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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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what did we learn tonight? one, pete buttigieg is fully capable of giving us a lecture. the air force, the air force! trained ashley babbitt to kill! you know what is true. don't forget it. have a great weekend with the ones you love. we'll see you monday. >> announcer: americans held hostage, day 62. >> 62 days our fellow americans, families and friends, green card holders, our allies, joe biden abandon all of them and hasn't talked to them in over 40 days. the images coming out of afghanistan, they are horrific. everything we told you what happened. look at the pictures obtained by
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governor michael waltz after a severe beating by the taliban terrorists. broke her arms and the broken ribs. congress and will join us tonight for that's not coming up, we'll show you a truly disgusting video of young kids reportedly murdered by the taliban. these are not the business professional diplomats as characterizedts by biden and his spinmeisters are as propaganda is jen psaki. these are evil terrorists. joe this week announced, yeah, if you are part of the taliban to the old regime, will take you off the terror watch list. these are people that have gone house to house identifying any person that was alive with us, murdering entire families. men, women, children, the reign of terror is ripping through the entire country. joe biden has not said one single word about the people he
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abandon in over 45 days. joe biden isn't just incompetent and a cognitive mess, he's also frankly morally bankrupt and vile and, yes, he has blood on his hands. and now the militia spiraling out of control while joe is talking $4 trillion, lecturing all of us that we've got to pay our fair share. we are paying our fair share? we are paying more for everything, paying more for energy and oil, lifeblood of this economy as you beg opec to produce more oil. you are the one who made us energy dependent again here you handed energy independence and secure borders, a real plan to get everybody out of afghanistan safely. take a look. >> i was also 46 years the poorest man in congress. i make big money now. i'm president that you want to talk to all the folks out in the playground. people know i like kids better than people.
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fortunately they are like me for maybe that's why i like them. we are probably not going to get 3.5 trillion. going to get some thing less than that. but i'm going to negotiate, get it down by the grace of god when the creek rises. i'm glad we made it fun foro them. pay your fair share. >> sean: [whispering] fair share! by the way, consumer confidence in biden's policies, 19%. i do not think he can get any lower than that. how about you start with your own family, joe. how about zero experience hunter? your son with tax fraud and money laundering, they should know all about it. had to share a bank account. you are the big guy, right, that was supposed to get your cut? your son hunter pays? do you pay your fair share? by the y way, americans are already feeling the effect of biden's recent spending spree. look at your screen.
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everything you buy is now more expensive. gas up 42%. furniture up double digits. bacon -- i love bacon 28%. want to rent a car? 42% higher. used cars 24% higher. new-car 8% higher, if you can find one. propane up 27% pay he's making putin rich again. in his case, natural gas per the list goes on and on and on. in september, u.s. wholesale prices rose a whopping 8.6%. that is a record increase from wholesalers and, guess what? that would get passed on to you, the consumer. who gets impacted the most? poor people, middle-class americans, they get the biden tax increases because they are getting hurt the most according to the master puppeteer, ever compassionate chief of staff,
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inflation is a high-class problem. oh, okay, impacting the poor, impacting the middle-class. other words, the people who make hethis country great, the forgotten men and women you lied to you instead they wouldn't pay a penny in new taxes. we smell like walmart shoppers that cling to god, our guns, bibles and religion. those people. me, in other words. nearly every major economist in the u.s. is now sounding the alarm. larry summers, this is obama's chief economic advisor warning we are in more danger than we have be in during my career of losing control of inflation in the u.s. there is a gathering storm of inflation. the main risk is i that our economy is going to overheat. once it overheats, it's going to be hard putting out the fire without doing a lot of damage and causing a lot of problems. jpmorgan, ceo also warning that inflation might go higher than
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people expect. even democrat chuckie schumer whining and complaining. he supports these idiotic policies and he's complaining his constituents will soon be forced to choose between buying food and heating their homes. one of the rare times he said t something that is truthful. take a look. >> a new word with every touch this winter, many seniors and working families will also have to reach much deeper into their pockets. so given that, it's my job to turn up the heat on the federal government both for this worry manifests itself into real trouble. no family should have to chooseh between heating their home or putting food on the table. that puts aa lot of people, particularly seniors -- >> wait, this was a high-class problem? senator schumer can be of the control of the senate, control
