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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that. we are not afraid of code going to live our lives like american people. we do wonder when are those folks coming through at southern border when are they going to be vaxxed and masked like the rest of us are supposed to be. todd: i never want to hear that face diaper as someone who changes diapers. tough one to take. "fox & friends" starts now. >> midnight flights packed with hundreds of migrants believed to be landing at new york airport. >> all part of the president's plan to resettle unaccompanied minors. >> why such a secret operation? why is no one talkingut it? >> bernie sanders is slamming joe manchin over his opposition to president biden's spending proposal. >> manchin is in the driver's seat here. what he will go for is what they have to probably accept. >> mass protests erupting across california to demonstrate against vaccine mandates for students. >> we do not trust it yet. >> i believe they are too young.
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>> it shall terry mcauliffe hoping for a big boost. >> he know he can't win he has to bring everybody into virginia to campaign on his behalf. >> if they don't get this here it will be the ballgame. fourth and 1. howard lean forwards and i don't think titan's football and maybe the game. ♪ you know i love it shine on ♪ you may be rocking all night long ♪ brian: we'll just get through shine on me. previous show. ainsley: we are very dull. we need some furniture polish on you, brian. brian: dallas is in north texas. population 1.3 million. three-star hotel. $791. going to fly to dallas from new york three hours and 45 minutes. steve: that's all? and there is a time change.
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brian: that's right. there is a time change which i just signed off on recently happy birthday, steve. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: happy birthday, steve. how walls your. steve: my family threw me a party. it was great. we have a family tradition where the main gift is you have to spend a week or two writing a poem and so they all wrote poems. my wife made a video. ainsley: so sweet. steve: we had a combo. we were singing and dancing. i briefly fell down. ainsley: are you okay? steve: yeah fine. i tried to pick sally up and spin her. it didn't work out so well. it was great. i have already gotten a bunch of text messages from many you have watching, thank you. ainsley: were any of the poems funny. steve: they are all hilarious. they go back 30 years. kathy and i have been married 35 years. so she has a lot of material. ainsley: that's great. steve: find something embarrassing and rhyme with it. ainsley: so glad you were born.
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steve: i'm glad i was born. ainsley: we may or may not have a celebration for you. steve: i saw it in the run down. 8:59. stay tuned. ainsley: have to watch the whole show. brian: that will be in the last minute. the first minute let's start with this laura ingraham. miranda devine led the charge. when flint firefighters union illegal immigrants flood your border to the tune of 1.5 million. a question often pops in your mind whatever happens to them once they get here? we know they go into military bases we can't get there not open to the press. a lot of times they end up in tent cities or facilities that areover crowded not a loued to take pictures there. ted cruz gets yelled at when he does. now we find out when all the other flights are done, it turns out special flights are flying in to places like west chester, jacksonville and possibly long island where illegals ferried out to suburbs maybe near you. steve: we have heard for months heard from people in tennessee
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about these flights are coming n the middle of the night. and why would you fly a flight an airplane full of people n the middle of the night after 10:00 or 11:00 at night or 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. that's what they are doing. because they want nobody to see what they are doing. because, you know, of the polls show that this is not continuingly popular. but nonetheless, joe biden wants to be able to say hey, look, look what i'm doing. to his progressive base. but, at the same time, for the american public, if there are no pictures, nobody can talk about it well, the "new york post" has pictures. ainsley: headline is biden playing a deadly game to use secret flights to move migrants. one of the quotes is there is a research the biden administration is using secret flights to small airports to move unaccompanied minors who illegally cross the border. they don't want voters to know just how many people are being waived right into the country because president biden understands that open borders might be the policy of progressives. but it's not popular among the majority of americans.
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they go through in the article of all the different flights that they know of that have come through and it seems that the reporters followed some of these flights and some of the people that got off the flights got on to chartered buses and then they disseminated them all throughout the new york areas. some out to long island. other places in the suburbs of new york like west chester. brian put them into the most part working class areas. it absorb into school system often under financed after two hour flight after the flight leaves on 1:00 a.m. sunday twin oklahoma city academy juvenile detention center appear labor shah tallahassee, florida. staffers were set to open up a gate barbed wire. ron desantis outrage by the "new york post" put forward saying if the biden administration is so confident that their open border policy is so great and good for the country, why the secrecy
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because they know it's not and this is just one thing. let's say the poll numbers are positive for some odd reason about flooding illegals in our country and circumventing the immigration system. could you ever say to yourself what's the right thing to da? the right thing to do is process in illegal fashion, propose things that maybe make it easier for consulates to accept refugees, whatever it is this is not the way to do it. steve: they have said if you are a kid or pregnant woman, we are not going to turn you away. if you are family unit we are not going to turn you away. the "new york post" observe with their own eyes a lot of teenagers kids and men in their 20's which is different. the white house said yesterday in the post the flights only carry children and teens. doesn't really address the men in their 20's. meanwhile the department of homeland security says it is the legal responsibility of the united states of america to safely care for unaccompanied
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children until they can be unified by their -- with their parents or their sponsor. ainsley: it's clear they want to hide this doing it in the middle of the night. flight times. last week two planes that landed in west chester in the county airport there. webs night, 10:49 p.m. friday night 9:52 p.m. that's the one that went off mercy first. august 20th two flights arrived from houston 2:13 in the morning and 4:29 in the morning. brian: here is miranda devine last night expanding on the story that i'm certain you are going to be talking about today. >> we have had upwards of 1.5 million illegal migrants cross into america. what we didn't know where they were going. so we had a tip off that they were flying into west chester county airport in white plains in the dead of night 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. so last week we went and had a
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lock. we did see two planes fly in with about 100 illegal -- 100 migrants get off the plane. we are told by the government they were all unaccompanied children but several of them did look to us to be males in their 20's late teens. and then they were put on to buses. charter buses. they had a police escort out of the airport. and then they were dispersed around various places in new york, long island, also new jersey. ainsley: they got the tip probably from somebody who disagrees with this. didn't want to use their name. "new york post" isn't releasing their sources. steve: they saw what planes, what large planes were going to take off from airports down there and follow them here. i was on a street corner here in new york city about 4 four or five years ago when one of those other mass migration problems we had so many migrants coming into this country. and i was there when a bus full
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of people just stopped in front of me. the police officer asked me to stop and they got out. they went into a church. and in many of these cases, when they go to these other towns, what they do is they have contracted the federal government has, with ngos, nongovernment organizations so okay, we're requesting to bring you the people. then you figure out what to do with them. but the key is discretion. we don't want you waiving a flag saying hey, we have a whole bunch of folks from guatemala here just be discreet. so far they have. ainsley: do they put them in public schools? they don't note language. steve: the ng os have to figure this out. >> esos already overburdened go into working class systems where people for some reason don't have the political clout. put them in these areas. english as language classes now taken up. become taxpayer burdens whether they're the greatest people or not on us so we are paying for
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these systems as opposed to the people paying taxes for their schools. you are paying taxes from people from other countries to come into your school system and sit next to your kid in an overcrowded classroom so your kid's education is diminished your dollar is stretched even thinner it's just a lose, lose. guess who is happy about it? the cartels who grab the kid from south or central america or haiti, who knows, and promise to escort them to the u.s. where they are promised to be put in a suburb in america. so it worked. the cartels get more money to get more drugs, to get more illegal is into our border. and they sent for the parents. so it's a perfect storm. a perfect storm that america loses. ainsley: well, is he going to unify and be transparent. why are we doing this in the middle of the night? he obviously doesn't want us to know about it. brian: what about covid-19? anyone tested? anyone swabbing their nose? anyone firing them because -- they won't take a test or a vaccine? steve: we know children can't be vaccinated so it would be a super spreader event a 737 full
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of kids from down on southern border. brian: college age they can be. every college is demanding their kids get double vaccinated or they are out. ainsley: we will be talking about that coming up. 6:10 on the east coast. chaos reins in portland and police can't do anything about it woke new laws tying the hands of law enforcement. steve: and from the golden state of california to deep in the heart of texas. americans are fed up with rack seen mandates. how they are fighting back against the constantly changing rules. that's straight ahead on this tuesday "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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♪ carley: good morning, we are back your headlines, fbi agents are on the ground in haiti working to rescue 17 kidnapped missionaries who are mostly american. the gang reportedly asking for $1 million each for their release. the five men, seven women and five children were abducted at gunpoint by a local gang after visiting an orphanage. the white house confirming it is trying to help the group of christians. overnight, north korea fires off ballistic missiles over the sea of japan in latest action of aggression in the reasoning. the missiles launching just hours after the u.s. reaffirmed its offer to resume gloments on its weapons program. this also happening as the u.s., japan and south korea plan to meet to discuss a path forward with north korea. portland protesters causing more than half a million dollars in damage during a riot last week but police officers can only
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stand by and watch the mayhem a new woke law now presents oregon prevents law enforcement from using pepper spray and tear gas to control crowds. many people are outraged claiming they live in a lawless city. onto the nfl derrick henry proved why is he a force to be reckoned with leading the tennessee titans over the buffalo bills in a marquee monday night matchup. >> here is derek henry, get the big guy going and he is going. when i say going he might go all the way. nobody is going to catch him. carley: henry blazing past the bills defense for 76-yard run. the defense stopping the bills on this key fourth down play to seal the 34-31 victory. those your headlines. steve: all right. thank you, carley. steve: all right. it was 19 days ago that the governor of the great state of california signed a statewide mandate that students there they
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became the first state in the union to mandate vaccination or coronavirus testing to attend in person classes. and that would apply to the teachers and the students and everybody there. well, you know what? not everybody has gotten the shot. yesterday there was a statewide walkout of parents from no, your honor california down through southern california all opposing the school vaccine mandates. and that picture is, i believe, in the hollywood area. north hollywood. a group of parents there calling for school board members to resign and end the mandates. this was all organized on social media and it was announced and they said parents should take their kids out of school yesterday and teachers and staff who support it should probably stay home just as a sign of solidarity. ainsley: news of the protests started to spread on social media. a lot of parents were spreading the word. come out and protest. don't let your kid go school tomorrow this was actually this protest. a large crowd at the capitol.
