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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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thank you. >> thanks, tucker. i want to remind your listeners they can find out on our website. >> tucker: amen. good to see you. that's it for us tonight. we will be back 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, have the best night, the great sean hannity awaits right now. >> sean: oh, okay, thanks, tucker, and welcome to "hannity." >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 66. >> sean: day 66, americans, their families, our allies, green card holders, all abandoned in afghanistan, left to suffer, die under taliban rule, 79 days since joe biden promised not to abandon them, 49 days now since joe even mentioned them, not one time in 49 days. the biden administration once referred to the taliban terrorists as hey, they are businesslike and professional. we are learning tonight that
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taliban leaders handing out cash, promising plots of land to the families of suicide bombers who killed u.s. soldiers. wow from how professional and businesslike of them. now sadly, that is not stopping the biden administration from sending billions of your dollars to the taliban in the name of humanitarian assistance. i would call that a shakedown, and of course, ransom, and this is in addition to the $83 billion in military equipment that biden left behind, and the untold amounts of cash and other currency they left behind. it is an international disgrace, humiliation on the world stage, it sends a message of an bolden meant to our enemies, and yes, it scares to death our ally has, thank you, joe biden, and the biden administration, they lost complete track of american citizens, they have no idea how many are there. they have no idea how many thousands of green card holders are there. family members abandoned there. and they don't know how many
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billions of dollars in sophisticated equipment they gave to the terrorists. but now, back here at home, they want an ever present window into your bank accounts. oh, that makes sense. they want to monitor all of your transactions and figure out a way to tax every single nickel out of you. it is a core part of biden's multitrillion build back better, new green deal, socialist spending bill that he never talks about, by the way, because he is trying to sneak it through through, and according to the government's joint committee on taxation, this plan would affect those making under $50,000 a year the most. nearly 60% with the additional taxes from this government intrusion into your bank account, but i thought biden promise not to raise taxes on anyone making over $400,000 a year? okay, joe biden lying again, never mind the biden inflation tax, the high-energy taxes, his press secretary propagandist, circle back psaki, who assured reporters today that build back
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better won't add a single penny, not 1 cent, even though they have been contradicted many times, to the national debt. a huge lie. take a look. >> the president still believe build back better will not add a dime to the national debt? >> correct, it won't. >> why should americans believe this? >> because it won't. >> he wants to get more taxes, what does that -- the economy goes sour, a lot of things can happen. you're going to tell future generations, not even born yet, that they are not on the hook for this, is that all right all right? >> that's right, and hopefully you will report accurate information yourself. >> sean: oh, because it won't? paid liar jen psaki. after afghanistan, the border, the economy, the covid disaster, why would anyone in their right mind to take the biden administration at their word? joe biden promised to beat the virus, knowing brand-new, more contagious and dangerous variant of the delta variant is on the way, and while joe is attending a squeeze low, middle income americans in order to pay for
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his new green new deal, build back better plan, these same amg under record-setting inflation, despite gas prices, heating prices, cooling prices, nationwide shortages, we literally pay more for every item we buy now, thanks to joe, in order to combat these challenges, large corporations, they have to alter their own supply routes, suppliers, and of course, it costs more money, they pass that cost all on to you. many small businesses, they are not so lucky and are now getting offended by supply chain issues created by joe biden and the white house is even reportedly floating an idea to use the national guard to help alleviate the supply chain crisis that they caused, the situation now is so dire, many americans are now hoarding food. other household goods. once again from everyone buying out the toilet paper. everywhere they can get it. and it is about to get so much worse with mass resignations and mass firings for those that
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don't comply with biden's vaccine mandate, and there are tens of thousands of them. in chicago, not in the midst of a year's long crime wave, might soon be down to 8,000 -- down a thousand police officers, as the city is also now trying to rip d pensions out of spite. that won't do well in court. meanwhile, others police officers, firefighters, work first responders, nurses, teachers, members of the milita, they are all set to lose their jobs, and by the way, most of these people at this point, they have made up their minds. they are even willing to sacrifice the pensions, because that is their decision. a lot of vaccine hesitancy, could it be from the changing guidelines of the dictates of the cdc and the great dr. fauci, joe biden's mixed messaging every single day? first it is no mask, one mask, two mask, then it is vax or
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masked, now vax, mass, and booster? nobody believes you anymore, nobody believes a lot about the government says. they have created a vaccine hesitancy themselves and try to blame conservatives. i am the guy that believes in science. but breaking earlier, some good news from southwest airlines, that company is now dropping a plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave. why? one reason. they won't have enough workers to fill their spots, and probably they'll head towards insolvency. and of course, these are high-class problems, according to biden's chief of staff ron klain. and according to "the washington post," we, you, the american people, you need to stop ranting about short-staffed stores and supply chain wall was, instead, we just need to lower our expectations. oh, really? meanwhile, one top biden advisor telling concerned americans to get over it. oh, you're not going to be able to get the jacket you want in 15 colors, but you'll at least be able to get a jacket.