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of the house, yet controlled the white house. these are your problems that you have created along with joe biden. to make matters even worse, america's supply chain, as we've been telling you, is in tatters. we have billions and billions of dollars worth of products now stuck at ports. some containers are not able to come on the shore. massive backlogs in both california and new york. now bear shelves biden, #bearshelvesbiden trending all over twitter. posting pictures of stores in which empty. a report from reuters, our supply chain is to snarl for biden's christmas picks. in other words, good luck getting the presents that your kids are begging for for santa. probably not going to happen. but according to transportation secretary the ever compassionate mayor pete who sent pink slips to keystone xl pipeline workers
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to get another job, with all that compassionate experience, the mayor of south bend. if you didn't do your christmas shopping there much early, flat out of luck. explain that to a young child, boy or girl. boy didn't get his train set, the gold and get doll. it's a supply chain? take a look. >> how bad are they going to get for americans? i'm talking specifically, you know, leading into the december holidays where people are relying on getting goods, getting presents? >> there is always been two kinds of christmas shoppers. there are those have their list completed by halloween and people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve if you're in that latter bucket, there's going to be more challenges. >> i know you wanted that special doll and you asked santa for the last six months. but the problem is santa did not
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go shopping early enough to get the doll. i thought the elves made it. jen psaki took it a step further per they want to blame ups or fedex freight is not our problem. take a look. >> can this administration guarantee -- >> they are not the postal service or ups or fedex. what we can do is use every lever at the federal government's disposal to reduce delays. >> tucker: such compassion for him these liberals. it's not our fault. blame ups, blame fedex. blame everybody but joe. pretty strange thing to say. because in 2020, then candidate joe biden talked an awful lot about supply chain issues and shortages and he said canan we don't have a shortage problem can we have a leadership
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problem. actually, joe biden got lucky. he got it right for once but he was right in 2020. the leadership problem is him, not trump. >> i want to be clear that we don't have food shortage problems can weoo have a leadership problem. one of the reasons why we are not getting material in food to people's tables is because there's no way to get transported. we do not know how to manage what's going on. >> tucker: the leadership problem wasn't then. we had lower taxes. we didn't have an inflation problem. and he gave you also not one, not two, but three vaccines and antibodies you didn't mention more than two and a half weeks ago. you inherited i a country fullyn the mend, all the vaccines, all that therapeutics, a secure border, energy independence, stable afghanistan. joe, you ruined it all. we have a leadership problem.
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under biden, many economists fear a looming recession. according to pete navarro in the "the new york post," we are back to missouri things to uncle joe. peter will join us in a minute. add to this biden's mandates, causing willing to get fired, half the police department in chicago, thousands of our health care professionals. the covid walking into a petri dish of covid diving on three kinds of grenades to save bill americans basra's lives in the early months of this pandemic. now we are going to fire them question mike i guess it's joe biden's way of saying thank you because they do not agree with the mandate?
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maybe they have a rare condition. maybe they believe in natural immunity. not here to debate the shot oror not but the reality is you are going to loseea some of the best people that risked their lives to save fellow human beings, fellow americans' lives. i guess joe doesn't know about that because he abandon americans in afghanistan 13 days after he said he wouldn't. half a chicago police force f might be forced to go very soon. hundreds of airline employees, they are facing termination. thousands of teachers, u.s. servicemen and women have, state employees, federal employees, members of the military, employees at large, private corporations all facing termination if they don't comply with the mandate. but joe biden refused to answer any questions about all of this. here with reaction, the author of "in the trump time," a journal of america's play gear,
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peter navarra. i'll be honest. he's dead on accurate and this is going to get worse and we are now looking at supplying chain issues all through 2022, inflation into 2023. in gas prices, we are all screwed. >> what i'm really worried about is the other part of the equation, the recession part of the equation. we haven't had that since 1970 and we've got the identical conditions now that we had then. problems with fiscal policies of the fed chairman printing money and these inflationary shocks. so many things going wrong, but let's start with two that president trump had right. first ofad all, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas and energy and we've got gasoline on right now and natural
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gas prices are scorching. that's not just energy going up. food production is largely dependent on energy fertilizers that are made of natural gas. going too get energy and food price shocks. we warred for years if you don't build it here, your supply chains won't bere here and when push comes to shove you won't be able to get it. now we've got these ships stacked up in long beach and we've got those prices on top of that, why do you believe in a universal policy or not, simply inflaming the distortions in the labor market. you've got navy seals, health care workers, teachers, cops, everybody saying, if i already had the virus, if i got antibodies can why do i need th? jab again? girls of your position, it's contributing to labor market.
