did he not do a good job as governor he has nothing to say about it now. when i travel around the commonwealth of virginia i get the same questions to me. when i listen to voters they want the costs to come down. lawrence: what about walking out of an interview. they say they respect the free press this is a local reporter asking about education and public safety and walking out. >> this is what terry mcauliffe does, i guess. lawrence: is he entitled. >> i think he might feel entitled because he thinks he was governor but he didn't do a good job people shouldn't ask him hard questions. these aren't those hard of questions. how are you going to fix our schools and what are you going
3:35 am
to do to make our communities safe? these are questions i get every day. i know i'm going to fix the schools. we had nearly 1,000 people we were talking about it i know what we are going to do to make our community safe. this is terry mcauliffe won't answer questions. yells at sheriffs. barks at people all the time. he is losing it because he knows this race is slipping away from him. lawrence: we are seeing that in the polls. dive into the big issues. number one is education. i talk to some parents yesterday, every single one of them mentioned education. why do you think this is such a big issue in virginia in the country? >> well, first of all, loudoun county has been ground zero. it's been ground zero for a long time about what's happening in education. it's the culmination of what's been going on since terry mcauliffe was governor. he lowered the standards in our school. he wants to keep parents out of the loop. he said parents don't have a role in their kids education. he wants government between parents and kids. all ever the suddennedden parents last night came and heard from me a very clear vision. lawrence: he said you took him out of context. >> he to the nation parents
3:36 am
don't a role in their kids education and he doubled and triple and quadrupled down on it. he sees parents are rejecting this parents are we geneticking the notion he is going to call his friend jobe and have the fbi come and silence them. these are our kids. virginia has a fundamental right inscribed in our code that parents have a right to be deeply engaged in their kids' education. terry mcauliffe is on the wrong side of this issue. he knows it he wants government to control our children and parents aren't having any part of it. lawrence: yesterday, during your campaign rally, you said you want a full investigation. why? >> what's happened in loudoun county, first of all, could happen across virginia. what happened in loudoun county was that the school board and oh by the way the commonwealth's attorney tried to cover up a sexual assault in a school and then they quietly moved the offender to another school and it happened again. he sexually assaulted another young woman. so, there's absolutely gross negligence here. and rather than the justice
3:37 am
department investigating parents who are standing up for their children, the justice department should be investigating the loudoun county school board and the commonwealth's attorney. and oh by the way our attorney general currently has a job to do, which is to stand up for families and parents in this exact moment and what's he doing? running around virginia, running a divisive campaign and not doing his job. he should do his job and do a full investigation because, what's going to happen next? we are going to wake up and have another headline? this is not right and our kids can't wait. lawrence lawrence well, we are going to be following this election. it was clear based on yesterday's rally it was full inside. you had to move the rally outside and talk to those folks as well. glenn youngkin thanks for taking the tough questions. >> thanks for having me. everybody join us youngkin for and get on board. this is no longer a campaign, it's a movement. lawrence: thank you so much. ainsley, i'm going to turn it back to you. ainsley: thanks so much, lawrence. we will check back in live with lawrence from the youngkin headquarters all morning long.
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shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. ♪ ♪ steve: for fully vaccinated americans now looking for a booster shot the fda is reportedly set to approve mixing and matching vaccines as soon as today. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel joins us right now. doctor, what they are saying is if you got the moderna, it would be okay to get the pfizer or if you got the j and j it's okay to get the pfizer or the moderna, right? >> correct, steve. more than that, a study out of nih is showing that if you got the johnson & johnson, you do even better after two months if you get either the pfizer or the moderna than if you took a second johnson & johnson. if you do take a second one one
3:43 am
of the others your chances of being hospitalizeside about zero and chances of getting a case is less than 10%. so all this is really good. i talked to dr. stanley pearlman from the university of iowa virologist on that fda advisory committee that made those recommendations. this is good news. it makes another point, steve, that you guys have been making all morning, if the vaccines are waning and it effects wearing off what are we going to have next? some robot standing there? imagine, this steve, some robot standing there saying your vaccine has been given three and a half months ago, you can't get into this venue without a booster, without a booster. and all of this is causing great depression and anxiety as you all have been saying this morning. the mandates are back firing. they are a sign of failed policy. steve: you wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal," i believe it was published on friday, still available, where you talk about the amount of depression out there. i think passionate of the depression, dr. siegel, is
3:44 am
remember in the spring when when we were told if you get the shot you are pretty much going to be bullet proof. but then as we have seen, there are these break through cases and there are occasional cases where somebody does wind up, are who is fully vaccinated dies. and once again, we are back to that existential threat. a lot of people are afraid to leave the house. >> steve, that's so well said. it's hanging over our heads. a study out of lancet just showed over 125 million cases of severe depression or anxiety around the world related, decreased mobility. everybody is sheltering in place. you can't go here, you can't go there. kids got hit even halderer than we did. the number when you consider mild cases is in the billions. people -- kids shut out from school. and parents that had a work from home with kids, all of this, and here's the point you just made that i want to emphasize. it's because the messaging was my way or the highway.
3:45 am
it was never the science is evolving, here's a great tool, a vaccine that may help you. it may help others. not if you don't take it, we're going to shame you. all of that is huge disgrace. steve: just the exit question. let's circle back to our first point and that is about the boosters. if somebody at the end of 6, 9, 8, 9 months after the initial fully vaccination phase has kicked in, they should get a booster, right? >> yeah, right, steve. and dr. pearlman told me thinks everybody over 40 is going to be approved by the fda this next week. i would urge people after six months, probably after two months after the j and j to get a booster. it works really well. decreasing infection and decreasing serious illness. i'm all for them and i'm safe. steve: if you had -- if you could pick. i know they say mix and match. if you could pick one, it doesn't sound like it would be the j and j. sounds like it would probably be
3:46 am
which one? >> i think the moderna is the best shot frankly. i wrote about that the journal. they are offering half doses. pfizer and moderna is great. i think moderna is a winning shot. steve: dr. siegel, thank you for making the couch today. >> thank you, steve. steve: janice dean the weather machine is on the streets with our "foxcast." janice: it is a beautiful day in new york city. we have got warmer temperatures that's going to last for the next couple of days until the cold front moves. in take a look at the temperatures. 57 in new york and we have colder air moving into the west. that is going to set up for some snow in the next storm system moving in towards the pacific northwest. there is really good news with a series of systems. it's going to really make an impressive dent in the drought. look at the monitor extreme to compensational drought. look what happens when we put the couple of storms move through onto the drought map. look at that look at that magic.
3:47 am
now, you know, the scary part of it we could see some hazards. such flash flooding and must have had slided. that's not a great thing buff the good news long-term it's really going to help the drought, steve. back to you. steve: absolutely. we need the rain. janice: you got it. steve: 17 states attorney general are condemning the department of justice for trying to silence parents against indoctrination. three a.g.s leading the fight join us live to make their case. there is their picture. they are coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart.
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♪ brian: 17 state attorney generals accusing the white whie house of weaponizing the doj against parents. nine page letter to president biden which i hope is he reading right now attorney general garland threats against school staffers is based upon a flawed premise. seeks to criminalize lawful dissent and silence especially at school board meetings intrudes on the 14th amendment of americans. erec smith from missouri, and leslie rutledge all join us now. leslie, of course from arkansas. leslie, let's start with you. whatment prod the collective
3:52 am
action? >> well, this is a.g.s from across the country standing up for school board members and for parents. we have president biden's administration weaponizing the doj against parents' rights to be involved in their own students' education. these are parents that care about their kids. i would much rather see president joe biden use law enforcement on our southern border rather than investigating and penalizing parents for simply caring about their children. that's why the 17 a.g.s came together. brian: eric, it is affect effective. average parent can i afford the fbi to investigate me. can i retain an attorney because i might have yelled and made somebody feel uncomfortable at the board of education meeting? i'm staying home. so they win by just the brush back pitch. >> which is why it's so important to stand up as we have with this letter and continue to push back. this is -- it's very obvious what this is about.
