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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: we start with former president bill clinton, he is now out of the hospital in california after spending days in the hospital for an infection. we'll have a live report on that and his recovery coming up. first, the supply chain crisis, you know, it's upping the pressure on the white house as the administration warns that it is addressing the logjam but the scarcity on store shelves could continue into next year. hello, everyone. welcome to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric. hello, i'm arthel neville. we're also covering the bottlenecks at the ports leaving store shelves empty and as
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americans get ready to shop for the holidays they're finding prices on just about everything have skyrocketed. the white house now getting intense criticism for the crisis but transportation secretary pete buttigieg is defending the administration's handling of it. >> as soon as the president came in, he issued an executive order to i think in february to look at the supply chain from all angles. when you think about the scale and complexity of the ports, obviously it's not something you can do overnight. look, we're constantly going to re-evaluate all of our options. but the steps we're taking right now we're going to make a difference. arthel: let's go to david spunt now live at the white house this morning. >> reporter: this supply chain crisis, backup, log jam, may be making headlines over the past few days and in the days to come but the core problems, the root of this issue began several months ago as secretary buttigieg was talking about and the consequences of this crisis may of last well into the new year. we have just you few months left
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of 2021. you see these dozens of cargo ships packed to the brim stuck off the california coast. on land, truck drivers are scarce, millions of goods are in limbo and cannot get to the ports or onthe trucks. the consumer price index climbed 5.4% in september, compared to the prior year, 4.6% for food and electricity rose 5.2%. >> when your computer turns off and comes back on, it doesn't come back on perfectly. it takes time for different things to start working again. you've got to sign in to your accounts again. you've got to open your e-mail again. that's what happened to the he global economy. when it started functioning again, it didn't start simultaneously. >> reporter: as for the empty shelves and rising prices, transportation secretary buttigieg says the administration began looking at some of those changes earlier in the year in case something like
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this happened. here's for from him. >> this is a capitalist country. no one wants the federal government to own or operate the stores, the warehouses, the trucks or the ships or the ports. our role is to try to make sure we're supporting those businesses and those workers who do. >> reporter: getting products to the store is an issue you with the truck shortage. i noticed in the car i was listening to the radio, i heard multiple ads for different trucking companies, trying to entice people to come to the trucking companies, talking about the benefits and other perks. have not heard that before. there's a big push to get people to drive trucks. arthel: also listening to pete buttigieg earlier, he said the administration is going to start expediting the processing of the commercial driver's license to somehow ease that aspect of this supply chain backup and i'm going to be speaking with mario gregaro, the port of long beach, later in the show. we'll get more out of him as well. david spunt reporting from the
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white house. thank you, david. >> reporter: thank you. eric: well, there's a thumbs up from former president bill bill as he walked out of the hospital earlier this morning. he spent six days in the medical center, and he's set back to head to new york to continue his recovery. the comeback kid bouncing back. claudia cowen is there in front of the hospital in orange, california. >> reporter: the former president left the hospital in orange, california just about an hour ago. he walked out of the building, no wheelchair needed for the former president, with his wife, the former first lady, hillary clinton holding onto his arm, everyone masked up, clinton thanked his doctors, shook his hand, a heart warming show of gratitude for the care he received after a urinary tract infection spread into his bloodstream. a rigorous antibiotics treatment
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seemed to do the trick and he will continue to take medication as he continues on the road to recovery. we got an update from the head of medical health who was overseeing the team of doctors. he said, he quote, president clinton was discharged from uc your vine medical center today. the fever and white blood cell count are normalized and he will return home to new york to finish his course of antibiotics. on behalf of everyone here we were honored to treat him and will continue to monitor his progress. he was reportedly in pretty bad shape when he first arrived on tuesday suffering from fatigue and other issues. it was made clear early on that he did not have covid. he was immediately put on intravenous antibiotics and was cared for in the icu where he received visitors, engaged with hospital of staff and read books and tipped his work on behalf of the clinton foundation, an event for the foundation is the reason why he was in southern
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california this week. now his unexpected hospital stay is over. the president is heading on home. as his doctors continue to closely monitor his tipped recovery. eric. eric: claudia cowen, in ue irvine, we wish the former president here at fox news the very best. arthel. arthel: yes, we do, a deadly ambush in texas, we have more on that right now where a gunman armed with a rifle shot three deputies. one deputy was killed, leaving behind a wife and infant daughter. the other two deputies were wounded with darryl garrett now in the icu. >> i'm still in disbelief of the whole situation. i can't stand to see him like this, when it's your own family, you look at things totally different. you have an eye-opener to the career and how you want to live
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your life. i'm asking for prayers from everybody, from the community, to please pray for us because we're going through a lot and this is just the beginning for us. arthel: you have our prayers. police say the deputies were all working security at a sports bar and were responding to reports of suspected robbery outside the bar. while a person of interest has been detained, police say the shooter is still on the loose. eric: there are now calls to release 17 people, mostly american christian missionaries and family members who reports say have been kidnapped by a gang in haiti. the ministry said they were helping with an orphanage in port-au-prince. we have the latest from washington on this terrible plight. >> reporter: it's absolutely terrible. there's plenty to learn about
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this. it's believed that gang members took over a bus that the missionaries were riding on, between 15 and 17 of them and someone on board reached out to other religious contacts to tell them what happened and asked for prayers. the group of mostly americans is part of an ohio based ministry operating in haiti. a ministry member sent this yesterday, this is a special prayer you alert. pray that the gang members would come to repentance. the state department confirmed they are aware of the ongoing situation, quote, the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens you abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. the missionaries remained in haiti despite a do not travel warning in place by the state department citing the risk of being kidnapped specifically. fox news was told that the group, those members in the group were largely amish and mennonite coming from communities around the country.