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okay. that sounds like jimmy carter's defeatist, you better turn down your heat and put on a sweater speech. and worst of all, jen psaki mocking americans concerns over supply chain issues, calling it, oh, the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed, or ron klain, high-class problems, or pete buttigieg, if you want christmas to be merry for your children and not have been disappointed by santa, you better buy now. take a look. >> it was clear in march of 2020, when covid hit, that supply chains throughout the world had been disrupted, even as the sort of work to fight back against covid proceeded. people, it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chains, people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things, so -- >> the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed. >> sean: could you be any more pompous, any more obnoxious,
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frankly, anymore repugnant? major stores now rationing toilet paper. basic, simple, everyday items, necessities, they are not on the shelves and prices through the roof, we pay more for every item we buy because joe gave up the energy independence that donald trump handed him. we now have inflation reaching a near 30-year high, gas prices up on average about $1.50 a gallon and going higher, a gas barrel of oil heading to $100 a barrel, biden begging opec to produce more oil come ought to be begging texas and oklahoma and north dakota and alaska. according to economist from dartmouth and the university or college london, a recession is absolutely fast approaching. this is a massive crisis. jen psaki mocking the concern of millions of americans who are now paying more for everything because of their bad policies. pretty disgraceful, low class public servant, but she speaks
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for joe or whoever is telling joe what to say or what to do on any given day. if joe even knows what day of the week it is. and now psaki's friends on the radical left or turning up the pressure on west virginia senator joe manchin. and they are not worried about inflation or a looming recession, no, they just want their $3.5 trillion new green new deal socialism spending rammed through congress. and recently, socialist bernie sanders, he pens an op-ed in manchin's hometown newspaper blasting manchin for not signing off on his socialism, that apparently the people in vermont love, and now other progressives are now running ads in west virginia like this one, take a look. >> my son, he was a welder, and he had to travel two hours from here just to have decent pay. >> one of my children moved to the city come out of west virginia because he felt like they couldn't survive here. >> the last five years, 60,000
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people leave. joe manchin, we need permanent long-term jobs. this whole state is depending on him to do something right. >> sean: so, west virginia, in coming weeks, your senator manchin will have an important choice to make. will he stand up for american capitalism, individual litter, freedom for the people of west virginia, or if it came to the whims of the eco-socialists in the swamp in washington, d.c., and his own party? now my message to west virginians, if he caves and does the bidding of bernie sanders, he is not looking out for your interests. this build back better, new green socialist agenda, it is not going to create a single job in west virginia. as a matter of fact, say bye-bye to the coal mining industry. instead, it will obliterate the entire energy and coal industry in your state, it will destroy countless high-paying blue-collar jobs, all in the name of climate change. build back better, new green deal socialism, that is going to
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be a nightmare for west virginia and a nightmare for the country. here now with analysis, the host of the upcoming special, save america, kill the bill, on the fox business channel, larry kudlow is with us. this is your wheelhouse. you have lived in this world your entire adult life. analyze it from the perspective of middle-class americans, poor americans that are now paying more for every item they buy, paying more to fill their gas tanks, heat and cool their home. >> well, i mean look, starting with the energy problem, and by the way, if biden had his way with the green new deal, west virginia would be wiped out because it is a producer of coal and a producer of natural gas, and a producer of oil. so these ads are incredibly misleading and basically lying to the voters of west virginia. more broadly, the energy crisis
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that biden has put us in his creaming the middle-class. they are the ones who are getting killed because they are the ones who pay higher electricity, they are the ones who pay for gas at the pump. they are the ones who are going to pay more on home heating fuels, and the irony in all this, sean, is that if you look around the world, the advocates of the green new deal, renewables only, wind and solar, well, guess what, in the north sea, the wind didn't blow, the united kingdom, britain, has gotten killed by this, and they wind up getting rid of renewables and importing coal, or producing coal, which really is the most harmful of the fossil fuels. maybe there is a clean coal case to be made. germany the same way, having bet the ranch on renewables, particularly wind, they now find themselves failing. they've gone to call, and i might add, vladimir putin,