3:53 am
about criminalizing dissent and meant to intimidate and muzzle parents who all they are doing is showing up to these meetings, they are objecting to their kids being taught to despise america through critical race theory. they are objecting to the forced masking of school kids. these are moms and dads showing up. and my encouragement to them is keep showing up. keep fighting back, because this is a fight, in my view, to save america. brian: keep your cool, make your point, but stand up and be strong and roll tape because you might have to use it todd, for you, are what do you expect feasibly to come out of this? i know it feels good to do it, work together is essential. what do you think is going to come out of this? >> well, number one, we want to give parents confidence. for a lot of parents, this is the first time they have interacted with their government. biden knows this. that's why he has been trying to intimidate them. we want to let them know that there is 17 states in their corner. and they should continue to show up like eric is saying for the
3:54 am
reasons leslie is saying. and they should continue to roll tape like you are saying, brian. we will win this thing. the priorities of this administration are upside down. 10,000 people a day crossing the border. each committing a federal crime. going into stores, looting, burning, don't even get arrested for it and this is what biden is worried about? this is crazy. parents will win the day. they are trying to divide the family, brian, so that the state can come in and run our lives more and grow our kids. we are not going to have it. you can talk loudly at a school board meeting. you can talk at a school board meeting. you cannot commit violence. you cannot disrupt and trespass. there are laws for that, brian. you don't need a doj involved in this matter at all. and we are going to stand up for the parents of this country. brian: leslie, how disappointed -- i don't want to put words in your mouth. attorney general supposed to be moderate guy separate himself from the white house this smells like pure politics. >> it's disgusting and blatant overreach. what a great reason why he never should have been on the supreme court. we have got to protect our
3:55 am
parents' rights and protect our children from being taught things such as critical race theory or, forced to wear masks. here in arkansas, i'm defending state law that says that we won't have masks and, unfortunately, we are having to be in court over it right now. but this is extreme overreach by the biden administration and i'm proud of these parents for standing up for their young people, for caring about their children enough to have their voices heard. brian: got a minute left. i want to get todd and acre to way in on the same thing. know that they have politicized the attorney general's office. what can do you, eric? >> well, we're going to continue to push back. look,s as leslie just said in missouri we are fighting back, too. we are suing school districts forcing the masking of our kids. suing jurisdictions forcing masked requirements for residents. pushing back on the critical race theory. got the department of education to pull back their grant funding that they were going to have for school districts prioritizing critical race theory. we are going to keep pushing back. the encouragement for people
3:56 am
keep showing up. we're not going to tolerate the department of justice and fbi criminalizing dissent here. it's unamerican. brian: todd, what's the next step? >> look, the attorneys general across the country, at least some of us, we are the first line of defense and maybe the last line of defense against this creeping and now running socialism that we have. we still need the people of this country and this is where it gets hard to run a free republic, everyone needs to be involved. keep showing up, keep making sure that we don't lose this country. we can do it. the founders meant for it to be designed this way and confident in our future. brian: all right, guys. thanks so much. appreciate you getting up early. the attorneys generals in respective states taking collective action. thanks. meanwhile, in the middals of the supply chain pain some on the left are playing spoiled consumer. we'll talk aboutn that. ed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
3:57 am
>> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪♪ we believe everyone deserves to live better. and just being sustainable isn't enough. our future depends on regeneration. that's why we're working to not only protect our planet, but restore, renew, and replenish it. so we can all live better tomorrow. ♪♪ if you have this... consider adding this. an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan from unitedhealthcare. medicare supplement plans help by paying some of what medicare doesn't... and let you see any doctor. any specialist. anywhere in the u.s. who accepts medicare patients. so if you have this... consider adding this. call unitedhealthcare today for your free decision guide.
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
4:00 am
or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. first responders lose their jobs due to vaccine mandates. >> they awoke the sleeping giant. the ones that are vaccinated just lost 8 in this state. >> "the washington post" has a message for americans, just lower your expectations. >> the american greatness has been replaced by american mediocrity and no one should accept that. >> president trump was making america great again. joe biden is making america average again. steve: terry mcauliffe melts down and walks out of an interview. >> that's it we are over. you should have had better questions. >> he is losing it because he
4:01 am
knows the race is slipping away from him. ainsley: americans can mix and match vaccine boosters. >> hospitalization is zero and >> aaronrs slams cancel culture,. >> i'm not a part of this woke cancel culture that gets off on trying to silence. ♪ ♪ ainsley: got the best of our love. if you haven't visited you have to go to historic charleston. wake up he lease earhardt she probably is in school. that's my sister. she teaches. it's 7:00. she is probably rolling out -- i think they start around now. she says when i say that on air she never guess to hear it people tell her hey there is our
4:02 am
control room. brian: never met them in person. they are just in silhouette. we think they are all vaccinated. actually all wearing masks downstairs. ainsley: have to wear masks they are very close to one another. steve: our company like many companies have vaccine requirements. we either have to have gotten the shot or get tested every day. and when we're in common areas, everybody needs to wear a mask. there are a lot of companies coast to coast. looking at brand new ones, general electric, pacific. tyson food, walmart, boeing, ibm. raytheon already on board. what's happening now here in new york city. brian: they are saying get the shot or you are fired. steve: essentially. ainsley: some of them saying fantastic. brian: fantastic. be prepared to lose 10% to 15% of your workforce. i hope that's okay. steve: well, people are getting accommodations in certain circumstances but here's the mayor de blasio announced all
4:03 am
city workers have to be vaccinated you have to have had your first shot by november 1st. that includes firefighters and police, you know, we have been talking about how school employees have to do it and that's been a problem. but that number has creeped up. and now obviously his hope is more firefighters and policemen get the shot so they are not -- ainsley: 83% have been vaxxed. it's much lower for cops and firefighters in our city we have 300,000 city workers. hundreds protests in times square because they don't want to get the shot. the head of the police benevolent association says you should be able to consult with your own medical providers. the city commissioner fully supports the mandates. brian: that's good. we will see how the union feels that police commissioner dermot shea. couple of things, 58% i believe
4:04 am
of firefighters are vaccinated slightly more than that are cops. i don't know if you met these firefighters and cops, they are so head strong, so driven, part of the reason they are great at their job, prepare to lose 30% of your workforce. as usual, this mayor creates strife for a living. he couldn't leave quick enough. his lack of leadership is inexcusable. not rare -- go ahead. steve: i was just going to say regarding commissioner shay. one of the reasons he said that he supports the vaccine mandate is because two fire -- two policemen, rather, lost their lives to covid just last week and he said everybody should embrace the vaccine because it still is a killer. brian: we this thing called individual decision as a country. we also have this thing called antibody test. so many work through this -- before there was a vaccine we even knew where the virus came from. we thought it came from a platypus. we found out it came from a lab.
4:05 am
cops were on the street working the beat a lot of them have the immunity that's not taken into fray. delta set up a testing program to say if you are not vaccinated get tested take $200 a month out of your paycheck. a lot of people don't like that but at least that's an option. ainsley: got the press release from the mayor's office. this might encourage if you are not vaccinated. city employee you get $500 in paycheck for receiving first shot at a city run vaccination site. steve: what's what's going on here go. to the other coast. a number of seattle police officers and firefighters the first responders who they have mandates out there. they have decided we are going to go ahead and fire us. yesterday, they marched up the steps at city hall to turn in their boots. the city issued boots. now, the city of seattle, you know, they are trying to put a happy face on it they are being
4:06 am
optimistic because these are the people that protect people. they say, you know, if somebody calls 911. no significant impact on response, they say. right now, in seattle, 91% of the police have been vaccinated, 92% of the firefighters. but also out there, there are about two dozen who have not yet submitted their paperwork or they said, you know what? rather than lose my job, i'm going to get the job. two dozen in limbo. ainsley: look at the city. they are marching, there they are taking a picture together as a group. marching up to turn in their boots. i'm sure it's somber. i'm sure they are very sad and upset. many of them have put in, you know, countless hours, decades of time. and they are giving it up because they don't want to get vaccinated. brian: 127 state employees have lost their jobs. 47 commissioned officers. 67. one captain. remaining employees dispeamps, administrators and instructors. you make these mandates, people have a right to make a decision.
4:07 am
they also know a lot of them are in great shape. they are not susceptible to it. they know the odds of survival getting through it are extremely high. they are unsure about the vaccination. that's their decision. they talked to their people at the espn reporter talked to her doctor. the doctor says you are trying to get pregnant. i don't recommend it. that's what you do you usually go to medical professionals. you don't go to your local politician or mayor who thinks this is a good thing to do to be in with their party. robert la may state trooper and robert quit. listen. >> losing a lot of officers. the question they are really not asking to these officers, the ones that are vaccinated, are they still leaving? i can tell you those numbers are extreme. the troopers that actually left today that final number we got was 74 troopers. well, okay. when i talk people more fired. quit before they got fired. there is a number.