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here's congressman adam kinzinger. >> we need to track down where they are and see if negotiations without paying ransom are possible or do what we need to on a military or police front. we keep them in the prayers and the u.s. government will do everything we can to get them back. >> reporter: of course, haiti's state of profound unrest was set off this summer by the assassination of their president and an earthquake that killed thousands. no word if official contact has been made with the missionaries or their abductors. eric: our prayers are with them. arthel: coming up, ports now pushed to operate around the clock as big companies also commit to expanding hours. will it work? we'll discuss.
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eric: well, there's you new warning this morning about the dangers of coronavirus and those who refuse the vaccine, coming from dr. anthony touch east dr.. he says the unvaccinated pose a threat to fellow americans and the country because he says they're increasing the potential for a fifth covid wave. >> the degree to which we continue to come down in that slope will depend on how well we
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do about getting more people vaccinated. if we don't do very well in that regard, there's always the danger that there will be enough circulating virus that you can have a stalling of the diminishing of the number of cases and when that happens, as we've seen in the past with other waves that we've been through, there's the danger of resurgence. eric: and you can hear more of what dr. fauci told chris wallace, fox news sunday airing less than two hours from now at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> this isn't just a matter of supply. this is a matter of supply and demand. every item you see, every container on every ship that is waiting at anchor in the ports of la and long beach or anywhere else is there because an american company or consumer purchased it. and that's because demand has surged. retail sales are off the charts. remember, these ports are already bringing through record amounts of goods this year. and that's a sign of -- arthel: that's transportation
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secretary pete buttigieg on the supply chain crisis and the growing fear it could impact the holiday shopping season. it's bigger than that, as the white house says, it's working to ease bottlenecks at ports by having them operate 24/7. large companies like walmart, ups, fed ex, target, they committed to expanding hours to move cargo from the docks so the ships can come to shore faster. the port of long beach is working around the clock, it's the second busiest port in the u.s., responsible for more than 50,000 jobs in long beach alone plus half a million jobs in the five counties southern california region. the port generates about $100 billion in trade each year. mario cordero, the executive director of the port of long beach, he joins us now. first, i'd like to et get a he reaction from -- like to get a reaction from secretary about buhl who says the real problem is demand because of the pandemic, you know, we started
9:17 am
ordering like crazy online and so the system can't keep up. what's your take on that? >> first of all, arthel, thank you for having me. i think that there's factors in terms of the situation that we're in, in the supply chain. clearly one of them is demand. we had double digit growth in terms of retail sales expected for this year and that references consumer demand. one factors is e-commerce. e-commerce by the way where you can shop 24/7 from your home, 10:00 p.m. or 4:00 in the morning, americans used e-commerce as a percentage of 20% increase. so i think there's a certain aspect to this that is consumer he demand. and that's what's -- one of many factors that's causing the surge and disruption in the supply chain. arthel: that's what his point was, we're at home now, more than before and so we're just like sitting around, ordering stuff like crazy. guilty.
