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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 20, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. carley: a fox news alert and tragic update in the case of missing california mom maya millette. police have a suspect in custody charged with murder. we are speaking to her family just minutes from now. todd: serious questions about public safety in our cities as first responders lose their job due to vaccine mandates.
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>> gave you extra time. ask better questions. jillian: terry mcauliffe storming out of an interview just weeks before election day, all eyes and the weight of his party rest on his campaign. we bring you the latest from virginia. "fox and friends first" continues right now. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. carley: the biden administration acknowledging migrant children in the middle of the night to states across the country. heather: griff jenkins with how the white house is justified is once secret operation. according to jen psaki we are all not working in the middle of the night which seems weird to me because i am exhausted. >> reporter: the white house takes a different view of how you and i might characterize the middle of the night or flights arriving at 2:00 or 4:00 in the morning with unaccompanied children. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border in the middle of the night?
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>> talking earlier flights, earlier than you might like to take a flight, no surprise kids can be seen traveling not just in new york but also working to unite children with their family members or sponsors. >> reporter: psaki defended flights as part of the responsibility to release minors within 20 days but critics are not buying the secretive nature of how these things are handled. >> they don't want to reveal the consequences of open borders policy. a political winner for them, having flights in the middle of the day time. >> reporter: the president's nominee for customs and border protection, a grilling in the senate refusing to call the unprecedented surge of migrants a crisis. >> do we have a crisis at the border? >> i believe there is greater urgency to this matter than i do. >> urgent strikes the common
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year as less then a crisis. are you saying that a crisis? >> i don't think -- i don't speak to urgent as less serious at all. todd: the bottom line, republicans can do little to stop magnus's confirmation. he doesn't need gop support to get voted out of committee. in a full vote down party lines and equally divided senate, vice president harris contact the vote. jillian: very good news for him, thank you so much. todd: from the border crisis to potential public safety crises police and military personnel across the country being fired or threatening to resign over biden administration vaccine mandates. jillian: the white house refuses to back down, good morning. >> reporter: first responders leaving their jobs over vaccine mandates raising concerns about public safety and pushing the white house to answer tough questions. >> any concern that if police
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forces shrink or the size of the blood terry force shrinks that the united states or localities may not be equipped to deal with it? >> 700,000 people have died of covid, the number one cause of death among police department and police officers, something we should take seriously, department are trying to save people and their departments, people who work for them we support that effort and there has been success across the country in that regard. jillian: in seattle fired officers and firefighters marched to city hall to turn in their boots after dedicating their lives to public service. >> our understanding is they will not work in the fire stations anymore. it hurts because we love serving these people. we want a chance to celebrate, serve the community like we've been doing for 20 years, celebrate our careers.
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carley: in chicago 21 offices i placed on a pay status after failing to register with the online vaccine portal. mayor lori lightfoot has refused pressure from police unions to push back at october 15th deadline and is asking local sheriffs departments to be on standby in case of officer shortages. one sheriff saying it sound like merely foot is creating her own emergency with the decision she's making with her police force. i would help an officer out of they are distressed but she is bringing this upon herself. new york mayor bill deblasio set to announce mandate for all city employees. the nypd as a vaccination rate of 69% among 55,000 civilian workers. the fdny just 59%. those city workers will have until -- will get the first shot by november 1st. back to you. todd: turning to a fox news alert, of the to a story "fox and friends first" has been covering for months. arrest an arrest made in the
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case of maya millette. her estranged husband larry has been charged with murder after a swat team rated the couple's home. her family and police heartbroken after working tirelessly to bring her home for the last 9 months. >> nothing will change the fact that it is a senseless tragedy. a mother is gone. a family is broken. a community is left with questions and confusion. this affects us all but it affects most of all - >> maia's sister and brother-in-law. good morning to you both. such an emotional time for you. what was your reaction to learning of larry's arrest? >> it has been really hard, bittersweet, still hoping until yesterday that he is not the
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person responsible for my sister's disappearance. it has been hard for me especially because he has been in the family for 20 years and it is heartbreaking for me. todd: did you think this day would ever come? >> you mentally try to prepare yourself. to me he was always kind of like a person of interest but there is no preparation, seeing your wife in pain every day. it is hard to get through. it takes a lot of patience. trying to find the answers to questions that run through your head.
