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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and be before we go stream the dan bongino show weekdays from 12 to 3 that does it for us here unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night. have a good night.ififififififi" [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. too little too late. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. biden is in his first year and already a lame duck. the country doesn't trust him or respect him. we watch him respond to proper slesms slomy, careless and slow like he's intoxicated. biden and the people around him are so out of touch with reality they live in a fantasy lands.
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but the media isn't repeating biden's lies as much as they used to. >> murder is way up. almost 30%. >> the supply channel gridlock is growing. >> a quart million shipping containers remain stuck at sea. >> chaos at airports nationwide. southwest air plains forced to cancel flights. jesse: biden said inflation will go away, don't worry about it. >> our experts agree that these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce as our economy continues to heal. jesse: they are getting worse. prices are up on everything, food, furniture, and especially gas. >> long lines. like a whole big [inaudible]
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>> it's one of those things if you are traveling you need. it's a necessity like water. >> $50 -- >> every time i filled it up when trump was in office it was $45 to $50 now it stakes $100 to fill up the car. jesse: some outlets are debasing themselves to protect the president. here is "the washington post," probably on the white house payroll. america needs higher longer lasting inflation. they hate the people of this country, that's clear. christmas will be a mess because people can't get presents. ports are massively backlogged in long beach. all the products we have made in
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china. we have to re-lie on them for everything. so when everything is made in china it takes forever to get the products. bind and his cronies put the factories there. across the country hundreds and hundreds of cargo ships waiting to drop off their items. not you enough truck drivers to drive the products to market. >> we are at this point because the unemployment rate has been cut in half because people are buying more goods because people are traveling and demand is up and because the economy is turning back on. jesse: nothing is working because the biden economy is so great. that's their talking point. like afghanistan. nothing but a success. high prices and empty shelves is a sign of progress.
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that's not what biden thought when trump was in charge. >> we don't have a food shortage problem we have a leadership problem. we have plenty of food. americans are getting fired, quitting, and companies can't hire anybody. biden blamed you instead. >> if the private sector doesn't step you will we'll call them out to get them to act. our goal is to address the long standing weaknesses in our transportation supply klain that this pandemic has exposed. >> it's all our fault. like he blames the police, the border patrol and the people he left behind in afghanistan. the buck doesn't stop with biden. we can't flight either. southwest airlines seeing thousands of flights canceled and they expect it to last
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through the holidays. pilots are protesting the vax mandate. the ceo said he doesn't want to do the mandate but he has to because biden forced his hand. in seattle and l.a., a huge portion of police officers could get laid off for refusing the vax mandate. it won't keep americans safe. while the problems continue to pile up like crazy, vp kamala harris has been up to nothing. a nasa space video with kids to try to make herself look relatable. >> to think of how much is out there that we still have to learn. i love that. i am very excited about the space council. you will seat craters on the moon with your own eyes. i'm telling you it will be unbelievable. jesse: those weren't real kids.
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those were hired child actors. the company was canadian. she didn't even use an american company. the company is called sinking ship production. you can't make this up. telling your children you can't get the one special present they put on their christmas list. the agony of being stranded at the airport after another canceled flight. biden doesn't care. he's not even doing anything to show he cares like a low grade politician would. fake white house sets, paid actors, spin, lies. the white house chief of staff called high prices shy class problems. they are disrespecting you. so what are you going to do about it? here for re-action republican
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congresswoman from colorado, lauren boebert. what do you think is happening at the white house. >> not only did the white house hire sinking ship productions. they are a sinking ship. vice president kamala harris hired child paid actors to pretend to like her. she and this entire administration are scripted and they are all sinking fast. speaking of ships, christmas may be canceled because everything is stuck at sea. but if you asked sleepive joe he thinks he's having the first bode parade. how did -- how did we get here? lie after lie. republicans are the ones who want to defund police. no general told me to leave troops behind. southwest flights are canceled due to illness and bad weather.
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really? do these jokers expect us to believe all of their bull crap. the only sickness i saw with southwest was employees testing the freedom flu and the only bad weather was hurricane brandon. this regime is an absolute joke. if ships on the port have to wait out there much longer. i think we'll start seeing let's go brandon signs. it makes me wonder who is actually running this administration. i thought it was obama's leftover ron claim. but now -- ron klain, but could it be the tiktok intern? the boy with longer fingernails than me and more hair products than you and more makeup contouring than matt gaetz?
