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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 19, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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eradicating halloween, what are we doing? >> will: is not about energy, it's a never ending forest fire in need of new fuel. that is what woke cancellation is about peer glad to see you later, joey, thank you for jumping on and thank you at homg "fox news primetime," don't forget to check out the will cain podcast every monday, wednesday, friday. i will be back tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy tuesday. we are going to take you back about a year and a few months today the day america changed. this really was the pivot point. it was the height of the year at blm riots early last summer and rioters in minneapolis had just torched a bunch of different buildings and standing in front of them was an msnbc reporter who was broadcasting live from the scene. the mob began by torching small
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businesses throughout the city, including a liquor store they looted first, naturally. than is the rioting accelerated, they walked down street, burned on the minneapolis police station. as you saw that happen you realize this was a little different from anything we have seen before. we have seen riots before in 1992, the rodney king verdict, rioters in los angeles torched a lot of the middle of that city, but they did not burn any police stations because you cannot burn a police station because there are police there and they are armed and they represent the law, they enforce the law, so you cannot bring on police stations. if they let you do that, you know the whole system -- go but that is exactly what happened, just days last summer. the implication of that was very clear, this is why we do not allow police stations to get burned. the message it sends is they can't protect you, they can't even protect themselves. so the police are not in charge,
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legitimate -- of the mob is now in charge. so as that is happening, that happens to become as noted, reporters standing right there with a microphone and camera taking pictures directly into your living room. that reporter was -- he is famously not super bright, but he was on the scene! watch how he described what was happening right behind him. >> there is no ability to bring anybody in here to solve this problem, so i want to be clear and how i characterize this. this is a protest. it is not, generally speaking, unruly. >> tucker: [laughs] you've probably seen it a hundred times, watch it every morning just for edification. it is mostly a protest, he said, flames in the background. it is generally speaking on unruly. standing in front of a burning building. so that tape, as we just said, is very famous, and it a lot of people look at that and say that
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reporter is a, which of course is true. he couldn't even describe what he was seeing accurately. what a gaffe. it was not a gaffe, it was not taken out of context. it was msnbc's explicit editorial policy to lie about what you are watching, to characterize violent riots as peaceful protests, and it was not just ali velshi, later that very day, another explained, we are quoting, "this will guide our reporting." the situation on the ground in minneapolis is fuming and that has been violence, it is most accurate at this time to describe what is happening there is protests. not riots. [laughs] paging dr. orwell. they are not riots. the one thing they are not, they are not riots, not at all.
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msnbc was not an outlier in adopting this policy, the reality denial. cnn's coverage. >> and let's not forget, if anyone is judging this, i am not judging this, i am just wondering what is going on? our country was started because -- the boston tea party. rioting. so do not get it twisted and think that oh, this is something that has not never happened before and this is so terrible and where are we and these savages and all that, this is how this country was started. >> tucker: yeah, this is totally normal, we have been dealing with us for hundreds of years. sam adams himself torched a wendy's and looted a liquor store before burning down the police station in downtown minneapolis, that's how this country started. we always had riots and looting, virtually every day. it's totally normal. so your job as a viewer, per cnn, msnbc, "the new york times," the atlantic, "the washington post" come all the rest of them, was s
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just the way things are in the way they have always been, and accept it. my country your ancestors built is on fire, but shot up because your ancestors also burned it down. now that's not true. in fact, it is grotesquely untrue and yet to be historically illiterate to believe it, but it worked, as propaganda does and that is why they do it. so instead of pushing back against this rioting, most americans kind of went along with it. well, it doesn't look quite right to me but this is how our country started. that is what don lemon said. in other words, as your quality of life declines, you are instructed not to notice. this trend has continued. "the washington post" just went ran this headline and we are quoting, "don't rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes," rather than "living constantly on the verge of throwing fits, we do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering
