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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 19, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: thanks. good morning. a stunning report on the crisis from the border. the biden administration flying under-age migrants on secret planes into the state of new york and have been doing it for months. i am bill hemmer. a lot of numbers involving human being. >> dana: i am dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." the "new york post" said biden's secret flights. unacccompanied minors minors
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have been flown into their state. >> bill: documents last week detailed the number of migrants allowed into the u.s. under president biden including 32,000 immigrants on parole. 40,000 illegals since august 6th. and since the 28th of march the administration allowed 95,000 into the u.s. with notices to report. they go to a local immigration office at a later date. >> dana: and texas republican senator ted cruz will be here. we begin with eric live in our new york newsroom with the details on the reported flights to new york. >> good morning. you could call it the mexican shuttle. from mcallen, texas, florida and new york. the administration flowing
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young migrants from the southern border north in the dead of night. the "new york post" revealed the flights are filled with teenagers and children bussed to it nonprofits or sent to relatives and sponsors. the paper tracked this charter plane touching down on friday night in new york. that plane arriving at 2 to 4 in the morning and similar flights in jacksonville, florida. last friday starting at the crack of dawn in the morning it flew from mcallen, texas, to mexico. sending migrants back to mexico. then it returned to mcallen and went to el paso. then.
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this month that same plane landed in abilene, texas, ohio and missouri and kentucky. unacccompanied minors goes through the west chester county airport but are unified with parents or sponsors. this morning that plane is back in the air flying from mcallen, back to mexico. we will keep track of it. >> dana: a showdown on the vaccine mandates by a coach and parents in california are
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pushing back against vaccine mandates for school aged children. and thousands of chicago police officers face the possibility of no pay leave or even being fired. >> so far 50 officers have been disciplined. but that number is expected to go up over the next few days. in total more than 4500 chicago employees have not reported their vaccination status. more than a third of the department is at risk of being taken off the streets and placed on no pay status. that is raising concern because of the impact to public safety. the deadliest year the city as seen in a quarterback century. the mayor is confident the officers will comply with her
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mandate. >> we are seeing the number of folks who after being given a direct order saying no small. i am not seeing there will be any disruption in our ability to keep our neighborhood safe. we have to keep plugging away at this. >> the mayor said there are contingesy place and the state police could fill in. the governor said the state national guard is available to help. hard to see how those are sustainable in the long-term. we are talking about a third of the chicago police officers and recruiting new officers is difficult and takes a lot of time. this is not about the vaccine.
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it's about collective bargaining agreement and he is going after mayor lightfoot personally. >> the order was improper because it violate our collective bargaining agreement. a department member can't give an order to do that. they just cannot. >> this is just the 1st round. after december 31st the mandate is mandatory. 45% of officers could be at risk of termination if something doesn't change. >> bill: we are just 2 weeks away from the much anticipated virginia governor's election. democrats are sending in the heavy hitters to rally support for terry mcauliffe. he holds a slim lead over republican glenn youngkin who
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hopes education turns the tide in hirfavor. -- his favor. we go there live. >> this race is closer than many anticipated. glenn youngkin just 5% behind democrat terry mcauliffe. that's way too close for democrats who understand the mid-terms implications of losing a race when a republican hasn't won in this state since 2009. powerhouse democrats were called in. first lady jill biden and former president obama and vice-president kamala harris are expected to campaign as well. here's mcauliffe. >> we can't have young americans here.
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-- youngkin here. 43,000 teachers will be cut. i am trying to raise teacher pay. we can't go back. >> education is the most talked about issue of the race and parents could be a determining factor. many have become active due to concerns over covid and curriculum. youngkin hopes that will get him votes. >> terry mcauliffe's program that he acknowledged, he believes that parents do not have a right to e engaged in their kids education and wants government to stand between parents and their children. >> youngkin plans to layout a plan to combat government overreach in cools. >> bill: thank you. we are watching that. karl rove with us now.
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erb is writing about education in virginia. how do you see this play? >> it's one of the big three issues. education, economy and crime. youngkin is hitting all 3 buttons. mcauliffe gave him an opening saying i don't believe parents should tell schools what to teach their kids. this gave a big opening for youngkin. he grabbed it. it's a mistake in my mind to view this race being close because of education only. it is education, economy, and crime. the economy is a big advantage for youngkin as well. >> dana: we had coronavirus as well. the poll is super tight on who would you trust more?
