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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 19, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> john: going to be a big race november 2. thanks, alex. sandra, this could be a bellwether for next year. >> sandra: absolutely. a lot of people watching this. great to be with you. john, thanks to everybody for joining us. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. hump day. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: thanks very much, guys. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. the "the story" right now is what is happening at the white house. behind closed doors, president biden is trying to get the votes for the build back better agenda. it's a multi-trillion dollar lift. he has slim margins in the house and the senate. progressives and moderates will have to give in to get this thing through. it's really all on joe biden's shoulders right now. joe manchin is reportedly refusing to support the part of the bill that would cut into coal and fossil fuels in his
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home state. he wasn't happy with bernie sanders that went after him in an op-ed in west virginia papers. now the two senators say they're talking. watch this moment. >> we're talking. >> we're talking. >> you'll have an announcement by the end of the week? >> we're talking. >> martha: we're talking. let's go to peter doocy and talk to him at the white house. hi, peter. >> the president is having one of these meetings in the oval office right now. these are meetings that are basically about figuring out what democrats can stomach slicing out of that multi-trillion dollar progressive wish list. whatever they lose to slim the package down is sure to upset some special interests. for now officials won't say what exactly the president wants. >> his redline continues to be that he won't raise taxes for anybody making less than $400,000 a year.
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we want story impact on how we address child care and care issues that family as cross the country are having. making sure we're doing something to address the climate crisis and putting more people back to work. >> some democrats are talking about a carbon tax to pay for the proposals. but joe manchin's whose vote that they need says that's not something they're talking about. for republicans, they were totally cut out. they accuse the white house saying the multi-trillion dollar plan is not free and tax-free. >> the socialism is free of charge but needs the biggest irs cash grab there decades in order to pay for it. go figure. >> the white house is saying they think the meetings today first with progressives and separately with moderates from the house of representatives will yield progress. but they will not say that october 31 is the deadline to
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wrap everything up by, which might be a surprise to speaker pelosi who says that october 31 is the deadline to wrap it up by. martha? >> martha: moving target. thanks, peter. coal power electricity is expected to jump 20% this year. the industry is losing workers and struggling to keep up. connell mcshane reporting live from coal country on a beautiful day in west virginia. hi, connell. >> beautiful day. good to see you, martha. it's interesting to watch this play out. i can tell you the people we're speaking to is watching closely what peter is reporting on. it's been difficult to find qualified workers to work in the mines even though the demand for coal has been on the rise. the push for green is part of the problem. things could be worse if a key climate change program proposed
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be senator joe manchin made it into that bill in washington. >> a lot of high paying industrial jobs surround these active mining operations. you know, literally accounts for billions of dollars of money with our local and regional statewide economy. all that would be -- would just dry up. >> for now there appears to be something of a life line emerging from dc is manchin can block part of the president's agenda. still concern about other climate measures in the legislation. spiking of the miners themselves, they know their industry has been in a decline, but they're making the case to us that it doesn't need to be totally wiped out. >> it's easy to say shut it down, we'll give you free education. you can go to school for two years, you can cross train, get a different job. these are guys in the 40s, 50s. some are older. they're doing their job. doing what they love to do. they make a good wage. this is their way of life.
