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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: this sounds just like shitz creek. richard we could buy it and be co-mayors. >> >> dana: there is no headquarters there. headquarters and seven acres. that's all we need. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. bret, are you in? >> bret: dana, tell jesse that hot cross buns is a good song. jess not how my sister plays it. [laughter] >> dana: all right. have good show. >> bret: thanks, guys. good evening. i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from the richard nixon presidential lie museum in your bow linda, california. breaking tonight a man whose distinguished career featured a role as white house fellow under president nixon in 1972 has died. collin powell went on to become the first black american to serve in some of the nation's top government positions.
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powell's resume four star general. national security adviser. joint chiefs chairman and secretary of state. his family says powell died early this morning from complications related to covid-19. he was 84 years old. the flags here at the nixon library are flying at half-staff today. reaction to powell's passing has been pouring in from the nation's leaders all over the country from those he touched. jennifer griffin starts us off tonight from the pentagon, good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. president biden said in a statement colin powell embodied the ideals of diplomat. adding he will be remembered as one of the great americans. >> the first black national security adviser the stirs black chairman of the secretaries of chief and first black are secretary of state. broke barriers. known as a soldier for 35 years. remembered for first gulf war
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powell doctrine the u.s. should only use military force if it has clear and achievable objectives with public support sufficient fire power and an exit strategy our strategy go after very simple. head it off and kill it. >> he famously told then secretary of state madeleine albright that u.s. troops should not be used as toy soldiers. his pottery barn rule you break it, you own it was a tough lesson the u.s. learned after the invasion of afghanistan and iraq after 9/11. during a white house event honoring teachers president biden spoke about powell born in harr throw them jamaican immigrants. >> not only a dear friend and patriot. great military leaders and man of overwhelming decency. >> he joined rotc at the city college of new york. this is the guy we talk about who had teachers who looked at this african-american kid and said you can do anything. >> served two tours in vietnam
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as secretary of state under george w. bush despite deep skepticism about the iraq invasion. he presented the intelligence suggesting saddam hussein had wmd to the united nations which he later said he regretted. >> saddam hussein has not verifierably accounted for even one tease sphoon full of this deadly material. >> republicans had hoped he would run for president in 1996. his wife alma was concerned about his safety. he endorsed president obama and joe biden and emerged as a vocal critic of president trump after the january 6th storaginging of the u.s. capitol powell said he no longer considered himself a republican. powell used a commencement address at howard university in 1994 do address black students amidst racial turmoil on campus. >> above all, never lose faith in america faults years to fix
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not to curse. remember it remains the last best hope of earth. >> he mentored many future american leaders. >> he never stopped believing in america and we believe in america and we believe in midterm in no small part because it helped produce someone like colin powell. >> it's not possible to replace a colin powell. we will miss him. >> colin powell a soldier until the end died at walter reed due to covid-19. he was fully vaccinated but also undergoing treatment for a rare blood cancer which suppressed his immune system. bret? fox news senior political analyst brit hume. kimberley strassel a member of the editorial board "wall street journal" and trey gowdy congressman from south carolina. brit, you covered colin powell for many years. your thoughts on this day? >> well, weigh was a giant whose influence spanned at least three
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administrations. that of ronald reagan, that of george h.w. bush and that of george w. bush. my first memories him bret date back to 1989 early part of 1990 when the u.s. invaded panama a conflict many will not remember to take down the corrupt criminal dictatorship of manuel nor weighing go whose administration down there had declared war on the united states, big mistake. powell came to the white house to brief. skepticism about the utility of american military force was very much invogue. powell's briefings were absolutely dazzling, convincing authoritative, crisp, clear, very much like powell, the man himself. and it really sort of put to rest the doubts that had begun to grow. he later was major architect of the gulf war which jennifer had described which as thunder russ
