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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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curran. what have we learned tonight, pete buttigieg give us a lesson about fatherhood. and the air force trained ashley babbott to kill. you know what is true. don't forget it. have the best weekend with the ones you love. we'll see you monday. >> americans held hostage, day 6 go. >> sean: welcome to handy this busy news making friday night. 62 days our fellow americans, friends, green called holders, allies, joe biden abandoned all of them and has not talked about them in 40 days. now the images out of afghanistan are horrific.
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look at these pictures obtained by michael waltz. showing one female soldier bloody and bruised after a severe beating by the taliban terrorists. they broke her arms and her ribs. congressman waltz will join us tonight. tonight we'll show you a video of young kids murdereded by the taliban. these are not the business-like professional diplomats as characterized by biden and his spinmeister, jen psaki. these are evil terrorists. joe, this week he announced yeah, if you're part of the taliban from the old regime, you're welcome to america. we'll take you off the terror watch list. these are people going house to house identifying any person alive with us, murdering entire families, men, women and children and their reign of terror is ripping through the entire country. joe biden hasn't said one single
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word about the people he abandoned in over 45 days. joe biden isn't just incompetent and a cognitive mess, he's morally bankrupt and vile and yes, he has blood on his hands. now his inflation is spiralling out of control. joe is out there hawking $4 trillion of new spending, lecturing all of us that we have to pay our fair share. we are paying our fair share. we're paying more for everything, more for energy and oil and the life blood of america's economy. you made us energy dependent again. you were handed energy independence and security borders and a plan to get everybody out of afghanistan safely. take a look. >> i'm a capitalist. but i'm the poor,man in congress. i'm a big man now. i'm the president. i talk to the folks on the
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playground. i like kids better than people. fortunately they're like me. be honest with them, we're not going to get 3.5 trillion. we'll get something less. i'm going to negotiate it and get it done with the grace of god. i'm glad they made a profit. i mean that sincerely. but pay your fair share. >> sean: pay your fair share! market watch, consumer confidence in biden's economic policies, 19%. i don't think he can get it any lower than that. how about you start with your own family, joe? own family. how about zero experience hunter? your son under federal investigation for tax fraud, money laundering. you should know all about it. you had a shared bank account. you're the big guy that was supposed to get your cut. does hunter pay his fair share? do you pay your fair share? americans are feeling the effect of biden's recent spending
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spree. look at your screen. everything you buy is more expensive. gas up 42%. furniture up double digits. bacon up 20%. steak 22%. want to rent a car? 42% higher. used cars, 24% higher. new car, 8% highfer you can find one. propane up 27%. he's making putin rich again with his waiver. appliances, 7%. putin in his case, natural gas. the list goes on and on. in september, u.s. wholesale prices rose a whopping 8.6%. that is a record increase from wholesalers and guess what? that will get passed on to you, the consumer. who gets impacted the most? poor people, middle class americans. they get the biden tax increases because they are getting hurt the most. according to the master puppeteer, biden's chief of
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staff, ron klain, inflation is a high class problem. a high class problem impacting the poor, impacting the middle class. the people that make this country great, the forgotten men and women that you lied to and said they wouldn't pay a penny in new taxes, we smelly walmart shoppers that cling to god, bibles and religion, those people. me, in other words. reality, nearly every major economist is sounding the alarm. larry summers, this is obama's chief economic adviser warning that we're in more danger that we've been in my career of losing control of inflation in the u.s. there's a gathering storm of inflation. the main risk is that our economy is going to overheat and once it overheats, it's going to be hard to put out the fire without doing a lot of damage and causing a lot of problems. j.p. morgan's ceo also warning
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that inflation might go higher than people expect. even chucky schumer is whining and complaining. he supports these policies and new green deal socialism and complaining that his constituents will be forced to choose between buying food and heating their homes. one of the rare times that he said something that is truthful. take a look. >> there's a new worry that with every touch of our thermostats this winter, many seniors and working families will have to reach much deeper into their pockets. so given that, it's my job to turn up the heat on the federal government before this worry manifests itself in to real trouble. no family should have to choose between heating their home or putting food on the table. that is what a lot of people, particularly seniors -- >> sean: wait a minute. joe biden's puppeteer said this is a high class problem, ron