9:18 am
so you are about a month in on a 24/7 operating schedule. is it working? what is still clogging the system? >> well, i think that 24/7 is a concept that's rather complex. i first called for a 24 living 7 mindset back in january of 2018. the reason was the forecast with volume and second with regard to what we needed to do to move containers to you address capacity issues and not just here in southern california but major terminals. we put the project in place over a month ago, anticipating what we nedded to do in -- needed to do in the short term and long term. it's going to take collaboration by everybody in the supply chain, not just marine terminal operators, it's going to take the truckers, the warehouses, the railroads. the spot that we're in right you now, there's been strong commitment by key players to make this work. arthel: so give us, as you
9:19 am
said, there's a lot of choreography involved. if you could further explain what did it take to reach 24 hour operations at your port alone and can you sustain this level of productivity? well, we certainly could sustain the level of productivity with regard to what we need to do going forward. and needless to say that i think the question in terms of how it's elevated, when you talk about the impact to the economy and suffice to say that the chairman of the federal reserve board has referenced the supply chain disruption as a factor with regard to how we set monetary policy, it's elevated pretty high and, again, if we don't fix this going forward, again, it's a national crisis, it's not a global crisis. arthel: global, absolutely. >> it's a one trillion dollar industry in the united states. arthel: how much? >> one trillion dollar industry in the united states, i'm talking about the supply chain so everybody is impacted,
9:20 am
business, consumers, and you din that list. arthel: speaking of the list, we keep hearing of shortage of drivers, that's on the list, high up on the list. what's really causing that particular shortage? >> well, one of the factors that's causing the whole problem to begin with was the covid scenario that we encountered here early last year. part of that has affected the labor force with regard to the warehouse and truckers, there's another factor with regard to the volume is so high that the trucking industry got caught short with regard to the labor that's required. now, i will say that as far as the ports, the men and women that work on the dock, there's no labor shortage there. but on the other hand, as you have referenced, the trucker situation throughout the country is problematic. arthel: i know that secretary buttigieg also said that the administration or his department in particular, they're looking to speed up the processing of the cfl licenses, the commercial
9:21 am
driver cdl licenses. will that help? >> that's correct. and we're also accelerating all aspects with regard to the all that needs to be had by a trucker in terms of credentials, including security credentials, making sure we don't compromise what that is. it's a full court press, making sure that we have labor available throughout the supply chain. arthel: i'm glad you specified that, because of course people are like saying, listen, if you're going to speed up things so much, you want to make sure important issues like security, those things don't get -- don't fall through the cracks. i've got a couple questions if i may in the next minute or so that i have with you. besides passing the infrastructure bill that includes $17 billion for port infrastructure, how else can congress or the biden administration assist? >> well, i think, again, when you talk about the supply chain, not only do we need more investment in infrastructure
9:22 am
going forward, but also one of the things that's so important that i think this past week was a step in the right direction is increasing the hours of operation in our major container gateways. look, that's nothing new here in terms of reinventing the wheel, i'm talking about in the global supply chain. when you look to where the cargo comes from the, the imports overwhelmingly from asia, asia is 24/7. in order to remain competitive, making sure we address this issue not only at a he global level but here at a local level and when you talk about long beach, together with los angeles, this is the nation's largest container gateway. we're going to move about 20 million teu containers forecasted by end of year or year 2021. there's no other gateway in the united states that comes close to moving even half that amount. we need to up our game in terms of how we move containers and the hours that we operate and hence the 247.
9:23 am
that's not the ultimate solution in terms of the only factor that will solve the problem, it's a big step in terms of what we need to do on our end to have additional hours to move this cargo. arthel: finally, then, in short order, when can the system catch up to itself, when will it get to the point where small businesses, big businesses and consumers, we won't notice in any backlogging? >> well, right now we have 62 vessels at anchor in the nation's largest port complex. i think that number will diminish as we approach the end of the year. but in terms of the issues with regard to the congestion in the supply chain, i think we're looking to mid-2022 for some form of normalcy. but no matter what happens, crisis or no crisis going forward, to avoid the situation, we need to make sure that we continue to implement the 24/7 concept here and that's exactly what we're doing here at the port of long beach. arthel: you called for that back in 2018. i heard you tell me that.
