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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  October 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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three. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show and catch me at jeanine and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: even more about the closes that biden administration is and possible they've stolen our christmas joy and it is not even halloween yet. folks, they've done it, borders are finally secure. no one is allowed through. unless they're fully vaccinated wait, wait, wait that's only for us legal citizens how about thousands illegal and could be mother load of all epic fail and
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joe biden with the media by calling them out in blatant lie it is thousand their crusade are creating alternative reality if we only let it and don't forget the viral speech by one coach about adversity that everyone needs to hear. don't want to miss that. so if you've been a regular viewer of this show, you know aye been warning you about everything biden administration touches it burns to the ground. everything -- but is it possible, possible could they possibly screw up christmas? >> i must find some way to keep christmas from coming. i don't to make aways. >> but many christmas season is stupid, stupid, stupid -- dan: we have a holiday season rapidly approaching and even though it has been a rough year or two, it is always a time of joy but leave it to the biden administration grinches to ruin it for everyone. well before they ruin it, is
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christmas eve allowed to happen? wait -- lord to fauci speaks. >> you know morgan it is too soon to tell we have to concentrate on continuing to get numbers down. that was misinterpreted as my saying we spend christmas with our family that was absolutely not the case. i will be spending cm with my family i encourage vaccinated people who are protected to have a good normal christmas. dan: now that lord fauci has spoken and addressed menon allow us all to celebrate christmas doing neferg their power to mac this joyous season as painful and miserable as possible that's what they do. so you were thinking about hopping in car in that great family tradition driving over to grandmother's house to celebrate with the family? >> jingle bells -- jingle all the way oh what fun
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it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. bankdan: nope that's not gong hn gas prices through the roof because biden administration wage a war from day one on the energy industry since their very first day in office they've done that. we've gone from a net energy exporter in trump era to begging opec and foreign krnghtses to help fuel our economy. so now we can't drive to grandma's for christmas but no worries i've got this. maybe we'll fly no problem there. >> everything here is booked. there's nothing to chicago? >> nothing to chicago, new york, nashville you name it everything is gone. >> what about a private plane. >> sorry we don't do that. only thing they have is a booking for everyone on friday morning. >> that's two days away.
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[beep] dan: nope, nope, nope -- no flying either. biden vaccine mandates allege to be one of the causes of cancelations last weekend southwest, and potential future cancelations in the entire airline industry. combine that with the cost of jet fuel going up and through the roof because of biden war on energy and that christmas flight to grandma ain't looking so great but shockingly worse than car trip to grandmotherst no worries, though, i got this maybe you'll rent the car the gas is included steams. but good luck there. rental car prices are historically high, and no one can get one because of the supply chain issues that biden administration thought they would solve by paying more people not to work to create this supplies in the splice chain. brilliant. so playing the game here folks. let's suppose you get to grandma's like using like
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teleport or star trek device or something. ♪ ♪ dan: you've the got the star trek device use that somehow you magically get there. you sit down for the delicious dinner of -- absolutely nothing. because food cost more than it has in decades. >> save the neck for me, clark. >> okay eddy. [laughter] dan: that's funny. okay so now you're done with air turkey dinner and finally get to sit down and give the kids toys from santa. what is better than seeing the joy in their angel pick fashions nothing better i've seen it but
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what is worse having no freaking toys. >> and this administration guarantee this holiday package will arrive on time? >> they're not postal service or ups or fedex we cannot guarantee. [laughter] dan: can't so there's general psaki adding to your cm air turkey dinner, your lack of any means of transportation and your toyless holiday. so maybe you can sit around wait here's a plan. make some santa decorations with kids at least and you know what's the best way to make the little santa decoration i did this which i was a kid glue and cotton ball and santa's beard good luck request that. because the price of cotton is reaching all time highs too is there anything these idiots can't screw up. nothing is getting made folks because people quit their jobs in droves and not waiting for their christmas bonuses. >> what is it?
