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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  October 18, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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her chevy suv to an airplane so she could lecture all of you about going green. >> we need to reduce emissions because that is what is contributing to these drought conditions fueled by many and not most ways by human behavior. this is literally about life. >> literally. thank you for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. "gutfeld!." [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy monday, everyone, and what a weekend. hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. i started my new outdoor workout.
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that's a nice ass. extremely polite. we've got some footage of him picking out a jacket. [laughter] >> greg: and are her favorite southerner, dagen mcdowell is here. we are very happy that she made it here in time. >> you got that recorded? >> greg: it's funny because she didn't die.
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last night, i did what many young people do when they were alone, think about katie couric. of course, she made news last week for admitting that she cut out remarks about kneeling pro athletes from an interview she did with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg in order to protect ginsberg like she needed protection from this nitwit. ruth bader ginsburg and her current state is still mentally sharper than you. she's dead, that's why the joke works. over at cnn in between pizzas, brian seltzer fretted that her cover up contributed to a decline in trust in the media. isn't that the potbelly pig calling the kettle black? you are a regular magnum p.i. or in your case, magnum pie.
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even though media manipulation is still news to cnn, we've always known that if there's a story they want to obsess over, they will full your day with it. runs the same clip of the same people over and over again like it's their rerun of will and grace. but if there's a story they wish to hide, they will erase it faster than i do with my browsing history when the wife walks in. always have a private window. current tidbits, they do it with the hunter laptop story and then admit a glut of bad news considering his presidency, biden tried to erase that by those who refuse subpoenas thing they should be prosecuted. cool. now do your son, old man. just kidding. hunter has broken more laws than jimmy fail filling out his tax returns, but he is exempt. he's not, he's a biden. you see the trick every time
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inflation rises, the supply chain crunches, covid rages on the president can't answer a question, q january 6th. like the machine i use to make counterfeit gift certificates, it's the thing that keeps on giving. literally. while the six will awful, it paled in comparison to a typical night of george floyd protests. by the way, have you noticed how the letter i word has disappeared? where did the insurrection go? it never was. found scant evidence that it was the result of an organized plot to overturn biden's win. according to current and former law enforcement officials. roughly 600 alleged participants, the fbi believes the violence wasn't centrally coordinated by far right groups or trump supporter's. according to sources that were directly involved in the investigation according to reuters and you can trust fbi sources like a plot to kidnap
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michigan governor gretchen whitmer, they have intimate knowledge because they help planet. one official with inside knowledge described the suspect as 90 to 95% one-off cases adding there was no grand scheme to score storm the capital. meaning january 6 was as organized as shoppers on black friday. both have been hit with charges like parading. who knew that was a crime? by the way, it should be. i hate parades. you know how embarrassing it is for me to ask another adult if i can sit on their shoulders so i can see the turkey flow go by? my entire life has been that way. but also, it's hard to call january 6th and insurrection when you refuse to say the same thing about climate activists trying to break into the department of interior that happened last weekend but that's different because its climate. meanwhile, portland, oregon, continues to be assaulted, a half-million in damage, but it's
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actually who's a terrorist. >> ashli babbatt who was a trained air force specialist to kill him if he was a military member and god knows what harm she could have done. >> they are terrorists. ashli babbatt, all of those who attack the capital are terrorists because the fbi director has said it's an act of terrorism. >> ashli babbatt was looking to storm the house floor and was shot by a brave officer who was the last line of defense for many members of congress and the slowest, least mobile members because they were having the hardest time getting out. people would have been killed. >> greg: that is an insult to anuses. do you notice how they really enjoy the death of a female
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veteran holding no weapons? why is that? because it's easy. it's not like she is sacred, there's no such thing as a white victim to them. msnbc were around, they would've said his limo was making a turn against the light. it's a joke about an assassination, but it's true. so she wasn't just shot dead, she was erased, hidden like mayor pete during a transportation crisis. just like the hunter laptop story, they decided that she was not an appealing victim. sure, she broke the law, but may be the next step shouldn't be shoot her dead. i don't know, maybe. you can see how easy it is to go from calling her a terrorist to calling all concerned parents terrorists but the media silence remains creepier than buying pigtails on ebay. we knew she would already have a
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plaza named after her but instead, she is a terrorist with the media colluding to turn her into isis. seems they have to make them up. >> thoughts on the late great johnny carson? >> he can really connect with people and he was so prolific over 70 years, what a body of work, he inspires me. thanks for joining us. did we get it? good. >> you guys are going to make me look bad, are you? >> you know, no, no. >> tonight on the just news network. >> thoughts on the late ted bundy? >> huge fan, he can really connect with people and is so prolific over so many years, such a body of work. he inspired me. >> joe mackie inspired by ted bundy, back to you.