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distortions. stagflation is the hardest problem to solve in the world and everything that biden is doing touches the dirt. you are absolutely right. the last thing we need to do right now is to pass a $3.5 trillion red ink new deal. and that fake $1.8 trillion infrastructure deal. it'd be crazy. this could last a decade. i'm not worried just about christmas. by the way, sean, what is the department of education secular going on a two month leave question mike it's offensive. nobody seems to be at home in the biden white house. trump was the most accessible president in history. last time i saw you was on the south lawn of the white house at the republican convection from another one of us ever dreamed that it biden if he got elected
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would do every single thing wrong. southern border, afghanistan, economy. you name it, he's not doing it right. >> tucker: peter, look into your crystal ball. what do you see in the short-term and long-term? >> in the short term we are clearly running toward stagflation. essential that no more bills get passed in congress but not even a trillion dollars more. that's going to be bad. what we need to do is do what president trump wanted to do come up buy american iron, bring our production on shore. otherwise we are going to have shortages like we are seeing. this will get out of control. we need to look at that part of the problem. it's the hardest problem to solve and we went from 1970 to 1980. you remember, sean, the misery index of ronald reagan that he used to be jimmy carter? the unemployment rate, which is
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thee stack part of the equation. remember what that was question mike it was 20% in 1980. paul walker had to induce a major recession to break inflation ofr expectations.ex this is the worst i've ever seei it. that's the one thing that i'll with larry summers on. it's harder than it looks and you don't know what you got until it's gone. presidents be wouldn't let any of this happen for all joe biden does with a stroke of a pen is undo everything. on the border, sean? i was part of working with the white house legal counsel. when we threaten mexico with tariffs, people's heads exploded. but we got them on that thread. 24 hours, 15,000 troops to the border. give us those agreements. doubled back to get the same thing. we stopped that border crisis in its tracks. 2 million illegal aliens coming across the border. simplyno going to put downward pressure on the people who can least afford it which are blue
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collar lower income americans. >> tucker: very informative and frightening. joining us >> sean: fox news contributor kayleigh mcenany, leo 2.0 terrell terrel with us. congrats on the book. let's start with you and i want you to analyze this, the differences of tax cuts versus tax increases. getting rid of burdensome regulation. energy independence. controlled borders. a situation where the world feared donald trump met when he said andnd they saw when he beat back the caliphate and killed salah moni and baghdadi and others, the question is i don't see any openness by biden to change anything. your thoughts? >> absolutely not. he's not changing anything.
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everything you do prove to be fatally flawed by repealing donald trump's policies. one would think that you would revert. but he's not reversing course. he seems entirely stubborn. everyone says that he's not with it, i agree he's not fully with it. i do believe he has a stubborn streak or he doesn't listen to people around him like on afghanistan, we are seeing this administration, the left-wing pole, that's how you know you are doing everything wrong when the leftist polling company cannot cover for you. it's so sad for our country, that's the way the former president feels two. it's sad to see you unravel. >> sean: we are old enough to know the economy that ronald regan inherited, 21.5 -- double digit unemployment in the country. what did he do to fix it?
11:20 pm
he reduced taxes significantly, and it burdensome regulation, and the very things that donald trump did that made the economy record-breaking. every demographic, low unemployment, never happened before. never paid less for energy and becoming energy independent. kayleigh may not remember those days. that's how bad it can get. your thoughts? >> sean: i do remember those days and i tell you how great donald trump as a president. because joe biden, the only thing he's done in nine months is he has undone the greatness of donald trump and look at what has happened. i listen to your entire monologue. i was hoping you might tell me joe biden has done positively nothing. absolutelyly nothing but destroy the trump legacy. when we talk about jen psaki, we
11:21 pm
got a great press secretary in kayleigh. you don't hear anything from the current white house press secretary. i don't honestly believe she's getting information directly from biden. there is a circle of people running that white house. i tell you, america is afraid of one thing. there is an absence of leadership in the white house and we are asking ourselves, who is really in charge in the white house? biden is not strong, he looks weak, too fearful. i don't see anything. >> sean: congratulations to the both of you. straight ahead, ready to reinstate the trump air out policy. we'll check in with the ag from arizona and all things border, it's a disaster that's getting worse every day. straight ahead.
