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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 19, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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are spot on and i think southwest gets it. that will do it for me, folks, catch me 2 p.m. eastern time making money on the fox business network. the market is breaking out. netflix is up. get your political stuff here, check us out over there. "the five" is next. >> hi, i'm greg gutfeld, along with katie, harold ford jr. and jesse watters. she once called 911 after falling behind a couch cushion, dana perino. "the five." >> the white house not denying report the biden administration has been secretly flying thousands of uncompanied migrant children from texas to the new york city area. the "new york post" is calling it biden's secret flight.
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clever. it is reporting 2000 children have been flown from southern border and sent to drop-off points in new jersey, and connecticut. good story for peter doocy to ask the white house is. >> pete: why is the administration flying migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure it is the middle of the night, what is happening -- 2:30 in the morning. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. unaccompanied children passed through the airport en route to final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor. >> ted cruz has idea why to put the massive influx of migrants. >> entire political strategy sebased on secrecy, what is happening at the southern border is tragedy.
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stop the surge act, rich democrats can be sitting there and see 10, 20, 30, 50,000 illegal immigrantss like we're see og a daily basis and envision them in nantucket, goodness, they want to come to our clubs. they would be horrified. >> greg: dana, that was from america's newsroom. >> dana: great job. >> greg: seems like something we cooked up, which means it is good. port of entry, martha's vineyard, it is very clever, it made the news. it is legitimately correct. >> dana: yes, he made the point this morning and we've been saying this, too, president biden never gone to the border. kamala harris, in charge of the border, doesn't go. say there is a natural
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disaster, what does the president do? goes down and views the damage. okay, we need emergency declaration, this is what they need and you make sure they get everything they need. they ignore this. what is interesting, president trump had taken all the grief for all the things on immigration. all president biden had to do was maintain status quo. instead they did a twitter poll and made policy based on that, what you end up having, poisoned the well against the need and demand for legal immigration. people here wait nothing line trying to get it done legally, it made the issue toxic. the other thing, because of the flores agreement, the children cannot be held for longer than 30 dayss. custom and border patrol have to send them somewhere. they give them to health and huservices. talking about pete buttigieg. where is the secretary.
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is he in witness protection program? >> greg: they are all missing on milk cartons. harold, why don't democrats take cruz at his suggestion, share the responsibility, that would make a lot of people happy, republicans happy if it looked like the non -- what do you call non-border privileged share the responsibility. >> you have to put people on the plane to take them, we would have the issue we had with this, it went to westchester, people in and around the communities and greenwich probably not want what ted cruz is trying to suggest. can you imagine 30 years ago, senator joking like senator cruz did there. he is a well educated guy. we have a problem at the border, if you want to shame democrats, shame them with policy. i laid out a predicate, i hate
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to say on day when secretary mayorkis, my prayers are with him and his family, he is dealing with covid-19 positive test. we have to get a serious person there to manage the crisis and willing to negotiate with republicans. as much as this may get headlines senator cruz, woo get a chuckle, you still have to fly people to martha's vineyard and the hampton. the larger point, we have to incentivize democrats to want to be more serious about this. >> dana: he went to say he knowss the democrats will not move it forward, he is making a point. that is why you do stuff like this. >> greg: exactly, katie, why do you think the flights were at night? they are not hiding from cnn, they are not covering it. they did the flights because of fox, that is my theory. >> dana: maybe they got the idea from you, greg, you are so brilliant. >> greg: thank you.