4:08 am
number of people vaccinated lost 8. seattle pd guys. this is dot. this goes on and on and on. it's ridiculous. ainsley: he is the one who said you can kiss my blank to the governor there and dropped his speaker. he was doing his last call inside his cop car. and they thanked him for his service. whoever was working dispatch that day. but he is young. he has, i think he said he had four kids when we interviewed him. and he said he had two and a half years left on the job before he could retire. steve: unbelievable. so close. but, you know, that's the probable with working with the government. you know, they make the rules. and they are looking to the white house and the white house is saying by december 8th, if you do government business, you have got to have had people vaccinated or have be an unaccommodation. unusual to have. steve: they are your employer and your employer can do that. brian: if our employer said get five vaccines i will put the
4:09 am
needles on your desk and give yourself five shots, you have got to do that? since when -- but since when are we mandated by employers to get shots in our bodies? ainsley: i know. you might disagree with it but the courts have ruled against anyone who tried to sue. brian: where does it end? are you guys comfortable with where this is going? if you get a vaccination for this pandemic. now we have to wait to get a booster. i just heard the segment. now we get a booster. durability one year. then another shot. how are we going to keep up with this. the measle shot lasted 25 years. this lasts, we don't know, nine months, 12 months? there is going to be four people in restaurants, three cops, two firefighters running entire cities. down 22%. deaths are down 14%. vaccines are up to 77% of the population eligible has gotten the shot. 67% are fully vaccinated. above the most vulnerable -- 65 and up, 8% are fully vaccinated. we got it we are in herd
4:10 am
immunity now. plus the natural immunity, this is oppressive, this is domineering. this is out of control. steve: employers can have rules for employment. and so that's what these governments are doing. steve: peter doocy who was in the press conference yesterday he asked jen psaki about all of these people who work for government who are walking off, particularly the first responders, are we less safe because of that? here's the exchange. >> the vaccine mandate also means tons of police and military may walk off the job then at the end of the day does a vaccine mandate make people safer? >> well, where are tons police and military walking off the job. >> 10% of their workforce could walk off the job. there are problems in the world than covid-19. international terror, gang violence, murder, is there any
4:11 am
concern that if police forces shrink or if the size of the ranking military force shah rinks that the united states or localities may not be equipped properly to deal with -- >> -- peter, more than 700,000 people have died of covid. again, it was the number one cause of death among police departments and police officers. it's something that we should take seriously. steve: and so she is essentially doubling down. these are the mandates by the federal government. brian: right. steve: she is not going to change that going forward. brian: she didn't give a smug condescending answer there. vaccinations are out there. we understand the efficacy of did. we understand that people have doctors for medical opinions. they don't need jen psaki telling them what to do nor do they need to know that there is danger out there. they can make their own decision. ainsley: there is also another concern. we are in a supply chain crisis. and with so many people being forced to leave their job, it's only going to make it worse.
4:12 am
you are going to have to wait longer. even longer if the companies that are trying to deliver your goods to your home or your store and they have these mask mandates or they have these vaccine mandates and people aren't going to comply, then they are going to leave their jobs. steve: here's one of the problems. i was reading this morning that in denver, school kids, they can't get them milk. they are running out of milk in short supply right now. canned goods, boxed items also short supply. the problem is not enough food the trouble is the processors. brian: we should be get used to we have been living too easily. ainsley: that's what they're saying. record number of ships out there. this is los angeles and long beach port. the number of ships normally at these ports 17 per day. right now there are 100. steve: five times more at least. here's the problem. see that cargo ship that container ship is loaded with those containers. once they put a container on to
4:13 am
a chassis, and drive it out of the port, what happens to that box? well, unfortunately for a lot of the neighbors who live near the port, they are just dumping those containers along neighborhood street. one of the ladies who lives near the port of l.a., sonia said this. it's a bunch of neighbors that are very upset because taps it's a nonstop situation. i would go to work at 6:30 a.m., there was a trailer already blocking my driveway. i couldn't get out. essentially was abandoned. no driver in the trailer. so we would honk and honk and it was just crazy. so, they are dumping them in front of people's houses. and they are just waiting because of the gigantic backlog. ainsley: one spokesperson said look at these pictures. that's your holiday shopping right there. brian: here's the thing. also the cruise nothing for them to do. steve: they are on overtime. brian: it's not enough.
4:14 am
they have a job to do. other places that their ships got to get filled up with other equipment. and the attitude with this administration should be disqualifying for anyone running for election. deal with it, lower your expectations. that's the way it is, this is because our economy is doing better we are ordering more stuff because people are at home. are you kidding? ainsley: i thought the 24/7 was supposed to fix this. brian: meanwhile in florida, the desantis said why don't you use my port? we have the manpower. steve: have a bunch of them. brian: why don't you use our port? can someone get something done? bob the former ceo of chrysler and home depot had an idea. he said why are we not using the national guard? because we have truck drivers in the national guard. and they were looking at and it they said it's the same license. so we could use them. 60,000 down before the pandemic in truck drivers. we use them unhood the ships. we could actually use them to
4:15 am
unthem into the trucks and some of the national guard to do it. i don't want to volunteer people fighting our wars, helping us during floods. i know you have other jobs. but it should be an option in order to get us whole again. steve: apparently the administration, because it's been a problem, they have been looking at national guard for a while. what's interesting about that, and it was great when bob said that on our program 10 days or so ago a clothing manufacturer trade group said call in the national guard, not only to, perhaps, drive the trucks but it there apparently is some sort of a problem with the licenses. but they have great suggestion. and that is unload the cargo at naval ports, which is brilliant because they are outfitted for the great big ships, just pull them up and move them out. the problem is, i don't know that this administration wants to give those union jobs to people who are not in the union. so they are probably going to go you know what? port of l.a., port of long beach, they can handle it let's
4:16 am
go ahead and have those union guys who are now getting paid 24 hours a day, let's have them do it. ainsley: "the washington post" tweeted out an opinion piece that says don't rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes, try to lower expectations. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: it goes on in the op-ed to say time for some new more realistic expectations. american consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades are not accustomed to inconvenience. all i can do is hope for the best like everybody else. and keep those expectations reasonable. eventually the supply chain will get straightened out, american consumers might have been spoiled but generations of them have also dealt with shortages of some kind. now it's our turn to make adjustment. brian: i will tell you what, i hope that every young person in high school and college, if you don't take offense, was covering their ears to that because i know they are not reading "the washington post." that is everything you don't want the american people to do. lower their expectations. don't try as hard. don't expect more.
4:17 am
don't push the to be successful. that is the exact horrible attitude that gets people paid to not work, paid extra not to work. that don't pay back their student loans. blame everyone for their lives the way they want to be. ainsley: life is like a football game. you love to use analogies with sports. anyone joins a team sets them up for success down the road. that's what they teach. imagine if they taught lower your expectations, tom. tom brady said that just lower your expectations, not going to work as hard this time. steve: what the administration needs to do. they need to address the root causes. don't get angry. lower expectations. address the root causes. why are there not enough people working right now? that's a problem for the administration. also, why are more things not made in the united states? we wouldn't have that bottle neck in l.a. where 40% of our stuff goes through that port if we made it here. ainsley: who is going to -- if you do open ports in texas and in florida, who is going to pay for those ships.
