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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert a bombshell new claims about the border crisis. the "new york post" reported that the white house is secretly flying planes with unaccompanied minors under the cover of night. why did the biden administration need? this is "outnumbered."
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the charter flight from texas under way since august with some of the planes touching down in florida and dropping off migrants there before heading to new york. this comes as the staggering catch and release numbers under the biden administration. tens of thousands of migrants have been released into the u.s. with little or no oversight. we await the official borders numbers from last month. senator ted cruz said the president's policies are responsible for the border crisis. >> their strategy is based on secrecy. what is happening at the southern border is a tragedy. we had over 1.3 million people cross. we are on path to have over 2 million.
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joe biden and kamala harris caused that. they ignore and counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore. of course they fly in the middle of the night. they have no defense. >> you came back from the texas border. was it common knowledge there where the migrants were being flown to? >> they knew they were going on planes but didn't know the destination they were headed to. our people on the ground have long suspected this. as someone just there with the texas special operations unit. they are on the front lines of this fight. the border patrol are not allowed to do their jobs. texas is handing them over to border patrol. there are laws being broken. the cartels this is part their
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criminal enterprise. they feel embol ended. they fired at the national guard last week. the same way they have people pay to play and human trafficking and drugs are coming through. the biden administration bebehind-the-scenes will admit to the border patrol in texas there is a crisis. but in front of the cameras they say something different. there are 30,000 migrants waiting to cross the border. texas dps estimated they will cross back to del rio within 3 weeks. the biden administration hasn't learned from the haitian crisis a few weeks ago. they were warned in june and did nothing. this is part 2. if you wonder why democrats
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seats on the local of areas of texas are flipping republican. this is the reason. it's not a political thing for them. it's about safety. i interviewed a guy crossing the border last week. and he said he was deported under donald trump. he was wanted it 3 states and had domestic violence abuse charges and told he was going to see his next wife. not all of the focus that are cross are criminals. i think americans are frustrated with this issue as well as democrats. >> that's right. carlie, let's break this down. our president is using secret flights to small airports to move unaccompanied minors.
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children. >> yes. >> the reason in secret is so no one knows about it. to lawrence's point, who does know about it are the people in central and south america. they are paying smugglers to take children to get on these planes. we are waiting for the border numbers. the numbers we have the amount of encounters between border patrol and unaccompanied minors are enough to fill madison square garden every month. >> yes. the situation with the flights. it should not come as a surprise. the biden administration did this in it may. they were sending flights filled with children that landed in tennessee. the biden administration caught off guard with how unpopular their immigration policies are.
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to president biden's credit he told the american people he was going to do this. he ran on the platform of reversing president trump's policies on immigration. during the debate asked if his healthcare plan will provide coverage with illegal immigrants his hand shot up. the american people knew what they were getting when they voted him and now they don't like it. a lot of even democrats. his poll numbers are 23% approval. that means a lot of democrats are missing president trump's policies which is wild because he was vilified for those policies. the last thing i will say on this. this is the first time that our country has had an open borders. even president obama was labeled the deporter and chief. all it takes is one horrific situation where a border patrol agent gets shot and the biden
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administration will have to face what they created. >> yes, harris, we talked about the catch and release aspect. the former border patrol chief rodney scott who served under the biden administration he told fox this administration is abusing the system. when i was the chief we granted 5 to 10 paroles a year. he said the biden administration has granted 32,000 in 2 months. >> yes. the main question is why? that's the main question. i don't know that jen psaki will approach that answer. we can't approach biden or kamala harris. if there is no approaching and no answers. we have plenty of questions, i don't know how you find out why. if you don't the why, you can't stop it. you have to know -- the root causes.
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something you mentioned. do the people know where they are going? one day's flight plan. 6:11 a.m. mcallen texas to mexico. 19:17 back to mcallen, texas. and then to florida. 7 p.m. still flying. jacksonville, florida to west chester new york, outside of new york city. he's planes are busy. the tragedy -- we hope nothing happens particularly with the grown ups. but with the children we don't know because it's all happening at night. there is no accountability for unaccompanied minors. you can preach all day long about how that should not
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happen. why are they doing this? why are they doing this at night? what are they hiding? what don't they want us to know? you do shady stuff in the shade. >> it's like a subway station. every hour on the hour across the country. this administration, this scene is a lot different than what candidate biden promised us. >> yes, this is the most transparent and humanitarian administration in history. joe biden promised us the highest standard of transparency. jen psaki stood at the podium and said i will share the truth even when it's hard to hear. i watched the press briefings. i don't recall her talking about secret flights dumping more than 100,000 migrants in the country. the truth wasn't shared with us. it was concealed.
