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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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get $250 purchase allowance on 2021 buick suv models. >> greg: we're out of time. what a great monday show. thanks to our guests and our studio audience who i love. >> welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, critics blasting the president and first lady after they're caught on camera violating washington, d.c.'s indoor mask mandates at an upscale restaurant. and another democratic leader caught maskless over the weekend. details coming up. remembering general colin powell. remember the life and legacy of
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the influential former secretary of state and the joint chief of staff who played a policy role over george w. bush. and we're joined live surrounding his death due to complications related to covid-19 and the cancer he had been fighting. and police in seattle protesting the vaccine mandates goes into tonight. how it could impact first responders there. and jason rans joins us. we begin with the latest example of a democrat caught with the mask down and this time it's the top man himself. kevin cork is tracking the latest. good evening, kevin. >> kevin: good evening, shannon. there are two ways to go with this, either the bidens should be roundly pilloried for their hypocrisy, unmasked while telling us to mask up at every possible turn or this is a tempest in a teapot which
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frankly make you raise a shrugged shoulder rather than an eyebrow. who among us has not missed the mark when it comes to wearing our mask. we report, you decide. here's the evened -- the accused were caught on camera leaving with their masked up secret service agents in tow. the president or the first lady could be bothered with covering their faces. not so bad except for their incessant refrain to mask up, protect the ones you love, yourself, your loved ones, and strangers. the white house press secretary, jen psaki offered a spirited defense of the president. >> there are moments when we all don't put masks back on as quickly as we should. i don't think we should lose the forest for the trees and our objective is to get more people vaccinated, make sure that schools and companies around the
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country can put in place requirements to save more lives and keep people safer. and, you know, not overly focus on moments many time that don't reflect overarching policy. >> trees and forests, forests and trees. the bidens are hardly the first to wag a finger at the maskless only to do so themselves in violation of the rules they themselves help to set. another notable democrats caught in similar situations, among them, lori lightfoot, the mayor of chicago breaking her own city's rules at the wnba game tweeting this, effective friday, vaccinated and unvaccinated people required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces. mask up to keep the daily cases down. >> we are encouraging people that are inside to wear masks. that's consistent with the cdc guidance and we believe that is the right guidance. inside, just as you all are here today, mask up, that's
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critically important. >> again, rules for thee and not for me, say the critics, noting the frebt si of which the ruling class gets caught without a mask. it's important to point out researchers insist if you wear a surgical mask over your mouth and nose it's an effective way to reduce occurrence of covid-19 in community settings, so judge yourselves accordingly. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. we'll see you in a minute. >> kevin: see you soon. >> shannon: hundreds of police officers and emmroes appear set to defy state and local vaccine mandates in chicago and seattle. breaking news, trace gallagher is on both of the cases for us tonight. good evening. >> the seattle police think the total number refusing to get the
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shot is around 140. some of the officers are publicly pushing back by flying the yellow don't tread on me flags from their cruisers. it's unclear if it violates policy. what he is clear is because of the defund movement and anti-police environment, seattle is down nearly 300 police officers since the beginning of 2020 which means staffing for the seattle police department has not been this low since the 1980s when the population was smaller. critics say the vaccine mandate will continue to exacerbate the rise in crime rate and the police response times. in chicago where the vaccine mandate is in effect and the violent crime rate is becoming its own epidemic. the city is asking city employees including police officers to declare their vaccination status and the fraternal order of police president john cantazaro says
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more than 3,000 officers are defying the order. watch. >> all i could tell you is if our officers hold the line, there's going to be a lot less officers on the street if they're going to send them home with no pay. they're not refusing to protect the people of chicago. the department is refusing to let them protect the citizens of chicago. >> chicago mayor lori lightfoot said this is not just about getting vaccinated. watch her. >> the truth is, actually vaccinated. to me, it's not about vaccination, it's about something else. and as i said, i think our young men and women in the police department are smarter than -- maybe they've been credit for. they're not going to risk their careers by being the subordinate. >> unless, of course, shannon, they do. and it appears chicago can ill afford to have a few thousand police officers pulled off of the streets now. >> shannon: another tough