4:18 am
steve: to go through the panama canal. ainsley: going to be more expensive and a of a cost passed on to you. brian: let's pass this on to carley. carley: or tell the person living paycheck to paycheck lower your expectation. we have to get to load headlines. new information about her horrendous attacks men and women in union. a man beating a florida officer with a brick. playing out across the country. the fbi revealing 60,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted just last year. that's up from 2019. this is members of the squad spent nearly $100,000 combined on private security in just the last quarter. despite promoting the defund the police movement. fox news exclusively learned that the man accused of raping a woman on a philadelphia train was never deported after being released from immigration detention. he came to the u.s. in 2012 on a
4:19 am
student visa. terminated in 2015 after he failed to remain a student. court records show he racked up multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions including one for sexual abuse. but he was not deported after a board of immigration appeals found the sex offense was not a serious crime. texas senator ted cruz wants to send illegal immigrants to get processed in democrat-led communities. >> introduce the bill you just referenced. it's called stop the surge act. >> we have simple. all it does is creates 13 new ports of entry. i said well, look, if it's okay. if you are fine with 2 million illegal immigrants. let's send them to where you like to hang out. >> martha's vineyard where former president obama owns $11 million estate is one of the areas listed in the legislation. now to baseball, the as astros scoring seven runs in the ninth inning to tie the alsc at 2. dodgers late comeback to beat the atlanta braves. >> representing the tying run
4:20 am
here in the eighth inning. sends it high into -- way back right center field. we are tied! cody bollinger. carley: both series will resume tonight. those are your headlines. steve: what a shot. awesome. brian: if you are a dodger fan. not if you are a brave fan. thanks, carley. brian: 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. meghan mccain speaks out for the first time since leaving "the view" on an interview here on fox. and describes what it was like to be targeted for her conservative values. ♪ ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important,
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♪ >> mainstream media deeply threatening being a woman hold her own on a show like that ultimately threatening. it became more and more personal. i feel like it got worse and worse. i felt like the more successful i was on the view and the more moments i helped get them and the more i pressed liberal candidates and liberal guests on the show the worse it got for me back stage. steve: worse for her back stage. there you have meghan mccain opening up with exit from the tv show "the view" and said the hostility she faced as a sole conservative on the program. author douglas murray joins us now with reaction. douglas, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: she has made it very clear in new audio memoir called bad republican she felt like she was being picked on because she was the lone conservative. and while the political left talks about tolerance, they simply are not tolerant. >> no, of course. what she describes is what we could all see if we watched that show which was that, you know,
4:26 am
all of the talk of tolerance, there is knob on the left. for all the talk of the sisterhood that we always hear from left wing woman, my word they are unpleasant to it their fellow sisters if they happen to be conservative. that's what happened with meghan mccain. i'm not at all surprised she has come out and said that. it's obvious whoopi goldberg, joy behar, these people treat everyone that disagree with them absolutely with contempt, with vitriol. and meghan mccain was one of the first people in their sights. i justed a though, you know, look, meghan mccain father, generations of americans have had to put up with all sorts of terrible things. they have had to fight for their country, for their freedom and much more. i admire meghan mccain for sitting this out. this is real warring. she had to put up with being on a panel show. a lot of people say they
4:27 am
criticize armchair warriors. you know, you have got to cope with the seat of a real armchair if you are going to be on a show like that. people have gone through worse things. it does definitely expose just the horrible way in which left wing women in particular talk about progress and hate from the wrong people. steve: they clearly the most the panelists on that program hated donald trump and because she was the lone conservative they took everything out on her as she secretary of state i didn't vote for donald trump. >> how generalizing do you have to be to that that meghan mccain represents donald trump. these people can't see any delineations on the opposite side. steve: i know it let's talk about this. interesting story. the national recreation and park association has come out with a 17-page equity language guide and there are a couple of things that are extraordinary. instead of using the word
4:28 am
americans call them residents or members of a community. apparently they just don't like the term americans. >> that's right. anyone who thought the national parks and recreational authority say have to look after national parks would be surprised to discover actually it's about policing language like everything else. they are obsessed. look at their website by the way. they talk about entirely about things equity in the parks. reminds me of something that happened last year in the u.k. the english countryside was deemed racist by left wing organization. the national parks authority clearly think that the parks are somehow racist. and need to be attacked. they talk about. steve: why do they use the term racist, douglas? because that seems unusual. >> the same thing everything in the world is racist. because it is their agenda and divides people who they think they dislike. but the national parks and recreation authority's guidance here it's amazing, isn't it?
4:29 am
we have been discussing in recent years things like the disappearance of the term woman, mother, all sorts of terms. here we see the disappearance of the term american. not to be talked about as american. you are a member of a community. this is the end point of the left's war on absolutely everything. you disappear the sexes and you draw all these racial lines and eventually you disappear the idea of being an american. steve: douglas murray, resident of america, douglas, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> great pleasure. steve: all right. coming up on 7:30 here in the east. lawrence jones is live at republican glenn youngkin's campaign headquarters as the race for virginia governor heats up. good morning to you, lawrence. lawrence: hey, good morning, steve. former governor terry mcauliffe walked out of a local interview because he didn't like the questions that were being asked. his opponent has a reaction to that. plus, parents are fired up about
4:30 am
their kids' education. they were at a rally last night. we have hour to thoughts coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred... have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork. tell your doctor about any infections... and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. take on ra.
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don't wait. save time. find the plan that fits you. call the number on your screen now, or visit healthmarkets >> i don't want to raise minimum
4:34 am
wage paid sick leave. glenn youngkin is against every one of those. he says election integrity is the number one issue. no it isn't. healthcare, education, covid. >> and finally. >> all right we are over. i gave you extra time. come on, man. you should have asked better questions. steve: i guess he didn't like the questions. virginia's gubernatorial hopeful democrat terry mcauliffe shutting down a local reporter at wjla in washington who pressed him on vaccine mandates and on law enforcement as the heated race for governor stretches into the final stretch. ainsley: let's head back down to south falls, virginia as lawrence jones is live at the glenn youngkin headquarters. hey,. lawrence: lawrence good morning, family. i had the opportunity to ask his opponent youngkin about that interview. does he respect the free press. or is he just entitled? watch. >> i think he might feel entitled. because he thinks he was governor but he didn't do a good job. people shouldn't ask him hard
4:35 am
questions. these aren't that hard of questions. how are you going to fix our schools and what are you going to do to make our community safe? these are questions i get every day. i know i'm going to fix the schools. we had a thousand people last night talking about it and i know what we are going to do to make our community safe. here is terry mcauliffe who won't answer questions at local reporter. yells at sheriffs, barks at people all the time. i think he is losing it because he knows this race is slipping away from him. lawrence: guys, as you know, education has become a defining issue for this campaign. the former governor said parents shouldn't be involved in their kids' education. and he said that his opponent is now taking him out of context. well, i talked with some parents last night. they were fired up about this. take a look. lawrence: education is the number one issue. >> it is. lawrence: why? >> people across the ideological system, left, right, and center seen what has happened with their kids and incredibly unhappy about it? >> a lot is riding on it whether my kids will be in school or not. >> i'm concerned about what goes
4:36 am
on in the walls of the school. mcauliffe made a crucial mistake in the debate when he shed parents should not be involved in choosing books for their children. >> talk about school issues and i felt as if i was disregarded. >> of course we should are have a say in our kids' education. lawrence: guys,s have you heard from that one woman, a former democrat, i talked to multiple former democrats. they thought they were democrats, this education issue and telling them that they can't be involved, well, they say they are done with the party. send it back to you guys in new york. brian: lawrence, one of the keys would be, he made a decision. when mcauliffe says i don't want parents involved. he might not like the way it sounds, do you know who does in the teachers unions. he hats teachers unions in his pockets. if he starts empowering parents, he could lose some of that. lawrence: that's exactly right, brian. the problem is so for often the
4:37 am
teachers unions and they still are are the most powerful lobbying group in the country. they put more money into political races than the nra does. so, now you have the parents that are taking the power away from them. they are saying you know, you can put as much money in this race as you want to. we are going to let our voices be heard as well. that's why you saw a packed rally yesterday. they have to move some of the rally outdoors because the fire marshall said i can't let anybody else in noah this facility. ainsley: terry mcauliffe dodges the questions. he left that interview early. remember at the beginning of the week when a reporter is trying to ask him coming out that front door and walking to the car trying to ask him questions, you are not vaccinated. steve: that question was about how much money would you invest in public safety? and that's when his staffer goes, do you know what? it is time for us to go. so, obviously, they don't want people to know how much he would invest in law enforcement. ainsley: local news station when they aired that they said we gave both of them 20 minutes but terry mcauliffe left after about 10 minutes, that's why his interview is shorter than his
4:38 am
opponent's. lawrence: guys, you know, the interesting thing about this is that you would think he would be prepared for a question like. this is a former governor. you would think that he would have his position on this issue. but he doesn't because he is trying to straddle the fence. does he want the moderates or does he want to defund the police? progressives that are in virginia. brian: i think it's arrogant. he feels like who are you to question me? i should be up by 10 points. what happened? and he is mad at the reporters. lawrence: what he did was kicked off the momma bears. when the momma bears are showing up. look, these are people that just wanted to be at home with their kids, take care of their family. they didn't want to be involved in politics, but they declare a war. they sent the doj after these moms now. and so now you have these parents saying enough is enough. we saw what was going on behind closed doors in the pandemic, we want our voices to be heard. we can't sick the fbi on us. you can't silence us. and now they are going to show up and vote for a different candidate.
