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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 15, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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october 15, 2021. as always, "the story" goes on. guess what happens. on monday, guy away, martha comes back at 3:00. it was a great week. thanks for tuning in. we very much appreciate it. have a good weekend. "your world" with neil cavuto, the best in business right now. >> neil: had it with this 70s show, prices soaring, gas lines returning, savings dwindling? how about we turn the clock not quite so far back. not 50 years ago. how about just six years ago? to 2015. it has nothing to do with the price of gas back then or who the president was back then or another guy teeing up but running for president back then. no, 2015 was the last time that we heard from a singer simply known as adele. an iconic musical voice whose
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album "25" would be the last we'd hear for her for years. six long years. that is until now. because inflation may be back and you can't change that. so is adele. really, why would you think about changing that? today, today, fox on top of a pop star back. teasing her return with a single song. ♪♪ >> neil: i'm sorry. adele is back. there's hope for the world. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. i know what you're thinking. did this last time we had a session about her. this adele fixation of yours, cavuto is weird. make it makes you uncomfortable. last time i got into this, some of you said it was creepy. you're old enough to be her father. true enough. i'm old enough as well to appreciate this remarkable
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singer's impeccable timing. so today, all of these stories that dominate our national discourse, the mess in washington, the soaring prices, the spending craziness, they're all taking a back seat to a front and center superstar that might ever so briefly take our minds off of what ailes us and units it. the markets are calling it the adele rally. maybe they're not but i am. that's why i'm making a big deal out of it. not some weird, disturbing obsession but because of the calming, captivating lyrics that she brings to the world that needs this welcome distraction. that's why this is so big. because something good is back. what better way to jump in to a weekend, right? by the way, you're welcome, america. the world is watching. at least "your world."
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easy on me, an easy win for adele. the world wants to know. to david lee miller on the phenomenon, david lee. >> three words, it's a hit. adele's video for her new song "easy on me" has but viewed more than 33 million times. makes at this time ninth most watched video in the first 24 hours of release. that list dominated by kpop, ariana grande and taylor swift. the entire album called "30" is set to release november 19. the name is a reference to a certain period of time in her life. in this case, when the 33-year-old singer was 30 years old. if any reaction is any guide, it could do better than her last album, which was the best selling album of 2015 and the fourth this century selling 22 million copies.
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it won the grammy for best album of the year. adele told an interviewer with "vogue" magazine that she was the cover story as well, the song "easy on me" is what she refers to as her inner turmoil. the song is dedicated to her 9-year-old son and will help understand the reasons for the divorce. the song and album destined for commercial and critical success. adele is resisting comparisons to her previous blockbuster hit and she told vogue "not a bombastic hello". the new album is expected to be the first time her music can be listened on the on a streaming service. neil, a recent quote from adele, she said i didn't write songs about a specific thing. i write about love and everyone knows what it is like to have your heart broken. neil? >> neil: so true.
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david lee, so true. thank you. some of the best reporting i've seen out of you in many years. that's david lee. a lot of you want to know have you been in contact with adele? we did reach out to her on this stunning development here, this began at fox business, which you don't get you should demand. adele gets it so she heard about it. anyway, she got back to one of my producers on fox business, kevin fitzgerald. they said hi, kevin. thanks for reaching. as it turns out, this is impossible. best benny, a top p.r. representative. i told kevin, let him know you're calling. it's neil cavuto. all right. he did four or five times. but, but, i suspect they were a little busy. new album. like bret baier with his new book. busy, busy. it's a matter of time. all right. let's get the read right now from ashley dvorkin. i can't wait to see the e-mails.
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she joins us, fox news entertainment reporter. you know all kidding aside, there's certain debts that people talk about, like a big movie or a new series that takes on excitement, but this case, someone who we haven't heard from in the better part of half a decade, she's very good at building up the tempo and excitement. is it resonating? >> it's similar to the james bond world premier that we had in london last month. adele is like the music version of that. happy adele day. >> ashley, you were saying, yes, happy adele day. the excitement is building.
