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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 15, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: and emotional and solemn moment at our nation's capital, thousands of members of law enforcement, their families and friends lit up the night sky at the national mall. look at that. they were honoring the 701 officers who have died in the line of duty in previous years including 434 who died in 2019 and in 2020.
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as we pay tribute to our nations police officers sacrifices and hero is, national police week, we invite you to join us. this is "outnumbered" and i'm harris faulkner faulkner joined by my cohost emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren's and in that virtual seat steve hilton, host of the next revolution. with the addition of 701 names, the total number of officers honored at the national memorial wall grew to 2,611 census dedication three decades ago. homeland security chief al hundo my argus honoring those. we recognize the nobility of the law enforcement profession and we pay tribute to those who lost their lives and sacrifice of the safety of our communities and we remember them and we recognize you, the families, all of you,
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as heroes. >> harris: heroes such as chicago police officer ella french who died after she was shot in the head during a traffic stop this year, just in august. her partner carlos yanez was shot four times. he survived. he lost an eye and still has two bullets lodged in his brain. yesterday he was released by from the hospital and saluted by his fellow police officers and a cheering crowd. let's just take a moment to take this in. [applause] how about that. so this week we are recognizing. it's tough times for police officers and they got a lot on them, steve. >> steve: yes. and honestly, those scenes there, both of those are so poignant. when you see the individual recognition there that reminds
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us that we can talk about the police in general, policing in general, but in the end it's individual people who are incredibly brave. every single day they go out there and they try to keep order and keep us safe and they put their lives on the line, their safety on the line, their families on the line. it's an unlivable reminder of that when you see focused on one individual in that beautiful scene. then you take it broader and you look at the new yorkers, very nice of them to show up there and say very nice things but he dashed directly responsible for the border and even more broadly than not, of course. we see nothing but an assault on policing and police officers of the past year or so. not just defunding the police, specifically, taking away resources and money from police forces around the country.
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demoralizing police officers, demoralizing them to the extent that they are leaving the force, leaving the ones that are left even more vulnerable and leaving all of us unprotected and it makes me so angry frankly to see mayorkas they are trying to make out this biden regime on his policing when they clearly don't. and the one person it really reminds me of actually, the vice president who finds time to show up to a bakery and makes space videos, she finds time for all that but can't even be bothered to go there. the least you would think is the vice president would go there to honor police but they don't do that because i don't really mean it because they've been captured by the woke ideology that says the police are bad. that's why these things are so important and i'm so pleased that we are recognizing it because they need, the police are there to defend us at this particular point in time and we also need to defend them.
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>> tomi: i love that steve said that because that's exactly what i was going to say. we have a cultural lawlessness in this country and we also have anti-police thread it day by day and the democratic party as a whole especially the most vocal members of the democratic party. but we can do as a silent majority is get louder with our support for law enforcement and we can change that culture. law enforcement officers want to go out there every day and they want to serve and they want to protect and they understand that it's dangerous and they even understand that sometimes they won't be welcomed into certain communities but what we can do to make their jobs easier is make them feel appreciated. but it's not even just the officers. i've spoken to so many officers and their families and their family say we want to be recognized, too. there are so many that i've spoken to that of lost their husbands and bought wives in the line of duty and they say they feel forgotten by the communities. i often challenge communities to recognize her name one law enforcement officer that was lost in last year and most can't
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do it. remember the names of george floyd and sandra bland and freddie gray and others but we very rarely remember those other police officers that have given their lives and sacrificed so much. what we can really do to honor police officers and national police and every day is honor their sacrifice and uplift all the wonderful things that they do and change tt culture so they feel appreciated, respected and supported. >> harris: context also matters in this, and you and i have talked about this because i know you traveled all across the country with former president trump and met so many first responders and law enforcement officers. there are many of them and sometimes it's up to those local communities to lift them up but as we learn about them we can certainly say those names. i've done a couple of police specials and we have a ticker here in studio f, we put their names up and try to read recognize those precincts were missing them but it's upon us all as americans to know who is serving in our community. >> kayleigh: you are exactly right and i have watched all specials and as she said it so
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important. i want to contextualize for our viewers how often it occurs that we lose an officer in the line of duty so i went back and looked. in the last week we have lost four officers, in the in the last month, we've been here in 15 days in october and in 15 days was lost roughly one officer every day and these are the officers that were lost just this week. on sunday master deputy william marsh died of covid-19. on sunday sergeant michael ride was struck and killed by commercial vehicle and also on the day johnny really is was assaulted by a man who attacked him and left him unconscious. on tuesday, correctional officer scanlon -- of this amazing when i read about his story, he was shot in a 2016 and it just succumbed to his injuries this week. these are our officers and these are our heroes and they should be honored. this is not a cabinet level event where you send mayorkas, steve is exactly right.