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on the economy they are neck and neck. in a state like this begin the history of what happens in virginia, the first year after a new president takes office and a different party usually becomes the governor. there are people who mainin that that virginia is a purple state. it's not a blue states and republicans should be expected to be strong here. how do you see that? one thing i noticed in watching terry mcauliffe, he's been around a long time. we have seen him. he seems different this time around. he knows he is on defense and youngkin and leading with confidence here. >> yes, i think that's right. it's weird that terry mcauliffe who was governor once before said we can't go back when his campaign is all about lets go back to how great it was when i was governor, when i left office 4 years ago which is weird to
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me. the democrats have a problem here. the problem is enthusiasm. i have my notes with numbers. as of sunday night, 408,770 people voted. that's only 30% of how many people have voted at this point in the 2020 election. you need to have the turnout be 54% for the democrats of what was in november of 2020 and it's instead it's 30%. they brought in the big guns. stacey abrams to norfolk when you were allowed to vote early on sunday. the souls to the polls effort led by stacey abrams. rock star at the top of the democratic ticket. in the 4 early vote locations, 396 people showed up that day. the democrat enthusiasm here is
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really, really low. >> bill: the retirements on the house democratic side are stacking up. we have 7 on the list here. of significance, mike doyle of pennsylvania. david price in north carolina. john announced if kentucky. all of those seats you could argue are toss up seats. how do you see this playing? >> i think most seats tend democrat but these are senior democrats that made a decision. doyle weigh are not going to hold the majority and i don't want to come back in the minority. yarmouth said we will lose control. better for me to get out. there are retirements. but we also have memberings running for higher office. if you look at all 13 of them, there are 3 whose seats are likely to flip republican. kind in wisconsin and jerry in
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western illinois and kirkpatrick in arizona. they are republican leaning. then you have this weird case in the valley. the man 2 represents a democratic district is retiring, but his seat mate the west said i will run for that seat because my seat was made more republican in redistricting and i might lose. i nearly lost last time around to an under-funded latino and now he is getting a lot of money. we are likely to see a pick up of 4 republican seats. that's not good for the democrats. >> dana: you have not raft lost a single step.
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>> it's a sad condition. >> bill: virginia could affect the biden agenda. now you are getting manchin and bernie sanders show consumes democrats. these 2 met yesterday after sandra smith put this in a local newspapers in manchin's hometown and kamala harris showed up in the same town without telling manchin. it did not sit well with him. >> dana: no. doing an ad there. manchin and sandra smith talked it out and everything is great. >> bill: they took a picture together. >> dana: i don't think it will change nick. you know who was not in the picture. sinema. >> bill: the video from capitol hill. joe biden not a lot on his
6:15 am
schedule. a town hall on thursday night and working the phones for the $3.5-trillion or whatever the amount is today. >> dana: a lot paired back. back to the crisis at the border. surveillance video telling the story of a dire situation in one border state with got aways. no one there to stop them. >> bill: and the new reporting that the biden administration is flying plane loads of migrants into new york under the cover of night want senator ted cruz react live next. veteran homeowners, i have 100 great reasons why you should use your va benefit to turn your home equity into cash. the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. with mortgage rates near record lows.. and home values at record highs. you could take out $50,000 or more to build your dream kitchen, a new bathroom, or a swimming pool for the kids. call newday right now.
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the "new york post" said 2000 were flown from texas since august and transfered to buses to different parts of the state. texas republican senator ted cruz to talk about this. you have smug are proposing today. governor ron desantis, there was a flight a month or two ago. he said if the admission is so confident the open borders are good for the country why the secresy. they are landing in the dead of night. >> what is happening at the southern border is a tragedy. 1.3 million people crossed. we are on the path to have 2 million people cross. joe biden and kamala harris caused this. their entire strategy is ignore it. they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore. of course they fly in the middle of the night. they have no defense.
6:22 am
every democrat for 4 years said kids in cages. the biden cages are more full and not a single democrat cares. my home state of texas is bearing the brunt of this catastrophe that is unfolding because of political decisions made by joe biden and kamala harris. >> dana: senator, one of the problems is an agreement says that unacccompanied minors can't be held for longer than 30 days. they have to find a family member. is there something in the law that can change? >> there is.
6:23 am
i introduced legislation not to separate fans but it would not do catch and release. it would provide for 500 new immigration judges who adjudicate asylum claims. we know how to solve this problem. the remain in mexico is ha president trump negotiated with the government of mexico. last year we had the lowest rate of illegal immigrants in 45 years. it worked. kamala harris ripped it to sleds. they had no answer. you see rich democrats say texas and the rest of the country, oh, you silly people. you should not worry about that. while they are wining and dining. i have introduced legislation today in the senate called stop the surge. it creates new ports of entry for these 2 million illegal
6:24 am
immigrants. instead of having 15,000 haitians under a bridge in del rio, texas, that's half of the city coming in one day. my bill has new ports of industry in california and connecticut and delaware and massachusetts. martha's vineyard. and nantucket. rich democrats can be sitting from is 1050,000 illegal immigrants like we are seeing in texas on a daily basis. i can envision them going oh goodness they want to come to our clubs. they would be horrified. they need to days the disaster
6:25 am
of their policy. >> bill: in washington democrats endured the suffering in south texas the remain in mexico would be implemented. will that go anywhere? >> its democrats won't move it because they are perfectly happy. he's are the same people as president obama's birthday party take off their masks and party like it's 1999. joe biden goes out to dinner in washington, d.c., he and jill don't wear masks. nancy pelosi when she does fundraisers with rich democrats they don't wear masks. they make the serving staff wear masks. that's how they treat much of the america. jones-drew needs to come to the southern border. kamala harris our border czar, come to the rio grande valley.