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expectations." got that? so if you don't like the fact the shelves are bare in your local stores, don't throw a fit, don't be an entitled little tool, lower your expectations. what did you expect in america? come on. redlines. we have always had bread lines. is charmingly retro, these bread lines. don't complain. as your life becomes worse and as your country degrades. that is the message, not surprisingly, that message is coming directly from the people who are making your life worse and destroy the country, that of course would be the white house. it is impossible to believe this personally, not some mock-up of a gender studies students. today she was asked about the supply chain problems, like our ports are shut down, what do we do? watch as she marks the reporter's question, how dare you ask? watch this. >> just a question on this, on the supply chains issue --
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>> yeah. >> actions the president has taken p.r. but it was clear in march of 2020, when covid hit, supply chains across the world has been disrupted, even as sort of the fight back against covid proceeded. it was quickly concluded things are not improving on supply chains, people cannot get dishwashers and furniture's and treadmills delivered on time, nl sorts of other things, so why n- >> of the tragedy of the treadmill delayed. >> but the serious point is why didn't the president to act sooner, in a more aggressive way? >> tucker: you are complaining about not having a treadmill? settle down, karen! what, do you want to exercise? you have netflix and weed, shut up, get back to your queue, be happy, lower your expectations. and if you do outside, if you notice the walgreens' for example closed, and so is the cvs, because everything in there has been stolen by thieves
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who have now redefined civil rights protesters, stop complaining, karen. san francisco has very few walgreens or cvss or stores like that left because they've all been looted. by civil rights protesters. but that is not a problem, according to the mayor of san francisco. in fact, as jim explains in this amazing piece of tape, it is walgreens fault. >> ultimately, you know, they made their decision. we have tried to work with them in order to ensure we are covered in terms of having pharmacies all across the city. this is going to of course in fact a lot of our neighborhoods, but i wouldn't say -- go as far as to say they can't do business. they still have a lot of stores, everywhere you look from almost every corner, you will see a walgreens, and some of these stores are not just closing because of retail death, they are not necessarily bringing in the sales they want to be or if i don't want to attribute that completely to just retail theft. >> tucker: if you elect a
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mayor that dom, then you kind of deserve what you get. the truth is not everyone in san francisco voted for london breed, despite her alluring name. they don't deserve this. the truth is you should not have daily looting in american cities because it is a first world country. this is not some third world hell hall, this is the country our ancestors built, a great country, you're not allowed to steal, okay, period. but all of a sudden you can steal and our leaders are telling you you've always been able to steal, it is okay. you bring your kids to school and oh, wait a second, there are junkies living in tents right across from your kids school. but they have always been there, too. they were there when you were a kid, you just never noticed. readjust your expectations. settle down, karen. here is seattle's mayor jenny durkan saying they have to deal with the junkies living in tents right next to their schools. here is a local news report from seattle.
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>> broadview thompson is a public school come up its property includes this green belt, was taken over by dozens f homeless that neighbors they are bringing even more problems. >> this morning in my garden, i found an empty packet that had drugs in it. >> despite outrage from parents and neighbors, two seattle school board members are refusing to let the encampment being cleared. claiming the public school property is private property and off-limits without an invitation. >> tucker: yeah, the one thing you can't do is expel the junkies. not the homeless. homeless makes it sound like a protected class, they are junkies come up shooting up, breaking into cars to support their habit, selling themselves, on women, they are junkies, okay? and they are on your kids school lawn. but we can't intervene in that because it has always been that way. just lower your expectations, karen. in new york city, police have been ordered to not intervene when they see junkies shooting