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>> one year -- membership in the jelly of the about month club. >> oh, god. >> clark that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. dan: really talented this biden administration at screwing things up they have a 100% success rate of failure it is amazing like skill so good at failing. so -- as a note of gratitude to them i would like to offer theme gift for christmas. you learn it joe, pepper mint patty there. fauci, here it is. it is coal. actually it is charcoal, see that. because i can't even afford real coal so i had to go with charcoal i do okay i can't afford coal because they ruin the coal industry too i had to get charcoal even then that's expensive i had to get like the no frill kind that leave it is charcoal dust on your hands couldn't afford a whole brick of coal for this segment.
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so that's my gift to you. here you go. a little charcoal biden administration -- merry christmas. for those who watch this show every week you know we always give the chance for a democrat to come on and offer a rebuttal we love that segment. so joining me now for the rebuttal is democratic strategist wait, what hold on -- sorry folks. just kidding. there is no democratic strategist this week. not kidding because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a democrat to come on to defend this disastrous administration. there's the empty chair. as it turns out, biden administration is great at creating shortages. even of that are own democratic strategists. coming up, on unfiltered the left is still using covid to scare you and take your rights away. so what would happen if a new virus was unleashed to wipe out any percent of the people who get it? the warning that made covid-19 look luke a walk in the park.
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>> lethal virus is 80% lethal so this is not if you didn't like the pandemic that was just 1% lethal, this thing they're working on in december 2019 has
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an 80% lethality it needs to be stopped. dan: welcome back to unfiltered shocking claim you may have missed. you know covid was bad just wait apparently more lethal viruses in the pipeline joining me to make sense of it all is dr. steven quaid thank you for speaking with me thank you for taking the time. >> good to be here, dan. dan: doctor, you've done work on wuhan lab and you had discovered some evidence of nepa virus can you explain what that is and finding remnant in the lab matters and what kind of virus this was in the wuhan lab. >> sure, so just twitter version of the virus it starts in bats, and then they eat fruit typically iguana fruit and go to bathroom on the ground and then figs will eat dropped fruit as well and if we eat pigs come in
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contact with pigs, we can get the virus. so it does go in through lungs, like sars cov2 and for the brain encephalitis is a early symptom for it and range 50, 80% lethal. so what we did was when patients were sampled in december at a hospital in wiewg wuhan sample institute of virology they were on american technology actually and made that subsequent machine that generate copies of neferg everything in the sample and generates copies everything in the laboratory so we actually found 20 different things that shouldn't have been in the patient. we found honeysuckle gene the plant so what i did was i looked at research publications from the virology over last two years i was able to identify 18 out of 20 samples soarnghted associated
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with prier publication and we found it -- found about a third of the virus in a vector as it is called which is a tool that scientists use in laboratory to make large copies of something as if they make a vaccine or make something else. and this is pretty unmistakable. this is a smoking gun for the nipa virus this is what you expect to see at say two years ago for sars-cov 2. >> so doctor, actually it must concern you that this lab has a history of safety violations especially given the now relatively sure that coronavirus covid leak there and working with a virus 80, clear up to 80% not 8 but 80% and possibly working on making this virus more powerful and -- you know, is this the kind of lab that has security profile to
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even handle something like this even if they weren't working on gain of function? >> so let's be clear there are labs all over the world working on these kinds of viruses. at these levels of lethality. there's kind of three levels of laboratory which is bl state two a dental office, bl state three a little update and 4 which is with the nox the ceiling. so nipa is supposed to be working on 4, we found it in a building in wuhan that only has a 2 or 3 rating. so they're clearly kind of over the edge. if i can call it that in terms of the kind of thing they're doing and kind of laboratory security that biosecurity that they have. dan: this is frightening stuff. dr. steven quay thanks for taking the time i sincerely appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you dan, take care.
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dan: really unbelievably frightening stuff a virus with an 80% lethal rate in the wuhan lab. isn't it the media job by the way to just report the truth? well you thought we must have missed memo with all of that changed are they trying to create an alternative reality my take on that you can't miss, up next. >> does it bother you that the news network you work for out in out lied outright lied about me taking horse dewormer? >> they shouldn't have said that.
