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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 16, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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have a special committee investigate this. don't expect to hear from the media mob about this. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. have a great weekend. "the ingraham angle" is next. we'll see you back here monday. >> laura: i'm laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. thanks to the logjam in the near sports. the cost of renting a home and apartment soaring. the energy crisis made worse by the climate agenda threatens to bring down the global economy, neither biden - none of them coming. paralleled biden didn't see coming is called inflation.
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at separate times today, biden was in my home state of connecticut pushing his reckless spending plan despite all the soaring inflation. >> the world is watching, autocrats believe the world is moving so rapidly that democracies cannot do this quickly enough to get things done. show the world american democracy works. >> he is already president in case he doesn't know and then went into rem cycle when he tried his usual routine. >> i don't think we should punish anybody, but just pay your fair share. just pay your fair share. >> 10 minutes later is that strange oratorical trick resurfaced. >> why have they made a profit.
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pay your fair share. just pay a decent portion. laura: biden took no questions, iran upstage. and literally and no joke and in all seriousness. with wild about how things are created is the same media thought they were helping biden by not aggressively covering his agenda and conflict of interest, have helped dig the hole biden is no standing in, said his party leaders on capitol hill and throw in the federal reserve while you're at it. not only did they downplay inflation but they essentially encouraged the piling on more spending and more debt, the opposite of what we should be doing now. and now the one democrat who did care, larry summers, is speaking out.
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>> a generation of central bankers defining themselves by their wokess. biosocial the concerned they are. >> he didn't quite go far enough. biden's puppeteers deserve a lot of blame including chief of staff ron crane who is responsible and that's the same ron crane who just revealed what he really thinks the pain people are feeling from the high cost of living. he likes a tweet calling inflation and supply-chain show called high-class problems. meanwhile president biden shuffled from one lane control event to another always surrounded by his protective press cocoon. this bunch biden has running our country isn't just asleep at the wheel, it is not even in the car. yesterday we discovered mayor
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pete is on paternity leave. people take maternity leave, big deal, not like he has one of those important cabinet positions. he's only secretary of transportation when we have historic delays at major ports in the united states which is big solution, apprenticeships. the public consider these people such inconsequential figures at this point i don't think anyone noticed buttigieg has been on baby leave since mid-august but tells you a lot about their sense of urgency about the problems directly affecting the american people, the working people who are really hurting. are any major media concerned about's take cabinet secretaries when they are in biden's administration because when
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milania was off the scene for a few days it was wall-to-wall. >> last and we had a glimpse of her was on may 10th. a lot of questions about her surgery, walter reed and her invisibility. >> it was a legitimate media story. >> of the first lady of the person standing in for first lady disappears you want to know where she is. >> what you should be optimistic about his after 10 months of biden, common sense americans are waking up. i went you to keep your eye on virginia's governor's race, this could be the bellwether you've been waiting for. a new poll shows democrats terry mcauliffe with a slight leader republican glenn youngkin. according to the new york times is training to motivate the liberal voters in increasingly blue states. time to save your self. if you let another four years go by under a democrat, you will see the terrible trend lines continue. look how far off the left's push
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after he beat the recall. if he is given the green light. radicals will the democrat party. it is not bill clinton's anymore. democrats do know is looking grim. that makes me smile, just today 11 county school board member resigned and the superintendent who allegedly helped cover of the sexual assaults issued an after-the-fact apology. but only because this show and others did the job the media refused to do. here's hoping this obvious example of keister covering the tightly contested election backfires as well. joining me now, ari fleischer, former white house press secretary, charlie hurt, opinion editor and jason chaffetz, former utah congressman, all are fox news contributors. let's start with you.
