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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 19, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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for covid yesterday. that was not a good report. she was not with him. that is good news. we want to see who the interactions are. thanks for being with us this tuesday, october 19. see you back here tomorrow on wednesday. we look forward to that. taking that time with you tomorrow afternoon. "your world" starts right now. have a good one, everybody. >> we're talking about everything. let's do what we can agree on now. >> senator joe manchin weighing in as the talks on the democrats $3.5 trillion social plan continues. president biden meeting with progressives at the white house. later on this hour, he will meade with moderates. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have team coverage with peter doocy at the white house and
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chad pergram on how moderates and progressives are responding on capitol hill. peter? >> president biden is changing his approach before our eyes. a few weeks ago when he made the high profile trip to capitol hill to meet with all democratic lawmakers at once, nothing hatched. now he's trying to divide and conquer democrats. first meeting with progressives and then moderates. >> well, these are serious policy discussions. often on nitty gritty details. they're not duels in factions of the party. there's broad agreement about the vast majority of issues here. the president is basing this approach on five decades on washington, when is a good guide on how to get things done. >> joe manchin got his own meeting today. he separately tries to iron things out with the president and democratic socialist bernie sanders. he claims that nobody has asked him, manchin, to support a new
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tax on carbon as a way to pay for the president's plan. something the white house claimed today actually is on the table. so that's got republicans watching from the sidelines very skeptical of any big progress. >> the dems are in complete disarray. this donkey on donkey fighting here is something to watch. i mean, remember, bernie is a self-identified socialist democrat. he's a socialist. so we're talking about a fundamental battle here for the future hoff the country. >> the president plans to go to pennsylvania to talk about these spending plans on camera tomorrow. turns out that the talks about what is actually going to be in them or how much they're going to spend he wants to do privately, charles. >> thanks, peter. now the chad pergram on capitol hill. chad, is all of this strong arming? still more of stick than carrot. i'm not sure. is it doing any good to get both
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sides closer to a deal? >> democratic leaders insist that they want to finish the spending bill by the 31st of october. senate democrats held a lengthy caucus meeting today. there's still no agreement. >> i told our caucuses everyone is going to be disappointed in certain things but everyone will be glad about certain things. overall, getting something done of this magnitude for the american people is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment. >> senators bernie sanders and joe manchin met monday. sanders continues to say they're making good progress. i reminded sanders that that's what we've heard for weeks. sanders replied "the american people are tired of these discussions never ending." sanders is not alone. >> i think the goal has to be getting the folks in a room and getting a decision on a topline number. that's why we need a topline number. that bill would move quickly.
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>> one senior democrat today told me an agreement was possible by a vote would probably have to wait until next month. there's concern that energy to do the bill will evaporate in the governor's lose the race in virginia. if they're too long, that could avoid with a government shut down and dealing with the debt ceiling december 3. charles? >> neil: that's one juggling act. so even if progressives come down and moderates come up, we're still talking $2 trillion in spending and tax hikes. will that mean more inflation? let's ask patrice with independent women's forum and laura fink. patrice, more inflation if we get more money in the system? >> absolutely, charles. i think what is happening here is democrats are committed to a once in a generation opportunity to shift our country further to the left and that will happen through spending and also through the control and the
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policies that they're enacting. we're talking ant universal pre-k. that would take control over parents decisions over their 3 and 4-year-olds out of their hand to washington. imagine our 3 and 4-year-olds being given crt, another noxious idea that is unfortunately endemic. this is about spending and policy and shifting our country further to the left. >> wages have gone up nicely but once you factor in inflation, 0.8%. down 0.9%. so is it worth it? in other words, yeah, looks fantastic, sounds fantastic but if i go in the store with that raise and walking out with fewer bags, was it worth it? >> well, it's not just about the wages, charles. i agree with you. they should go up. we have to account for that. one of the ways this legislation deals with that is the child tax credit. broadly popular among americans, helping out with two, 4, $6,000