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remember kamala harris our big humanitarian. kids dropping over walls and girls in emergency intake facilities using restrooms in bags. reporters are not able to go into these areas. concealed by biden and kamala harris. >> and most of that happened in the daytime. i live in new jersey. they are taking some children there under the cover of night. that's the problem. it's not the little precious ones. it's the routes. they are institutioniing illegal immigration into this country. will they face a resource from the citizens? >> this was the subject from the lawsuit of the government against the federal government.
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the better link is the citizens to the federal government who impose this on the states. the federal government trumps local and state laws but only when it's constitutional. the governors are saying you are encroaching on our state's rights and depleting our resources and this is unconstitutional. you are leaving us with noth and dumping these likely covid positive migrants. we have to wrap. president biden chaotic drawl from afghanistan will come underscrutiny. the new investigation and where the white house can deal with the fallout. stay with us. clear
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state department inspector general launching an investigation into president biden's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. tell focus on how the administration processed afghan refugees in the emergency evacuation of kabul. the president faced criticism for the deadly chaos that erupted at kabul airport. 13 american service members were killed in a suicide bombing at that airport. countless americans and allies were left scrambling to evacuate taliban territory and many never made it out and are still at this hour trying to escape.
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general jack keene spoke with harris and said the administration has a lot to answer for. >> everybody who has seen this debacle knows we made profound system and process mistakes. we have to figure out why we didn't get our american citizens and green card holders and sivs out of there sooner and our other afghan partners. >> harris, i am glad the state department is investigating. a lot to investigate. why afghans were walking off u.s. military bases and looking into biden saying the embassy would not be stormed. it was stormed. i look forward to the department of defense investigation. the number 1 issue is where 13
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beautiful servicemen and women were killed. >> and many of the people who helped us lost their lives on that day. they could not get out. they were injured and in a place where god help them if they try to get medical help. all of that the general said will be difficult to get to outside of the state department in terms of accountability. he said there is enough in the state department that will give you a trough of information on the others. the secretary of defense can give us more with the generals who advised president biden. it can give us a real time accounting of what the president knew and why he did things the way he did. i asked the general this. can we make the commander-in-chief part of the investigation? it's not like he is president and has another tithes.
9:20 am
-- title. that's his title and that's military. why not pull him in? the state department too. the top representative. the general didn't think that would flow. i thought the general's wording was interesting. they are calling it a review. we know the difference between a review and an investigation. let me review your report. let me investigate how you got those grades. it's a start. i don't know if we are in this territory after the deaths of those beautiful people. i think we are somewhere else. tell us. >> when milley and mckenzie told us it could collapse. we warned the president. the president got us into this mess. emily, not a lot of reporting
9:21 am
about the squalid conditions in the new afghanistan. >> because this administration doesn't like to engage in transparency. 95% of afghans right now are not getting enough to eat. the entire population of 40 million will be below the property line in a couple of months. the "wall street journal" dove deep into the story of selling children. we become numb that people are selling their children to eat. it was a family that it could not afford to eat. they were in it depth and promised the lender they would sell their daughter who is 6 years old and they sold her. she will marry one of the sons. the father said i will make enough money to buy her back. the lender said what other options did i have?
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they owed me money. the mom says if this hell continues i will kill myself and my children. >> horrible. we have sent women's rights and our ability to rise back centuries. >> and set back our national security, carlie. the taliban won't partner in the united states to stop the islamic state. but the biden administration said they had a good meeting but i don't believe that. >> this ig investigation, one person alone is responsible for this heinous afghanistan withdrawal. that's president biden. i think the failure goes back even further than people want to admit. pulling troops out of afghanistan in the first place. we knew what the taliban was
9:23 am
already on the rise. when you pull troops out. you create a power vacuum. we already see the terror threat from isis and al-qaeda is at a greater level. my concern is we will have to send troops back after loss of life here in the united states. >> don't worry, our business-like partners the taliban the biden administration has our backs apparently. you travel the country. this afghanistan issue lit a fire in a lot of americans. 55% don't believe biden is competent. you hear from people on the ground the same? >> it's not just average americans. i go to a lot of communities with military bases. i talk to veterans and the wives and husbands of people serving. i am surrender about the scope
9:24 am
of this investigation. it seems too narrow. these people they love to write books and tell it all once they leave. let them know now. everything about the date making sure we had everyone out before 9-11, they can investigate that. they can read emails and find that out. number 2, one of the talking points from the white house that is disturbing. they keep saying that people wanted to leave have the ability to leave. is that true? >> no. >> and the last thing, bagram air base. why did he close that? if we get those 3 answers we will figure out what was going on behind-the-scenes. >> vaccine mandate showdown. thousands ever police officers in america's biggest city facing the possibility of losing their job for refusing to get vaccinated for covid. the city is hit with a record
9:25 am
surge in violent crimes. what this means for public safety.