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who is running this administration. jess mayor pete is in charge of transportation and everything that's gone wrong outside the country and inside. he took a very, very extremely long paternity leave. i guess he's been at home since august. when i had my twins, lauren, i took five days. when i had jesse junior i took 10 days. and i'm just a cable news tv host. i'm not in charge of massive amounts of shipping and trucking. this guy is at home and we didn't even know he was at home. even if i'm mayor pete's husband. i would be like, pete, why don't you get back to work. things aren't moving so
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smoothly. >> they think they can get general psaki to spin the narrative and they can build fake sets at the white house and everything is okay. barack obama said it all be he said never underestimate the joe biden a built to f things up. we know kamala harris is not doing anything effective at the border. maybe we should make her czar of the ports. jesse: if she became czar of the ports, she would never go to the ports. she knows one thing, and that's to stay away from everything that's going wrong. lauren boebert, thanks for coming on "watters' world." nancy pelosi begged the media to help her sell the democrats $3.5 trillion spend bill. >> do you think you need to do a
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better job messaging? how do you sell this? >> i think you all could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you. jesse: the media can't say what's actually in this thing because if they did, the entire country would we volt. it's stalled now, thank god. we'll start picking through this boondoggle and report what's tonight. the most expensive bill in american history. when we built the interstate highway system, this is 8 times the cost -- the cost of that. they want hundreds of billions for federally funded babysitters. cradle to grave. subsidies to stay home instead of work and give unions total control of the economy. largest tax increase in american history. $2 trillion. higher business taxes than
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socialist europe and even communist china. fuming us back to more inflation bringing us back to the carter years. it makes you pay more taxes after you die. so your family doesn't get as much. tax hike on small businesses. taxes on energy, taxes on employers. if you smoke cigarettes the cost of a patch just went way up. doubles the number of irs agents. but none will be able to look at hunter biden, just the rest of us. lets the agents spy on your bank account if you have a balance over $600 which is mostly everybody. they just hid everything in this thing because it's too toxic. $7 billion for the climate
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police. defund the real police but fund the climate police. $10 billion in a slush fund to indoctrinate college students. remember obama tried green job training an biden couldn't point to a green job he created. $27 billion for a green bank. we are getting ripped off. this is where donors go for cheap loans. forces americans to use wind and solar in places where it isn't very sunny or windy. california already did this and it caused rolling blackouts. they want to turn america into california. no, thank you. we would like to keep our lights on. billions in kickbacks for green donors and activists. $20 billion for desert fish.
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i didn't know they had fish in the desert. and $25 billion for mussels. a $4 billion slush fund for radical activists to tear down racist infrastructure. it sounds like taxpayer funded statue toppling. maybe the george washington bridge is coming down. it makes crossing the border much easier and harder to deport illegals and spend $100 billion to give amnesty to illegals. free tax credits and welfare for illegals. and biden wondered why illegals are coming here. $7 billion for ivy league schools. the healthiest in the country. the word equity plastered all
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over this thing. that means reverse racism. a quarter trillion to bail out health insurance companies. didn't we give those guys a trillion dollars last year? free housing for convicted felons. beat your wife? here is some rent money. penalizes getting married. keeps single mothers on suction difficulties. grants to treat people for loneliness. i'm sorry, but i'm not paying for someone to find dates. there is an app for that. let's bring in the senior advisor to former president trump, stephen miller. they don't want us to know what's in it. >> you hit the nail on the head. i will give friendly advice to republicans on capitol hill.
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you can't just keep talking about the price tag. you have to talk about the policy inside of the bill. it's 2,400 pages for a reason. if you want to spend a few trillion you could do that in 50 pages. thisn't like a stimulus bill where you are funding program. you are reordering all of society. this bill requires healthcare providers to be trained in equity. which is code word for critical race theory. you are going to go to the hospital with a medical emergency. you will need a tracheotomy, the nurse won't be trained on airway obstruction. this bill is madness. it's basically the green new deal combined with critical race theory combined with massive amnesty and open borders,
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combined with the complete destruction of the american economy. there is the death tax in here. tax credits for rich people to give money to their favorite universities, presumably to teach more critical race theory. i could go on. jesse: you are so right. it's not just one thing. it's everything a liberal wanted to do. we got the green new deal, we have amnesty. they shoved everything into one pie. and now we are arguing over a price tag but we are not talking about the ingredients. these ingredients will make people sick. >> imagine you went to a restaurant, they overcharged you massively. but they also poisoned you and you spent a month in the hospital. if you wrote a yelp review,
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would it be it was an expensive meal? or would you say, they poisoned me. gop, wake up, tell people what's in the bill. jesse: stephen miller, everybody. thank you for coming on "watters' world." next, how woke school policies are literally getting our children raped. what happened to one student is going to shock you. is vice president harris the worst in u.s. history? i asked americans what they think. what has she done for the people. >> they have done a lot. i just can't name anything. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip.
