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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 17, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, next week you can find us on-line. good night. from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," we have two great guests tonight. where we biscuit media. and charles payne. before we do.
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i will discuss a subject i'm in the supposed to discuss. the 2020 election. i'm going to discuss conscy that took place. not the voting machines, not even ballot counting. just conspiracy, dark money, billionaires, democrat party, corporatists and others. if we don't address this, the next election for president in 2024 will wind up the same way, first a piece in "time" magazine some time ago in february, secret history of shadow campaign that saved 2020 election, for whom? the democrats and joe biden. to lay foundation here, it says in part: >> >> well they were
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not wrong about that, later in the piece, says their work, whose work? >> >> you can see how partisan it is, i want reading this so you can recall what was done. >> conspiracy theories? this whole article is about a conspiresy theory.
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>> a former obama administration official. recruiting never-trumpers and the board. that is number one. number two. "new york post." mark zuckerberg spent 419 million got out democrat vote: >>
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>> is an acute threat to our republic and should be focus of efforts moving forward, how did he did this? center for technology and civic life, and center for election innovation and research, casts staggering 414.5 million of zuckerberg's money to local government offices that came with strings attached. spelling out conditions to when the grant money was to be used. the money had nothing to do with traditional campaign financing, lobbies or other expenses that are related to
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increasingly modern election, but to do with financing infiltration of election offices at city and county level, by left wing activists and using them as a platform. voting methods and data shares agreements, as well as to launch intensive out reach campaigns in areas heavy with democratic voters. for instance, funded self described vote navigators in wisconsin to assist voters potentially at there are front doors to answer questions and witness absentee ballot signatures, a temporary staffing agency affiliated with stacey abrams -- called happy faces, counting the votes. universal mail in voting. and extending deadlines that
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favored mail in over in-person voting. -- -- are not subject to
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normal checks and balances of governmental process, and not accountable to the voters. practical affect of massive election office funding disparities was to create a shadow election system with a built in structural bias that favored democratic voters over republican voters creating a high power get out the vote, force forked by than took place in election second rather than attempting to influence from the outside. william doyle. he is an election and research expert, there more.
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at breitbart: >> remember all lawsuit brought between 2016 to between 2020 to change the rules in the states. says:
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>> according to fox news in july 2020, created democracy docket legal fund, a fiscally sponsored project of hope well fund. you have the mother ship, then the second tier funds, with the connections like this. money moves between the funds, they are set up because legally depending on what fund spends money you can't get transparency. they use the funds to pour cash in dozens of initiatives that false under the umbrella. from secret conors in 2019. that cash for most part went to fund lawsuit to try to promote the democrat party, position the democrat party,
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defeat the republican party and donald trump. the group also pushes money to outside organizations that do not fall under its auspices. attorney ally as created the fund to raise money for voting rights lawsuit, "new york times" reported last year, according to a act blue donation page, a project of the north fund that bodes connection to air bella adviser, all of the funds were set up. so multibillionaires and millionaires can pour their money into organizations, there is no transparency, that is why it called dark funds, so we the american people have no idea what is taking place, they were set up by democrats, democrat party, were used by this guy alias.
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to make it easier not for people to vote but for democrat party to enshrine the votes systems they wanted. that is what that is about, in pennsylvania two serious federal constitutional cases were brought in connection with article 2 section 1 clause 2 to challenge that had been done which changed voting system in last days of the election. against the will of the republican state legislature. that violates the federal constitution. state legislatures, determine election procedures for appointing . >> why am i bringing this up? because donald trump has a point. you may not agree with every point, depends on the state there may be evidence or may not be, but idea we can't talk about what took place in the last election, so
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that democrats can now lay the foundation in the 2024 election to do the same thing, and double what they are doing is unacceptable. dark money, front groups, hundreds of millions raised. changes the voting systems to accommodate the democrat party, and democrat nominee. and can affect senate races and house races too. this is something that needs to be investigated. now not investigated by biden and his administration. they benefited from this. not by the rogue attorney general he supported everything that is done. it not investigated by the democrat house or senate, house is offa january 6 on a phony insurgent, our election system is under attack. by very wealthy people. in combination with radical left wing democrat party organizations. there is no getting around it, no question about it.