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klain. senator schumer, you have control of the senate and the house and the white house. these are your problems that you created along with joe biden. now, make matters even worse, america's supply chain as we've been telling you is in tatteres. we have billions of products stuck at ports. some containers are not able to come on shore. passive backlogs in california and new york. bare shelves biden is trending all over twitter. americans posting pictures of stores that are pretty much empty, empty shelves. get this. a report from reuters, our comply chain is too snarled for biden's christmas fix. in other words, good luck getting the present that's your kids are begging for from santa. probably won't happen. but according to transportation secretary, the ever compassionate mayor pete that
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said to pink sleeped keystone xl pipe line workers, get another job. the mayor of south bend. if you didn't do your christmas shopping three months early, you're flat out of luck. explain that to a young child a young boy or girl that the boy didn't get the train set, the girl didn't get her doll. it's the supply chain? santa didn't go shopping early enough? take a look. >> how bad is it going to get for americans? i'm talking leading here into the december holidays where people are relying on getting goods, on getting presents. >> i think there's been two kinds of christmas shoppers, the ones that have all of their lists completed by halloween and people like me that show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you're in the latter bucket, obviously there's going to be more challenging. >> sean: you can say to your daughter, i know you want the special doll and you asked santa
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the last six months. the problem is santa didn't go shopping early enough to get the doll. jen psaki wants to blame ups and fed ex. it's not our problem. we're not fed ex. it's your problem. take a look. >> can this administration guarantee that holiday packs will arrive on time? >> they're not the postal service, ups or fed ex. we cannot guarantee. what can do is use every lever at the federal government disposal to reduce delays. >> sean: such compassion from the liberals. great compassion there. it's not our fault. blame ups, blame fed ex, everybody but joe. a strange thing to say because in 2020 then candidate joe biden, he talked a lot about supply chain issues. shortages. he said we don't have a shortage problem. we have a leadership problem.
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actually, joe biden got lucky. he was right in 2020. leadership problem is him. not trump. >> i want to make clear that we don't have a food shortage problem. we have a leadership problem. one of the reasons we're not getting material and food to people's tables is there's no way to get it transported. we don't know how to manage what's going on. >> sean: the leadership problem wasn't then. we had lower taxes, we didn't have an inflation problem. he gave you not one, not two but three vaccines and anti-bodies that you never mentioned. you inherit add country with the economy fully on the mend, all the vaccines, all the therapeutics like mono clonal anti-bodies, a stable afghanistan, energy independence and joe, you ruined it all. we have a leadership problem.
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under biden, many economists fear a looming recession. according to peter navarro, welcome back to 70s style stagflation. peteler join us. when the mandates hurt, watch out. what will impact will that have? now causing americans to -- they're willing to get fired. looks like half the police department in chicago, they're not going to be working as of next week. it's going to get worse. thousands of our military personnel, nurses and first responders and healthcare professionals. the people in the middle of the covid schiff show in march and april of 2020 that every day walk into a petri dish of covid and were dying on covid grenading everything?
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we don't agree with the mandate? maybe they have a rare condition? maybe they believe in natural immunity? i'm not here to debate the shot or not. the reality is you're going to lose the best people that risk their lives to save fellow human beings, fellow american lives. he doesn't know about that. he abandoned americans in afghanistan 13 days after he said he wouldn't. half the chicago police force might be forced to go very soon. we have hundreds of airline employees. they're facing termination. thousands of teachers, thousands of u.s. service men and women have or will be fired in coming weeks. state employees, you have federal employees. members of the military and employees at large. private corporations, all facing termination if they don't comply with the mandate. joe biden refused to answer any questions about all of this. here with reaction, author of "in trump time", a journal of
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america's plague year. former assistant to president trump, peter navarro. i'll be honest, he's dead on accurate. this is going to get worse. inflation into 2022, 23 and gas prices unless he goes back to energy independence, we're all screwed. >> yeah. you're only half right. what i worry about is the stag part, the recession part. we haven't had that since 1970. we have the identical conditions now that we had them. fiscal policy, a fed chair printing money and these cost push inflationary shock. so many things going on. let's start with two that president trump had right. first of all, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas and