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up on the sidewalk or in a park. can get in the way. and you shouldn't because we have always had junkies in our parks. sam adams was actually smoking meth on the boston common once upon a time. in washington, d.c., the metro basically shut down until 60% of its train cars -- the commuters have to find another way to get to work because the train service is not working anymore. just lower your expectations. in fact, they are lucky. in philadelphia last week for several people on a train, and i got on a train, then they got to walk as a man to man's b-29ed a woman on the train for minutes. witnesses describe what they saw -- here is part of it. >> in upper darby, 69th street station, passengers of the line are outraged. >> the attack was brutal, it was wicked, and the worst part, people were watching. >> several people watching, the darby superintendent of police arrested 35-year-old fished annoyed, who investigators say
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is seen on a train security camera, sitting next to the alleged victim, touching her, and then raping her. a female employee stepped in, called in the attack, which was relayed on radio about the attacker disrobing on a train at 56th street station. he was arrested at 69th street station on the train, in the act. >> tucker: this has always been the way america works. remember -- she was killed. the difference, though, we were shocked by that. 35 years ago, when she died. in this case, passengers watch this woman gets b-29ed but they were on their phone. they were online gaming. the police chief of philadelphia's transportation authority so nobody who saw it did anything about it. >> i can tell you people were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being
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attacked. >> tucker: and by attacked, to be totally clear and i hate to use the word, it is the right word, she was raped in front of all these people and they did nothing. so how did this happen? we were just talking about root causes, what were the root causes of this rape. a35-year-old congolese man who apparently raped this woman, has a criminal record and should not have been here in the first place, on and overstate student visa and should have been deported. that should never have happened, he should not have been here, and the only reason he was his because he and a lot of people like him have been invited here by people in the country who don't ride the train. this particular man came to the united state in 2012 on a student visa. that visa ended in 2015 because he was no longer a student. court records show he racked up multiple -- okay, so here is someone in the
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country illegally, who is convicted of sexual abuse and drugs, but he is still here? so why aren't the people who allowed him to remain here in jail themselves? they certainly should be. this guy was put in immigration detention back in january 2018 but never got deported because the immigration legal system decided he should receive a special stay of removal. so he got what is called a withholding of removal from an s ago, back in 2019. according to court documents, that decision came after "the board of immigration appeals found the misdemeanor sex offense was not "a serious crime," just a minor sex offense, and therefore ineligible for a withholding from removal. to recap, you can walk into a country at the invitation of our leaders at public expense, you can overstay your visa and in so doing mock our laws, then get
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busted for drugs and a sex crime, not deported, allowed to stay, then you go on, probably inevitably, to rape a woman on a train in full view of a crowd that does nothing to stop it. but it has always been this way. don't get uptight. readjust your expectations. you want more of this? you may be getting it. today, joe biden's nominee to lead the border patrol set for his confirmation hearing. it turns out if anything, he is to the left of by then, even to the left of barack obama on immigration matters. just a year ago when he was the police chief of tucson, arizona, he rejected a federal program called operation stone guard supported by the obama administration, the point to help border towns fight cartel violence and drug trafficking. that would seem a worthy goal, not really directly related to immigration, directly related to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of americans.
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but chris magness in his wisdom rejected that money. his own police department was outraged by this but chris magnus did not care, he is a deeply good person, unlike you, he is happy to abet the deaths of thousands of americans by drago d. he said the money in the mission of stopping drug cartels did not align with his work. here you have the person about to oversee our country's border security, who does not believe in borders. now if that bothers you in any way, if you think we should be deporting rapists instead of letting them rape women on trains, then the white house has a very clear message for you: a shut up, karen, stop complaining. that treadmill? you don't deserve a treadmill. lower your expectations. get used to it. senator josh hawley's not use to it. he represents misery in the united states senate and joins us tonight.
