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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 19, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> sean: villain of the day, flip-flop fauci, he had things to say about those who disagree with him. >> what i do and i try very hard is to be guided by the truth. sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people so they react against me. that's just what it is. >> how about the truth? laura ingraham, my heart is troubled. welcome back. >> laura: is your heart still laura: is your heart still troubled. your heart needs to relax and go on a total zen ease. laura: i do that in the morning. i've - look what happened to my hand here. can you see it? >> i have broken every finger in my hand.
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laura: i will pick up where you left off. this is the ingraham angle. virginia gubernatorial candidate glenn youngken has a big announcement about his race against terry mcauliffe. easier exclusively to tell us what it is. a series of elected officials from their noses at the little people over the weekend and some men take a tumble. but first the swamp twins exposed, that's the focus of tonight's angle. doctor fauci like president biden has worked and lived in the dc bubble for 50 years, both are elderly fixtures of the washington establishment, both well-liked by the elites for different reasons and because both are publicly liberal they remain on the inside and neither has ever been held accountable by the press for their
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significant failures and inadequacies, fauci has been protected by the beltway media for so long that he actually equates their approval with that of the american people, anyone who isn't throwing morals that him must be a conspiracy theorist. >> why do you think you've become so controversial and do you think there's anything you have done that is contributed to that? >> i have stood for always making science, date and evidence be what we guide ourselves by, and people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality that is looking them straight in the eye, those are people that don't particularly care for me. >> the what he did? he honestly believes he is beyond reproach, the reality is millions to stressed and fauci long before covid and for good
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reason. almost 40 years ago at the height of the aids crisis doctor anthony fauci headed the same national institute of allergy and infectious disease which he leaves today. he also ran the government aids research program and in 1987 he says he was approached by leading aids activists promoting a drug as a preventative medication for those at risk of contracting a pneumonia that killed many aids patients. despite plays from physicians like doctor joseph who was vaccinated patients fauci declined to act citing the need for clinical trials. he was focused on the aids vaccine that never materialized. he said delaying use showed an egregious negligence by perpetrators to protect those with aids. the people whose responsibility it was to look after them had no compassion or interest and he could have prevented tens of
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thousands of deaths. he specifically named fauci as one of those perpetrators. fauci has been carrying favor with powerful actors in the media since his early days at nih. a 2005 book about the 8 academic reveals how larry kramer booked an audience with fauci and his colleagues and said if you want an appointment you don't call their secretaries but there press officers book their toxin interviews like movie stars. he could have easily advocated awareness of the treatment as the fact that federal aids czar's influences enormous. fast forward to the covid era, the same anthony fauci. he dismissed promising therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine despitefullys
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from doctors who used them successfully on thousands of patients, this is across the globe. the forms that the fda followed suit. how many lives could have been saved? how many lives could have been saved had people had an open mind about hydroxychloroquine? >> i struggle with that and try not to think about it. our numbers were staggering. >> 10,000 lives? >> more than that. laura: a lot more? >> i hate to say things like that but yes. >> fauci at 80 is the same media hound he was at 40 whether posing on the cover of people or in style or p with celebrities. >> we got one for my dad's birthday. >> i know you are a busy man.
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i'm grateful and you get stuck into the politics when you want to talk about the medicine. >> ever fantasized about dumping a horse's head or rand paul head? laura: false declarations and flip-flopping were olympic sports fauci would have been the most decorated athlete in the history of the game. abbas credibly with the public long ago not because people dislike him personally or are all right wing nut jobs but because he regularly swims in a sea of contradictions from the use of masks to the danger of covid in children to football games becoming superspreader events. >> i thought government was about to have a beat. >> i thought the same. it is unfortunate but it never happened. covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths all down in every college football state across
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the south including florida where hospitalization fell 64% less month even as 90,000 fans packed the stadium. laura: thumbs up for nbc for demolishing that. let's not forget fauci praised healthcare workers and at the same time going on to force thousands off the job by endorsing vaccine mandates. he has repeatedly refused to recognize was born out by research. the robust and durable natural immunity enjoyed by those previously infected. the media has given him a pass on all of this and more. because they prefer him to the political figures criticizing him. an intellectual midget compared to fauci, president biden is
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compelled by the same forces as the dc swamp, a corrupt us media, ignoring his deficiencies and now his declining mental acuity and a political system that rewards time served over actual results and merit. for decades everyone in the know in dc new the bike was my the particularly smart nor particularly clever. for as long as i can remember biden's reputation was always that of an all-around next her, a goofball, one who has been elevated beyond his abilities, propelled by his own incumbency. there are plenty of reasons to believe biden is somewhat compromised by old relationships with china, yet the press and big tech worked overtime to deep 6 hunter laptop story from the 2020 campaign just as they largely ignored ts connection to chinese medical researchers. needed has been aggressive and demanding chinese transparency on the viral origins of covid,
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the press obviously doesn't care at this point. the fact that who seems more focused on the china cover-up question than the biden administration tells you all you need to know here. compare how biden and fauci talk about republican governors who decline covid mandates to how they speak of the ccp. >> the chinese scientists we've dealt with, that i've dealt with myself personally for years if not decades which i have faith that they are not distorting things. >> i told xi i'm not looking for conflict. these governors won't help us beat the pandemic i will use my power as president to get them out of the way. >> politics still trump the science, you listen to the governor of florida. >> he feels vaccines are not important for people, they just important for some people, that's completely incorrect.