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>> welcome to fox news live, i am jackie and bonnie is in new york. joe biden split with progressives with the $3.5 trillion bill back better package. revising a section that could affect climate change. such a move isn't sitting well with progressives. according to "the new york times," clean electricity program might be dropped because of opposition from west virginia senator joe manchin. west virginia is the number two cold producing state in the u.s. bill clinton said to be in good spirits and doing better as he recovers from a urological infection. he will spend another night at the university of california irvine medical center so you can receive more intravenous
11:27 pm
treatments. hillary rodham clinton has been with them at the hospital. i am jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." for all your news, log into >> joe biden this massive super spreader catastrophe at our southern border. thanks to the u.s. supreme court to face reality. he must reinstate donald trump's highly successful remain in mexico policy next month. the policy means that asylum-seekers, they can't be processed into the country illegally as joe has been doing while their claims are instead of being released to the interior of the u.s. with no covid tests or vaccine mandate in the middle of the pandemic and we are told that there is no need to test them because they are not going to be here longhe anyway, which is alive. back in 2020, biden called the
11:28 pm
policy "dangerous and inhumane." now y you are in charge. by the way, what is so dangerous and inhumane to ask people? i am illegal immigration. but just follow the rules. you need to security check, background check, health check, show that you have the means to take care of yourself when you are here and not be a burden to the american people. and then i don't care where you come from, welcome to america. you all americans an apology for lying about this policy. never mind the cages that were overcrowded in the middle of a pandemic and dispersing people all over the country not vaccinated and with a high rate of the covid positivity. bringing back this species policy, you are forced to do with it, but it doesn't go far enough. you want to fix the t problem at the border? you need to restart the reconstruction of the border wall. you need to end at this catch --
11:29 pm
really, process and release idiocy of yours. this request to show up in court, you don't mandate them to show up in court. we learned this week that a whopping 160,000 illegal immigrants have already been released by the biden administration in the u.s. interior since march. by the way, that's only people we know about. certainty that these illegal immigrants will ever show up for the hearings because, remember, it's only a request, it's not a mandate. of course, the chief propagandist at the white house jen psaki tells us these illegal immigrants, they'll only be here a short period of time. that's a lie big time. remember may arcus they refuse to callthis what it. >> do you believe right now there is a crisis at thes borde? >> i think the answer is no. i think there is a challenge that we are managing?
11:30 pm
>> i think what ambassador jacobson and secretary mayorkas is saying what i am conveying to me doesn't matter what you call it, it's an enormous challenge. we don't feel the need to play games with what it's called. >> is there a crisis at the border, sir? >> joining us now come arizona senate candidate going up against mark kelly and state attorney general right now the state of arizona might burn a bench along with former acting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor tom holland with us. mark, you're on the front lines with this. joe biden, you are the ag of arizona. joe biden has not been enforcing the law. he's been aiding and abetting in lawbreaking. i thought he took an oath or swore to uphold the laws of this land and our constitution, but he just picks and chooses the laws he wants. how is that possible?
11:31 pm
>> it shouldn't be possible. as you know i'm a first generation american and some of the people who will come there this country doing it the right way understand the rule of law is what makes this country great. what the biden administration and enablers in the senate are doing is systematically undermining the rule of law. that's why we've sued not only the remain in mexico policy but the catch and release policies including the fact that he's unwilling to enforce existing law and deport people. suedle him to try to force the administration to build the wall. because at the end of the day, this is affecting all americans and sean, just this week, there is 50 pounds of fat law seized by border patrol here in arizona. 50 pounds. 2 milligrams can kill a human being. that's enough to kill the entire population of new york city. this may be in our backyard right now, but it is coming to everyone's neighborhood because biden and cartel kelly have seized -- allow the cartels to seize control of our southern border and this is a more
11:32 pm
dangerous country because of joe biden. >> sean: i think joe biden and the liberal democrats are so hell bent on having open borders and amnesty that they've tried twice now to sneak amnesty in the reconciliation bill. i don't believe they are going to follow this court order. am i wrong? >> no, they are going to fail because they don't want this happening. let me fix one thing that you said to come i sean. there was a story leaked this week that wanted 60,000 people were released. that's two sectors since march. this fiscal year, over 600,000 aliens had been released in the united states. 600,000. add to that almost 400,000, that's one illegal alien now living in this country illegally because of the inaction of joe biden. i want to say this also.