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energy. we have gasoline on fire right now. natural gal prices are scorching. that is not just energy going up, food production is largely dependent on energy. fertilizers are made out of natural gas. we'll have energy and food price shocks. buy american? hire american? these are the two rules of president trump. we warned for years if you don't build it here, your supply chains won't be here. when push comes to shove, you won't get it. now the ships are stacked up off of long beach. on top of that, whether you believe in a universal policy or not, simply inflaming the distortions in the labor market. you have navy seals, healthcare workers, cops, everybody is saying if i've already had the virus, got anti-bodies, why do i need the jab again? regardless of your position,
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it's contributing to labor market distortion. stagflation is the hardest problem to solve. everything that biden is doing touches to dirt. you're right, sean. the last thing we need to do right now is to pass the $3.5 trillion red ink deal and the infrastructure bill. 20 be crazy. this could last a decade. i'm not just worried about christmas. what is the department of transportation secretary going on a two-month leave in the middle of a crisis like this? it's offensive to the american people. nobody seems to be at home in the biden white house. trump was the most accessible president in history. now biden won't even take a question. last time i saw you was on the south lawn of the white house at the republican convention. neither one of us ever dreamed
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that biden, if he got elected would do everythingle thing wrong. southern border, afghanistan, economy. you name it, he's not doing it right. >> sean: peter, look into your crystal ball. tell us what you see in the short term and long-term. >> in the short term, we're running towards a stagflation problem. it's essential, sean, that no more bills get passed on congress, not even a trillion more. that will be bad. what we need to do is do what president trump wanted to do. buy american, hire american, bring our production on shore. otherwise, we'll have shortages like we're seeing. this will get out of control. we need to look at the stag part of the problem. it's the hardest problem to solve. we went from 1970 to 1980. you remember, sean, the misery index of ronald reagan. it was the unemployment rate,
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the stag part of the inflation. it was 20% in 1980. paul volcker had to reduce a major inflation to break expectations. this is the worst i've seen it. that's the one thing that i'll agree with larry summers on. it's harder than it looks. you don't know what you got till it's gone. president trump wouldn't let any of this happen. all joe biden does with a stroke of a pen is undue everything. on the border, sean, was part of working with the white house legal counsel. we threatened mexico with tariffs. people's heads exploded but we got them. in 24 hours, we sent 15,000 troops to the border. give us the agreements. we doubled that with honduras, guatemala and el salvador. we stopped that border crisis in its tracks. we got two middle illegal aliens coming across. right now it's going to put downward pressure on the people that can least afford it, which
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is blue collar, lower income americans. stagflation is cruel. >> sean: thanks, peter. joining us now, the author of "for such a time as this", kayleigh mcenany and leo terrell. congrats on the book. great to have you both. let's start with you. i want you to analyze this. the difference is, tax cuts versus tax increases. getting rid of burdensome regulation. energy independence. controlled borders. the situation where the world feared donald trump meant what he said and they saw when he beat back the caliphate and killed baghdadi. i don't see any openness by biden to change anything. your thoughts. >> absolutely not.
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you're not changing anything. everything you do proves to be fatally flawed like repealing the immigration policies, reversing economic policies. one would think you'd reverse course but he's not. everyone says he's not with it. i agree he's not fully with it. i believe he has a stubborn streak that he doesn't listen to people around him like afghanistan. we're seeing a administration that is in rapid freefall. 38% in a left wing poll. that's when you're doing everything when the leftest polling company cannot cover for you. it's startling to watch. mostly, it's is a sad far our country. that's the way the former president feels, too. it's sad to see it unravel. >> sean: we're old enough to remember gas lines in the 70s. we're old enough to know the economy that ronald reagan inherited. double digit inflation, double digit unemployment in the
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country. what did he do to fix it? he ebb reduced taxes significantly, ended burdensome regulation and the very things that donald trump did that make the economy precovid record breaking. we had every demographic low unemployment, never happened before. we never paid less for energy and becoming energy independent. you remember those days. i remember those days. kayleigh may not remember those days. but it got that bad. that's how bad it can get. your thoughts. >> i do remember those days. i'll tell you how great donald trump was as president. joe biden, the only thing he's done is undone the greatness of donald trump. look what happened. i listened to your monologue. i hoped that you might tell me one thing that joe biden has done in ninth months positively. nothing. absolutely nothing but destroy the trump legacy.