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now back to dan bongino. dan: become a constant topic on my show how left wing lunatics
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in media create alternative reality that doesn't really exist. watch here how jim acosta on a major cable news network attack joe rogen by calling drug ivermectin a horse dewormer. >> joe rogen came down with covid he said he's been taking livestock dewormer ivermectin as well as other treatments that people talk about on the internet so on doesn't have a affect on covid absolutely. this information, this information is really a very serious issue. one of the enemies of public health is this information. dan: this is really dumb okay. because you give a drug to animals and humans doesn't make it a horse dewormer if a human take it is. like giving chick ton your dog and calling it dog food? horse eat oats too horse food
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when you eat oatmeal watch a social media spread a false narrative create a reality too just a quick shotout to fda there. reminding us all we're not all horses or cows good job fellas tax dollars well spent there reminding us we're not all horses and cows good to see we're financing that operation. then watch the fact checkers you have to use the dreaded air quotes with these goofballs so-called science community parrot narrative of the alternative reality. >> the fda stating on his twitter page you are not a horse, you are not a cow. stop it. it says drug which is not been studied on humans is used to treat or prevent parasites in animals. people are taking them and very high doses as given for a livestock for horses, for example. drinking injectable ivermectin formulated as an injection that you would shoot into a cow. when you have a horse deworming
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medication that's discouraged by government that actually causes some people in this crazed environment we're in to actually want to try it. >> imagine if imagine taking medical advice from those at cnth this wall street journal piece is exactly what happens with the media in washington. how these people whose only job in the media to tell you facts that's only job. they can't get that right they want to gi you medical advice too that's hilarious washington to be sure has become around clock supplier of manufacture reality. many americans for instance, watch scenes on television and thousands of migrants crossing the rio grand into the u.s. nonetheless mr. biden secretary of homeland security alejandro mayorkas says border is secured and no less than preciously. seriously folks, how dopey do you have to be to believe this stuff, eyeballs, ears every one of your sensory organs you can
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see and hear what's going on in front of you are you missing this it is in front of your eyes. how are these leftist so diluted? are they smoking something? i mean here's the media and biden administration touting examples of their alternative reality. >> the border is closed. the border is secure. we are expelling families. we are expelling sedge adults. >> we talk about price tags. it is zero -- price tag. this is now on track peter to be largest airlift in u.s. herself so no i would not say that is anything but a success. >> our job is not simply to mac an arrest but also to get a conviction. in an effort to get a conviction we must make sure that the evidence is held in the highest integrity. so yeah we're all crazy folks we're all nuts.
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border secure, 3.5 trillion dollar bill cost a big fat disaster. fox says gang members members ae shooting each other just mutual combat no worries there. again it is not that they're dumb. it is that they think you're dumb. and now more than ever we need to be able to trust people who bring you information you need to make decisions. that's what the media should be doing. news flash, therefore, it is no surprise because they lie and they lie all of the time. that trust in the people who are literally paid to tell you the truth the media, is at an all time low growing numbers of americans are catching on to the scam they're tired of this crap. what these so-called truth tellers when push comes to shove, trying to defend their alternate reality when the real truth comes out. >> it's a lie on a news network, and it's a lie that's a willing that's a lie that they're conscience of. it is not a mistake.