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merkel really supported the nord stream 2 pipeline, vladimir putin is not giving them the natural gas so they have to impart that and pay a fortune my point is, it is just plainly dumb to think that in a few years, you are going to wipe out 80% of our power, 80% of our power comes from fossil fuels, and instead put into play 3% of our power, which is solar panels and wind. who pays that? the middle middle class is going to pay that every time. >> sean: larry, it is the lifeblood of the world's economy. let's be blunt here. we achieve something under donald trump that was critical to the success of our economy, and that was energy independence. we had not achieved that in 75 years. i think one of his greatest achievements, because that helped the economic engine that led to precoronavirus record low
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unemployment for every demographic group in the country. energy -- look, if you can find a cheaper, practical form of energy that is cleaner, i am all for it. i am in all of the above guy. but in the meantime, joe biden is giving putin a waiver 40 pipeline wildfire and keystone xl pipeline workers, high paying career jobs. why would we ever do that? because now he will supply our allies in western europe. why would we now allow ourselves to be in the position of begging opec? countries that hate us, for the lifeblood of our economy, when we have enough resources here at home? >> yeah, wow, those are all good questions. if you destroy your power base, which is what all these crazy greens want, including biden, you are going to destroy the country. you are going to destroy our jobs. you are going to destroy the middle-class. you are going to destroy our way of life. i mean, you know, it is
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instinct, we shouldn't worry about gym equipment and we have lower expectations,s you quoted "the washington post," this crowd on the far left, which despises free enterprise capitalism, they don't want growth, they don't want prosperity, they don't want jobs. they don't care about typical middle-income families. what they want to say left-wing ideological agenda, which has no basis in fact, and that's why they are crazed about global warming, and they will destroy our power base. that is why they want to tax large and small businesses, and the burden of that will fall on middle-class people. that is why they want to create incentives, not to work. listen, sean, i have to give manchin some credit, because he is out there saying these entitlements and social welfare programs should have work -- you
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should not be eligible unless you are looking for a job and they should be strictly means tested. i've got to give -- >> sean: got to run -- if manchin stands up for the people of west virginia, he is not going along with this, end of sentence. larry kudlow, great to have you. we are way behind, larry, got to run. keep in mind tonight, biden is battling numerous self-inflicted crisis at home and abroad. now the administration plans to exempt some afghans that served -- that were the old taliban government. he is going to take them -- they are on no-fly list, he is going to lift the no-fly list. in other words, let them come into america. did they change their values all of a sudden? against this radical sharia law that they imposed on the people when they were in charge of the islamic emirates of afghanistan? meanwhile, biden's special envoy is now warning that the u.s. musick must accept and prepare for a fully nuclear iran, you mn
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people that chant "death to america, death to israel," we are going to let them get nuclear weapons and we are okay with that? and joe's defense department, intel community had no clue apparently whatsoever about china's new hypersonic weapons that can deliver nuclear weapons? they welcome the stiff competition? and biden style silence on china's repeated "reunification" or take over or really threats, with taiwan, it's been deafening. and joe has not lifted a finger to help taiwan and stop in china and their invasion of taiwan air space with their fighter jets day and night. here with reaction to all of that, former secretary of state mike pompeo, who is speaking with us, by the way, one near the uss midway and san diego. great to see you, mr. secretary. 66 days now, americans trapped behind enemy lines. let's start with the china question first, then go to iran than afghanistan. on china's clear political
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ambitions to reunify with taiwan, joe biden is not lifting a finger. what should he be doing? >> what we did for four years, sean, was make clear to the people of taiwan that we would be there to support them, to provide what they needed so they could defend themselves and we made beer to the chinese communist party that it was totally unacceptable if they took military action against the island of taiwan. those two things, president trump was very clear, prepared to defend. did that elsewhere in the world, soleimani, using nuclear weapons, crossing president trump's redline. they knew we were serious about protecting americans. the debacle in afghanistan, the irradiance fired missiles from the gaza strip into israel, have all shown american weakness, and the four things you walk through tonight, those are all things where america is showing weakness and when you do that come our adversaries will do everything they can to put us at risk and to crush us.