6:21 pm
when we talk about jen psaki, we have a great press secretary, kayleigh. you don't hear anything from her. you don't hear anything from the current white house secretary. i don't believe that she's getting information from biden. there's a circle of people running that white house. i'll tell you, america is afraid of one thing. there's an absence of leadership in the white house. we're asking ourselves who is really in charge in the white house. biden doesn't look strong. he looks weak. he's not fearful enough to scare off countries. i don't see anything. >> sean: all right. congratulations. ahead, the biden administration getting ready to reinstate the trump era policy that he once attacked. he's being forced to. we'll check in with the a.g. from arizona, and tom homan. all things border and the disaster that is getting worse every day straight ahead. i'm 75. we live in the mountains so i like to walk.
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the 75-year-old former president was diagnosed with a urological infection that spread to his blood stream. all covid-19 vaccines still have a strong anti-body resistance after 12 months. t cells may have longer lasting protect even after anti-bodies
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fade. i'm matt finn. now back to sean hannity. you're watching fox news channel. >> sean: amid joe biden's self-inflicted super spreader catastrophe is being forced to face reality. he must reinstate remain in mexico policy next month. the policy means that asylum seekers have to stay in mexico. they can't be processed in to the country illegally as joe has been doing while their claims are heard instead of being released to the interior of the u.s. with no covid tests in the middle of a pandemic and we're told there's no need to test them because they're not here long anyway, which is a lie. in 2020, biden called the policy
6:28 pm
dangerous and inhumane. joe, now you're in charge. by the way, what is so dangerous and inhumane to ask people, i am pro immigration, legal immigration? but just follow the rules. you need a security check a background check, hilt check and show that you have the means to take care of yourself when you here and not be a burden to the american people. welcome to america. you owe all americans and donald trump an apology for lying a this policy. never mind the cages that were overcrowded in the middle of a pandemic and disbursing people all over the country, not vaccinated and a high rate of covid positivity. now bringing back this trump policy, it's a step in the right direction. you're forced to do it. it doesn't go far enough. you want to fix the problem, restart the construction of the border wall, you need to end
6:29 pm
this catch -- really process and release idiocy of yours and this request to show up in court, you don't even mandate that they show up in court. 160,000 illegal immigrants have already been released by the biden administration into the u.s. interior since march. by the wayed, that's the only people we know about. no certainty these i'll little immigrants will ever show up for hearings. it's only a request. it's not a mandate. of course, the chief propagandist at the white house, jen psaki, telling us the illegal immigrants will only be here a short time. that's a lie. mayorkas, biden, psaki, they refuse to call it what it is, a crisis. you might remember. >> do you believe that right now there's a crisis at the border? >> i think the answer is no. i think there's a challenge at the border that we're managing.
6:30 pm
>> so how can you say that's not a crisis? >> well, i think what ambassador jacobson and secretary mayorkas conveyed and what i've conveyed, it doesn't matter what you call it. it's an enormous challenge. we don't feel the need to play games with what it's called. >> is there a crisis at the border? >> arizona senate candidate and state attorney general for the state of arizona, mark burnavich and tom homan is with us. mark, you're on the front lines. joe biden -- you're the a.g. of arizona. joe biden is not enforcing the law. i thought he took an oath and swore to uphold the laws of the land and the constitution but he picks and chooses the laws that he wants.
6:31 pm
how is that possible? >> shouldn't be possible, sean. i'm a first generation american. so many come have come here and done it the right way. what the biden administration and his enablers in the senate are doing is undermining the rule of law. they've sued about the remain in mexico and the fact that he's unwilling to enforce existing law and deport people. we've sued him over trying to force the biden administration to build the wall. the end of the day, this is affecting all americans. you know, sean, just this week, there was 50 pounds of fentanyl seized along the freeway here in arizona. two milligrams can kill a human being. that is enough fentanyl in one stop to kill the entire population of new york city. this may be in our back yard right now, but it's coming to every one's neighborhood because biden and cartel kelly have seized or allowed the cartels to
6:32 pm
seize control of the border. this is a more dangerous country because of joe biden. >> sean: tom, joe biden and liberal democrats are so hell bent on having open borders and amnesty have tried twice to sneak amnesty into the reconciliation bill. i don't think they'll follow the court order. am i wrong? >> they don't want it to happen. they had to be sued. you're right. there was a story that leaked 160,000. that was two sectors since march. i looked at the cbp data. over 600,000 aliens have been released into the united states. 600,000. add to that almost 400,000 got-aways. one million illegal aliens that came here illegally because of the action of joe biden.