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>> yeah. >> they're unfavorably framing it as veterinarian medicine. >> i feel like i'm missing -- >> that's a problem that your news network lies. >> well, i don't. >> dude they lie. i was taking horse dewormer does it bother you that news network you work for out and out lied without outright lied about me taking horse dewormer? >> they shongt have said that. >> why did they do that? >> you didn't ask. you're the guy over there. >> good as for rogen a coward, though, next day they turn around and gaffe one of these cnn appearances try to massage thing because he looked bad tell the truth. how hard? great thing about truth is you don't have to remember the lie because it is truth you ask me my name it is dan i don't have to remember it is mike --
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because it isn't. the media is fabricate alternative reality by ignoring actual reality. check out this gem remember katie couric interviewed ruth bader ginsburg she conveniently edited out, of course, she didn't because she edited out about anthem kneelers we just found out about it this here they show content for a government made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life. yeah. i agree. you never heard that, though. well you did couple of days ago even though interview happened in 2016. hold on check on my phone. yeah, it is 2021 just a couple of years it is outside -- here's a simple way to prevent thawfl so -- i call it the bongino role, it is this wait 24 to 72 hours before retweeting or even bothering to discuss some left wing lunatic media outlet story
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that trashes conserve teffs or trump because there's a pretty darn good chance that it will be exposed as a modern day action of fiction, fable whatever it may be. just give it time. for example, "the new york times" reported that -- new york time there is you go that's a joke of itself. that nearly 900,000 children were hospitalized with covid. my gosh that sounds serious. turns out it was only 63,000. but don't worry folks they were only off by a sliver -- 93%. just 93%. friends, don't let friends do left wing media don't forget it. still ahead, we already warned you present you order may not arrive in time for christmas thanks to joe biden. look, there are presents under ship we could be unloading lots of them and what do we do about it? economist i really leak has some
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tens coming up next.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered biden administration inflation crisis is a ticking time bomb supply is a mess and bacon to car rentals is through the roof and congress wants to precinct trillions of dollars and pump it into the economy so how do we regain control of this mess and
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chief economist and global strategist peter schiff peter thanks for joining me i really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. dan: peters, you i follow your work you've been warning about dangers of inflation for eons now. wages are not rising as fast as inflation. so it is pretty simple math peter, if you're wages are going up say 2%, and inflation is 3 to 5% you're losing money, i mean, sooner or later we're all going to be eating cat food if this continues. >> well that's generally the trend with inflation is price of labor never keeps up with price of stuff. but the real problem is that immediately after covid, a lot of americans stopped working. but unfortunately they didn't reduce their spending. because the government made the mistake of replacing the incomes they lost with new money that the federal reserve was precincting. so we were making fewer things
1:37 am
to buy but everybody had more stuff more money to buy stuff, and so prices just went ballistic and they're going to keep going up. dan: peter do you have any tips for regular consumer, you know middle class american family out there working their butt off to try to -- i mean listen rich guys they have fancy accountants they have hedge mechanisms against this. but what is the middle class family do to avoid this financial apocalypse of inflation coming. how do they handle it? >> first of all it is a tax. so when bidened a plrgs says they're not taxing the people that make less than 400,000 they're hittings twhem this huge inflation tax. but one way that the average american can try to avoid it is to stock up now. i mean, buy things that you think you may need a year from now, two years from now buy it now. especially the stuff that's nonperishable. because in the future, stuff is going to be even in shorter
1:38 am
supply than it is now, but the prices are gong to be much higher. so why wait for the prices to go up? just buy the stuff you need now while it is available and a lot less expensive than it will be pretty soon. dan: peter i have 45 seconds left but in worries me it isn't about inflation crises argentina and republic not like we don't have history books to look at this could be ugly if we don't get our arms around this. >> it will there's no way to get our arms around it we will weep the winds that we've been sewing and you have to go back to 1970s to see inflation anywhere near this bad the problem is we're already at the point where we were at the latter part of the 1970s we're just getting started. so we're going to be looking at serious annual inflation rates in the double digits and imagine how high the official rates
1:39 am
would be if the government was actually measuring them accurately because we're not keeping track of prices using the same cpi that we used back in the 1970s. what we're doing now really understates the true degree to which prices are rising. so americans are feeling pain of inflation to a much greater degree than it is being reflected in the official numbers. dan: peter thanks a lot for joining me i really appreciate your insights. >> my pleasure any time. dan: still to come we told you how joe biden ruined christmas now halloween is not looking so good either. next.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered time for hot takes yeah stories you may have missed this week but you need to hear about joining me now is fox and friends weekend co-host rachel, and fox news contributor john duffy welcome to the shows i appreciate your time. you've got it. so story number one rachel el ladies first shawn i think you would agree don't want issues later here so we've got this border issue. [laughter] we've got this border issue here, this is like hilarious how