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this provides for their family. >> we're told by the coal association that the industry is making efforts on its own to cut down on carbon. he says he's hoping to buy more time to continue to work on that for a number of years and also remain a viable source of energy for people all around the country. martha? >> martha: right now there's a demand for what they make right there. thanks very much, connell. good to see you. let's bring in art laugher, former economic adviser to trump and reagan. thanks for being here. it can't be underestimated how much pressure there is on joe biden. we looked at the live shot. they're behind close doors right now. if he can't pull this off, get all the ducks in a row, enough to get something passed here, this is going to be devastating
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for his agenda. >> what he's trying to pass will make the problem worse. these are all -- this energy crisis that we're experiencing, we have gas going up a dollar a gallon since joe biden was president. oil prices are -- crude oil prices have doubled since november. natural gas is up 150%. that means winter heating bills for half the country are 30 to 50% higher. now people turn to the coal industry to save us. the coal industry is not able to meet demand because we've been decimating them. these are all policy choices. when you declare war on an industry out of existence, they won't produce more oil or coal. more wall street banks won't invest. the alternative fuels are not ready. so we have this crisis where everybody is paying more at the pump, more on home heating bills and all of these liberals that
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bought teslas to save the planet, congratulations. i hope you enjoy your coal powered car. that's what is fuelling your engine, is coal. >> martha: look at this huge bill, art. you look at the process underway right now to try to come up with something that they can shake the sand through and land with something left in that bucket that they can pass. these two sound bites sort of demonstrate the odds that are out there in the democrat party right now. watch these. >> the carbon tax is not on the board. we should vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is a tremendous piece of legislation. >> don't ask us why why don't compromise. ask joe manchin if he's okay with violence in our communities, public housing falling apart, black and brown people dieing from covid, the climate crisis. ask him to go bigger instead of asking us to go smaller. >> martha: art, what do you do
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if you're in joe biden's shoes right now? >> i'd stick with what i'd be saying. i think manchin is doing just the right thing. biden is plain wrong. it's amazing. the worst the bill gets, the unluckier the economy is. it's going down for no reason. this bill will cause it to get worse. i love what mark said a minute ago. biden should just give up on this bill right now and pass the infrastructure bill, which is also a horrible bill, by the way. we should not pass that either. manchin is doing the right thing. he makes common sense. these energy prices are not rising by bad luck. they're rising because the attack on hydrocarbons and all of the stuff from the pipeline on down to the present. it's a mistake all the way around. bad luck will come to the democrats worse than they can imagine if they pass this bill. >> martha: really interesting what you say. if the president did find, you know, the strength, i guess, to
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say to progressives, i want this infrastructure bill. we're going to pass this. we have cinema and manchin on board in that environment and we're going to move through on the infrastructure bill. i know i promised we would do the other one but this is what we're going to do. if you don't do it that way, you risk a lot in the economy. listen to carl icahn talking about the big picture of the economy if you keep spending in this enormous bill. watch this. >> in the long run, we're certainly going to hit the wall. i think there will be a crisis the way we're going. the way we're printing money, the way we're going into inflation, i mean, if you look around you, you see this inflation all around you. i don't know how you deal with that in the long-term. >> martha: mark? >> well, first of all, they're creating this problem. they're creating the inflation.
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what they have done is, they have given so much money, shovelled it into the economy the past 1 1/2 years to help with the covid lockdowns. the locks downs ended but the spending didn't. people are flushed with cash. so they want to buy goods. but they don't want to work. they're not in a hurry to get back to jobs. so the demand side is heating up. the supply side can't keep up what their solution is, let's add another $3 trillion -- let's get the image of the coal-fired cars. let's shovel $3 trillion on it and make the supply side not keep up. you have to stop shovelling government money into the economy and let the supply side keep up. pass a infrastructure bill, we have a port crisis. at the moment that the ports keep up and they're blaming -- the biden administration is blaming the antiquated ports. the president has told the
12:11 pm
democrats to hold it hostage until they get the reconciliation bill. so he has a gun to his own head. >> martha: it's fascinating that the transportation secretary pete buttigieg didn't say that when he was asked sunday, yes, let's just pass the infrastructure bill and then we can wrap our arms around this port issue and go back for the other human part later. he wouldn't say that when pressed. he wouldn't say that. that is his greatest interest right now in his job and being able to get out of the mess they're in in california. thanks, guys. great to see you both. thank you, mark and art. so just received breaking news on the taliban takeover of afghanistan. we'll bring that to you with general keith kellogg and former national security adviser robert o'brien. and the biden doj vowing to investigate school board threats as potential instances of threats of domestic terrorism. that is playing front and center
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in duelling campaign events live in virginia. we'll take you to that two minutes away and that election two weeks away. >> there's absolutely no reason, none, for attorney general garland to pull this j. edgar hoover argument on american parents.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. . >> two weeks from today will be election day in the united states. everybody will be watching what happens in virginia where the battle has in many ways come down to what is taught in our schools. we've watched what has happened in loudoun county and how outspoken parents have been. the governor's race with terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin have the one to watch.
12:17 pm
the former governor trying to backtrack from this moment that glenn youngkin zeroed in on big time. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> martha: so they strung that around a couple times in that ad. here's the comeback. >> glen young is taking my words out of context. i have always valued the concerns of parents. >> martha: alex hoff reporting live from the scene there in fairfax county, virginia. both candidates are out and talking to the voters today. high, alex. >> hi. we did attend a mcauliffe event. i asked him if he regretted making that comment about parents and he drove off. the former governor is vying to get his seat back. a republican hasn't won statewide since 2009. so democrats, they've been bringing in the big guns.