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i think that artists and singer song writers in particular really connect when they're honest. that's what adele deal. she tells her story. whether you relate to that specific story, you're just excited to share your feelings, too and belt out the songs to the best of your ability along with her. >> neil: i don't want to give away everything on this song that's been released november 19 "easy on me" but it does go through her recent divorce. hannah, one of the things that comes out in this, she really hasn't changed a lot of its tone, the deep rooting and all of that. i'm wondering what changes here. >> really open like you say about her divorce, about all of the feelings that she's gone through. i was going to say with this opening unlike "hello", there's more of a feeling of hope with this. looking to the future and
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growth. i feel she's feeling strong and confident and she's coming out. last time she was very much a girl. >> neil: you echos what i thought earlier, before she was a girl. today she's a woman. i'm wondering, the pressure puts on her to have a run-away huge album. the last one, if you think about it, it's been streaming got to be a big thing. how does that change things now? >> for adele, it doesn't change much. i don't think she's looking at it for the popularity for it. she's looking for the connection. she talked about how this was therapeutic for her. she a talks about writing it like a friend that was there for her. she's excited to share it. as you can see as we talk about, all the excitement is building. it's going to have that effect
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and be just as popular. whether they stream it, buy the albums, whatever you do, people will get this music. >> neil: hannah, the other thing they're talking about is how much weight she lost. i thought touch weight myself. i was worried that that would affect her voice. it hasn't. she's still as angelic as ever. some of these images are the older images. she's much thinner now. your thoughts on all of that. >> the pounds is obviously a huge amount of weight to lose. in her recent vogue interview, she's really honest. it was exercises three times a day, which helped her shed all the weight. she's irritated by it because she did it for herself. she wasn't doing it to impress anyone or conform to that
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hollywood stereotype. and she's done it for herself. you're right. i think that she does look different. some people think she looks too thin. i have to say, i think she's kept it really classy with her style. she has glamour in her recent vogue cover, which reminded me of bridget bardo. >> and i told you about the adele rally on wall street. many say it had nothing to do with her. that's a separate issue. i want to go to dr. joe benny. he quoted a great story in the wall street journal. he knows what he speaks of. you go back in history to prove that songs about breakups and divorces, they cut across the musical spectrum here with the biggest names. those songs end up doing quite
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well, don't they? >> yeah, i think it's something of a truism in summarizing. if you can write about a universal human emotion, adele's case like heart break, one that we have all experienced and if you can do that in a way that communicates to people, it's a very good recipe for a hit. because by definition you're talking to something that a large number of people find relatable. as you say, there's no shortage of particularly women singers and singer song writers through history who have done this to great effect. adele is what we're talking about right now. decades ago, we could have talked about judy garland or katie lang, so many people that have troddened this path. >> neil: a lot of men in 1978
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with marvin gaye or bob dylan. he wasn't talking about relationships but they risk a lot when they do that. willie nelson in phases and stages, 74. they do take a bit of a chance there, don't they? >> well, yes. clearly when you're talking about your own personal auto biographical experience as a song writer, there's a certain emotional risk there to the artist putting themselves on the line in that way. and yet, there's an opportunity there for the song writer to mine that experience for the emotional truth it conveys and put it down in a lyric that people are more likely to find it understandable and relatable. >> neil: anything like with the fleetwood mac album and stevie
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knicks and buckingham, that had to be one of the weirdest in history. >> one of the most commercially successful in history. >> neil: absolutely. >> that album born of heart break and possibly because of the combination -- talking about rumors, its success could be ascribed to a combination of those universally relatable romantic themes that most adults have had the experience of having their heart broken with this sort of updated sound that the band brought to this album. a lot of those sounds sound deceptively cheerful when you listen to the music and you realize how brutal the sentiments are. >> neil: thanks very much, doctor. i appreciate you taking the time here. i hope you appreciate taking the time here. we're following the
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repercussions on this. let me know in adele does get through. but the administration, not a peep out of them on this whole adele issue. they're worried about other issues. they're rolling in the deep and trouble there. but so far, the administration right now is pretty much saying hello to some new criticism. after this. ♪♪
