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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  October 17, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello i am alicia acuna with lara trump, leo terrell and raymond, welcome to "the big sunday show" here's what's on cap tonight. from the supply chain crisis to the search at the border biden is calling and reinforcement. >> he is my friend barack obama can obama come to biden's rescue
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this time? >> teen girls developing text doctors say tiktok could be to blame we will explain. >> and leo. >> a classic american comic is taking america out of its tagline will debate superman's new slogan that is rewriting history. alicia: the holiday season is getting closer and dr. fauci is changing his mind again of what will and won't be allowed this year. >> if you are vaccinated in your family members are vaccinated those eligible, that is obviously young children that are not yet eligible, then you can enjoy the holidays, you can enjoy halloween, trick-or-treating and thanksgiving with your family and christmas. alicia: according to dr. fauci you can only trick-or-treat on halloween and spend thanksgiving and christmas with her family ever vaccinated, this week
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officers in many law enforcement agencies would be required to get the shot or lose their jobs many have had enough of the vaccine mandate california parents and teachers are planning a statewide walkout tomorrow in protest of the rules and schools organizers suggested parents who their kids out of school and teachers and staff who support the protest stay home, i'm gonna be in with you let's talk about the holidays first i want to show this headline it is pretty interesting, dr. fauci on canceled christmas you can enjoy the holidays if you vaccinated and i think this is hit the nail on the head on the messaging that's been going back and forth, your thoughts? >> we are so lucky that dr. fauci is going to let us before vaccinated enjoy the holiday season, you're exactly right the messaging here is absolutely terrible were going into a second holiday season now
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during the covid pandemic, and so many americans have been vaccinated in the idea that dr. fauci is going to tell us that her kids to go trick-or-treating and we can enjoy thanksgiving and christmas and is the children we know the children mostly aren't vaccinated, is not approved for children in most places so dr. fauci is basically saying it's like the grinch all over again he can't help himself, i guess holidays are canceled for the kids thanks to dr. fauci because the mostly nonvaccinated i think it's getting so out of control all of the constraints around people with this vaccine again i said this yesterday and i feel this way the people who want to get vaccinated have been vaccinated and i don't think dra cancel our holiday plans will encourage anymore people to get the vaccine.
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>> raymond yesterday you were hitting on the mandate, the perils of mandates and the perils of figuring out exactly who should and should not take the booster and today on "fox news sunday", dr. fauci addressed why he thinks people do not like him. >> i have stood for always making science, data and evidence be what we guide ourselves by those are people that don't particular care for me and that's understandable because what i do and i try very hard to be guided by the truth and sometimes the truth becomes inconvenience of people so they react against me. >> raymond if you don't like drt like the truth. raegan: you're an enemy of the truth, there is a disney+ documentary called dr. fauci, it is a documentary that looks at his long career at the nih, when you start unpacking this, he was wrong on masks, he was wrong on
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the vaccination of children in the efficacy of these vaccines, he has been wrong so many times and that's why people go wait a minute there are 50000 or 60000 people right now and football stadiums all across the country they are not masked and they're not checking the vaccine status and are just fine denmark has 80000 people vaccinated or 80% of the population we had 77% of our population vaccinated clearly the american people are moving on and dr. fauci is wanting to hold on to the reins of power in the media platform that he has carved out but he will not let go he is not the holidays or the doctor great out she rising above the pumpkin patch kids are not waiting for him to arise and appear to get permission to go trick-or-treating are holidays will go on and they should vertically at this level vaccination people have to be
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responsible and dr. fauci has to go back to research he has lots of work to do and it won't be in front of a camera. >> at the top we were talking about law enforcement, members obama first met who this week if they don't have the vaccine they stand to lose their jobs, take a listen to the washington state trooper what he had to say when he resigned over the mandate. >> this is my final sign off after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington i've been asked to leave. numerous fatalities, injuries, i've worked sick i played sick i. lots of friends over the years and i would like to thank you guys and thank the citizens of the county as well as my fellow officers within the valley, without you guys it would've been very successful and you kept me saving bobby home to my family every night, thank you for that. i wish i could say more but this
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is it so stay tuned this is the last time you will hear me in a state patrol car. leo: that's a great american that is a person who spent his life protecting you and i and citizens in his county, this is a tragedy of this mandate they ignore natural immunity, they ignore the fact that some people have a medical reason they basically take it away people's individual rights legally and i hope the officer has enough gumption to file a lawsuit, he should not be losing his job because he is exercising his right as an american citizen not to take the mandatory vaccine which does not guarantee prevention of infection or transmission, why can't they give him an alternative, i think the mandate is illegal and it'll be challenge and i think there
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will be successful losses throughout this entire country. alicia: we know in the state of california they are going to require students be vaccinated in their appearance in teachers planning to protest that with the walkout and asking people who support the walkout and support the protest did not show up tomorrow, do you think this will continue the stakes are getting higher and higher and he was not going to show up for work because of the mandate. >> i think ultimately when it hurts their bottom line and their wallets that's what is going to stop, my understanding the funding for the schools is based on attendance. if the students do not show up, they teachers do not show up to teach then they cannot have a full school they will lose money and maybe they will give it a second thought in california but it's a very concerning thank as a parent to see that anybody is
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trying to tell you what to do with your child, at the end of the day this decision is solely up to the parent the idea that the school system of the government and anyone else is telling you what you should do with your child is preposterous and good for these parents for standing up and fighting back. alicia: this week we look at the prospect of california, students and teachers that will not show up will have law enforcement in cities and all over the country who won't be on the streets. we will continue to follow it, from the supply chain to inflation the crises are piling up for president biden, who can help? >> i watched my buddy barack obama stand up there he is my friend barack obama. >> a former president to the rescue next.