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weekend for them. breaking tonight, the washington state head football coach has been fired, several of his assistants as well for refusing to get vaccinated. what can you tell us? >> until tonight, the coach was the highest paid employee at $3.2 million. now he's out as the head coach of the washington state cougars. he applied for the religious exemption to the vaccine mandate but clearly it did not work. this is no surprise because he's been making his case against vaccine mandates since back in july when he refused to attend any pac-12 meetings in person because of the various mandates. he's not your run of the mill coach. he's known for being animated, off the wall. a bit at the -- defiant with the media. but his players love him. he turned around the program at his alma mater in hah hah. the underdog cougars beat cal berkeley, oregon state, and
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stanford. now the team will see if they can maintain momentum with a new head coach. it's unclear, you mentioned some of the other coaches, it's unclear how many of the entire staff has been vaccinated because they will probably pull the head coach from one of the remaining assistant coaches, shannon. >> shannon: he applied for religious exemption and didn't get it or didn't work. we're hearing that a lot with washington state and the employees out there. we're going to talk about that with our panel coming up. thank you for the update. colin powell, the first black american to serve as secretary of state has died. the four-star general acted as national security advisor and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in his distinguished career. he died early monday morning from complicationed related to covid-19 at the age of 84. national security correspondent jennifer griffin takes a look at his life and legacy. >> the first black national
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security advisor, the first black chairman of the joint chiefs and the first black secretary of state, colin powell broke barriers and made history. known for his integrity, a soldier for 35 years, he is remembered for his role in the first gulf war and the powell doctrine which stated the u.s. should only use military force if it has clear and achievable objectives with public support, sufficient firepower, and an exit strategy. >> our strategy to go after this army is simple. first we're going to cut it off, then we're going to kill it. >> he famously told madeleine albright u.s. troops should not be used as toy soldiers, his pottery barn rule, you break it, you own it was a tough lesson that the u.s. learned after the invasion of afghanistan and iraq after 9/11. after an event honoring teachers, he spoke about powell born in harlem to jamaican
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immigrants. >> a man of overwhelming decency. >> he joined ro tshs c at the city college of new york. >> this is a guy, we talk about it, who had teachers who looked at this african-american kid and said you can do anything. >> served two tours in vietnam as secretary of state under george w. bush despite deep skepticism about the iraq invasion. he presented the intelligence suggesting saddam hussein had wmd to the united nations which he later said he regretted. >> saddam hussein has not verifiably accounted for one teaspoon full of this deadly material. >> republicans hoped he would run for president in 1996 but his wife, aluma, was concerned about his safety. he endorsed president obama and joe biden and emerged as a vocal critic of presumptuous after the january 6 storming of the capitol, powell said he no longer considered himself a
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republican. he used a commencement address in 1994 to address black students amidst racial turmoil on campus. >> above all, never lose faith in america. its faults are yours to fix, not to curse. it remains the last best hope of earth. >> he men forked many future american believers. >> he never stopped believing in america. and with believe in america in no small part because it helped produce someone like colin powell. >> it's not possible to replace a colin powell. we will miss him. >> colin powell, a soldier until the end died at walter reed due to covid-19. he was fully vaccinated but also undergoing treatment for a rare blood cancer which suppressed his immune system. he was 84. shannon? >> shannon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. two big issues. peep are asking of the passing of colin powell, he was full
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vaccinated but had complications due to coronavirus and other things and the clash of a big mandate over city officials and first responders like this, washington state police officer signed off with a message for his democratic governor. >> this is the last time you hear me in a statement. can kiss my [ bleep ] >> bring in fox news medical contributor and ktth seattle talk radio host jason rance. good to have you both with us. >> hi, shannon. >> hello. >> shannon: he said vaccinated people in good health and do not have chronic conditions are safe from covid-19. the issue is colin powell is not one of those people. what should we know about his case and his passing? >> my deepest condolences to general powell's family, shannon. what we need to understand that general powell suffered from a rare condition -- he suffered from multiple myeloma. this is a cancer of the blood,