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>> sean: well, and i didn't even mention the rush apart. now let me go to the irani in part. if, in fact, you marry this "death to america, death to israel" mantra, "convert or die" mantra of the iranian mullahs and empower them -- the biden administration's signaling, i guess they will accept, what is the risk to the world at that point? to me, it seems very real because i imagine the mullahs might be thinking they are doing god's will by firing that weapon at either israel or the u.s. or another country. >> i can't believe they are going to permit this to happen. president biden is on record multiple times saying he will never permit iran to have a nuclear weapon. robert malley, the special envoy, began to signal come if you are the israelis, you know you can't live with an iran with a nuclear weapon. i must say this puts them at real risk and puts the whole world at risk, proliferate these nuclear weapons.
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and may not be the case that they will fire them, they could distribute them. iran is known for selling weapons all across the world. this is a very serious matter. we were determined. we delivered, putting the harshest sanctions on the ayatollah and his henchmen that iran had ever seen. isolated them, built up fresh friendships with the israelis, the abraham accords. this is how you deter aggression. allowing iran to get a nuclear weapon puts our partner and friend israel at risk, it puts the golf at risk, greatest risk for the united states of america, as well. >> sean: let me bounce back to china because i meant to ask about this hypersonic weapon. apparently the biden administration didn't see it coming. there defense department didn't see it coming. there intel community didn't see it coming. not only -- not only are they shoving it in our face, they are capable apparently of launching nuclear weapons with this new technology. now, the biden administration said they welcome stiff
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competition. to me, that is a clear and present danger to the united states of america. >> the fact that they claim they welcome stiff competition is just so odd to say about the chinese communist party. these aren't competitors. this is an adversary who has made clear they want the world to look like they're marxist, leninist, ideological world. now this capability, flies multiple the speed of sound, that is what hypersonic translates into, is very difficult to defend against. the united states under president obama did nothing to build up defensive systems. we began that work and begin to build our own set of capabilities. this is really important. the fact the chinese now can deliver at least a missile component of this program to within a couple dozen miles, think how big los angeles is, right, to within a couple thousand miles of the target is a serious matter and when our department of defense and the president himself must take seriously and begin to respond to, not by claiming they welcome that kind of stiff competition.