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aishah: will come back to "the big sunday show" were paying more from washing machines to bacon they are just two of the mounting crises. while the president avoids taking questions members of his administration now say it is more spending. >> one under appreciated asset it will also lower the inflationary pressures that were expensing in this economy to make it easier to thrive and do well in the workforce and by improving our infrastructure that is so important to the supply chain. >> if you have noticed while biden goes to the crises he's bringing in a reinforcement with his bff. >> i watched my buddy barack stand up there he is my friend barack obama. >> i want to stop and say
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something about my buddy. >> you and the president, president obama are known to have a bromance. >> all of those are basically true. >> obama is going to the un climate conference in the next week he is hitting the campaign trail from virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe all by pushing for biden's policies. >> will back a better is something that america desperately needed we can afford it i put myself in this category as far as democrats are concerned president biden is handling exactly right. aishah: joe biden has a 38% approval rating and 53% disapproval rating, these multiple crises that we just reference. is it any surprise to see barack obama, he like the hail mary pass to clean up these messes for joe biden, is that the goal?
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>> i had to laugh when i read these articles biden leads on barack obama, this is like kermit the frog leaning on jim henson. this is a continuation this is obama 3.0 we knew it when it started yet susan rice running domestic policy, susan power running international foreign aid you have john kerry in his number from the obama days in blinking running international and jen psaki in the biden press shop is now running biden's press shop, when you have the same brain trust, the outcomes will be the same and that's what we are seeing a tanking economy a loss of confidence in the world to the dangerous situation globally in the same measures like obamacare we now see vaccine mandates from biden you put the same thing in and you get the same thing out obama never left he's been there all
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along and if joe biden could have a sense of rhythm they would be at concerts with stevie wonder. lara: maybe we will see that next they're desperate to get anybody talking about anything other than the ensuing disasters at the white house. we are back to pete buttigieg tilting us how lucky we are to have the problems that we have because there's so much demand for all of these products i think back to the days of donald trump being president when we were focusing on made in the usa and made in america products, part of the problem we stopped focusing on that and we import so much from overseas that is why there's so much out there on the container ships i haven't heard joe biden called for made in the usa abuts focus on made in america wouldn't that be part of a solution here? >> that's a very good question
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and one that can be asked of the president if he was answering questions by the white house press corps on a daily and weekly basis that is a play not happening. as for the transportation secretary trying to convince us and convince americans who are struggling and things are going well and somehow the supply chain fiasco is somehow a sign of good news while at the same time also saying by the way this could last into the new year i am not exactly sure what this been right on that and how they even came to that but it is quite a challenge and as for the weber president barack obama going into the climate summit to help out president biden i think that's interesting he might do a better job wandering around the halls of congress because right now the moderates and the
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progressives in his own party cannot agree if it's raining outside maybe he needs to bring them together that having a lot of problems here in the united states the president is struggling in a number of ways. of course he is calling in the most popular democrat in the party to help him out. lara: the most popular president joe biden calling him the most votes popular president in history, very interesting situation. our beloved vice president kamala harris, you would think that people loved her so much that they could identify her on the street, watch this clip from jesse watters. >> who is this. >> that's vice president kamala harris. >> who is this. >> i can even tell you. >> take a guess. >> that's the mayor. >> that's bill de blasio. >> the governor. >> what do you think, here stands for.