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>> republican governors i never acting in good faith all china has always given the benefit of the doubt. the press themselves abandoned any semblance of objectivity covering any of this, those journalists working as surrogates for the democrat party and those big tech ceos a block free expression to protect them have landed us in the national mess we are experiencing today. we prolong the covid pandemic with fauci endorsed lockdowns and mandates and have thrown our economy into inflation with reckless spending and anti-oil and gas policies. think about this. an independent media wouldn't stand by with the president refusing to answer questions being should out of the room. they would be demanding answers, not stuck in a january 6th time with like they are today. in every way trump and his cabinet are the antithesis of the swamp twins, most were news covers, we -- they wanted to
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blow it up figuratively because they knew the old system wasn't serving the american people but now the swamp twins are back in charge and they use the pandemic to terrorize and control the population, while wasting billions in federal funds and keeping the panic knowing. there's only one quarantine i'm anticipating, the permanent quarantining of these two and that is the angle. let's bring in the medicine cabinet, doctor pete mccullough, epidemiologist and stanford university professor of medicine. let's start with you. what do you make of fauci's reaction to criticism after he has been so wrong and so contradictory on so many issues over the last 20 months? >> criticism in my field is common. we accept skepticism is heavy,
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basically welcome, and hefty in the discussions especially when we are facing the emerging problem. americans need to see teams of doctors, not one individual, we need teams of doctors, treatment experts, vaccine safety and efficacy experts and those who have competency and expertise in hospital care in order to bring this pandemic to a close, can't be done by one person alone, certainly not one person at his level of competence. >> new research out of the uk found people who had previously recovered from covid 19 were about 71% less likely to contracted a second time and this represents the same level of protection the study found was offered by two doses of the vaccine. i should note the brownstone institute is compiled 81 of the research studies, how many more
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of this compendia of studies do we need before the medical leadership starts taking natural immunity seriously. >> what we have is an institution led by doctor fauci who is in charge of the science of funding immunological research who denied natural immunity which we've known about for quite a long time with this that the evidence on this, the mounting -- we knew it a year ago and the effect is so many people forced out of their job by vaccine mandates that do not acknowledge natural immunity, nurses who got covid who recovered. doctor fauci continues to deny it, amazing to me. laura: there is also an issue
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the j&j vaccine, fauci was on abc yesterday addressing the effectiveness of the j&j covid shot. watch. >> the fda advisory panel unanimously recommended booster doses for the j&j vaccine. two of the 15 million people who got vaccines should be concerned about these recommendations? >> not at all. they should feel good about it. what advisors to the fda felt is given the data they saw, this should have been a two dose vaccine to begin with. laura: i heard that this morning. he casually throws that out. it should have been a two dose. a lot of people listening to that are more confused than ever. they told us one shot is enough, not should have been two shots, now you can mix the shots up apparently.
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am i missing something? >> we are missing data with the delta very it. the j&j application briefing book had 4% of cases of delta. all the data they are relying on has to do with the legacy variant. alpha, beta, and some gamma are extinct now. no significant assurances with any of the vaccines that they provide adequate coverage particularly the j&j. only 4% delta, not enough. laura: back to your point about the vaccination mandates and pushing people out of these jobs, houston methodist hospital recently forced out 150 employees, here is how their ceo spun it. >> great disappointment within the hospital system with
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long-standing trust, the science, we weren't able to move the opinions of those individuals to the right place. it shows how strong the misinformation campaign is about vaccines. laura: no mention of the employees who quit who had natural immunity, basically saying it is a messaging problem and a misinformation problem. >> when you deny basic scientific fact like the fact that people who are covid recovered have durable immunity, you are going to breed distrust. when leaders of the scientific community leaders of institutions deny those basic facts, you shouldn't be surprised when people start disbelieving you and their making excuses like this that nurses, doctors they use to higher that they hired our science deniers makes no sense.