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seeing him being arrested, you don't want it but it is the truth and we got to face the truth. carley: larry, my's husband, was a person of interest in this case for so long, do you know what led to his arrest yesterday? >> they haven't given us that much information or detailed information regarding the investigation and it is still active. they haven't had that much comment on that. todd: here is what the da is saying. >> starting in 2020 and continuing until january 7th of 2021, maia wanted a divorce, larry did not. she wanted to continue being a parent and she tried to
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negotiate that they can be parents to their children, but a toxic relationship. but larry would not have it. todd: what standouts you in that statement from the da? >> maia was scared for a long time. last year was the breaking point for the relationship. there were a lot of red flags. we never imagined, people get divorced all the time and have issues in the relationship all the time, like you guys need a break from each other but larry -- can't imagine himself without her. something snapped in his head. carley: what was larry like before this? were there any red flags in their relationship?
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>> it was tough for them. i think my sister probably -- just controlling. controlling. she didn't want that. it got toxic, the relationship, didn't want to be in that relationship anymore. he has been a good person overall, a good dad to his kids but couldn't imagine himself without my sister. he said that. he said that multiple times. we were hoping he would be able to - unfortunately my sister is done. todd: before we let you go how are the kids doing this morning?
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>> we get asked that question a lot especially in the last 24 hours. we haven't had a chance to see the kids. we were going to see the kids today. we haven't had any contact with them. we know they are in good hands, his parents have for the kids, most of the kids lives, pretty much helped them. we were told they are safe and in good health. hopefully we will see them soon. todd: we are praying for you and the kids and all the members of your party. it has to be a tough morning for you. >> thank you for having us. carley: we will be right back. it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on
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moving is a handful. no kidding! fortunately, xfinity makes moving easy. easy? -easy? switch your xfinity services to your new address online in about a minute. that was easy. i know, right? and even save with special offers just for movers. really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at carley: president biden caving to call slashing $1 trillion from his build back better plan. todd: literally praying for its
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passage. >> reporter: that's right. after weeks of negotiating president biden is knocking more than $1 trillion off of his build back better agenda hoping it will bring his party together. >> the president has consistently laid out a number between one.9, and 2.2. it is not the number we want. >> reporter: the democratic party now getting anxious with progressives and moderates looking to get a deal done quickly. >> negotiations and discussions of gone on for many months, they need a resolution. was we are trying to do is move the process along. >> to see if there is a framework. >> reporter: later this morning democrats are expected to hold a 12 hour prayer vigil on capitol hill in hopes of healing strained relations on their side
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of the aisle. they will need to move the needle on a plan to expand the irs and monitor bank accounts uping the transaction from $600 to 10,$000. republican say the change subjects almost everyone to unprecedented government surveillance. >> what you are literally talking about, the irs dragnet across the bank accounts of every single american. president xi would be proud. >> socialism is going to be free of charge but it also needs the biggest irs cash grabbing decades in order to pay for it. >> reporter: president biden is hitting the road later today traveling to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania where he is expected to continue to rally support for his agenda. todd: prices up in this current inflation economy and two professors say america is
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already in a recession that could be as bad as 2008. one of those professors from the ucl social research institute joins me now. thanks for being here. pete buttigieg says the reason we have demand up so much and prices up so much is the resident biden economy is so good. do you agree with that? >> we have to be careful about making predictions right now. what we are showing is we need to look at expectations for consumers and producers and we find they are plummeting, they have been plummeting since late spring, early summer. what we show in a paper we just published, this is normally a predictor of a serious economic downturn even if that is not showing up in all economic indicators. todd: let's look at the numbers you mentioned.