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all the biden's estimate seen from the border to afghanistan and beyond that, it could be inflation that ends up bringing him down and democrats down, back in the spring menacing this is just transitory, doesn't look like it now. >> just like the border crossings with seasonal. the problem with inflation, most people don't remember what was like last time we had it, jimmy carter and ronald reagan were president. it eats at consumers by the tens of millions every day. every time somebody fills their tank with gas, buys coffee, orange shoes, pays rent, this would with home heating bills and natural gas, this is a daily piece of pain and that is why inflation is so rough on tens of millions of people, it's one of the worst political problems anybody can have, why jimmy carter went into a bolivian and this is going to dog president biden. >> the only way to get inflation
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under control is to raise interest rates and they don't want to do that because that would think the market so they are in a catch-22, today biden was in my old home state of connecticut and he still committed to making these wild spending moves which is going to exacerbate inflation, listen closely. >> am convinced we're going to get it done. were not going to get the$.5 trillion, we will get less than that but we will get it and you will go back and get the rest. >> is going to come back and get the rest. this is a grocery store with empty shelves, there's nothing on the shelves now. >> let's also remember it is highly unlikely especially when we can all safely bet that democrats will not be in control, certainly not as much control of washington in two years or year from now as they are right now. that's wishful thinking on his
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part and let's not forget a big reason we are seeing this inflation is because of this ticket was amount of spending out of washington, cheapens the buying power of people's pocketed people understand that. democrats and president biden talking about how we want to lower the price of child care. everybody wants to lower the price of childcare. the problem is can you do it? when they go to the gas pump and the grocery store and they see that buying hamburger for their family is $7 a pound or package of bacon $7 a pound that they will somehow do something, that is not, they just want more money. >> price controls worked so well, this happened yesterday, the press secretary comes out and this news keeps rolling in,
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she tried to spin it by saying the supply shortages are a really good sign. >> we are at the point because the unemployment rate has come down, it has been cut in half, because people are buying more goods, people are traveling and demand is up and the economy is turning back on. the point is we are at this point because we made progress in this economy. >> we go to france's finance minister who was on television being brutally honest about what lies ahead? >> does alleviating weeks, months? >> we left in the end of 2022. more than a year.
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laura: the end of 2022. how does that look for the democrats? >> it doesn't end well. inflation is outpacing wages, the government is paying too many people not to work so you go to any restaurant or anyplace you want to go and have worker shortages, the government is exacerbating the supply chain, they got rid of our energy independence and our ability to draw down the price availability of fuel, crime is up, the border is wide open. there's nothing that's going well, this was all by design, that is why the democrats won't own up to it and why they are going to be the biggest losers come 2022. >> the opportunity in virginia, this is the epicenter of what
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politics is, the debate about education, the superintendent of loudoun county resigned, apologized for not taking these assaults seriously in the bathroom, the crt issue but senator tim kane, democrat from virginia said this is just not an issue. >> i don't think that many people are angry in virginia, terry mcauliffe has a record and the record was of the biggest increases in funding for schools, parents get to vote for school board members. how dare a newbie like youngin turn it topsy-turvy, that's the last thing most virginians want. laura: with the missing? >> he's missing the race for governor. glenn youngken said this week that the reason things got to the point they are in virginia
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is why republicans were conservatives living their life with liberals and progressives and parents were home and saw what their children were going through, and alleged rape took place in the school board suppressed information about it. this is a righteous anger. we are seeing a conservative grassroots activism that is unlike republicans who protest in the streets, to show up at school boards. i've never seen such a passionate grassroots base. reminds me of the tea party of 2010. it is genuine, raw and happening in virginia. >> immigrant women, women of color, not necessarily a political issue but common sense. >> absolutely and it's not a democrat or republican issue, democrats want their kids educated the way republicans do and to listen to somebody like terry mcauliffe a parent should have no say, said that openly that parents should not be
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telling schools what they should be teaching their children. the biden administration using the doj to go after parents showing up at school board meetings it is staggering. laura: they keep making mistake after make -- mistake editors a messaging problem. thank you so much. this big spending agenda has had another snag called the american people. americans are once again clamoring for the government to do less. the washington post notes since 1992, whether government should do more to solve the country's problems. late last year 54% said they wanted more. a month ago, only 43% did. joining the kentucky senator rand paul. in the middle of covid and all that but a stunning data point in the middle of this spendohrun
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a. >> i have been watching the trend for several years and is why my wife and i wrote our book the case against socialism, that the trendlines were going up with people wanting more so-called free things, wanting to experiment with socialism but we've seen eight, nine months of big government socialism from biden and people are starting to understand there are consequences. one of the consequences is prices rising in the cost of living for social security but the question is will it keep up with prices, what if prices go up 10%. what happens to those on social security and low-wage income. the results are coming in big government socialism doesn't work and people are unhappy with it but this is important for people to know but they also need to know the history of socialism that every time it has been tried in world history always ends up with spates -- state-sponsored authoritarianism and violence. it's not a pleasant system to live in and also economically a