9:24 am
i made note of that. they should have listened to you. here we are now and we're doing something about it mid-222 is when you say things will get back up to a level of normalcy. so in the meantime, what can we do as consumers, again, quickly? they're going to kill me but go ahead. >> i think my biggest advice, shop early with regard to the holiday season because, again, given the delays, we can't wait until the last minute to do our holiday shopping and of course i'm one of those people that does that so i'm shopping early. arthel: just get your spouse something right away. that's what really counts. mario, executive director of the port of long beach, thank you very much. appreciate your time, sir. thank you. >> thanks, arthel. arthel: eric. eric: that's for sure. meanwhile, authorities say mexican cartels, ready for this, they've opened fire on us at the southern border. shooting from mexico to deployed members of the texas national guard. how should we respond? that and the latest from the
9:25 am
border as the buy ben -- biden administration is forced to reverse some of its policies as "fox news live" brings you the news on this sunday, with more straight ahead. [uplifting music playing]
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>> at the end of the day, our border patrol agents are being denied the ability to police the border, because they're processing agents. joe biden is criminally negligent, his administration i think is criminally negligent when it comes to controlling the border and he should be impeached over this. this is dereliction of duty. arthel: senator lindsey graham sounding off as the crisis at the southern border continues to get worse. now reports of mention call -- mexican cartels shooting at the national guard. we have the latest. >> reporter: the stream of immigrants coming across the border ebbs and flows. it does not seem to stop. last night was no exception.
9:30 am
a mile from where i'm standing, our fox news cameras captured two groups of immigrants coming across the border, family units and single adults and unaccompanied minors. usually they come across with directions and they turn themselves in with the belief they'll be able to stay. the border is an increasingly dangerous place. armed gangs have shown up and we see them taking pot shots at each other from time to time. gangs have been firing across the border at u.s. personnel. here's texas governor greg abbott on sunday morning futures. >> it's getting even worse as the cartels are getting more you aggressive and the cartels on the mexican side of the border, they're beginning to open fire on the national guard that the texas has down on the border to secure the border. this is escalating into a firing war on each side of the border where texas and our national
9:31 am
guard are having to defend themselves and defend the state of texas. >> reporter: now, one thing that might lighten the flow of immigrants from mexico is the biden administration's plan to comply with a court order reinstating a trump era policy known as remain in mexico. the policy is called migrant protection protocols, requires migrants to stay in mexico while you asylum claims work their ways through the courts. the administration canceled the program. a federal court determined they handled the cancellation wrong. it will likely be reinstated mid-november. we're waiting on numbers for the month of september. that will close out the fiscal year and give us totals of encounters with immigrants and u.s. personnel and, frankly, the numbers are expected to set s records. arthel, back to you. arthel: that's not hard to believe. mike toe bin in texas -- tobin
9:32 am
in texas. thank you. eric: in israel when hamas fires across the border of gaza the iron dome protects israelis, what about texans and national guard members who authorities say were fired at from across the border by the mexican cartels. a texas congressman joins us. he toured a border patrol facility and processing site in mcallen last week. let's first ask about the cartels firing across the border at us. was do you make of this. >> it's awful. the biden administration destroyed border security. he was handed by president trump, without the help of democrats i might add -- i worked with president trump to secure the mexican border, to make sure we had the most secure border we had in a generation and the biden administration instantly destabilized the border. they got rid of the remain in mexico policy, stopped building the wall, stopped deporting
9:33 am
people and that has created an absolute crisis on the southern border. and its is escalating and the fire from the cartels at national guardsmen is a further sign of the destabilization that biden has done to the security of this country on our southern border. eric: how do you think we should respond to the cartels when they fire at us? >> we need to take whatever measures are necessary to pro protect ourselves on the u.s. slash mexican border. i passed a law that gave national guardsmen the legal authority to defend themselves. they didn't have that when they were under state orders. my understanding is that national guardsmen who are under federal orders do not. those guardsmen today are under state orders and they have the legal authority to defend themselves, and they should. eric: under state law, they can defend themselves from lethal force, from criminal gangs but you think under federal
9:34 am
jurisdiction they're not allowed to do that? >> yeah. actually, my first assignment as second lieutenant in the marines was on the u.s., mexico border 25 years ago. we didn't have the legal authority to defend ourselves. we were treated as civilians, the same authority as you and i to defend ourselves. the national guardsmen were under state orders, they could be under state or federal orders. under the state orders i gave them the legal authority to defend themselves, similar to what law enforcement officers have. so law enforcement officers have the burden of proof is actually on the -- is on the prosecutor to show criminal negligence versus being on the person that used lethal force to prove they did it in the right way. eric: what would you call on the biden administration to do when our law enforcement members are getting fired on from across the border? >> well, the biden
9:35 am