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senator, thank you so much for coming on. there is this weird phenomenon where you point out, wait, it wasn't always this way. you didn't have junkies living on school grounds when i was growing up. with the hell is this? and they look at you like are you crazy, it has always been this way. >> i think the lower your expectations, tucker, is really the slogan of the biden presidency. you talk about bringing back the old days, the 1970s, this is like reliving jimmy carter's worst year in office where we are told the american people are the problem. you are the problem. national malays, all the american people's fault. in fact, it is joe biden's fault and the terrible policies, he is trying to run -- he does not believe in it. we are a strong nation and it is time we started acting like it. >> tucker: the strength, i would assume, is in the population itself and if you watch people sit back as colonies of junkies living in tents grow across the kids school and nobody says "get the
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hell out of here," that would be an expression of strength, i wonder when people start doing that, hopefully soon. >> i hope so, too, tucker. with the biden administration is trying to do in terms of intimidate and people remind me of school boards where you have people showing up and say i'm not going to take this, i do not want my kids to be taught this, i want to have a say, and the biden administration tries to intimidate them with the fbi. this is an attempt to silence the american populace. it is not going to work because the american people are strong and we are not going to stand for this, and joe biden is going to have to learn the hard way but ultimately, if you try to run down a strong nation, the american people are going to say we are not having it appear in the meantime, it means we have a lot of work to do because we simply can't let him run this country into the ground. >> tucker: i think that as well put and i appreciate it. senator josh hawley of missouri, thank you. so, of all the things going wrong in this country, there is one bright red line.
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very simple, vaccine mandates, the one thing congress is completely ignoring. forcing people to take medicine they don't want to come in the case of a hundred million of americans, medicine they don't need. against a virus that natural protections from? if we allow that, there is really no and to what we will be forced to do. that is true. but a few people are fighting back, including a few well-known entertainers. country music star travis tritt is one of them and has made a major announcement about this. he joins us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ along >> tucker: here is something that is kind of sad bt true. the overwhelming majority of people may dislike something but in real life, nothing really changes until powerful people stand up against it. that is why this is a significant story. country music star travis tritt has announced he is canceling any performance in any venue that mandates masks, requires covid vaccinations, or pushes unreasonable covid casting protocols. why is he doing that? travis tritt joins us to explain. travis tritt, we are honored to have you on the show, thanks for
5:25 pm
coming on, and going to ask you to expend why you're doing this and let you talk. >> well, we have done about 75 shows so far this year. all over the country, tucker. and in spite of the fact that some people would try to label these as being "super-spreaders," the actual numbers don't reflect that at all. as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. when most of these areas, we have seen the covid numbers actually drop dramatically over the last few weeks and months, and so it came as quite a shock to me and a lot of my fans when after the first week of october, during the first week of october, a lot of these shows had restrictions placed on them, not by the state, not by the local city government, not by the local health department and municipalities, but by the actual promoters/venue owners.
5:26 pm
>> tucker: yes. >> and there was nothing that justified that. and so, i started getting a ton of messages from fans who were basically not warned about these mandates or restrictions ahead of time, showed up at the gate, and were turned away, and were not even offered refunds, they were offered credits to an upcoming show that had to be used within the next 12 months, or else they would lose their money for tickets, and it was just heartbreaking to me. these people have been shut out from getting a chance to go see concerts for over a year, and they are finally getting a chance to do that again, and now they are being turned away for some unexplained reason, so this is not about -- this is not about following the science or trying to look out for the
5:27 pm
safety of -- of the people there. this is about something else. this is trying to divide people. this is trying to shame people. this is trying to basically discriminate against people that they don't feel are clean enough to be part of enjoying a concert like that. >> tucker: man, that is so nicely put. so the question is, you are not the only touring artist who is experiencing this, but you are one of the very few i'm aware of who has said anything about it, who said i'm not putting up with this, i'm not going along with it. why did you decide not to go along with this? because you could have just ignored it like everybody else is. >> you know, i come from a hardworking, middle-class family. and i have been extremely -- i came from nothing. to have a wonderful, wonderful career that has lasted for over
5:28 pm
35 years in this business, and to see people that i know -- i know these people, these are hardworking americans that just want to take care of their families, put food on the table for their families, put a roof over their head, and occasionally go out and experience a concert, you know, enjoy themselves, forget about all their troubles for a little while, and to be able to enjoy all of those different things, that is something that i just, i felt like i had to stand up for free at home. freedom for all of those people to be able to go out and do what they enjoy doing and enjoy a concert without being harassed. >> tucker: man, and you are willing to lose money on that -- >> yeah. >> tucker: a credit to country music. i appreciate you. travis tritt, that was great. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me.