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>> does anybody think this is about stopping the spread? this is about total control by this mayor. she is a miserable human being. >> harris: that is chicago's police union boss going after lori lightfoot again for again slouching her own rules. she got her hair done during the pandemic. this as the mayor has been engaged in a very public feud over the mayor's vaccine mandate for employees, including chicago's 12 member chicago police force. they will need that. have you seen the crime number? he estimates 3,000 police officers have not gotten a vaccine.
9:30 am
and those officers are already getting unpaid leave. facing a possibility of being fired. despite chicago seeing a surge in gunfire. the mayor fired back with some of her most sedentary language yet. >> they are not authorized to strike. it is in a bargain group in a matter of state law. what we have seen from fraternal order of police union is this information, frankly, flat out lies in order to induce an insurrection. and we are not having it. >> harris: so she threw gasoline on the fire and the lightning round. let's make it quick. and memorable, lawrence. before i will just say this, if the mayor had the same energy towards the gun shots being in chicago currently probably one fired off right now and i'm not even joking, that is how bad it is and not just the southside of chicago.
9:31 am
maybe we could defeat this virus of gun violence in chicago. but she doesn't have the same energy. this is why the criminals are emboldens. i found her to be petty. if you see the emails with her staff, she harasses them and does not treat them with respect. and also, the photo that we see with her at that game without a mask she released herself so she doesn't care. she uses language to insult the cops entrusted to protect the citizens. by the way, they are part of her security detail as well. i really don't like this mayor. my producer will reach out to the mayor for an interview, and i'm always there. >> harris: i love that my love that! [applause] 's before are waiting. >> harris: lightfoot, lenient on your go to for foot with lawrence. >> kayleigh: these horrible numbers were revealed and it shows more children in chicago this year have been victims of
9:32 am
gun violence then have died from covid-19 nation wide. so this vaccine mandate issue involving police or any job is an issue that doesn't need to happen. if you are vaccinated and get covid you will most likely be okay. there are risks involved in every aspect of life and if you are not vaccinated and get covid that is on you pier the government should not get involved in dictating who should get fired and who shouldn't. and now, harris, there are shots happening so when does this end? if you don't take a booster shot commit will you also get fired? >> harris: that is an interesting question. wow! we had a union boss of seattle police union. the police officers there say this is not about the vaccine. luke, many of them have got -- this is about being told what to do.
9:33 am
>> kayleigh: that is exactly at, look, we hinted at this yesterday but let's put exclamation point on it, mr. trump said i would ask them to take it but not mandated. the operation warp speed -- it was trump's operation warp speed. i believe in the vaccine but i would sell it, not force it. let me ask you, harris, selling the vaccine and biden says it's not about personal choice and you have a right to be angry and be prepared to pay if you break the rules. does that sound like a threat? and mayor lightfoot is echoing that super language when she says you are exacerbating the conspiracy theorist. no, these are law enforcement officers that have upheld an oath they swore to protect the community that she then turns around and says, you are entering my public safety. if you don't show up you are deliberately ignoring an order,
9:34 am
she says. look, you must lead the officers on whether they had to comply with in order peer that is why she said you are inciting a insurrection. but the union head is saying what about the exception? what about the transparency? what about the alternative? what about showing up with a negative covid test. and all of those things you promised us. so what we see as the contest essentially between authoritarianism, the federal government, and the mayor and it is falling on the shoulders of these heroes in public servants who are leaving in droves and it's not about advocacy but mandate. these elected officials are absolutely wrong in taking that mandate over messaging. >> harris: i want to know how they went from a central to enemy. >> good point. >> harris: they are still essential. coming up, the vice president posting video of herself heading to nevada to talk about the climate crisis. but check out how she got there.