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the cancer of the cells that make antibodies which you need to help fight off infection. he had a weakened immune system. the treatment for multiple myeloma also further suppressed his immune system. on top of that, he's 84 years old. he's in the highest age group for severe complications from covid. that's why it was so important and so critical for him to have a booster shot. we co-know that he had two doses of pfizer. he was about to get his booster vaccines but fell ill and was not able to do that. but it was important to understand that for most of the majority of us that the vaccine is highly effective in preventing death and severe complications. we have to remember, if you have underlying medical conditions, you are at a higher risk >> shannon: no matter how we lose him, we say good-bye to a real patriot and hero. his family has to grieve publicly and privately. jay sob, the deadline is ticking
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down to officers in seattle and first responders who are going to have to comply with the mandate out there. i want to play something that jenny derkin, the mayor of seattle said to him about how this is going down. >> people make the choice they don't want to keep their jobs because they don't want to be vaccinated. they will have that choice. i hope they don't make it. >> so it's being portrayed as they're making a choice to lose their jobs. how do the officers there feel? >> the officers feel like their arms are being twisted. that they for the last 18 months worked using ppe. and at that time last year at this time, there was 0% vaccinated. so they were still able to police but now we're at a point in this city and county, frankly in this state, we have 80% of the population being vaccinated. it doesn't make sense saying right now it's more dangerous to police than it was last year. that just logically doesn't make any sense. the mayor today also came out and claimed there were 24
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officers who didn't turn in their vaccine paperwork which is wholly false. that number is at least 123. it's as much as over 200 of officers who are either unvaccinated or vaccinated but choose not to turn over the paperwork. and this is what this is about. a lot of these officers are, in fact, vaccinated. they just don't think that it's appropriate to ask for their private medical data. >> shannon: i want to ask you, you're out there. we hear business owners that they don't feel safe. tourism is hurt. people don't want to come downtown. they're worried about crime rising. can the city afford to lose more officers an it this point? >> no. if jenny derkin fires any officers as a result of this, she is directly making this city more unsafe. we're at the lowest level of deployble officers since the '80s. stage three mobilization, which means everyone deployble has to be uniform ready to respond to 911 calls. we're seeing an increase in crime. and we need to be adding like
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400 to 500 more officers for a city of this size. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this. much has been made of what's going on at college football games and huge crowds. i want to play a little bit of back and forth in the media. >> for weeks, crowds in the tens of thousands, mostly unmasked, have sat side-by-side, now cheering on their teams at the halfway point of the season. all while doctors warned of games becoming potential super spreader events. a frightening prospect with hospitals at the time already on the brink. >> as soon as i saw it, i thought covid is about to have a feast. what did you think? >> i thought the same thing. i think it's really unfortunate. >> but it never happened. >> shannon: doctor, that's good news. the study out of university of florida said it never came to fruition, giant gatherings of 80,000, 90,000, 100,000 people. what do we make of that? >> i disagree.
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i have taken care of thousands of covid patients. i have not had one patient come in and say they caught covid from outside. fresh air, the exchange of ventilation fresh air is one of the top preventives of preventing transmission in addition to being vaccinated. i recall here in new york city when we had thousands of protesters crowded in the street, i didn't have an uptick of covid cases after that last year when we saw that. again, i think if you were indoors and crowded, that was another story. but being outdoors is very safe. your risk of transmission is extremely low. we're at the point where we need to continue with our lives, enjoy our sports and festives it, enjoy our concerts and do the right thing by protecting yourself and that is, of course, getting vaccinated. >> shannon: hundreds of thousands of college football fans and professionals have been enjoying themselves. we're glad it didn't lead to anything more dire. see you again soon. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking tonight,
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north korea at it again firing at least one ballistic missile off of the east coast tuesday morning local time. it's the latest in the string of north korean missile tests in recent weeks. two ballistic missiles were detected and labeled the launches as regrettable. china has tested a nuclear capable next generation hypersonic missile and caught u.s. intelligence officials apparently by surprise. there is growing concern among the u.s. and allies tonight over what appears to be a major advancement in weapons technology. president biden's critics are pointed directly at the commander in chief. >> when you have the joe biden greatest hit list, broken border, rise of terrorism, rampant infederation, you can now put on the list nuclear arms race with china which we're losing. >> chinese officials announced earlier this year a boost of $208 billion for that country's defense budget. hypersonic missiles travel five times the speed of sound.
