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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 18, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and more and i'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson this next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." general colin powell died this morning at the age of 84. what a life it was. in his later years, he became a part of partisan politics. in younger people may remember him for that. for most of his life, he was much bigger than the politics. if you're old enough to recall the first gulf war you know that colin powell was the last public official that most americans believed in.
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his life and story seem to confirm everything that was good about the country. he grew up in the south bronx, son of immigrants from jamaica, 1958 and received his commission in the u.s. army. much of the time country was living under the laws. he served two tours in vietnam and went on to advise presidents. t in the end he made it all the way to the top of the u.s. military. after he retired he became secretary of for the end of his life, powell sometimes said that his remarkable career was proof that affirmative action works. it always seemed like a half-hearted talking point. anybody who knew powell suddenly he could confirm that he's as impressive as any person in the u.s. government and far more most times. legitimately sparkle, deeply knowledgeable, and openly patriotic. bhardly a diversity pirates,
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obviously superior to a lot of people around him. the supposedly brilliant bush administration told us that the inauguration would be quick and simple, colin powell knew better. he was smarter and wiser than they were. unlike other people in washington, colin powell got wheree he was on merit. that's inspiring to watch. powell success meant that our system works. our system was elevating the best. it was the country's unifying principle. all americans were proud of it, colin powell embodied it. a lot has changed in the years since and that is one of the reasons that colin powell's death is so poignant. like all most everybody his agel colin powell was fully vaccinated against covid. according to his family andg doctors, colin powell died of covid. that does not make his death any less sad nor is it unusual. many thousands of vaccinated americans have died of covid. former cdc director announced just today about 40% of all recent covid in the state of maryland are among those whood have had both shots.
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what does that tell you exactly? it tells you you have been lied to. vaccines may be highly useful for some people come up at across a population they do not solve covid. that's not speculation, it's an observable fact. people who have been get the virus and transmit it and die from covid. colin powell's the hardly onlyse example of that. the question is, why are they telling us otherwise? the answer is simple, they're telling us that to divide us from each other to set the country against itself. that's been going on for a long time, but it never needed to happen. there is no inherent reason that a virus should rip apart theth united states. covid could have easily brought us together. shared suffering often does that. 9/11 did that. at the beginning, demagogues like joe biden and many others have used this virus as a hammer to smash the bonds that connect americans to one another. during last year's presidential campaign, joe biden repeatedly
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said with a straight face told us that every single american die from covid died because of donald trump's negligence. not overstatement. every single one. look at the data, biden said. but there was no data. that was false. yet no public health official contradicted joe biden. biden's telling us the only reason that people are still dying from covid is because stubborn, mostly working-class americans, will not submit to his shot. only the unvaccinated are dying, biden claimed. at the very same time, biden tells us that the unvaccinated somehow threaten the lives of the vaccinated. it's ridiculous. it's divisive and absurd. some percentage of the some percentage of the population believes it. he's the president after all.
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and you can see the effect of that everywhere. people you know and love, you can't come to the wedding or funeral. you're not invited to thera birthday party unless you have the vaccine. they are afraid of you. they can explain why, the president told them that you were dangerous and so they are afraid. the question ishare over time, t does that do to your most cherished relationships? your friendships, your family relationships. what does it do to the country? it means and that the very deepest level, below the level of log about the level of your own neighborhood, your own family, america has once again become what it was when colin powell got his commission in the army. america has become segregated. not between black-and-white, but between vaccinated and unvaccinated. clean and unclean. the question is how long will this go on?an when it ends, how long will it take for us to recover? it's impossible to know now but it's a tragedy and it did not happen by accident. a small group of credentialed of credentialed partisans did this
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on purpose. watch. >> it is as we said a pandemic and an outbreak of the unvaccinated. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> as doctor said on the earlier briefing today, this is really becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> it's a long way to go. the fact is, this is been a pandemic of the unvaccinated. unvaccinated. >> tucker: this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. they repeat the line just as they have been told to. but that claim is alive. -- lie. this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it never was that. this is a pandemic of the chinese government, born in a lab in wuhan and come here accidentally or not. covid is not and never was something the average american wanted or caused. trump didn't bring it here and neither did his voters. no one deserves to die from the coronavirus, no matter who they voted for. failing to support joe biden'ste orders is not the death penalty.