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>> neil: is one viewer said your obsession with adele is disturbing not only because you're old enough to be her father -- everybody brings that up -- because you look creepy when you talk about it. that is a little mean. but we have indeed heard back from adele. the call was cut off. but right before it was, we had called her real quickly and all she had to say is hello! never gets old for me. gets old for my crew. they've heard it and 8,000
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times. let's go to jacqui heinrich at the white house moving on to bigger, more important stories. i find it curious the president didn't mention adele. just me but -- >> there might be hope yet, neil. jen psaki walked behind me a few moments ago. you don't get face to face with the press secretary all that often. when you do, you want to ask important questions. because of you, i asked what she felt about adele's new song. she looked busy -- >> neil: they all look busy. >> the president is on his connecticut trip today. he was in a child care center touting his build back better agenda. the family's portion of his spending plan. he talked about his experience as a single dad, a widower raising two young sons so make the case for the child care
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portions part of the plan. he talked about other pieces of the agenda, the elder care, community college, roads and bridges, money for internet and clean water. again, these spending plans are no closer to passing right now with democrats still unable to agree about what they can pass. the president expressed confidence today. >> we're going to get it done. we're not going to get $3.5 trillion. we'll get less than that but we'll get it. >> yesterday the white house acknowledged for the first time that the time for talks is running out. progressives have indicated they're not in a hurry to pass anything. they're eager to fight joe manchin and krysten sinema for more spending that they oppose. democrats are getting leery about the impact this could have on the mid-terms. >> to the progressives, we would say wherever we come up short, let's go to the voters in 2022 and say we just made the biggest
1:21 pm
down payment on issues that will get people back in the work force and more we can do with a bigger majority. >> the white house is touting higher retail sales. continuing shortages and price hikes are ahead. the president has not taken any questions on this or on his agenda all week. >> a lot of questions the press is going to want to ask me and how are the negotiations going, how are we going to get this done. i told you before what my newer -- neurosurgeon said. he's a congenital optimism. >> a diagnosis from his neurosurgeon years ago. we'll see if that diagnosis holds, neil. >> neil: meantime, we'll hear from the other side. see what i did there?
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>> i see what you did. >> all right. thank you very much. let me know if they say anything about adele. she has a great sense of humor. william la jeunesse is at the port of long beach, california and monitoring things, how they're going out there. i'm thinking as i'm ready to go to you, william, it's a good thing that we stream music. if she had to depend, adele and i'm sure you're much into this as getting to cds or dvds deliver to you on some cargo ships. >> i've been told that adele is not on a cargo ship behind me. we've been looking into that. it's important to put the president's announcement in to some perspective. the ports don't make this decision to make this port go 24/7. each port has several terminals. each independently owned. even though the administration says that long beach had already gone to 24/7 and l.a. would meet
1:23 pm
that effort, only one terminal out of six added the third shift and four days, not seven. so it's misleading to suggest that they immediately doubled capacity as was claimed, 50% anyways. they're trying to get the players on the same page. their timetable is 80 days, two to three months, not weeks, to scale up to 24/7. >> we have enough workers today. it's a matter of making sure they're at the right place at the right time with the skill sets necessary to move the cargo. the union said we're ready. >> another problem is trucking, shortage of drivers. the chassis that carry those containers. also warehouse space. they don't have the workers to move the cargo. >> we're certainly trying to move to more effective 24/7 operations. i'm not sure how much of that we're going to get done in the near term. it's a good goal.
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>> so right now there's 77 ships basically offshore. another 25 arriving in the next three days, neil. a sign of course of our dependence, our trade gap with china, which went up 11% in august. trade deficit up 34% over last year. >> neil: incredible. thanks, william. and ed, i was thinking of you. i don't know what is worse for the fast food industry. labor prices are out of control or adele giving up fast food. she loses over 100 pounds. she's an iconic symbol. the worst of both worlds there, my friend. >> i'm interesting in how she fears about mature, chubby bald guys. don't tell barbara i said that we're in a terrible dilemma, neil. this has been 35 years in the making. first, we pushed through regulation and laws and taxes so much manufacturing out of the
1:25 pm
united states. we haven't done a great job of training our youth how to become tradesmen and trades women. we need welders and truck driver. we should have spend as much time on them than as college loan programs that made doctors of philosophy that haven't made anything with their hands. i believe we need deep thinkers in this country. but right now, for example, if you're a truck driver on the west coast and you want to go in to the port of long beach to pick up cargo containers, you have to have a special certification from the government. i think it's called a wic certificate. there's one place to get it. the lines are horrendous. the drivers don't want top stand in line. every day they're in line trying to get finger printed, they're not on the road making money.