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that is just -- that is just crazy. >> sean: 79 days ago, joe biden said he would not leave a single american behind in afghanistan. 66 days ago, he abandon americans, their families, thousands of green card holders, and tens of thousands of our afghan allies. he hasn't mentioned any of them in 49 days. do you have any hope, outside of outside groups or joe biden's plan to bribe the islamic emirates of afghanistan to get our people back? >> sadly, i'm counting on outside groups, private citizens. i've been working with them, trying to make sure we get every last american out of there. i hope the government will do their share, but there is no evidence they are prepared to do that, sean. >> sean: never thought i'd see that, mr. secretary, in my lifetime. never thought i'd see americans abandoned behind terrorist lines after a president promises he wouldn't do it. thank you for being with us, sir, we appreciate it. when we come back straight ahead, biden reportedly moving illegal migrants around the
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country, dropping them off two, three, 4:00 in the morning in the middle of the night. did joe think we would not find out? senator cruz joins us and he is introducing legislation that will make liberal lawmakers cringe. he'll explain. meghan mccain will join us, talk about her exit from "the view" come at terry mcauliffe, well, he had a rather tough interview and walked away. we've got the tape straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now breaking news, exclusive reporting from "the new york post" uncovering biden secret flights late into the morning, midmorning, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 a.m., states like new york, florida, all from the southern border, all in the dead of night. according to the report, the post saw two planes last at
6:28 pm
westchester county airport landing around 10:00, 11:00 p.m. at night, sometimes early in the morning, flight tracking records also from august show these planes full of illegal immigrants landing in the middle the night, 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., resettling illegal immigrants in the middle of the night, no transparency whatsoever, no explanation from team biden. is at the biden united's dictionary states of america where he gets to pick and choosd what laws he doesn't? he gets to aid and abet in the lawbreaking, here is how circle back, chief propagandist at the white house jen psaki remanded when asked about it by our own peter doocy, take a look. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> i'm not sure if it is the middle the knife and let me tell you what is happening here. >> four: 29:00 a.m., very early in the morning -- >> early flights, earlier than
6:29 pm
you might like to take a flight. >> sean: remember, wasn't it chief propagandist psaki that said oh, we do not give to give covid tests to these illegal immigrants or they do not need to show proof of vaccination because they are not going to be here very long? it appears they are going to be here forever. may be jen can circle back on that because jen, you do know that as they live. how about an apology for that? of course we know that was just another biden administration border line, just like this is not a crisis at all live. senator ted cruz responding to all of this open borders chaos, he has a new bill that would establish a new port of entry in democratic led communities like north vermont, where bernie sanders spent his summers in one of his multiple houses. martha's vineyard, where democrat elites host their cocktail parties, where barack obama had, remember that big, massless birthday party. here to explain more, texas
6:30 pm
senator ted cruz. the fact they're doing doing at 2:00 a.m. and for him in the morning pretty much proves what we have always known, that you get a special preferential treatment if you don't respect our laws, our borders and sovereignty, no covid tests, no vaccine mandate, and you get free transportation to whatever state they're going to send you two in the dark of night. now to me that is lawbreaking. to you, what is the solution? >> well, look, you are exactly right, joe biden and kamala harris have a political problem. their political problem is their policies on the border have produced an absolute catastrophe, absolute chaos, 2 million people expected to cross illegally this year and you get children being physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, you have women being raped, covert positivity rates at the biden cages in south texas, the covid positivity rates when i was back down there three or four weeks ago for 24%, and they have no
6:31 pm
solution because they have made a promise to the radical open borders left that they won't enforce the law, so their only answer is hide it, so there is a reason you are seeing flights at 2:30 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, because they want to hide it and are counting on the corrupt corporate media being complicit in covering it up. that is why i introduced the bill you just reference, kolbe stopped the surge act, and it's very simple. it creates 13 ports of entry, most of the illegal endings are coming to the state of texas, my home state. it's okay come if you are fine with 2 million illegal immigrants, let's send them to where you like to hang out, so the 13 ports of entry my bill creates are block island, rhode island, greenwich, connecticut, martha's vineyard massachusetts, cambridge, massachusetts, governor's island new york rehoboth beach, delaware, where joe biden likes to relax, nantucket,