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military success for which colin powell i think deserves a great deal of credit. he planned it, he defended it, he was a big part of it. later he came to controversy as we all know over the iraq war and his speech at the u.n. claiming that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. it should be remembered in that regard, bret, while that intelligence proved to be faulty, virtually every intelligence service on earth had reached the same conclusion. so he was far from alone in that. a man for his time and a man, i think, we will all remember with admiration. >> bret: that commencement speech we saw part of it 1994 from general powell. let's take a little more of it. >> america is a family. there may be differences and disputes within the family, but we must not allow the family to be broken into warring factions. from the diversity of our people let us draw strength and not see weakness. believe in america with all your
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heart and soul and with all of your mind. you are its inheritors and its future is today placed in your hands. >> bret: you know, is he remembered for breaking glass ceilings, harold but those presidents valued his advice. ronald reagan, all of the presidents brit just mentioned from your perspective, your thoughts today? >> i think, bret, brit said it very well. thanks for having me on. he was bigger than life for those who pursue a life in government and public policy. he wrote a book his last book, i think, it worked for me. leadership lessons on life. and 12 or 13 lessons. but all of them stand out but really three stood out for me. get mad and then get over it he said be kind, share credit. if we could have more of our leaders exemplify that in business, politics, academia, media, we would be a different world. we would live in a different
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world. now, he wasn't partisan but it was principled. he was kind but he was a quiet and undeniable force for all the presidents and leaders not only american presidents but foreign leaders who he gave advice. to say those who sought his advice in the process. i was reminded as i said earlier, brit and i were on earlier, he soared above the politics colin powell did. that's one of the reasons why there was ambiguity around his politics all the time that he served the bush family and the reagan family as president. when in many ways what he was was a patriot more than anything. i think the gratitude we owe him for those of us who love politics those of us who have been in it and those who seek to serve is to remember all of his lessons. and that is first and foremost, serve america. serve our people and as i told those students at howard university, don't just find the fault, fix it don't curse us, we are america. we are bigger and better. if we are at our best, we can solve any problem.
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he will be missed. his family, should know they are in our prayers and they should know he made america a better place. >> bret: yeah. kimberly? >> you know, i have thought thought when you look at colin powell legacy not any individual actions but obviously very important ones and one that people forget is incredibly important role he played in the wake of vietnam in rebuilding a military that had been racked by discord and demoralization. that was very important. but the legacy is really in the example of his life and his service, which is rooted in that opportunity of america. hard to find someone came from more modest means. born of two immigrantsy j make can a and grew up in harlem to reach diplomatic heights. we have gone through his heights. credited america for do you know the. paid it back so many times over in terms of his service.
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that to me, is the example of his life is what people are going to remember. >> bret: trey, we don't know what he would have been like as a president. he definitely flirted with it as we talked about in the piece. his wife really didn't want him to run. but, you know, in 196, he was close. i think two lessons. how much the country and the party have changed since 1994. since he gave that commencement address since 1996. you know, the republican party has changed dramatically. i wonder if the message he had for the graduates i wonder if it would even resonate anymore. the real lesson i took this morning. not the titles he acquired. not even the positions he held. but how he described himself, husband, father, grandfather. that's how he wants to be remembered. and if that's how we want to be remembered, that's probably the order in which we should live
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life. i think that's a lesson for all of us. >> bret: brit, last word. he will be remembered for all these different positions. but he was kind of a larger than life figure in washington. >> yes, he was widely admired. approached by the republican party and booned in the republican party to run for democrats. democrats would have been happy to have him run in their party. such was his reputation and standing bipartisan the admiration. he came to some grief with the republican party after a while. he was a dissenter basically on the iraq war and so on. and then there was a moment that i think he would prefer to forget and many of us would and that was during the investigation of the famous valerie plame cia leak in which it turned out that his top aide had been the leaker how knowing
