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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and i also wrote a chapter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. let's get right to my open. in case you didn't know it, joe biden is the president of the united states in name only. someone else is running the white house. barack obama maybe? come along with me and see what it makes sense. from the beginning of his campaign we knew he wasn't right. we kept asking ourselves what was wrong with him.
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>> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than self-defense and that rarely ever occurs. so we have to change the culture and keep punching at it and punching at it. >> i had hairy legs that turn blond in the sun. and the kids used to come in and reach in the pool and rub my legs down. corn pop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys. >> make sure you have the record player on at night. judge jeanine: we couldn't ask questions because they kept pulling him back behind the curtain like they were hiding something. but even then he was often where he was or where he was going.
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>> how you [inaudible] how your meetings going in cornwall? >> very well. judge jeanine: with the help of big tech and mark zuckerberg, no negative stories about joe biden and that hunter biden laptop were allowed to see the light of day. and joe biden became the president of the united states. to continue the charade the white house built a fake office for joe biden in the executive office building. biden doesn't take questions from journalists. the real reason, he can read a script from a monitor without the teleprompter glass that can
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be seen on camera, i.e., without your knowing. as long as he can read, he doesn't have to think. as onlookers, we struggle. is he a liar or simply incompetent, unaware? he says one thing and does another. >> should vaccines be mandatory. >> no. i don't think they should be mandatory just like i don't think masks should be mandatory nationwide. judge jeanine: then he reverses himself and says he never was told essential truths by his military. each of whom congress extra dictd him. >> it's been a stable situation for the last several years. we can continue to do that. >> no one said that to me attic
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recall. judge jeanine: the repeated statements that he's going to get into trouble if he keeps answering questions. >> i'm going to get in trouble with staff if i don't do this the right way. >> i'm going to get in trouble. judge jeanine: no president in united states history has ever spoken like this. what are we supposed to conclude when the most powerful man in the free world says someone will reprimand him if he doesn't do what they tell him to do. is someone else in charge? have youing in thed joe biden is care -- have you noticed that joe biden is carrying out the same policies barack obama had. look at this graph of individuals who worked in the obama administration who are now working for joe biden.
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and by the way, how is it that kamala harris who is joe biden's choice for vice president was even given that opportunity given the fact that she called him out on his racist beliefs. and why would someone as clueless as cackler kamala who had to drop out of a presidential primary because she couldn't get 1%. how is it she is now the vice president of the united states. think back to barack obama's affection for kamala harris. you have to be careful to say she is brilliant and dedicated and she is tough and exactly what you want. and anybody administering the law and making sure everyone is getting a fair shake. according to barack obama she happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. and you remember during the debate phase of the presidential
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campaign, it was reported that joe biden's handlers agreed to a predebate inspection for electronic earpieces. shortly before the debate they reversed themselves and declined. as to the election, when discussing with stephen colbert on what a third term could have looked like, barack obama said the following. >> i used to say, if i could make an arrangement where i had a stand-in, a front man or woman and they had an earpiece in and i was in my basement in my sweats, i could certain of deliver the lines but somebody else is doing all the talking. i would be fine with that. judge jeanine: so i ask you, who do you think is running the white house.
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that's my open. joining me now with reaction to my open and so much more, the host of "tucker carlson tonight," the one and only you tucker carlson. >> i'm sitting here stunned by the you craven stuck-uppery of stephen colbert. you are not wrong. this is the most cynical anti-demcratter exercise in american politics. biden got into the race when it was clear that he wasn't up for it. so he ran for president for the third time and got no popular support. he was an afterthought. bernie sanders rose to the top of the pack and the democratic establishment decide to knock this guy out.
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so they did just that. so they decided biden was the perfect vessel for their ambition. if you believe in democracy, you think will people elect a president because they believe in his character and views. it's about the chief executive. their understanding was it doesn't matter who the person is as long as he's a spokesman for the oligarchy that runs the country. unfortunately trump was so disliked by democratic voters and though they understood was was going on, at least he wasn't trump. so this president got elected by the and here we are. it's hard to attack joe biden.
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i have known joe biden for decades. joe biden is a very friendly guy. he's wrong on everything. buff he's a friendly person. buff now he's diminished it's hard to attack him. he has dementia. judge jeanine: you feel bad for him but he's the president of the united states. he's taking advantage of the american people saying i can do this. it appears the fbi and the doj are operating separate from him. we shouldn't feel bad for him, we should feel bad for ourselves. tucker: i'm filled with self-pity about it every day, believe me. you couldn't really pick a better one to take over the oligarchy.