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another challenge facing president biden right now is a supply chain crisis. experts say a combination of factors have led us to this point. correspondent john that sari reports tonight from one of our major east coast ports, savannah, georgia. >> trucks line up outside of the port of savannah as the nation's third busiest shipping gateway sees a surge in command. >> have you seen anything like this before? >> no, i have not. i have been doing it for 20 years. >> he represents a third generation of a family trucking company that operates near the port. like others, his is grappling with a years old driver shortage exacerbated by an increase in early retirements in the pandemic and the younger drivers leaving for jobs in the booming construction industry. efforts to recruit recent high school grads are complicated by interstate regulations that limit the activities of drivers under 21.
9:20 pm
>> they can drive the full width of texas or the length of california but they can't drive five miles over the line to make a delivery in south carolina. >> pete buttigeig said his department is working to reduce bureaucracy surrounding commercial driver's licenses. but analysts say the driver shortage is only part of the problem causing shipping containers to pile up in america's courts. there are also inefficiencies each time cargo is transferred. >> the problem with long haul trucking is not when you're on the road, it's when you have to drop it off and have to wait three hours to unload something or wait until you pick it up. >> researchers at mit estimate that you can improve efficiency so each trucker gain 12 minutes a day of driving instead of waiting, there could be no longer a driver shortage. in georgia, fox news. >> shannon: a time lapse
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>> shannon: tonight's viral hot list, let it know, let it snow. a stunning footage captures a time lapse of lake tahoe after a snowstorm swept over the mountain sunday night to monday morning dropping four inches of snow on the basin and ten inches in the elevated areas. this marks the area's first real storm of the year. now this, a musical duo you have to love, a little boy playing the saxophone alongside his very big public. cute face, the dog showing full attention as the kid puts on quite the performance. with the dog's face, might be playing smooth jazz, a great
9:27 pm
pair. adorable. you in the big apple making new yorkers stop to take it in. picture perfect double rainbow seen here, a panoramic view, this footage captured the manhattan neighborhood of hell's kitchen, that's where this is. the rainbow breaking through the sky on a brisk fall sunday evening. clear this dog is all bark and no bite, how adorable. spoofed by the small things. the pooch up to his mom as the wind howls. throwing fits with his own direction. he is adorable. he's having fun. not everybody can be the super brave wonder dog. and a rescue with seconds to spare pulling an unconscious driver from a burning car just before it was consumed by flames. officers fought the intense heat while getting the man to safety. both the krooifr and passenger were taken to the hospital for treatment of nonlife threatening injuries. bravo, thank you to the officers
9:28 pm
who with already ready to respond and make the heroic acts look easier than they are. if you have a viral video you want to share, weed love to see it. hit us up on shannon bream on social media. the latest polling indicates terry mcauliffe is holding a slight lead two weeks before the election day. those who believe the dedication of glen youngkin's supporters can give the advantage when it comes to the enthusiasm factor. alexandria hoff checks it out tonight. >> are we ready to win or not. >> in a race no room for apathy, glen youngkin made a push in suburban prince william county. >> doesn't matter where we go, the crowds are huge, the enthusiasm is giant. >> the latest poll is likely voters shows he only slightly trails his opponent, former virginia governor democrat terry mcauliffe. too close for democrats who've seen midterm implications with a
9:29 pm
12-year hold on state-wide elections were to fall. >> don't wait, vote early. november 2 will be here before you know it. >> democratic luminaries have been called on to lend support. jill biden spoke friday, kamala harris will on thursday. former president obama is expected to campaign on behalf of mcauliffe, no word on president biden. he pointed to the president's approval numbers as a challenge but denies he's lacking energy. >> these reporters can write the same stories every four years. i would have told you six months ago they would write this same story. they recycle these. >> enthusiasm is one of the most talked about issues, education. outspoken suburban parents critical of covid-19 policies in school curriculums have taken on a new level of political engagement and republicans hope that will translate into votes. >> when it comes to education, the woke liberal policies are
9:30 pm
not flying with virginia voters. >> tomorrow night in fairfax county, youngkin is making an announcement with solutions for what he sees is an epidemic of government overreach in virginia schools. in washington, alexandria hoff, fox news. >> shannon: we're going to watch that race and have news for you. he's a good sport. all of these weird things. these are cookies made out of sun flower seeds. i was with the lone survivor foundation in houston this weekend. they're amazing. more on that this lady brought these to me from kansas city. i know you and kevin try stuff, these cookies are made from sun flower seeds, big deal in kansas. i said we would try them. let us know what you think. >> as a colorado boy, i appreciate kansas. really good friends in kansas city. kck and kcmo. you have a little difference. here we go >> i like them. >> okay.