11:33 pm
joe biden is the first president in the history of this nation that came into office and within days unsecured the border. the trump administration, we handed him the most secure border ever and within days, he unsecured it! with the help of the homeland security has unsecured the most secure border we ever had which resulted in unprecedented illegal immigration, unprecedented covid cases, trafficking for purposes, unprecedented fentanyl overdoses. it's hardde fornt me to say thae have a president facilitating cross-border crime and unsecured the border! it's unbelievable. >> sean: a high rate of speed 26 positivity, preferential
11:34 pm
treatment, americans with the vaccine mandates, testing people, no mandate for the vaccine, they are dispersed all over the country. high rate of speed 26 positivity but you can't make this up. it's that bad. tom, thank you. ag, we are going to be watching your race closely. when we come back, congressman michael waltz. this will shock your consciousness. exclusively obtained a video that exposes the taliban's brutality when he demanded americans behind enemy lines, everything we told you that the taliban would do? oh, they are doing it. straight ahead.
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>> >> sean: 62 long days, americans abandoned by joe biden in afghanistan. the reports on the ground, they are getting more and more dire and morere disturbing as we sady predicted. i wish i was wrong. the video we are about to show you obtained by the office of congressman michael waltz showing children killed in afghanistan at the hands of the taliban. we have not independently verified it. but we do you say this. if your discretion is advised take a look. now k >> sean: keep looking at your screen. you see those pictures? t showing the real world destruction of the taliban and their attacks on anyone on their reign of terror.
11:40 pm
yes, it was a woman who worked in a afghan national army pay the very people who supported us and helped us we made up promised to you that if this day ever came from we would get them out of afghanistan. came to the home outside kabul and beat the living hell out of her. she impartially died. we will hear more and more and see more and more of these tragedies. why? joe biden did it. complete preventable. see if the taliban was on the march and he could've acted earlier, push back the taliban with drone strikes, evacuated earlier, how to withdraw safely of every american, all their family members, every green card holder, afghan ally. yes, the billions and billions and billions of dollars and sophisticated military weaponry that joe gave to terrorists.
11:41 pm
ask yourself, this leadership botched disaster in afghanistan. oh, the one they are bragging about? the district great job, he's been sentenced to a reprimand has to give $5,000 and pay openly criticizing the leadership for their afghan debacle. he told the truth. where is the accountability though for leaders responsible for the debacle, along with their commander in chief. are they going to suffer repercussions for letting afghanistan also fastened not see the taliban on the march through the spring, april may and june? why didn't they act sooner? get this, report from
11:42 pm finds that the biden administration isis allowg some afghan civil servants, in other words, afghan es of the old taliban regime. you know, the ones that believed in strict sharia law employed by the taliban government to be exempt from terror-related bands and they are going to be allowed, the taliban, from entering the u.s. that's a brilliant move on their part. that's not all. also learning that a suspected terrorist believed to be bin laden's former bodyguard, they are going to transfer him out of gitmo and resettle him. that's going to work out well too. biden's reckless afghanistan statement, foreign policy failures ushering in a new terror crisis across the region and right here. it is it is emboldening all of america's adversaries. for example, president xi, the
11:43 pm
mullah laura les in oran, they see the consequences of joe biden. going to take full advantage. here to explain more, florida congressman michael waltz along with former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell. thanks for sharing all of this withre us. this is all predictable. you see that russia gets the waiver for natural gas for biden so russia is getting rich again. taiwan airspace with the fighter jets, likely that we won't stop iran getting a new weapon. now we are going to take them off the terror watch list? tell me what part of that is smart.