1:44 am
they can't get out of their own way apparently if you want to travel to united states you have to show a vaccine card if you're traveling here legally but if you want to cross southern border illegally no worries at all raven knoll worries just come on in they'll give you a ride to any state you want. no vaccine necessary at all. your thoughts on this. >> just think how insane this is. that you come here legally you have to be vaccinated you come here illegally don't and then perks stop there and give you a taxpayer you know bus trip or airline ticket so wherever you want to go. we basically complete the entire transaction for the evil cartels. i mean we're actually complicit in it. we do the last leg for them it is crazy. and the thing about it is really hurts kids. kids that come along on this journey get to where they need to go and they don't make it we have a story about a little eight-year-old boy who was murdered whole family was murdered. i mean, we're encouraging people to put their lives their families their children in the
1:45 am
handle of the most evil brutal people on the planet to get to our country. dan: yeah shutdown you know they're letting 90,000 illegal immigrants into the krkt you would think they would be worried about stuff like that shawn kind of important stuff you were in congress. this mark guy is in congress do important stuff but that's not what they're worried about at all the left and they're worry about halloween shawn. how to cancel halloween because it is not a joke. it is not a babble on b story that's up next. because marginalizes students of color. i'm wondering shawn are they going to cancel new years next saying i can is more dangerous than february we shouldn't laugh because it is not equitable. you have to split this up, and move new years? what's next with these idiots? >> hold on dan so halloween is a great equalizer harder you work more bag you put -- house bag in front of more candy you get but it doesn't matter
1:46 am
your race, sexual preference and what gets me here in this school where they shut down halloween they said enough kids didn't have enough costumes well what's great about america dan is if they say listen we're having trouble with some financially chamg families. they need costumes in america what happens is, people will donate costumes or donate money so kids can actually put a costume on and go trick-or-treating. marxism what this is miserable they take fun away from everybody, even kids. dan: i went to you all -- both met my wife i've gone to halloween party when i met her and i'm not a big halloween guy. i found a hat lying around my house and put it on like looking like a gangster right i did that's the true story next time i see you i'll bring the picture. not buying costume. >> they replace halloween to halloween activities and parades at this school with something so fun. i mean only a liberal can think of this they replace with
1:47 am
autumnal artwork this is -- >> poor kids. >> perfectly summarizes what the road to communism we're on that i that just want everyone to be equally miserable. >> no. i know it is -- really tragic i know you and i all of us group in a different time and it is sad that our kids -- you know they're not gong to see that get the to the third story toss to you you know the babble on b i'll get to it. nothing to show a comical site but like they have a darn crystal ball over there so babble on b california products stores from selling toys that don't actively confuse children's sexuality a joke and look at this. thanks to gavin newsom rachel it is now a reality babble on b comes through again california the first state to mandate gerund neutral toys aisles for retailers. it is just -- you know, comedy real life all
1:48 am
merging. >> no babble on b should be number one news source because it is always predicting what liberals are already doing, already doing or going to do. this is absolutely insane we all know that boys and girls are basically a social engineering experiment our kids are. for the liberals, they think that gender is a social construct, and so they think that if they have gender neutral toys, that our kids won't choose gender role it is that he and i both have we have boys, grls, i don't teach my kid to tack a car and crash it into itself and make explosion sounds. that's just what he does he's a boy and my daughter loves barbies that's what they do but social engineer, liberals i think it is going after boys. ening they want to kill, that instinct they say is masculinity is toxic and that hurts boys, and i think it is wrong. dan: you know i say it all of the time liberalism it is a forest fire even toy aisles
1:49 am
everything is touches it destroys. thank you both rachel i will be watching you, of course, this weekend. shawn, thanks again for coming on i really appreciate you bothation the time. thanks a lot. >> thanks, dan. >> you've got it lightning round coming up next. dan: snoop dogg, irs, ohio state football. what do all of those have in common? >> down the road some young man who had trouble and struggle can remember and example of a man who tried to leave with positive energy in the midst of adversity if i can do that then i will have accomplished my goal.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered i only get an hour with you every week and i like pack as much as i can so a lightning round at the end of the show here so you don't miss anything so let's get right to it lightning round story number one. if you've ever seen a headline
1:54 am
that sums up where we are it is this ridiculous headline from business insider. hundredth or biden isn't trump but what he's up to is bad and deserves your attention even if you hate fox news this story, about hunt per biden but they have to hit fox, trump, but the story isn't about either. it can't even talk about this guy without a thousand caveats thrown in there it is embarrassing do your job. you're humiliating yourself. leaning round story number two, by the way two out liberals this may get ugly for you check out this study ow massive tax hike proposals will hurt businesses. from a.i. biden proposal raise to 28% and would increase the statutory income tax rate to 32% which would be second highest this would really destroy businesses here. why?