administration needs secure the border. they have completely failed in he protecting the american people from the drugs that are coming across, from the human trafficking and sex trafficking and from covid that's coming you across. when i was on the border last week, a quarter of the people coming across our southern border estimated by border be patrol are covid positive and the they are literally for the most part not testing them, not vaccinating them and then releasing them into the united states. the biden administration owns this lock, stock and barrel. they did this. it was their decision, president biden did this on day one of his administration and he needs to secure the border. he needs to reintuesday the re-- reinstitute the remain in mexico policy, he needs to use title 42 to deported people. he needs to start building the wall again. one thing i saw this past week was driving past depot after depot of supplies, offensing to
9:36 am
build the wall and everywhere i went along the border there was sections of wall that started and the biden administration had stopped it. the materials are there. the people are there. we need to have the wall. and president biden is -- said no, i'm going to put the american people last, i'm going to put illegal aliens first and i'm going to let them come across the border and let the drug cartels control the southern border. eric: the materials are in the desert sun at the moment. there's a developing issue involving americans, reports say those 17 missionaries, christian missionaries from ohio, in haiti, kidnapped in haiti. your thoughts on how do we get them safe, how do we get them released? >> what happened there is terrible, certainly concern for their safety and here americans doing what we do best, helping other people selflessly giving,
9:37 am
trying to help the people of haiti. i hope that we can get their loved ones back and i encourage the biden administration to show some strength. but when you saw what happened in afghanistan, where the be president said i commit to getting everybody out and i'm not leaving until i do and then he ended up leaving and not just leaving but leaving thousands of people behind, i don't have a lot of confidence in this administration to get those people back. eric: gangs in haiti, gangs in mexico, taking shots at americans. thank you so much. arthel. arthel: it has been a fixture for more than 200 years and it might be taken down in a matter of days. what's behind the controversy over a statue of a founding father at a new york city home? that's next. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein.
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arthel: today marks one month since brian laundrie's parents reported him missing and the
9:42 am
manhunt continues as do the protests outside the laundrie home in florida. >> say her name. >> gabby petito. >> say her name. >> arthel: gabby petito's parents are in wyoming this weekend to bring home their daughter's ashes. charles watson is line in north port, florida with the latest on the search for laundrie. charles. >> reporter: hi, arthel. gabby petito's family conned firmed to fox -- confirmed to fox news they picked up gabby's remains days a after the coroner concluded she was strangled to death as law enforcement continues to search for brian laundrie one month to the day his parents reported him missing. they focused on the carlton reserve and parts of the appalachian trail. brian who is the only person of interest in the death investigation of gabby is still in the missing.
9:43 am
this morning brian's father was seen loading boxes into a red pickup truck before returning to the family home. they hammered signs into their grass and some are left baskets of soiled laundry. one protester said she showed up because she said she can't get what happened to gabby off her mind. >> i want her to come home alive. i'm one of the nine people that want him to come back alive and turn himself in. let this family get peace, this poor girl was way too good for your son. >> reporter: so far at least publicly nothing has really rattled the laundries other than a sign reading what if it was cass sigh, the reference to -- cassie, the reference to brian's
9:44 am
sister got a reaction from brian's dad who he removed the sign early saturday morning as and protesters continue to demand justice for gabby here in north port, the gabby petito foundation is expected to hold its first fund raiser today in new york, expected to happen in less than 30 minutes. arthel: charles watson, thank you. eric. eric: a founding father may soon get booted out of new york city l hall. for 187 years, thomas jefferson has stared over the proceedings of the new york city council. the statue is in front of the room, along with portraits of george washington. jefferson may get yanked because the man who wrote all men are created equal once owned slaves. laura ingal is outside the historic city hall with the latest on this. hey, laura. >> reporter: hi, eric. you faux, there is a lot of history here behind me in new york city hall but not all of it is appropriate according to
9:45 am
those who would like to see the th statue of thomas jefferson removed. as the founding matter may be on the move after a little known city board called the public design commission approved the relocation of the statue to the new york historical society. that vote is expected to come tomorrow. this comes during nationwide calls to remove statues on public property that have to do with slavery. a letter was written to mayor bill de blasio last year demanding the statue be removed. charles baron, telling our david lee miller he thinks the statue should not only be removed, it should be done away for good. >> i think it should be destroyed. i think it should go into the
9:46 am
history books and tell the truth about what he did that people think is good and what we did that was bad, put it in the history books, tell the truth about the history. but not a statue. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio on thursday said he will respect the decision of the commission and understands the base of the argument. >> he's very complex, to say the least. the thing that is so troubling to people is that even someone who understood so deeply values of freedom and human dignity and the value of each life was still a slave owner and i understand why that profoundly bothers people and why they find it something that can't be ignored. >> reporter: and of course there are still others who say that the statue should stay, those proponents say he despite the fact that thomas jefferson was a slave owner, he was a founding father and president and it remains part of our history, complicated or not. the vote is tomorrow.