6:26 am
i did round tables in south texas with ranchers and farms and law enforcement and elected officials. all of the elected officials in south texas are democrats. almost to a person they said in my party is for opioid i can't be with them. nobody can defend this disaster if they see it. why do it in the middle of the night? because they can't defend so hide it from the american people. >> dana: china tested a nuclear missile in august. the white house said competition with beijing is a good thing. cargo back laws and supply chain shortages. david will help us through the supply chain chaos next. >> ♪ ♪
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on 2021 buick suv models. >> dana: log jam spilling over to the east coast. 2 dozen cargo chips are off-shore in georgia. containers piling up factor than delivery workers can collect them. jonathan is in garden city, georgia. >> it's a hot bed of act tufted here. you can see one cargo ship just pulling out of port.
6:33 am
let's go to a live shot from our drone. the port of savannah transferring containers between ships, trucks and trains. the port is also expanding its storage capacity to deal with these sudden influxes of demand. the good news is that all of the containers that had been piling up the numbers are beginning to go down. that's a good thing. time is money. >> the more you have something sitting on the dock and you can't access it that's demand you have to bring in by air freight at a high cost. you are losing sales and dollars are tied up in the inventory. >> after factory shutdowns during the pandemic depleted inventories. businesses lost the cushion to deal with bad weather or
6:34 am
equipment failure. >> people were using the just in time approach. keep just enough on the hand. we will reevaluate how they handled their inventory. >> even as the economy corrects itself, we are likely going to see some permanent changes to deal with problems in the supply chain. the port of savannah is straightening a bend in the savannah river to accommodate larger ships. it's more efficient if you can off load one large ship instead of multiple spaller vessels. it's making the supply chain more efficient. back to you. >> dana: orange is your color. thank you. >> bill: [laughing].
6:35 am
david good morning. how do you see the backlog and consumer confidence? >> consumer confidence and the corporations are doing extremely well because of the fact demand is there. people want to buy stuff after being cooped up for so long for a year and a half. the stock market is doing well because corporate profits are up. they are paying more and they will pay a lot more as the supply chain continue to get backed up. if we had this build back better agenda come law people worry that will turn in to a bigger mess. it will tax those who produce and subsidize those who stay at home. we could have a labor shortage even worse. there are 11 million unfilled jobs. >> bill: the "wall street journal" wrote that.
6:36 am
and the "new york post" said we are already in a recession. >> if we had the stock market would be tanking. because people are buying stuff it hasn't sunk into a recession. pete buttigieg our transportation secretary said the biden administration represented a recession which is the opposite of what happened. the economy was going great guns until we suppressed the labor side of our economy. we subsidized people to stay at home not just with $300 a week. but a lot of benefits still in
6:37 am
place keeping people at home. that would be accentuated by a factor of 2 or 3 by build back better. >> bill: right now moody says the chance we are in a recession are under 1%. buttigieg said this. >> demand is up because income is up. out of the teeth of a terrifying recession >> they come out with these policy bombs that are made by academics. we wait awhile. the administration throws policy bombs and walk away. disaster happens and chaos
6:38 am
ensues. then the administration officials come back and say everything is fine. the border is closed. we don't have to worry about it. the economy is great as buttigieg says. any problems were trump's fault. whether it's the border or afghanistan or the labor market. buttigieg is the perfect example. he took over this supply chain problem and he took 2 months off. >> bill: looking forward to the next 2 months? maybe december.
6:39 am
but that money goes into our system. >> it balloons inflation even more. there are a lot of people complaining about their salaries. they have a reason to complain. 10% increase is only 5% when you have inflation over 5%. you will see a boom of inflation and a boom of folks and even more people staying at home now. as inflation increases, people will stop buying as much as they are now and that hurts corporate profits. >> bill: your analysis right
6:40 am
now? >> i hope reality catches up with the policy bombs that don't work. >> dana: democrat run cities with surging crime rates threatening to fire cops that won't get vaccinated and the president and first lady in a restaurant without masks. we cover both topics up next. >> there are moments when we all don't put masks back on as quickly as we should. ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. applebee's. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one.