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stop. >> katie: senator lindsey graham and i can't remember which democratic senator offered up jay johnson, under obama come manage the border crisis because the vice president is not doing that and democrats didn't take him up on that. when you look at what is happening, they are flying people in the middle of the night hoping people don't notice. the american taxpayer is subsidizing human trafficking. what happens, in south america, say you are from el salvador, somebody pays for unaccompanied minor to get taken to the border hhs gets them and they are flown all over the country. i'm not sure if we can fly them from the border to new york why not from the border to el salvador or back to where they came from to reunite them with their familiess there. apparently that is not on the table. lawmakers have been soungding the alarm for months. flying to tennessee and senator
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blackburn said, what are you doing, you are putting flights into the community. they lied about it, they are caught and trying to grapple with if it is the middle of the night or 4 in the morning. >> greg: jesse, anything i'm doing at 4 in the morning is not good. >> jesse: that is my point, anybody that does something in secret, they are not proud of that. no one is proud of what you are doing in secret in the middle of the night. joe knows he's wrong. he feels guilty about it, that is why he's hiding this like a coward. own it. make your case to the american people, this is what we're doing, this is the policy. we'll do it in daylight. he can't, he knows if people know about this policy, the country will be appalled and no one besides fox will report this. if you asked jen psaki about this and she doesn't give you answer, follow-up questions.
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you can't vet sponsors and relatives after what you did in afghanistan. we didn't even get our guys out of afghanistan, we couldn't vet an army and you know the sponsors are vetted. you know these are the real parents? come on, you don't know that. this is taxpayer funded human trafficking. who are these people they are giving them to? who are the agencies receiving the teenagers? who are they? she can't answer that question and she needs to be asked that question. americans can't even get on flights because they are being cancelled because of vaccine mandates. give illegals, free flights, free foods. he's advertising, cross our border if you are under 18, we'll fly you to miami or new york. this is crazy. this is crazy. i don't think things are right up there. it is wrong. >> greg: weird the timing, why does it have to be at 4 a.m.?
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>> jesse: why do you think? not even telling the governors he's doing it. doesn't want anybody to know. >> katie: people in the airport are wearing the same thing, they have paperwork and have a handler. it is organized and someone is getting paid. >> let's not speculate too much, this is not the way to do this. >> greg: all right, up next, democrats forced to scale back plans on the irs snooping in your bank account. there is a major catch. that's a tease. ♪
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after billionaires and not the average taxpayer. >> anywhere they may be getting w-2, that is not what we're talking about here, they are reporting their income. we're talking about people who are high net worth individuals who are not paying taxess they owe. something we think everybody believes should happen and can help pay for range of important investments to make us more competitor. >> greg: katie, federal government, fraud, they want to look at your account, i want to look at yours. >> katie: this policy proves that this narrative they have been trying to sell for two weeks about the bill costing zero dollars is complete garbage. jen psaki is saying, we have to do this, we're raising the threshold to $10,000, we will go after billionaires who are not paying taxes, it is about paying for this bill and government
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power and giving democrats more of it. the i.r.s. needs more power. they want banks to hire more people, more i.r.s. agents. give them more funding, it is difficult to scale it back. it is about making sure gig workers are taken out of the economy. if you have someone who is contractor, doesn't get normal w-2 form, who works for themselves, business not a corporation, this is something they will be looking at closely with the i.r.s. and democrats made it clear, they want everyone to be employee so they can be unionized. they are lying about the zero dollar thing, this proves it, $10,000 threshold is too low, if they are going after billionaires. >> greg: harold, you want your bank working with the feds on thi >> harold: no, the number is too low, $10,000 is too low to snoop in everyone's account. how do you make the tax code
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fairer? first issue was immigration. immigration is taxes, we've not had comprehensive reform since 1996, ronald reagan was president. we need to have one. this effort here, immature, bring in rich people who have been able to get away without paying their taxes, what should we do not to allow the ultra-rich to avoid taxes. >> greg: traitors, harold. >> harold: i think we can all agree, people who live their lives in shielded income should pay taxes, i think that is the point. your point, katie, $600, $10,000, you will hire people that do not get the crux of this. i am not sure democrats want everybody unionized. i don't think this is the way to do it. $10,000 will not solve this
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problem. >> greg: good thing you keep your money offshore. was i supposed to say that? sorry. >> dana: i learned from the best, gutfeld told me that years ago. the thing, they got caught. democrats thought they could splip this by you. remember when obamacare passed and wait, what? it became super unpopular and mounted and toxicity, congressman bankes from indiana, runs a committee, he has his team go through and find this. democrats putting this in there, like the worst bond villain, i know, we are so popular, we should give more money to the most unpopular and to the federal government and i.r.s. it backfired on them. the other thing to katie's point, if the bill doesn't cost anything, costs zero, you wouldn't need this.