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kids don't get vaccinated they are required to do independent learning. brian: teacher shortages are everywhere. so these teachers and these kids didn't quit. they are sending a message. in illinois major shortage of teachers 3600 education jobs. no one is getting the shot there teacher shortages impacting other schools nationwide oklahoma down 38% of teachers. many of which they say the shortage has a lot to do with the shot. north carolina, they say that they are down precipitously as well as they are in illinois and in seattle, they are having problems, too. their problems where amir ad. but they are also having problems with police. they are deciding that a percentage of their force is not going back because they don't want anything to do with the shot. in the state of washington. is a huge deal, too. with these state employees have get vaccinated on monday a seattle police officers now being fired after they declined
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to get the shot. they were protesting out yesterday. there's a sense of doonel in that city. ainsley: look how about big those gaps in flags are hanging in windows. steve: don't tread on me. ainsley: designed during the american revolution symbolizes limited government. steve: seattle the latest number was 6% of the police had not been given the shot as of last night. so 6% theoretically could be separated. now, keep in mind, it was democrat governor jay inslee who signed the statewide mandate that all employees for the state of washington needed the shot. and that's how we got to where we are. ainsley: yesterday we did a story of a police officer in that area who signed off using his radio and saying thank you for everything y'all have done for me in supporting me but i am out of here. i'm not going to take the vaccine and he was interviewed on "fox & friends first" and he said they told me you don't have to take the vaccine if you are
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except for religious reasons but you are going to have to move your entire family to the other side of the state and take a lesser paying job. he said i'm maxed out. i'm about two and a half years away from retirement and we are not doing it. brian: washington state's football coach heavily recruited from the university of hawaii nic roll very much out as head coach after failing to vaccine mandates four other assistants. he said i'm applying for religious exemption. they said you are fired. too late. you are done. kyrie irving with the nba last night will on the prime show talked to johnny isaac. he is out with the magic, he is not going to get the shot. he said i already had the virus. natural immunity doesn't seem to matter, which a lot of doctors outside the government say that's ridiculous. ainsley: unlike delta, the ceo of delta airlines said you don't have to take the vaccine 90% of
3:22 am
our employees are vaccinated. southwest different story. look at this. this was a protest outside of the southwest headquarters in dallas. steve: sure. remember, it was last week that there were cancellations southwest that forced tens of thousands of passengers to scramble for a ride because they were stranded. and yesterday, the deadline was the first -- everybody had to get their shot by the first week in october. that was the deadline. but workers can get medical or religious exemption until late november to comply. brian: right, meanwhile. steve: they're one of the airlines you have to get a shot and jab for a job. brian: here's the thing to keep in mind. the polls say 67% of the american public is for the mandates. i'm not one of them. we know this 80%, 90% of a lot of these businesses got vaccinated. has anyone in power ever thought about how these places. how these education facilities, whatever they are, how these medical facilities, how these hospice workers how are you going to deal with missing 10%
3:23 am
to 15% of your workforce? tucker carlson looked at this thing in perspective and said what is it with the biden and chief we have in the oval office. >> no reason a virus should rip apart the united states. covid could have brought us together. suffering often does that 9/11 did that. from the beginning demagogues like joe biden and many others have used this virus and many others to smash the bond that connect americans to one another. during last year's presidential campaign joe biden repeatedly always and with a straight face told us that every single american who died from covid died because of donald trump's negligence. now biden is telling us that the only reason people are still dying from covid is because stubborn, mostly working class americans won't submit to his shot. it's not logical. it's ridiculous. it doesn't make any sense at all. steve: so, as we continue to hit these deadlines, it will be interesting how many people actually do say you know what?
3:24 am
i'm not going to get the shot. go ahead and fire me and figure out how many people actually do that as soon as we got the numbers, we will share them with you. brian: guy like travis troy smith says if you have to get vaccinated to watch my show i'm not going to your venue. ainsley: he canceled those shows. the democrats are struggling to find some sort of solution to get this social spending bill passed. joey manchin is saying he wants 1.5 trillion. bernie sanders says 3.5 trillion. they are trying to meet in the middle. steve: bernie wants 10. ainsley: exactly. let's be honest. yesterday they did meet and also met with jayapal. they met separately and this is after the meeting they came outside. steve: look, they are hugging. ainsley: some of the reporters were asking them questions. listen to this. >> how was your meeting it with congressman jayapal? >> where did all my friends go. >> bernie sanders you guys going
3:25 am
to get together? >> we're talking. >> we're talking. >> you're going to have a resolution by the end of the week. >> we're talking. >> we're talking. brian: one of the dumbest things ever is bernie sanders takes out editorial in a west virginia newspaper ripping joe manchin when joe manchin is the only democrat left in that state. if he was to switch parties or not have the views he has, he wouldn't actually have that spot and they wouldn't have that invisible majority that only the vice president tilts their direction. and in turn he ripped back at bernie sanders, basically nobody in west virginia wants to hear from an independent socialist and your views. where does the rubber hit the road? everywhere. for example on paid leave. he believes there should be means testing on paid leave and be a limit to it. when it comes to the 150 billion-dollar clean electricity industry performance program that joe biden is proposing. it's a nonstarter to joe
3:26 am
manchin. is he from energy state and says we are in the middle of an energy crisis. that's just the beginning. steve: after bernie wrote that particular op-ed in the newspaper joe manchin called him an out of stater. yesterday during that scrum we saw right there. he said hey bernie did you apologize to joe manchin for writing that and send it's to his hometown paper? he said why would you ask me that? obviously did he not. ainsley: they have both been trading jabs with each other. they both are friends getting along. they just disagree. steve: joe manchin always eventually votes with the democrats. brian: bizarre seeing bernie sanders setting the agenda and joe manchin that's out of step? this guy was on the outskirts of a socialist almost a comic relief for years. now they are going why doesn't people see more eye to eye with bernie sanders who got panicked the democrats to such a degree they quickly propped up joe manchin -- excuse me, joe biden. steve: here is brit hume real fast. he says right now joe manchin is
3:27 am
in the driver's seat. >> have to believe that in the end after all manchin has said he would favor a spending bill a social spending bill not one as big as the staggering 3.5 trillion that senator sanders has claimed is absolutely necessary. and, indeed, has said is a compromise. manchin is in the driver's seat here. he has the decisive vote. along with perhaps several other of his colleagues. and what he will go for is what they have to probably accept in order to get the thing passed. so my sense about it is that they are going to get something and probably pretty large. just not as large as the one advertised. ainsley: brian, to your point. think about how scary that is. not just bernie sanders running the show. they are all in favor of the 3.5 except for 2. brian: moderates in the house put the foot on the brake care cincinnati ma i'm insulted you didn't vote on the bipartisan bill. the president is going to spend all week meeting one-on-one with
3:28 am
lawmakers before he goes to glasgow and gives up all our sovereignty. steve: nancy pelosi says she wants to pass something by halloween the meter is running. 10 or 11 days. brian: credibility shot after promising a vote three fridays ago. the race for governor heating up in virginia with polls closer than ever. republicans say they have the winning you formula as democrats rush to call in big names for backup. ainsley: plus, a truck driver short damage is stalling nationwide as you know. how one california high school is preparing teenagers to take the wheel. steve: excellent. ♪ ♪
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3:33 am
quickly as we should. >> the president and first lady were seen at an upscale restaurant maskless over the weekend which violates d.c.'s indoor mask mandates. a new york city commission unanimously votes to remove a thomas jefferson statue from council chambers. woke groups calling for the change because the former president owned slaves. it's expected to remain at city hall until the end of the year. and in the very same city, anti-capitalist activist install a 7-foot statue of haranbi a gorilla killed cincinnati zoo 2016. across from the wall street bowl. bull hoping to paint wall street has become bananas. steve: there are the bananas right there. thank you very much. two weeks away from election day in the commonwealth of virginia. and the race has never been
3:34 am
tighter for governor. democrats now calling in big names like stacey abrams to stump for terry mcauliffe. vice president harris and former president obama are also expected to hit the trail on terry's behalf this week. but our next guest says republican glenn youngkin is going to still win the governor job there. lieutenant governor nominee winston joins us now. winston, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve and good morning to your listeners. steve: you bet. their internal polling, the mcauliffe team, must be really tight for them to be bringing out the big guns like this. >> absolutely. because our internal polls are showing that we're up and so they thought that they were going to walk away with this. but, you know, black voters are looking at things very differently. we don't need this kind of nonsense. this is the constant okeydoke is what we call it you know, when you show up at election time. we don't ever see you again until another four years. so you can set your watch by
3:35 am
them. >> you know what's interesting and goes back to the whole critical race theory which, as we look at mr. youngkin right there, he has really within able to capitalize and say parents should be able to have a say in their children's curriculum. that is with the crt thing in northern virginia in particular. it's not just a republican issue. it's there are a lot of independents and democrats crossing over saying i don't like terry mcauliffe saying hey, parents should not have a say in that although he is trying to walk that back now. yeah, that's being taken out of context. >> well, we know that in 2015, the state board of education brought in crt, and that means it came in under his watch. he signed off on it and now essaying it's a conspiracy theory youngkin. it's nonsense. they are gas lighting us. we are not falling for that we know that in virginia, according
3:36 am
to the nate scores the nation's report card because i sat on the virginia state board of education. 45% of white children are not learning by the time they are doing math. then it comes to asian children it's 35%. black children it's 84% of them can't do math by the eighth grade and by the way, 85% of them are functionally illiterate. this is not a white/black thing. our children are not learning. i have knocked on doors, public housing. those mothers and fathers tell me they want their children to have a choice on where to go to school. because what's happening now is not working. our children need a hope and a future. they need critical reading theory, critical writing theory. critical science theory. here's the thing, steve. we are not americans we are not on this planet by our side. we are china to think about. economists are predicting china will be the number one super power by the year 2030. their children go to school
3:37 am