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>> bill: fox news alert. the state department and the fbi are the ground in haiti working to free 17 christian missionaries mostly america. the gang is demanding $17 million. they consist of 16 americans and 1 canadian including 5 children. phil keating is live in miami. good morning. >> good morning. it has become one of the most lucrative professions in haiti. kidnapping people for ransom. the demand is $17 million. that is $1 million per hostage. 16 americans and 1 canadian who went to haiti to help were kidnapped as one of the
6:46 am
country's gang took them all at gun point. the fbi is on the ground and the state department is working with the haiti government to get them free. haitians are so fed up with their failed state, there was a general strike yesterday leaving empty streets. the gang kidnapped the group which include 5 men, 7 women and 5 children. they work for christian aid memories in ohio which has a long history of working in the caribbean and central america. this wrote we request urgent players. we are seeking god's direction for resolution. haiti has devolved into lawlessness. it's president was assassinateed in july. an earthquake rocked them in august. government corruption is rampant
6:47 am
and armed gangs control roadways. >> the president is receiving regular updates on what the state department and the fbi are doing to bring these individuals home safely. >> kid nappings have sky rocketed. 300% between july and september. the state department list haiti as a level 4 do not travel advisory. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: there is a deadline for police in democrat cities to get covid vaccine or lose their jobs. many officers are quitting instead of getting the jab as cities face a spike in crime. let me ask you about the vaccine
6:48 am
mandate. a report in chicago, crime is a problem there. they are looking at the possibility of a third of the officers not being able to continue in their jobs because they won't comply with the mandates. what do you think? >> you have to put public safety above politics. you have a union trying to intimidate the mayor and the call for all officerses to get vaccinated. we saw similar efforts in hospitals. but it hasn't worked. the mandate did drive up people who got vaccinated. there are 4 time the number of officers dying from covid that died from any other cause including gunfire. that's unbelievable! more police officers are dying
6:49 am
from covid than gunfire. yet you get their union chief and others who want to play politics saying resist, defy. it doesn't make sense. >> dana: sean, the issue of public safety if you lose that many officers in a city that needs them? >> lightfoot doesn't care about public safety or she would not have tried to defund law enforcement. we have to put common sense ahead of politics. if you are vaccinated with the covid vaccine, you can still get covid and spread covid and still die from covid. to say that the pandemic is over because someone is vaccinated that's not true. people are still spreading the virus and you have law enforcement who is on the fore front of defending the city of chicago and across the country doing the good work. now they are put in this
6:50 am
category. >> dana: do as i say and not as i do. president and first lady seen at a restaurant without a mask as they walked through. >> there is a mask requirement inside d.c. restaurants but president biden and the first lady did not wear masks. >> of course there are moments when we all don't put masks back on as quickly as we should. we want to get more people vaccinated so we can save more lives. >> dana: sean you go first. >> joe biden on the white house
6:51 am
lawn no one around him wearing a mask when cameras are on. he goes into the restaurant and takes the mask off because there are no cameras. lightfoot was unmasked. we are sick of the double standard. you have that the secret service agents mask mandated up. the rich and the people are not masking up but all of the lower class people in america have to wear masks? >> dana: juan? >> well, i think that you can always point hypocrisy among politicians. the masks are good if we aim to keep each other safe and limit the spread of the virus.
6:52 am
>> dana: all right. great to see you both. have a great day. >> bill: migrants seen on camera streaming across the border in arizona. where are they now? the battle of the mandates. will for the government go after those who do not comply? ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪
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get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max. >> bill: fox news obtaining surveillance video of migrants evagued captainure on the southern border. heading north into the u.s. william is live in l.a. where did they go? >> texas is ground zero for it the border crisis but the largest increasing are in arizona. 1,000% in huma.
6:58 am
these were among the 400,000 got aways this year. these are from hidden trail cameras some 15 miles from the border. 90% are single men. some carry drugs. others guns. 24/7 from the heat of august to january. 7 on the move. the last person in line is dragging a blanketet to cover their tracks. here is something you often don't see. a dozen migrants jumping into the bed of a pick-up truck. packed like sardine headed to a stash house where smugglers demand the balance of what they owe. senator lindsey graham got briefed. >> this is where you come to claim asylum and they will never send you back. if you don't fix that the good people in this part of arizona,
6:59 am
you are going to be overrun. >> apprehensions jumping from 800 under trump to 17,000 under president biden. 75% caught in huma are not from mexico. most come from brazil, ecuador and haiti. agents apprehended 40,000 from brazil this year alone. they can't fly into the u.s. without a visa. they go through mexico and they are not persecuted or poor but they claim asylum. >> dana: offer a year and a half working from home some employees are returning to office and find
7:00 am
ing relics of pre-pandemic life like this apple and decaying plants and computers with searches about a novel coronavirus. welcome back. >> bill: up on 20th floor. that's back when he had newspapers. >> dana: let's bring back the newspapers. mask and vaccine mandates are growing among schools coast to coast as the biden administration target states that block mandates. >> bill: did you keep anything from march of 2020? >> dana: a plant that did fine. i have been here since january.