1:26 pm
the average truck driver is running 3,300 miles a week up to 7,000 miles a week. they're getting paid 38 cents to 52 cents a mile for that. my goodness gracious, really good mcdonald's managers are making twice that. this is craziness that we've got such a dislocation of talent and need against our national interest. i wish we would start working as hard, forget infrastructure for the next six months and working how we're going to bring manufacturing back to the united states strategically, this is so important. not only because we need to have u.s.-made goods but we need to have jobs for our citizens. you have a better sense of worth if you work every day and you earn a living. we say we have a shortage of truck drivers. no, we don't. we have a shortage of strategic development of truck drivers that get paid fair and honest.
1:27 pm
a restaurant manager gets to go home every night, a guy running a truck up and down the highway is criticized for the way they drive and they never see their family. it's a difficult lifestyle and we do nothing to help them. >> neil: has to be something. thanks, ed. good catching up with you. no matter how you slice it, when it comes to this economy, seems like everybody is rolling in the deep, right? more after this. ♪♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lowe's showrooms have a variety of stylish flooring you'll love for years to come. like stainmaster lifetime
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go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. >> neil: i don't know in adele will take her money in bitcoin as celebrities do, but the mayor of miami wants to do that. he's next.
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>> neil: all right. the president is still pushing his big spending package. you always hear from some republicans that they're open to the infrastructure only package that roughly $1 trillion package. but not all republicans when it comes to south carolina's nancy mace. she's not a fan of either, taking the time to join us now on this adele debut song day. she's very excited about that. congressman very good to see you. i'll go past the adel drama and get to the washington drama and whether you could be aaswaged t vote for the infrastructure only place. >> i can say hello, neil. is that the theme for today? >> neil: touche. >> yeah. the infrastructure package right
1:33 pm
now, 1.2 trillion, we're talking about $40 billion that will go to roads and bridges. the other 70 billion will go to public mass transit. no republican in the house of representatives was allowed to negotiate and work in a bipartisan way. so it's very difficult for republicans in the house to support this bill. if we're going to -- it's obvious. our clear. our country needs infrastructure. if we're going to do infrastructure, let's do it and let's do it where it's bipartisan and bicameral. >> neil: you expected concerns on the more expensive package come up with a lower figure that you wouldn't trust it, especially if it meant changing the number of years to vote into certain programs because they would be reuped and the spending would be bigger, right? >> absolutely. to pay for this spending, you'll have to have tax increases, which is going to add to our inflation woes. if you're going to increase
1:34 pm
corporate taxes and have to increase them, we're talking about the largest highest corporate tax rate in the world. so what do you think american companies and businesses are going to do? they're going to take their businesses overseas, which means fewer jobs, lower wages for american employees. it's all around going to go from bad to worse economically for our country if we allow bernie sanders and aoc write this budget. >> neil: so are republicans concerned maybe with all the best reasons to be in the odd position of the party of no and that that is what democrats will use against you. assuming that they can get their act together and get this approved. >> it's hard to say. we're not certain any type of spending deal on infrastructure or otherwise will get done by the halloween deadline for december 3 deadline. thank god for democrats like krysten sinema and joe manchin that are holding their own and
1:35 pm
holding the line and holding all the cards right now to try to reduce that spending figure. if it does pass, it will be lower than 3.5 even. so it's very difficult to say what will happen. it's easy. i have to tell you. a lot of people say what about the difficult votes this year. voting no is the easiest thing to do. the question is when republicans are in power, when we win the majority in 2022, what are we going to do. are we going to do what we always do, increase the debt ceiling, increase taxes or fumble on other major portions of our economy like healthcare or what are we going to do with that in the future? those are the tough votes. >> neil: very good point on all. thanks, congressman. have a good weekend. you think looking around washington, everything going on, things are disastrous that the sky is falling. it's not. more after this. ♪♪
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you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> neil: all right. we've been telling you about stocks today. you see what's going on with bitcoin in. it's surging big time. a lot of it buoyed by belief that it was soon be approved by the fcc offering investors another way to take some advantage of this phenomenon. here ahead of that particular curve, the mayor of miami, francis suarez. you were keen before any others having the city being able to pay its workers in bitcoin. i'm just wondering what drove you to that and are you still looking forward to doing that. >> we are. what drove us to that is there's a lot of frustration on the part
1:41 pm
of people who think that the financial system that is run by people as opposed to a country or program is systemically flawed. you see corruption around the world, hyper inflation, rapid government spending. i think people want a currency or a storm of value that is devoid of all of that. that's why i think you've seen the value of bitcoin eclipse 60,000 that he just showed. people are betting on bitcoin versus a dollar. >> it's a volatile ride, right? a lot of people are getting concerns that what goes up could come back down. this has been a wild swing here. i'm wondering when you hear that china is all but criminalized all of these cryptocurrencies and strategies and our own sec is talking about taming it, it's the wild west of investments and someone has to regulate it, does that give you pause? >> not with bitcoin per se. maybe with other currencies.