2:20 pm
>> unity, equality. >> what she done to support equality. >> i don't know. >> what good has she done as vice president. >> obviously not much. >> what do you think, has done well. >> cover for biden's [bleep]. lara: that guy had quite an answer, i'm going to agree with him, are you surprised at all that some of them don't even know who she is but nobody can point out anything positive, is this a surprise. leo: not to be she's probably the most unqualified vice president. is the lesser of two evils biden and kamala harris, she has been horrific, horrible as a president, the vice president, look at her activity at the border there is no activity we have a disastrous southern
2:21 pm
border situation and she runs from them, i'll tell you right now she has no moral content one of the interviewers said she's only out for herself and she's trying to jockey, remember one thing when she was running for president xi dropped out before the california primary because she was so unpopular, she is unlikable and she got the hillary complex and she had no conflict so she has no goal other than protecting herself. that's why i believe there is a risk between kemal and joe biden. barack obama is a dinosaur he has the power of the democratic party, the progressive left is controlling the democratic party. lara: that is very clear in case anyone wondered still ahead tiktok causing kids in girls will tell you about that next. ♪
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try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing! ♪ ♪. raymond: welcome back to "the big sunday show" tiktok taking the country in the world by storm there are about 689 million users and 154 countries it's quickly become one of the most popular platforms to date but there's a strange phenomenon developing after users watch videos of people with tourette's like these. raymond: the walls street
2:27 pm
journal with the rise mostly teenage girls complaining of physical ticks were verbal outburst after watching the tourette themed tiktok videos some doctors say the app could be behind it, a portion of the article reads since march of 2020 texas children's hospital has reported seeing approximately 60 teens with the tics were as doctors saw one or two cases a year before the pandemic at the johns hopkins university tourette center 10% to 20% of pediatric patients have described acute onset take like behaviors from 2 - 3% your fourth picked dimmick, the doctors are recommending cognitive behavioral therapy ended tiktok fab also when the parents did not give them undue attention, what does this tell you as a mom. >> this really had me scratching
2:28 pm
my head i read the article and i showed it to my 17-year-old daughter because she did not believe me when i explained it to her, i think it is a troubling sign and maybe it's the future telling of what is to come in terms of studies that we will find out exactly how this lockdown has impacted our use and were just getting started and i dare any mother or father of a teenage girl to get her off of tiktok if i tried it would be a very bad situation, however, i will tell you on one example of what we may be looking at in the months and years ahead i was talking to concussion specialist at the children hospital colorado who said in his office using time and again, kids coming in who suffer from concussions or taking twice as long to recover than they normally would he so this only happens as a lockdown this is
2:29 pm
the hypothesis that the research will bear out this is connected to kids being stuck at home, we just have to keep watching us. >> there is no doubt there's a connection between the behavior and the videos these kids are consuming i read where one dr. non-english suffering shouting out when they have a british accent and then they found out there was a tourette's influencer out there who begins to say that repeatedly. they are copying this behavior, it looks like massive hysteria as social media crucible, clearly demonstrates the power of video and images on the young, some of these have nearly 5 billion views what can you do to limit access of the content which is not recommended by the
2:30 pm
way. alicia: we need another reason to keep our kids off of anything with the screen i just think back and my parents walked in the room and my brother and i were in front of the tv or playing a videogame they would say turn it off and get outside i don't care what you do but get outside that's a good practice to follow even today we know how a part of our lives, phones, tablets and all of these devices but we see something like this, it is terrifying as a parent fortunately my kids are to inform so i have a lot of control over what they do, what she was saying is really true trying to take this away from a teenager this is part of their life and unless we make major major changes as a society which i don't foresee it's going to be up to the parent to really have to crackdown on our kids and i promise for your best interest not to be on the social media
2:31 pm
platform we just heard how facebook knew it was influencing kids in a very negative way and they continue to allow that to happen we know the pressure the kids are under and whatever their cost land social media, it is very, very hard as a parent and to see something like this very scary. >> it looks like depression is a big part of this many of these, they suffer from depression and anxiety what is the role of the lockdown in all of this do you think? >> this is where as a lawyer i'm listening to laura and alecia and i heard all the articles and there's a massive assumption that is caused i watching tiktok it may be a combination of other factors my legal analysis says i need more evidence of research and i think it goes back to what laura said with her personal responsibility parental control because i don't see a government solution for this this is an
2:32 pm
individual case by case issue and to try to make a conclusion that is slowly resolving as a result tiktok i am not there as a lawyer, give me all the evidence in the research let's see what the analysis come up with before we make a conclusion that it shook the from tiktok. raymond: superman's model is no more longer about america "the big sunday show" debates reason why. stay right there ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort.