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>> greg: investigate border patrol, give i.r.s. agents a raise. >> jesse: $10,000 if you buy a car, down payment on a house. you are scooping up a lot of people. i think, permission to bash the media. >> permission granted. >> greg: how did this happen? media obsessed with author tearianism as though it comes from the right. they are not part of the right, hate republicans. they envision it is somebody, trump, before trump it was bush, before bush, it was reagan. create dystopia, but when you look at it, they missed impulse of the left. it is there, whether communist china, ho chi minh. i can't imagine trump wanting to snoop through bank accounts. if you look at this stuff and step back and look at speech
2:20 pm
code, vaccine mandates, parents protecting their children, we are going toward utaupia. it is all academics, it is all politicians, progressives, wokesters, all there. >> jesse: fox has to pay me in bitcoin, that is not even a negotiation, pay in bitcoin, right? we will get paid in bitcoin. up next, more foreign policy failure pile up for the president, how biden got caught offguard by china. ♪
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president biden on the foreign policy front. reports china caught u.s. intelligence by surprise after testing a hypersonic missile that is so fast it can evade america's defense capabilities. white house being criticized for its response that it "welcomed stiff competition," and china denies it tested the missile and said it was a spacecraft. gop senator lindsey graham isn't buying it. >> you can now put on the list nuclear arms race with china, which we're losing. weakness breeds aggression. >> harold: adding to the problems, north korea test fired submarine launch ballistic missile. katie, is it not bipartisan failure on this front with china, north korea, i was in congress when we were attacked on 9/11, it was bipartisan lack
2:26 pm
of imagination. i get partisanship, what should we be doing differently now that we know this? >> katie: president biden hasn't given any indication he is willing to stand up for the country. the press secretary said we welcomed the competition, when this is a serious weapon generals say changes the game when it comes to how we look at nuclear deterrence, whether we have a first-strike option anymore. with allies, questioning joe biden's capabilities, especially in the aftermath of afghanistan, they're looking at this and going, if the united states is behind defending itself on missile launch that is supersonic, they are behind with banning with nations like taiwan, for example. president biden made decision to leave afghanistan, a lot of americans and intelligence and foreign policy experts said it was a good idea, in order to focus on threats like china and north korea. whether or not he's capable of shifting and doing that, he
2:27 pm
hasn't given that publicly yet and idea the intelligence community is surprised on third major thing in the last nine months, concerns a lot of people. >> harold: dana, you have been in the white house when things, you had to react and adjust, what should she have done differently? what should they be talking about in terms of messaging and after admitting they were surprised -- >> dana: i would love to see some -- someone do a media interview or maybe congressional hearing, boring, but i think if you are giving intelligence community x billion dollars per year and the quote anonymous quote is whoa, what happened, we had no idea this is going on. we deserve to understand what the investment is how we could miss something so obvious as this and makes you wonder what else are we missing. the adversaries will continue to test us. our complete and total foreign
2:28 pm
policy focus under biden is about climate change. everything they are focused on, meeting at end of this month in glasgow, they want to go and pass policies. they are not paying attention to this, they are just blowing it off. >> harold: jesse, president trump ush erred and demanded different approach to china. i give him credit for that. i don't think he did much substantively, i think it is bipartisan failure. if not, where do you give credit to president trump and president biden and what should we be doing? >> jesse: as i said yesterday, i give biden credit for the alliance between the u.k. and australia, against china, even though he didn't know about it. i give trump credit for waking
2:29 pm
this country up about china. it explodes over los angeles, goodbye los angeles, it is like strategic deterrent, it is not tactical. they are warping us, we can wipe out seattle, san francisco and you have 30 seconds to intercept this thing, that is tough. what we need to do now, go to star wars, confront something like this. that way, you shoot the thing out of the sky midflight as it dips below the orbit level and that is how you take it out. it is incredibly expensive to do "star wars" and joe's team is more interested in the green new deal, heville to make a decision whether he wants to do that or not and there is good news here. this is just one that was 20 miles off in the test -- >> harold: experts said was pretty good. >> jesse: 20 miles off is a long way, could take five years to get the program operational and we are 50 years ahead of chinese
2:30 pm
when it comes to the nuclear arms race and we could splatter china with nuclear weapons, not worried about that. big ching with china, population is over. they have slowest growing population in world history, because they killed all the women, there are no women in the country and because of urbannization, they will lose 50% by 2050. wait these guys out and hope they don't launch a missile like this. >> greg, we spent a lot of money. a lot came out, wall came down, communism suffered defeat, new technology emerged, should we marshall the same kind of effort or attract support from countrys to go against china from economic standpoint, military standpoint?