pre-kindergarten, 2 years old, 3 years old. what are we doing? we are destroying ourselves. steve: all something to think about. very latest clear politics average where they look at all the polls shows terry mcauliffe unjust a couple of points at this point. you said your internals show that you are leading. what do you make of the fact that so kamala harris is going to be a campaigning, i think, on thursday. in prince william county for terry mcauliffe. but, apparently there are about 300 churches in the commonwealth of virginia that have been running ads saying vote for terry mcauliffe. you know, that historically has been -- if you want tax except status forever your church or charity, you don't mix politics with church or your charity. but they are doing it. >> i remember when hillary clinton was running for president and she came out to a black church and started using some tired vernacular supposedly
3:38 am
mimicking us, i don't feel no ways tired. and i'm thinking is this how you speak to us as black people? have you lost your mind? are you crazy? this is what they do. and the fact that they are coming to our churches, they don't got white churches and do this. they come to the churches and do this. the purpose of church is worship god. is he listening to what you are saying. are you giving the other side a fair shake? are you inviting both candidates? we don't need this kind of stuff? are you encouraged after you hear this so that you can continue worshiping? why don't you go do that somewhere else. go peddle that somewhere else. there are enough black voters who are saying to themselves this is crazy. this is nonsense. this is not uplifting. this is not invigorating this ♪ refreshing. steve: i wonder if joe biden's irs will look into that? i don't think i'm going to hold
3:39 am
my breath. win some serious is running for the lt. governor of virginia and she joins us live thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. steve: nice to meet you and good luck. state ahead on this tuesday, the state department is set to investigate joe biden's tumultuous withdrawal from average. can we finally expect some accountability? joey jones on that. he is reporting for duty. joey, good morning. you're next. ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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gold. an element so agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. ♪ brian state department inspector general expect to investigate the are biden administration chaotic to be kind withdrawal from afghanistan embarrassing i might add, evacuation of americans from kabul. can we count on accountability from the i.g. who is supposed to
3:44 am
be independent? fox news contributor. retired marine bomb technician personally vested in this cause, served in afghanistan and joins us now. joey, is this a good thing? >> well, it's not a bad thing, transparency is a really good thing if we get it we were just talking, it really just depends on what intelligence was there what the intention community contempt of defense was saying and what the administration did with it at this point the intelligence community is probably tired of being the scapegoat and being blamed for everything. so if they were telling the president hey, listen, this is not the best move on or about these are the aspects of what is on the ground, i have a friend who works real closely with the cia. he was actually on the phone with people in afghanistan a few days before the first drone strike and just learning he knew and how they were communicating to him and how they were having to beg to stay where they were to continue to gather intelligence. i think they may be ready to say more than just we're silent professionals. you can't continue to blame community puts their lives on the line every single day in
3:45 am
places they don't know and eventually they will push back. >> the problem is should you tell it to bob woodward or the noorlg. that is the legal way to do things. you can be honest and not give up the code. >> yenk people in the intelligence community are looking for their career after service. i think they are looking to clear their name because they are still doing their job which is maybe a little bit different than some of our generals over this when you talk about bob woodward so i guess i'm a little bit bullish on the fact this they will tell the truth and we will find out that politicians often take something and turn it into what they want it to be rather than what it is. steve: brian: the woman's name is diana shaw staff the siv program. what happened with the 100 plus afghans dead. 13 or 14 americans died. 20 of which were wounded on that day. and whatever happened with the embassy. were we supposed to keep the embassy? wasn't that the point we give the embassy. we make the airport our embassy? >> these are the kind of problems we are upset about. if you tell me the 100,000 you brought here siv holders proof
3:46 am
it and we will live that tens of thousands claiming to the siv holders veterans i serve with are trying to get men and women and families out there. are so many people though have an obvious connection that documented history of helping us that were turned away or over even reached out. to say if you are telling me the 100,000 siv holders the others we know were and not sure about the 100,000 and layer on top of that you didn't hold kandahar because you were going to keep the embassy but then you gave the embassy up almost immediately. so if your plan was we are going to hold kabul because of the embassy. then you obviously didn't plan that correctly. then there is all these different questions. not only about pointing blame. hey, i don't want to get in this position again. i want to honor those 13 lives lost and make sure we don't end up in the same spot. not even talking about the 20 years of war there or talking about the fact that you know, and general mckenzie to his credit was the most fair and transparent. he still okayed a drone strike
3:47 am
that killed 10 civilians. in a world where he serves sitting in front of the american people it's my fault and make the call. we won't ask a general to step down? brian: ambassador khalilzad resigned yesterday, turning over. he produced the worst agreement i have ever seen in my life. born in afghanistan. he led it through two administrations and he said basically it didn't come out the way we thought. he needs to be investigated, too. joey, thanks so much. >> yeah. thank you. brian: we need to get some answers. >> certainly appreciate. brian: check in adam klotz for the weather. >> temperatures widely in the 40's and 50's. a little bit cooler on the east coast. we will see a warm-up in the next couple of days. otherwise, mostly dry. you take a look across the country, the map mostly clear. there is one low pressure system we are tracking now lifting into the rockies as this is higher elevation it has turned into
3:48 am
snow. fairly snowy here over the last couple of weeks, last week or so across the west that is going to continue this system move on up into the plains. cool air drug with it temperatures dropped minnesota by as much as 25 degrees. expect a lot of rain with this. maybe a little bit of ice and snow as it makes that move and those temperatures begin to drop. otherwise though, it's going to be rounds of weather across the west. and another system moving n the middle of the week. those are your weather headlines. brian, back to you. brian: all right, adam. thank you so much. hoping to help end the nation's short damage of truck drivers, right? you have a california high school getting teenagers behind the wheel. how they are revving up interest in the industry. and will they ever be able to parallel park? i still can't. ♪ ♪ if you're going my way ♪ i want to drive it all night long. ♪
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
. ainsley: as the country faces a drastic shortage of truck drivers one high school in california is teaching teenagers to take the wheel. patterson high school allowing
3:53 am
to learn the brasics of the industry and get hands on training. joining us is dave dime and student who hopes it get they're commercial driver's license this year. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: tell us why you started this program. >> well, we started this program mainly because we saw the need for getting more younger people into the industry. we're currently short about 63,000 drivers today. and that number is expected to climb drastically over the next five to seven years because we have an aging workforce. mainly because the current solution is not working, which is stealing drivers from each other. and we really need to create a pipeline of just young, well-trained talent into the industry. ainsley: you can't obviously get behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler and know what you are doing. what kinds of things are you learning in the class or did you learn? >> so i think my favorite part about the class is that we're
3:54 am
not just thrown into what the textbook says it goes hand in hand with real life updates as far as like videos go. what's going on in the industry. and we get time behind our own retired truck where we get to learn like your air brakes and stuff. so it's definitely a lot of hands on. along with just kind of gauging what the student needs. because everyone learns differently. some people are textbook learners some are hands on learners and that's something that i gauge and i like that mrt what each student needs and able to go from there. ainsley: dave, i know you said truck driving gave you a life were you a truck driver before a teacher. >> i actually was started driving in 1988. i personally struggled in high school. and it wasn't until i actually went to a truck driving school that i really realized that, you know i am smart. i just didn't care in high school. i see at love students going through the educational system today who plainly just don't have anything to care about so
3:55 am
we created a nontraditional classroom. student don't come in and sit behind a desk all day. it's very hands on and very interactive more than that they actually build authentic relationships with people in the industry. so we have guest speakers. we go on field trips. i want them to feel the trucking community. that's what i was drawn to. i want them to have that same experience. ainsley: i know you say out of all your friends in the class no one likes to skip mr. dein's class. they love him and what they're learning in his class. what are your dreams? what do you want to do with what you learned in his class? >> i really want to take it and apply it. definitely i always said my short-term goal would be get on with the company and go from there. learn what the industry is about. make partnerships, mentorships and then the long-term goal is i want to go over the road. and to do that you have to be 21 with as much experience as you can to set yourself up for
3:56 am
success. i definitely want to take what we learn and apply it to behind the wheel, meeting other drivers in the industry. and kind of just learning as much as we can. ainsley: dave, for someone who grew up thinking he was not capable of much. look what you are doing, changing lives and definitely found your calling and pouring into young people. god bless you. we wish you well, you are going to be stocking shelves or delivering all the goods we need on those shelves so thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the fda is set to clear the way for americans to mix and match covid vaccine boosters. what you need to know before getting another shot. en and alumni groups from america's top colleges are uniting in the name of free speech. their mission to end campus cancel culture. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
4:00 am
>> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
4:01 am
at the wall, another grand slam. ♪ >> ♪ i'm about to show you just how missing me feels ♪ in my red hot heels steve: we're starting this hour with kellie pickler because she is going to be joining us on this "fox & friends" as you look at the beach on october 19th, 2021. going for a high down there of 73 degrees. ainsley: what a beautiful shot. she is so precious. i remember when she was on "american idol" and they put on fake eye lashes for the first time. she said these feel like spiders on my eyes. [laughter] she is so cute.
4:02 am
what a rough start she had with her father and her story and she is now a big star. we're so proud of her. she just seems so cute. she has been on our show before. brian: another example you don't have owin early on in "american idol" just get close and when they see your personality it comes out. ainsley: that's right. what time is it 7:01. almost 7:02 on the east coast. we will start with the secret flight. the biden administration bringing migrant children to new york in the dead of dark. brian: you wonder what happened to the 1.5 million when they cross the border in the charter flights happening under the cover of night. steve: griff jenkins is live with new fallout from biden's border crisis and now we have got air biden. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. midnight runs for migrant children is the administration's latest solution for the border crisis. what you are seeing is order nateed charter flights arriving west chester county airport carrying unaccompanied kids on planes that originated in texas.