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you could look at ron klain and i you are an illegitimate president trying to destroy the country you inherited. he literally has dementia. it's brilliant as something that's been foisted on the public. if you wanted to pick a cutout, you would pick biden. judge jeanine: people are almost locked in in terms of doing anything because they know the option is kamala harris. even the ad she did, you can see with your eyes and face. come on. tucker: that's right. she is the living embodiment of what biden is which is a middle finger to the idea of democracy. she got elected to the senate in
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a state that doesn't have a functioning democracy. kamala harris was deeply unpopular among democrats in california. but they are reflexive voters so she got elected. she is still the most fully conscious person in the u.s. government. is that democracy? it's kind of real, it's not totally responsive to the public, but basically the public gets to choose its own leaders. the last five years has proved that's not true. if you elect somebody they don't like, they destroy him. judge jeanine: mike flynn is the guy obama hated and it continued even during the trump administration with a judge on the bench saying i'm going to
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throw my robe off and get down as a prosecutor and prosecute him for treason. he wasn't charged with treason. can the american people have confidence in this man. tucker: i flatter myself, i think i'm sophisticated. it took me years to figure out what happened with mike flynn. it took me many months to dig -- tofigure out that joe bidens going to get elected. trump gets elected, by's not really in charge of the executive branch of government, the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who still effectively report to barack obama. you can change the name of the guy running things but you don't change the people running things. that's a permanent ruling class that runs everything without
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regard to what voters want. that's scary and it's hard to internalize that if you believe in the basic american ideals, but it's true. judge jeanine: for someone like me with 32 years in law enforcement. i said if there are no prosecutions to all these people who lied to congress where a normal guy goes to jail. i have to question, what did i do for 30 years? justice should be the same for everyone. i'm becoming more and more disillusioned. is it still america? tucker: what is america? america as a system above all else, even our market economy, america is equal treatment under the law. the federal government treats
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everybody equal under the law. that the core promise. if you undo that. what are you left with? not much. it's not just one example, the president's son commits a federal gun crime and isn't charged. you get to shoot ashli babbitt and no one is held to account for it. opponents of the regime are punished, allies of the regime are not. you can literally loot macy's and if you try to defend your own property with a gun you are indicted because you are not voting for biden. judge jeanine: tucker, i love hearing from you. tucker: thank you, judge. i appreciate it. judge jeanine: senator lindsey graham has just returned from our southern border.
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judge jeanine: the crisis at our southern border is far from over. in recent weeks we learned through news reports that the
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panama government alerted the white house that 60,000 haitian migrants are heading towards the u.s. mexico border. my next guest just returned from the yuma section of the border on brazilian migrants invading our country. senator thanks for being with us tonight. you are in the yuma sector. yuma is in arizona. we are not talking about texas. now we have right next to that new mexico, then arizona. what is going on at the yuma sector. >> an invasion at the yuma sector by illegal immigrants. in all of 2020 there were 8,000 apprehensions of illegal immigrants in the yuma sector.
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guess how many people have been caught as of october of this year. 114,000. 8,000 all of 2020. 114,000 as of october of this year with know end in sight. when i asked the border patrol agents in charge if there is a plan to stop this, they said no. they have been abandoned by the biden administration. i saw the biggest scam on the border from brazil. people get a tourist visa from brazil. they fly to cancun on a tourist visa. they get a bus or rent a car. drive to the u.s. border, they turn themselves into the border patrol and they are released into the united states.
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this is a scam. and it gets worse. the 40,000 from brazil this year alone, we want to send them back and the brazilian government won't take their only citizens unless they are vaccinated or get a negative covid test. judge jeanine: so these people get a visa and go to cancun. and they come to the board and expect to be allowed in. and they are brought in. then i understand since they have a plane to catch -- talk to me about this. >> these are smartly dressed people. most people i have seen are economically impoverished. they go through hell. judge jeanine: let's get up the luggage and what we are talking about in terms of who these people are.