12:18 pm
former president barack obama and vice president kamala harris are slated to campaign this week. the president, he's expected to campaign as well. mcauliffe has voiced hesitance sense given his low approval numbers and the stalemate in washington. >> everybody has their own way to handle different negotiations. what we want to do is get it passed. i'm confident they'll get it passed. however we get to that finish line is really important. >> republican glenn youngkin that made a campaign stop this afternoon feels parents are on his side. >> mcauliffe wants school board to hide and cover up violence in our schools, terry mcauliffe wants to dictate what is best for your children and oh, by the way, if you disagree and dare to stand up for the rights of your children where there is a virginia right that was put in
12:19 pm
our code by our supreme court where parents have the fundamental right. >> youngkin is hoping that new parents that have been politically active because of concerns in schools and curriculum that they will channel that enthusiasm in to vote. he does have an event this evening and we'll be there. back to you. >> martha: thanks, alex. let's bring in bill mcgurn and former speech writeder for president george w. bush. you wrote an interesting piece, bill, about a man that has become very involved in the school board in virginia. you know, a lot of people have been i think animated by this topic. there was a voter this morning who is the voter that i think democrats are worried about like the gentleman that you wrote about who is on "fox and friends" this morning explaining how she looks at this. watch this. >> i previously voted for democrats because i felt the party preaches equality. during the covid-19 pandemic,
12:20 pm
they denied students access to one of the greatest equalizers, which is in-person education. >> martha: it's going to be interesting to watch. >> yeah, look, that's terry mcauliffe's problem. he blurted out in a debate a clear sentence that he doesn't believe parents should have a say over what teachers teach. he also said that same night that they shouldn't be allowed in the library to see the books that the students are reading and so forth. and he did an ad where he's accusing glenn youngkin of taking his words out of context. youngkin came back citing several times where terry mcauliffe doesn't want parents involved. as you point out, it's not just that mr. mcauliffe said this. it comes in the context of the national school board association suggesting that parents protesting at the schools are -- might be a form of domestic terrorism. merrick garland agreeing to have the fbi investigate.
12:21 pm
so that's the context that is coming in. you know what is hurting in this tight race, you know, terry mcauliffe has a lead in most of the polls i've seen. it's very small. it's within the margin of error. but less not behaving like a person in the lead. he's behaving like a person that knows he's taken a big hit that might prove fatal. >> martha: he was asked about the budget deal and the sort of larger, you know, net, social net that it represents. he said oh, we have to get this deal passed. and then he looked who is coming in. you have jill biden and former president obama coming in. it's going to be an interesting thing to see the suburban voters that voted for former president trump and joe biden how they vote in two weeks. >> you put your finger on the issue. what makes this schools issues so interesting is that democrats
12:22 pm
typically have an advantage own education among the public, especially among suburban voters. a lot of the suburbanites showing up are democrats or at least they're not the typical trump supporters. terry mcauliffe needs those votes. that's why he's worried. glenn youngkin is hitting him in an area where he thought he was strong and wasn't expecting it. >> martha: virginia has been very blue. as you said, mcauliffe is still ahead in most of the polls by a slim margin. this is going to be a fascinating test of where people's heads are in the country at least when we look at virginia, which is a really interesting state to watch in this. thank you, bill. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: all right. so we have a little bit of breaking news. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas has tested positive for covid-19. a spokesperson says that he is
12:23 pm
fully vaccinated and has mild congestion. he's isolating and working from home. also breaking late today, the taliban insults the united states by offering lucrative rewards for famils of the suicide bombers that have attacked u.s. forces. retired three-star general keith kellogg joins us in a moment with former national security adviser robert o'brien who will also address an alarming leap forward for china's military. veteran homeowners, great news the lowest mortgage rates you've been waiting for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save.
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oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> martha: not a huge surprise for the new and improved taliban that was presented. afghanistan's new rulers giving rewards to relatives of suicide bombers that attack u.s. forces. no word on whether that includes the 13 service members that were killed in august in kabul when we were sort of working with to the best of our ability the taliban in order to get our people out. so in a moment, lieutenant general keith kellogg is with us. first to trey yingst who is following this story on the ground today in doha qatar. hi, trey. >> good afternoon. the taliban's minister of the
12:28 pm
interior has promised the families of suicide bombers money and land for their services. this week family members meet with the taliban. the man with a $10 million american bounty on his head prayed for the bombers. at the end of the conversation, he ended another $100 to each family. this is a group that is now trying to be taken seriously by the international community and praising suicide bombers. 75% of the country's government expenditure came from foreign aid. now the united states is freezing billions of dollars that the taliban will remain in isolation from the world unless they change their behavior. tomorrow the taliban will meet with the russians and the chinese to discuss aid money and support for afghanistan. it's clear which countries are willing to engage with the taliban.