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dark money, all this month flowing into the coffers, organizations that don't have to report who is giving what to whom? a combination of corporatists and left wing groups it goes on, they are there today, they are in thing right now -- plotting right now, we're not allowed to talk about this media said this is conspiracy stuff, and media said 66 lawsuit were brought up you could not win a single one, this has nothing to to with lawsuit but to do with changing the voting system so we have a corrupt fraud -- fraudulent voting systems, you contributed to this. you have contributed to this. no body is trying to reverse anything, we want the light shed on what took place, and make sure it never happens begin, while you chase shiny objected sit
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mark: welcome back america. the author of a new book, stops along the way, a fantastic book. brent, the ground zero for war against parents and tax payers by teacher unions and school boards and biden administration. american media corrupt as it is takes the side of the totalitarians against the people. what do you know about this. >> a story of two cover-ups, they are horrific. one a cover-up radical left of policies, and consequences. the second one the media aiding and abetting this cover-up.
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we've seen a raging debate about transgender bathrooms, the majority of americans opposed to it, but radical left said they want to insert it in public school system, boys could go in girl a restrooms and say they are transgender, overwhelming majority of parents against this had 3 theses thing game morality, this is immoral, and biology, and common sense, everyone said, on our side that this was going to lead to a rape. when it did he would are horrified. media in turn attacked the pro-family movement everywhere they went, they said to america they are carnival barking -- saying this never happened before. everything they say is carnival barking, you have to ignore them, this is the
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way of the woke world, the new world we're introducing, that is the backdrop. january 12, newly elected democrat school board in loud en country announced they have a new policy allowing transgender children to go to public school restrooms with girls in next system esther -- semester, may 28, a boy puts on a dress, goes to the girl a restroom, getting a 14-year-old, 9th grade little child, and rapes her. not only rain rapes her, the father does not talk about, he sodomize her. police report not just sodomy forced -- makes the poor girl go through, father is contacted told there is some incident
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he needs to come to school, only after he arrives did his learn his little girl was raped, he started yelling, and escorted out of the school by security guards, what does the school do in talking to parents about this, letting parents know about a rape? nothing, nothing is told to the parents, instead a notice goes to the parents about the father. and what father had done. unbelievable cover-up. of the consequences of what the school board had thrust down the throats of the parents in the county. what is the media coverage of the rape? nothing. what is the media coverage of the cover-up of the rape to the parents in the count counting? nothing. june 22, a hearing. now expand the policy
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to allow gender expression, anyone could go to the girl a restroom. just want to economy press yourself -- express yourself, they pushed this policy knowing that rape had occurred, the father attends this and tries to speak out, he is muzzled by not just the school board but also the transgender army that is brought into the school board hearing. a toskala -- as to a -- where are media asking the question, what happened, does this man's daughter -- has she been raped in the school, why isn't anyone talking about this. no media coverage.
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october 6. that same boy, is arrested again. in another school, this time in a classroom. with a sexual charge against another girl. what is the media coverage? no media coverage. on tuesday, the daily wire comes out with an expose, they connection all of the dots in a massive story telling story. media did not want you to know. and for god sake the school board did not want you to know, what is mead coverage of this story? nothing. on the networks, not abc, not nbc, cbs, the 24 hour news networks. only fox, and the washington times, and the "washington post," wait, not just "washington post" it was "washington post." com. the paper didn't report it. the paper that covers it. and then when they did
5:24 pm, they didn't talk about the rape but about the father, on wednesday, the school board comes out, with its report, it just washes its hands of it, says we knew about it, and school said, within minutes we alerted police. so. we know they alerted police. to a crime. we know they cover tupped, it up. and parents were never told and media deliberately participated in the cover-up. mark: these days media are or corrupt in the back pocket with american marxist movement. with we come back pursue with you what attorney general of u.s. and biden administration want to do to our school systems, school board, targeting our parents and taxpayers, we'll be right back. it was very hard.