9:31 pm
i'm a sun flower guy. >> shannon: mm-hmm. >> i'm a guy in baseball i would have a bag. >> shannon: always. >> always, sun flower seeds everywhere. for me, this would work just fine. by the way, a little rolled oat -- like an oatmeal cookie. >> shannon: without the nasty raisins. >> the oatmeal cookie is fine. you uh throw the raisins in there. worse if it's a chocolate chip cookie. >> hate that, the worst ever. this is good. give a thumbs up. >> shannon: not that we encourage people to -- she gave this to me in person. she brought it. we were trying that. thank you. i think we gave it thumbs up. >> thumbs up. >> shannon: we have good news to talk about. >> great news. can't wait to tell you about it. celebrate one of our best. >> shannon: we'll celebrate our own. thank you, kevin. some face vaccine deadlines, the white house is facing questions about why mandates may be necessary for you but not always
9:32 pm
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>> shannon: we told you about the impending vaccine mandate related law enforcement crises in chicago and seattle happening at the same time as a surge in crime rates in big cities are happening around the country. laura engle has that story tonight. good evening, laura. >> hill, shannon. coast-to-coast, violence once again making headlines. here in new york, a food delivery worker appeared to be taking a break on a park bench was killed when somebody came and sat down next to him, stabbed him, and took off with his bike. the nypd releasing this surveillance video taken from the park where it happened early saturday morning on manhattan's lower east side. you can see the unidentified suspect casually sit down next to the victim. the assault is not shown, but the police say the attacker slashed the victim in the face first, then stabbed him in the
9:38 pm
stomach before stealing his e-bike and riding away. crime rages underground in the big apple. the nypd releasing new stats showing a 25% uptick in felony crimes in the transit system. the figures discussed at an mta board meeting monday. police say there were 96 grand larcenies in the subway system in september alone and subway robberies were up by 18%. an update on that story out of philadelphia where a woman was raped on a train last wednesday night. a suspect has been arrested, but police say witnesses did not attempt to stop the attack or even call police. >> we want everyone to be as angry, disgusted when they see inappropriate behavior, behavior that you wouldn't want your 10-year-old to see, call the police. >> another deadly weekend in chicago. police report four people were killed and at least 20 others wounded in shooting, the
9:39 pm
youngest 11 years old. boy was shot after another child, just 8, accidentally fired a gun. and in portland, oregon, a crowd of about 100 people went wild, smashing store front windows, torching dumpsters, and causing up to $500,000 worth of damage. new legislation prevents them from confronting vandals. shannon? >> thank you very much. so, from america's crime crisis to supply chain problems to the democrats' seemingly endless mixed messages on masks, let's debate the issues that the fine correspondents have for us. welcome back, gentlemen. >> hey, shannon, good to be with you. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: crime -- portland, los angeles, and austin. this shows the major increases in homicide, shootings, all kinds of things going on. i know this is something near and dear to your heart. you talked about what's going on in chicago. they're one of the places too
9:40 pm
that are facing a loss of first responders over vaccine mandates. it's been another violent weekend there. what do we do? >> it's horrific. if you look at the numbers, there's been in terms of the murders in the city of chicago, it's the worse than it's been since 1996 when you know the gangs were fighting over territory for the drug war during that time. this is insanity at its worse. you have politicians who support the defund the police movement and you have politicians that support the mandate for the vaccinations and the city of chicago where the police union president said they could lose up to 50% of the officers. this is not the time to play politics with individuals' lives when you can be vaccinated or you can have natural immunity. those are questions people are asking and we shouldn't put officers off of the job, especially in a time like this. >> kevin, i want to get your comment on this and go to the next topic.