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for the average working family. that is money that will go into the pockets to help with the expenses to save for a house, to invest in child college accounts. not to mentioned the child care, which i don't hear -- i work with child care workers here in california and i don't hear what patrice is talking about. i hear they're glad they're going to see families be able to afford care for their children. these are middle income families that will receive help for those kids under 5, for the kids up to 13 years old. that is huge. it's going to be transformative for women, for working families and going to help middle america out. when you poll it, americans agree. >> what is interests, kenny, this polled bet area few months ago. cnn had a poll where 25% of folks said it would be beneficial. 30% thought it would harm their family. friday we had a consumer sentiment where 19% of the people surveyed trust this government spending plan on the drawing boards. people are getting anxious about
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this and starting to understand that nothing is necessarily free. >> i think that is exactly right. but you know, when you say it's paid for, how is it paid for? it's a circular argument. >> taxing the wealthy. >> it's not paid for. >> top 1.8%. >> okay. really? what happened with the people making $400,000 a year? it went from a family to individual couples. so don't say the top 1.8%. it's not correct. >> that's what it is. are you -- >> let me -- hold on a second. let me ask kenny from the inflation argument here. that is what people are concerned about. it's the number 1 topic on man street and wall street. you crunch numbers. we watched procter & gamble stock lose billions in value today because they can't keep up with inflation but they said they're going to keep raising prices. >> they're going to keep raises prices. we heard it from
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procter & gamble and pepsi. two weeks ago they announced, they said across the board on the portfolio, they're going to raise prices because they can't keep up. the inflation issue is a real issue. the fact that nobody wants to talk about it, everybody says it's transitory, it's not transitory. it's sticky. sticky in the places that will hurt middle america and low income america the worst. jeff bezos doesn't care if his steak goes from $10 to $15. >> give him a tax credit? >> charles, who else will feel it? i'm going to say it's at the dollar stores. i wrote about it in "the washington post" this week. the dollar tree raising price as above a dollar because inflation is an example of why federal spending is filling houses with so much money and driving demand and disrupting the supply chain. >> the dollar stores have gone to $1.50. no doubt about that. another issue to squeeze in.
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this irs snooping. people are infuriated. now we hear democrats are considering raising the threshold for this irs bank reporting, which right now $600. they're going to go way up to $10,000. i want you to take a listen to what two gop senators think about that. >> you're literally talking about an irs drag net across the bank accounts of every single american. even if it's $10,000, it's still going to capture thousands, millions of americans with this. >> republicans aren't perfect. but this stuff is crazy. president xi would be proud. >> laura, you mentioned the top 1.8%. $10,000. that goes way -- that is a huge net. even if it's $10,000, 600 was outrageous. what is this all about?
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>> you know, charles, here's what i wonder. we stopped talking about tax credits and started talking about inflation. now a drag net to inspire fear in americans. they're not coming after you. they're trying to catch people that are moving money around -- >> $10,000? $600? $600? >> laura -- >> if i may finish. i'm going to finish. $10,000. yes. how often are you moving $10,000 back and forth? not very often. aim small business owner. i don't move that money. if i did, i wouldn't mind. i know where it's going. people need to pay their fair share. the tax cheats need to get caught. the bottom line is, we're tired of tax cheats in america. that's true of left, right and center. >> here's the thing. they're talking about an army. 80 billion army of irs agents. there's only so many wealthy folks you can go after.
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$10,000 is not what they pulled the lever for when they thought they were going after jeff bezos. and they're afraid and intimidated. it does feel like overreach. >> it's extremely innovative. the idea that the government is going to be surveilling the money that you have coming in, i think it's going to hit a lot of people not at the top of the income ladder. it's going down the ladder. laura, while i understand and agree with you, we don't want tax cheats. this is beyond that. this is an irs that could be weaponized as we've seen in the past to go after people that -- >> where is the -- >> -- that they disagree with. so having access to people's money coming in, that is a great way of identifying your political foe and goes after them using the irs as your tool. >> we've gone over. but i want to give kenny the last word. >> go kenny. >> on this whole thing? i think it is overreach.
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i will say right now if i deposit $10,000 cash in my account, somebody has to be notified. if they look at every $10,000 transaction that people have, it will sweep across middle america as well. i agree. it's overreach, unnecessary and i agree we need to stop the tax cheats. i get it. but there's other ways to catch people that are not paying taxes. >> the way things have gone now, the $10,000 will be the average trip to the gas station. i had to get that in there. >> cute, charles. >> leave it there. speaking of gas prices going up, now one major company is hiking prices for everything that helps you clean up. we have the details. give me a hint already. what if i told you people have already started their christmas shopping? we'll tell you how many next.