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terrible system if you want to get ahead for you and your family. laura: and speaking of big government those of us who are concerned about the treatment of some of the january 6th defendants, have been dismissed and laughed at but a judge is demanding an investigation, district judge roy lambert of washington acted after finding officials failed to turn over information needed to approve surgery recommended for january 6th defendants broken wrist. fairly appalling. >> my initial impression of january 6th, people fighting with the police shouldn't have but i keep hearing all these cases. i met a woman this weekend, a journalist who has podcast and been on television, she's on-the-fly up -- and alive fly list, never been charged but this is the stuff that is happening. i met a young man in washington he has inside, uprooted and lost
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his job, the pictures of him as he is walking past some policeman who never taught him to leave. not saying he should have walked in when we shouldn't have but he is walking in, not even yelling, talking to anybody, just curious and walking around and swept up by the crowd. for justice not to differentiate between people who wandered in and people fighting with the police, there is a big difference and i am worried what we are doing to these people and i can tell you the mob that attacked my wife and i, that blood you policeman and cost laceration, nothing happened to them, no investigation how they go to washington, who paid for their hotel rooms or the stuff they are doing, nothing. laura: thank you for mentioning that. that is appalling after what happened to you at the biden administration, we know about accountability, they end it rewarding that actors because we just learned the administration
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restored former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe's pension in a settlement deal that removed the case of fbi records, any references to having been fired. we had this marine, lieutenant colonel scheller. >> reporting mccabe who took the position of the fbi and used that position to go after political candidate donald trump is rewarded with his job back but you have the department of justice with merrick garland saying if you are a mom, angry about what they are teaching your kids at school or mandating them to be vaccinated. of your irate and upset and raise your voice you might be a domestic terrorist. former president george bush comparing moms at these rallies
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and school board meetings to domestic terrorists. it is awful but you need to be aware your government can listen to every phone call, discover everything about you, yank you off a plane, prevent you flying and that is not the america i to live in and we need to push back. laura: thank you for leading on this again and we want you that the left was going to come for the founding fathers, now the radicals controlling new york city are coming after thomas jefferson. city councilman joe marelli has an answer to that plus disdain for our history has been embraced by walmart, details on the latest investigation next.
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>> laura: the mos >> the most extreme elements on the left are emboldened. they have cultural power, momentum, their aim is to -- everything that spring from it. new york city mayor bill deblasio trying to remove the 200-year-old statue of thomas jefferson from city hall. the historic statue's removal was scheduled for an up or down vote by the public design commission instead of a hearing
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with public testimony. now that the secret plot has been exposed the committee scheduled a hearing for monday and mayor deblasio is distancing himself from this attempted takedown of jefferson because was orchestrated by his own appointees. >> this is from the council, not from me or the first lady but i will speak to my own views on thomas jefferson, he's a complex figure but someone who is such a profound part of our history, that needs to be seen and respected. the part that is profoundly troubling needs to be addressed and acknowledged as well. >> when i your feelings going to be addressed? he is complex. joining me now, joe borelli. this is a disgrace wrapped in an outrage coming from all people deblasio who has taken a wrecking ball to the new york
12:26 am
economy. >> in a weird way he's right, jefferson is a very larger than life character in american history but no one on the freezer statue side is trying to take jefferson out of the context that he was a slave owner or slavery is bad. what the left is trying to do is rewrite history and tear down statues from prominent places he raising his legacy on american history. the republic he helped found it is working pretty well for people, the bill of rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom from quartering troops in your house, these things have worked out well for new yorkers and that is why he was given a spot on the city council chamber. laura: i'm not going to give deblasio any props for saying this isn't my decision, we have to respect this part, i don't give him any props for that because that's not how you look at history, you look at history in the full lens. he's opening the door for the
12:27 am
removal of other statues with perhaps the balance isn't exactly as obvious as it is in jefferson's case. maybe next year the balance will tip against jefferson or another historical figure but deblasio knows this is a disaster and probably wants it rips down. >> your 100% right. he is someone it is really behind this. he appointed all the people to this public design commission so there's no tearing down a statue without bill deblasio's go ahead but the city council which is where the statute is located, in 2018 honored a haitian founding father who massacred 5000 men,
12:28 am
women and children a french colonials or just because characters are complex isn't necessarily a problem for city council and city government, just seems to work left is only focused on a certain class of people, people that probably did more than anyone else to make the country what it is, the founding fathers and we are left at this juncture where history is being literally torn from a building which has stood for almost 200 years. >> they want the country taken down. other than george floyd statues and a few other figures there is no one left. thank you, great to see you. we will be watching on monday. adversities crumble so do many of our once great corporations were woken this is now rewarded over success and hard work. what is the latest example? a walmart launched a critical race theory training program that labels the us as a white supremacy system and accuses white employees of internalized racial superiority. joining the is senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race. the manhattan institute and contributing editor and city journalist. what else did you learn? >> we learned the critical race.