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and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. cycle musical >> harris: kamala harris may not be visiting the border, south of us, but she wants you to know she's on the move. she posted this video of herself heading off to nevada to talk about the claimant crisis, but did you see how she got there? with a gas guzzling suv, then a private plane, not surprisingly sparking some backlash. look, charles, if you want to roll like a bowler, that is amazing. i love capitalism. and i like doing some of that stuff if i made enough money to do it all the time. but i'm not the vice president, and i'm not on a team that preaches to anybody else. i just report the facts. >> well, i plan on getting in my
9:40 am
private jet and i don't plan on giving it up either. but i'm also not the vice president of the united states going to a climate conference as well. look, i think the problem with the democrats when it comes to the climate is that number one, the hypocrisy, number two, they start so big that there is no consensus on the small things. like, let's start with the garbage, right? let's start with making sure the neighborhood is clean or the city does not smell like feces or urine. but again i'm not surprised. someone made the vice president feel comfortable in the stuff because they feel like they are different. someone has made them feel like they are different, and they get away but that every time. >> harris: emily come are they different? >> emily: i mean... here is the vice president who feels the need to take a gas guzzling suv on a private plane
9:41 am
to lake mead outside of las vegas to make the climate crisis. >> harris: which is gorgeous by the way. >> emily: why doesn't she go to the southern border? why is this a bigger issue to her or the southern border is less worthy of her presence? why is zoom okay for some things and her physical presence for some things? an absolute crisis at the border and somehow does not garner her physical attention? >> harris: that was preaching right there, why is zoom okay for some things but not where they have other things, your physical presence at the border? >> kayleigh: i will say, look, she is the vice president of the united states. she can take airports and be in the motorcade to. >> harris: amen. >> kayleigh: i will say that. my problem though is the hypocrisy when you say you are about climate change, the big climate change report in august and two days later biden is begging opec to produce more oil. why? americans are suffering at the pump. let me say one thing about that.
9:42 am
i was talking to a man whose whole someone peeling off a biden bumper sticker off the back of his car. why are you doing that, my friend? look at the gas prices, big deal. >> harris: it is so worth mentioning as kayleigh did come of this is not about whether national security around our leaders, this is about what is coming out of their mouths. >> totally. and a great point and i'm so glad you said it. this is hypocrisy. this is my favorite story of the day. i haven't felt this way since aoc wore the "tax the rich" dress or zooming all over the country. where we found out that bernie sanders was a member of the 1%. and he is certainly not voluntarily paying more taxes. but the part i don't like about this story is the biden administration climate policy
9:43 am
has cost jobs. it is making, squeezing america in terms of prices at the pump and also, the cost to heat your home will go up by 50% this winter. >> harris: not that the enterprising superstar of fox & friends need story ideas from me, but if you wanted to head to some of those places where the keystone pipeline was canceled and president biden, and just find out how they could have made a difference than what we are seeing now down the road at the pump. i mean come i would buy a ticket on an airplane. >> lawrence: i would have but carly already did it. >> harris: i'm watching them all over again. >> lawrence, you are doing an amazing job. >> harris: all right, we will move on. actress jessica chastain to film scenes in her tv series but on one condition. what is it? next.
9:44 am
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>> at the white house briefing coming up in a few minutes with questions facing jen psaki. why is the administration secretly transporting migrant
9:48 am
children in the middle of the night? the white house is complacent and child trafficking. tom cotton coming up. what concerns the children being taught in school with the gubernatorial election and the cc chairman tom will be here with his thoughts. we have senator rand paul, morgan ortagus and economy panel all the head. i am john roberts and joined sandra smith and me at the top of the hour with "america reports." we will see you there. >> actress jessica chastain with one condition for filming full fullfrontal nudity. if her body was shown during hbo scenes from the marriage series, the same had to be shown of her costar oscar isaac. explaining, she wanted it to be balanced. carley, she talked about the entrance for this she felt she saw on a film didn't seem like it was requested but it was uncomfortable. and i think she is taking it upon herself to speak for herself who couldn't speak up
9:49 am
for themselves. >> carley: yes, i hate that you went to me first. >> emily: oh, sorry! >> carley: i was wondering how we would navigate this one, but i will take the lead. i have no problem with this. she's going to show news and oscar isaac, he was fine with it. i think "game of thrones" relay start of full frontal male trend because it was all over the place in that show. and you are now seeing it in more and more tv shows. the other thing that i thought was interesting about them as actresses, they have been friends for 20 years. they went to college together. so, they have that sort of chemistry to work of as well. it would be typical in terms of acting because you know the person so well or it could help you as well. >> emily: they are pros, and a lot of actresses and actors in