1:42 pm
the fact that china is banning it makes me want to run towards. the fact that china doesn't control it and that's why they want to ban it is something that should give all americans a desire to want to know more about it. certainly from the perspective of mining, which is how you authenticate the bitcoin transactions, before china was a power house in mining. they were the super power in mining. they did it with dirty energy. we're doing it here in the united states. we just eclipse china as the number 1 country in the world in mining and we're doing it with clean energy. we're doing it without polluting the environment. that's important. that's what people criticize about bitcoin morning. >> any of your workers expressed being paid in bid coin? >> many of them have. our chief executive officer got
1:43 pm
paid. he was our guinea pig. that worked out well. we have a company that will allow our employees to take a percentage of their salaries. i wouldn't recommend the whole thing. but it's a percentage and it's an investment like any other. you have to learn about it. there's also -- we're going to teach them about it and have some training courses that go with it. >> neil: got it. thanks. fascinating. as far as the push to get paid in bitcoin, a lot of athletes like it. celebrities. i don't know if it's applying to adele with her album debut. by the way, i'm getting a lot of e-mails from people. what does your wife think of, this neil, with this obsession? funny you should ask. it's our 38th wedding anniversary today. i've not heard word from her. i don't know. more after this. ♪♪
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> neil: we're getting word that president biden called bill clinton to wish him a speedy
1:48 pm
recovery. let's get the latest from jeff paul. jeff? >> yeah, neil. president clinton is said to be doing dramatically better and getting back to his usual self. because of that, we heard will go home maybe today or tomorrow. president clinton was admitted to the hospital in the city of orange, california tuesday. he's reportedly getting treatment for what is said to be a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream. doctors tell us his white blood cell count is trending down. we're being told this is a common thing to happen to folks over the age of 75. he should be okay. we know that former president's wife, former secretary of state, hillary clinton is here in california. she's been seen leaving the hospital after a visit with her husband, former president, bill clinton. we should mention, neil, that president clinton has had heart issues in the past. he had a quadruple bypass
1:49 pm
surgery. doctors say it has nothing to do with his heart and covid and hope he goes home soon. neil? >> neil: thanks, jeff. doctor, great to have you back here with us. very little we know about the details of president clinton. what is your quick diagnosis? >> i think based on information that is available and looking at publicly from the information coming out, he's on the mend. as mentioned, the uti is a noncovid related illness and it's treatable. we're wishing president clinton health and a speedy recovery. >> neil: what do you make of what's been happening on the covid front in this country where cases are markedly going down in the last week, doctor, 4 million more americans have gotten some form of a shot all the way up from the first covid vaccine shot to a booster shot. what did you make of that? >> you know, this is an exciting
1:50 pm
time in the pandemic in the sense where we have so much great data and you're seeing fda advisory committee meet today and yesterday and tomorrow. a lot that is on the agenda in terms of talking about the booster shots as we know. you know, there's the recommendation from the advisory committee to move with moderna, j&j and mixing and matching. so all told, hospitalizations are decreasing, same thing with deaths. we're seeing an increasing number of cases in certain parts of the united states. it's important to be vigilant. we want to make sure we get out safely as well as a nation and the world. >> neil: how are you on this vaccine for kids as young as 5? >> i'm a mother as well. i'm a mother of three. all three would qualified for that pediatric vaccine. i'm excited and looking forward to it but i also want to see the
1:51 pm
data. the top line data that we have is from the press releases from pfizer. looks like it's great in terms of its effectiveness, in terms of the response. i also want to see the data. once the fda committee meets and the cdc meets and they provide the recommendation, i'm looking forward to getting my children vaccinated. we want to go back to normalish as soon as possible for our children as well. >> neil: i like that normaish. we don't know what that is anymore. but one thing about the booster push, so many people getting it without consulting their doctors. they're getting it on their own. it's okay to do that. i assume it doesn't hurt. are you surprised by that? people just going, signing up with cvs or walgreen'ss to get it without discussing it with their doctor?