2:31 pm
and to jesse's point, weville to as country understand that defense spending will have to go way up and we'll have to think more imaginatively how we defend ourselves. >> greg: you are too pessimistic. i know the rocket is alarming, but we are kicking the crap out of china in diversity, gender neutral bathrooms and we have way more windmills than they do. >> dana: they build them for us. >> greg: true, and solar panels. i don't think china will bomb us any time soon, they don't need to, we are enjoying ourselves. china just exposed folly of us. for us, it is dismantled the super power that is us, right? we are our own enemy now, initiating destruction from within. china will simply wait us out until we're finished. the number one enemy in america is america. and it is not all joe's fault.
2:32 pm
china has the advantage of not being saddled academic establishment that hates its own country. they don't produce social justice warriors that want to dismantle this world and bring us back to the dark ages. china smartly encourages wokism in the businesses they do work with from america, because they know it handicaps our country. they are just doing what they are supposed to do, they know we are on trajectory, beyond naval gazing, we have our heads way up there. >> harold: you are right. they don't encourage it, they squash it and will kill people. >> dana: kind of dark. >> harold: with agenda on the bring, president biden getting huge wake-up call from guess who? the media. ♪ k-d
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>> dana: the media's honeymoon with president biden might be over, liberal news outlets warning biden to get it together. >> president biden has to get more involved, the only one that made profwresz is bipartisan infrastructure deal. why did that make progress? the white house ran the noeshgzn the white house, got to take control of this. >> try to strike some sort of deal, so jesse, i think what chuck is saying, joe biden is
2:38 pm
acting weak right now. >> jesse: i don't like what they are doing on meet the press, that is supposed to be a straight show, not prime time cable show, down the middle broadcast on sunday. you can't have the host begging the president to jam the most radical tax and spend package in american history through the house and the senate. that is not his role. you can't be advising the president, you need to quickly pass this agenda, you need to knock heads together. why is he assuming this thing is good? why aren't we debating the merits, telling the audience what is in this thing, instead of assuming it is good passing and trying to speed it through. like deck accurates in media blaming each other for biden's agenda not being passed fast enough. i don't like what i'm seeing, makes me sick to my stomach.