1:55 am
why because people will do less business we'll have one of the highest or second high nest the world. in the countries even though bunch of studies will show, of course, that increase in taxes on businesses will make business do less business and business investment then go down i promise you, liberals will play stupid and act like they weren't warned check the date we told them now and crush business they don't even care. lightning round story number three, remember the irs trying to spy on our bank accounts? well there's been some pretty significant backlash to that understandably so. in the story by the washington examiner if you get the chance this week backlash can force democrats to rethink their irs snooping provision. and here's janet yellen treasury secretary by the way, on this same thing trying not to look like a pirate. >> does this mean that the government is trying to peek
1:56 am
into our pocketbook if you want to look at 600 dollar transactions. >> absolute not. i think this proposal has been seriously mischaracterized there's a lot of tax fraud and cheating that's going on. dan: nope, nope, you're not spying on my bank account i'm sorry i'm not going along with that and you shouldn't either listen the message here folks is simple. no need to overcomplicate this voice matters speak up backlash to this ridiculous proposal is real you don't want to be spied on and only way is to speak out about being spied on. your voice matters consent to government is real thing my consent is for a vote lightning round story number 4. shawn gruden canceled from nfl after leak e-mails contain offensive words. but check out who nfl super bowl halftime lineup is -- listen, we don't need to read snoop dogg's e-mail he's perform at halftime and listen to his lyrics. >> catch me in my --
1:57 am
overseas shooting a breeze with a cute vietnamese. i think she's chinese don't really matter because they're all on their knees. ♪ ♪ dan: listen i'm not a sensor guy i'm not a leftist lunatic. i don't listen to snoop dogg finally beef with snoop dogg -- you don't want to listen to snoop dogg don't but it is hypocritical no, i belt if you read snoop dogg e-mail they would probably be a lot worse than john gruden e-mail that could get ugly. such hib hypocrites listen i'm no an ohio state fan i like gators fsu, i'm florida guy i want you to check this out. >> i'll be fighting, battling and remained per to help us win every freaking saturday that's what i'm going to do and whether or not i like everything, or how everything went, that got nothing to do with it. got to do with you've got a job
1:58 am
to do you look people in the eye you say hopefully someday down the road some young man who faces trouble can remember an example of a man who tried to leave with positive energy in the midst of adversity and if i can do that i will have accomplished my goal. dan: coach had a set back and take on responsibility we need more of that. you know, that inspirational speech reminded me of a famous quote -- it is this, victor is not victorious in vanquish is not consider himself self listen we've had a rough couple of years no doubt about that. but i don't consider myself vanquished, do you? before we go today, with the weeks update -- police, police lineup and cheer for a real hero hero of the week about a month ago. chicago police officer carlos jr. -- as he's released and shot during
1:59 am
a traffic stop. >> it is sad what happened she's in my heart and i want to work with the community to make a difference, a positive difference, and you know, it really is, you know, truly my honor. dan: partner tragically did not survive and shot four times lost and eye and has go bullets lodged in his brain he's come a long way. be sure to save the date fox nation hosting third annual patriot awards november 17th at the hardwork live threat or in hollywood, florida i'll be there shining light on unsung patriots honoring men and women who show steadfast dedication to our nation and their community besides me meet fox personalities. pete and many more sold out an plenty of silver and patriot tickets left purchase yours at
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fox awards and be before we go stream the dan bongino show weekdays from 12 to 3 that does it for us here unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night. have a good night.ififififififi" [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. too little too late. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. biden is in his first year and already a lame duck. the country doesn't trust him or respect him. we watch him respond to proper slesms slomy, careless and slow like he's intoxicated. biden and the people around him are so out of touch with reality they live in a fantasy lands.


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