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if you think it would be very obvious, but suddenly it doesn't seem obvious. you'll read that some plumber in wichita is choked to death from covid alone in a hospital room and you'll watch social media celebrate his death. he wasn't vaccinated, he deserved it. some preacher in florida will die leaving behind not just a grieving family, but skeptical of the covid vaccine. suddenly his death becomes a morality play for the rest of us. this is what you get! this is the most corrosive possible way to approach the deaths of fellow americans. the president joined in and scolded the people, the decent americans as they die alone and in agony. how dare they take up the space in our hospitals, biden says. they are occupying the beds of worthy patients. people who deserves to live for her to pause for a moment and think about that.
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you don't think about it enough that we should. colin powell follow the instructions, did we joe biden asked. and so did 40% of fully vaccine the people who died in maryland, 0%they died anyway. what are we to make of their deaths, if every death is a morality tale? are they more or less tragic than the passing of the disobedient plumber or thehe preacher in waco? they are all the same and their significance and in their effect. people cried when these people died. people who love them. vaccinated or not, every life matters, every death is sad. it's the most basic fact of the human condition. how do we forget that? they told us to forget it. the irony of course is people telling us to forget and treat our fellow americans as criminals who deserve to die clearly do not mean a single word they're saying. they are not sincere. they're not interested and ultimately in health, they are fixated their own power and we know that because the distance
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between what they say and do. that's how you know. joe biden told us it's not just wrong or unhygienic, it was unpatriotic not to wear surgical masks. watch. >> we've been calling on governors and mayors, local officials, democrats and republicans. institute mask mandates within the jurisdictions. we need everybody to do their part for themselves, for their loved ones, yes, for your country. it's a patriotic duty. >> tucker: is a patriotic duty to follow my instructions which are completely disconnected from any actual science or medical guides. there is no evidence it works, there never has been, any evidence that works. yet, joe biden just told you if you do not do as he said, you're a bad american. okay, he must really mean it. does he? this weekend joe biden and his wife went to an upscale
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restaurant without wearing masks. without wearing masks. he did that in violation of the city's indoor mask mandates, the one the city approves of. it's all on video. but biden didn't feel he was caught, he's the president of united states, he would be filmed as he walked to the restaurant. he didn't wear a mask. why? because masks are for servants. he's the president, not a servant. to confirm the attitude, they told us that joe biden has nothing to apologize for. he'll be fine for violating the law, he is above the law, he will suffer no consequences for flouting a law that you'd been entangled in. you're not shocked because we have seen it so often. a few weeks ago nancy pelosi dined without masks as masked servants shuffled behind them. sandy cortez to the same. paraded around a gala at the met in her face stark naked as her attendance covered their faces. maybe in shame. phil murphy was photographed maskless indoors.
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in violating cdc guidelines that specifically promised to enforce at the event but did not for himself. was he embarrassed? no, of course not. that's not the point. stopping the spread of covid is not the point, dividing the country is the point. if that's not obvious now, two ovyears and, we do not know what to tell you. it's all around us, ready for virginia governor, he's a lot to do. terry mcauliffe. stacey abrams is with him. in stacey abrams high risk from covid complications due to underlying comorbidities. the two of them were photographed on bracing totally unmasked. both of course have demanded mask mandates for their subjects, some patriotic, but without saying not for themselves. it is it to continue?ot chicago mayor lori lightfoot violated her own policy here yesterday.
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on the wnba finals. here's a picture of her maskless in a maskless crowd. she uploaded the picture of herself to social media. it was not an accident, she knew what she was doing. here she was in august telling her to wear masks indoors. here's what she sang to the subjects. >> we are encouraging people to wear masks inside. it's consistent with the cdc guidelines we believe is the right guidance. inside, just as you are all today, mask up. it is critically important. >> tucker: critically important for you, but not for caanme. this is the fundamental divide in the country. this is what happens while the rest of us not along as if we were meant to take the orders literally. we have a division. medical apartheid. we have rules but some people have exempted themselves from the rules and they are not of it. that's how you know what it is. it's not hypocrisy, it is hierarchy. at least one member of congress set it
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out loud at it can mean event she say that she only wears masks for the camera. keep in mind as you watch this, where she demands that your child wear masks eight hours a day in school. you're a danger in getting covid to, or more ominously spreading it to the elderly or the vulnerable if you do not wear a mask. if you make the rules, no such danger and obligation to protect the vulnerable. the same goes for a vaccine. if you do not follow our orders and get the vaccine, you are causing covid. even when you look at the g numbers, there is no evidence of that. what are we looking at? we are not looking at a response to health emergency, we're looking at a system of government that's changing very
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fast. one in which laws explicitly do not apply to the people who make the laws. one only way to have a normal life one where you can walk around outside with your face showing is to declare your allegiance to the right political party and to have political power. this is starting to seem normal but it's not normal, is in fact brand-new. colin powell, whatever you think of him, did not grow up in a country like this. you don't want your children to grow up in one either. we've got a fox news alert, exclusive new reporting tonight from "the new york post" on the biden administration's abuse of rkthe crumbling immigration system. the post-coverage story tomorrow will reveal that in recent weeks, thousands of illegal aliens have been flown from the texas border into westchester county airport ins, new york on charter jets. not the only place they are heading.