4:03 am
a spokesman for hhs acknowledging the flights in a statement saying, quote. in recent weeks unaccompanied children pass through the west chester airport in route to their final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor. the post also reporting that flights are stopping in florida as well. "new york post" columnist miranda devine had this to say. >> we have done our best to get the information from the government but we really have been stonewalled. they don't explain why they are doing it in the dead of night? why is this such a secret operation? why is no one talking about it? >> that's a good question for the president's nominee to head cbp chris magness who you see here. he will take the senate hot seat today. now, earlier this morning on "fox & friends first," former tucson police officer brandon tatum it who worked for magness slammed his nomination. >> he was an activist disguised as a police chief but this is the type of person that joe biden wants that's going to push his activism and pro-open border
4:04 am
policies. >> maybe he will get asked about this. this is cbp's press release from yesterday. three ms-13 gang members arrested in the rgv along a fourth criminal migrant with outstanding warrant for his arrest for sex offenses in dallas. bribe, ainsley, steve? steve: griff, you have been down to our southern border some times. you have been in detention and the distribution centers, essentially. did anybody ever -- did you ever hear down there, you know what? we are going to take them out of the airport and fly them all over the country? >> we saw coordinated flights moving migrants overwhelming holding areas in rgv if you remember, steve i reported when i went to el paso early on when this crisis began. they were moving to alleviate the overwhelmed detention areas. nothing like this. that has a coordinated chartered flights with this mercy first catholic charities organization to move the kids to the
4:05 am
interior. although it's clear now from the statement from the hhs spokesman it's happening large scale. brian: griff, we heard they are moving all the unaccompanied minors and families to military bases. i haven't heard anything since edges sement september for reports people are going a little crazy because they have no idea where they are and where they are going. have you heard anything? have they since left those bases? >> no. let's add to that that many of these bases, particularly in texas, are being used now to resettle and house the afghan refugees who are coming here. so whatever was happening before the afghan problem arose, it's now twice the impact. it will be interesting to see if chris magness gets asked about that as well. brian: yeah. remember when we used to have military things happening in military bases maybe the afghans can baby the unaccompanied minors and maybe put everybody to work. >> i don't have anything on that. steve: you shouldn't. griff, exit question, any idea
4:06 am
who is i pagliano for this. if people are chartering 737s or md 80s that's a lot of money. >> that's a fantastic question. and the "new york post" hopefully will follow up as well as fox news can do some digging because we have seen publicly disclosed contracts with government paying for hotel rooms in some areas and in this case catholic charities having to house some of these children, it would likely be coming from a government contract. although we have not confirmed that. ainsley: that's just the beginning and filtered into our school systems and our taxpayers pay for them to get an education. brian: we paid griff for his update. just make sure you send invoice. steve: bonus round. >> thank you. steve: it is a tuesday, two tuesdays from now in the commonwealth of virginia, they are going to have a big governor's race. right now terry mcauliffe and the insurgent republican, mr. youngkin, who you can see right there, screen right. they are pretty close. we just showed the real clear
4:07 am
politics average. they are just about 2 points apart from each other. and we had the lieutenant governor on the republican side with us a little while ago. i said it looks like the polls are really tight. she said absolutely. and, in fact, the republicans polls show that they are leading right now. ainsley: terry mcauliffe has said some crazy things. he has the name recognition. he has been in politics in that state for so long. he said some crazy things about parents' involvement. we have seen what's happening in loudoun county and fairfax county and all these parents are concerned about vaccination and masks and crt and what's being taught in the classroom. we have gone down there to have conversations with the parent. if you don't remember what terry mcauliffe said. this is what made parents so mad. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions. >> what do you think in control of. >> have you been vaccinated yet? do you have a mask on? >> education is not virginia
4:08 am
parent. >> i will build education. brian: by the way, is there anything ruder than that, does he think he came off well screaming at a reporter or being sarcastic to a reporter. i thought that would be an opportunity for him to clean it up. right? clarify oh yeah instead of answering the question let me tell you in the debate x, y and z happened. back of his mind my opinion is he worried about the teachers unions if he sides with the parents and teachers unions are endorsement how do you do that is he bleeding supporters and voters. so he tries to clean it up. tell me if this does the job. >> we know good schools depend on involved parents. that's why i want you to hear this from mean, glenn youngkin is taking my words out of context. ainsley: now he wants the parents involved. steve: out of context. we heard the whole context. here is the thing of what is going on in virginia right now, you know, we have had ian prior on. he used to be at the doj during
4:09 am
the trump administration. now he's one of the people who is on the. brian: wrong parent. steve: leading edge of the crt thing out in loudoun county. he says it's not just republicans. it's democrats, it's independents. there are a lot of parents who are very interested in what their kids are being taught in school. and that's why terry mcauliffe stepped in it. i don't think he corrected it when he had the chance it the reporters because i think he really believes that. brian: here is glenn youngkin by the way he is going to have a major speech i think today. is he not going to wait to win and take over in january. he said this is exactly how to take our schools back. but here's what he said about parents and the role he sees them playing if he becomes governor. he said this request laura last night. >> he said it six times since then that parents don't have a role in their kids' education. now what he is seeing is that parents across the commonwealth of virginia is saying no, sir, we actually have a fundamental right to be in our kids' education.
4:10 am
and to have a say over what happens with curriculum, to say what happens in that building that we send our children to every day assuming it's going to be safe and guess what? we're now finding out that it's not. noe terry mcauliffe is trying very hard to change this narrative because he knows that parents are done with him. that's why we are about to go win this race and make a statement for parents across the nation. a statement for parents that school boards no longer get to dictate what happens in their kids' school, parents do. ainsley: terry mcauliffe wants you to drop your kids off at school keep your mouth shut. ner say a reasonable doubt would. pick your kids up and never get involved. steve: do you know who is getting involved in his campaign? we have kamala harris coming in on thursday. she is going to be campaigning in prince william county. first lady jill biden campaigning on friday. stacey abrams was on sunday. barack obama is going to campaign on saturday. also, in 300 churches across the commonwealth of virginia, they are playing an ad in churches. brian: nuts.
4:11 am
steve: endorsing terry mcauliffe. since the 1950s, there have been strict limits if you want tax exempt status through the irs. you cannot mix politics with religion. and clearly that's what's going on. the secular coalition for america says it's inappropriate mixing of government politics and religion. it will be interesting to see if joe biden's irs actually goes and investigates. ainsley: they should. brian: i'm sure is he on it right now. steve: not going to hold my breath. ainsley: they will investigate you not if you push a candidate in church. church is for worship. >> not for politics. brian: what about stacey abrams? stacey abrams also politicking in church. you can't be telling people who to vote for in church in between reading or the gospel. please stand and vote. steve: according to the irs, brian, you are absolutely right. as i mentioned a moment ago we were talking to the nominee for lieutenant governor in virginia winsome sears, and she was
4:12 am
infuriated what's going on in the churches with the playing of those ads and so much more. listen to this. >> in 2015, the state board of education brought in crt and that means it came in under his watch. he signed off on it and now he's saying that it's a conspiracy theory cooked up by glenn youngkin. it's nonsense. they are gas lighting us. this is not a white/black thing. our children aren't learning. i have knocked on doors in public housing. also, do you know what those mothers and fathers tell me? they want their children to have a choice on where to go to school. because what's happening now is not working. our children need a hope and a future. they need critical reading theory. critical writing theory. critical science theory. ainsley: we are hearing that all over the country. we all want choice dollars. we don't want the government to tell us what to do. we want choices into what our kids are going to learn at school. we want to be able to stand up at school board meetings if we disagree with a curriculum and many people across the country want a choice when it comes to
4:13 am
the vaccines and they are fed up with these vaccine mandates. you are seeing that in the sports world now. brian: we have been saying this since the mandates first came out when president biden came out and started yelling at us this is a pandemic of the unvaccinate and we are going to have mandates and now soon we are going to have every company with over 100 people are going to have mandates that they have to make it every employee vaccinated. even if it's popular you are going to lose 10 to 15% of your employees whether you like it or not because they are going to refuse because they have natural immunity or just don't feel comfortable with the shot. like an espn reporter resigned over the weekend she wants to get pregnant and nervous about it her doctor said hold off on the vaccine. espn said get it. so she says i quit. same thing with washington state's nic rolovich out as head coach of that school. heavily recruited from the university of hawaii along with the coaches wearing a mask and willing to get tested but did not want to get the vaccine. ainsley: jay instantly in that state says you have to have the
4:14 am
vaccine if you are a state employee. steve: in washington state, 90% of the employees at washington state university have had the shot, 97% of the students have had the shot. but 100 percent, it looks like of the coaching staff, have not. meanwhile, nba's jonathan isaac -- brian: by the way isn't it outrageous fire a coach that recruited these players came to play for him in the middle of the season. asking for exemption fire him and his entire staff while this whole pandemic is receding. 40 states the numbers are going down. in places like florida it's down 60%. there -- the pandemic we're on the other side of it. if a vary yantd rolled through it might blow through all of our vaccines. how do you fire a guy in the middle of a career because he wouldn't get a vaccine while he is waiting for exemption. this is outrageous. steve: they did it because the governor, jay instantly said everybody has got to get it, and
4:15 am
that includes the coaches. brian: outrageous. steve: unfortunately the coaches are out object street now. ainsley: plefers, too. brian: teachers. steve: the nba's jonathan isaac with the orlando magic. he is not going to get the shot. he was on prime last night with will and was talking a little bit about, look, i'm a youngs guy, i'm healthy, i have had covid. i'm not getting it watch. >> i have covid in the past. i have come to understand our reactions in terms of immunity by natural infection is robust is robust and long last. i have that with my current physical fitness level and age group i don't feel i'm in a category of, you know, feel or necessarily need right now to get the vaccine. i feel that the blatant miscarriage was information about the media has turned this thing so sour and it's politicized i'm seeing people and standing with people who deciding not to get it on the backs of freedom. there aren't scientific legal or to me moral grounds for the
4:16 am
vaccine mandate itself. i think when you take into account the nature of covid, the nature of the vaccine that doesn't stop infection or transmission. brian: he is 100 percent right. by the way, the durability is about a year. so if you think this is a big deal, now we're going to have all of america go back and get another two shots. so, this is going to be a fun little event. if you think it's a problem now with parents and crt. now tell a bunch of parents go vaccinate your 7-year-old or you are out of school. that's going to be coming down the pike. ainsley: travis troy smith canceled all of his shows the ones that require a vaccination or a test for a mask. brian: 28,000 employees at yale, about 100 unvaccinated got fired. going to lose their jobs. ainsley: at yale. brian: i think there are smart people at yale. i have heard that. steve: well, these mandate deadlines are kicking in all over the place. when we get the final numbers because it will be interesting to see how many people we have been talking about new york city teachers and police and stuff
4:17 am
like that will be interesting to see where exactly people are and are not getting the shots. brian: divide the country further. i didn't think it was possible but the president has done it great job. ainsley: some states the ones that haven't mandate it like the school system mandates it the teachers have to wear masks. if people refuse to wear it, they are still getting paid, they are just not around the kids. brian: can you could testing. carley shimkus i don't want to test you have already passed. carley: so have you. the fda is reportedly going to green light mixing and matching for fully vaccinated americans seeking a booster shot. the "new york times" reporting the approval could come as soon as tomorrow. this comes after a study reveals antibody levels rose exponentially in those who are giving a moderna booster following the single jab johnson & johnson vaccine. san francisco lawmakers are disputing claims walgreen's is closing stores because of rampant shoplifting in the city. the mayor says the new closures are really about cutting costs.