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that sat in a cabinet meeting with president george w. bush who said he wanted to know who it was. karl rove was relentlessly pursued on that. ultimately not indicted and justly so. but powell knew and should have said and he didn't but i will say this. karl rove is one of the people who spoke most admiringly about him today which tells you a lot about karl and tells you a lot about powell. quite a man. >> bret: panel, thank you. we will see you later in the show. let's bring in dr. matter makary. he joins us from johns hopkins health policy expert. fox news contributor. dr. makary, thanks for being here. we wanted to talk to you about colin powell, we're told, had full vaccine two doses of the vaccine and, yet, characterized complications from covid-19. they also say he was fighting this blood cancer multiple myeloma. talk about that for people out there about how it gets to that
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point. >> it's a tragedy when anyone dies especially an american hero, bret. we know it's complications from covid-19. we're not sure it's directly from covid-19. that's what the family said complications related to. it could be a secondary affect. he did have multiple risk factors being 84. multiple myeloma a blood cancer, a low grade cancer. and it is an immune compromised state. it was his second cancer. he had one that he beat in the past. about 7,000 people will develop -- 7,000 people total who have -- there are 7,000 people who have died after being fully vaccinated. that's about 1 in 27,000 people fully vaccinated will have that risk compared to unvaccinated it may be one in 1,000. there is a risk there. i think people need to understand the risk is not eliminated it's still there it's just clustered around multiple risk factors. >> bret: people that have risk
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factors they are being advised to get the booster shot. are their other things? i know merck is working on this pill. are there other treatments that are on the way that could have somehow made a difference? >> well, there may be, bret, a drug was tested in high risk individuals. and it was found to cut deaths from covid to zero. it was a six deaths in the placebo group zero in the drug group. many have suggested that it would be useful on a congress pam that the use basis right now. like president trump got monoclonal. antidepressant reduce inflammation. steroid nebulizers and either hyper tonic saline sprays. these are all vaccine therapeutics. we put a lot of focus on vaccines but it turns out these other things may also be valuable. >> bret: dr. makary, we
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appreciate your expertise. thanks. >> thanks. >> bret: up next, is president biden trying to strong arm his justice department to go after a former trump administration official and later a huge new threat from the chinese military. a missile that can achieve hypersonic speeds and carry a nuclear war head. plus the enthusiasm factor in the virginia governor's race. we will bring you back here to the nixon library after this. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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>> bret: welcome back to the nixon presidential library and museum. chicago's police chief is threatening to fire officers who do not comply with the city's vaccine policy. david brown sent a memo last night. it also says officers who choose to retire rather than adhere to the policy might be putting their retirement benefits at risk. the officers' union has posted instructions on its website for personnel who want to contest the vaccine order on religious or moral grounds. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 36. the s&p 500 gained 15. the nasdaq jumped 124. damage control is underway tonight at the white house after president biden appeared to encourage his justice department to prosecute a former trump administration official.
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that, plus to mask or not to mask. washington, d.c. mask etiquette. white house correspondent peter doocy has details. >> the president's words and actions this weekend contradicted his words and actions from recent months. >> you can see i didn't get my [inaudible] from jill. >> for example, the biden administration defieds mask mandate d.c. >> there are moments we all don't put masks on as quickly as we should. >> biden long promoted mask. >> mask. >> want this rule infraction excused. >> i don't think we should lose -- lose a forest through the trees and not overly focus on moments in time that don't reflect overarching policy. >> president is also now saying he wants witnesses who don't cooperate with the january 6th committee prosecuted. >> should he be prosecuted. >> i do yes. >> but that contradicts a simple pledge from before the election. >> i will not direct them who to
3:21 pm
prosecute and what to prosecute. >> and after the election. >> we'll not tell the justice department how to do its job. >> i guarantee you that's how it will be run. >> white house claims what the president says and what the president means here are two different things. >> he also continues to believe that the department of justice has the purview and independence to make decisions about prosecutions. that continues to be his view and that continues to be how he will govern. >> you say that is his view but that is not what he said. >> i just conveyed what his view is and that is also how he has operated and how he has governed and how he will continue to govern. that's what is important for people to watch. >> people at the justice department were watching that and grew concerned enough about the appearance that president biden was pressuring them they put out a statement right away insisting that they are going to make independent decisions about any and all prosecutions moving forward, quote, period. full stop. that's something biden has long
3:22 pm