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from "the new york post" is on the story for us tonight and joins us with developments. good to you. give us the outline of the story if you would. >> thanks, tucker. we know that joe biden has dismantled border protection's and we have upwards toor 1.5 million illegal migrants crossing into america. what we didn't know is where they were going. we had people who are flying westchester county airport in plains and the dead of night, 2, 3 in the morning. we had a look and we did see that two planes fly in about 100 illegal -- 100 migrants get off the plane. most of them were unaccompanied children. we are told by the government they were all unaccompanied children. several of them did look to be males in their 20s like teens. they were put onto buses, charter buses ahead of police escorts out of the airport, and dispersed around various places
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in new york, long island, also new jersey. dropped off at a rest area. where the new jersey turnpike. we also sent a crew to jacksonville because these flights are coming from texas, mcallen, el paso, houston, and they're coming to planes of via florida. we had a crew down there in the weekend, they offered photos of a flight landing in 15 or 20 illegal migrants got off that plane. they were a bust to that place about 130 miles west of jacksonville. o we've done our best to get the information from the government, but we've really been stonewalled. no one wants to talk. we refer to the health and humans is an all they will say is that they have an obligation to look after unaccompanied children and that is what they're doing. they do not explain why they are doing it in the dead of night and why it's such a secret
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operation, why is nobody talkinn about it? >> tucker: they're doing it in the dead of night because there violating federal law. you have asked legality promoted by the white house, which is unprecedented thing. miranda devine i appreciate your report, miranda devine, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: christopher steele is the former british spy and completely destroyed our foreign policy. he's been silenced for years and on the first public interview about what he did and we will show you what he said coming up. ♪ ♪ up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: about five years ago the hillary clinton for campaign paid a british spy to produce a steele dossier which despite the fact was fraudulent, hamstrung the trump administration for the entire four years. a russian hackers were operating at the consulate in miami even though for example there is no
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russian consulate in miami. the dossier said donald trump's former lawyer made secret trips to prague. he probably would have said so but he swore he didn't. the dossier said the tape they were using to blackmail donald trump. all of it was false but in a new documentary chris steele says maybe not surprisingly he stands by all of it. >> today, do you still believe that that tape exists? >> i think it probably does but i wouldn't put 100% certainty on it. >> how do you explain if the tape does exist and has been released? >> it hasn't needed to be released? d>> why not? >> i think the russians felt they got pretty good value out of donald trump when he was president with the u.s. >>wat anything you believe? >> the interview i gave. >> i was a mistake? >> i think so, yeah.