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>> what pisses the border patrol off is they are having to process these people. which means they can't be out there getting drug dealers. they are spend their time acting as hotel clerks for well-off brazilians scamming and playing the game. they have better luggage than i do. these were upscale luggage. no dirt on their shoes. they fly into cancun, get their luggage out. find the first border patrol agent they can. before they do that, they book a flight with a friend or relative already in the united states. this offensive, it's bull shit. >> those sneakers we just looked at that you showed. i can't believe it. we expect to see people coming
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across the border wading through water, walking for hundreds of miles. these sneakers are cleaner than anything i have in my closet. they are brand-new. and they expect us to take care of them, and we do because of joe biden. who else is coming through the border besides the brazilians. >> you have venezuelans doing the same thing. i can understand wants to come to america. but at the end of the day our border patrol agents are being denied the ability to police the border because they are processing agents. our borders are completely open. people and drugs are pouring in. what i worry about is terrorists getting in with them and killing
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us. isis and an open border are going to meet one day. and some terrorist is going to come sheer one day if we don't change. joe biden's administration is criminally negligent. the men and women of the border patrol are under siege. i don't know how they do it. they have been completely abandoned by president biden. this is dereliction of duty. and a bunch of americans are going to get killed if we don't change our policies. >> let's hope the republicans get the help and they will actually dean impeachment. then of course we are left with vice president kamala harris. senator lindsey graham, the best
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story tonight. thank you, senator. when we come back we examine the growing supply channel crisis with the
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: don't expect that kind of chaos on black friday in 2021. sadly? joe biden's america we are seeing empty shelves across the country as the supply chain crisis continues to erupt from coast to coast. experts and store owners are warning many toys and gifts maybe unavailable this holiday season. one new jersey toy store owner said they had never seen this before. the host of "special report," and the author of the new book, bret baier. welcome to justice. it's good to have you on the
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show. i have got to tell you. that introduction is so typical of black fridays. but can we blame this problem with the supply chain on the president who has done not a lot to help us with the supply chain problem including paying people to stay home? >> thanks for having me first of all, and it's great to be here. i think this administration will feel the political -- political onus of owning this once we goat shelves being empty. the press secretary jen psaki said they had been working on it for months and there was a task force work on it. but we hadn't heard about that. we hand heard from the transportation secretary and the efforts top get this to turn around.
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if anything the administration and experts on capitol hill have been pushing the extension of unemployment which many critics of the administration argue is extending the inability to get truck drivers and other jobs filled to get those items on the shelves. judge jeanine: it appears the truck drivers if we were able to get more of them would be of tremendous help when it comes to unclogging the problem at the ports. basically we have the ports closed and we have a border that's open. we have got all of these crises at one time. the president is in 10 months. we have a covid crises. we have asupply chain vie sees. we have afghanistan, and we have manufacturing crisis and climate change. 10 months, have you ever seen a president with so much problems?
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bret: no, you can add to that the concern about inflation. especially people at home feeling it at the gas pump and the grocery store. the booster shot back and forth. whether we are getting them or not getting them. add to all of that mix that you just listed, crime in big cities which is going up. so politically this administration is in a tough spot. the president is weakened at home and abroad just by his political position. republicans are in a good place heading into 2020. but there is a -- heading into 2022. judge jeanine: more things need to be made in the united states and we have to stop outsourcing.
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i want to get to your book. everything seems to turn to the covid pivot. the economy is bad because of covid. the supply chain is a problem because of covid. everything is a covid problem. is it really? bret: no, not everything is tied to covid. but a lot is when it comes to how we operate as a country. the president says he was elected to fix the covid problem. and it has been a political back and forth about how to deal with it and how they communicate about it and how you implement vaccine mandates and what that means. i think there is a lot of red state-blue state, how they are dealing with covid and the economy. and that is going to play out politically, and i don't know whether it's in virginia or next year.
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>> let's get to your book. to rescue of the republic, "you .tell us about the book. bret: the book focuses on his time as president. in history we focus on his time at union general. but his 8 years as president is very consequential. we get them through his amazing journey from rags to riches. note that's riches but as far as power. he goes from selling fairwood to being the head of the union army. lincoln's con if i damage. johnson arguably the worst president we ever had. racist. rolls back lincoln's policies.
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grant is drafted and wins in a landslide. his mission from the beginning is to hold the union together. to black for black equality. to push the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments and fight the kkk. and grant's grand bargain to hold the country together. >> thanks so much for telling us about the book. i'm going to get a copy. and thanks for being with us on "justice." much more up ahead. every day, coventry helps people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy. i'm sorta stuck because i can't just go out and buy more insurance, because of my diagnosis. i called coventry direct and everything clicked. there
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome back to justice. the sudden fall of one of the
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league's most respected coaches is the latest controversy to rock the scandal-prone nfl. joining us is the co-host of "fox and friends" and the upcoming book. dan snyder the owner. and the scandals that never had it. they said they would let his wife lead it the rest of the day. suddenly they moved on.
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some emails, talk about communications from the general manager bruce allen and jon gruden. he was working for espn. talking to his email back and forth. but the stuff is indefensible. the stuff he said is undeniable. he said that's not what he meant. made a huge mistake. you have got to ask yourself a couple of things. why did this emails get out? why did his emails go out? and who is responsible. the nfl, he works there now. but not when he wrote the emails. you as a great legal mind would have something to say on that. he decided to resign. and the other big question, what about the other hundreds of thousands of emails that never got to the surface. the players union is suing to bring all these emails to the surface. >> all the emails of who.