12:29 pm
the taliban is sending more moderate members abroad. yesterday when we were on the flight from kabul to doha, there were a number of top taliban on the flight but these are people engaging with the international community. martha? >> martha: thanks, trey. joining me now, retired lieutenant general keith kellogg, former national security adviser to mike pence and author of the new book out today "war by other means, a general in the trump white house." thanks, general. >> thanks. >> martha: trey summed it up well in terms of what's going on. money and land given out to people that have killed americans essentially. a growing relationship with the taliban and russia and china. >> right. why is somebody surprised by this? with what they did with the biden administration when they did this. haqqani still has a $10 million bounty on his head from the fib.
12:30 pm
he was in pakistan. he was not part of the negotiating team. he's one of those that we told that he cannot be part of any coalition government going for way. haqqani is a guy that we would have killed in our second term out there. he's a known terrorist, known to have killed americans, part of the haqqani network. he's not a friend of the united states. we go back to, what was the biden administration thinking when they knew this was going to fail? who did they think this was going to bring in? joan of ark? they knew they were bringing in the bad guys. this is a we should put them on notice. just because you're in afghanistan right now, just because you're a member of that organization, you're on notice. if something happens to americans, you're gone. >> martha: first thing that goes to my mind, we saw trey yingst on a flight yesterday. we have people that were allies with us and worked with us for years and years. they're saying if you kill
12:31 pm
americans or you kill people that helped americans no doubt, you'll get $100,000 and a piece of land. how can we believe what we were told, which is that antony blinken, secretary of state, it's his job to get everybody out. how is that going to work? >> it's not. it's a false story. we know that for sure with the people that they have brought in there. and the thing that was made clear to the current government of afghanistan that you harm an american, you get the same kind of consequence that we give to soleimani. we're going to find you and kill you. we should have made it clear, this doesn't surprise me at all. we have basically whistled past the graveyard. we lost a 20-year war. we haven't found anybody accountable for i at any level, which is shocking to me. we need to reset the bubble where we're at going forward and how we hold people both accountable and how we intend to fight wars in the future. >> martha: president biden
12:32 pm
promised he wouldn't leave any americans behind and he said we will find you and kill you. you're saying if it were a second round of a trump administration, you would be going after haqqani, who is now paying people to kill americans or people that helped us. we'll see what general milley and others in charge, what missions they're carrying out to do what this president said he would do. congratulations on the book. look forward to reading it. thanks as always. >> thank you. >> martha: so former new york congressman peter king responds to reports of underage immigrants being resettled in the dark of night in the state of new york coming in on planes and being released into the state without telling anybody in the leadership in new york state. the white house is firing back on why they're doing that next. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the
12:33 pm
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>> martha: it's a big story today. the white house responding a short time ago to what the "new york post" called biden's secret flights. the administration flying hundreds of immigrants of migrants that cross the border illegally out of texas and going to new york and florida and other places. they're going to the midwest earlier in the summer. the flights are typically happening at night and put on gussing with generic labels and taken places. in this image, you can see people coming down the steps, getting off the plane in the dark of night north of manhattan. the post reporting while most of the passengers were children and teenagers, a number were men in their 2 i guess this photo is them. these look like fully grown people that are standing there waiting for the bus. here's jen psaki. >> our office of refugee resettlement facilitates travel
12:38 pm
for children in its custody to the family or sponsors across the country so in recent weeks, unaccompanied children passed through the airport to be unified with their parents or sponsor. >> martha: let's bring in former congressman peter king. obviously this is an issue that is very significant to him and all new yorkers. what do you make of this, peter? >> martha, first of all, great to be with you. this is a disaster in the making. we went through this game before in 2014 with the unaccompanied minors. same deal. coming in to the united states, signed to aplaces like suffolk county which i represented. several years later, there were 500 ms-13 members were arrested. 42% came from the unaccompanied minors came across the border. there's no vetting being done. the fact is, the local police are not notified.