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>> charles: prices at the pump keep rising. so is the pressure on the biden administration to do something about it. to hillary vaughn with the very latest. hillary? >> charles, people are feeling the pain at the pump. president biden knows it. he's not changing his positions that would make u.s. energy supply of oil and gas almost extinct. >> certainly well aware of the impact on any increase in gasoline prices or any costs on the american people. we're going to use -- continue to use every lever at our disposal. we're continuing to press through member countries, member countries of opec even as we're not a member to address the supply issue. work to address it here as well. >> every lever at their disposal does not include doing a u turn on their push to green energy and their punishment of oil and gas producers in the u.s., even
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though gas prices are hitting a seven-year high. the white house says that they are working to move gas around the u.s. more efficiently since some parts of the country are seeing more shortages than others. they promise to crack down on price gouging happening at the pump. republicans say gas is going up because of bad energy policy. the biden administration giving up on u.s. energy independence. >> i think we're going to see another spoiled thanksgiving and christmas thanks to the inflation that the biden administration is dumping on the american people. energy prices through the roof. our dependence on nations like russia and iran surging. >> heading into the holidays heating up your home could get more expensive, too. the u.s. department of energy says nearly half of households that rely on natural gas for heat will pay about 30% more to heat their homes. charles? >> charles: hillary vaughn, thanks very much. right now we're going to talk
1:19 pm
about the pain at the pump. it's not just there. prices are getting pumped up. procter & gamble, this morning they had to say they're raising prices on everyday items. john beasley is concern that americans could be dealing this nor awhile. john, forget about the transitory debate. seems like we're dealing with this every day on more and more items. >> yeah, inflation is here for a while, charles. we do a survey of economists. we surveyed 67 economists. they figure that you'll see this inflation continue through to the end of the year at a minimum. >> charles: john, i'm going to ask you to pause. the head of the house coalition, congress woman jayapal. >> went through some of the things that he knows are important to us on what he's fighting for in the bill. >> did you say that they were on
1:20 pm
board with the 1.9 number? >> that's what he's working to get everybody to. that is the number he's still putting out there. that is the number that he's continuing to work with. >> are you having conversations about cutting programs on time? >> the president has agreed with our strategy that the majority of our caucus put out some time ago, that is that we would like to see more of our priorities. remember, the progressive caucus did not give a list of 100 things. we gave a list of five major priority areas. so he's with us that we need to invest in as many of those transformational areas as possible even if it means for some of them a shorter amount of time. >> how would you describe the president's role right now? is he a closer? >> when it comes to investments in climate change, what is a resolution or middle ground when it comes to progressives and senator manchin? >> i think this is one of the
1:21 pm
most challenging places for our caucus. we're still waiting to see exactly what the agreement is around house we ensure that we get carbon emissions reductions. i think that there are lots of possibilities on the table. some of which might be in the bill, some of which may not be. so we just need to continue to look at the final agreement around that because i don't think there's is a final agreement there. but we're hopeful that we'll get to a significant investment in climate. >> is the president the closer and did he talk to you about any deadlines that he wants if it's not october 31, which of course -- >> the president is the inspirer. he's the closer. he's the convincer. the mediator in chief. he really is doing a phenomenal job. >> did he talk about deadlines?
1:22 pm
>> we're trying to get to a real close as quickly as possible. >> charles: through yo have it. the head of the progressive caucus talking about president biden and sounds like they're getting closer to that 1. 9, 2.2 trillion. at that level, it's an enormous amount of money but still enormous things. we heard about the investing in transformational areas in our country. i want to bring back john bussey. we were talking about inflation. certainly these kind of bills, these sort of trillion dollar bills have played a role. we don't know what the time bill will look like. sounds like it's around $2 trillion. one part will be spending another part taxes. then there's another part. the transformational part. the idea of changing america. at the journal, you cover all the areas. what do you think it's going to look like when it's finally done? >> you're probably going to see some of the programs for
1:23 pm
preschool make it through, maybe medicare will get enhanced. probably the clean energy efforts curtailed. seems that is the direction that congress is going in now. your link of programs like this to inflation, you know, have to be taken into consideration when there's a lot of government spending that puts more demand in the market. that could be inflationary. this program will be over many years. it's not all of a sudden a burst into the economy. the inflation rate is probably not going to go away. is it transitory or not? depends on what your definition of transitory is. the 67 economists that we surveyed said hey this is likely to go into next year and you may not see the shortages reduced until the second half of next year. so spending programs like the ones that you've seen will enhance demand, perhaps enhance inflation a bit. at the same time, it can grow the economy.