7:01 am
i toss a little water in there. >> bill: the state investigating several states rather that prohib school mandates. education secretary miguel admitted his agency doesn't have the power to enforce the mandates but supports local efforts. >> parent involvement in critical in the process. we have the responsibility to protect our stunts and staff. i support the decisions made at the local level. >> dana: michael and jacqui heinrich has more. >> there are civil rights investigations into florida and texas over whether bans on mask mandates discrim inate against
7:02 am
students. he said withholding federal funds might harm students. >> holding funds from students is the best approach. the students need more support and not less. we are working with districts and the superintendents who are educators are working with health experts to keep their children safe. >> it appears the biden administration will rely on legal frameworks to apply pressure. the department of education in florida and texas said the investigation will focus on whether students with disabilities are prevented from safely returning to in person education in violation of federal law. education leaders in iowa, oklahoma, south carolina, texas and utah received similar messes in august.
7:03 am
it's unclear whether the probes will prompt further action. the justice department promised earlier this month to steer federal resources towards prosecuting threats against school officials after the national school board association wrote to president biden for federal help against threats of violence against local school boards over critical race theory and masking in schools. >> dana: jacqui heinrich, thanks. >> bill: could education [inaudible]. >> [loud music playing]. >> bill: 2.2 points separate from mcauliffe and youngkin. we bring in josh and former education secretary betsy devos. josh, you wrote why education is dominating this race. explain. >> this is a whole host of
7:04 am
issues. started with school closures that took place during its pandemic for the whole year raft year. it exposed vulnerabilities in the public schools. age-inappropriate curriculum and it led to a lot of frustrated parents across the spectrum. this issue resonates both with the republican base which is really aggravated about the issue and it's showing up at board meetings and protesting in large numbers. there is a silent majority of moderate minded parents. i hear this a lot in my democrat leaning community. they may not be loud but they are dissatisfied with the state of the public schools. that is what making it such a potent issue in the governors race. if you look at the polls it's
7:05 am
a number 1 or 2 issue among virginia voters and it's becoming more potent. >> bill: let me catch up some focus. the debate in late september, kicked things off. roll this clip. >> i won't let parents come into schools and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should tell schools what they should teach. >> bill: that was turned into a spot. now terry mcauliffe came back with his own spot to clarify. he said his words were taken out of context. this is his spot. >> as parents, dorothy and i have always been involved in our kids education we know good school depend on involved parents rcht . hear from this me. glenn youngkin is taking my words out of context. >> bill: how does this play.
7:06 am
>> he south of touch what is happening in education. parents are tired of being thought of as a nuisance. the last year and a half laid bare many of the failings of a system that has long left too many kids behind. it's continuing to fail too many kids. lockdowns we saw this past week. the most recent nation's report card results. 13 years old 8th gradesers in math and reading their scores plummeted. parents are expressing the need to have total involvement in their children's education. terry mcauliffe is out of touch. this is going to be a decisive factor. >> bill: youngkin is trying to
7:07 am
take advantage of it. roll this. >> terry mcauliffe is trying very hard to change the narrative. he knows parents are done with him am that's why we will win this race and make a statement for parents across the nation. a statement for parents that school boards no longer get to dictate what happens in schools, parents do. >> bill: mcauliffe held a roundtable in northern virginia. he is listening. >> yes. the interesting thing is that ad you just showed. one of the rules in politics when you are explaining, you are often losing. mcauliffe doubling down on his comments. clearly that wasn't resonating. mcauliffe felt they had to put up next: an ad.
7:08 am
this is a sign education is resonating and mcauliffe is on the defensive. >> bill: it's so curious to it understand how covid and zoom classes brought the school into the home. so much of this is observed whoa parents. they got involved. >> parents. they got involved. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. the issues of curriculum all of the sudden parents got involved with and found this objectionable. that was evident during zoom. many schools were horrid at distance learning. kids with over a year of learning loss or more. the nation's report card results
7:09 am
we just saw were from pre-covid. one can only imagine whatted results are going to be for the kids who are least able to make other choices. the results are going to be for the kids who are least able to make other choices. >> bill: thank you. we will see how this t goes. 14 days away. >> dana: she brought up the test scores. this is important i think. when you see slippage in ages 13 and this is before covid happened. the test scores are way down. i understand some people don't like testing. we have to do a lot better. we for a competitive world. who is leader of the free world? we have to have people educated. also 100 self-proclaimed
7:10 am
anarchists in portland costed $500,000 damages to businesses and police were unable to act. a new state law restricts how they can respond to riots. you can really believe this? >> it is. portland police believe their hands are tied having to watch rioters destroy things and try to make arrests days later. last week's riot was remarkable for the amount of damage, submit estimated at $500,000. officers stayed in patrol cars as the rioters set fires and broke windsos and painted graffiti.