12:39 pm
the schools are not compensated. there's no covid tests being given. this is indefensible what they're doing, absolutely. >> martha: i remember the stories about the ms-13 gang activity in long idea in new york. it was horrific. we interviewed the families that lost their children to the gangs. the last time this happened, 42% of the ms-13 gang members identify had come over in that group? >> yes, they had. i remember going to the local middle schools and high schools, talking with the principals and teachers. they were so concerned about infiltration of ms-13 gang members or people being forced to work for ms-13. all had family members in central america being threatened if their kids did not cooperate with ms-13. >> martha: that's nice. my question is how does this work? in new york, right? they land on the plane. as i pointed out, maybe it's just this photo in the "new york post." these are all full grown men
12:40 pm
looks like coming down the staircase there. in the other picture they appear not to be children. they look very tall, very grown up. so then do they -- does the federal government and the immigration or dhs say these are the people on the manifesto, here's the notice to appear, here's where they're headed, this is the person who is picking them up who we vetted to connect with them. these other people, we're not sure who is meeting them so they're being sent to a detention center. is all of this documented? >> i'm going to go by past experience. i know the families that they're staying with are unvetted. some of the vicious murders in ms-13 on long idea were 14 and 15 years old. there were 25 murders in the 18 months before president trump got involved. since he got involved, there was zero. there was a crack down but is
12:41 pm
department of homeland security and the u.s. attorney. an effort was made. this was precipitated by the young people, unaccompanieded minors and older ones coming in without being properly vetted and without the families ever getting vetted and nor on the schools compensated. they can't speak english, way behind the other kids and the schools get no extra compensation and the schools are already located in highly taxed areas with low become. >> the white house laughed at peter doocy's question why they're being brought in the middle of the night. why do you think that is? >> main reason, they don't want people to know what's going on. if you're proud of this program, they'd be coming in with a band playing and flags flying. a great event. they're sneaking them in because they don't want local reaction, they don't want people to know what's being done to them.
12:42 pm
i feel sorry for these kids. the local communities shouldn't have to bear this burden and have the crime imposed on them, what is what happened last time. >> as general jack keane says we have institution naturalized open borders. it's a system in america. that's why people send their kids and young people because they can get in and go to school, all of it. don't blame them at all but we need a system to see how this gets vetted and orchestrated. >> and some were sent by ms 13. we found that out. they're sent by ms-13. >> martha: no doubt. thanks congressman. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas has tested positive for covid-19. the department says his fully vaccinated and has mild symptoms. he was alongside president biden saturday in an outdoor white house event honoring fallen
12:43 pm
officers. he was also with vice president kamala harris yesterday. so we would imagine they're being tested now as well. more information as we get it. and former national security adviser robert o'brien responds to the first time for china's reported hypersonic weapon and what is being called a sputnik moment next. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> martha: we have not heard any word from president biden and china's test of a hypersonic missile capable of maneuvers around missile defense systems. this is a big game-changing kind of weapon. these weapons can steer around and evade efforts to stop them. secretary of defense loud austin
12:48 pm
said only this. >> thanks for asking the question. i'm not going to comment on those specific reports. you heard me say china is a challenge and we're going to remain focused on that. >> martha: joining me now, robert o'brien, former national security adviser. good to have you with us today. that language that china is my pacing challenge, what do you think that means and what do you make of the reaction of the administration to this test? >> well, this test is a fractional orbital bombardment system. it's a first strike system that the chinese have demonstrated. these glide vehicles are wickedly fast, maneuverable. they can hit us with no defense and take out our icbm sites, take out bomber sites. the chinese have had hypersonics for several years but nor regional and used to put our aircraft carriers and our bases
12:49 pm
in asia at risk. this puts our nuclear deterrent at risk. it's a major development and we have to address it and do it fast. >> martha: what was the trump administration doing to address this threat? >> as national security adviser, chinese and russian hypersonics. the russians have a similar system. that was my number 1 defense priority, getting us in the game. the u.s. used to lead in hypersonics. the obama administration shut down the program. the russians and chinese raced ahead of us. so the last year of the trump administration, with the president's full support, we pushed to get our hypersonics developed and out in to the field. we should have hypersonics in the field in the next year or so. but this has to be an all hands on deck effort from the biden administration. we need to pull industry together, need to put the pentagon together and get the weapons out as a deterrent. there's no way to shoot them down. we have to have our own