4:39 am
who wins? i have no clue. again, this is a different race. this is not the typical democratic state. steve: right. well, we should know two weeks from today because election day is two weeks from yesterday. lawrence, we'll check back in with you in falls church, virginia coming up. also coming up, paying students to do their homework. this is how one restaurant, it's innovative way they are trying to solve the staffing shortage. an explanation on how it works coming up next. ♪
4:40 am
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ainsley: as businesses across the country continue to deal with shortages. one group is offering unique insen tifsz to get new employees in the doors. explore restaurant group is now paying employees who are in high school to devote an hour of their shift to homework and the plan has already shown success. joining me now to tell us more
4:44 am
xplore restaurant group chef and greg jones and jesseville high school senior and xplore employee. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: i understand it was your idea. how did you come up with this. >> i came up with the idea that to do this high school program. we had some students sitting out back one night and they were telling me about their parents were getting upset that their grades were slipping and they were going to have to work less hours or less days. i nonchalantly take my laptop go up stairs and do your schoolwork. it became this trend every day they come in. they went upstairs and started working on homework. ainsley: greg, what are you offering these employees? >> yeah. what we offer they come in an hour early for their shift. we take them upstairs. we have a nice quiet dining room upstairs and the afternoon is not a lot of people there. they get out their laptops.
4:45 am
we got great internet service there. we feed them lunch. they work on their schoolwork for an hour while they are there. we really focus on trying to make sure they actually do study when they are there and drake actually goes up and checks that they are actually doing work when they are there. and then at the end of the year, if they achieve an a or a b, we give them a free reasonable substantial bonus for those grades. to try to incentivize them to stay with us for the duration of the school term. ainsley: pretty amazing. give they've 100 bucks for an a and 50 bucks for a b. incentive. do you pay them when they're there studying. >> they are on the clock while they are doing there doing their studying in the afternoon. ainsley: feeding them, making money and make more if they make a's. peyton, how is it going tore you? i know you were already working at the restaurant when they started this program. but now you can still be a part of it how is it going? are you seeing improvement in grades. >> yes, ma'am. before this program started, i
4:46 am
had all cs. and now that this program has started i have all as and bs now. ainsley: i am so proud of you. that is amazing. you are going to make a lot of money too in the process and maybe get into a better college. greg, is it helping? are you seeing more people apply for jobs? >> we are. we have actually seen some just since we published this just a few days ago. we went out on social media with it and we have already had quite a few applicants. and it's been really popular, think with the students but more popular with their parents. ainsley: i'm sure. drake, tell us your story? because you said you love to see the kids do better. you wish you had had a program like. this oh, yeah, most definitely. i was all about making money when i was in high school. i kind of put my schoolwork off to the side. and went down a bad path with my own choices in life. and i think a program like this, i mean, if more businesses like this did programs, just like this, that more students would make it through school, better grades, more opportunities to excel in their life.
4:47 am
and, like i said, i just want to see these kids do better than i did. i mean, we are all about the community, and the community is all about us. ainsley: that's great. you might have changed how restaurants are enticing people to come into their employment or into -- to work at their restaurant. i'm sure a lot of people around the country are watching this and start to do this because of your story. so thank you so much. really quickly, greg, what's your website if people want to apply for jobs? >> we're at www.explore ainsley: just the letter xplore right? >> xplore. beautiful hot springs village, arkansas. if you are anywhere near us, come apply. ainsley: good deal. thank you all. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. what a great story, right, janice? janice: amazing story. we love it you did a great job, ainsley. take a look at the maps. we have a beautiful day along the east coast. it's going to be warmer than average for this time of year. a cold front is going to visit us this weekend though and bring
4:48 am
our temperatures back to more seasonal averages. can you see cold air in place across the rockies. and that is setting the table for more winter-like weather over the next couple of days. we have not one but two big storm systems moving into the region. we are talking about a lot of precipitation. that's through thursday. watch what happens when we go through friday, saturday, sunday monday tuesday into next week. big time rain along the coast. and very heavy snow along the mountains. hazards with this flooding and mud slides and debris flows. the good news is it going to put a debt into the drought which has been extreme to exceptional over the last several months. ainsley, we will keep you up to date and right on cue we have the jack hammers. ainsley: thank you so much, muc. ainsley: fellow country star john rich is here to react. ♪ ♪
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> country music singer travis fighting back against mandate by canceling any shows and a venue the requires the patency to get the shot for a mask or have to
4:53 am
get a test. ainsley: he said the policies discriminate against concertgoers and last night he talked about this move. >> this is not about following the science or trying to look out for the safety of the people there. this about something else, trying to divide people and this is trying to shame people and i felt like i had to stand up for freedom, freedom for all of the people to be able to go out and enjoy with the doing and enjoy the concert without being harassed rated. >> so john joining us now to discuss that, you understand that review made the same decision. guest:) the country right now brian college football has been going on for several weeks there 70 - 100,000 people per game and you see this people mandating the mass are showing the vaccine papers are taking a test before
4:54 am
they entered the stadiums absolutely nuts and certainly these venues are targeting the fans in the artist for that matter, not following the science there following the political science whatever their political science is and beyond that, i see there is also an effort and coercion and that a big powerful orbit think about this government is coursing people and all kinds of ways with a review you lose your job if you don't do this and venues are saying, you can't come to a concert the fact that you might be an artist that is being used in the process of coercion, i really like to see this concert i don't know if i wanted do this procedure, manual do it so i can go to the show. i want to be part of that either. brian: short and more entertainers are saying the same thing. meanwhile john is a show on and tonight on the pursuit, you have travis and ricky skaggs remembering your friend charlie daniels. watch this rated.
4:55 am
>> he love the country and the people in it and he loved what he did for a living and charlie always said, he came from nothing, and he never expected to be where he ended up being. in a do say the name charlie daniels when it comes to mind. >> joy that man played with joy yes he did. sue and and charlie came on the show for close to 25 years and we knew him in that capacity, being in show business you probably do have a lot better. >> is quite a man in the patriots, this interview was his last on camera interview read this last one was on my show the pursuit in 19 days later he passed away. so if you ever wonder what his final words work and what he had to say about this country should watch the show jayapal fox business 9:00 o'clock eastern then my second i was out tonight is the great eddie george, who we all know hall of famer level
4:56 am
running back. it's a great show document the pursuit of happyness in america. it. ainsley: i love that you had the last interview and that is so: john thank you so much for coming on resume cannot wait to watch and to continue the foxbusiness primetime lineup and you can catch the pursuit tonight at 9:00 o'clock or you can stream it on fox nation sue and meanwhile former secretary of state mike pompeo joins us and talks about china's a much more pretty. >> pioneer woman classic dishes with some super easy shortcuts and she's got a brand-new cookbook she has recipes to remind you of grandma's house and coming up in fox. ♪
4:57 am
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5:01 am
>> we also saw restaurants paying students to work in the restaurant is there struggling to find the staff. >> to the right center. >> in ocean city new jersey last night, population 111,302, the mayor, and it is wednesday at 8:00 o'clock. and zip code is 08226 printed. ainsley: why is a cold ocean city.
5:02 am
>> because near the new jersey coastal sure at the ocean so it is the city of a string of beaches and has shops and eateries and amusement. ainsley: eateries. >> just offstage she does love because she is down in that neck of the woods and their famous for funnel cake. absolutely delicious. it. ainsley: i'm going there to the south carolina state fair 1 meter this weekend rated. >> there's trying to find some nutritional value is so far. while it's delicious and meanwhile we are not done. our southern border is funneling migrants by close to 2 million into the united states according to new numbers just released this morning, the number of migrants detained by u.s. border in the fiscal year 2021, 1.7 million and that that we
5:03 am
know about what's interesting is the latest customs and border patrol data also shows that the number one producer of the migrants coming into our country, is mexico. a border patrol arrested more than 608,000 national mexicans and the biden administration left them in an awkward place because there enforced in on the border and block the caravans and had in the same time, their people coming up north to get paid big money. they sent home rated. ainsley: and we wonder they were going and then the white house said the post camped out but they know this of the planes are coming into white plains new york of the westchester area. and they went up there with the reporters in the cameras and they took some images of people getting off those planes being bordered on to the start of us and putting out in the middle of different cities. they could be coming near an area to you.