6:33 pm
i want to say this also. joe biden is the first president in the history of this nation that came into office within days unsecured the border. the trump administration, we handed him the most secure border in my 35 years. within days, he unsecured it. the president of the united states with the help of the secretary of homeland security have unsecured the most secure border we ever had, which resulted in unprecedented illegal immigration, unprecedented of trafficking of women and children and 92,000 over dose deaths, this is what the president has done. it's-hard for me to say that we have a president that is facilitating cross-border crime. unsecured the border. it's unbelievable. >> sean: and in the middle of the pandemic, he builds
6:34 pm
overcrowded cages with preferential treatment, americans have vaccine mandates and testing. they're not even testing people. there's no mandate for the vaccine. as they are disbursed throughout the country, again, a high rate of covid positivity. you can't make it up. tom, thank you. a.g. we'll watch your race closely. it's a winnable senate seat. when we come back, mike waltz, congressman, he has skoochly obtained video that exposes the taliban's brutality. you know, when he abandoned americans behind enemy lines. everything that we told you the taliban would do, they're doing it straight ahead.
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>> sean: 62 long days americans abandoned by joe biden in afghanistan. unfortunately the reports on the ground, they're getting more and more dire and more disturbing as we sadly predicted. i wish i was wrong. the video we're about to show you was obtained by the office of michael waltz showing children killed in afghanistan at the hands of the taliban. we have not independently verified it. but we do say this. fewer discretion is advised. take a look. now keep looking at your screen. you see that? see those pictures in the photos show the real world destruction of the taliban and their attacks on anyone who questions their reign of terror.
6:40 pm
the photos also obtained by congressman waltz. yes, a woman that worked in the afghan national army. the very people that supported us and helped us that we made a promise too. that if this day ever came, we would get the hell out of afghanistan. we didn't say take you here but we would get you out of there. the taliban came to our home outside of kabul in september. she nearly died. we'll hear more and more and see more and more of the tragedies. why? because joe biden did it. it was completely preventible. all he had to do is see the taliban was on the march and he could have acted earlier. he could have pushed back the taliban with their own strikes and acted earlier, had a withdrawal of every american, all their family members, every green card holder and yes, the billions and billions of dollars in sophisticated military
6:41 pm
weaponry that joe just gave to terrorists. ask yourself. where is the account ability in the military leadership for the reckless and botched disaster in afghanistan. the one they're bragging about that they such a good job. and lieutenant colonel scheller has to give up $5,000 in pay because he told the truth. where is the accountability for the leaders that are responsible for the debacle and carried out this quagmire and created this catastrophe. people like mark milley and lloyd austin. are they going to suffer any repercussions for letting afghanistan fall so bad and not seeing the taliban was on the march through the spring and april and may and june? why didn't they act sooner?
6:42 pm
get this. a new report from finds the biden administration is now planning to allow some afghan civil servants, in other words, afghanis from the old taliban regime, the ones that believed in strict sharia law to be exempt from terror related bans and they'll be allowed to enter the u.s. that is a brilliant national security move on their part. that's not all. we're learning that a suspected terrorist is going to get transferred out of gitmo. that's going to work out well, too. biden's reckless afghanistan exit, never ending foreign policy failures are ushering in a new terror crisis across the region and right here on our homeland. it's emboldening all of american's adversaries.
6:43 pm
look at president xi, the mullash in iran. here to explain more, ric grenell. thanks for sharing this with us. this is all predictable. now, we see russia gets a waiver for natural gas for putin. so russia is getting rich again. we see the president's sign on the hostility and the hostile maneuvers in taiwan airspace with their fighter jets. we now hear from joe's iranian envoy that it's likely we won't stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. now we're going to let the taliban in to america and take them off the terror watch list? tell me what of that is smart?