9:47 am
eric. eric: city council members have he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance, also out of protest. we'll see what happens tomorrow. laura, thank you. arthel: parents are angry over what they say is the government's you attempt to sidestep them about their children's education. that's coming up. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events
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eric: some parents at their wit's ends over their kids' schooling, justice department released a memo this past week asking the fbi to look into threats of violence against teachers and other of school staffers that's been happening across the country, this and other hot button educational issues at the center of the tight race for virginia's governor. here's democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, he said this about parents' involvement in their children's learning during a debate held last month. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take things out and a make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. eric: a recent fox news poll showed majority of parents surveyed say they want to have a say in what schools are teaching. the director of outreach of pains defending education joins us now. what are you concerned about when it comes to what the kids
9:52 am
are learning? >> we're concerned about an increase in activism in the classrooms, ideologically based curriculum and ideologically based lessons and what appears to be increasing suppression of diversity of thought. eric: what specifically concerns you about that and when educational experts say, look, it should be up to educational professionals to decide what children should learn? >> well, i think it's important to keep in mind that, you know, school is an extension of parenting and so when parents begin to ask questions or express concerns, the resistance to being transparent which we have seen in lots of school districts around the country, but i would say how den louden d fairfax are poster childrens to the resistance to being transparent and hearing the concerns of parents, that's a red flag. when calls for transparency
9:53 am
around a curriculum and diversity of thought, when those are resisted parents are right to be concerned and they should keep pushing for answers. eric: in terms of that view, of course, many say that diversity of thought has to do with teaching the history of our country, what's happened in the past. do you think that's being squelched. >> i certainly think it's misguided to generalize about over 13,000 school districts. so anybody who makes a claim that parents are saying that they do not want their children to learn about history, which by the way should be the totality of our history, warts and all, there shouldn't be one narrative that is, you know, seems to be guided by this principle of 1078 idealized version of patriotism, and there shouldn't be another
9:54 am
narrative that seems to point out this idea of the united states as an irredeemable eraseist nation. we feed to talk about all of of our history. the concerns about most parents has to do with this very concerning trend of race essentialism and reducing students and staff to their i'm immuteable traits and putting them in boxes and buckets and sometimes sorting them by those immuteable traits. eric: this has caused controversy across the country, threats of violence across school districts, staffers you a salted, certainly threatened and that caused attorney general merrick garland to issue a memo this past week asking for a task force over this. we'll get to that in a second. what's your reaction to what the administration is doing? >> i think that what they've done is a huge mistake.
9:55 am
there is no evidence anywhere that state and local law enforcement have been overwhelmed because of threats of violence or violence against school board officials or educators. obviously, threats of violence and violence, those are already against the law, so there's absolutely no justification for them and they should be handled. the problem is when the department of justice involves itself at the behest of the biden administration, and uses terms like domestic terrorism to describe parents, it is going to have an impact, it's going to intimidate a lot of parents into silence because, again, most people are not hardwired to show up at a public meeting and speak about their concerns at a microphone. that is something that takes courage for a lot of people to do. if you're on the fence about doing it and now you're hearing
9:56 am
that you may be labeled a domestic terrorist because of your dissent. eric: let me read the memo very quickly. while spirited debate about policy matters is protected under the constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence or effort to intimidate individuals based on their views. threats against public servants are illegal and counter to the values and the department takes this seriously ands is committed to discourage these threats, identify them when they occur and prosecute when appropriate. we shouldn't have threats against school members. >> of course we shouldn't. i stated that, that that's already obviously against the law and, again, there is no evidence of any local or state law enforcement entities have been overwhelmed. eric: there goes the clock. three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪
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mike: the u.s. state department says it is working to rescue at least 16 u.s. missionaries and one canadian captured saturday in port-au-prince, haiti. children are among the kidnapped, including a 2-year-old infant. the group was in the country on an aid work mission. welcome to "fox news live," i'm mike emmanuel. the kidnapping just the latest in a string of ab dusts in haiti this year after the assassination of the president and a major earthquake. more than 325 people have been kidnapped in haiti this


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