5:04 am
2600 young children were relocated to long island. brian: so you have sponsor families and so-called relatives and sponsor families who in working-class neighborhoods, we did this whole thing on long island, bridgeport, connecticut and these are economically stressed areas who are now getting people from another country, more than likely from economically just areas. combining to be essentially dumped. and sign for more to come they say the 1.7 million does not count obviously the people they missed. they actually say they turn around 60 percent of them and does anyone believe that. and number two, they do need to write in the washington post how politically disastrous this is for the biden administration and how ridiculous it looks that the new border patrol agent one even named this chief morning the name this a crisis is in fact nominated prayed and when you
5:05 am
push the biden officials on where these illegal immigrants are going, they got smug they say were doing the right thing is if this doesn't set a bad presidents future illegal immigrants. this to the exchange yesterday pretty. >> why is the administration flying migrants from the border to florida in new york in the middle of the night. >> well mustards in the middle of the night but the me tell you what is happening here. it is. >> is very early the morning pretty. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight and it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until the swiftly unified with her parents are sponsoring that is something we take seriously pretty. brian: we've heard that before because that's their official talking point and we have to take care of them by law. she does not say so we have to take care of them by law because her in this country, because you
5:06 am
let them into the country and the reason they are transporting these children and family units, all across the country and we only know of a couple of spots where they have landed these charter planes. the reason i do that is they do not want the local paper taking a picture because brian, you're absolutely right this is politically disastrous and the more they can contain the images, the better the contain the story. for some people say i live in the neighborhood of one over the going in the administration will not fill you in on any of these details. ainsley: i just think about the danger. but at some of these images, they are men, they're not all children with doctor reporters, they claim they are sponsor families rated age letting a strange person live in your house because you want to be a sponsor family. you might have a big part of what about your family and we don't know anything about these individuals that was the point that there were several quite of your congressman brian, his name was tom swazi and he's a
5:07 am
democrat out of long island and he said i am mad because nobody advised me about this and this might district him angry and frustrated and what do you tell me they were coming and you learned about it from reading the post pretty said how many other and were going to go to school. they have gotten any details for any information and is also concerned because if you look at long island, they had major problems with ms 13 again starting in el salvador and they are worried about safety what it will mean for the immunity. and he said that all americans deserve to know how your mismanaged border policy will impact each of our communities. he wrote a letter to the president. brian: and the disrespect that jen psaki represents the government. there is town hall in baltimore, that is just beyond aggravating and even got at the post editorial board and they say this pretty disrespect is no other way to describe how the
5:08 am
biden administration democrats in general, think of the american people. americans care about how many illegal immigrants are being led into the country in the white house crew does not care. americans care about whether they'll be able to buy holiday gifts and how much the pay for groceries and democratic officials do not care. it does not affect them how infuriating now insulting and out of test they are and when you bring up against one of the questions from one of the media members and splitter people wondering these delays that have been happening over year. nobody's getting up deliveries in the pandemic and one of the examples used was treadmills and she said oh that's really bad that you can't get your treadmill. ainsley: she said that people can get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time. and for manufacturing economic development said that you won't be able to get the jacket in the 15 colors which you'll be able to get the jacket and then on chief of staff said this is the high-class problem, no, we have
5:09 am
inflation prices go up off the board this for somebody living paycheck to paycheck and are they going to afford high gas prices, bills going up to 54 percent and how will they afford eggs and bacon and milk and all the necessities and toilet paper and paper towels and things they need for their children are going up. brian: the administration has because this is something to your point, it impacts everybody and every time you fill up your car if you have a 20-gallon tank, it cost you an extra $20, every time. over last year, liebling. joe biden ultimately. >> and that is why she is joking about things because she's trying to put on a happy face but there is no way. ainsley: that's next. >> i think she is saying how dare you ask me we've got this
5:10 am
but they don't. and the third most important thing with the market people's innovation, first is the economy and second is covid-19 so we continue to duck the border and see what happens and flipped the first indicator will be virginia and the key is the number one is the economy read that impacts everybody so the supply chain stops, that is everybody and meanwhile with less than two weeks before the election down in virginia, governor. a shut down local reporter who was pressing him on how much he would spend on law enforcement. [inaudible]. >> i gave you extra time, come on man. summa keep in mind that he also blew up and share a financing that law enforcement and enclosed up at the end of the reporters asking them questions so this is his composure cummings or anything governor and he's been doing policies for 40 and 50 years. is had back down to virginia
5:11 am
where we are live the campaign headquarters. lawrence, this guy is beginning to break it seems. reporter: good morning and you are exactly right brian, we got to talk about the economy and another issue that matters for the voters is crime and is going up all across the country especially when it comes to violent crimes and you would think that someone who's been in politics for so long somebody is a former governor would have an answer ready to go. the doctors upon it, and he says the former governor, watch he might feel entitled. >> people shouldn't asking hard questions and these are not hard questions and are you going to fix our schools and what he going to do to make our community safe rated these are questions i get every day and i know how going to fix the schools. and i know what we're going to do to make our community safe rated he won't even answer questions and he yells at the sheriff's any marks of people all of the time. i think he's losing it because
5:12 am
he knows this race is slipping away from him. >> are we in the final stretch of the campaign known you would think that the governor would be prepared for questions like this and i think that he thought he had it in the bag and now with a new poll is coming out, think now is getting a little worried. >> vice president of the united states was not there and goes to three other black churches and turns out, pretty much illegal. telling us to vote in church and i'm pretty sure that's the definition it is not good. >> right and jen psaki advocating for the former governor from the white house and i think that it is a violation as well brian so this is a group of people that said they were going to return to normal and they're going to do everything about this by the book and now you see the mega violence and also targeting appearance and speaking out to the fbi the doj and here in this
5:13 am
county in virginia there are five about that yesterday. ainsley: thank you we appreciate it rated well yesterday, we offered the megan was going to be on my site. i wanted to see what she had to say about her experiences on the view and she left rieslings run the combat republican it is the single republican on the panel and here she is last night. >> you are targeted your conservative and treated differently and is interesting how my book absurd released today because people are surprised at all it's all very personal. that is the thing the being eight conservative woman in the mean and current mainstream media threatening a woman who can hold her own on a show like that who ultimately driving because it became more and more personal the start of the show got read that was the running part of the event of the show did after we won an emmy in the cover of new york times and the
5:14 am
most important show in america. we actually felt that the more successful it was and i got them, in the on the show, the worst it got for me backstage. >> and see her memoir bad republican, you can imagine how it messes with your self-esteem and working in an environment with must think that you give me the world as a republican during the trump years and she said is the country got worse, the treatment and some of the staff were less forgiving and she said that it was if i had become an avatar for everything they hated about president trump and it felt like the cohosting sack only new one republican rated me and they took all of their anger economy even though i did not vote for trump is a very power and left, obviously not tolerance. >> know she was not pro trump ever. but for the most part, they got off easy and the view because
5:15 am
she was critical of president trump rated. ainsley: like we can all have his movements that we get along. but behind the scenes in talking about that and you can have different views but you don't have to hate someone because they voted differently than you do in this what makes america beautiful, we can all be different and she talked about she said when she came back from maternity leave she was crying she had postpartum anxiety and stay number 2 inches back and she said and shot actually play this but the site, she said joy you missing so so much when i was on maternity leave and joy said i did not. i do not miss you, zero and she said during the commercial break uncontrollable sobbing because of the nasty remarks she had all her stuff together. their hormones are raging and she described her experiences intensely heartbreaking pretty. >> it could admit that she's a lot happier now that she no longer on the view. ainsley: there is one person.