4:18 am
despite the company previously citing crime as the reason. video of recent months show thieves boldly stealing from stores across the bay area. box boston bats stay red hot against houston in the aclf. watch. >> into right. at the wall another grand slam. carley: red sox star kyle schwabber making history it wallop 12-3 was the final score. boston taking a 2 to 1 lead in the series. game 4 is in bean town tonight. brian: i don't know if you saw the post game on show on fox. carley: 12-3. >> alex rodriguez common tarlt there. not popular in boston. every time he spoke the boston affleck. because ben affleck stole his
4:19 am
girlfriend. carley: that's fighting words. brian: he couldn't get a word out. steve: that's a grand slam. brian: there you go. they will have to do it indoors. ainsley: maybe put another commentator on that day. although i love watching him. brian: right. steve: thanks, carley. still ahead on this tuesday. the search continues for the gunman who shot three houston deputies and killed one fiance of an injured deputy joins us to shed light on the unbreakable bond between those brothers in blue straight ahead. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder,
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steve: this morning in texas a search continues for a gunman opened fire on three deputy constables in a houston bar over the weekend. brian: deputy kareem atkins killed. darryl garrett and what you keep barthem were hurt. ainsley: three men so close that they called themselves brothers. lajay joins us now. >> good morning. >> i'm so sorry for everything have you going through. how is darryl doing? >> is he making it. i don't want to say he is doing okay because he's not doing okay. he just had surgery yesterday again. that was his third surgery. steve it's a lot. and i know that, you know, your fiance and the other two guys were such good friends. does he know about officer atkins? >> no. and we're not telling him until
4:25 am
way down the line because we don't want to jeopardize, you know, his recovery or anything. and, you know, it is just hard for us to even disclose that to him. so it will be a while. actually until he starts to heal and able to speak, then we'll, you know, let him know, what happened to atkins. steve: sure. brian: how did you find out that this took place and do you guys ever discuss the danger in the job? >> we discuss it all the time because we are around it, you know, when we are at work. so we are aware of things that can happen. so, that's why i am, you know, acceptive of the situation. because we are trained for things that happen like this. but, when it did happen, they called me at 2:23 a.m. i'm never going to forget it when my phone rung and it wasn't darrell, i knew something was
4:26 am
wrong. ainsley: kareem leaves behind a wife and 2-month-old baby. >> yes. and he has a daughter that just made 2. steve: lajah, you have described them as brothers. they did everything together. tell us how they got started as such good friends. >> well, they all met when they all joined the force. but, you would think that they have been friends way before then. it's just once they met, they all gained this bond each other. they worked of the same, you know, shift. they patrolled together. and it's like from them working together they just got really close. and ever since then they just have done everything together. they talk to each other. every single day. no matter what the situation is. all three of them came through for each other. even if it was for me or for atkins wife or barthen's girlfriend, we were a family. and it's just heart breaking
4:27 am
that one of our close families and friends had to leave us. i still can't believe it i'm really in disbelief. like i keep thinking he is still here with us. brian: wow. ainsley: this shooter changed your life. changed the lives of all three of those men and their loved ones and their families. >> yeah. ainsley: you know, people when they don't even think about this, i guess. it's affecting you forever now. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. >> it is. thank you so much. steve: if you would like, folks watching right now, if you would like to help, you can find deputy garrett's go fund me at lajah, his widow leaves mind a 2-year-old or 2-month-old as well? ainsley: and a 2-year-old. >> yeah. the new baby, i think he is 6 months. but, you know, he was just so excited about the baby. they just purchased a new home together.
4:28 am
they was just starting a brand new life. you know, with a new baby and stuff like that. and i mean, i'm just -- i'm really just devastated. every time i see his face on social media. on the news. i just start crying. even with barthen and darryl, i just can't stop the tears, i mean, even if i'm just sitting down just thinking about it, i'm just really hurt and the only thing i can say is i really want to thank the doctors and the nurses. they have really been supportive and, you know, keeping us at ease with everything. they are, you know, monitoring him 24/7. i want to really say i appreciate them and i'm so grateful for what they have been doing and keeping him, you know, comfort and stuff like that. i really do want to say thank you to everyone. brian bine we're glad you came on with us to tell us this story. we want to keep up with you. ainsley: go to
4:29 am
do to the go fund mow. help this family out. three innocent officers out there protecting the community. and this is what happened. i know the bills are going to be expensive. god bless you. brian: lajah, thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: kareem atkins was 30 years old. god rest his soul. brian: back in a moment. ♪ was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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4:33 am
military capability they were surprised by it after the communist regime reportedly tested a missile, hypersonic that could deliver a nuclear bomb while circle the earth. that's not the only nuclear threat. overnight north korea fired ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. general keith kellogg the national security adviser for the trump administration. privileged to have him now. he has a brand new book called war by other means. we will discuss that in a second. general, your reaction to north korea's ballistic missile into the sea of japan last night. >> brian, thanks for having me. first of all, this is his way of getting attention. he used to do that all the time
4:34 am
during the trump administration. brian: it stopped for a while it? >> stopped for a while because trump engaged him. when he called me one night late at night first time it happened first time he called on the phone and said what is this with rocket man that was the first time he used this rocket man. who is this guy? no, no. i'm talking about kim. his belief was the only way we are going to stop this if i personally engage kim. everybody in the intelligence community and security community said don't do that he actually did that because of that they started to develop this relationship that kin actually stopped doing that stopped developing the missile systems he had and stopped shooting missiles. maybe i can reach an agreement with the trump administration. it's really for lack of better terms cry for kim out there. sending a message to the biden administration i'm still here. brian: true. all fell apart in vietnam. same belligerence and hypersonic missile program kind of caught us by surprise which is stunning. general kellogg, you write this book. your vision of the trump white
4:35 am
house and what you saw as our national security threat. the name of the book is war by other means. a general in the trump white house. why do you as a general work and general kelly and general mattis didn't? >> well, i think part of it is because i think i understood the president better than they did. i had a chance by being on the 2015, 2016 campaign. i saw the man who really was. in fact the title of the book my daughter wanted to be "behind closed doors. requests she said, dad, you are telling stories about a president that most people don't see when the lights come on. you saw a man introspective could make decisions really fast and hard good decisions. his instincts were off the chart. they were wicked good. and he just kind of knew people and he knew the populist view of the united states of america. above all, he was an american. he was uniquely american and he really believed in america. he believed in the people in washington and kansas not necessarily the people in washington, d.c. i used to watch and see him do that he is very unique in that regard. so he brought a different
4:36 am
attitude. brian: you know what the four years were like what you saw and what the four years might be like if he gets it again. colin powell passed away in the middle of our show yesterday. your reflections? >> yeah. i had two quick reflections on him. one is quickly when i was in the panama invasion, i was a commander and my dad had died that night i got a call he had died during the middle of the invasion. and pretty unsettling and obviously since we were trying to take down targets at the same time. about a week later, 10 days later colin powell came in panama to review the operation. his intelligence started talking to me about the targets. he stopped them. he said tell me about your dad. tell me about what your family is like. and it just took me totally off guard because i wasn't expecting that at all. it showed his compassion. fast forward a four months later i'm involved in the defense of saudi arabia when iraq moved into kuwait. and you know, i saw what he
4:37 am
intended to do as chairman of the joint chiefs was basically what we call the powell doctrine fight with overwhelming force. fight to win. bring the american people with you. fight with end state. america forgot the powell doctrine and what he brought forward out there. and then years later when i had a chance to talk to him iraq cpa coalition chief operating officer. i saw him on the vtc he started laughing how come you and i always end up in weird places with danger surrounding us every turn i said well, sir, part of the business. brian: he knew it class. war by other means, out today. a general in the trump white house. i know the president has extreme faith in you. and really loves you. general keith kellogg, thanks so much. >> thanks. brian: great to see you in person. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, quick announcement, the president freedom fighters going to come out november 2nd. i will be on stage talking about
4:38 am
our history, vedra sold out and just go to brian hope to see you live. up next, alumni groups america's top colleges uniting in the name of free speech. their mission to end campus cancel culture next. ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain,
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4:43 am
princeton alumni jim taylor. jim bacon and davidson alumni kenny shoo. guys, good morning to all of you. >> nice to see you all. steve: great to have you. >> good morning. steve: stuart, let's start with you. why alumni? why will you be able to band together and have some sort of influence, you feel? >> it's kind of process of elimination. the groups that mainly care about universities or students faculty and alumni, also administration. the students the faculty are anti-free speech forces. far left anti-speech forces who used to be pro-free speech. put that aside for a moment, have been harassing, discriminating against free speech advocates for saying things that the -- that the left doesn't like for some years on the campuses. and they, the alumni -- i'm sorry, the faculty and student defenders of free speech are out
4:44 am
numbered. they are out gunned. they're isolating. so if anybody is going to defend champion free speech on campus, it's going to be alumni and there are a lot of alumni and frankly in part because a lot of us are older who are eager to defend free speech. steve: sure. and, jim, not only are you older, but you have got money. and the university relies on the alumni money and maybe you can turn some heads that way. >> well, we certainly hope we can. we at the university of virginia, we have been thinking about that something that we might do right now we are trying to cooperate with the administration that's always in the background. that's one be thing they listen. to say. steve: absolutely. kenny, when something like a quarter of all college students, when they are on campus, they feel like they have got to
4:45 am
self-censure themselves so that they don't get in big trouble with the people around them or their teachers because you have go go along to get along. it's not how it's supposed to be. you know, when i went to college, you had all sides of opinions being bandied about. but these days if you stray from the one, which is way to the left, you are going to be in trouble. >> true, i totally understand. you know, when i was at davidson college, i was there just a little while ago. i fought for the chicago statement of free expression to be put on my campus. and i was trying to negotiate with the president of the college. the chicago statement basically says free speech shall not be abridged because some find it offensive or intimidating. and do you know what the president of the college said to me? she said some might say it incites hate speech. i'm facing hate just because of my speech. that's why we need the chicago statement.