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>> not michael in prague? not carter page? >> none of those things have been disproven. >> tucker: destroyed carter page's life, a tape i haven't seen it and knows his exist but probably exist because trump sucked up to russia so much, which by the way the administration sanction like a times. it's demented. the media is intent on rehabilitating christopher steele? why is that? he warned that if donald trump runs again, he's a threat to national security.ns >> he's making moves perhaps to run again in 2024. do you think if he runs again, he is a threat to the united states national security? >> yes, potentially. >> tucker: a threat to our national security. this is a country, we live in a country where our national security establishment sincerely believes her claims to that russia is the greatest threat he
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faced. anyone who thinks that is by definition a threat to our actual national security. that's absurd and a distraction from the looming threat obviously. the question is, how do some of the like christopher steele who s,is not even citizen have the power to influence so completely? former white house intel committee national security advisor, they have spent years on this dossier. they both join us tonight. thank you both very much for coming on. do you first, christopher steele i would assume since you know an awful lot about the details in the dossier, you believe owes apology. an not to put words in your mouth. >> an apology would be started, look, devin nunes was strong enough to lead the charge and on earth the false allegations. christopher steele ran a false investigation into trump for 16
10:26 pm
months. this guy now starts the world on fire and he wants us to apologize to him for misleading millions of americans. i think that's the height of hypocrisy and that's why people hate the fbi so much including christopher steele. >> tucker: that's for sure. congressman nunez, one of the affects of the russia hoax, youu was to prevent them from cleaning house and the bureaucracy. and that is one of the reason the intel community and the so-called community, doj, the second biden took over, were still there in full force the take away the civil liberties of trump voters. >> i'd say that most people that were involved in the so-called dossier got promotions. by the biden administration. they were resurrected, old obama people. furthermore, you've got to remember that christopher steele
10:27 pm
himself who was working for russia, okay, in the past, what did he do? he interfered in our election the thing that he's claiming in the documentary that he was trying to protect. some kind of patriot, it's comical. >> tucker: it's comical. i wonder, can you think of anybody, here we have a history changing lie, this is not the earth is flat kind of thing but this is a lie with a purpose to hamstring a democratic elected administration. is anybody ever going to hold them accountable that you're aware of? >> not entirely. but i hope john durham is on thh march to secure indictments -- look at them a christopher steele and the fbi knew from job the information was bogus. they fitted to the court anyway and lied about it in the media and possibly leaked classified information. if this guys no hero, no james bond. and he's a specter gadget on sudafed and he's crying for the world. let's not forget the lives he
10:28 pm
racked along the way of american citizens and the likes of myself and devin nunes because we expose that he came after us along with the fake news media. we are fighting on. >> tucker: i wish we had more time and what i hope you'll come back to ask me how your own lives changed in the middle of all this. kash patel, devin nunes, thank you both. somehow, the former mayor of south bend, indiana, wound up in charge of the countries grit and not coincidentally, it fell apart completely to the point where your will be better. an account of his performance where he said the country's supply chain problems are all a part of the master plan behind the joe biden economic program. plus, democrats on capitol hill continuing the assault on civil liberties by using the january 6th commission. details on that straight ahead. ♪ ♪rt
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>> tuc >> tucker: and the beginning of the show we told you aboutol the passing of colin powell, the former secretary of state. whenever you thought of his rolo for example in the iraq war are the obama campaign, anybody who spoke to colin powell knew conclusively that he was a legitimately impressive, very smart and thoughtful patriotic person. that is just true. the interesting thing is wend noted was that colin powell always said and probably a talking point that he was the beneficiary for the vaccine. we can't prove it, but he certainly deserves to be where he got. that's our view. to be perfectly blunt about it. not to say affirmative action is not out there. for example, affirmative action could explain the former mayor of south bend, indiana. a certain sort of affirmative action program for door fish
10:35 pm
frauds. chelsea clinton may have benefited. in any case, he got there somehow the secretary of transportation at this point. may be it's not a coincidence that transportation infrastructure has collapsed. there is a supply chain crisis and the shelves and local store are empty. mayor pete went on television the other day to explain that actually the shortages and bear shelves are a sign the country is >> retail sales are through the roof. if you think about the images of ships waiting at anchor on the west coast, every one of the ships are full of record amount of goods that americans are buying because demand is up because income is up. because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying
10:36 pm
recession. the issue is, even though the ports are handling more thanug they ever have record amount of goods coming through, our supply chains cannot keep up. >> tucker: oh. it's not the administration's fault, they're doing such a good job, you have more money you can spend because you are so rich. if you want to spend it on so much stuff that we no longer have enough stuff for you to buy. the shortages are in effect your fault for being the undeserving of the fish area of joe biden's economic genius. got that? not the administration's fault, gas, lumber, lumber, automobiles, everything you might actually want to buy has risen. the things you need to buy like washing machines, refrigerators, toilet paper are simply aren'tre unavailable and none of it iss soviet, not at all. not the administration, no.