said that he supports until the other day when he said something different. bret? >> peter doocy live on the north lawn. peter, thanks. former president trump is suing the house committee investigating the capitol riot. the former president is trying to block the release of documents requested by that committee. he says the request is almost limitless in oscope and seeks records with no reasonable connection to that day. one of president biden's big problems right now is the supply chain crisis. we have talked a lot about it. experts say there are many factors that have led us to this point. correspondent jonathan serrie reports tonight from the site of one of the major ports on the east coast. savannah, georgia. >> trucks flying up outside the port of savanna as the third busiest shipping gateway surge in demand. >> have you ever seen anything like this before. >> no, i have not. i have been doing this for almost 20 years. >> shepard represents the third
3:23 pm
generation of a trucking company that operates near the port. >> like other trucking companies years old driver shortage increase in early retirements during the pandemic and younger drivers leaving for jobs in the now booming construction industry. efforts to recruit recent high school grads are complicated by interstate regulations that limit the activities of drivers under 21. >> they can drive the full width of texas. they can drive full length of california but they can't cross the line from savanna port five miles over the bring to make a delivery in south carolina. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg says his department is working with state dmvs to reduce bureaucracy surrounding commercial drivers licenses. but analysts say the driver shortage is only part of the problem causing shipping containers to pile up at america's ports. there are also inefficiencies each time cargo is transferred. >> the problem with long haul trucking is not when you are on the road. it's when you have to drop it
3:24 pm
off and you have to wait three hours to unload something or wait to get it picked up. >> researchers at mit estimate that if you could improve efficiency so that every trucker gained 12 minutes of driving instead of waiting, there would no longer be a driver shortage. bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie in savanna. a committee voted unanimously to remove a statue of jefferson from city hall. 1883. long advocated for its removal over jefferson's history as a slave owner. calls for the statue to be placed in a museum. up next, we talk to some americans who are finally getting out of afghanistan after the u.s. military withdrawal. >> go back to home and business and kids schools.
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3:29 pm
protest the growing wave of kidnappings there. the state department's inspector general is investigating the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan. that's according to two sources with knowledge of the inquiry. announcing the probe will include reviews of the afghanistan special immigrant visa program afghans processed for refugee admission in the u.s. resettlement of afghan refugees and visa recipients and kabul emergency action. embassy emergency action planning and execution to cloud the evacuation of u.s. citizens and afghan nationals. that continues to this day. a few americans stuck in afghanistan after the u.s. withdrawal from that country are finally being evacuated from kabul and flown to doha, qatar. trey yingst talks with some of them tonight. >> it's the 1st of october, and we are back in -- 18th of october back in taliban
3:30 pm
controlled afghanistan. there are thousands of allies still stuck in the country citizens and green card holders their safety and security is a major concern for the international community. kabul's international airport remains a lifeline for americans and others looking to escape the taliban. nory is an engineer who lives in maryland. he has a green card and his 3-year-old son has an american passport. you can hear the real estate relief in hisvoice. >> we are excited and great to be back to the home and our business and work also kids' school. >> others like this american citizen waiting to board a jet the international bodies will have to work with the taliban to address many of afghanistan's growing issues. >> there are common grounds that people can gather around that international community needs to find that common ground. >> test of governing is an uphill battle for the taliban that struggles to receive broad
3:31 pm
international support due to ongoing human rights violations, a lack of rights for women and ruling through violence. the taliban's acting foreign minister tells fox news that change is coming but it will take time. taliban continues to make empty promises. >> no problem in afghanistan right now. as security threats or political threats. people are leaving, maybe have problem. they can easily go and come back. >> you will notice from our report today the qatary jet was carrying leadership from the taliban as well as people trying to flee the group. the flight manifest really highlights the role that qatar is playing in all of this trying to manage a relationship with the taliban while evacuating innocent civilians. bret? >> trey yingst in doha. trey, thanks. there is growing concern tonight in the u.s. with its allies apparent major advance weapons by china. that nation was tested nuclear
3:32 pm