6:32 pm
massachusetts, newport no night rhode island, palo alto, california, young to go california which is of course where the french laundry is, where gavin newsom likes to party when he forces other peope to shut down, california, and as you mentioned, north hero, vermont, where bernie sanders has one of his vacation homes. you know, sean, you live in the craziness that is manhattan. how exactly do you think do you think the rich, stuck up liberals in nantucket or martha's vineyard would react if they saw 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100 illegal aliens being dropped off week after week after week in the vineyard. do you think obama would welcome them into his party? do you think they would be thrilled with that? >> sean: first of all, i don't live in new york city, i live outside of the city. i try to hide as often as i can. that is point number one. point number two, i mean, no,
6:33 pm
they don't want us in their backyard, and you are right. why does your state of texas now have to have your governor abbott, and i really sympathize with him, because he is now up against the federal government that is aiding and abetting lawbreaking, now he's going to take $3 billion of texas taxpayer dollars to now try and build the wall and protect the people, the borders of texas, but that is not his job. and then when people get into the country illegally, he doesn't have the authority to throw them out. he is trying to come he is going to court. he has called up the national guard. is there anything that he is missing? because i don't see it. >> look, the fundamental problem is under our immigration law, it is the federal government that has the power to deport, and we have seen presidents that do a lousy job of that. barack obama did a lousy job of it. what we have never seen it as a president like joe biden, that just absolutely refuses to do it, just defies federal law
6:34 pm
full-scale, and you know, let's take a community like del rio, we have been talking a lot about deli real a lot lately. i was there a couple weeks ago. del rio is a small town, the population of del rio is about 35,000. in one day, there were over 15,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from haiti, one day come under the bridge there in del rio. that is nearly half the population of the city, and i have to say come in response to my bill today, it has been fun seeing democrats pull their hair out and explain why it is a terrible bill. the governor of rhode island said "well, i can't say anything nice about this bill at all, all i can do is insulted, i responded to the governor, gosh, it seems to me you can only say 1 of 2 things. you can either say "sure, we would love to see 2 million illegal immigrants in rhode island. number to come if that is a bad thing, "gosh, maybe joe biden and kamala harris shouldn't be
6:35 pm
inflicting this massive surge on texas and the rest of the country. you cannot have it both ways. either to the bad thing and these are hypocrites who want to see illegal immigrants in your communities but not their privileged enclave. >> sean: i agree with you, i wish i had the vote to support it. thank you, senator. when we come back, meghan mccain, she is now speaking out about the toxic culture on the show, that hard-hitting news show "the view," following her recent exit. she will join us exclusively, first tv interview since leaving. later, terry mcauliffe, he got very testy with a reporter and he ended the interview. we've got the tape and we will share it, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> sean: now meghan mccain, who recently departed as a cohost of abcs "the view" is speaking out, ready to tell her story. to speak candidly and reveal what went on behind the scenes and explaining why she left and preview what is ahead. she is now releasing a new audiobook memoir called "bad republican." you might remember these moments from "the view" with her cohost, frankly, i can't put it any other way, were just downright cruel and mean. take a look. >> i was speaking. >> i know you are talking. >> i'm talking about -- >> so much when i was on maternity leave, you missed me so much, you missed fighting with me -- >> i did not. i did not miss you. speak with answer the question. >> i would like to weigh in. >> guys, hold on. everybody stop, everybody stop.
6:41 pm
>> so rude. >> my job here, i am an abc political analyst along with being a "the view" cohost, my job is to analyze the politics of it -- >> i'm talking about senators -- it's a republican senate. >> here is what is happening now. >> girl, please stop talking. please stop talking right now. because you know what -- >> no problem. i won't talk. >> i'm okay with that. i'm okay with that. if you are going to behave like this -- >> i'm not behaving -- >> you are talking over -- but what you are doing is you -- we are not doing anything. how about this? former fbi -- we'll be right back. >> sean: here to explain, author of the new audio memoir "bad republican," meghan mccain. i'm just traumatized looking at it. man, that is brutal. tell us about it.