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>> greg: greg, by the way. it's funny, we make movies about corruption on wall street, movies about corruption in government and regarding corrupt cops, devoted to taking isolated events and applying it to the entire system, the brush they paint with was any broader, it would be a kardashians ass. yet, the stops there. not with elections over the media but you see it's the corruption that leads to the corruption of elections. shifting focus away from hunter, china, and joe. no wonder he has to be so surprised by this. they cling to january 6th mike leonardo dicaprio clinging to a blanket. all to keep the target on the people they hate and protect those they don't which is why i was thinking about she did us all a favor. she showed us how the sausage is
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made and that it tastes awful which is may be why we stop eating it. welcome tonight's guest, if she hears one more southern stereotype, she will whack you with her banjo. plus, business anchor dagen mcdowell. he dresses for the job he wants, 1980s bookie. i he will show you his heart while he is breaking yours, fox news contributor. and she keeps asking how much for this at the dollar store, fox news contributor kat timpf. >> not everything at the dollar store costs a dollar, okay? the dollar tree was just the last we have left charging one
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or two quarters more for supply chain issues among other factors in the best part is in that intro you were supposed to be insinuating that i'm stupid. and challenge my dollar store knowledge. >> greg: you can say that for your next appearance on the special report. it is not necessary here. it's good to see you. >> in my defense, my attack wasn't. >> greg: what do you make of the depiction of january 6 is good, do you see it the way i do, see it differently? >> the only deliverable the democrats can offer voters is we will protect you from fake white supremacist prayer they can't say anything about the border for foreign policy but they can protect you from the next potential coup that wasn't and
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make no mistake about it, it's not a clue. you don't overthrow the most powerful military in the world with chewbacca bikinis. you overthrow them with vaccine mandates and local politics, that's how you get it done and that's how they were trying to cripple our military but this is a sign of their desperation. >> greg: that's a great point. you never know until a government is overtaken until it actually happens by weird means. >> the grandma wandering around the capital and stuff like that, we watch that guy and i was condemning political violence before it was cool. when we were watching that day for real, the last scene. we will upend the homecoming parade, that's what we were watching. not saying it was a good thing, but it wasn't a coup attempt. we weren't a minute away from watching a guy in a buffalo had. >> greg: although that would have interesting.
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so love the pants, very sparkly today. if you're attacking the government building and you are antifa or a climate group, you want a terrorist. i don't understand the distinction. >> not to the big media gas bags, you are somebody to be protected and that's part of the problem is what's going on in this country now you are talking about with the dollar store story, inflation, energy crisis. >> greg: i don't think that's why she brought it up, but go ahead. >> she is full of knowledge but inflation, energy crisis, supply chain problems requires these other networks to actually know things tend to be able to explain them to the viewers and they can't do that and it also requires them to give a [bleep] about people that hurts like people that go to the grocery store or children because santa claus is not
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coming so instead they're just going to continually talk about january 6th over and over because all they have to do is sit there and point and stare and rolled her eyes and snore. their narrative was always these dangerous rednecks, it just lets them like some bloated has been jock sitting around talking about remember the game against mondale high. >> greg: joey, jones, i never know which one these days, i find it bizarre the dehumanization of ashli babbatt so you can have four talking heads there talking about minority rights and injustice to sit there -- or three people, may be basically say she deserved to die. >> that [bleep] pisses me off.