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jesse: a very disturbing story. a father whose daughter was allegedly raped in a trance gender bathroom at school is suing loudoun county. it happened in virginia. the school passed a new
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transgender policy that allows boys access to girls' bathrooms. the boy is accused of taking advantage of that policy, putting on a skirt and going into the bathroom and raping brutally a 9th grate grade girl. her father showed up at the school board meeting to could be front the school board in june and he was wrestled to the ground and arrested. >> that's scary that the government is going to weaponize the government against parents and they are using my video. jesse: they made him into a villain, making him a scape. but the loudoun county superintendent scott ziggler is the real villain. he allegedly knew about the
2:24 am
attack and he covered it up. >> do we have assaults in our bathrooms and locker rooms regularly. >> to my knowledge we don't have a record of assaults occurring in our restrooms. >> "time" magazine in 2016 called that a red herring. the predator transgender student or person simply does snout exist. jesse: the person doesn't exist? it turns out the same boy who attacked scott's daughter was just arrested for assaulting another girl. this more. the liberal prosecutor is funded by george soros and told the father to stay quiet about the attack. joining me is the author of county authoritarian moment," and host of the ben sma pirro podcast. ben shapiro.
2:25 am
good job at the daily wire for breaking this story. i'm disgusted that they did this to this poor girl and this father was made out to be a -- a kook. it's so disgusting. >> one thing that's most unbelievable, the media basically went along with the narrative that this father was the face of domestic terrorism. the media didn't say maybe we should get a back story on why this man was so angry in the first place. the family is suing loudoun public schools over this. we have a follow-up story talking about how the loudoun county school system may not
2:26 am
have complied with federal law. now the department of education is apparently look into that. parents are quite correct to wonder whether members of the public school elite class, whether those folks have the best interests of their kids at heart or they are self-per pet waiting the bureaucracy. jesse: if you don't want your daughter to go to the bathroom with other boys and you say that at a school board meeting, you are khalid sheikh mohammed, according to the biden administration. it turns out it happened and number of occasions allegedly and they covered it. you they covered it up. that's what's so sick. this guy ziegler is a disgrace.
2:27 am
he's the superintendent of the school district. you are going to have a 9th grader allegedly raped in a bathroom on a policy you pushed. and them he pretends he didn't know about it. they had to make a report to police. they did a rape kit test. >> even if he didn't know. the question is month is the principal and why is the entire system broken. they say it's just a bad individual. no the system is the problem. the facts there is a vast disconnect between the school board and the parents. according to the parents in this case, the school said we'll handle this internally before going to the police. there is something very, very wrong with the public school system in the united states. not just virginia. the school system focused in on indoctrinating your kids.
2:28 am
but can't teach your kids basic reading, writing and math. but your kids are not your business. it's no longer in your purview to care. you have terry mcauliffe the former virginia governor, and current candidate for governor. he gets angry when you ask him if parents should recommend control over tbhair children. jesse: guys slapping skirts on and raping girls in bathrooms and it's not the parents' business? ben shapiro. thank you so much for that reporting. hopefully we can make changes because of this. next cnn's sanjay gupta gets wrecked going on joe row began's show.
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also ahead, i went into the streets and asked about kamala harris. not good. >> who is that? >> who is that? >> i can't tell [tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for...
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afghanistan since american troops left.
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. jesse: cnn lies. this week they were forced into a confession. they said joe rogan was taking shores dewormer for covid. see was taking the livestock dewormer i ever economic continue. -- ivermectin. vets give pets different versions of . .
2:35 am
when they know they are lying. >> we are going so fast -- >> don't you think it's a problem that your news network lied? >> what did they say? >> they lied saying i was taking horse dewarm. before we get to that. does it bother you that the network you work for outright lied about me taking horse dewormer. >> i didn't ask. >> they did it with such glee. i watched. jesse: you didn't ask? you are the chief medical contributor and all your hosts
2:36 am
are making up fake medical news and you didn't ask about that? >> it's the best. he tried to get out of this whole thing every possible way. it seems like this is going really fast here. i don't understand. he's a doctor and he's still an idiot. once he gets out of the safe cnn cocoon he can't abc questions. jess are's supposed to be a smart doctor. buff joe row again says is going too fast. >> it was too much knowledge for him. he didn't know what to do with all that knowledge at once. jesse: then the cnn doctor sanjay goes back on don lemon's show and says he was taking horse dewormer. he tells a different thing about the same thing to different
2:37 am
audiences and they wonder why we don't trust the fake news. >> it is sad because the truth is you and i can sit here and joke about it and it is funny. but that gets people killed. that is a doctor. he knows what rogan is saying is true. he's knowledgeable about ivermectin and various ways to treat coronavirus. and he goes on tv and lies about it. they take that advice to heart and they drown in their own lung fluid. jesse: we have a ridiculous story only jesse kelly can talk about with me. now we have a new holiday. halloween is now racist. we have a school out -- i think it's probably seattle, that's where all these things take place. the seattle public school
2:38 am
canceled halloween. they have canceled the pumpkin parade. they said it marginalizes students of color who who don't celebrate the holiday. the staff is committed to offering more educational opportunities during the school day. what's more inclusive than everybody putting on a costume and eating candy. i don't know how it marginalizes anybody? >> i would like to know what they do to black kids in seattle. in my neighborhood we have black kids, asian kids, white kids, everybody is trick-or-treating. are they not allowing black kids to trick-or-treat in seattle? maybe the government should look into that. these stupid marxists.