1:24 pm
you get preschool for kids. as a result of that, you get more people in to the economy, parents that can go back to work as a result of having their kids have a place to go to school. >> charles: thanks, john. always appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> charles: a new report that the biden administration is secretly flying migrant children away from the border during the night. we're going to bring you that story and bring it to life for you. first, north korea running a new missile test and raising new worries. that's next.
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1:29 pm
submarine. greg palkot is live with the latest. hi, greg. >> yeah, this is what north korea experts have been telling me they've been worried about for a very long time. officials say that pyongyang appears to have test fired a submarine launched ballistic missile just off of the eastern coast this morning. went about 40 miles, landed in the sea of japan. this is the first launch in two years. they're not sure if it was fired from a sub. could have been fired from a submerged flat form. experts thing it's a missile that kim jong-un admired last week in a weapons show. the launch is called destabilizing. who insiders are worried about, more sophisticated missiles could be armed and be more sophisticated.
1:30 pm
north korea is very much in the war-making business. not too much in the diplomacy business. talks between the u.s. and north korea over nukes and missiles have been stalled about two years. a u.s. representative in the biden administration are in the region and talking to counter parts in south korea and japan, but not north korea. not yet. back to you. >> thanks. this follows reports of china testing a hypersonic missile. so is the biden administration being tested? former secretary of defense for asian and pacific affairs, peter brooks joins me now to discuss. biden administration certainly feels like they've been pushed and tested tremendously by china. first provocations in taiwan and this missile and north korea. we know there's this sort of hey, what about us kind of thing. how concerned are you that all of these things are happening at
1:31 pm
the same time, peter? >> it's not good news. you lay this on, things like afghanistan, the problems there, concerns about the war on terror, the lack of tax on iran with their nuclear program. the foreign policy of the biden administration is not making great gains. i'm underwhelmed at this point. people are testing the administration. they're looking for signs of weakness. they want to advance their interests. they want to see how the biden administration will respond to chinese provocations in the south china see, chinese provocations around taiwan, what russia does in the black sea. at this point, there's questions about the efficacy and strength of the biden foreign policy program. >> charles: peter, how much did that botched withdrawal from afghanistan embolden the rest of the world? between that and the sort of urgency -- the urgent need to rekindle that iranian nuclear
1:32 pm
deal, how much have our adversaries looked at that and thought it was a sign of weakness or incompetence? >> yeah, incompetence is where i'm looking. whether the administration had their act together. of course, it's the first year. in fairness, it's the first year of the administration. biden made a lot of promises on foreign policy, that he was going in a different direction. the afghanistan debacle makes people wonder whether biden has the right people in place to implement his foreign policy to protect and advance american interests. that doesn't show weakness, but it shows as you mentioned -- one word might be a lack of -- incompetence on their part. >> charles: when it comes to china, we know president biden and president xi will now have this conference meeting but there was a serious reach from the secretary of state from the white house themselves. they were all rebuffed for quite a bit of time earlier in the year by president xi of china
1:33 pm
who seems to be on his own path. he's doing things in his own country. they're still doing this sort of diplomacy that puts country in debt. china respects strength. old school diplomacy, stage craft, if you will, is not what works with them what are your thoughts there? >> china is on a roll. you know, economically, you know, politically and militarily. just look over the summer. the bad news that came out in the advances in the intercontinental missile program. china is building 250 new icbm silos. it was -- we found out about this through open sources when civilian researchers found it using commercial satellites. but china is feeling its oats and feeling confident. the most assertive president of leader of china since mao and he plans to make a name for
1:34 pm
himself. it's a great concern especially south china sea and taiwan. so we have a lot on our plate when it comes to dealing with china. china plans to be the preimminent power in the pacific and they desire to replace the united states a top the world. >> you know china better than anyone. what can this administration do that would really say hey, we're not going to just let you achieve these goals? >> well, it's got to be peace through strength. you're right. china does respect strength. they understand strength. we have to be strong whether it's economically, diplomatically or militarily. we have to stand toe to toe with china who has a desire to supersede us. strength -- peace through strength is the way forward. >> charles: they announced that to the world. it's not a secret. thanks, peter. the biden administration reportedly flying hundreds of my grants out of texas in the