4:46 am
i vowed next time that i was going to come with an army. and i wasn't going to negotiate alone. that's when i turned to the davidson alumni: we are proud to join the alumni free speech association and fight for true free expression intellectual diversity on campus. steve: stuart, really, this is nonpartisan because it's all about freedom of speech knows no party. >> that's right. it is nonpartisan and that's right in the charter of the alumni free speech alliance. that we will defend the free speech of the republicans, democrats, left, right, whoever is speaking. you know, not if it's threat not if it's libel or illegal, but we will by and large defend free speech. that is now labeled a conservative cause. used to be more of a liberal cause defending freedom of speech, academic freedom. and what happens in any society
4:47 am
is the forces that are culturally dominant in this country the left like to make the people who are not on their side shut up. and that's why free speech has a lot of defenders among conservatives now and not so many on the campuses among students and faculty. steve: jim, you are banding together, jim, because you guys aren't going to shut up. >> no. we're not about to shut up we track very closely everything that's going on at the university, and one of the problems that alumni -- most alumni have and they need to be awakened is that the university administration at uva and i think this is true everywhere, they control the means of communication with the alumni. the alumni associations are basically become adjuncts to administrations to raise money to fund raise and, you know,
4:48 am
we -- someone needs to get the word out. so that's us. steve: right. that's what you are doing just now. guys, thank you for joining us on this tuesday. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. steve: all right, meanwhile. straight ahead if your house is also doubling as your office, you might be a little cramped. skip bedell shares his big ideas to upgrade your small straight ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ we can't even go down ♪ we don't have to go out ♪ rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
4:49 am
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4:52 am
here next home improvement job home contractor skip bedell. hey, skip. >> great to be back again. thank you very much, ainsley. multipurposing spaces. so we are working from home. we have a home gym. everything is happening. kids off to school. we want to convert that bedroom into a multiuse space. we all heard of murphy beds and fold away beds. guys at murphy have taken us to a whole nother level. technology that goes into the fold away bed now looks like this. they have amazing cabinetry and colors and styles can you choose from. look at this.
4:53 am
this is amazing. watch this. so we have a completely fold away awesome bed right there. all matching cabinetry. comes in many different designs and finishes can you choose from. the best part is when you are done using the bed. can you fold it away and now you have your yoga stock, your home office. your gym. so you can really multipurpose. so i love this. this is murphy door taken to the next level. instead of having a plain slab on your door, you can now use it as storage space. right? so now you have built in cabinetry. ainsley: this is a door not shelves. >> there is more. watch this. it's now a hidden door. ainsley: wow, cool. >> come yesterday to install. dyi. pull your door out of the frame. you pop this in and now you have a usable space of storage, not just a door that swings. but the best part is you have a hidden secret space back there it's great to store your valuables, maybe firearms and things like that.
4:54 am
ainsley: safe room or kitchen. >> who doesn't want a secret room it's like james bond, right? the 007 stuff. everyone loves full length mirror. popular sellers. the important thing is it opens up. rather than just a mirror on the wall you have storage, you have shoe storage. there is tons of style. there are so many different things you can use. so full length mirror again, operating just like that the first one. this is cool for under the stairs. >> look how great this is a short door. great for the. ainsley: it opens, too? >> great for the kids rooms. take their closet door and turn it into their secret little hide away. ainsley: yes. >> living room or any room in the house converts that door into a usable space but also hides the entry way. ainsley: caucus tom mize it so you want the shelf to be wider. >> all here in america. tons of finishes and styles can you choose from at murphy and taking that technology and saving space in your garage.
4:55 am
enough to you can actually get your car back in the garage. one of the biggest tools we have in the garage is a ladder. so thought murphy ladder comes right off the wall. it opens up. the best part is it doesn't just fold like a normal a-frame ladder it folds again, so this genius technology allows them to fold and put it right up on the wall on little hooks. now you are saving all that space in your garage, too. ainsley: then you can buy all three of them. >> all three all different sides, 7-foot 9-foot and 11-foot ladder. taking all that technology murphy innovation doors and beds in the years and now they have murphy ladder. find all these at home depot as well. walk right in the store and pick it up. ainsley: so easy. now is the time we can do all of this now. >> before the holidays. everybody is doing work on their house, sprucing up the place. getting ready for company. the room you are using for your office. you can pull down when the family comes over for thanksgiving. ainsley: that's right. not a bad gift for dad for christmas either. >> dad has to love the man cave
4:56 am
door. ainsley: what's the is site again. >> murphy ainsley: is your website? >> skip ainsley: thank you, skip. california parents and teachers fight back mandate by stabling massive walkouts across the state. mom joins us with her message for state leaders. kellie pickler calling on congress to green light a new memorial for veterans. she details mission to honor our heroes. ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. (all) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners
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5:00 am
♪ snots >> now protest erupting across california to demonstrate against vaccine mandates for students. >> demagogues like joe biden used this virus as a ham or to smash bond to connect americans to one another. j midnight strife pack with hundreds of migrants landing at a new york airport. >> such a secret operation. why no one came about. >> two weeks away from election day and republicans say they have winning formula. j polls are showing that we're up. >> black volt reverse looking at thengs very differently. >> alumni groups are uniting at air mission to end campus cancel culture. >> free speech are not a bridge because some find it
5:01 am
intimidating. >> fourth and one. alan leaps forwards i don't think -- titans football. and maybe the game. ♪ ♪ kellie pickler singing and that's the picture of jacksonville, florida. you want to know why people move to florida? >> what was the picture? >> jacksonville, because the art, beach website family fun, there's golf. a zoo, schools are great and jacksonville jaguars there a beautiful day high of 81. beautiful. >> won their first game of the year another reason. [laughter] >> myers first win as a procoach. >> lost four and won one. >> but tax, that's the beautiful weather.
5:02 am
people are friendly. property taxes are real, though. i will say that people are illusion is there's no property tacks there's property tacks. >> cheaper than they are here. >> when i moved to texas they said you would save money with no taxes coming out of your paycheck an hit with the property taxes i was not used to in south carolina. >> at least go to the school. >> they have to pay for everything with something. >> right. so they have figured it that way thank you for joining us hour three. >> happy birthday. >> a party coming up. >> there could be cake at the end of this hour. if you've been good. >> have you been good this year? >> i hope so i'm going to find out -- >> that's pretty much a christmas. >> you have to be good to get christmas presents. >> you have to be just born. >> we're glad you were born. >> so am i. steve: start out west yesterday in california there were we don't know exactly how many parents deciding you know what
5:03 am
we're up to -- up to here. with these school man dates so we're gopg to protest as you can see right there. keep in mind california was the first state to mandate vaccines or coronavirus testing for kids and -- people who work in the schools. so comply governor signed it on october first and soon apply or get to do independent study and when you're a kid you don't want independent study. >> what about -- >> you stay in your room for the most part unless you're on campus but i don't think you can go on campus if you haven't gotten the vaccine and that is why all of those people turned out yesterday. they are opposed to what is going on in california schools and among other things those signs say that school board members in their town should resign because they don't like what's going on. ainsley: news of the protest spread on social media one was reading participants have right to decide what's best for our children and with a huge group at the capitol which is what
5:04 am
you're seeing rooght there. brian: the flag there when cops decided it they over in seattle police have -- are now on a vaccine mandate. so the police are pushing back and not if they're not under enough fire. to begin with over the last two years, with the police finally gas and flex don't tread on me on their patrol cars they're pushing back now most are vaccinated but you lose a percentage of the force that refuse to get vaccinate. doesn't matter your point of view there's great people with a reasonable people who don't want to get vaccinated and now some of which have the virus ready, obviously, and they can't get an antibody test suddenly now but can't get one that anybody is happy with and disappearing and now cops have to decide if 17 or 7 years they have to call quits. and they're pushing back on that, just about everywhere. i just can't believe also how many teachers i'm seeing how many teachers in north carolina -- over in oklahoma, over in
5:05 am
illinois who are deciding that they're going to have to quit because they're not going to get vaccinated even though 90% are done you have to think about this. if 10% of everyone's work force from the medical profession, to the educational profession to law and order if they're all resigning i mean isn't there a better way than this to further divide americans to add to the unemployed americans? by the way, sometime you can't get unemployment insurance. ainsley: think about our teachers, hospital workers already have been through. exactly our police officers, for the last 18 months plus -- they've been dealing with all of this and now they're being told you can lose your job if you don't comply. steve: well you work for the government the government as we know emanate from washington mandating all of these -- restrictions whatnot. ainsley: breaks your heart when you hear someone will lose their pension or two years away from retirement and don't want to get the vaccine. steve: a various of reasons why
5:06 am
they're not dong it and joe biden was over a month ago he said look, i'm going to have the, you know, pull the levers of the federal government and if you have a business, that does business with the government and you can employ over 100 people, you have to require either everybody get the shot or is regularly tested. and that is what is going on coast to coast. there were protest yesterday southwest, airlines is doing the same they think. remember it was just about a week ago when they had all of those scheduled problems and you know, now they're in the midst of what is going on there. i believe i saw the -- one of the ceo of southwest he said look, i don't to make everybody get it but we do government contracts so we have to abide by what united -- ainsley: ceo of delta said we're not gong to make everyone and employees are already vaccinated. brian: it takes people to make their own decisions suddenly about this. keep in mind, the case no one wants to talk about this cases are dropping off the charts as you look at israel and u.k.