2:39 am
you know some kids up there that are stuck for work, now he doesn't get to have a halloween day at school. he will get lectured on why america sucks. jesse: fox news primetime this week, we are sending this entire school a bunch of kit kats and peanut buttercups. because that's what life is about. >> send some my way. jesse: i will get you the big one. >> thank you. >> up next. i hit the streets to see how much america loves vice president harris.
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jesse: where is kamala harris? the vp mostly mia since afghanistan. she never went to the border. she was appointed chair of the space council but never hosted a meeting. and the video she created, she hired child actors. do people know kamala harris or know what she is up to? i mitt the streets to find out. >> who is that? vice president kamala harris. >> kamala harris. a lovely vice president. >> who is this? >> i can't even tell you who is that.
2:45 am
jesse: take a guess. >> that's bill deblasio? >> the governor. hat that's harris, right? the mayor. jesse: right. >> no, she is the viet president. >> that little girl was me. jesse: what do you like about kamala harris? >> nothing. jesse: what do you think kamala harris stands for? >> herself. >> unity, equality. jesse: what has she done to support equality? >> i don't know. >> she doesn't necessarily know what the public wants. that kind of plays out into an administration that doesn't know what they are doing. jesse: what good do you think
2:46 am
she has done as vice president. >> obviously not have much. >> what has she done for the people? >> they done a lot. >> we did it, joe. jesse: what do you think she is doing well? >> i just feel like this administration has basically destroyed black and spanish communities. jesse: what do you think kamala harris has done well? >> i'm not sure. i don't know what she has done. i'm giving her a fair chance. just let me know what's going on. jesse: what do you think kamala harris is helping joe biden with? >> i don't any she is helping him with anything. >> i don't know what joe biden is doing. >> i think every day as part of our job -- i do dog walking.
2:47 am
jesse: it's kind of like what kamala harris does with joe. jesse: what would you advice. >> give people 4. >> acres and a mule. >> one million dollars. jesse: if you were kamala harris giving advice to joe biden, what would you tell the president? >> resign, man. >> to do what is best for the country as a whole. what will push our country forward instead of keeping it the laughingstock of the world. jesse: do you know who i am? >> from tv? have we worked together? >> that's a catchy line you have
2:48 am
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jesse: triple play up first. we have shirt lems north korean lay on beds of glass and break metal rods. while they are swing at one another and breaking concrete tiles with their heads, their dear leader is sitting there cheering and nodding like a proud parent. joining us, carley shimkus. are you intimidated? >> proud dictator. i guess they call it the hermit kingdom for a reason. it reminds me of what a hyperactive 5-year-old boy would
2:53 am
thinking about strong means. i will take a mallet to my head with a cinder block. pete hegseth said, you know, when we fight niece guides, we are not going to fight them hand-to-hand. we use guns. put the shirts back on, north korea. we are not scared of anybody. we have weapons. what else do we have? >> let's talk about this viral video of a little boy. jesse: he's a ring bearer? >> get ready for the ceremony to get ruined because that's when the ring drops. jesse: this kid looks maybe 2 1/2, 3. you can't be trusted with that kind of valuable diamond.
2:54 am
that kid just made me mad. this is why you don't have kids at weddings. i would throw the whole kid away. jesse: in north korea, you know what they do with this kid? stay would kick that kid. jesse: that's not nice. that's cyberbullying. we have a sex. >> i halloween costume. and it's guessing, trying to get people vaccinated. she is a nurse? >> you are not supposed to ingest vaccine in your head. >> it looks like there is blood
2:55 am
in the vial. jesse: maybe she snakes anti-vax people pro vax people. carley was pushing britney getting naked again. she did it again. but we are not going to do that. i want to apologize to the viewers. it's a family show. getting a lot of comments. carley beshave yourself. last call is up next. check it out. serena... scary movie... serena... scary movie... serena williams ready to serve. ahh!
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husband sean duffy. and i also wrote a chapter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. o say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪, whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched were so


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