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listen, what happened to ashli babbatt was an absolute tragedy and the fact that she was in that situation was wrong. i can say that without -- i am not attacking her. i'm saying that's not how we need to move forward, we need to be able to have a voice is heard but we can only do that if the media is reporting what we're saying, if we have a full conversation, if both sides of an issue are being heard but when you suppress things with social media and through most of the national news networks, people are going to push one way or another and that's what happened january 6th but to go in and say she was in the air force do you know she was trying to kill everybody, what? i'm sorry, that's where you're going with this? so that really made me mad and i've been distracted since then but i like your outfit, looking little bit like elvis.
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>> greg: last word on this, feel free to pick any of the angle that you wish to address. >> i just think it's so weird that katie couric thought that ruth bader ginsburg needed her because ruth bader ginsburg obviously one of the most powerful people in the country, doesn't need katie couric but it makes sense to me now why she essentially canceled herself. i don't think she did it on purpose, i think she thought people would still love her because she thinks she is more important than she really is if she is to do that. >> greg: up next, the supply chain broke down while mayor pete skips town. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greg: the supply chain is a wreck while an absent secretary still cast a vision check.
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transportation is breaking down while mayor pete is no way to be found. it's yet another biden administration fail as pd doesn't even leave an out of office email. take that, dr. seuss. pete buttigieg defended being home on paternity leave while the country has been hit with the supply chain crisis. while he bottle-fed, we bottlenecked and while he brought home the bacon, our actual bacon doubled in price. instead of buying it from school kids. worse, offered no new solutions to the crisis, didn't bother to announce he would be away noted he appoint a replacement, he simply transported himself home leaving america as abandoned as don lemons remaining brain cells. he treats his job like kamala harris treats the border, he doesn't show up and nothing gets done. cnn host jake tapper confronted him over this.
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>> the cabinet secretary, why didn't you or the department of transportation make an official announcement when you went on parental leave and why did you not appoint an acting secretary while you were away? >> the way this works as there is a deputy secretary who is doing phenomenal work and can fill in when a secretary is not available. even though i've been on paternity leave and i'm proud of it, obviously given the nature of my job when you take a job like mine, you understand and accept you're going to have to be available 24/7. >> greg: so no one knew he would be gone and he only surface to address his absence during a national crisis saying it would last into next year just like his paternity leave. who knows? if he gets new kids every few months, he will never come back to work. that's what i would do. the real question is, what happens if you bail on work for
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two months and no one notices? may be you are nonessential. i wonder of his coworkers ever figured out he was missing. >> supply chains been backed up for months, i don't know what we are going to do. i'm out of ideas pair the only thing i can think of is to ask secretary p. he's got some unbelievable ideas. >> his calm demeanor really puts me at ease. so glad biden picked him. >> greg: you're a dad, how do you feel about two months leave, he's got a high level job, he's allowed to do it but he's doing the correct thing but it makes him kind of a lousy leader. >> i've sit and watched a lot of my buddies face time their newborn children because they were out fighting a war. maybe pete served in a different military than i did.
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he did run for president but didn't have the dignity of being a wounded veteran so i don't know if he just doesn't get it but there are millions of americans that don't have the luxury of taking two months off. let me explain something to you. a woman, a mother, and i'm proud to say that word makes a human body with her own body and birds that body. she may need a couple of weeks to heal, recover. maternity leave makes a lot of sense. paternity leave being the father and the situation which i've done twice now, very proud of, pretty good at it. made some awesome humans they are. we serve a different role. we are not healing on maternity leave. we are getting to know her child and if you finish that line of the quote you just played, he talks about just because i know the nature of this job so even if that means checking email during a doctors appointment. i was working.