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>> i have got to tell you something. what is driving me crazy here is suddennenly we are in a world where thoughts and speech are more serious than action. that your action, you are not responsible for them. but if something comes out of your mouth. we are going to fire you and cancel you and run you out of town. you have got ray lewis and antonio brown. you have got all these people. domestic violence. you have got homicide and all kinds of problems. i agree they are disgusting, what right do they have to get those emails? that's another issue. >> this is what's speculated right now. the founder of pro football talk mike ruben has told dan abrams that he's got his own show on another channel. he says he believes the nfl
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dropped these emails because they don't like gruden and gave it to the "wall street journal." that's what they are reporting. if they did do that, such short-term thinking. the clamor for all these emails to go out is pretty strong. keep in mind. jon gruden is note the subject of this investigation. he was just a broadcaster. on a side note, most people that met him love him. he was a great guy in the process of turning around the raiders. but doesn't executes contents of those emails. judge jeanine: we all agree on that. it's the hip kit i and the unequal treatment. brian kilmeade, we love having you on justice. thanks so much. up next. robert dirsch has been
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judge jeanine: in 1999 as west
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chess sister d a. i reopened the case of the murder of kathy dirst. while we were investigating him, he killed his next door neighbor and chopped him up. the defense that the jury bought was nobody would believe him because i was investigating him and ruined his reputation. dirst used me in his recent defense of the murder case of susan berman. he shot her hours before we were scheduled to speak with her. justice is finally served. joining meal. lee so, would you wear a wig tied from me? >> if i committed a crime and
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you were after me i would wear two wigs. you have followed the facts, you knew this guy was guilty, now this monster has finally reached justice. his big mouth. e thought he was too smart. sufficient were waive ahead of the curve. i want to thank hbo for this documentary. this killer finally got justice and he will be behind bars for the rest of his life. judge jeanine: the crazy part of all this is money and power helped him get away with it. when he went to report his wife missing for the new york city police department long before i was d.a. she probably ran off with another guy and here is the magazine with my father on the cover. they owned half the builtings in manhattan.
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it's a sad commentary that they get away with it because they have money and power. >> the justice system sometimes is not effective if you have money and power. i think justice is served from hiding from you. never hide from the judge. with this culture of lawlessness in the country i think we need you back out there to solve some of niece problems. someone tough like you. maybe you can find brian laundrie or whoever it is. judge jeanine: it was the best job being today.line but it sums self-imposed term limits. let's talk about katie couric. she interviews ruth bader ginsburg. ginsburg says she doesn't think it's a good idea to kneel during
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"the national anthem." katie couric said she was elderly and probably didn't understand the question so she shielded that answer and took it out of the interview. what say you, leo. >> wrong wrong wrong. katie couric is not a lawyer or a journalist. ruth bader ginsburg had the same opinion, the same distaste for kneeling as president trump. ruth bader ginsburg and donald trump agreed that kneeling was side. katie is on the far left. she hates this country. that fringe group did not want ruth bader ginsburg to agree with president trump because 99% believe that's flag is respectful and gives us what we
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love about this country. katie couric is not a lawyer and she had no clue. she was not protecting ginsburg. she was protecting the far left. jean require's very, very disconcerting to mare that they were so bold about this, and they were so willing to take the words of a united states supreme court justice. not long before she died, a year before she died, i'm not sure what the time was. she was the fount of intelligence and experience and she is commenting own of the biggest social issues of the time and katie couric comes in and says i am going to take that out because it doesn't match what i believe. >> a leftist journalist covering for somebody on the left who is incoherent and elderly.
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it happens every day with our puppet president. this is why the public doesn't trust the media. the so-called journalists protect those favorable to them. i wonder if katie couric would have ended in an interview of donald trump to protect them because they felt like maybe they weren't being understood correctly in an interview. i will say no. all the the interviewing they did was to make donald trump look worse. it's why the american public doesn't trust the media and she they shouldn't. judge jeanine: we have to thank donald trump for bringing it out in the open. it's so disappointing. i'm sow disappointed in the justice system and the so-called journalists. but i'm not disappointed in you guys. take care. next, my campus closing
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statement on two
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>> finally tonight as many of you know my sweet passed on over a month ago hopefully at the rainbow bridge his brother mickey and i couldn't bear to watch so i rescued drum roll -- two standard poodles brothers, ted and red. i guess you can figure which is which they are fabulous, fun, friendly and so devoted to each other i thought i would change their names to mr. barsly and they look at me cocking their heads with an undeniable are you stupid but stella has no pals ted and red and i have now
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three. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show and catch me at jeanine and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: even more about the closes that biden administration is and possible they've stolen our christmas joy and it is not even halloween yet. folks, they've done it, borders are finally secure. no one is allowed through. unless they're fully vaccinated wait, wait, wait that's only for us legal citizens how about thousands illegal and could be mother load of all epic


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