5:07 am
totally expected and not nearly as being with the delta variant is so death hospitalization and cases drop this president is saying only they think i get high ratings are when i talk about the pandemic. so every four days let me go out to give a six minute speech about need to get vaccinated and scream at people and say this is a pandemic of the unhaven'ted unhaven'ted when we know cases are happening and people are hospitalized for example the west family colonel west had it and wife haven'ted both were hospitalled. there's something to be looked at there. nobody looks at naturalized immunity and what's happening with chicago, they did their police union did have a problem with it. a third of which did not even report whether they're vaccinated or not have you gong to in chicago, for example? just go into put up with the 30 police force? doing other things for a living. steve: scary for thing in chicago is mayor said if you don't get the shot and apply for
5:08 am
i believe early retirement we koangt give you your pension. unbelievable. ainsley: i'm sure that will be a lawsuit but then we have one -- brian: all will be a lawsuit. ainsley: a lot of police officerrings are saying why are you telling teachers they don't have to get vaccinated yet we do and her response according to the order of police president who we had on the show said, don't worry about them worry about yourself. brian: steve do congressional staffers have to get vaccinated? steve: i believe it is no. ainsley: i thought they did it first but last week they didn't so we have to check on that. steve: that will be a follow-up yes. if you work for the administration most of washington you have to get the shot. brian: tsa we're losing a lot of them and don't worry, chuck schumer has german shepherds. here is tucker carlson talking about the need for americans to come together, however, this administration is determined to
5:09 am
pull them apart. >> there's no inherent reason that a virus should rip apart the united states covid could have easily brought us together 9/11 did that and yet from the very beginning demagogue like joe biden and many others have used this virus as a hammer to smash the bonds that connect americans to one another. during lag year's presidential campaign joe biden repeatedly and always with a straight face told us that every single american who died from covid died because of donald trump's negligence. now biden is telling us that only reason people are still dying from covid is because stubborn mostly working class americans won't submit to his shot it is not logical it is ridiculous doesn't make any sense at all. brian: by the way the congressional staffers are exempt from dong this. can you imagine that? if they're exempt but yet he's yelling at americans to go do it it is a double standard. ainsley: well -- brian: he was supposed to bring
5:10 am
us together and normalcy back. he's brought outrageousness and incompetence back. ainsley: hypocrisy not wearing mask in the restaurant everyone else has to. steve: you're right. ainsley: this is the front cover of the new york post and we were shocked it says biden secret flight what he's doing is gathering thousands of these immigrant children, there are 37,000 of them that migrated here in july and august alone and they're putting them on chartered flights dropping them into different cities around country we've been asking where are they going what happens to them. well new york post got a tip this was happening in westchester which is white plains area just a suburb north of manhattan, and they went there and they got all of the logs all of the manifest or logs from the flight and they are telling us that on wednesday of last week there was a flight that came in at 10:49 in cover of night. friday 9:52% august 20th a
5:11 am
flight at 2:13 in the morning a flight at 4:29 in the morning. dropping off at different locations for example from that flight ainsley at 12:30 the bus after the flight got into long island, which is from west westchester a half hour from my house an they brought mercy first a nonprofit sponsored by the catholic sisters of mercy that provides housing and services for children adolescents and victims of societal problems i guess societal problems and not other country and i want to know if the catholics are okay giving money to organizations that are helping settle illegal immigrants in our countriening we should be very transparent about these organizations too. you can have a big heart but you have to be an american first if you're playing a role with these cartels making money, by human trafficking so once they get here, they end new a beautiful
5:12 am
place you have to sleep at night i'm not sure catholic charities are thinking of the big picture. steve: historically they have supported my immigrants in country for a long time. brian: illegal human traffic and brought there i'm sure they don't support human trafficking. >> they don't think about politics but once you're here you need a place to go. steve: they've done that for dex kaidz they've been talking about that. supporting the mob -- brian: but the children of the mob are helpful but you can't support mob because mob does illegal -- they're illegal criminal activity. you're supporting illegal criminal activity. steve: so you know, we have seen down in brownsville, texas along border, the buses just take off and head north. but now we know that to leapfrog over you know a two-day greyhound bus trip, they are chartering these cessna 337
5:13 am
froth is and these mcdonald's douglas m80 and flying this will all over the place and it sounds like, they're gong to regions like westchester or new jersey or places leak that. that are centralized they take everybody off they bus them to a facility where there is an mgo nongovernment organization that is going to be -- is being paid essentially to find the families. and to reunite them so that's what they have -- brian: families here that's what they tell us, steve. ainsley: according to this article it says they're gopg to a sponsor or find someone in extended families that could be an aunt or uncle. brian: i'm sure they're really drilling down on the ids to make sure this all lines up a and what environment a work class area pay dhoak pay dhoak see a paycheck where people coming in not saying they're not great families but to adopt a kid they
5:14 am
come check out your houses they look at your background. they talk to your -- they talk to your employees and neighbors, do you think that's happening happening with 1.5 million illegals. ainsley: one in westchester stopped in jacksonville and dropped off a crowd there at 10 p.m. at night they drove two hours close to tallahassee to drop them off at a detention center and ron desantis says biden administration is so confident that the open border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy why do this in the middle of the night? >> why not tell the governor of a state we're bringing illegal immigrants to you? steve: we've had governor of tennessee on and he didn't know anything about how they were flying in -- people in the middle of the night whole planes full. op-ed on "the new york post" editorial phage says biden playing deadly game using secret flights to move migrants quote is there's a reason the biden administration is using secret flights if to small airports to move unaccompany minors who
5:15 am
illegally cross border they don't want voters to know how many people are being waved into the krnghts because president biden understands that open borders might be the policy of progressives. but it is not popular among the majority of americans. one of the people who did some of the reporting on this, and has opined on it miranda devine has this to say last night with tucker. >> we've had upwards of is.5 million illegal migrants cross into america and we didn't know where they were going so we have a tip off that they were flying into westchester county airport in white plains. in the dead of night 2, 3, 4 in the morning so last week we have a look and we did see two planes fly in with about 100 illegal, 100 migrants get off the plane. we're told by the government they were all unaccompanied children but several of them did look to us to be males in their 20s like teens. and then they were put on to
5:16 am
buses, charter buses they have a police escort out of the airport. and then there were dispersed around various places in new york, long island, also new jersey. brian: so concerned about getting americans vaccinated how dare you this is a pandemic for unvaccinated right but wait a second 1.5 million people came here. do you think they're vaccinated 20% they tell us are sick with something. many who offer the vaccination walk away but the problem is the football coach at washington state -- the cop in illinois. the problem is the teacher in new york city. unbleenl that the american people have been forced to digest this crap. steve: interesting the white house says we was an obligation to protect women and the children and so that's why they're doing that with teenagers as well. but from -- miranda devine's reporting sounds like there's a number of young men in their 20s that they spotted who according to
5:17 am
the white house should not be getting off those flights unless they are not in their 20s. just teenagers. ainsley: he told us there's not mandates and then changed his miepgd on that and said there needed -- have the vaccine. steve: title 42 says these men should be sent back. ainsley: this is why people don't want to get the vaccine they're not sure about it and think it is pass track. i got the vaccine epghted it but a lot of people i understand why they don't. steve: 17 minutes after the hour carley is standing by. >> funeral for deputy killed after being ambushed set for next monday. karim atkins had 15 minutes left on his shift had he was gunned down. the killer who remains on the run also shooting two other deputies. one of them is darrell garrett liz fiancé joined us last hour she says the men were like brothers.
5:18 am
>> no matter what the situation is, all three of them came through for each other. we were a family. i'm really in disbelief like i keep thinking he's still here with us. carley: leaves behind a wife and two small children he was 30 years old. biden administration's last moves in afghanistan are now under investigation by the state department and sector general. investigators will looking into the special immigrant visa program refugee processing immigrant resettlements and evacuation of americans from kabul. and today the biden administration's top envai to afghanistan is stepping down from his post. this after the collapse of negotiations with the taliban this past summer. this just in, russian president vladimir putin will not be attending the g20 summit in person. reuters reports leader will be joining the rome conference via video link and unclear whether putin season not traveling to the event but last month he had to self-isolate after a covid-19
5:19 am
outbreak among his inner circle. well with labor shortages across the company some businesses believe a new perk will help. employers are considering paw leave for pet owners and most say no because focus should be on parents of babies. those supporting the idea suggest three weeks for pet bonding. hard no -- you are kidding me. >> two dogs you get six? >> what -- why not one with a three weeks is up get another one. [laughter] absolutely. game in the system. who is doing this? >> we went from greatest general to paw leave. >> if that's what it takes to get people to actually fill the jobs -- well you may be -- off for three weeks. i don't know. >> let me just say -- for the rest of the year
5:20 am
meanwhile governor of virginia, let's peenged out who it is going to be terry he hopes for a big boost from top democrats in this heated virginia governor's race. but the vice president harris campaign ad for him set to air in churches is raising eyebrows. leo terrell sounds off. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> trying to collaborate with parents and his people are trying to criminalize us. >> the conversations that i had with various, with my democrat representatives, i felt really
5:25 am
frustrated. >> future and democrats are not prioritizing needs of our children. steve: they've got virginia voters and democrats pull out stops for virginia's next governor. watch. >> i believe that my friend tara is the leader virginia needs at this moment. to make health care more affordable to give every child the world class education. steve: all right you've got vice president, fox contributor form or democrat leo terrell sheer to react from l.a. leo good morning to you. >> hi steve how are you? thanks for having me. steve: thank you i'm doing okay. kamala harris is apparently going to be campaigning for tara not far from washington, d.c. we just showed a little snip it of a tv ad that is being run in 300 churches in the commonwealth of virginia.
5:26 am
now you and i both know there's an irs regulation that if you want tax exempt status you can't mix pleks with religion. but it look like that's what they're doing. >> they're doing you're exactly right. those 300 churches are going to be exposed to a political commercial by the democratic party terry is in trouble. the only time you see democrats in black communities is when they want the vote. every week the week before the election psych physical you see these democratic party members come in, and pander the vote you won't see them they don't come after the election only a week or two before election and what should happen is the black churches should close their doors to these democratic party members. i'll tell you steve, the issue of critical race theory the issue of school choice are heart and soul of the black community they want school choice and
5:27 am
reject critical race theory and democratic play book is historically old because they assume that black voters wants government to do everything that's no longer the case. >> the reason republican is surging because terry one of the town hall deacts said you know what parents need to keep their nose of their kids curriculum made everybody go wait a minute which explains why there are a lot of democrats and independents going on i think it is time for a change. >> well i'll tell you right now the comment by terry governor former governor something that he regrets i'll tell you the idea of having parents stay out of the curriculum of their kids -- steve, i was a school teacher. parents have a direct right to be involved in the curriculum. but what the democratic party does not want they don't want parents involved for simple reason. they want to put critical race
5:28 am
theory in the curriculum and i'll swifltly say this critical race theory is rejected but all party. democrats, republicans, black, white, brown, yellow they don't accept teaching their kids racism. steve: even though this election is off year election democrats are terrified if republican pulls off thing republicans will be teebl say see, we told you they think were going down the wrong road. >> i'll tell you right now biden won virginia by 10 points. in a dog fight also steve, there are black republicans who are voting for -- i don'tso democrats are pullingl stops. stacey abrams, barack obama they are in trouble. if they lose virginia you can tell the democratic party that they're going to lose mid-termses in 2022. steve: all right joining us on this october 19th leo thank you very much. >> thank you, steve.