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though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. ♪ ♪. leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show" the america way is going away at least in regards to superman truth, justice and the american way, it is set to
2:37 pm
become truth, justice and a better tomorrow created officer commented on the new model saying to better reflect the storyline and to honor superman's incredible legacy over 80 years of a better world superman's motto is evolving, i'll ask you and the oldest on this panel i remember 1960 superman, all go to lara first what is wrong with the american way? lara: this is part of what the will culture wants to see they wanted take away anything that champions america harper just back to her tradition superman is whatever oldest comic books we have had somebody great superman actors over the years
2:38 pm
and why do you have to mess with something that is already been there for so long if you want to create awoke superhero create a new one that messing with superman in trying to make them into something totally different and taken away the american way i don't even know what is the problem with that i guess a lot of these woke people hate america that's all i can figure. leo: is unlike the hate america. a recent visitor on "fox & friends" in the morning wrote an op-ed and he said superman's mission, you might remember dean cain, the tv superman is neither bold nor brave, let me ask you is the alternative that we need to get rid of the term of america's way what is a better
2:39 pm
solution in their country that would provide a better inspiration for america is peter this is a distortion in the disservice to anyone who loved superman that read the comic books and watch the movies. here's why this was about an alien from another planet a dying planet that lands in the heartland of america and embodies the american ideals of freedom, justice he wears red, white and blue for goodness sake now you have a multinational corporation, d.c. comics that is decided it would rather politically grandstand and build
2:40 pm
foreign markets and respected character in the audience had built him you don't need kryptonite to kill superman when you have d.c. comics doing a great job this is a huge disservice to fans in a waiting for superman to turn up in a red costume and we will call them super person they should send d.c. comics the thank you card for sidelining and killing superman. leo: before asking the question let me redo the quote from the op-ed to better reflect the storylines that were telling across d.c. and to honor superman's incredible legacy over 80 years of building a better world superman's motto is evolving. i thought the whole purpose of superman was good versus evil in the storylines that have been working for the last 80 years have been superman fighting good versus evil america represents in my opinion the good in this world that's why there's so many people trying to enter this country, what say you. alicia: what i was thinking what is happening to our heroes in general if you think about growing up maybe this will show how old i am but growing up there was people some wanted to
2:41 pm
be superman, some wanted to be police officers, not everyone but now they're building iced that is changed nobody wants to be a police officer ordered little kid growing up, sports and athletes professional athletes kids grew up and they wanted to become what they sell playing on television in the olympics that is not been politicized. politics has been added too so many facets of our lives to many traditions of her life that is changed or something to be said for tradition and supposedly i don't think there's anything wrong with the american way these are american superheroes, like you said what are we hoping for i honestly do not understand this i love superman. >> i want to make sure i corrected quote that i read to you that dean cain had it goes
2:42 pm
like this, i will buy that but what is the vision that a company does more expansive view of social justice what would it make for a better world socialism, communism, forced equality, to be a better world is where people have more freedom and independence, protection from government overreaching corruption, safety and security in the word that the idea of america when you think of the declaration of independence and the constitution and the bill of rights, is there another country on this planet to have these documents in the principle of freedom and liberty and that's what superman is all about freedom, liberty and justice for all that the american way that is just me bragging about how much i love superman. next pop stars are going paranormal singers to obsession just do not call them aliens.
2:43 pm
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♪ ♪. raymond: welcome back to "the big sunday show" a new trend with pop singers tried to make contact with the great beyond single cash is launching a new show reportedly called conjuring ke$ha with the paranormal world and communicates with ghost when asked about the new series she said over the course of my life i've been drawn to the supernatural in the spiritual realm meanwhile demi lovato is trying to contact other life forms just do not call them aliens. >> i'm demi lovato senior, activist and ufo experience or i'm heading the road to investigate and explain an unidentified. >> exactly what her qualifications are we have no idea has any season ufo experience or knows if you want to attract the aliens you have to sing to them. >> do you like to sing carmen ♪
2:48 pm
♪ tried to tear me down i will be rising from the ground ♪ ♪ like a skyscraper. ♪ >> standing ovation. raymond: et is copied over that she's a space mermaid have you seen ghost hunter variety shows an excuse to perform, your reaction? lara: i think these folks need a little more to do i have two kids these two do not have children you have any time for that obviously they're trying to get attention in there trying to get their names out there in their successful because were talking about it. here today the fact that demi lovato is telling us she doesn't want us to call them aliens because that would be offensive to them i found that the most laughable part of this, tyson responded to this he is an astrophysicist and admitted go with his version versus demi
2:49 pm
lovato he basically said first of all no known contact of any human with aliens and also unless she has rosetta stone with aliens how did she ask if they were offended by the term aliens again i don't know what to make of this whenever the going out of their way to look out for the aliens we need to give them a little more to do. raymond: when i saw the shows i thought both of them are crying out for the supernatural in their lives and rather than head to god or religion they stopped at the lounge, your thoughts. alicia: if your celebrity trying to stay relevant and you run out of earthling ideas you will go otherworldly and don't call them aliens because it will upset them, if there space invaders heading here calling me lunch i will call them anything that i want and i don't think they will care, i'm with lara they do not have kids speaker as lara was
2:50 pm
mentioning demi lovato is an expert she says i think we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything that's why i call them dts, what do you call them leo and more importantly what you call demi and kesha. leo: don't let me ignore my legal training i listen to the evidence by lara and lisa there right, i agree they're looking for 15 minutes of fame it is ridiculous this whole thing is ridiculous as a lawyer i find this laughable there trying to earn a few extra dollars in their doing a good job because as lara mentioned we are talking about, case closed speaker i've never liked these ghost hunters shows i think they lead people astray to a bad end and as a interviewed exorcist you don't want to go there the reality is kind of scary were trying something new, thank you notes, that is next, stay there.