2:39 pm
>> greg: i just got this announcement, chuck todd was fired moments ago. >> jesse: i'm available on sunday. >> dana: reporters don't take sides, jesse. >> remember trump was plotting price cuts, he needs to get tax cuts through, no, doing everything to stop that agenda. >> katie: dana, the problem is the more time people have to look at what is in it, causing more in-fighting with democrats. >> dana: made the approval rating for the president go down, he has less political capital to spend. this just in, president invited democrats to the white house this afternoon. i was looking on commercial break, they came out and said, biden is a closer. schumer said, we're on the right track and jay powell, massachusetts, said, i think we will get a deal. this reminds me of the debates
2:40 pm
last year. we were heading into it, all the republicans were saying biden is going to get crushed, so terrible, in the basement, he did fine. >> injected him with a stimulant. >> expectation for -- [laughter] >> expectations were so low. and biden was able to clear that bar for that debate. so i'm thinking right now, i feel like the democrats are realizing they're about to lose the governor's race in virginia. they are looking at the possibility of total failure here in the legislative agenda. they are looking at losing the house next year. the senate may feel better, i'm not so sure. i think the democrats are saying, we're going to have to get this done. they will figure out something, they came out with different number. >> katie: harold, we're on our way to a final piece of
2:41 pm
legislation. interesting to watch the media over last couple weeks with headlines saying things like biden's agenda stalled by moderates like manchin and kyrsten sinema. despite telling the country. >> harold: i think they are saying, i think joe biden is more moderate than anything else. he beat sanders and warren for the presidency. if it is moderates, some think it is liberals. i think progressives are more of an issue. cnbc is being critical. jesse is right, meet the press host should not be giving political advice, commentary at the end of the show. that is not what you should be doing. we've done it at this network, times when hosts try to give former president ideas and advice, i wish he would have taken some of that advice. i thought yesterday when manchin
2:42 pm
and sanders met, they walked out of the capitol and said they were going to agree to meet and do things. manchin got in the truck and all i could think, my money on the guy in the pickup truck, i hope he comes out with his ideas, the one we're going to follow. i'm encouraged by this. should have never been 3.5, it may get down to 1.5. >> dana: only down to 2 trillion dollars, greg. 1.9. >> katie: just trillions of dollars, that is all. >> greg: red meat or lean chicken entree? no control joe, not his bladder, his job. he's lost control of it, maybe he never had control to begin with. the media is freaking out, back to being parents at little league shouting at brats to swing the ball. that is joe. he beat sanders, but cannibalized him, became lefty
2:43 pm
as sanders. media elect third degree guy, this is what they wanted and now they act like it isn't their fault. you guys put kid gloves on, buried the hunter biden story like poop in a cat box. i hate to get graphic. one poop per day joke. they enabled this guy and precontinued they didn't get what they want. they got an empty vessel, they want to fill the vessel and push it forward. my red meat answer. >> jesse: give us chicken answer. >> greg: don't we all act like chuck todd? we all give advice. >> not on fox news sunday. >> katie: -- is up next.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ >> dana: welcome back, time for fastest first up. come clean about how you cleep. people admitting they use short cuts to avoid house work.
2:48 pm
lighting scented candle to cover up bad smells. making just the bed and hiding objects in the closet. the closet thing, i've done that. >> guilty of that. closet thing for sure. explain something i've been wondering for a long time. when you go in the white house, secret service has a scented candle burning, now i know why, they are trying not to clean up. >> dana: not something you would ever do? >> no, i like the smell of filth. used to just throw things out the window, remember in the '70s, people would drive up to a drive-thru, and you had the crying guy commercial. everybody stopped doing that, ruined my life. i have one cleaning shortcut, hire a maid, good one. when you are in a hotel and run out of toiletrys, but need to
2:49 pm
look great. speed stick is a great wax for your hair. rub on your hair, and shaving cream, great mousse. >> dana: really? >> greg: i believe it is the same thing. >> katie: you believe that? >> probably is. >> you are an expert? >> no, i only have three, i put dishes in the sink and leave them in the sink. >> hope somebody deals with them? >> yes. >> pull the comforter over the bed in respectable manner, not making it. >> over the dishes. >> yes, take my clothes and put in the laundry room, i don't start a load. >> my mom had a roommate in college who put the dishes in the closet. >> have you tried to get a washing machine repairman? do you know how hard that is? >> just throw it out the window, greg. >> harold, what about you? >> harold: taking notes what i should be doing. my wife, we don't go stay with