8:25 pm
i'd still be employed by the marine corps. are you serious? that's what you think going to work is? the biggest cell phone is he would probably be right where we are right now. >> greg: no one knew he was gone. would not hurt your feelings if you were gone from the show for two months and no one knew? >> i'd be devastated. >> greg: we should try that. you love this story though. >> yes, i do because i want to be careful here because paternity leave, i am a huge fan of paternity leave and if my husband and i have or have kids, i'm going to need him to have a very long maternity leave and if he doesn't, we are have to switch. he can do the maternity leave. because honestly, babies are not that good of a hang, right? everyone says it's different if it's your own band i know, i
8:26 pm
will have to take care of it. that's how it's different so hopefully by then, i will have an assistant that can devote their entire workday to delivering breast milk to and from the office to my apartment and be a great dad. >> greg: will be a great father. i think he is right to it off but it's like when he ran for president while being south bend, indiana, mayor, it makes him a lousy leader. >> so he got the job as secretary of transportation and his nickname was pothole p. he knows he can pretty much get away with anything and i think pete has some stones -- he took a great job and literally said i'm out of here for a few months now. and he actually is [bleep] on
8:27 pm
biden's policy of giving leave to everybody in the country because no small business is going to get on board with you hire somebody and then they leave. >> greg: two months. this is amazing to take off two months on a job you just started. >> this pisses me off so much. when my wife had the baby, i was back to work. i guess we are going in. shouldn't be running a 5k let alone the transportation department and this is where identity politics fails the whole country. you appoint people because of their bio and get people in over their heads. i would say 11 million americans could fill this role better but they don't need 5 million, they needed one guy.
8:28 pm
so pete buttigieg running transportation is like hunter running the dea. kind of a conflict of interest given the background. >> greg: up next, always low prices. wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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because we believe everybody deserves a chance. and sometimes one chance is all it takes to change everything. see what scholarship opportunities you may qualify for at >> greg: walmart is having a sale on attacks against people who are pale. the critical race theory tearing us apart is now available at walmart. documents obtained by conservative activists show walmart has trained more than 1,000 employees in critical race theory. it denounces the u.s. has a white supremacy system and teaches staffers to accept their guilt and shame and stop thinking why is right which is why they now say welcome to walmart, may you die, colonial oppressor.
8:33 pm
walmart told "the new york post" owned by our parent company that employees have gone from the crt sessions since 2018. apparently segregated by race into affinity groups and minorities are told they suffer from racist oppression and racial inferiority so they were segregated racially to be told that they suffer from constructed racism. that's like feeding people canned tuna and garlic before telling them they have bad breath. the company insists it's for corporate officers and salaried managers not for hourly workers, they get sessions like why you need to stay late and how to avoid getting trampled during a sale. the thing that gets me about this is who actually is the recipient of more mockery? minorities or walmart shoppers? there's web sites devoted to
8:34 pm
mocking people who shop at walmart. shouldn't they be doing critical anti-walmart shoppers? sorry. >> how about standing up for your customers first and foremost? every time my dad goes, he gets into a fight with someone over the last box of prilosec. they can crackdown on that. walmart put my parents business under so i'm really rooting for walmart but most of walmart's executives targeted with this programming are white so just give them all the cat of nine tails, let me observe around the room. >> greg: heroes aren't even up to the walmart standards. but this is an example of corporate deflection. you go woke, the activists will overlook how you eliminated mom-and-pop stores or were relying on welfare to subsidize
8:35 pm
your workers. >> we all can't shop in the gary coleman collection. i love you both. i love you both. they wound up there because they didn't sit through class. you know what i mean? it's gone full circle but this is so part and parcel of where we are as a country right now, just attacking whitey because they're the only safe space. it's gotten so prevalent that white people are now going in. it's stupid but then there's part of me watching this and if
8:36 pm
you don't like being welcome to target. does it make you more or less likely to shop at walmart when you hear this, does it matter really to you? >> where is the walmart? i am truly a man of the people. >> all but one of the top nine executives of white people so they can just quit. >> greg: exactly. >> they can stop making millions of dollars and just quit. of course, they don't want to. we all have those friends who think their partners are horrible person and he is in therapy, yeah, he's going to therapy so he can continue to say i'm in therapy when he is a trashy human being. this is all this is on a corporate level. >> greg: they say we are doing this, so stick with me. last word to you.