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consumer indices plummeting, a 10 point drop indicates a recession, 25.3% according to the conference board, 21 points according to your colleagues at the university of michigan. without getting too much into microeconomics, why does the consumer index show a recession? >> because of the drop. what we show is in the previous six recessions, in particular the big one in 2007-8, these indices predict 6 to 12 months in advance what is going to happen in the real economy. what is going to happen to employment, unemployment, wages and gdp growth, that is why we should look carefully. it is true that this is an unusual scenario with covid. things are moving around on labor market indicators in a way we wouldn't ordinarily expect but if we were to focus on these
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expectations and producer expectations and we think you should, then this is an early warning sign that we are going into recession. you must think hard about that because that implies the government needs to take action or avoid taking action such as increasing interest rates. todd: you just mentioned labor. how does biden's free money in the form of payment to workers who aren't working contribute to that recession fear? >> it is certainly the case across the world, furlough schemes have avoided big increases in unemployment and one of the surprises we see, we saw early on in the united states. by and large employment figures looking pretty good. one reason for that could be government intervention to keep people in jobs. the question is what happens when those schemes comes with
2:21 am
end is in the united states and right now in the united kingdom? what we think the expectations indices are indicating his people are fearful about the future. there's a lot of uncertainty and that uncertainty, it could be the employer's don't invest in the future the same way they otherwise do. that is the problem. todd: this is frightening because everything you hear from the current administration is flowers and butterflies and roses, this is something americans need to pay attention to. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. carley: the time is 21 after they are. the white house downplaying reports it is secretly find migrants from the border to places like westchester, new york. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrant in the middle of the night? >> i'm not sure it is in the middle of the night.
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carley: rob, an actor we know, for westchester county executive, joins us live with former ice director tom felix coming up. ♪♪
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>> why is the administration, thousands of migrants from the border in the middle of the night? >> not sure it is the middle of the night. unaccompanied children pastor the westchester airport to be unified with their parents. todd: jen psaki reporting the secret place bringing thousands of unaccompanied migrant kids from the southern border to other areas in the dead of new york. carley: former ice buffalo field office director tom seeley joining us now. i to start with you. the white house said there were only children on these flights.
2:27 am
you witness these firsthand. >> they are not going to gaslight me and not going to gaslight america, some kids coming off of backpacks but also adults, young men in 20s and 30s not only coming off the plane but i tweeted on my account video of the costco parking lot just near the airport. lines of young men who were coming off of those buses and going into cars and that was it. they are not telling the truth. i focused in august, a press conference in august asking questions about who was coming, were they vaccinated. what are their backgrounds, it is a right for all of us to know, public safety issue, certainly a public's right to know and what answer did we get?
2:28 am
you are a racist, you're a xenophobe, if they are denying this, they are not sure of their policy. todd: you say president biden is not using this, how do they know who to place these individuals with if they are not matching them, are they guessing? >> right there, putting these children's lives in jeopardy, need to make sure kids going to family members, that's not going on. the vetting of people taken into custody of children who are not family or support groups or whatnot no background checks with them, no criminal history, wide open and we are seeing human trafficking done by our government in the middle of the night. carley: i how this works from a
2:29 am
logistical standpoint? there were westchester county police when these flights landed so it would appear the county was given a heads up. if westchester wanted to could they have denied these flights from landing? >> probably not but there is a curfew from midnight to 6:00 in the morning. clearly they did not alert the public to this because they are not going to the terminal. they are landing. these large planes are probably in violation at the airport with weight and height limits where they are going to the other side of the airport. the whole operation was under the cover of darkness. either a nation of laws and borders or we are not. we literally have our own government creating a sanctuary
2:30 am
nation because there certainly is no fear of recommendations, there certainly is no worries whatsoever among those coming to the country because they know their new government will take care of them and they certainly are. todd: i want to double back on something rob said, do we know these passengers are not being tested for covid? >> they are not. everybody knows once you take a test it takes a couple days to get that back so you probably have a mix of covid positive people and non-covid positive people that haven't been tested yet. todd: thank you for joining us this morning on this big news story. we appreciate it. a live look. carley: austin, texas. i stole it from you. todd: senior meteorologist. carley: janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. we were fighting over you.