9:41 pm
>> this is one of the reasons i supported biden in the primary in the general election. he had the support of police unions in delaware. he stood with support for police unions and police officers in this country. democrats pass the american rescue plan. many of the millions of dollars are going to fund police departments. in fact, in maryland, you're seeing larry hogan out the some of that money to provide more resources for police. so on the whole i'm a democrat that supports police in this country. the president does too. we're at a crisis point in our big cities and some of our rural areas as well with the rising crime rates. it's horrifying. >> shannon: get to the mask mandates. we have had examples over the last year of the speaker of the house, and various mayors ordering mask mandates for the rest of us. they don't follow them to a tee. this weekend it was the president and the first lady and pictures of them walking around at a restaurant and coming out unmasked. this is what jen psaki said today when she was pushed
9:42 pm
on why there seem to be rules for some and not others. >> we shouldn't lose the forest for the trees. our objective is to get more people vaccinated. make sure that schools and companies around the country can put in place requirements to save more lives and keep people safer and not overly focus on moments in time that don't reflect overarching policy. >> shannon: so, if they don't follow a mask mandate, it's a moment in time. i don't know if it works for the rest of us if we try that argument? >> exactly. we know that there's been more deaths from covid than world war i, world war ii, vietnam war, and 9/11 combined. we have a president who refuses to sit and take questions on reporters on policies that he creates that impacts all of us. no it to mention that, he's not following the policies in which he set up. so we see another instance where elite democrats can make a policy for the rest of us and do something different, nancy pelosi, gavin newsom, we're seeing it with joe biden.
9:43 pm
and many other democrats. so shouldn't they be able -- shouldn't they follow the same rules as they propose for everybody else? they're not doing that affecting the poll numbers of democrats across the country. >> shannon: people ask the question, hey, listen, some people say, republican, democrat, middle, whatever? walking to a restaurant with a mask on and then you sit down and the covid threat goes away and you put the mask on and walk out. some say it's artificial. others say if these leaders believed it was a life or death thing, they wouldn't have to be told to keep their mask on. it's a message problem for democrats if they keep getting caught. >> i find it ironic the same people who mocked the president for wearing the masks indoors and sometimes outdoors are the same ones attacking him for not wearing a mask with jill biden. you would think he was on a date with satan. but the president said it loses sight of the greater conversation we need to have
9:44 pm
about vaccines in this country and we need to keep our eyes on the prize when it comes to getting every american who is eligible in consultation with their doctors to get that vaccine, not just for their edification, it's for protecting folks like colin powell who likely succumbed to covid for experiencing it from an unvaccinated person in this country. >> he was vaccinated. >> shannon: we have to be careful. >> he was vaccinated. but he had the pre-existing conditions. >> shannon: we did, we talked about the blood cancer he was battling was probably the -- >> sure, the likelihood. >> shannon: we need to be careful. >> likelihood that he encountered someone unvaccinated who are high. >> shannon: there are people who have vaccinated and spreading it as well. to be fair -- you can't say it's an unvaccinated person who made him sick. >> people are dying at 11 times that level which is sad. >> shannon: we have more to discuss, come back. >> thanks. >> shannon: the commander in
9:45 pm
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>> shannon: group of military
9:50 pm
members are opening a new front in the battle of vaccine mandates by suing president biden over his mandate. legal affairs vp, harry. good to have you with us, harry. >> good to be with you. >> i want to play a little bit of what the president said. this is back in september about how he feels about people not willing to get vaccinated. >> we've been patient. our patience is wearing thin. and the refusal has cost all of us. so, please, do the right thing. don't take it from me, listen to the voices of the unvaccinated lying in hospital beds if only i had gotten vaccinated. >> shannon: he continues to call this the pandemic of the unvaccinated and he's pointing the finger of blame at clients like yours. >> he has no science to back any