6:44 pm
>> here's the deal, sean. biden is lying. he's lying about working with good terrorists and bad terrorists. you can see from the pictures of the women being brutalized, the largest crisis for women's rights in world history. he's dying about the number of americans left behind. the brave veteran organizations are getting americans out every day. the biggest thing, he's lying on clueless. this long range over the horizon strategy with no troops on the ground over there can keep us safe. we're on a road to another 9:11. the great americans like the one that i dined with in flagler county, florida, that's why the numbered tanked. never is numbering. the number 1 job of the federal
6:45 pm
government is to keep america safe. we're less safe than we were in 2001. this cancer that is spreading in afghanistan that you saw in the photos is going to spread outside of afghanistan and follow us home. i for one and ric feels the same way, we're not going to wait until we have another pulse nightclub or what we have in taliban caliphate that will create another 9-11. >> rick, joe says and he claims that he has all the leverage and the taliban are professional and candidate and business-like. is that how you characterize them? >> no, absolutely not. i don't know how many times the foreign policy establishment in d.c. will look at failure after failure from democrats. let's be honest. we can go back to bill clinton, you can go back to the obama-biden days when the caliphate took over throughout syria and iraq and other places. now we're seeing the debacle in
6:46 pm
afghanistan. i would add to that. the tensions and the hostilities along the border between kosovo and serbia. the balkans are feeling it. this is a vacuum of u.s. leadership. elections matter. elections matter to our safety as the congressman is talking about. i don't think that we are more safe. just from eight months ago. from biden took over, we're less safe. we need to be able to face that fact very clearly. when our enemies, they smell weakness, they see a difference between the threat of military action and a credible threat of military action. right now we don't have a credible threat. you look at the chinese, look at the russians, look at the leaders in the balkans. we have troops on the ukrainian border. we can go through country by country that is absolutely taking advantage of us right now why don't have leadership in
6:47 pm
washington or the white house. >> sean: joe has just turned the page and 62 days later, he's abandoned fellow americans and has not mentioned them in 45 days. unbelievable. when we come back, america's new favorite saying is viral. "let's go brandon." features to go at sporting events. clay travis reacts next.
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>> sean: all right. the phrase "let's go brandon" is the new rallying cry for americans all over the country. it's viral. mocks the massive failures of joe biden. the media mob's endless obsession in covering up for him.
6:52 pm
look at this sign at the giants dodger's game. a great game in the heart of liberal san francisco. remember this started. the nascar race, amid chants of f joe biden, yeah, the interviewer -- she probably had -- i'm not saying she didn't anything wrong. you can hear the chants for brandon. no, they were saying something else. >> it's unbelievable moment. >> brandon, you told me that you can hear the chants from the crowd. let's go brandon! >> sean: here with reaction, travis, radio show, nationally
6:53 pm
syndicated, clay travis. i feel bad for the reporter. she has an earpiece in. probably did think it was let's go brandon. i don't fault her. she's probably shocked this is viral. this is real now. it's "let's go brandon" or it's going to be f joe biden. it's getting louder and happening more frequently. what do you think is happen something. >> first of all, i agree with you about the reporter. thanks for having me on. she didn't know what was being said. she probably had an earpiece in. the big nascar ear muffs on to conduct her interview. it's emblematic of the media covering up for joe biden. that's why people love it so much. san francisco is doing it, it's going viral. we sold thousands of t-shirts
6:54 pm
"let's go brandon." there's people chanting expletives of their kids. maybe they don't want to endorse that king of language. but let's go brandon is funny. it's an inside joke. kids love it on college campuses. it's spraying like wild fire. kind of surprising that the hospital has lost superintendent much support in ten months. let's go brandon indied. >> sean: not a single thing that i can think of that is as successful. i tend to agree with you. now that this has happened, instead of the expletive, let's go brandon! have to add humor to it. it works. the message gets out. everybody is in on the joke. how many of those t-shirts?
6:55 pm
>> thousands. we can't print them fast enough. if you want your own -- >> sean: why don't i get a free one? i want a free t-shirt. why are you charging me? >> our viewers have to pay for it. you won $100 off of me. >> sean: that's true. you can send me let's go brandon t-shirts in lieu of the $100 cash when i told you not to bet against nick saban. >> that's right. i was wrong. you're right. you'll get the t-shirts as a result. >> sean: more to come. clay travis, thanks for being with us. when we come back, the villain of the day straight ahead. works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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>> sean: time for our villain of the day. a group of climate activists taking to the streets in d.c. yesterday. literally assaulting officers in front of the department of the interior headquarters and trying to barge their way in. doesn't seem so peaceful to me.
7:00 pm
i wonder when we're going to have a special committee investigate this. don't expect to hear from the media mob about this. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. have a great weekend. "the ingraham angle" is next. we'll see you back here monday. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." the grocery store shelf are bear. the cost of renting an apartment are soaring. energy costs made worse by the biden agenda. now political revealing that biden or his team never saw any of this coming. political peril that he didn't see coming is called inflation. biden is not just asleep at the wheel. he's putting us to sleep, too.
7:01 pm
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