7:11 am
not a single arrest was made. asked why they didn't stop the destruction, portland police said a state law passed in june restricts the use of tools during riots and cops could face an assault charge. the bill prohibits the use of tear gas and pepper spray and the use of flash-bang devices. the only time these can be use is when a riot is declared and other steps are followed. portland police are short staffed. members quit and were not replaced. ask about the lack of response, they responded the entire bureau membership is aware of implications of house bill 29-28. and:
7:12 am
portland residents complained. the mayor's office so far hasn't commented. >> dana: all right. we will try to get that on "the five" later. >> bill: president biden's administration under for the chaos in kabul. >> dana: and china has a growing arsenal of missiles. >> the chinese communist party is in an arm's race with the united states and i think we are losing.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:17 am
>> bill: north korea firing a missile into the sea after the u.s. received an offer to resume
7:18 am
talk on nuclear weapons. the u.s. military issue there had statement: this is happening a lot. watch this story. >> dana: and white house press press secretary jen psaki not commenting on reports that china tested a hypersonic missiles. instead offered this. >> we made clear we are concerned about the military capabilities that they continue to pursue. we have been consistent in our approach with china. we welcome stiff conflict but don't want that to veer into conflict. >> dana: michael a former national security advisor in the trump administration. when i first saw this and the quotes saying we had no idea
7:19 am
this was happening. that scared me. this seems like an incredible advancement in technology. >> well, it should scare you, but it should not surprise you. the things our intelligence missed over the last 20 years. the list is long and grave. the trend on the chinese side has been clear for a long time. they are spending money and developing new technology and copy existing technologist through espionage. they want to change the military balance of power. if they can get what they want without conflict. put pieces on the board that scares people to back away. i realize i can't win against that military power and i might as are back down. that's the chinese strategy: get what they want without war. >> bill: some described it as a nuclear capable hyper-sonic
7:20 am
miss. beijing described it as a new spacecraft. do you buy argument an or b? >> having no access to this i don't know. or b? >> having no access to this i don't know. the navy has been word about this for years. they were not be certain to be able to knock out of the sky before taking out a ship. that predates this eent for years. this looks like a leap forward and along the same path of the technology the chinese have been working on for a decade. >> dana: lindsey graham was on with "hannity." listen to him. >> we sell to one of two things. get them to stand down. i don't know how joe biden convinces anybody to stand down. if they don't we will have to develop the capability to
7:21 am
neutralize this and one up china. when you have the joe biden greatest hit list. you can put on the list nuclear arms race with china which we are losing. weakness breeds aggression. >> dana: where should we rank compared to what the biden administration is trying to do passing this human infrastructure bill? >> i put the economic and the military. what china has done to the u.s. economy in collusion with too much of american big business, 20 years ago in 2001, it's been devastating on our industries and community. it connects to the military. there are so many ways that we
7:22 am
outscoured to keep our military funded going and operation. i worry about the economic threat. that's more urgents. i don't see a conflict with china around the next day or week. if could come but one of the ways the chinese want to avoid that conflict is to so change the hardware balance of power, the united states realized it can't compete. that's an economic and military problem. >> bill: one thing off the radar what is happening with north korea. all of these tests on a weekly basis. what is up? >> this is not a new pattern. the way it gets talks is through missile tests and behavior and worse national security figures
7:23 am
in washington. >> bill: is there a better way to pressure everybody? >> they have been doing this since 1994. every new years. it works. from their perspective. they think we get these guys to the table and we use a combination of carrots and sticks. we get sanctions lifted. the last time there were serious talks we thought we were getting somewhere. the north korea did not follow-through and the trump administration did not get a second term. the biden administration hasn't paid any attention to the situation. this is north korea saying to washington pay attention to us. i am worried that washington will focus on this do the same
7:24 am
old things from prior administrations that the trump administration was trying to break from. north korea will get people's attention. they hope they are serious talks and don't repeat the same cycle. >> bill: thank you. situations at the southern border increase violent. first reports of agency shot. now ms-13 and other gangs. how higher food prices and a labor shortage will affect the bottom line.