12:50 pm
deterrent immediately to keep the russians and chinese from using their weapons in an advantageous situation to bully us, blackmail us or attack us. we have to have a deterrent. >> martha: what is the posture of the secretary of defense, lloyd austin or the chairman of the joint chiefs, general milley on hypersonics. americans feel like they haven't heard much about it. >> general milley is familiar with what we were doing. secretary austin should be familiar with the programs. there's no time to waste. we need to field -- not just develop but field hypersonics to defend our soldiers and understand they don't have a first strike weapon. this comes at the same time the chinese, the i.c. was surprised on a second area that the
12:51 pm
chinese are building 200 missile silos in western china to put in icbms to aim at the u.s. so they'll have parody with the u.s. we'll have russian and china with nuclear weapons aimed at the continental united states. it's a dangerous situation. we need to get back to a nuclear deterrence posture. >> martha: you named two times that u.s. intelligence that china was surprised what they could do. and i think a lot of americans want to know why is u.s. intelligence so frequently surprised by what our big adversaries are doing. >> well, it's a narrative. china was supposed to be a peaceful rise. supposed to be this wonderful partnership. they ignored the fact that china is bullying iran and hong kong. the chinese have always said we're going to be a massive
12:52 pm
nuclear power. we're going to dominate the world and chairman xi is moving towards nuclear domination, not just nuclear parody but nuclear domination. this glide vehicle demonstration was a message to the united states of america. meant to intimidate us and show china's power. we have better scientists and better defense contractors in the industry. but we have to take this seriously and get a move on it. >> martha: that's why we mentioned sputnik as a wake-up moment, this hypersonic test is the moment to wake up to. before we let you go, very interesting to note, china has had a particularly dangerous moment right now. their economy is struggling. there's weaknesses in the chinese infrastructure overall and in their power. so why are they more dangerous right now than ever? that may not last forever but they might be feeling a
12:53 pm
degreessive at this moment. why? >> well, they're at peak china right now. they sense american weakness following what happened in afghanistan. so that window between the olympics and the next election, they may try to increase their power. we have to be very careful and make sure that they don't. >> martha: that relationship with australia and japan is very important right now and taiwan to express strength. >> and india. >> martha: absolutely. we know the president will speak with president xi. so we'll see what comes out of that. thanks, robert. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> martha: you bet. so the biden administration's big pivot on a plan to go big brother on your bank account. have you heard about what happened today? that's next. mission control, we are go for launch. ♪♪ t-minus two minutes and counting.
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>> this is a breathtakingly terrible idea. this is a proposal that will
12:58 pm
shake down average americans in a way that they never have been shaken down before. >> three letters no american household wants to see in their mailboxes. irs. >> martha: defiant republicans voicing opposition to a biden plan to allow the irs to snoop on your private bank account even after senate democrats scaled back by raising the threshold to collect bank data from $600. they took it up to $10,000 with support from janet yellen today. aishah hasnie has more. >> you're right. democrats really caving here. huge concession on their part. republicans really don't see this as a win at all. as you mentioned, earlier today, democrats came out announcing a new scaled back version of the irs proposal designed to go after tax cheats. originally they wanted to monitor your deposits and withdrawals of 600 or more. they said this would help close the tax gap and pay for the
12:59 pm
president's multi-trillion dollar social spending plan. after intense push back from banks and republicans, democrats have raised the threshold to $10,000. the change will exempt all wage earns on payrolls and anybody on federal programs like social security. republicans are worried about the impacts on small businesses. however, in the grand scheme of things, the number doesn't matter to them. they say this is a privacy issue. listen. >> do you folks really want to live in a state where the government knows every one of your -- of the intimate details of your life including finances? if you do, i hear china is beautiful this time of the year. >> meantime, why not just audit the billionaires and with done with this? see what the democrats say. >> martha: thanks, aishah. we reported earlier that v.p. harris was with secretary
1:00 pm
mayorkas that tested positive for covid yesterday. that was not a good report. she was not with him. that is good news. we want to see who the interactions are. thanks for being with us this tuesday, october 19. see you back here tomorrow on wednesday. we look forward to that. taking that time with you tomorrow afternoon. "your world" starts right now. have a good one, everybody. >> we're talking about everything. let's do what we can agree on now. >> senator joe manchin weighing in as the talks on the democrats $3.5 trillion social plan continues. president biden meeting with progressives at the white house. later on this hour, he will meade with moderates. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have team coverage with peter doocy at the white house and


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