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>> fox news alert. the "new york post" reporting that the biden administration is secretly flying underage migrants from the border to suburban new york in the middle of the night. eric shawn has the latest. >> the biden administration sending the young migrants from the southern border late at night to places across the country. the "new york post" revealing that. late night charter flights depart from texas filled with teens and children that are bussed to nonprofits that house them or they're sent to relatives and sponsors. the paper spotted this world atlantic airlines charter. the plane touched down before 10:00 p.m. friday. it lasted in westchester county airport. records show some planes arrived there at 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. and
1:40 pm
similar flights have also been spotted in jacksonville, florida. ted cruz wants the flights grounded. >> their entire political strategy is based on secrecy. joe biden and kamala harris caused this. their entire strategy is ignore it. they're counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore it. of course they fly in the middle of the night because they have no defense. >> under what is known as the flores agreement, the administration has to by law release under age migrants within 20 days. it uses facilities that sometimes are far away from the border to do that. the white house press secretary jen psaki said the administration is simply carrying out its legal responsibility. >> no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states not just in new york. it's something that we're working to unite children with their family members or vetted sponsors in other parts of the country as well. >> the plane was back in the air
1:41 pm
today, winged its way early from mcallen back to mexico. it's another possible expulsion flight. it's been on the ground the last seven hours. we'll keep track where it goes next. >> charles: thanks. let's get the read on this from national border patrol union president brandon judd. brandon, this is a shocking headline for a lot of americans. i don't think a lot of folks understood things like this are going on. how long has it been going on? >> it's been going on since president biden has been in office. the last eight months, he's released more than 600,000 people in to the united states. they cross the border illegally. in this case, i'm grateful that we finally have footage that we have pictures of what is going on. that paints the picture for the american public to see what's going on, not just hearing numbers. you look at this, this is happening over and over again. and they've been doing it like
1:42 pm
senator cruz said, they've been doing it in secrecy. they don't want to let the american people know how failed their policies are at the border. >> charles: 2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., there's no doubt they don't want anybody to see this. you blew me away with the number. 600,000. we've heard from vice president harris and others that they sent the message, don't come. is it wink-wink thing? obviously they get here and allowed to come in and flown around in charter plans, the rest of the world understands the borders are completely open. >> it is wink-wink. criminal cartels, criminal organizations, they don't listen to words. they listen to actions. the actions of this administration has been very clear. if you cross our borders illegally, you'll be rewarded, released into the united states. based upon that promise that their actions have clearly shown, these cartels are able to
1:43 pm
generate billions of dollars of profit every single year. in human smuggling alone, this does not count drugs. in human smuggling alone, the criminal cartels are making over $400 million a month. a month. that is an astronomical number. we've never seen that number before. we've never seen the profits of the cartels be as high as what i that are under the biden administration and yet this administration continues to try to hide the fact behind everything doing on. >> charles: brandon, it's -- you know, this battle has gone on a long time in terms of how we resolve the immigration issue. but it's always been sort of framed as american is a compassionate nation. wouldn't it be more compassionate to deter the dangerous trek being preyed upon by the mules and the mafias and the cartels? i know someone from el salvador recently said that their sister was thinking about making the trek. someone else may the trek.
1:44 pm
it was pa -- a nightmare. i once you want to be here but shouldn't be doing more from a humanitarian point of view to stop this? >> you hit the nail on the head. we are the most compassionate country in the world. we should be the most compassionate country in the world. it's not compassionate to put women and children in the hands of these dangerous cartels. i have personally witnessed as i patrolled the border the tragedies that exist, the number of people that have passed away. we had more than 91 people -- i'm sorry. 91 people in the month of september that succumbed to the elements because the criminal cartels left them behind. that was a record in september. yes, it's not compassionate to encourage people to put themselves in the hands of these dangerous cartels. if we enforce the laws the way the laws were written, we wouldn't have this problem. the biden administration is
1:45 pm
trying to get the base energized and that's the problem we're seeing today. >> charles: thanks, brandon. the grinch that might not be the only threat to your christmas gifts this year. why shoppers are rushing to get their presents to avoid another type of grinch later. that's next.