5:29 pm
>> tucker: so, the biden administration has decided to cleanse the united states military of any disobedient people. might have the wrong thoughts or the wrong way, too much testosterone. you would think that navy seals that help americans who object to the coronavirus vaccine on any grounds, but certainly religious grounds, would get a pass, since it is america. but no, navy seals are being threatened if they object on any grounds. we will have more on that. plus currently or is it possible to get hired if you are not vaccinated? a new poll shows just how important a person's vax status is important when applying for a job. we have the details. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so the president of the united states recently kind
5:35 pm
of blithely announcing everybody in the united states military is going to get fully vaccinated. but hundreds of thousands of active-duty american service members have refused it, so far, for whatever reason, but they clearly mean it and don't want it. they are some of the healthiest people in this country. no one is healthier than the members of the u.s. navy seal teams. they are being forced to or they are going to have to leave. mike berry is a marine reservist and general counsel at the first liberty institute. his group is representing more than 30 navy seals who object to the vaccine mandates on religious grounds which they thought were legitimate in a constitutional country. mike berry joins us tonight. what is the state of this? i think every american has an interest in knowing -- put so much in these seal teams and a lot of guys are going to be fired over this, is this something that should be concerned for all of us, so where are they as of tonight? >> thanks for having me, tucker. just as you said, first liberty
5:36 pm
institute represents 40 u.s. navy seals, our nations -- one of our nation's most elite fighting forces, and right now, they are fighting for their careers and their livelihoods, and you would think that in this country, the department of defense would respect religious beliefs, but instead, the navy is using religious beliefs as some sort of ideological litmus test to purge anybody who opposes the vaccine from our military, and that is un-american, and actually really endangers our national security and our military readiness. >> tucker: so that is kind of the point, right? by forcing this, you get to find out who sincerely believes in god, and then you know, you know their names at that point, then expel them using the pretext of the covid vaccine. >> i think that is exactly what is going on. i saw an article just today where the dod said the vast majority of people who have not yet been vaccinated have not done so because they are going to be asking for religious exemption, so the dod has
5:37 pm
come out and said they don't intend on granting or approving any of those religious exemptions across any of the branches, and the navy has now said yeah, and we are going to start punishing people for it. our clients, these navy seals, they have been told that even if the request is ultimately approved, they are going to be removed from the navy seal community, some have already been told to turn in their warfare devices, the pins they went on their uniform that they went through hell, is what they call it, in order to earn them, and now they are being told to turn it over because you are no longer capable of serving in the united states navy or being a navy seal, which is absolutely abhorrent, and they have been told that their family members, their spouses, and their children are not allowed to travel if they are not vaccinated. since when does the dod have authority or jurisdiction over family members? and then to add injury to insult, the navy has now come out and said they can begin to seek recoupment for the training expenses that were spent on
5:38 pm
training these elite warriors, so i mean, where does the madness stop? >> tucker: right, and where our christian leaders, the leaders of methodist or lutheran or episcopal did not denominations from a catholic church, why are they not defending christians being persecuted for their beliefs? if you are in one of those churches and you are not defending these guys and millions like them, why don't you go do something else, work at arby's or do something useful with your life. >> first liberty is defending them, tucker, and if people want to help us get behind them, please go to first, because we are doing this free of charge. >> tucker: amen. i'm glad you are. michael barry, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: well, there is no polling on why people get hired and why they don't. turns out, and a lot of people who do the hiring for big companies says they automatically eliminate any person who doesn't include his or her vaccine status. resume found 33% of hiring managers "automatically eliminate resumes that do not