12:29 am
he is now pandemic for america's fortune 100 copy companies. i have documents from 33 companies where they are training their voice telling white employees they are internalized white supremacists into the employees of color racial minorities that they suffer from internalized racial inferiority, that they are filled with self-loathing and rage and hatred a that they are incapable of seizing opportunity. it's an all around better deal for everyone, the only people, the executive get a pat on the back, get to be lauded in the media for being pioneers of social justice. they are denigrating their hourly wage employees as white supremacists and hapless human beings, it is a scandal and they have to stop. >> the walmart training also presents employees with something called a ladder of empowerment for white people, a list of steps they need to take
12:30 am
to accept their guilt and shame and embrace collective action where white can do right. i like them to try that over at walmart on the people who actually patronize walmart who happened to be white, maybe before they spend their hard earned money, how would that go over? >> don't think it would go over well. the average customer is a working class white american. the training program makes clear walmart believe those people are white supremacists, racists, oppressive and have to accept their complicity in a racist country before they can pass through the stage that whites cannot do white until they are, quote, antiracist, adopt left-wing ideology and fully then, walmarts is in their training program, can white do right. it is inherently bad, you have to abolish your own whiteness just to be a real human being.
12:31 am
this is happening in walmart's headquarters. it has to be exposed. laura: it is a poison. great to see you as always. musicians turned to ghost hunting and we will introduce you to biden's newest and youngest crop of lobbyists. friday follies next.
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>> welcome to fox news live. former president bill clinton is said to be on the mend spending another night at a southern california hospital. president spoken to mister clinton and he is doing fine. the former president was admitted to the university of california irving medical center tuesday due to non-covid related infection. millions of americans who got the johnson & johnson covid 19 vaccine could soon be eligible
12:37 am
for a booster shot. fda panel voted unanimously friday to recommend a second dose as soon as two months after the first shot, recommended for anyone over the age of 18. boosters for pfizer and moderna are only for those 65 and older but, high-risk individuals, the fda will make a final decision soon. now back to the ingraham angle. for all your headlines log into >> friday, time for friday follies and for that we turn to raymond arroyo. this is one of your favorite holidays, getting close to halloween and we have two major singers found second careers as supernatural investigators. who are these people? >> downright spooky.
12:38 am
the singer taking it off in her new discovery plus series called conjuring where she visits haunted sites to commune with ghosts. it's not the first time she has done so. >> i had sexy times with a ghost and it was fun. and erotic. and it was weird. but it did happen. >> her next series could be called therapy session, she even has a podcast where she discusses her experiences with the spirit even if she doesn't know their names. demi lovato is chasing the unknown in a new series of unidentified she visits ufos sites and tries to contact aliens. i wish i was joking about this but her approach is very novel. >> you like to sing?
12:39 am
♪♪ tried to tear me down ♪♪ i will be rising from the ground ♪♪ like a skyscraper ♪♪ >> standing ovation. laura: everyone needs a thing. they do the singing, songwriting, the performing, they get bored. they need the next thing in case we have another shutdown and stay at home order and they can crawl through the floorboards and do another episode anytime they want or is a great and novel way to promote your next album. >> this is ghost hunter meets love boat, endless excuses to perform and this is going to draw aliens or ghosts but if
12:40 am
you're bored sinker who wants to chase ghosts and aliens in your spirit i'm have at it but opening yourself to spears and encounters with unseen beings could land you in another well-known genre. >> may no longer hold captive. >> exorcism fun. that we next season after the positions take hold. todd: like president biden, you have to go out and speak again. i have a spooky comment for you. we are watching president biden advance one policy after another. we asked who is driving this agenda. we talked about this off-line before but which lobbyists have the most sway? >> we got a big indication of this the other day. the president signed an order to protect the bears here's national monument. look at the lobbyist who got his attention.