6:42 pm
>> i mean, those are two of the moments in my new audible memoir that i speak about. the last moment was actually my second day back from maternity leave, and i had very severe postpartum anxiety, and that moment triggered a panic attack backstage, i vomited, and my office, it was horrible, i started crying between commercial breaks, and it was the moment that i just bought my four years in an anthropological experience in left-wing media had gone to end, because i really enjoyed my four years on "the view" in the sense i found it a great challenge, it is a huge platform, people watch it, it is the number one show in daytime, but you are targeted if you're the token conservative and you are treated differently. it's been interesting having my book exerts relieved today because people just don't seem to be surprised at all, but there are validation and hearing it from my mouth, and it like it was really time for me to show my story instead of having it through the lens of the liberal media and the
6:43 pm
liberal people who were leaking internally on the show i worked on, and i thought it was important for mothers to hear that it is okay, you don't have to put yourself or your pregnancy in a position where you could possibly have your health or your mental health put in a position of toxicity, and i decided to leave after i became a mother, and that was ultimately the game changing moment for me. >> sean: meghan, you went as far as to say you felt like you had been slapped. you called the work environment toxic, direct, and purposeful hostility. and none of that looked fun to me. and i can say, complete honesty, i've had minor skirmishes here and there with a few on-air talent, but nothing like this at all, ever, not even close. this is like a cancerous environment. >> yeah, and it's all very personal, that's the thing, being a conservative woman in mainstream media is deeply threatening, being a woman who can hold her own on a show like that proved to be ultimately
6:44 pm
threatening, so it became more and more personal the stronger the show got, that was the ironic part of it, the better the show did come after we won and me, we were on the cover is the most important political shl like the toxicity got worse and worse and i fell at the more successful i was on "the view" and the more moments i helped get them in the more i pressed liberal candidates and liberal guests on the show, the worse it got for me backstage and ultimately started spilling out on air. look, i was at fox news before i went to "the view," and i probably would not have survived emotionally of the past, you know, five years of my life between my dad passing of cancer and everything i speak about in my memoir happening at "the view" and other things in my personal life, if it were not for the women i met at fox news, janice dean, there is an entire category on kat timpf, i had a sisterhood at fox that i lost at the view and i know what women supporting women looks like because i had it when i worked at fox news and now i know what the entire opposite experience is, and i honestly,
6:45 pm
it's been difficult to open up to people like you, sean, but i thought it was important to say there is a real trauma that is involved when you are targeted and targeted and targeted for not voting for president obama, for being a pro-life woman, and i don't think people who go into liberal spaces, which is basically every other space except fox news in media, i don't think you should be punished for it and i don't think your personal life should be impacted and that is unfortunately exactly what happened to me. >> sean: you tell the story that your dad encouraged you to take the job. why? >> he loved the show. it's a mainstream show, and i do think it is important that we have to fight the culture war in their spaces because quite frankly i think we are losing it, and he thought they needed a strong conservative. there had been a whole host of republican and so-called republican women, women who claim to be republicans that are not come in my opinion, who had hosted the show and failed, he thought i was up for the job, and i did everything he told me to do so i did it, and i
6:46 pm
actually really enjoyed the first year and a half of the show. but like i said, as i grew stronger and more and more people would come on the show and i would really hold liberal guests feet to the fire, i felt a lot of backlash, both internally and externally at the show, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to you. you've seen the show. i think anyone who has watched even a clip -- >> sean: listen, i used to do the show -- >> not surprised by anything i'm saying. >> sean: last time i did the show i was sitting next to rosie o'donnell and it became a screaming match and barbara walters couldn't stop it. "we'll go to break now." i'm like, why am i wasting my time in the middle of this, because i don't go to bed until 4:00 a.m. anyway. there were a lot of issues, and i did support your dad, as you know, in 2008, and i also had political disagreements with your dad come a very strong ones, especially on the health e vote, i was pretty unhappy with it.