8:37 pm
>> maybe they can implement a dress code so i can take my kids to walmart. the walton family has put more americans out of business than joe biden and at least joe biden has the self-respect to pay people to not go to work. they just shut their business down by selling a bunch of cheap goods. this is a company that invented black friday massacres. everybody giving things on thanksgivings we can go kill each other to get that big screen tv that's going to quit two weeks into it, so much faith in it they didn't even put their logo on it, it was made in cambodia. so this company is brought into the core as far as i'm concerned i do shop at the dollar general because i have no jobs in my hometown so that's the kind of pariah company walmart is and are you going to treat your employees this way?
8:38 pm
what are you, southwest? >> greg: coming up, they insist wearing a mask is right unless they are grabbing a bite. e for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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>> greg: jill in sleepy joke with the rules on pause because only little people have to obey the laws. it which means time for. what prison did that come from? first step, over the weekend, president biden and his wife were filmed mask was walking through a d.c. restaurant. joe and jill broke the city's mask mandate and the restaurants covid protocol which says they all must be vaccinated but with phone numbers, you would think you'd be afraid to show his face
8:43 pm
anywhere even though you can still recognize him from the hair plugs. meanwhile, chicago mayor lori lightfoot was seen mask lisette a basketball game and a photo that she posted on her own twitter account. chicago and the state of illinois have mask rules for indoor sporting events i noticed everyone else's messed up terrified of catching what makes the mayor so bonkers. he said college football games would be super-spreader events but like the government ban on gain-of-function research, that never really happened. the only super spreading is whatever this guy has. i've been there come a snotty dog.
8:44 pm
what is it? >> my favorite was lori lightfoot, this is clearly a hit job. clearly somebody tripped her into taking her mask off, took a photo and then someone else gotten to her twitter and posted it, clearly that's what happened. in a could not possibly be someone in this division of power things that the rules don't apply to them, couldn't be that. >> that's a pretty ball or move. she's like i don't care, i run this town, very boardwalk empire family know how that show ended then we'll forget where he is and who's going to show how to
8:45 pm
eat and starts handing candy out the kids so i get it, it's a hypocritical part, the rules are stupid. they know the rules are stupid, they don't want to follow them because they are needless and have no effect on us as people, they just think we're too stupid to utilize common sense and see it so it's more about. >> greg: to your point earlier in the show, this is what creates movement, so when you see this kind of violation. it's so infuriating because you've been told your kid has to wear a mask but your mayor doesn't have to wear a mask. in her defense, lori lightfoot is stupid. she thinks she catch the delta variant from flying the airline, she doesn't know. so funny when he was running
8:46 pm
about college football super-spreader events, we all know that doesn't happen outdoors although they say it happens outdoors of it's a republican leading event, and indoor birthday party, no big deal. you're riding a motorcycle but the thing is if you're hanging out of college football parties, it's not a top-five thing you're worried about catching. you're actually relieved. thank god it's just covid, i thought was something else. and your right to say that people are sick of it and it is time for some level of civil disobedience. last word to you. >> always have to have tracks in case someone pops out, this is some deep-seated in new york city, every single day, i will see at least a couple of people riding bikes with a mask on, but no helmet.