5:39 pm
include a covid-19 vaccination statement," 69% of manager said "more likely to hire someone already vaccinated against covid-19." is this legal? can you do this in america? what is the limit to asking people for details about their health history? serious question. harmeet dhillon window, she was one of this country's premier civil rights lawyers and founder of the center for american liberty to come on. tucker 14 things were coming on. have you been tested for covid, you have tuberculosis, what is your hiv status? is this allowed? >> it's apprise a lot of americans will call my law firm that the eeoc in most states department of hiring and employment of the state have said that it is entirely legal for an employer to mandate vaccination as a condition of employment. the employer must offer to consider accommodations for religious and medical
5:40 pm
exemptions, but they don't actually have to accommodate it if doing so would create more than a hardship for the employer. i do not agree with this law, just to be very clear, but that is the current state of the law, and it is very strange because of the same time the same employment laws prevent me as an employer from asking people about their intention to get pregnant, or even their fertility status, or their hiv status, or any of a host of other medical conditions or choices or preferences that people may have, and so this is really an incongruous type of a requirement, and i hope that when republicans get around to being able to make the laws again, they really reconsider this deference and worship to corporations that is destroying the livelihoods of many americans today. >> tucker: deference toward and worship of corporations. as always, harmeet dhillon, that's exactly what it is. appreciate everything you do in coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, a group of
5:41 pm
military personnel gravel gathered in the nation's capital today, and a lot of interesting statements about ufos. these are former government employees and they have firsthand evidence of these unknown objects interacting with and shutting down nuclear weapon systems. we have details on that from some who covered that today. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, another ufo segment. that's crazy. you would have to be crazy to believe that is possible. really? is it any crazier coming out of, say, your average white house briefing? with that in mind, a fascinating conference today about ufos and nuclear weapons, and took place in washington. u.s. air force captain was part of an incident in which a ufo disabled tenant nuclear missiles. here's what he said. >> there has been a long history of ufo incidents and encounters,
5:47 pm
with much investigation of that from 1947 and even earlier. in september of 1966, i was minuteman launch patrol officer and deputy commander of a launch crew station at the air force base in north dakota. i was involved in a ufo incident at that time, where a flying object tampered with and took down a total of ten nuclear tipped icbm missiles by rendering them unwatchable. >> tucker: tom rogan is one of the rare serious journalists, actual journalists, in washington. he has been on the story for years in a very rigorous way. he is a columnist now at "the "washington examiner"" and joins us tonight for a recap. tom, thanks for coming on. what did you learn today at this event? >> thanks, tucker. i think the key point here is although these gentlemen are telling their stories for a while, now they are doing it in a fashion where they can finally be taken seriously by
5:48 pm
more people, and fortunately unfortunately, there were not that many journalists there today but i think the key point is people with some of the highest security clearances at the height of the cold war in the u.s. air force, multiple different inter-visual's and multiple different sites across a period of decades, say ufos interacted with nuclear weapons platforms and either rendered them inoperable or took them off line. so something was done by a technological force, as these officers would suggest, that cannot be explained, and that in and of itself, surely, should be big news, worthy of serious further investigation. >> tucker: by definition, any force that can take america's nuclear weapons off-line is something you need to worry about. presumably the pentagon has been looking at those. have they given any indication of what they think happened?