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jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott in new york, former president bill clinton is back moment in suburban new york after spending 6 days in a southern california hospital. today we walked out from icu with his wife hillary, thanks the doctors and nurses as he left. he was hospitalized for a noncovid related infection. he is to finish his course of anitbiotics from home. >> police blaming a gang for
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kidnapping a group of 17 missionaries in haiti. the group is part of ohio-based christian aid ministries, we take you back to "life, liberty and levin ." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back. brent bozelle, biden administration has done something i have never seen in my life. they decided to criminalize public protests and input at school board meetings to federalize public input and protests at school board meetings. it violates the first amendment. and the federal government has no nexus to this. but we know thanks to a
5:30 pm
letter sent to inspector general, doj that biden administration at the white house conspired with the attorney general office to unleash federal law enforcement against parents and taxpayers who quote, unquote, threaten or harass school board members or teachers, and there will be a domestic terrorism hot line, so the fbi can show up at your doorstep, what do you make of that. >> i am frightened. let's look at what should be consequences, every person involved who knew about this should either resign or be removed. that means principal. all of the administrative staff that knew about this, every teacher who know. that means the school board itself. second, i hope that the parents sue the crap out of the school board. for what happened. i think they will, third,
5:31 pm
every democrat who participated in this should be exposed. this is the democratic party. at work, this was a democratic school board. and then finally, the media need to be denounced for the cover-up of this horrific story. but what is the actual consequence of this? stunning to me, that the parents are on trial. for this. the father is on trial. that our federal government has sided with those people who are covering up this policy and our federal government is putting that poor dad on trial. putting every parent who is horrified by this on trial. you dare not speak out about this policy. that resulted in the rape. sodomizing, forced
5:32 pm
fellatio of the poor darling 14-year-old girl. mark: we have a democrat running for governor of virginia, mccull -- saying that parents have no say what goes on in the classrooms can you imagine that? we have no say. mark: the knuckle heads in charge of school boards are in charge of our children we have no say, this is the position of the democrat party. >> think about what george allen ran for governor. 56 stories in "washington post" about ma kaka. mistake that george allen made, what is more important saying ma kaka or supporting a school board with this policy saying that parents have no right to object to that kind of policy. where was the
5:33 pm
"washington post" on? on-line local news story that ignores it, that is a cover-up. they should go right to terry mccauliffe and say how do you feel now? that you supported and continue and doubled down on a policy that says, parents have no right to participate in the decisions of their own children in school. now what do you say mr. mccoughive. mr.mccauliffe,. mark: they will endorse him for governor. what do you make of a line of democrats campaigned for -- mccauliffe. should they be asked about this policy. >> america, listen to the
5:34 pm
silence that is all i can say, joe biden will speak out about anything, any conservative did anywhere. also supported the policies, where is the president of the united states on this story? the president should be speaking out? where is kamala harris, you know, she is putting golf or something. where is the attorney general of the united states? where is the investigation mark? the federal government saying we'll investigate this, it is a federal school system, where are they. they have to get involved. federal government has a responsibility, state government has a responsibility. and police have a responsibility. only people who give a damner the police. mark: brents bozellthank you so much for all you do. your books, coming out in december, a terrific book. i encourage team to prebuy
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mark: welcome back, we're with charles payne. fox business network making money with charles payne. who is really quite the genius when it comes to economics of finances. i lived through the 1970s, we had horrendous inflation. i don't remember supply chain problems, i don't remember our government saying that we should kind of stop using fossil fuels. i don't remember our government doing a lot that seemed counter intuitive to me, but everything seems to be caving in at once, what do you make. >> also, you don't remember our government asking opec to produce more oil when we -- back then we didn't have
5:40 pm
the ability to do it. we're at war with our own oil producers. we've -- given all away for corporate profits. i hope at the end of the last two years, someone will sit down with a huge calculator and figure out for all extra money we had to pay for thin, for pain and misery, waiting at docks for supplies, emergency supplies from china for last two years, for things we took for granted, all things we used to protest in our lifetime, a cost benefit analysis, not just cost in terms of dollars and cents but comfort and able it sleep at night. and maybe we made a mistake in the 1970s, all the way through current times by giving away what made us great in the first place,
5:41 pm
self sufficiency, creating product to company up with an imagination and invent things. i think this is a wake-up call. why have we allowed this to happen? to save a few pennies? we think that great. i know a lot of conservative economists who still believe that the best way to go, a lot of liberal executives believe that the best way to. >> you look at pain anding agony and opioid crisis is a huge mistake. mark: you know charles payne, my radio show the other day, i had a number of truckers call me, many were
5:42 pm
independent operators, they said they are frozen out from a lot of the docks. that a lot of truckers' to go and help move a lot of the freight. but in california, in particular, there are rules that favor the teamsters. the 24/7 now that president says we'll have people working 24/7. we didn't have people working 24-7 before, because of the rules. all over the world they work 24/7, we have truck drivers under federal law, 18-wheelers, they can only drive 11 hours a day, they tell me they could drive 14 easy, some of the supply chain issue is self-inflictd. >>iace yes, there is no doubt about that, i have the plight of american truckers for
5:43 pm
decades, a lot goes back to obama administration. it hurts their ability to earn a living, you talk about the teamsters, a couple days ago, democrat asked biden administration to set aside 4500 dollars for people who want to buy electric vehicles, made only by union shops, okay that is not tesla or any of the innovative companies, that entrepreneurship. and it is really amazing, these are self-inflicted wounds, the biggest one, will be the war on fossil fuels, if you want talk about epicenter of crisis here, it is high cost of gasoline that is hurting everything. that began the day after the election. crude oil prices went through the roof because president biden said i'm declaring war. guess what, what you declare war you limit supply.