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we need a revamping of the scientific community and public health community looking at itself in the mirror and say what we done wrong? not the folks they are firing that have done wrong. laura: your chomping at the bit because you know the medical system very well. got to get your thoughts. >> those are covid recovered have robust and durable immunity, the best employees they have to we have data from california and san diego:vaccinated healthcare worker getting delta then unvaccinated. >> people with breakthrough infections that have been double vaccinated, people who are immunocompromised like the late colin powell was who lost his battle yesterday, this is happening all over the country but gentlemen, great to have you both on tonight. did kamala harris pilot federal
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is when i was growing up we sang
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in the choir at oakland's 20 third avenue church. we were taught that it was our sacred responsibility to raise our voice and lift up the voices of our community. virginia, you have the opportunity to raise your voice through your vote because it is election time. i believe my friend terry mcauliffe is the leader virginia needs at this moment. >> that was vice president kamala harris's original address of black churches across the commonwealth of virginia yesterday. apart from her -- the get out the vote sermon has a serious problem. it might be illegal. joining me is jonathan turley, law professor, fox news contributor. both parties have appeared in churches on campaign season but
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what happened here with kamala harris that might run afoul of the law? >> the biden administration has to enforce tax laws including rules governing 501(c)(3) organizations including churches. part of those regulations include the johnson amendment which prohibits direct politicking in churches in order to be tax exempt so if churches play this video they would be in violation of federal law. if the white house participated in this plan to have direct politicking they would have assisted in that violation. that puts them in an awkward position, the administration has to enforce this very cool. >> merrick garland is focusing on january 6th, making sure they
12:25 am
stay in confinement. they give explicit instructions on how churchgoers could vote. watch this. >> early voting has started, this is the first year you can vote on sunday so please vote after today's service and if you cannot vote today make a plan to go vote. goes will: this is called the soul for the polls, pushing folks with specific website. does that bring more problems to them if we had a justice department or an irs prosecutorial arm that was going to do something? >> an extraordinary video. the white house could argue we made the video, the violators are the churches who decided to play them but that doesn't work when the video is referencing
12:26 am
churches and their services, directory from church to vote so the question is did the white house knowingly create a video to violate federal law? they are not the ones that will lose their tax-exempt status. it the the churches if this was a fully enforced but there's a serious problem if you are encouraging violation. what is interesting is donald trump did not like the johnson amendment and insisted he was going to get rid of it and when he did many democrats, many legal experts cried foul and said this is destroying the separation of church and state, this is encouraging violation of federal law. after this video played there was nothing but crickets from many of those areas. >> they are very concerned about what is happening in some of these polls are pulling out all
12:27 am
the stops, getting obama to campaign there and others. great to see you, thank you. i'm joined now by the man kamala harris was campaigning to defeat, glenn youngken, you're making a major announcement, please give us a preview. >> you have shined a bright light with your coverage of what is going on in northern virginia schools particularly about county but is when ground 0 for parents standing up for the rights of their children to have a school's open, to not be taught a political agenda but instead to have a real curriculum, to have sexually explicit material taken out of their kids teaching materials and all of a sudden we see that our students aren't safe anymore. we see a school board and commonwealth attorney may be
12:28 am
covered up a real violent crime, sexual assault in school so tomorrow night we are bringing people together all over northern virginia and we are going to lay out a plan, virginia's kids can't wait any longer because terry mcauliffe's program that he specifically acknowledged, he believes parents do not have a right to be engaged in kids education, he wants government to stand between parents and children, we will lay out our steps forward to go to work for virginia's kids, they can't wait until january 13th, we will go to work for them. laura: in a sign that this is hurting him even in liberal northern virginia terry mcauliffe is trying to portray him as a champion of parent involvement in education. >> as parents we have always been involved in our kids education.
12:29 am
we know good schools depend on us. that is why we want you to hear this from me. glenn youngken is taking my words out of context. i always value concerns of parents. that is why we scale back standardized testing, expanded free k and invest $1 billion in public schools. laura: i have no idea how scaling back standardized testing helps kids, that lowers the bar but he said you are taking him out of context. i watched the debate. are you taking them out of context? >> the nation watched this debate and he quintupled down on it, set it 6 times since then the parents don't have a role in their kids education and now, parents across the commonwealth of virginia are standing up saying we have a fundamental right to be in our kids education and to have a say over what happens with curriculum come to see what happens in that building assuming it is going to be safe and we are finding out
12:30 am
it is not. terry mcauliffe is trying hard to change the narrative because he knows parents are done with him and that is why we are about to go win this race if they could save her parents across the nation. the same for parents and school boards no longer get to dictate what happens american school, parents do. >> i find conversations in northern virginia that i had the privilege of having with all sorts of folks, this is not really a political issue, democrats are trying to make political, you're just saying that, no, this is common sense. i'm talking about parents who did not vote for trump, didn't like donald trump, this isn't working, they lowering the bar for kids, gifted programs being phased out and now this. i think a lot of new immigrants are looking at this and it's not washing well with them.