12:41 am
>> returning full protection. >> president biden: she said you've got to promise me to protect the bears. you promise? you promise? i promised. >> how long before the other lobbying firms start sending teams of young girls, in fact there was a lobbyist to got biden's attention today before he spoke at a build back better event, none of this should surprise us. >> talk to your folks in the playground. everybody knows i like kids better than people. >> these are the lobbyists to be. there will be teams of them surrounding the white house every day. laura: for parents who call kids things other than people, i like kids better than people, that is
12:42 am
a big at the kids, they are not really people i guess. there is a clear gender bias at the white house. and gender stereotypes and biases from all the products. i didn't realize, - >> this could be the most absurd story of the week. and how about this set. does this discourage girls playing with legos, and and 70% incurred their daughters to do so.
12:43 am
they play with sets not for them. our american girl dolls, about disney princesses, there are gender specific toys boys and girls, and why aren't companies insisting they have to. it is called nature. todd: my middle son would build something with no directions and my littlest would come and smash it and my oldest would say when are we going to starbucks. our interview with the chicago police union rattled some gauges at windy city and in moments mayor lightfoot's reaction and the response.
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>> laura: chicago police union president john >> chicago police union president made a stunning announcement earlier this week. then forced, city fax mandates would take nearly half of chicago officers off the streets this weekend. last night in our exclusive
12:49 am
interview he challenged mayor lori lightfoot's chart that officers failing to comply. >> it is not a legal proper directive. it was unanimous across the board. called the line, don't bend. it is not john kentin some bizarre oh who wants this, they want something done on their behalf. >> this morning in a fit of rage mayor lori lightfoot made clear she's watching the show, filed a complaint against him writing as chicago's mayor, the rhetoric of conspiracy threatens the health and safety of residents and first responders, deliberately misled our police officers by lying about the requirements, policy, falsely claiming there
12:50 am
will be no repercussions and refused to follow the city and the department court order. shortly after the injunction was announced she responded. we are already filing the silly motion. and and they've done everything but negotiate, >> >> this is where lori lightfoot at loyalties lie. lightfoot kind of backed down, left teachers walk over and destroy the education system but when a mandate could threaten safety and security of her citizens, thousands of officers
12:51 am
out of a job she's pushing all of her money. don't forget this. many democrat run cities are seeing double digit increases in murders homicide are only up one.5% in chicago. according to chicago sun-times chicago who seem 500 murders each year for the past four years. this year has seen 630 people killed and 2000 shot. these horrifying stats reveal the city in decline, a populist fleeing from other states but my next guest has a plan to save it. matt rosenberg who lived in chicago for 30 years, recently wrote a book titled what next, chicago? notes of a pissed off native son.
12:52 am
i don't like the phrase pissed off but understand why you are using it. how can chicago be saved when it seems they are cycling the same kind of ineffective radical political leaders and election cycle after election cycle. >> reschedule municipal elections in odd number of years in the early months of the year, only have 33% voter turnout compared to 70% for presidential elections. and in judicial elections to bail reform. for violence criminals and turned around, syria's crime
12:53 am
require serious punishment. with when we turn to lori lightfoot, and on charter school growth, all wrong. >> lori lightfoot, plans on having a reunion for black chicagoans who fled this over the last 10 years, people leaving chicago particularly black chicago, we open back up we will heavily market all there is a country, the diaspora has gone back home. she's announcing a pr campaign to bring people home. what is so wrong about that. >> in chicago city hall, to soundbite your way out of egregious misconduct.
12:54 am
there is no chance at all a pr campaign is going to turn things around. we need safe streets, more foot patrols by the police. to replace tim evans. and kim fox, and we want somebody in the city, eric adams. it will take a lot to turn the tide. >> >> freedom matters when we return.
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