5:44 pm
demand does not go down. and what has gone up. a the consequence is the price, and most debilitates tax on americans. >> you were energy independent to your point up to trump administration, now begging opec to provide us with more oil, and biden had a phone call with energy executives asking them to cut prices. we have half as many rigs in service today as we did at end of trump administration, you are not allowed to drill now in anwar or on other federal lands. and then they wonder why the price of fuel is going through the roof, they have embraced this green new deal. they have embraced climate change degrowth movement. then they wonder why we don't have the fuel. you were talking about you hope in two years people will reverse policy. look at this today.
5:45 pm
their policies have screwed up the nation. already. i can't think of a single pro-growth pro-free enterprise policy coming out of in administration, can you? >> no, that is the pain money. we -- main point. we have these conversations in terms of economics, it not about economics, i tell everyone, they frame it that way but it is not about economics, it is about power, control and ideology, they try to frame it within the framework of economics. mark: very well put, we'll be right back. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, ♪ why not take your home along for the ride? ♪
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mark: welcome back, charles payne, i don't know. two trillion, whatever the democrats with the phony infrastructure bill. what are they doing? they want to massively expand welfare state and come up with a number later. >> that about it. even 33.5 trillion dollar, what you look at it -- it is crazy anyway, when you talk trillions, almost does not matter, they start with higher numbers, bernie sanders will say 6 trillion,
5:50 pm
and they get two trillion they complain in front of cameras and pop champagne when the cameras are off. it dovetails back to notion of changing who we are, president biden just recently reiterate. the so-called rescue plan put through, he said, that fundamentally changed america. that is when he is trying to do. part of that is a new welfare program. every child you have you get paid by federal government. more children you have the more you make. there is a point you get disincentivize to go to work. it is under earned tack taxed income credit. in the past we wanted people to get in labor force and climb ladder of success, this plan does not work like that, you never have to work or go to school or anything kind of school.
5:51 pm
you have to have children. we will take care of you. and some people might think that is good. some people might believe that say positive. i don't think so. i think you take away from the innate gifts this people are born with, god gave us great talents, great to live in a country where we can nurture those talentses, pulling up yourself from bootstraps, means getting over hurdles yourself. that goes back to 4 freedoms, one this through me off was freedom from fear. our government senate, between
5:52 pm
the 4 of them they don't have one how hour of private sector experience. schumer came out of law school he ran for office, nancy pelosi has spent her entire career in politics. joe biden out of law school, city council and senate, kamala harris the same. not one has any experience in the private sector, when i hear them talk about what we need to do, this is your first point, idea ol. ideology and belief system. >> it suggests we can't grow any more. we have come so far, that is it. now time to diffie up the spoils, that is what it
5:53 pm
boils down to they lost faith in americans, not our system, but in the americans, to do more. they will do now say, we generated x amount of money. we'll find a way to catalog this, starting with 600 dollar transactions to i guess maybe trillion -- and then we'll crunch the numbers and find a way to distribute it fairly. it may sound great to certain people, but i believe in our inner soul for most americans, the ethos of america, let me do it myself, i can get it done. mark: let's look at human experience. where does this work, nowhere. >> nowhere. mark: nowhere, country with the smallest wage gaps, is the united states of america. where you pointed out people could make it no matter what their backgrounds, that is not the case with most of
5:54 pm
the country, most of the country that embrace marxism, and socialism, they are poor and destitute. they are dark. thank you very much charles payne, i efficient you -- i appreciate you very much. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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5:59 pm
what's going on nationally. the democrats are running scared, the american marxists are running scared. and when they run scared, what do they do? they turn to their police tactics such as with our school boards and so forth. but you have reason to be positive. you have reason for hope. we are organizing. we are under the radar in many respects. they don't notice it, but there are millions of you who have had enough. and not just republicans, independents, democrats, red-blooded americans. you're sick and tired of the open border. you see what's going on there. you're sick and tired of what's happening to our economic system, the prices going through the roof. it was unnecessary. that started with this president. you're sick and tired of what you see in terms of race relations and, again, critical race theory. you're tired of the traditional family coming urn attack -- under attack of all kinds of genderrism arguments and positions and so forth. you're tired of it all. you love this country, you love
6:00 pm
your lifestyle. you want your kids and your grandkids to grow up just as free as you are. and i think we're coalescing, we're pushing back. we choose liberty. we choose life. i'll see you next time, life, liberty and levin. ♪ steve: breaking tonight, a fox news host is censored by youtube over vaccine mandates. we have exclusive insight moments away. the person they tried to silence was me. good evening, everyone. welcome to "the next revolution," i'm steve hilton, and this is the home of pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community and etches pro-america -- especially pro-america. on thursday i sat down with a professor from stanford university on my podcast, california rebel base. you've seen him on this show multiple times from the start of the pandemic, he argued that we should base our response on the
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