5:49 pm
>> what's i think unfortunate, and i guess we are at the start of a process, the director of national intelligence had this report, but what is unfortunate is the government does know that there is a nuclear connection. they kept that classified. frankly, i can understand why some of it is classified, but they should come clean with a lot more that they know. i mean, the simple fact, the u.s. navy, why does the navy keep seeing these things with the aircraft carriers? aircraft carriers are nuclear powered. why do submarines see them? nuclear connection. this nuclear missile incident from the cold war, there is credible testimony from a great historian on this, robert hastings, who wrote a book "ufos and nukes," to suggest the soviets had similar incidents. something is going on, not america, not china, not russia, and we to take it seriously instead of laughing it off as an issue for crazy people. >> tucker: right, there are a lot of crazy people in this world right now. the people who take this
5:50 pm
seriously may be among the least crazy in our public const conversation. tom rogan, i appreciate you coming out tonight and covering this. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: bob salas is the name of another u.s. air force officer who spoke at today's press conference, we sat down with him on an episode of "tucker carlson today" called "ufo files," and here's what he said. >> in march 24th, 1967, i was based on air force base in montana. >> bob salas was a captain in a u.s. air force base in montana when something shocking happened in the night sky. >> we were located about 60 feet underground. when i get a phone call from my topside guard. flight security controller. he said "sir, seeing some strange lights in the sky, they are flying very fast, just above our facility, stopping on a
5:51 pm
dime, reversing course, making 90-degree turns." >> tucker: there's always been a lot of pressure not to take the subject seriously. of course, there's a lot of pressure not to take a lot of subjects seriously. be back in the face of pressure so we have always taken it fiercely. you can stream that episode on fox nation. it is worth it. well, one progressive activist group has now decided that the most racist thing in america happens also to be the greatest in america, 2-parent households. more on that next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so one of the hallmarks of a decadent society is proliferation of useless, tax-exempt think tank type organizations, ngos. they sprout up like mushrooms after rain. here's one called the national council on family relations. that sounds kind of harmless. it turns out they are against families. they hate families and want to destroy them. they are not telling us, this
5:57 pm
group, the nuclear family is a form of white supremacy. "like white privilege, family privilege is an unacknowledged, unearned benefit instantiated -- if that is even a word -- instantiated in u.s. laws, policies, and practices." anyway, that is what they are claiming. we feel it is worth rebutting it because if you don't, people start to believe it. the founder and president of take charge minnesota joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. so, how exactly -- first of all, how is it unearned? it is the most earned thing in life, but how is a nuclear family racist? >> well, it's not. it's a further continuation of critical race theory and proponents of critical race theory. i can tell you, tucker, that this program and this initiative is something that is actually going counter to where we are going in the black community, especially here in minnesota, and with take charge, we are launching a program to turn the
5:58 pm
culture back to where we were before we had help from the government. in fact, the day that martin luther king was assassinated, i was five years old. at that time, the black community was nearly 80% 2-parent families. today, we are 80% fatherless homes and within our lifetimes, we have seen this happen. i call it a cultural genocide, and proponents of critical race theory want to make this a normative and we are headed the other way. >> tucker: as a man in your 50s, have you met anyone of any race who grew up with a data and said i am really glad i did grew up without a dad in a single-parent household? does anybody really want that, i wonder? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. we are dealing with false narratives being pushed, not only in our k-12, but this is just another extension of that further push of a narrative that is un-american and
5:59 pm
anti-christian, anti-american, what they are trying to push, and they want us to buy it, and we are not doing nothing of the sort. >> tucker: that's right. it is totally antihuman. i almost didn't want to do this tonight because it seems so obvious but if you do not articulate the stuff and push back some of the next thing you know what your parents will be learning it is shameful to have two parents. >> absolutely, and i tell people this, it is so important, this whole critical race theory push, this included, is not a new civil rights movement, no black-led movement, no martin luther king, no al sharpton, it is the biggest fraud they are pushing across the american people, and we are speaking across the country to fight back and people haveave tn note and are listening. >> tucker: no, it is apple and amazon and citibank behind it, and i would much, much rather have al sharptoind it. at least he is a human being, not a soulless -- [laughter] look, if you had to choose. better than apple, i would say. kendall, appreciate you coming on tonight.
6:00 pm
thank you. >> thanks, tucker. i want to remind your listeners they can find out on our website. >> tucker: amen. good to see you. that's it for us tonight. we will be back 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, have the best night, the great sean hannity awaits right now. >> sean: oh, okay, thanks, tucker, and welcome to "hannity." >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 66. >> sean: day 66, americans, their families, our allies, green card holders, all abandoned in afghanistan, left to suffer, die under taliban rule, 79 days since joe biden promised not to abandon them, 49 days now since joe even mentioned them, not one time in 49 days. the biden administration once referred to the taliban terrorists as hey, they are businesslike and professional. we are learning t


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