5:29 am
steve: all right meanwhile straight ahead thousands of california parents stage walkouts against the state's school vaccine mandate. hear one mom's message to governor newsom coming up next. plus pieptiond out how your kids ' school lunches might be suffering. what are they going to leave out?
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
>> welcome back to supply chain prices hitting schools across the country staff scrambles to make meals for students. jeff block from our sister network fox business joins us live with how one school is handling the crisis. hey, jeff. >> brian, i come to you this morning from a loading dock at ridley high school in suburban, philadelphia where they're waiting for a delivery as we speak. runs the food service for 5,000 students, you're waiting on a delivery this morning for the meal today. >> correct. this is a daily occurrence. we're hoping that deliveries
5:34 am
arrive that we have food to supply -- >> shortage of truckers. supply chain stuff, it is just killing you. >> every day we face a different challenge but we always manage to get meals on the plate. >> spags of the plate you know it is not just the food that's a problem. it's the plates. you know when you don't think about this lunch trays what's that called and why is this in short supply? >> this five compartment tray is hard to ponged i cannot find it anywhere and we need it to serve elementary schools or they struggle getting meal to the table. >> why do you need this but if you serve paper plates or whatever, you know you get disaster. >> there's no area for milk and applesauce, and students can't juggle all of that especially the teeny win ones. >> and cups it is just -- >> every day is a struggle but we make it through and our students are fed nutritious meals. >> i appreciate the insight brian i'll tell you tough when you can't get food at school
5:35 am
yikes. expwhrien you never think about it everything down streel from those ships that can't get unloaded. thangs so much, jeff. let's go down stairs to ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much brian everyone wants more don't we. thousands of california parents fighting back against the school vaccine mandate by staging massive walkouts across the state a mother of three california students who kept her decide home from school yesterday. there's their beautiful picture lindsay joins us with a message to state lead leaders good morning lindsay. why did you keep your kids home yesterday? >> my kids stayed home yesterday for several reasons. we definitely support the movement to send a statement to our government officials that they are overreaching their encroaching our parent right and encroaching on rights of educators and staff with these mandates. ainsley: i know like if a big company of people if they demonstrate and don't go to work
5:36 am
company loses money like southwest have to cancel flights that kind of thing but in your as much as what's the impact there? will the school board members listen? >> you know, it will be interesting to find out the school board and district where i'm located it is taking quite a bit for them to listen to parents. and i know that, you know, movements like ones that happened yesterday there's a lot of logistics that go into it. there are a lot of people that supported the walkout and just as many who wanted to support but they fear retaliation or you know they feel a sense of dedication to their teachers so -- you know, they didn't participate. but i know that we have a lot of students that did not show up yesterday. we had some staff that did not show up yesterday. and i think it's just, you know, one of those disruptions that needs to happen and maybe continue to happen. and until we get a voice. ainsley: i know that you're an expert in health care industry you're a nurse, your husband is
5:37 am
a firefighter these are both critical to your community. you're not anti-vax right? >> absolutely no. i think that's probably an important they think to understand and that i think majority of the people that i know that participated yesterday contrary to the perception that's out there are not anti-vax my kids are vaccinated, and you know with several different vaccines. and -- but not with covid -- >> every parent hopefully. >> not with covid vaccines no. dges and we actually my kids and i had covid over the summer. but i was going to say like every parent out there for the last 18 years i've been making decisions on medical decisions, and safety decisions for my children. based on pros versus cons risk versus benefits, and i think that a lot of us parents, you know, the unknown with the vaccine you know we're seeing some -- pediatric populations that are having immediate responses to the vaccine that are not
5:38 am
favorable. but we're also the unknown for the future is enough for some of us to say we're not kivel doing this and we should be able to have that right. ainsley: thank you so much lindsay keep us posted. >> yeah. thanks for having me. ainsley: have a good day your family is beautiful. pick to lead border patrol will go before the senate today for a confirmation hearing and will far left ideals keep him from getting the job steve danes will be in that hearing and he's up next. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage, and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. with original medicare, you're
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> president biden pick to lead border patrol is in the hot seat today lawmakers on capitol hill including our next guest expected to grill chris on his controversial claims about immigration policy and i'm being weekend that word. controversial, saying like for example this one in 2017 where he writes in an op-ed i'm deeply troubled by trump administration campaign against sanctuary cities.
5:43 am
yeah. against illegals being stayed allowed to stay here illegally joining us what he wants to hear today, from chris magnus is senator steve daines, senator that's going to be tough to overcome is he going to say i don't believe that them? >> well, many of us have very serious concerns about this nominee. because he's got a track record. he's put it in writing as you mention in the op-ed but the president is nominated to be the next head of the custom border patrol, the largest law enforcement agency in the united states, somebody who does not believe we should build the wall. who believes that we should not put in place the trump policies that worked to secure the southern border. and further more has defended sanctuary cities. and he need to go down to southern border and ask these agents what do you think to see as many of us spent time with agent and stand up and absolutely go after the administration what they did to the border patrol at that horrible hoax that border patrol
5:44 am
on the horse they said they were whipping migrants when turned out to be reigns on that horse any common sense of montana can figure that out and yet the administration absolutely vilified the border agent i hope he stands with these agents if he's confirms but i it will you tough question on the hill. brian: i fear he won't admit it has a crisis at the border because nobody else in this administration says numbers are highest they've been in 20 years. you've seen what's happened there everybody is overwhelmed texas putting their national guard in play. you talk to people in new mexico that aren't partisan they know it is a crisis. as well as arizona, if he can't admit it is a crisis that's got to alarm some democrats i imagine because there are moderate democrats who were upset with what's happening at the border. >> listen it is completely out of control. 1.3 million illegal crossings this year, a record. but what's not talked about enough for state like montana we're a northern border state we
5:45 am
have a southern border crisis. problem we see in montana is the flood of drugs. illegal drugs fentanyl it is heroin, methamphetamine, produced bid the mexican cartels and they're flooding across the southern border an they get states like montana that's why our homicide rates are up. felony rates are up so you have to connect dots because they're flooding to allow cartels to have a easier path to get across border. brian: keeping that reeght on the spengsdingpalooza with the socialist agenda that the biden administration can't seem to get out of the block. it is gong to be the house has a deadline of october 31st. but we saw senator manchin and senator sanders emerge for a 101 meeting after they blasted each other over the weekend are they going to come up with a deal these democrats? >> documents are in complete disarray this donkey on donkey fighting something to watch and remember bernie is a self-identified socialist
5:46 am
democrat -- he's a socialist. so we're talking about a fundamental battle for the country this is a battle between freedom and socialism. the stakes kowlgd not be higher we're doing everything we can to ensure that this bill never sees a light of day. brian: so real quick you don't see it happening right now? >> i don't i tell you what this is largest spending flks in nation and large test tax increase in history of our nation they have a lot of ground to make up between polarized parties in the democratic party. brian: senator your partner in montana supposed to be a moderate and never stands up to anything to vote for things that are liberal. senator thanks so much. >> thank you brian. >> good luck we'll all be watching. kellie pickler thinks twoops need to be honored with a memorial in washington, d.c. and joins with us her message to congress next and first i want to check in with billham tear to find out what segment he'll give to dana. >> how about all of them. [laughter] >> not a bad idea.
5:47 am
>> good morning to you nice to see you in a moment here why education is biggest issue of the governor race and alter entire agenda and explain that coming up here. what is pate of these american kidnapped in haiti, plus senator ted cruz karl rove and david takes on our economic health. join dana and me and see you in about 14 minutes, top of the hour. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: you might know kellie pickler from rise to fame on "american idol" chart topping song like making me fall n love again. >> you should sing that and now global ambassador continuing support for america troops and veterans by pushing for a new memorial in our nation's capitol to mark the global war on terrorism. >> let's talk to kellie pickler right now she joins us live from somewhere. kelly good morning to you. >> good morning, how are y'all doing? >> doing great thank you very much. tell us why you're involved in this most of move for a memorial. >> why not when you have the opportunity to be a apartment of something that matters, you do it there's right and wrong and we all know difference.
5:52 am
i've been blessed to work since 2007 taking to our service men and women serving around the world. and i've spent quite a bit of time in afghanistan going there for years, we, there's no better place than the national mall for this moral to honor those who served selflessly blood, sweat tears, lost their lives gold star families with need a place to go and heal, and pay our respects. so -- ainsley: kelli we're proud of you we watch you and cheered you on when you were on "american idol" and you have not let the fame go to your heads and haven't forgotten soldiers and people from home you were the 2021 global ambassador you are actually, 12uso tours and more than that and department of defense and heart for the award what does the red white and blue
5:53 am
mean to you? >> oh, my gosh, everything. i would not live the life that i lev if it were not those who went out there and served. i'm dear friends with james horton who is a gold star wife and a dear, dear friend of mine y'all had her on the show many times thank you for your koondness to her she very much got me involved in all of this. i said what can i do sister to serve those who serve and do my part? we should all serve to a serve capacity i do not wear the uniform, i have not made that ultimate sacrifice, but i will serve those who serve. and i will show my support and appreciation to our veterans and our fallen and their families. it is imperative more so now than ever that they know that we do not take what they have done for granted. freedom does not come free. and i am again blessed to be a part of something that matters.
5:54 am
i encourage everyone to reach out to their senators, congress, and be a voice for the broken. need to come together and heal, i mean, this is the united states of america. and we should be united this is not about politics this is about patriots and doing what is right. brian: real quick kelli there a way how they feel about doing this memorial and a location you're thinking about? >> well, there is, it is the website i believe it is -- forgive me i'm going going to come to me in a second i have it here. >> address on the other side -- reach out to local -- and i'll be doing this week making sure tennessee is back in their sister but thank you again for having me. thank you very enabling me to be a part of something that
5:55 am
matters. >> it does matter that's why we had you on. >> it is bipartisan that's a good thing. >> kelli thank you very much. and good luck to you. >> thank you darling, thank you all. >> back in a minute. ♪ ♪ feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day.
5:56 am
- grammarly business helps my company build higher performing sales teams. since simon's team started using grammarly business to sharpen their writing, we've closed more deals. learn more at
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>> bill: thanks. good morning. a stunning report on the crisis from the border. the biden administration flying under-age migrants on secret planes into the state of new york and have been doing it for months. i am bill hemmer. a lot of numbers involving human being. >> dana: i am dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." the "new york post" said biden's secret flights. unacccompanied minors


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