11:44 pm
>> here's the deal, biden is lying. lying about working with good terrorists versus bad terrorists. you can see from those pictures, the woman being brutalized, this is the largest crisis for women's rights i think in what history. he's lyingng about the number of americans left the hide because these brave veterans organizations, thank god for them, getting americans out every singlear day. he's either lying or clueless, i don't know, that america is just as safe. long range over the horizon drone only strategy with no bases, allies,o no troops on the ground over there can keep us safe. on the road to another 9/11. the good thing is, sean, great americans like the ones i'm with tonight, they see right through this nonsense. that is why you are seeing the numbers tank. enough is enough. the number one job is to keep america safe and we are far less
11:45 pm
safe, far less safe than we were in 2001 and this cancer that spreading in afghanistan that you saw in those photos is going to spread outside of afghanistan. iow for one, i feel rick feels e same way are not going to wait until we have another pulse night club or san bernardino, or right now it taliban caliphate that'll create another 9/11. >> claims that he has all the leverage in that taliban are professional and candid and businesslike. is that how you characterize them? >> absolutely not. i do not know how many times though foreign policy establishment in washington, d.c., is going tore look at failure after failure from democrats. let's be. honest. we can go back to bill clinton, you can go back to the obama-biden days when the caliphate took over throughout syria and iraq and other places. we are seeing the debacle in afghanistan, going to add to
11:46 pm
that the tensions and hostilities along the border between kosovo and serbia, the balkans are now feeling appear this is a vacuum of lewis leadership. elections matter. elections actually matter to our safety as the congressman is talking about. i do not think we are more safe just from eight months ago since biden took over we are less safe. we need to be able to face that fact very clearly when our enemies smell weakness, they see a difference between the threat of military action and a credible threat to military action. right now we don't have a credible threat. look at the chinese, the russians, leaders in the balkans, 100,000 troops in the ukrainian border. we can go country by country that absolutely is taking advantage can we don't have leadership in washington, leadership in the white house.
11:47 pm
>> sean: joe turn the page in 60 days later he's abandoned fellow americans and hasn't mentioned them in 45 days. unbelievable. thank you too, thank you for sharing all the information with us. when we come back straight ahead, new american saying it's viral, let's go brandon. he continues to feature prominently at sporting events. clay travis reacts. that's next.
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>> sean: so the phrase "let's go brandon" is the new rallying klier for americans all over the country, totally viral and it mocks the massive failures of joe biden. the media mob's endless obsession covering up for him, just look at this time last night at the giants-dodgers game. s
11:52 pm
great game by the way. in the heart of liberal san francisco. remember where this all started. remember the nascar race, and made chants off of "f joe biden." you can hear the -- they were hearing something else. you decide. [chanting] >> unbelievable moment. you can hear the chances from the crowd, "let's go branded." [chanting] >> sean: here with reaction, copost of "the clay." nationally syndicated clay travis. in no way i feel bad for the
11:53 pm
reporter. she has an ear piece in. she probably did think it was "let's go brandon." f i bet she's shocked this is viral. but this is real now. it's either let's go brandon or it's going to be f joe biden and it's getting louder and it's happening more frequently. what do you think is happening? >> i agree with you about the reporter. thanks for having me onon them, sean. she didn't know what was being said because she had the ear piece income of the big earmuffs on to conduct this interview but it's mimetic and symptomatic of the media trying to covering up for joe biden and that's why people love it so much. even in san francisco when the guy had the let's go brandon sure and held it up, when san francisco fans are showing up with that you know it's going viral in a big way. we sold thousands of these t-shirts. we can get your own "let's go
11:54 pm
brandon" shirts. a lot of people out there nervous with an expletive involving the president of the united states but maybe they do not want to encourage their kids to do it. they don't want to endorse that kind of language. but "let's go brandon" is really funny. it's an inside joke. kids love it on college campuses. c it's spreading like wildfire. kind of surprising the president who got more votes than anyone in the history of our nation has lost so much support in ten months sean hannity. let's go brandon, indeed. >> sean: can't think of a single thing that's successful or defined as successful. instead of the expletive, let's go brandon add some humor to it. it works. how many t-shirts do you sell? >> thousands. we are printing them like crazy. if you want to go to
11:55 pm -- >> sean: how do i get a free t-shirt? >> your viewers have to pay for it! you won a hundred bucks, i got to send you a couple. >> sean: you can send me "let's go brandon" t-shirts in lieu of $100 when i told you not to bet against chris sabin. >> that's right. you'll get the teacher as a result. >> sean: more bats to come by travis. thanks foray being with us. when we come back, our villain of the day straight ahead. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels.
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and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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>> sean: time for our villain of the day. a group of climate activists taking to the streets in d.c. yesterday. literally assaulting officers in front of the department of the interior headquarters and trying to barge their way in. doesn't seem so peaceful to me. i wonder when we're going to
12:00 am
have a special committee investigate this. don't expect to hear from the media mob about this. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. have a great weekend. "the ingraham angle" is next. we'll see you back here monday. >> laura: i'm laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. thanks to the logjam in the near sports. the cost of renting a home and apartment soaring. the energy crisis made worse by the climate agenda threatens to bring down the global economy, neither biden - none of them coming. paralleled biden didn't see coming is called inflation.


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