10:37 pm
its utopia. be happy about it, stop your complaining. says mayor pete. the fraud. thought we'll bring you up-to-date on the explanation for all of that and that's what it was. days after january 6th, democrats in congress began a crackdown. calling the insurrectionist to be placed on no-fly lists. >> we are here today because the folks, the people, the insurrectionist's who breached the u.s. capitol fall under the definition of threats to the homeland and should be immediately added to the tsa no-fly list. >> tucker: the minute that chuck schumer said that, we actually tried that do to find out if any american had been put on a no-fly list, it seemed inconceivable that people who had not been convicted or charged with a crime would not
10:38 pm
be allowed to fly on an aircraft in their own country. months later, thankfully, glennr greenwald has in fact run down the story and confirmed that several protesters were indeed put on no-fly lists. people who have not committed crimes, not charged with crimes. generally sixth commission income of the phone records of lawmakers and private citizens. >> we have quite an exhaustive list of people. i won't tell you they are, but it several hundred people. electronic communications. >> tucker: will be reading people's text messages and emails and tell you who the people are because we do not have to. january 6th, liz cheney support. the communities going on to subpoena clinical opponents for activity we thought was
10:39 pm
protected by the first amendment like organizing a political rally. you should know the president of united states threaten jail time for anybody who does not comply. what does it look like exactly? we thought we would ask glenn greenwald who's the journalist around on the story of the no-fly list and read him on substack. thank you so much for coming on. thank you for confirming what seemed impossible to believe at the time. just to be clear, these are people who have not been convicted, correct? >> exactly. not just chuck schumer, the committee house who happens to be the chairman of the select committee investigating january 6th.o he was the one who 24 hours after the events on capitol on january 6th, people be brought on the no-fly list and four or five are confirmed to be not able to fly with despite not having been convicted of anything. >> tucker: this is the kind of thing again that they complained about after 9/11 and nobody cared about that these people had a different religion or from different countries, foreign nationals. it's happening to americans and i still do not think anybody seems to care in our media. did you notice anybody caring?g?
10:40 pm
>> tucker, the whole thing is so extraordinary that the very existence of the congressional committee, of course there is crimes committed on january 6th. the justice department is the agency who is supposed to investigate a crime and they're doing it very aggressively. the largest law enforcement investigation in the history of the country. lies congress running a parallel investigation into the behavior of private citizens where they are gathering data on people. they have power to investigate crimes and very limited circumstances and what they are doing, liz cheney as a vice chair of the committee, is incredibly invasive. gathering phone records, physical whereabouts and interrogating people, hauling them before the committee to question them on their political right to protest. there is no media debate at all about the fact that the. committee itself is probably unconstitutional. >> tucker: it's beyond belief
10:41 pm
that this is happening. you are more on this then most people in congress. glenn greenwald, think you so much for coming out tonight.u >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: you hear even now something about conservatives defending liz cheney. she doesn't like trump, they don't like trump, fine. but if you're continuing to defendant liz cheney, knowing that she is supporting stripping the civil liberties of americans have not been convicted of a crime, you need to rethink a lot about yourself. you're certainly not a recognizable conservative. leading expert on china joins us to explain., check out the new book. cut to big tech, amazon gets nothing. we'll be right back ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so for the biden administration refused to comment on the reports that china tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile that can orbit the earth and hit anyplace on the earth. why is that?
10:47 pm
russian is the real threat. the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development. he is a much more precise sense of what the threat this country faces. we spoke to him onpo "tucker carlson today." here's part of the interview. ♪ ♪"t what was your assessment having run the assessment of what our greatest threat is? >> it's clearly china. i mean come on china don't really appreciate this and i think of it like a jupiter and a solar system. d we are so accustomed to being the only superpower in. it was the late 19th century when the united states became the biggest economy in the world and they will surpass us. because they have more people and partly because they are becoming very rich and productive. this is by far the most significant challenge. they are the only power, force in the world that can impose its will on us violently or otherwise in the face of our
10:48 pm
determined resistance. you point out, which is the measure. >> tucker: it's not about intent and all this kind of stuff, intent is changeable. this is the force we have to deal with. sbefore we had these things, it is iran, north korea, they are in a completely different league. i'm not saying they're not threatening, syria maybe. even controlling his own territory. yeah. >> part of the thing that's frustrating in the proceedings is the inflation, they are routine inflation where members of congress and the like would say were living in the most dangerous period. i think the 2000s of the 1990s were the safest periods certainly in recent memories. some ways in history. we are now dealing with and part of the struggle is we have to convey the severity and seriousness of the threat to people who have been kind of dulled by this threat inflations