capable next generation hypersonic missile. it's a move that seems to have caught u.s. intelligence by surprise. correspondent david spunt has details from the white house. >> china is making its mark. the financial times reports the communist country in august tested a hyperson nic missile capable of caring a nuclear war head. launching it into low orbit space. >> there is no system out there that can defeat it as of yet. the chinese are in advance of this compared to where we are which is frustrating. hypersonic missiles are different from traditional ballistic missiles in that they can be precisely controlled even when fired into space. making detection more difficult. the financial times citing five people familiar with the test claim u.s. intelligence officials were caught off guard. the white house is declining to get into details. >> we have made clear our concern about the military capabilities that the prc continues to pursue in china the
3:33 pm
space tied into the military. missile testing. lloyd austin overseas eastern europe admitted monitoring china continues to be a top priority. >> we watch closely china's development of armament and advanced capability in systems that will only increase tensions in the region. >> but critics argue that the eyes of the pentagon and intelligence community are not enough. if they were, america would have been prepared. >> it's the capability that it was able to orbit the earth and land about 25 miles away from its target. that's the most disturbing thing of all. i call it a -- it's a wake-up call for the united states and our allies. >> earlier this year chinese officials announced $208 billion boost for the country's defense budget. that's a nearly 7% increase. bret? >> bret: david spunt in the white house briefing room.
3:34 pm
david, thank you. up next, the enthusiasm factor. will it be enough for the republican nominee to win the virginia governor's race? we will take you there. first, beyond our borders tonight. officials predict additional rain as the death toll from floods and landslides in southern india rises to 28 swollen rivers have disseminated bridges and swept away vehicles and homes. more than 9,000 people have taken shelter in more than 200 camps. italy's president condemns violent protests over a new coronavirus workplace health pass requirement. the president saying the clashes are jeopardizing the country's economic recovery. italy is the first major european economy to require all workers to present proof of vaccination. recovery from covid or a negative test to enter workplaces. russia suspends its diplomatic mission to nato. the country's foreign minister says the move is in response to last week's expulsion of 8 members of russia's delegation. nato claims they were secretly works as intelligence officials there.
3:35 pm
just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back nixon presidential library and museum. ♪
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glenn youngkin may have advantage when it comes to the dedication of his supporters. correspondent andrea hough joins us tonight. >> in a race with in room for apathy glenn youngkin made a homestretch push this afternoon in suburban prince william county. >> no matter where we go the crowds are huge, the enthusiasm is giant. >> the latest fox news poll of likely voters shows that youngkin only slightly trails his opponent former virginia governor democrat terry mcauliffe. [cheers] >> too close for democrats who see midterm implications 12 year hold on statewide elections were to fall. >> don't wait. vote early november 2nd will be here before you know it. >> democrat luminaires have been called on lend support. first lady joe biden spoke friday. kamala harris on thursday. former president obama is also expected to campaign on behalf
3:41 pm
of mcauliffe. no word yet on president biden. mcauliffe has pointed to the president's approval numbers as the challenge but denies that his base is lacking energy. >> these reporters can write the same stories every four years. i could tell you six months ago they are going to write the story about democratic enthusiasm. just recycling. >> where democrat enthusiasm is one of the ratesst most talked about issues, education. [chanting shame on you] >> outspoken suburban parents critical of covid-19 policies and school curriculum have taken on a new level of political engagement and republicans hope that will translate into votes. >> when it documents education. these woke liberal policies are not flying with virginia voters. >> tomorrow night in fairfax county youngkin has promised to make a major announcement from solutions what he sees as epidemic of government overreach in virginia schools. we will be there for that bret? >> bret: we will follow it alex. thank you. white house in damage control
3:42 pm
following the president's comments about the capitol riot investigation. we will talk about that. first, here is what some of our fox affiliate around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles with parents and teachers participate in a statewide walkout to protest school vaccine mandates. some parents are keeping their kids home from school in protest. california became the first state to mandate covid-19 vaccinations for school children with medical and personal belief exemptions. fox 5 in atlanta as jury selection begins in the murder of a black man in south georgia. prosecutors say the three white defendants chased and shot are a ahmad arbery as he ran through the neighborhood last year. they say they thought he was a burglar and shot him in self-defense. and this is a live look at cleveland from our affiliate fox 8. the big story there tonight the rock and roll hall of fame announces the presenters and performers for the 36th annual induction ceremony. the list includes taylor swift, paul mccartney, line richy.