12:31 am
>> virginia's parents from all walks of life, not political parties but all walks of life are guaranteed one thing, a quality education for their children and terry mcauliffe is the architect of the modern-day democratic party, modern-day approach to put government between parents and children, to teach them what to think as opposed to how to think, to shield parents from information that is critical about what is going on. that is why we're going to work for kids parents, we are not waiting until january 15th. laura: the democrats aren't also worried because they're bringing in big guns, the campaign against you and stacy abrams coming in. this is her message. >> i come from a state where i was not entitled to become the governor but as an american citizen and citizen of georgia,
12:32 am
for everybody who can cast that voted here in virginia cast that vote for terry mcauliffe. >> entitled i guess she's questioning the results of an election. terry mcauliffe is doing your dance, don't dance on camera. that will not work for you. what about stacy abrams? >> this is what a 43 year career politician. he's got to bring everybody he can think of into virginia to campaign on his behalf, even somebody who lost and i don't understand why terry mcauliffe thinks somebody who lost a race and complains that was for one from her should speak on his behalf. i'm campaigning across the commonwealth of virginia as a virginian. i'm representing virginians.
12:33 am
i will work for virginians. mcauliffe is showing how desperate he is. he's seeing the same numbers i am, seeing this race slip away from him and we are about to make a statement across the country and i invite everybody to join us at >> we will be watching tomorrow and democrat leaders were unmasked over the weekend and some men of steel turned on america. seen and unseen is next. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ♪ ♪ >> laura: time for the "seen and unseen" were re laura: time for seen and unseenr where we reveal the stories behind the headlines and for that we turn to raymond arroyo. these democratic mayors don't seem to care about their own mandates. >> not only the mayors, the president, this was chicago mayor lori lightfoot in chicago, notice anything, she's violating not only her own city mandate mask mandate but heard state's
12:39 am
indoor mask mandate and then our mayor, montoya cantrell, she too is flouting her own indoor mask mandate and the state mandate. i guess they think parting is more important than their own units. that's why there's an interesting what they say. >> everyone is just moved on from them. they've done with it and didn't lightfoot go to the beauty parlor and get her hair done, ally misremembering that? >> this is woman telling her cops you are inciting insurrection by rejecting the vaccine mandates, she's ignoring her covid rules, but where control is considering a vaccine mandate for anybody flying in or out of her airport and then you've got the president and jill biden, they were spotted at
12:40 am
an upscale dc restaurant saturday without a mask, despite dc's mask mandate. when elected officials get the rules weekend, the white house says they haven't put them on get on the photo is misleading. it is not a photo. it is a video and they were carrying the masks, you can almost forgive the president i'm not sure he knew he was at a restaurant. here he is trying to address the teachers event. >> i tell you what. [god bless america] ♪♪ >> that could be an allegory for the whole presidency. he's talking and nobody's paying attention, they are going in
12:41 am
their own direction. laura: it was the end of a play that was already over and the prop people come out and have the latter going behind him and he just squanders - better come in and push him off this platform. tell us about the men of steel. >> first up is christopher steele, the british spy at the center of the the patrician dossier that started the entire surveillance of the trump administration launched 100 investigations. remember the infamous charges of up he tape and trump's lawyer going to prague, all discredited by mueller and the fbi, not george stephanopoulos and abc trying to rehabilitate steel who stands by his work. >> do you think it hurts your credibility that you won't accept the findings of the fbi in this case? >> they are putting too much into what fbi knew early on in the campaign.
12:42 am
>> you think of here and again he is a threat to united states national security and the national security the united kingdom? >> yes. i don't think this book is finished by a long shot. >> this is a warning shot to trump from the deep state. they are saying they're worried clearly he's going to run but if he runs they're going to release more info which i don't think they have but the fact this is coming from george stephanopoulos, a clinton ally, we know hillary clinton's campaign at the dnc were involved in paying for that dossier that is a real problem. steel also mentions at one point he didn't know what the research was, that is why the info was so flawed. >> i like his more casual look with just the sweater, looked very fall like. the follow the democrats if they are dining out on this. >> it is all they have right now. there is another man of steel,
12:43 am
superman whose motto was changed from truth, justice, and the american way to truth, justice and a better tomorrow. laura: what took them so long? >> the self loathing of his company and disrespect for the character and the country is amazing. what does it tell you? laura: i'm surprised the washington monument is still there in dc, none of this surprises me. it is all becoming well, anti-american, america is just another country in a community of nations, they want to sell a bunch of this junk in china. >> they worried about the foreign markets with who you didn't need lex luther or kryptonite, dc comics can do it. one more man of steel coming down, the new york city public design commission voted to remove 188-year-old statue of thomas jefferson from the city council chamber.