6:47 pm
your dad was a guy that was willing to have a lot of conflicts with people, and that happened after his funeral, too, when campaign managers and even governor palin apparently, in this leaked list, weren't invited to the funeral. why did that all happen? >> yeah, i actually have a chapter about this in my book where i have a whole new lens of viewing how sarah palin was treated and how the people working for my father's campaign really, you know, in my opinion, treated her really horribly, set her up for failure. i think when you are seeing katie couric talk about how ruth bader ginsburg, with her book, and i thought obviously she probably put sarah palin in a position to look bad -- and by the way, nicole wallace was the person who facilitated that interview, who now has a show on msnbc, and i just come as i've gotten older, i fell in love with a really deeply conservative man who runs ""the federalist"," like the old
6:48 pm
adage, when you're young, you don't have a heart, you don't have -- and i really hope culture has some redemption for sarah palin in the same way we have for so many other women right now. >> sean: well, we wish you a lot of luck with your audiobook and we look forward to see what you do in the future and wish you the best. meghan, things are being with us. when we come back, terry mcauliffe snapping at a reporter for not asking the questions he wanted asked. straight ahead, we have the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now, and battle virginia gubernatorial candidate democrat terry mcauliffe couldn't handle a few tough questions from a local reporter. here's what happened next, we got the videotape. >> health care, covid, education. all right, we are over, that's it. i gave you extra time, come on, man. you should have asked better
6:53 pm
questions early on. questions your viewers care about. >> sean: here with reaction, former florida attorney general pam bondi along with fox news contributor leo terrell. pam, we will start with you. that was a scheduled 20 minute interview and he left about 20 minutes early because he didn't like the questions. >> of course not, sean. he wants to have it his way and that's what the liberal media usually does. so thank goodness for that local reporter. yeah, he has to answer questions about critical race theory, about mask mandates, about parents having a right to be involved in their children's education, and he sure didn't want to do that. >> sean: leo, i look at that and anytime you're losing as a politician is when you get up and go away. i remember a guest that used to be on this program, his name was leo 1.0 -- >> who? i don't know we are talking about. i don't know who you're talking about. >> sean: he had to take off his ear piece and we will show picture -- >> pam, do you know who he's
6:54 pm
talking about? [over talk] >> i can tell you about terry mcauliffe. this guy has lost the momentum. he has the weight of the entire democratic party in his back at his losing, and he was expecting that the media would help him. you cannot change the narrative. the parents in virginia are upset with him regarding critical race -- as pam mentioned, more importantly, he doesn't believe the parents have a right in the curriculum of their children. as a former teacher, he's lost, and he's going to lose and he's going to be blamed for the democratic tsunami that's going to occur at the midterm, they are going to lose in the midterms. >> sean: pam, how big is that comment about parents shouldn't have a role with their kids' education? because i think that has irked everybody. >> of course it should, and every parent in virginia and in this country should have a role in their child's education. what they're being taught in the schools, critical race theory, he didn't want to address it,
6:55 pm
sean, and that's what he got up and walked away, because he's used to getting away with everything and for the first time, he was held accountable by a reporter, and he didn't know how to handle it and he's going to lose. >> sean: yeah, nancy pelosi says they want better questions. if you want i can go back and get the videotape and i can reminder audience. >> pam, how are you, like to have lunch with you one day and we can talk about sean another day but nice meeting you, great to have you on the show today. thank you, sean. we will talk later. >> sean: hello, are you breaking up on me mack all right. leo 2.0 terrell. >> we have a deal, sean, agreements. >> sean: never should have agreed to that stupid poll. thank you both, good to see you both. we will have more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's going to be all the time we have left this evening. as always, we thank you for joining us, we know you give us this opportunity to be with you every night.
7:00 pm
really appreciate it, we never forget it, we don't say thank you enough, so thank you. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, i'm starting early, let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham starts right now. i did not know your hand was in a rap last night because i don't see you what we're doing this this hand of thing. >> laura: okay. maybe i will tell people what happened buried >> sean: did you hit somebody? >> laura: have you ever had scar tissue build up after an injury? in a hand? have you ever had that happen? >> sean: i have more injuries that i won't whine and complain about but it's driving me nuts. >> laura: yeah. well, you have to get it removed every now and then. that hurt. >> laura: scar tissue. >> laura: if you're good i'm going to send you a video of the surgery, which i politely asked the surgeons to take. it's really cool, i watched part of the surgery. i'm going to send it to you. are you squeamish about stuff like that? >> sean: i've actually been in an operating room during brain


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