5:16 am
[inaudible]. honey doing the transition is happening. >> when she sent pretty. ainsley: i live my life without not to be true. just kidding. you guys have been talking about vaccine mandates all morning long and this just in, bill de blasio nancy's the covid-19 vaccine mandate for all workers and de blasio giving employees until next week to get at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine or face unpaid leave and 69 percent of new york's finest are fully vaccinated, only 69 percent of new york's bravest are fully vaccinated the move does not allow vaccinated workers to opt out with testing. and in-n-out burger verifying customers proof of vaccination in the popular burger chain
5:17 am
legal officer telling fox news that are stored properly opposed to signage to communicate local vaccination requirements and reprieve has become the vaccination police for any government and the store has simply opened but indoor dining is not available. in arkansas price of the prescribed spanking students to do their homework as a struggle to find it staff and they joined us last hour. listen pretty. >> quite a few applicants is been really popular think and maybe even more popular with parents and the students and more businesses like this did programs, just like this, that more students would make it through school, better grades, more opportunities to excel in their life. ainsley: high school seniors in the program has given a more free time and reveals a tremendous amount of stress and he has already seen an improvement in his grades. great interview that you did there pretty. >> that is such a cool story.
5:18 am
reporter: is even went from all seems to getting all a's because they were paying him to do homework. ainsley: that is such a plan on the wind, plan. >> a lot of struggling and one of my favorite places down in jupiter florida area, and the higher of 14 and 15 high school students to be the hostess says. so they can extra hour pretty. >> i loved being in hostess. ainsley: while i was never a house, was a waitress, i was terrible base, moment dead to say because i would get overwhelmed and then i would ignore that table. [laughter] >> applebee's sorry everybody. >> that was an apology and people all over the country are saying i remember. ainsley: and they're abandoning me.
5:19 am
>> all right thank you and up next taliban on faith the families who targeted family and their - and the taliban professional, former secretary of state mike pompeo it reacts. plus backlog is hitting a record high in florida have a solution and we will talk to florida senator marco rubio about why they say bring the ships to florida.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
about three and $12 and land reward is to their surviving families. to date so they think they do that they will get a better place in heaven and a lot of money. and this comes as the state department inspector general brief is congress on the probes into the biden administration chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan pretty. brian: and so far we hear from our resource there very professional the taliban so accountability and most discuss with former secretary of state mike pompeo, mr. secretary and wish to retake the inspector general saying that were going to look into this. is it something of substance pretty. guest: well my experience was that was largely worthless and clinical and partisan rated so i don't know about it i open and glatt they're going to take a look at this but we turning to asked many questions. we saw this with our own eyes we saw the debacle and the weight they withdrew from afghanistan
5:25 am
and i'm happy if they take steps to look to see what went wrong but we know for sure what happened to the americans still remain in afghanistan we know there were 13 americans that the parish and the departure of ava pretty good idea of the debacle. >> in the administration at that time because it was so chaotic there are partners that the security around at the airport rated and their hunkered down inside of the mr. secretary, the story about the taliban, they are offering cash and prizes to the surviving families of the taliban members include themselves up targeting our people and what kind of partners are those. guest: yeah, they're not partners have these are adversaries in these folks are trying to undermine the western way of life in the one to put on old school style something will know. and steve it reminds me there are people who pay to kill
5:26 am
americans, we have seen this before, pay for slain this is not new and the fact that the taliban just tells you precisely the kind of human beings that were dealing with they don't care about human life. it also reminds me steve of how successful we were over the last year the change when we didn't have a single american attacked and no americans killed but not even american attacked. even in spite of the fact that the taliban clearly would've liked to have done that were prepared to pay it sounds like to do it. we've established a model they kept their souls are saved in the rain safe rated. ainsley: what is the latest on the evacuations and how many americans are still there. guest: i don't know the americans, still dozens and dozens. if you're still working on projects trying to get the folks on the back. i can't tell you how many. more than 50. and not all u.s. citizens, some of them are green card holders
5:27 am
will try to get all of the folks back will be no to be back in we want to make sure we know who's coming back and that there vented right and we think we've done that and side to make sure that we get every last one of them out pretty. >> there is one constant through all of the groups that i talked to and that is that the state department is not only not helping, they are entering. the state department, that's the department who used to run and he would not want americans out .guest: i can answer that question because it's incomprehensible to me. i know that when our office and we had people trapped all across the world because the work on the virus in was shut down, we moved heaven and earth to get people on the plane, military aircraft we used every told arsenal of this will be do we don't leave them behind.
5:28 am
with some for the state department to not only support what we're doing doing but not lift a finger to help groups that are in no our trying to do this pretty is incomprehensible. >> thank you so much it is sickening. ainsley: and if you want to say brian. brian: november 2nd i'm just being able to list while the. on november 3rd, of the on thursday and seven island in the barnes & noble and in georgia on november 5th and charleston west virginia on stage, just register to get tickets especially for sunday so those the first week. ainsley: i'm driving down long island to go to church rated in this where you will be. >> and there will be a movie there. then athletic stars and george clooney produces predict. brian: for more information
5:29 am
click on register and meanwhile still ahead on fox and friends are calm, aaron rogers is taking on a cancel culture and out came clay travis reaction quarterback and apologizing for taunting the bear fans rated. ainsley: plus, the pioneer woman in his here. and recipes that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family rated we will talk to her in just a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. .ainsley: good morning we are back, queen elizabeth is canceling the trip to northern ireland at the advice of doctors and the doctors, buckingham palace and she's in good spirits and is comes just days after the queen was using a walking stick and a charity event and officials have not said what prompted them both rated and a wild story out of texas, a plane full of people crashes on takeoff and official say the aircraft never made it off the tarmac and said it was into a field and only two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and claims of houston
5:34 am
astros fans down from boston last night's playoff game and what a game it was, the astros seven runs in the ninth inning and be the red sox nine - two. and that is now tied at two and meanwhile the la dodgers is a late come back to beat the six - five in their series deficit and one football score * rather scoring big la very different moment delivering a baby daughter at home. defensive lineman to wait for stepped in for an emergency delivery on his wife went into labor on tuesday with no time to make it to the hospital and a representative from the team said mom and dad and baby are all doing well. how about that brian. brian: two scores for the jaguars, big win on saturday and delivery in the wake. thank you. and the quarterback aaron
5:35 am
rodgers taking on the cancel culture when pressed on the backlash he faced for taunting chicago bears fans, remember. >> there is this culture that exists, and is off i think on striking people and keeping them small and a box. quieting them through cans and capitalization another part of this you know, this book cancel culture think it's off on trying to silence people predict. brian: he was talking my comments he made any said basically to his fans, i own you which is something very difficult of mohammed ali and a lot of other people they came up in sports and there was a problem. clay travis does not have a problem and also not part of this culture. >> of course there's no problem with this and look, that the funniest thing that aaron rogers said in all of this and thank you for having me on the hope you guys are having great money, sometimes unfairly kind of blackout and he looked up into
5:36 am
the crowd, he saw chicago bear fans all extending their middle finger in his direction he wanted to fire back a little bit. as part of what makes correspondence, is on the road in these getting and i don't think there's actually been very much criticism of what he said particularly because aaron rogers has a buy begins the chicago peers and during his career starting cornerback is a green bay packers i think probably earned a little bit from the bears fans because what he said is indisputably true. and i don't think anybody will cancel aaron rogers fall is playing at the level as year again and is 15 in a row and i do think this book culture is the antithesis of everything this course has four. and it's excellence and being able to speak your mind are all to me are this poll underscores
5:37 am
culture. brian: and uniform will he be in next year because this will be his last year and meanwhile going deep with clay travis, on fox nation it, saturday and in it clay, you rediscover the sellthrough tailgates and traditions in human going out love this weekend and every weekend and talking to the fans. guest: it is an amazing experience and i'm excited to see others fox nation show is going to be received and think people are going to love it. in separate fox you get a free trial if you use the code out cake and i will be tweeting it out as clay travis lincoln you will be able to check it out but what we are examining brian is the pomp and circumstances and the pageantry surrounding college football in the south and why is it so popular and why do so many people love it. and what is at culture all about and particularly fish year as people are trying to make up for two years because they couldn't have the same experience last
5:38 am
year. because of covid-19 and been saying for small they want to go back into normalcy by going out there and living there full lives and filling of the stadium benefit the data recently, remember the doctor said that covid-19 was going to cease on college football fans and instead, all over the south covid-19 cases are down 81 percent since the college focal season. and go figure is exactly opposite of what dr. fauci said. >> and clay you talked to those fans who like to endure themselves at the football games. >> the fan base. [inaudible]. i am bulldog born and bred and - [laughter] and some of that is the passion to get the players and the fans