2:31 am
>> janice: let's take a look, temperatures in the 60s across texas, 72 in del rio, warm air settling across the south and other stuff happening elsewhere across the south. the west, temperatures 32 in rapid city, 27, cold enough for snow if there's precipitation your neighborhood, the past 24 hours this area of low pressure bringing snow to the higher elevations in to the northern plains and we have a train of storms into the pacific northwest and the west that will bring drought busting moisture to this area that is so needed but short-term we will see flooding and hazards with all this precipitation. the rain coming up but look at this sunday, monday, tuesday, that is a lot of snow, feet of snow moving into the rockies, forecast temperatures behind
2:32 am
this, much colder air, moving south to the central plains, even parts of oklahoma and kansas get into chilly temperatures but drought busting moisture moving into drought stricken areas. that is good news. todd: just be careful with the mudslides. carley: thanks for fighting over me. you are the best. 31 after the hour. the governor's race in virginia in a dead heat, the republicans have a chance to flip the state? lawrence jones is talking with voters and he will tell us what they are saying. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c
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todd: democracy 2021, the governor's race into the final stretch, governor mcauliffe berates a local news reporter. >> i gave you extra time. you could have better questions. todd: he is press on his support for vaccine mandate, the democrats says he wants every school and employer in virginia to require it. republican glenn youngercan, education is a top concern. >> lawrence jones in youngcan headquarters. what i voters saying? >> i was watching you guys
2:37 am
earlier today and you noted the defining issue in this election is education. went to a rally yesterday youngcan was hosting, talked to fired up parents and this is what they had to say. >> i need to look at what is more important. >> grandchildren about being well served. i'm concerned what goes on in the school. >> that choice, they don't have that now. they get indoctrinated. >> school board to been diverted and working on things like changing the names of schools, changing the names of signs. >> of course we should have a say in education. >> a referendum of people's right to determine their kids education. >> clearly a fired up crowd and clearly youngkin heard those concerns.
2:38 am
at the rally he said the time for closed-door conversations happening in the classroom are over. change with unwavering resolve not just to fix this but to hold those who have failed our children accountable. the time for closed-door conversation and silencing parents is over. never again will school boards be able to hide and harness our outrage as we take back control from self-interested politicians. >> reporter: parents came out for this rally all over the state. it was so big the fire marshal had to come out and people were outside. youngkin, so many people inside and outside he hosted a rally inside after he finished with those folks inside he went outside to talk to those parents and again so many issues that are on the ballot but education
2:39 am
is the main concern. todd: breaking news, people care about their kids and will fight tooth and nail for them. >> he washington post op-ed advises americans to stop ranting and lower expectations when it comes to mounting supply-chain breakdowns, mounting supply-chain breakdowns the president is facing. >> joe cons a is a fox news contributor. shocking, washington post op-ed begins, don't rent about shortstaffed stores and supply chain, time for some more realistic expectations. american consumers, their expectations hampered indicated to are not accustomed to that. why should i have to adjust my god-given high expectations as an american because the biden white house can't solve a problem of its own creation? >> american greatness is been replaced by american mediocrity
2:40 am
and no one should accept that and this piece would have been published if the same crisis occurred under the previous administration under trump, your expectations are too high. we live in the greatest country on earth. i think that is a fair statement and no one should lower their expectations yet here you had jen psaki, not just about the op-ed but the biden white house to your point pushing the same point. she locked the supply-chain crisis, the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed. this is about medical supplies, baby food, increased demand that impacts the poor and middle-class the most but like the chief of staff ron wayne talking about inflation is a rich person's robin, jen psaki makes this an issue for the rich and the white house keeps failing a message, they look elitist and out of touch. >>. buttigieg talked about the
2:41 am
supply-chain issue spinning it into positive, that there is more demand and part of that is true but wouldn't it be better if they told the truth and said there's a problem. inflation is up and we are on it. we will fix it. >> not just that. when you say we are going to fix it, somebody should ask secretary buttigieg how many ports have you visited since you were transportation secretary and how many of you visited in the last two month as the crisis was exploding? the answer is the same you get when you multiply any number by 0. is 0. he's been on maternity leave and that is fine if you wants to take it but as administration cabinet official, senior official during this crisis he should say i should be addressing this and that means talking to folks at the ports, talking to truckers, i should get off my butt and go somewhere and see the problem firsthand.