7:25 am
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7:30 am
criminals at the southern border including 3 ms-13 gang members. there is has been an uptick in shootings. here's ted cruz the last hour. >> it's a disaster. my home state of texas is bearing the brunt of this catastrophe that is unfolding because of political decisions made by joe biden and made by kamala harris. >> bill: mike in texas again today. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of times what you see out here is a slow trick ever migrants. every now and then you get a overwhelming crush of people depending on how they organized on the other side. most are people that cross the border and look for help from custom and border protections or i.c.e. that's what we saw last night. small family with children sought out help. they do that with the belief
7:31 am
they will be able to stay and released with a notice to appear at a later date. the others are runners. they have something to hide. they don't want to be protected. that credits a crim that will element. last week agency stopped groups from el salvador. 3 were members of the violent ms-13 gang one had convictions for homicide in his own country. one made it all the way to dallas where me has a conviction for assault and for sexual assault of a child. another had already done time and was picked up here. we are waiting for the september numbers to close out the fiscal year. 2021 is expected to set records for border crossings despite the deadly summer heat. it's cooling off.
7:32 am
the number of border crosses is expected to increase. >> bill: thanks. >> dana: a new report showing wisconsin restaurants are slowly recovering from the pandemic but not out of the woods. many are struggling to hire and keep workers. revenues increased but that's covering higher food costs due to supply chain issues. this is the co-owner of the packing house and we have the ceo of a global food distributor. they try to work together. put up on the board the cost increases of some of the items you serve: what are you and frank trying to do to get costs down or get these products to your diners?
7:33 am
>> this should be the year for the restaurant recovery. we are being really restrained by labor shortages and increased priceses. the friday fish fry is a traditional. we serve more than any other meals calmed bin every week. -- combined every week. the supply is getting worse and we can't get the cod. once we hit the linten season our demand goes up and the supply shortages will be that worse. >> dana: how can you project out that far into 2022? >> that's very easy. we started this year being
7:34 am
optimistic. we saw very, very strong demand in 2021. the supply chain issues started early on. in the beginning we had a hard time getting containers off the china and other nations. that escalated through the year. we a rates out of china 5-fold increase. we have extremely inventories. i can't see us covering the demand for next year. >> dana: chris, are your customers understanding? what is going on there? >> well, no, they are not. they are faced with a couple of different issues when they walk in the door.
7:35 am
they don't know if their meal will be available. we may not have enough staff to take care of them. we may restrict seating. they are looking at higher menu prices. we just raised them for the 4th time this year. they are seeing prices at the store but don't understand how that translates over and how we can't get the products they want. in this cod we have used it for 47 years. we have never seen a supply shortage like we are right now. it's a huge part of our revenue. it is for most restaurants in wisconsin. if we don't have that revenue and can't provide that product, when we are supposed to be recovering, we will be in really bad shape. it's not looking good. if we don't that supply we can't
7:36 am
do business. >> dana: is this something you are hearing from other customers? >> yes, everybody is facing this situation. especially on the white fish like cod. chris supported uss for such a long time and we are grateful for his business. >> dana: the packing house is a great place. thank you very much. this is a story happening across the country. it won't get better soon. >> bill: biden administration saying it is working to free americans trapped in haiti by kidnappers. jack brewer's organization is helping. democrats may not get their wish to have the irs snoop on all bank accounts in america. why next. iberty mutual
7:37 am
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>> dana: back lash from republicans. democrat are walking back its proposal to make banks report on transactions over $6,000. -- $600. now it will be $10,000. critics say it's invasion of privacy. others say it should be $50,000. the bill is so big. you don't know what is in it. here's this little bomb. they have to walk it back. >> bill: and the green energy issues are being pared back.
7:43 am
lawmakers on both side pushing to ban giants like amazon, apple and google from rigging search results to favor their own products. kelly reports. >> the government's cracked on big tech continues. two senators will introduce an act. amazon is accused of ranking their own products higher to generate more profits. some worry this will suppress innovation and impact comassumers. >> consumers could see things they love hidden by invasion. -- innovation.
7:44 am
>> and members of the house judiciary committee sent a letter to the amazon ceo about whether they lied under oath. the momentum to rein in big tech is undeniable. we don't know if this will lead to change or it's political theatre. >> dana: up next an important message from an olympic gold medallist who lost her mother to breasts. it's important information. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
>> police officers saying no way to be forced to the vaccines. the head of seattle's police union is in "focus." and president biden's dirty little secret about the border
7:50 am
crisis exposed. in the dead of the night the biden administration has been transporting child migrants bringing thousands of them to new york, new jersey and other states. we have the receipts. general jack king is in the "faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> the state department has part of a small team that is on the ground that has been dispatched to haiti to work closely with haitians authorities. >> the president has imbraced and is receiving regular up-state on what the state department is doing to bring them home. >> bill: 17 missionaries were
7:51 am
kidnapped and they are demanding money. what have you found out. it's grim. it's sad. what people don't see is the fact that most of the country is shut down. particularly the aid right now. we have over 20 dr. fauci -- doctors and nurses. this nation is still cripbled from the shall hurricane that -- the horrible earthquake and then a hurricane. people are fearful. last week over 150 kidnappings in one week. i am praying and i think the entire community is praying these missionaries are returned home safely.