5:39 am
and, i mean, the fans are. a mexico there is no doubt, the culture of the south is whether you are a neurosurgeon or whether you are a janitor at a hospital, you are all equal when it comes to talking about the local teams. and for people out there who know this football is a big deal but maybe having the experience they want to know why that is. will dive into the culture, that is what this show at fox nation is going to be all about. >> this premier saturday on fox nation, another great reason it to download the app today. meanwhile, thank you so much i appreciated plus make sure that you catch the big new kickoff show. saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on fox, download the fox superstation app for a chance to ruin $25000 and all you need to do is from this saturday's college came in and watch to see how it plays out and is free to download. now to get started and i'm not done talking, i want you to check out what is clicking on out cake in this my last request
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meanwhile straight ahead of the show, kids safe business in the right solution in california printed senator marco rubio is live to talk. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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>> we start to talk about supply chain and is not just something is going to affect in small section, we have capacity year florida and we also have an incentive package make it worth your while to be able to bring your business to our ports. >> was that, gordon governor ron
5:45 am
desantis urging cargo ships to relive to florida still reports they say record backlog brady. ainsley: senator marco rubio joins us now. good morning to you and with how this because will can we reroute some of those go through the panama canal in texas or the florida printed. guest: i think the short-term is, yes, i think the long-term is they should be working on strategically bringing more of these production places to places where the make things of asia or out of china and either to the united states possible but if not be a planet country syndicate hemispheric produce jobs imaginatively have a bunch of factories that cannot be in america by can be in honduras and guatemala or in haiti for the dominican republican would create jobs and people would not have to leave the country they wouldn't have to turn themselves over to these trafficking networks and abuse them as they bring them to the united states. in terms of getting it into course like florida where we have multiple parts in tampa and fort lauderdale and jamar male in miami and in jacksonville that are open rated in the ready
5:46 am
to go out let me put one thing out that has him and said, a lot of this has happened in california is the state of california is fault. they have a lot basically say an independent trucker and most are independent, you cannot work in california from him to be an employee of the company's own independent trucker, why would an independent trucker lives in texas, become an employee of a company in california and then pay the exorbitant income taxes in california for every day they work in california shipping and thursday i'm not putting up with that hassle so that is one of the big problems here pretty. brian: another one is union workers at the docking they didn't work overnight printed the present had a talk the union people into working overnight to get all of the stuff off the ship and the senator according to the white house, this is a ry good problem because there's suh a backlog and that means the demand is high and stop complaining about the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed, this is a sign that the economy
5:47 am
is on fire thanks to joe biden. >> a lot of the continued to say that because they're going to have devastating losses in the next election for being oblivious and incompetent and insulting our intelligence what they do all the reason they can to get ahead on this california is basically the model woke state and every crazy left-wing idea in america is being implemented in california. we want to look at what they wanted turned to a look at what california state government has done a net they raise a lot of money out of there and a lot of activism and joe biden can take these people on. thus the democratic party the people who knock on doors and send $50 checks in the amount to their candidates and they cannot take these people on the matter how crazy they get pregnant have to come up with some ridiculous excuse for why is not a problem pretty. >> writing it is ridiculous at one point, they just cannot remember some 1.7 million illegals across our southern border and 540,000 are staying in they said 60 percent back in
5:48 am
a doubt that encouragement tony gonzalez said it gets worse than that, some of these people coming across our terrace. >> i just met with the foreign minister of ainsley earhardt she goes, there is over 100,000 migrants coming through panama on the way to the united states as we speak and she said many of us that because in panama we do biometrics and we've apprehended 52 people that have been associated that are associated with al qaeda predict. >> your reaction pretty. >> one of the same thing a few weeks ago from the foreign minister panama's was consistent in what that panama like the chokepoint, crossing over from south america and margaret some of whom have been living in these other countries for many years now decided i'm going make a move to the united states and panama is the first century on that route actually stops people in sort of assesses who they are than they take biometrics and so forth so you're going to catch people rated this coming from all over the world, tens of thousands of people that are in route as we speak across
5:49 am
multiple countries in the western hemisphere and they're all coming through panama as a try to come to the united states as first century actually stops people assesses of the ark and the administration does it is a tremendous frustration in fact i have heard they have threatened in this administration the biden administration has threatened government leaders in panama to not complain about this and stop making a big deal out of it or there will be consequences for countries relationship they told them to be quiet and stop talking about it is to fight this just anti- american brady. ainsley: not to mention ms 13's come from el salvador and thank you so much for being with us senator. after the break we will be cooking with the pioneer woman sharing her favorite quick meals that taste delicious. >> and we should be out of the street right now predict. >> yes, i like to get some breakfast and have a great show and also here is this,
5:50 am
cafeterias without food to and problems piling up across the administration this is the biden administration said it is worried about you treadmill not arriving pretty and according to the white house, under definition of biden biden tells democrats to get in line, and will talk to democrat member of aggressive carcass on what is coming to agree to cut in order to get closer to a deal and i will be here as well. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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>> hi what is your name. where you're from. very nice, from wisconsin and printed. >> histogram because we will be cooking with the pioneer woman printed beautiful day here in new york city, 59 degrees i think that's what it is, 46 in cincinnati week have a front that's going to move through portions of the ohio valley rated but the big story is out west, where they are going to have a lot of rain and heavy snow and this is ultimately good news situation for them and look at that drop extreme to exceptional the watch what happens as we go through the next couple of days. so much rain and so much now because that's going to have the
5:55 am
drought but in the short term, that will bring flood and had flash flooding concerns printed beautiful 75 here in new york city and out-of-state by to the pioneer woman. bring it over here. >> thank you very much. >> yes indeed, the pioneer woman it is back and working on tasty new recipes that will have you spending less time in the kitchen more time with the family. >> is super easy and sharing over 100 new recipes along with her book, a shortcut hero ingredients that will give you a delicious dish in no time rated. >> the author of super easy and take a look in that book, the pioneer woman. >> thank you so much and oh my goodness for unit. >> what made you do this pretty. >> the quarantine. yes like so many families, when covid-19 had, all of my kids came home and we were all under one roof and mike kids are enormous humans, they are like t
5:56 am
4 inches and eight all of the time and i got tired of it and i just couldn't do it anymore so the recipes in this book were sort of brought out of that time where what i was getting my self permission to use shortcut ingredients and this is really delicious. >> absolutely right. and we were running out of things to make and now we are still making some rated so what are we making today pretty. >> so okay this taco shells and cheese and saw what it sounds like his pasta shells basically with a mock confront mac & cheese with taco meat. chili powder, cumin and we actually came up with this when we were filming find show together. my cooking show together the kids are behind the iphones filming my showdown so this was like one of the things. i never thought about that pretty so basically it's taco
5:57 am
beef and - and we have cheese sauce and this actually goes into the cheese sauce. and believe me pretty. >> always burn the bottom and how do you prevent that pretty. .this is pasta shells and then t turns into this incredible luscious concoction. it is really good. in the new have cilantro and sour cream. >> twenty minutes pretty. >> something take 15 minutes to make some things take longer but they don't take long to go together so takes five minutes to put it on hand and put it in the oven and you go. >> you know that i about your cookbook is the fact that there are so many venues out there to show you what to do but your
5:58 am
every recipe has like 10 million pictures to show you exactly how to make it printed like this crazy quick coconut cream pie pretty. >> yes, i would even tell you the ingredients because they are so easy to throw together. it takes five minutes you put it in the fridge and then it is ready and chicken fried steak fingers are coated with crossed cornflakes and they are delicious. so these are little sausage balls, remember those. remember around the holidays to make them. >> they were not in my house. >> the lineages probably there predict. >> little meatballs when the swedish meatballs really in the rotations. >> how great is that pie. >> from my walmart line but look at this. i have teenagers and i teenage
5:59 am
boys. >> with her kids. the food in my book, are the shortcuts in their somewhat elevated, like a little spend the makes them you know a little bit better for every day pretty. >> i love the pictures which sound trivial but when you're cooking the makes it nice pretty. >> i like all cameras going around this might now it is so quiet. [laughter] >> you have the most beautiful, and your daughter pretty. >> yes we did it out in an outdoor ten it was so fun i thought it would be a little simple ranch wedding and before i knew it, every flower was
6:00 am
there. my mom loves you and i love you and how is your husband doing pretty. >> is doing great, march wildfire the ranch and it was like never expected that to happen on the wednesday. >> this is super easy and check it out, pioneer woman. ♪ ♪♪ ♪


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