2:42 am
he's not done yet. always judge this administration by actions never words. >> even the mainstream media is questioning president biden's mass for the build back better plan. take a listen. >> hard to sell this to the american people because we don't know what is in it. very confusing. she did say she does believe this has been fully paid for. that's mathematics i'm not familiar with but we will see. very ambitious plans. todd: stephanie worked into the world of finance. if president biden as champions in the media, sell this how will the american people ever by it? >> they are not buying it at this point. that was interesting, there was a master class in the way the media has covered this unprecedented spending bill, $5.5 trillion when you take out the gimmicks.
2:43 am
the math on how all the spending can be paid for by taxing the rich or corporations, but then she moves on with the performance, outrage and start reserved for the previous administration, she has ample time, do a deep dive, educate your viewers on how that aggressively taxing large corporations means the cost will be passed on to the consumer when inflation is skyrocketing. the tax is transferred to everyday americans were feeling the slicing the cost of gas and food and 50% jump in home heating costs so ms nbc started to go there but i would like to see more coverage and explain to the american people how this cost is going to be passed on to you and this is how you should be concerned if joe manchin and kristen sinema fold on this. jillian: we appreciate it. >> you are looking well and we
2:44 am
will do this tomorrow around the same time. todd: i will put it in my day planner. coming up, attacks on police skyrocketing 2020, years also saw nonstop protests and calls to defund the police department. >> we are talking to the police panel about the troubling the numbers coming up next. i appt liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the lexus es. every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 es 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ ♪ get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 es 350. did you know that you don't have to be 65 years old to qualify for medicare? that's right. in fact, many people who are already on medicaid also qualify for a medicare advantage plan.
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jillian: one police officer is murdered every 5 days, that statistic from a new report by the fbi that shows attacks on law enforcement surging over the past year. chris swanson and the vice president of the maryland fraternal order of police and founder of blue lives matter, good morning to you all. sheriff swanson, we learned through this new data just released that over 60,000 police officers were assaulted in 2020, the numbers 4000 offices higher than 2019. why is this happening? >> because of what we went
2:49 am
through in 2020, law enforcement saw a volatile year and this is a hands on business. when we realized the risk of the men and women that go every day into the police cars, a big number for all of us to take even in law enforcement we will see a different number this year, law enforcement is more advanced and professional and doing things different and hopefully will go down in 2021. todd: the national president of the first order of police of the uptick in violence attributed to lingering animosity towards law enforcement, overheated political rhetoric and decline in respect for police officers. would you agree with that? >> 100%, the uptick and assault
2:50 am
on police nationwide, for those that wear uniforms, the criminals have become emboldened to commit brazen attacks due to law enforcement with the cola justice system. >> the number we know, 60,000 officers assaulted in 2020 but the number may be higher, a police officer may not want to deal with the paperwork so it could be a bigger number than that. >> many instances happen a daily basis, you won't see that factor. with the false narrative of hands of don't shoot over in new york city these politicians and district attorneys not holding criminals accountable, why people are disrespecting police and not being afraid to do that. >> the plan promoted by cities
2:51 am
who wanted to defund police department saying we were going to bring in mental health officers as opposed to using police and when you look at the number of police officers who died this year imagine what would happen with mental health officers in the situation, 59 officers killed in the line of duty this year. >> you are right, that number would have been higher if every assault was reported. there's a lot cops take every day that is part of the job and as far as defunding the police i honestly wonder why we are talking about that. 15 months ago when they brought that up i struggled with that because i know what people want to feel safe especially in a committee where i police in the big city they want to see professional policing. we've done things around the
2:52 am
state and around the nation and professional policing is the answer. >> leading the charge on the defund the police movement members of the squad and we found out ilhan omar and cori bush collectively spend 100,$000 on private security, everybody deserves security. sheriff swanson, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> attorney general fighting back against the plan to investigate concerned terrorists, ken paxton joins me.