9:50 am
hollywood start with that power but get to a certain point they are making a ton of money in the name recognition in the power to demand what they want with equity. the messaging and ability she is doing right now, but it doesn't change the pattern. >> lawrence: also, i don't think this is like one of those moments where someone is making an unfair stance. all she is saying, "i will film the scene that you guys want, but i want the same for my mail costar as well." so. so honestly i probably wouldn't want my daughter to be showing herself on camera. but if she did decide that as a grown adult come i would want her to take the same position she is taking right now. >> emily: what is interesting, her condition includes okay, if me, then him too where many actors and actresses say "no." end of story and no roping in what your cohost were costar is
9:51 am
showing. [laughter] sorry. >> harris: one is if she is going to make this about equity, and this may sound prudent, she could do that with her clothes on. like, you can do equality and equity on a whole host of levels. and some diverse dance so on and so forth. maybe they work on that but everybody does it. if they can't, i'm thinking about opening a fig leaf or something. >> harris has me cracking up today. first, i don't know who these people are and i don't want to see them. and i just wanted to be nonexistent. >> i think you have a good business idea. fig leaves that parents can put on like a virtual -- >> harris: like just cover up, buttercup. >> all right, thighs, coming up you heard about paternity leave,
9:52 am
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♪ ♪ >> shuttle workers get three weeks of paid leave to bond with a new pet? some people think with the labor shortage debacle facing our country giving employees this new benefit could help retain even the most motivated and talented staff. i mean who wouldn't want three weeks off? one ceo on linkedin that recently ran a poll and a 61% of the voters disagreed with leah concept altogether but with millennials making up the largest population of the workforce as well as the largest
9:57 am
preparation of pet owners, more and more companies are trying to incorporate it into their benefit packages. lawrence, from one millennial to another millennial, i find this insane. >> okay. let me start from the very beginning. i used to be against maternity leave. an ex-girlfriend extricated mike educated me on it and i just -- >> i bet she did. [laughs] >> she had a lot to say. and then it was paternity leave. and i said my pops would lose his mind if he found out i wasn't going to work. but i understand a quality with this. this was ridiculous. this is where i draw the line and i feel like i made steps with society, but i will not be caving for people. >> i will stay on that side of the line with you always and forever. currently, you think 1% of voters will as well? >> you placed your line in the
9:58 am
sand. and i said this on fox & friends earlier today. we went from the greatest generation to paw-terinity leave in one lifetime, but some companies like pedigree and pet supply companies have been doing this for years and i think that's fine because that's what they do. and they give ten hours which is a day. you get a puppy and then you get a day off of work and i think that's fine. but three weeks is insane. >> the stated purpose was to "help the animal subtle income developed the bond between pet and owner, and establish routines in that sort of thing. >> as an attorney, number one what animals qualify? so one employee comes to you and says what about my goat, my horse? >> my emotional support llama. >> exactly. and then the second question would be private companies can do that. they can make that as attractive as possible, they advocate for the per cycle bar, which i'm advocating for here, i've only
9:59 am
been told know so far but, if the federal government ever starts doing this on my tax dollars are paying for this, i will burn the city down. >> trump would have never gone for that. i sort of get where emily is going, although they are not really mine, they are my daughters. but i can't really teach them very much. they don't fence or anything, so they are very much for just loving and holding so i get having a connection with the pets. i wonder if some of this has been coming from being locked down. we heard about pets that were so bad behaving one but people went back to work full-time, many people go to their jobs and at the little one had just destroyed the house. i don't really know what to make of this but i can imagine spending all day long for three weeks with the guinea pigs. >> the laws in place account for your time to do what you want. so you can take your personal time off.
10:00 am
>> cannot bring them to work? they a lot so it's complicated. >> i think the question is does a goldfish qualify? can you sit at home with your goldfish? >> we are insane at this point. >> we will hold down this line and make sure. >> babies are great. >> thanks to everyone. one show and now here is "american reports." >> think your team. fox news alert as we kick off "american reports" and a brand-new hour. the biden administration find migrants into suburban new york under the cover of darkness. the previously unknown flights now raising serious questions about how the white house is dealing with our continued surge at the southern border. hello and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york. i love john. it's been >> john: hello again sandra, i'm john roberts washington. "the new york post" putting it bluntly on its cover calling it bidens secret


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