8:47 pm
so there risk calculation is they are more likely to catch covid riding on a bike than they are to have their melon broken open by a dump truck. >> greg: they will catch covid when their lifeless body is taken to the hospital after getting hit by a truck. up next, the former host of the daily show tells the trump obsessed media to let it go.
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>> greg: they keep trying to blame the score on the man not in office anymore but you'd have to be a jump to blame everything on trump according to jon stewart saying pundits are making a mistake by casting the former president has an incredible super villain who is to blame for all of our country's problems. >> i think it's a mistake to focus it all on this one individual and not to focus it more on the idea that power is its own reward unless we can figure out a better way to balance that power, we will be vulnerable. >> greg: he is bringing the funny. i'm sad all of a sudden. i don't know what happens, but my mood has changed. there was one thing of course
8:52 pm
that trump was totally responsible for, cnn's ratings which have been in the toilet since the end of his presidency. you claim to be a comedian. what's going on here? why is it he is coming in and saying this? this is like old news. >> i'll tell you the truth, he is doing more than bill maher did saying they are tired of building to such a one note audience because they kind of walled themselves into a prison where comedy really does work off the element of surprise but if you're only allowed to make one thing over and over again, it is limited and as a performer, half of the political aisle is off-limits to them. at the same time, he does realize that the media created a really toxic thing in this country because a lot of people hate trump so they don't have to think about what they hate themselves and we've all seen it, you could post picture of your cat, three comments down, someone will be like to bad trumps a white supremacist. it's just my cat.
8:53 pm
>> that happens to me. >> was as my cat elvis, he doesn't know anything about trump, but fine. >> greg: are you sure? the guy in the lousy jacket makes a good point. by saying trump is not a super villain, does that make jon stewart a racist? i think somehow defending trump, he is now a racist. >> he is six years late because they ran through all the trump jokes in 2015 so where is he now? this is his way of indirectly trying to distance himself from the guy who is hosting his old show, stephen colbert who was profoundly unfunny so he's definitely talking about the media, talking about the unfunny hacks who now occupy the space that he is used to like the
8:54 pm
dancing. >> greg: you know, i think he is trying to hone in on my turf. i don't like it one bit. >> has there been a less graceful vivid the intellectual than jon stewart? there's nothing accidental about that shot. there's a reason why he's wearing a t-shirt and looking like he is mailing it in looking off-camera at his phone, trying to show so hard how much that he is more intellectually above the conversations that are being had but he's just not part of the conversation anymore. he's right in the sense of its more now. that flips over between watching georgia when by a million in tennessee beat itself the other night and hit the wrong button and they are doing a skit and they have eric and don jr. really with everything going on in the world, that's what's most relevant right now? come on. >> greg: how are they not doing hunter material >> john: or kamala harris with the kids. i think i'm going to go on a
8:55 pm
limb and say they didn't do it without watching it because that is a high-powered tv executive, i'm allowed to make these pronouncements without ever doing research. that was the best ever and wasn't allowed within 100 feet of kids. you guys are so amazing. you know what it was? inside her brain, remember when terminator would walk in, child. focus eyes down. loud voice scares them. like my hand movements there. what are your thoughts, young lady? >> a lot of us have been saying the same thing for a long time. >> greg: trump derangement syndrome. >> we've been talking about it for a really long time. i was distracted by the production value of cnn. it's like a fish tank or something. >> greg: it's like local access. >> every time i look past it, do
8:56 pm
they know they're on right now? >> greg: they apparently didn't know they were on. don't go away, we will be right back.
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plus current eligible buick owners get $250 purchase allowance on 2021 buick suv models. >> greg: we're out of time. what a great monday show. thanks to our guests and our studio audience who i love. >> welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, critics blasting the president and first lady after they're caught on camera violating washington, d.c.'s indoor mask mandates at an upscale restaurant. and another democratic leader caught maskless over the weekend. details coming up. remembering general colin powell. remember the life a


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