2:50 pm
people, i'm messy, my hygiene, i'm serious. i'm just messy. we don't stay with people, she doesn't like me at the house as much, i'm messy there, as well. this is good notes, i didn't know about throwing things out the window. >> that is illegal now. a certain somebody doesn't see things, oh, there were crumbs there? yeah, everybody. oh. >> who could that be? >> i think he's on his way to pick me up. >> up next, next benefit coming to your company, huge debate raging over whether or not workers should get three weeks of paid leave to bond with their new pet. 61% of people say no way. three weeks? come on. >> do fish count? >> no. >> come on. try a fish, get my wife pregnant and buy a fish. get my wife pregnant and buy a fish and get paid to never go back to work. stacking up paternity and pet
2:51 pm
paternity. >> the cost would be a lot per child. >> the fish die, which they do. morning. take off a couple weeks. >> bereavement day. >> make sure it is thursday, bereavement day is thursday and you get the week end. >> harold: this reminds me of the military reducing physical -- absurd, three weeks to bond with the pet. i like the pregnant and fish buying. >> i like you take notes. a pen and everything. one more thing is up next. what you got? ♪
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>> greg: time for one more thing. >> jesse: time for jesse's work out news. this is beast -- this is called practicing a plank. a planch. look at that swing. he swings and he lands come on. is that fake? is it fake? >> it's not fake. >> you can't do that. >> greg: i'm not a gymnast. >> jesse: gymnasts can't do that. this guy can do that. >> dana: i betsy money bias can do that. >> greg: dana, something that make us abysmal one more thing? deign permission to make a plug. >> jesse: yes. >> dana: i sung with singer songwriter fighting. everybody knows that song. he wrote a very powerful song blood on my hands. about the withdrawal of afghanistan. >> we have moving. give the podcast a listen and
2:57 pm
also somebody write your congressman because for some reason the law says if we can't play musical clips on a podcast and it drives me crazy. >> jesse: what? >> dana: make sure you listen to blood on my hands by john androsic. >> jesse: don't write your congressman about the 3.5 trillion. >> dana: only 1.. kidding. dutch football fan going viral so they say. he carried 4 beers in one go and did not spill a single drop. that is impressive. that's more impressive than the plank. >> greg: yes, i agree completely. >> jesse: that is true. >> greg: two live shows coming up one in birmingham, alabama november 13th. and another one in newark, new jersey december 12th. go to www no one says that anymore. and find out information the tickets i will be there with tom shillue. let's do this. gel's elephant not very good at
2:58 pm
celebrating birthday cake news. nothing worse than inviting a baby elephant to birthday cake. excited the birthday. mom is doing all right. what does he do? he is like okay. >> oh. >> greg: steps in the cake. ruins the cake. >> jesse: can't have anything nice. >> greg: get it up his nose. you can't snort the cake. [laughter] >> greg: amazing. that is beautiful. i could watch this for days. this entire website is dedicated to elephants. harold? >> harold: today is my mother's 72nd birthday. i love you. your grand kids love you and tell you happy birthday and hope you are having a great day. we called her this morning. awakened her and she loved it. dick vitale is one of the great, great american sports treasures and one of the great examples of resilience. diagnosed early in the summer with cancer.
2:59 pm
beat it, diagnosed recently again with cancer, unrelated has lymphoma this time. a great quote. when you see me, give me a fist bump and say a little prayer for me that i can stop feeling like an 82-year-old and return to being a 12-year-old. i can't wait to see him on the sidelines as basketball season gets going and i can't wait to hear his signature diaper dan and everything else. god bless him. >> katie: hope he gets better. halloween is coming up very soon. get your costume. if you are in new york, you have to check this out. great jack lantern blaze display has illuminated hand carved pumpkins that are made into the statue of liberty, the mona lisa and even a working carousel of jack-o-lantern which is awesome. this is in the hudson valley. and if you can't get there before halloween, it actually is open until november 21st. so, go see some cool artsy
3:00 pm
spooky things. >> greg: a "the five" field trip. i will participate. >> dana: yeah. we will be there and/or like we're taping the show wait gutfeld is not here. >> greg: yes. i love field trips and then i call in sick. >> katie: by the pool. >> greg: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: i had a field trip to greg's show and i survived. [laughter] yes, i did. happy birthday to harold ford's mom: good evening. i'm bret baier. live tonight from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. we begin tonight with three issues that president reagan himself wrestled with during his 8 years in the white house. issues that are now confounding the current occupant, immigration and border security. >> the simple truth is that we have lost control of our own borders. and no nation can do that and


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