10:49 pm
frankly. i think the question is absolutely valid. we should defend it but a big central part of the book is towe make sure that we are able to defend taiwan in a way that is consistent with what we are prepared to risk and cost of the measure. the reason is for two points. one, the unsinkable aircraft carrier right in the middle of the first island chain. the core of what i think of it is a coalition. basically a balancing group of states to keep china and check them out not to dominate china, embarrass china come up to keep china in check and make sure they respect our interests is a bunch of countries that are allegedly located in the western pacific. if china dominates taiwan, it has access to the central pacific. it will be thinking more along the lines of the battle of midway the defense of trying my taiwan. they'll have more battle carriers by the end of the decade. were talking about the militarye the look more like a japanese
10:50 pm
military in world war ii than the defensive thing that people seem to think. second reason taiwan's important is what you suggested. it's important for the credibility. look, neocons and others tend tr talk about credibility in the undifferentiated way like we have to stand by stupid foolish commitments. people are smart, they know sometimes you have to get out of afghanistan. which i think is the right decision if catastrophically handled. but if we pull back from taiwan, where we basically are committed, we have an ambiguous commitment. essentially it's regarded by people better, the decision makers in asia. if we pull back from that, thers archipelago in the western pacific under the darkening shadow of the military power among what about the philippines? the archipelago and western pacific under the darkening shadow of the chinese military. in indonesia japan.rn certain points, the chinese do not need to conquer every country in asia to become
10:51 pm
dominates. cthey need to show the coaliti. >> tucker: interesting conversation. "tucker carlson today," listen to it instead of acknowledging national immunity and more effective than the vaccine, medical establishment forcing the shot on the entire public and people who have immunity. there's one health care provider that's acknowledging the science and someone from that company is here next. ♪ ♪r science and someone from that
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>> tucker: several studies >> tucker: several studies suggest natural immunity and antibodies produced when you recover from covid -- why forcey vaccines on people who recovered from covid? and have the antibodies? allowing employees the natural immunity to defer taking the covid chart for a year and he joins us tonight.
10:57 pm
thank you and appreciate you coming on. it seems like a sensible science-based solution. why isn't everybody doing it? tell us why you are doing it. >> we are doing it because we are following the science and it's important for us to state that we are absolutely committed to vaccination. we are also committed to mandating it in health care. it's different in health care than other businesses. at that in mind, those of us who make this decision not only took into account what was going on nationally, internationally, like the israeli study, but more to the point those who make the decision we are not doing it behind the desk or computer, we are actually seeing patience. we know that once the delta variant hit that it's very apparent to us that those individuals who had a verified natural infection where at least as protected, or if not better
10:58 pm
protected, then those who had gotten the two shot were a single shot. we offered this deferment and it's a deferment. p we do not know how long it's going to last, but as the data actually accumulates will change the policy in accordance with the science. >> tucker: you're using science that's available to the cdc as well. why are they not recommended in the same? >> i can't speak for the cdc. in fact, we do support giving a single dose of the mrna t vaccine after getting natural immunity because we know thatcc increasing your protection by tenfold. c in the cdc unfortunately is still insisting on two doses of the mrna vaccine and we do not think that actually is supported by the signs that we look at. again, we are practicing doctord and we are able to interpret it that way. >> tucker: do you think that
10:59 pm
they have -- are they looking -- for the nonscientists watching, do you think they have different data sets there looking at are you looking at the same numbers? >> i think we're looking at different data sets. we do not adhere to our bureaucracy. we've always been very adherent to collaboration and communication. making decisions very quickly based on what's proper for the patient population and for our staff and their families.n that's what we have done. when you have government agencies it tends to work in a slower fashion. >> tucker: apparently. thank you so much for coming on and i appreciate it. st. luke's hospital. at the beginning of the show we told you about colin powell and left out that colin powell was suffering from a number of different health problems. of course, that's the point, vaccinating the vulnerable is so people with other underlying health problems will not die of covid.
11:00 pm
that did not work in the case of general powell and did not work for many thousands of other americans. that is the point we are making this latest episode of in the first place. "tucker carlson tonight," we'll back tomorrow night. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night. here's a great sean hannity great sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker, welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 65. >> sean: 65 long days and still counting since joe biden broke his prominence to the american people abandoning our fellow citizens, friends, families all behind enemy lines and now breaking tonight the c state department inspector general is watching multiple investigations into joe biden's botched withdrawal of afghanistan. many in the media have moved on. joe biden has turned the page. we not doing the same.


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