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed w with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
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i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ♪ ♪. alicia: welcome back to "the big sunday show" time for the debut of her thank you notes segment i
2:55 pm
will go first my thank you note goes to all the high school seniors who are out there in the middle of college application season working hard to find to the information of the dreaded personal essays my daughter sophia is one of the kids and i have to say it's experience watching her and her best friend poured their hearts into these things truly this generation of kids has been through challenges and struggles unlike anything we've ever seen some have seen friends and family become ill or worse, collectively their grades have suffered as well as test scores the mental health impact is just now being realized but they keep going determine to create a future for themselves in the world a world that is changing in the strength that you gained during the pandemic. leo you are next before tyree irving if you do not who he is
2:56 pm
he is a great basketball player who plays for the brooklyn nets is not really planar now, why he refused to be vaccinated because of the new york state mandated vaccination rules he is taking not to get vaccinated and guess what $17 million but he skated up to the federal mandates and standing up to the state mandate and that's what makes this country great because he is making an individual choice as to what is in his best interest and consultation with his family to take the vaccine. it's going to be a horrible price to pay but the all great nba player like kareem said he should be kicked out of the league i applaud you tyree irving in america make a
2:57 pm
personal choice and you've also made a personal sacrifice of losing your salary hopefully the brooklyn nets in the state of your can understand people throughout this country want the individual right to remain there right now the right of the government not the right of corporation but the right of individual americans. tyree irving had a profile moment and i applaud him for that. i toss it now to lara. lara: and kudos to irene as well. standing up for his individual freedom we should all do the same thing and whatever is important to us people who rescue and foster animals, it is a cause near in dear to my heart that is my dog been we were foster failures at my house which is a very, very good term it means that we ended up adopting ben because whenever we were fostering him for a certain amount of time he changed so
2:58 pm
much and he opened up the fostering is a credible way if you think about getting a dog test out what it's like for dog ownership and you're doing a service for the dog they learn how to be part of the family and then they don't want to be adopted by a loving family, then is our second dog but i want to say thank you to the rescuers and the foster families it's an incredible thing to do and i'd be remiss if i didn't say thank you to my husband eric because every time i bring a dog home he allows me to bring them home and never gives me a hard time and you know there's sleeping in our bed we have three dogs in her bed at night and i love every single second i want to encourage everybody if you're getting a dog think about fostering and rescuing. raymond, what you got. >> my thank you no goes after president joe biden, the commander-in-chief. i want to thank president biden
2:59 pm
for restoring a sense of calm to the country, forget the let's go brandon chance it is so quiet especially when you walk away after white house press event absolutely silent you brought stability to the white house you have returned us to a simple time from empty store shelves to middle east turmoil to soaring gas prices you have brought us back to the carter years and we should all thank you for the joyous kind way that you defend democracy mr. president. >> fewer democracies in the world today than we did 15 years ago. fewer, not more, fewer. so kind, as you would say thank you, thank you and god bless our eldercare specialist, thank you all. raymond: that is great, i love it. leo: i hope i'm going to think and back but i'd probably won't.
3:00 pm
your father-in-law will send me a thank you back. lara: he certainly will, i promise you that. alicia: these are all wonderful i love that we were kicking this tradition often will be fantastic thank you wall that does it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. ♪ >> braced herself for higher prices and shortages of common supply. the biden administration warning the system problem facing the supply chain could continue into next year. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: dozens of packed cargo ships waiting off the coast of california stuck in bottlenecks outside of the ports this is a shortage of truckers delays good from reaching store shelves it's working to address the backlog


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