1:52 pm
>> it's easy to get a covid-19 vaccine, whether it's the first, second, third or the booster shot. it's on the honor system. like the pandemic. you know, where we need to continue to improve is on the communication. people have to make the best decision for themselves and their family in the absence of any public health guidance. we have been relatively slow in giving this information because we're waiting on data, which is important. but making people get nervous and want to be active and take that next step. so i urge americans to talk to your provider. ensure that you meet the criteria and what is best for you. we know the vaccines are safe and effective. >> neil: got it. thanks, doctor, for that update. we appreciate that. meantime, the auto industry is in a world of hurt. if you want a new car, you might be waiting for a while. rumor has it you might wait a long while. ♪♪
1:53 pm
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1:57 pm
>> well, listen, you have the ship issue, you have the supply chain issue and, you know, they can't get these vehicles manufactured fast enough. you know, all the plans shut down due to covid. then we have the chip issue, we have the supply chain issue and the manufacturers just can't produce the product. and add to it the labor factor, neil. you know, there is's a lot that, we're in a market where we can't get the proper labor to produce the vehicles and get them to the dealerships >> neil: so what do you tell your customers? what popular models will be waiting or what's on your line. >> i have to tell you they're waiting for everything. we're selling into the pipeline. we're selling stuff that's still on the ships coming in and we are he a taking orders that are, three, four, five, even six months back. you know, we're at inventory levels at an all-time low. historically we kept a 90-day supply on our dealership's parking lot. right now we're less than 30 days supply and, i have to tell you, there's not enough used cars out there either. people are holding on to their
1:58 pm
cars. they're not selling their used cars. so it's a very interesting dynamic. it's an epidemic >> neil: a lot of dealerships are calling in leases, even if they have many months to go on a lease, bring the car in, and i guess even if they don't get a new car, i guess the strategy is sell that car. >> well, listen, people are turning in leases and dealerships are trying to buy them because they need product to sell to their customers, they need used cars and people in the leases can sell these cars and get out of them and actually walk out with a check. so that's why they're doing it. but i have to tell you, you know, i just got back from las vegas, i was at several dealer meetings with the manufacturers, and this is not going to end soon. they're talking about into 2022, possibly into 2023. >> neil: wow. what's the longest a customer's been waiting to get a vehicle, let's say a popular vehicle? >> we have vehicles ordered out one year, neil and it's
1:59 pm
unbelievable >> neil: one year. >> people are willing to wait one year and i have to tell you something, it's basic economics, supply and demand what's going on in the marketplace is prices are rising on a monthly basis. the manufacturer's pushing the price up because they have less supply and need to make more money and the consumers are the ones that pay for it >> neil: i hear you. tom keep us posted, tom a car dealership owner and this is a phenomenon that all the major auto makers, we'll be following that and updating you on any calls we might be getting from adele on the release of her song easy on me. this song has been downloaded, what, better than 25 million times, someone was telling me more like 50 million times, the new adele, i think she lost way too much weight but it has not impacted her voice at all. i will play a little bit of her song and let you know this will probably be on our live saturday show or at least an update for you. my staff is telling me neil your message light is on on your
2:00 pm
phone so i know what that means. tomorrow we're focusing on that and car delays and shipment delays and cargo problems. but, you know, as bad as things are, the good news is, adele is back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> hello everybody, i'm jesse watters along with katie avenue listen, jessica tarlov schon and bream and brian, 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> jesse: the harsh reality of joe biden's america really coming into focus these abdominal couple of weeks. the president getting ridiculed on line as hashtag empty shelves low over the supply chain crisis he waited too long to fix and as if that wasn't bad enough gas


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