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>> charles: the holiday shopping rush is starting earlier this year. a new survey by oracle shows half of americans are already starting their holiday shopping over fear of supply chain shortages. madison? >> it's not even halloween and people are getting started on their shopping. 52% of americans said that they started buying gifts already. if you're not in that group, you might be thinking people are crazy. it's too early. there's a method to the madness. consumers are concerned about supply chain issues and delivery delays and make sure that they can even buy the gifts. in terms of what we're looking at here, we're seeing an increase in the gifts being delivered. more than 72% of people are expecting to get their gifts delivered to their home this year. that is up from 64% last year.
1:51 pm
this all happening at a time when we're seeing major shipping delays. that is being created by a number of problems including underemployment, cargo issues at the port and truck driver shortages. normally you see people wait to do their holiday shopping for black friday or cyber monday. not the case this year. 37% of people said they will take advantage of prime day or black friday. people buying now to ensure they get the gifts that they want in time for christmas. if you have a loved one with a specific item, might want to consider buying it now rather than later. >> charles: i'm laughing because i'm a christmas eve shopper. so i'll start earlier. what about you? have you started? >> i have not started. i have my eye on certain things and something that i have noticed, a lot of companies are starting the sales now. so walmart has things going on. i'm always keeping an eye on amazon. i have get-list items for those in my life, but no, obviously
1:52 pm
not purchased anything. it's like middle of october. >> yeah, yeah. by the way, if you want something for you new co-worker, my favorite thing is cash. remember the southwest cancellations? the airline now, it appears to be cancelling its vaccine mandate. is it trying to avoid more disruptions?
1:53 pm
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>> you you see what is going on around the country and the world, the protests, people are protesting the choice between having to take medicine they may not need versus collecting a paycheck. when it comes to feeding your family, you have to cave in many cases. because of the union and the pilot's union, we saw the distraction i was caught up in last week trying to fly back to fort lauderdale. they don't want that to continue
1:57 pm
and are taking their foot off the gas a little bit. they are saying we will not put you on unpaid leave while we work it out. when we're in a massive employment crisis, which we are today, businesses cannot find employees, the idea you will make it harder for businesses to operate and the federal government mandates that and comes in and says, we will help you fix it, it makes no sense. that is the world we are living in today, truly remarkable. >> one of the initial areas when the economy opened back up, to your point, saw early disruption, was the airline industry. irony is they got paid by the government to keep people trained up and ready to go, we don't know what happened to that money. the fact that delta is the only airline that didn't go down this path, did that make it easier for southwest to do this about face? >> delta came out and said that a while back, southwest went
1:58 pm
ahead anyway. i don't think it did. i think the pushback, cancellations, southwest spokes people still say it had nothing to do with the vaccine. what i don't understand in the travel industry, ask yourself how many outbreaks we've had on planes? nothing. virtually nothing in two years. so why this has to be put into place makes no sense, but the same time, it is federal government mandate, worry about the contracts. what is more important, freedom and liberty of employees or 3% of revenue, in the case of southwest, tied to government contracts. that is an easy decision, i'm an entrepreneur, i will go in favor of my employees versus mandate from a bureaucrat that never operated a business in their
1:59 pm
entire life. >> the airline spent a lot of time messaging that airlines were safe, they kept saying this is the safest place you can be. that made it more disingenuous and puzzling that southwest went down this path. >> when will people start talking about natural immunity. we just had in "washington post," an op ed about natural immunity and why it is better and the data says it is better. you have natural immunity and you want to keep your job, many places, you have to get the jab. makes absolutely no sense. defys all scientific logic, that is why the trust in government and public health experts, a trust in a lot of institutions has been eroded dramatically as a result of this covid crisis. >> absolutely. i will give you guesstimark te, year after all this is gone, everyone will say, what about natural immunity.
2:00 pm
appreciate your expertise, you are spot on and i think southwest gets it. that will do it for me, folks, catch me 2 p.m. eastern time making money on the fox business network. the market is breaking out. netflix is up. get your political stuff here, check us out over there. "the five" is next. >> hi, i'm greg gutfeld, along with katie, harold ford jr. and jesse watters. she once called 911 after falling behind a couch cushion, dana perino. "the five." >> the white house not denying report the biden administration has been secretly flying thousands of uncompanied migrant children from texas to the new york city area. the "new york post" is calling it biden's secret flight.


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