9:51 pm
of it up, shannon. the science tell us that the unvaccinated have just about the same amount of viral load as the vaccinated folks. and that covid-19 can be spread just as easily by those who are vaccinated than by those who are not vaccinated. so president biden's patience may be wearing thin, but the patience of the americans with the press with unconstitutional and unlawful mandates have worn thin long ago. >> shannon: they feel that those unvaccinated without any natural immunity, though they don't seem to be willing to discuss that either present a threat. some places when there have been requests for religious exemptions or others they've been turned down. or in some cases they're granted but no accommodation and the person loses their job anyway. what's the situation for your client? >> our clients in the lawsuit we just filed, a class action on behalf of the military, federal
9:52 pm
employees, federal contractors, they're being bullied by a system that tells them they in theory can apply to get the religious exemption to protect their beliefs but uh in practice, when they request them, they're being bullied, threatened with court-martials and dishonorable discharges and not given the right of procedures and the -- the time is ticking, the clock is ticking, and they're finding themselves out of a job and out of the ability to serve the country that they love because they won't compromise their conscious as to a vaccine that goes against the core of their very beliefs. >> shannon: you know there are skeptics out there when it comes to the religious exemptions. i want to read from a "dallas morning news" opinion piece a few kays ago by a radio host in that area. he said this, the personal feelings about the covid vaccine do not constitute a religious exemption. understandable that vaccine objectors would seek the thick shield. it's a value carved out in our
9:53 pm
american system. but, this vaccine pushback is far more of an individual conscience. this comes from neither a holy book or a clerical pulpit. he said there's no major denomination out there or church that say should be a religious exemption to the vaccine. >> i would respond maybe it's been a while since the gentleman read the good book, the bible. an indisputable fact that all three of the available vaccines in the united states have their genesis in abortion because they were either researched, tested, or developed using fetal cell lines that originated in abortion. a large number of americans are pro-life and are opposed not only to abortion but to benefitting from the product of abortion. and i think the bible is very, very clear that abortion is a sin, that human life begins at conception. and that we're not to have anything to do with products that have their basis, their
9:54 pm
origin, their genesis in abortion. >> shannon: yeah and -- >> may be fine for some, but others object to it and the law protects the right of americans to live out their faith and not to be injected with substances they find morally abhorrent. >> shannon: we know there are several legal battles on that front. keep us updated on your case, we appreciate your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: good news before we say good night. congratulate our senior producer and his beautiful bride, katie. they tied the knot on the blue month vineyard on the edge of the blue ridge mountains. wine country, beautiful. panoramic views of loudoun county, the mix of jams and the fox news at night team in full effect. cheers to you. and kevin, hopefully they're enjoying their honeymoon and not watching the news right now. but congrats to them. good to have the team together. >> if you're smart, just remember. yes, dear, you'll be fine. we congratulate you guys.
9:55 pm
if i could just add, i wish i would have been there, everyone looks so happy. it was as much fun to be there. and many, many happy years to come. >> shannon: yes, we wish them all the best. a beautiful start to life. good to have our team celebrating as well. congrats, you guys. that is it for us tonight from washington. e you back here tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1 with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role
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and more and i'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson this next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." general colin powell died this morning at the age of 84. what a life it was. in his later years, he became a part of partisan politics. in younger people may remember him for that. for most of his life, he was much bigger than the politics. if you're old enough to recall the first gulf war you know that colin powell was the last public official that most americans believed in.


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