3:43 pm
the ceremony takes place octobe. cleveland rocks. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway on "special report." we will outside the beltway, too. we'll be right back. ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ >> what's your advice will congressional subpoenas on the january 6th committee. >> i hope the committee goes after them and holds them accountsable criminally. >> do you hold them responsible? >> i do, yes. >> just to be clear does the president believe people who defy subpoenas should be criminally prosecuted or not? >> it's up to the pursue of the department of justice to make that decision. >> he was asked that very question on friday he said yes. did he stand by that answer? >> he believes independent decision made by the department of justice and they will make that decision. >> a bit of clean up on aisle 4 at the white house today after what the president said friday. the doj put out a statement saying the department of justice will make its own independent decisions and all prosecutions based solely on the facts and
3:48 pm
the law period, full stop many from the doj. spokesperson. we're back with the panel. brit hume, harold ford jr., kimberley strassel and trey gowdy. trey, once you go down this road, you got to either clean it up or plow forward. >> yeah. bret. i mean, he does have a really good defense. he never was much of a lawyer. he probably does not understand the concept of privilege. but i will tell you this, i wish he had been around during the obama administration. i wish someone that tough on not complying with congressional subpoenas had -- now, that's right. he was. he was the vice president when they didn't comply with congressional subpoenas. so, look, obama prejudged three different investigations. the media yawns at that but they get really excited when the republicans do it. just play by the same rules media. that's all i'm asking. >> bret: harold? >> so i think some of the -- i think what my friend and
3:49 pm
congressman was suggesting maybe privilege can and when can privilege be exercised? look, i think there was misspeak by the president. i was glad they cleared it up. and what i was most proud of was that the justice department through the spokesperson there mr. coley made clear the justice department will make this decision independent of the white house. that's the real news here. >> bret: the other news, kimberly the former president is suing the house committee for the -- how they are going after these documents as part of a january 6th commission. >> yeah, so we'll see whether or not these subpoenas, if they do end up getting prosecuted how they are handled in court. but, you know, bret, i have to say i think one of the real problems here, too where this comes in addition to what the department of justice has already been doing. remember, when bill barr came back to that job as attorney general, a position he need like a hole in his head, he said one of his reasons was that he
3:50 pm
wanted to try to depoliticize the department that had become way to politicized under obama and, which of course, ended in this epic disaster of the trump-russia collusion probe and the mueller report. he put in a lot of things designed to try to remove the department of justice from that political fray and yet now you have got attorney general merrick garland, he has launched this partisan lawsuit against georgia and its voting rights. he has this letter out about parents going to school boards. now up the president making this comment. all it does is undermine what little bit of trust had been rebuilt but perhaps this department is going to operate separate and above politics and with its eye, instead, on justice and the law. >> bret: yeah. brit, a little bit of an audible here just in the past few minutes a meeting on capitol hill between senators sanders and manchin and over the weekend. senator sanders wrote an op-ed in west virginia newspaper going
3:51 pm
after senator manchin for failing to support what he called the human infrastructure bill. what was originally billed as 3.5 trillion and now obviously is getting scaled back. they had a good talk. both of the gentlemen say. but it doesn't seem like this is moving forward, brit. >> it does not. so far, but one has to believe that in the end after all manchin has said he would favor a spending bill a social spending bill just not one as big as the staggering 3.5 trillion that senator sanders has claimed is absolutely necessary and indeed has said is a compromise. manchin is in the driver's seat here. he has the decisive vote along with perhaps several other of his colleagues. and what he goal for is what they will have to accept in order to get the thing passed. my sense about it is that they are going to get something and probably pretty large. >> just not as large as the one advertised. >> bret: it's interesting that they continue to go to west virginia, trey. the vice president was there on