2:53 am
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todd: 17 state attorneys general accusing the white house of doj against parents. your recent action seems to chill lawful dissent school
2:57 am
board meetings by characterizing them as unlawful and threatening. carley: ken paxton who signed ton that letter joins us now. you signed that letter to president biden. have you heard back? >> oddly enough, we have got none response but that's sort of typical. we send these types of letters to this administration. they rarely contact us back. so i'm not surprised we haven't heard back. todd: go back to law school, ken, isn't this a textbook example of prior restraint of free speech which is literally the number one thing not allowed in the constitution? >> yeah. this is exactly the reason they put the constitution together. they did not want free speech and free speech stopped. this is to stop the parent from speaking out against the interest of their children. carley: they wrote a letter to the biden administration. one of the examples that they used was father who was arrested in loudoun county now we are finding out that he was arrested
2:58 am
and he was acting out because he was trying to tell people at the school board meeting that his daughter was allegedly raped in a bathroom. >> yeah, look. they don't have any actual examples of some type of terroristic threat. most of these examples that they have should be investigated by local law enforcement there have been very few and really this looks like an effort of an administration that disagrees with these parents and now they want to threaten them by possibly investigating them with fbi and prosecuting. that, to me, is really scary. i have not seen anything like this from any administration since i have been alive. todd: i was promised merrick garland was a moderate. what happened? >> this is nothing -- this is like something you might read about that i read about when i was in school in germany or russia. you know, we had all these riots in 2020 with looting and burning and threats and no investigation. actual violence. here we have parents that just care about what's being taught
2:59 am
in their schools whether it's critical race theory or whether it's these mandates that are forcing kids to wear masks. and they are being threatened with if they are angry or want to express their concern. i don't know. i'm shocked. i don't think -- i haven't seen anything like this ever. carley: yeah, that's the main point. i think that the biden administration really made an unforced political error. i mean, attorney general, how many political ads do you think are going to run in the midterm elections where they are about concerned parents being called domestic terrorists? >> look, i have heard so much about this from parents all over my state. they are concerned about this threat by the fbi and the department of justice. and they do -- they have taken those. it came up at events i was at last night. i know that people heard it and they are concerned because their own government is threatening their seats. and who knows, you know, if the fbi is already investigating some of these parents, but it is extremely concerning. i can tell you my state we will fight back against this intrusion on first amendment and
3:00 am
14th amendment rights. todd: setting up a lawsuit that will eventually be before the be supreme court. all books across the country will need to be rewritten. ken paxton, thank you, sir. we appreciate it? >> thank you. carley: good to join you. todd: likewise, my friend. carley: "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. >> a fox news pressing the white house for answers. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants in the middle of the night. >> i believe we have a moral obligation to do that. >> they want to hide and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to be complicit in covering it up. >> travis troy smith announced is he canceling any performance that mandates masks, requires covid vaccinations. >> i had to stand up for freedom. freedom for all those people to be able to go out and do what they enjoy. >> meghan mccain who recently departed "the view" speaking out. >> you targeted if you are a


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