7:52 am
the most important thing to them is that the gospel is spread. that's the reason why they are there. no matter what your politics are right now. there is are a lot of places around the world hurting. organizations that represent this nation, this is a christian nation. these people are on the ground. though they may be fearful. they there are to spread the gospel. you can read their statements and follow that. i think as americans we should take a step back and realize how pleased we are to live in in nation. all of the great freedoms we have that we must continue to protect. i call on the biden administration. i don't agree with a lot of their politics. i call on them to do more. haiti is struggling. they don't have access to clean water and food.
7:53 am
it's time to stop giving aid to nations persecuting their people. it was found out that 29 of 30 senators in haiti are all involved in major drug trafficking. the gangsters are not just the kidnappers. they are in the government. unless we do and deep soul searching as a nation and the united states stands up for democracy all over the world. let's do it in the poor black country of haiti. that was the first independent black nation in the world. if you want to stand up for the rights and freedoms of back folks, haiti is the place to start. in america we can do more. >> dana: do you think the government is compliit with the gangs or have no control over the gangs? >> there is no government. let's be honest. it's lawlessness. if you look back at the u.n.
7:54 am
report. 29 of 30 senators are involved in major drug trafficking. it's time to clean shop. stop giving aid to countries governments like haiti. they are going there -- these people don't have access to water and basic food. if it wasn't for aid organizations you would have a major humanitarian crisis. you already do. there is no government. we go in to afghanistan and the middle east and stand against these type of governments. let's help the poor people and do what jesus told us to do. help the most under-served. the poorest of the poor. we can do more in hate as united states government. >> bill: the headquarters is in ohio. the gangs steal cattle and cars and now human being and
7:55 am
demanding ransom. >> it would take us 2 hours to wipe out all of those gangs in hyatt. we have the strongest military in the world. send them in there. >> bill: we are on the story and we will be in contact. >> [loud music playing]. >> dana: [inaudible]. a 3-time olympic gold medallist lost her mother 20 years ago. talking about the importance of mammograms. one thing that acted me one of our colleagues jerry survived breasts and in the hallway a couple of years ago, she made me promise her i would never skip my mammogram. i remember the promise i made to her. that really helped me make
7:56 am
appointments. what is your message? >> my message is the biggest thing you can do for yourself and as part of your overall wellness and self-care is get your mammogram. there were up to 60% of people last year with the pandemic that didn't go in. this it is a psa. get back in there. if you haven't started it can be anxiety producing. you expect an uncomfortable experience. they made a new machine. it's made by women for women. it's supposed to make the experience a little more comfortable. you have control. you hold a remote. you can control the amount of pressure being used. it's more like a spa than
7:57 am
a doctor's office. it's supposed to encourage people to say on their annual mammograms or get it done for the first time. >> dana: i thought surely there has to be a better way. one of the reasons that you want to get the mammograms every years because early detection can lead to survival. that's proven over and over again. the prevention angle is important and early detection also critical. >> yes, it's been proven. the earlier you catch cancer the earlier it can be treated. there are so many new treatment options. i lost my mom 20 years ago. i wish she had access to this stuff. the fact we have all of this to help us out. take advantage of it. >> dana: your mom must have been quite a lady.
7:58 am
you are an olympic champion. tell me about her. >> she was amazing. she was crucial when i was growing up to the success i have had. she drove may to volleyball and soccer practice or anything. she was a super mom and dealing with the breast cancer the whole time. in and out of remission. i find strength and bravery with how she felt. i channel that from her. she gave me a necklace i wore at the olympics. she never got to see me compete at the olympics. that's my way of having her with me. she was an amazing woman. so strong and i miss her so much. that's part of the reason why i am doing this. i want to turn my experience and her experience into something that can help other people
7:59 am
hopefully. >> dana: smiling at you now from heaven. thank you very much. own courage loved ones to get a mammogram. >> thanks for having me. >> [loud music playing]. >> [inaudible]. >> [laughing]. >> bill: i love her shirt. # don't skip. >> dana: and jerry made me promise never to skip a mammogram. >> bill: the animation one more time? roll it again. >> [laughing]. >> [loud music playing]. >> dana: we are having so much fun. >> bill: it's october. halloween is coming up.
8:00 am
we have pumpkins. >> dana: beavers popping for pumpkins. they are hard to get your teeth intoine for beavers. >> bill: mr. pumpkin said to mrs. pumpkin you are gorge-ous. >> harris: a border crisis bombshell. the "new york post" reported that the biden administration secretly transported under to new york city and florida. you issue in the "faulkner focus." biden's secret life. that's the headline this morning. according to the post who thousands children were flown from mexico to the new york city area and other


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