12:44 am
laura: should have - that is the story. >> icons being toppled. laura: thomas jefferson, author of the declaration of independence, one of the most brilliant men who ever lived in america taken down in new york. that is where we are. you want that to keep happening keep voting for it, terrific, thank you. the angle told you you're the one of the most lasting effects of the covid pandemic would be the war between the states, freedom versus tyranny. michael and john has written about the looming fight. he's here to explain next. too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now per laura: no two states that the possible futureha of our countr than texas california, conservatism versus leftism, liberty versus socialism was an incredible piece michael antone writes, to the extent the california have actually flourished it is obvious its roots appeal to a few. in texas prosperity is much more widely shared and seem to be a
12:50 am
huge advantage, californians see texas as a threat not merely to their state's business model and way of life but to humanity itself. anton notes for texas hundred states in general the threat from leftist tyranny will persist in the future. that the lone star way of life, texans must fight for it, that we shall see whether california's longest experiment with anti-masculinity can stand up to texas's more robust embrace of the old virtues. i'm not a betting man but where that conflict to erupt my money would be on texas. michael antone, claremont institute senior fellow and former trump national security official, where is this headed? >> right now it is a political
12:51 am
competition in part for residents, trying to see how many people and businesses they can attract which i know a lot of people who moved to texas, florida or some other red state's this year or before that but it accelerated this year, people are getting out of the blue states, california is going to lose a congressional seat for the first time since it became a state in 1850. it never had a population decline in 107 years and it is because people are fleeing taxes, crime and walmart will not a, walgreens announced it would close more stores in san francisco because police -- with the police's fault, they won't enforce the law, stores get ripped off with impunity, they have to close a local residents don't have places to shop, outside all but the richest prettiest parts is really sinking and losing people and if you pull people and say when you leave if you could the numbers are more than 50%.
12:52 am
i don't think this turnaround. laura: whether it is texas, florida, tennessee your idaho americans with their feet and have done this throughout our history, reverse migration to the south for some minorities where there is more opportunity, in my home state of connecticut, leaving connecticut which breaks my heart going down southern states and other places it is commonsensical we talked about that last segment. it's not even political, it is survival instinct people have. >> a matter of affordability. despite california's problems it remains extremely expectant which is one of its problems, you would think prices would begin to drop with so much crime and grime and disorder on the
12:53 am
streets and all this and there are signs rents are coming down and sales prices coming down but for the most part because of the tech economy in hollywood and big industries and foreign investors and institutional buying prices are very high, the worst in the nation and that is another factor that drives people up, can't get into the property market or they would like to scale up, have a bigger family and can't afford it. laura: another issue that caught my eye, ccp granted a 2 wall street banks, goldman sachs, full control of one of its holdings in china noting lucrative underwriting fees on equity and bond transactions especially ipos driving the driving of western banks increasing stakes in their mainland business. the obese courtesy of our own
12:54 am
government's policies have enriched china for decades and not turned around anytime soon. >> they been enriched by china in return. both sides i getting what they want out of the deal. people who are not getting a good deal are the american people, american workers and i'm skin to say american companies because this is what upper management wants. outsource everything, keeping profit margins as high as possible and whatever it does to american communities doesn't matter. it is american banks that finance these transactions with disregard as long as numbers look good on their balance sheet. laura: it is great to see you. terrific peace. everyone should read it. kamala harris's climate lecture, what is it? the last bite explains. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> kamala harris cares so much about climate change that she had her security detail
1:00 am
kamala harris testament about climate change he had a security detail drive her chevy suv turned government airplane to fly to lake mead to lecture all of you about going green. >> we need to reduce emissions because that is what is contributing to these route conditions fueled by human behavior. this is literally about life. >> thank you for watching. remember, it is american now and forever. jillian: midnight flights packed with hundreds of migrants believed to be landing at a new york airport, the details of an exclusive new report on president biden's so-called secret resettlement program. >> protests erupted across the country as americans from all walks of life stand vaccine mandates and washington state university coach out of a job.


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