3:52 pm
television once trying to pressure joe manchin. this is an op-ed trying to pressure joe manchin. i don't think pressure from the left in west virginia is the way to go. >> you know, bret, what i think would be great is if bernie sanders went to west virginia. somebody can show him how to get there don't write an op-ed. actually go convince a state where joe biden won that many counties. how do you think bernie sanders is going to do in the moderate guy won zero counties. how do you think the socialist will do in west virginia? >> bret: harold, senator warner from virginia is fighting for a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. i think he thinks it's going to help terry mcauliffe in virginia perhaps. but he would rather have it sooner rather than later. democrats take the w.? >> you have to take a w. you take the w. not only for the country, for president biden and the party, but if you -- those who are new to congress and new
3:53 pm
to politics nationally, you can't get much done unless you have some authority and power to do it. democrats have the power now. don't squander it. particularly when a victory is in front of you and terry could certainly use it. >> bret: kimberly the chasm between are progressives and moderates seems like a big one. >> they missed the w when they had the best shot. the time to pass it back was when there was momentum and possibly would have had 30 or 40 republican votes. would have had a bipartisan win and already that law on the books. instead they tried to tie it to reconciliation. what you see in warner there too and other democrats is this growing worry that they might not just get infrastructure. they might not get neither. and then you head into the new year on the board other than that covid relief bill in the beginning. that's what's really worrying democrats at the moment. >> bret: all right. panel, stand by. i'm out here at the nixon library and presidential museum. i have a book event in a little
3:54 pm
bit. when we come back though, tomorrow's medicine headlines with the panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? applebee's. does it get tangled up in knots? you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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♪ >> bret: all right, the tape just came in just to prove that we were talking about up on capitol hill. take a listen. >> [laughter] >> we're talking. >> all right. we're talking. >> you are going to have a resolution at the end of the week. >> we're talking. >> we're talking. >> bret: all right. so we got that "we're talking." that might be tomorrow's headline. finally tonight a look at the tomorrow's headlines with the panel, brit? >> biden administration proposes a new universal masking rule, apply everybody except the president and the mayor of chicago. [laughter] >> bret: kimberly? >> crime rates continue to
3:59 pm
spiral upwards as dozens, if not hundreds of cops walk off the job because of vaccine mandates. >> bret: harold? >> i like that picture there with those guys. my money is on the guy in the pickup truck. my headline is president biden set to name a u.s. military installation fort powell some time soon. >> bret: i wouldn't be surprised by that trey? >> my headline is general colin powell lost the battle with death but won the larger war called life. >> bret: he had quite a career and quite a life, quite a legacy. panel, thank you very much. tomorrow, on "special report," we will come to you live from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. i want to thank the people here at the richard nixon presidential library and museum for their hospitality. they are always very welcoming. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight, again. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" is going to be hosted this week by a different host. will cain has the baton all week long at 7:00. will? >> will: different host every week. it is my baton night show. thank you so much, bret. welcome to "fox news primetime." i am will cain. ♪ >> will: it's good to see you again. but as we speak, i understand that there are hundreds of thousands of you, millions, perhaps, set to start losing your jobs today. what started as two weeks to bend the curve has turned into two shots to keep your job. the state of washington implements its vaccine mandate today. the requirement that every state employee get the jab or lose the job has already cost 22 year police veteran robert la may. >> this is my final sign-off. after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington, being asked to leave because i am dirty.


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