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you don't send garland, is the end of the president of the united states. i can tell you one thing, our former commander in chief should have been there, one might wonder where ours was, he might have already been asleep. >> harris: sometimes what you see some of us doing on social media and fox news that does as a whole, you see some of those fun body cam things up cops doing things that are nice but i want to focus on what they do that saves lives because, you know, we have at&t services, sometimes cops are the first one on the scene and thank goodness for them. take a look at this, it's a new body cam footage and it shows a heroic moment in garland, texas, officers rescuing a man from a burning car. you can hear what's being said. watch. >> hey, come on. i'm on man. come on, get your shoe out. come on. come on man. >> get his hand. >> come on man.
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give him the hands. give him the hands. >> they don't quit. >> they don't. they are absolute euros. that calling is hallmarked by heroism and selfless service. we are fearless here at fox. we are fearless here in our own lives with our support of law enforcement, unabashedly so. but i want to take a step back and point out a few examples throughout this culture that unfortunately have been fostered particularly within this administration which is capitulated to the so-called progressive left woke forces. remember when liquid a ranch distillery tried to fund raise for phone officers in florida? the ads for doing so were blocked by facebook. if you go to court in maryland you are banned from wearing a thin blue line mask. remember that new orleans is oop program that fostered community between children and officers there? it was canceled because it was considered "triggering." and i want to point something out. when you mention the families of
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the fallen's, these officers were gunned down on december 20, 2014, just for being cops. they were both shot and killed while sitting in their patrol cars in new york city and the family of detective ramose launched the detective remo's foundation. the point of which was to honor his legacy and bring aid and scholarship funds and render help to the families of those of us, those phone officers in the line of duty but one of their main goals is to foster a relationship between communities and law enforcement. so here's a heartbroken shattered family that launched a foundation and are dedicated to healing the wounds that for some reason here in society, people continue to try to stoke that divisiveness because officers are part of the community and even the families are hallmarked, my point is, by service, continued in service even in the wake of those absently tragic deaths. >> harris: just ahead, the country is facing one crisis
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after another. you know that. inflation, supply chain chaos, and partly what we are talking about, too, brought on by at least some communities and vaccine mandates. cops are watching chicago very closely because some of those officers are saying, you can't make us. we will walk off. have a violent weekend ahead of us potentially and we are all watching across the country. critics say with the country really has is a leadership crisis. we will hit that, next. ♪ ♪ [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants.
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another from inflation and supply chain chaos to the migrant surge and there's more. critics say what the country really has is a leadership crisis. you think? president biden and top departments are drawing fierce criticism. there is chief of staff ron klain with the retweets of a comment by former obama and economic advisor that rising prices are a "high-class problem. vice president kamala harris is m.i.a. on the border, and we know that, and then there is a pete buttigieg making light of the supply chain issue and how it could impact christmas. the list goes on. this is such an interesting cast of characters, steve. i just gets worse day by day. there is, and pete, there is antony blinken who bungled afghanistan, can this group get anything right? >> steve: interesting, that's one way of putting it, and i agree with you.
9:17 am
but it's staggering to see the level of confidence but it all stems from one place. the reality about these people, and one of the things that i've said about them all along. the real flaw that underlies all the other flaws in the foundation is that they are just political people and machine politicians. they have done nothing in their eyes. at biden has never done a real job in his life, all he's done is try to climb the political ladder going this way and that way, wherever the wind blows politically. he doesn't stand for anything, it doesn't have any principles or beliefs or values it is just really evident that when there's a problem you don't know where to go because you have nothing you can fall back on. one after another they've been put there not because of their competence or their experience or their ability to do the job because they send the right message. the democratic party these days is entirely about virtual signaling and placating the woke mob and their activists and saying, yes. we believe in social justice and
9:18 am
claimant and all of it rather than actually being able to do anything of any use to the american people. that's why it's all falling apart and it will continue to fall apart because in the end they actually don't know what to do because all they've got are these crazy ideological approaches to things. like when you were there with president trump, it's a practical problem-solving approach, not ideological and not particularly political. we got a problem with immigration, let's build the wall and stop people from coming into the border. everywhere you look you have a practical approach and with these guys it's entirely ideological and they haven't got a clue. i'm afraid it will get worse before we get a set of people in there that actually know what they are doing. >> emily: these are not problem solvers, they are problem because there is. just the top of the cnn headlines said this is bad news for joe biden and abigail marone said this could refer to 30 different things which is true.
9:19 am
but were we to believe that they could handle a whole total remake of the economy? gallup has a new poll which is really interesting that for the first time in a 29 year history, only twice has this happened. once during 9/11 and wants now an american say the government is doing too much. they are looking at these guys saying i don't want $4.5 trillion in the hands of the biden cabinet. >> i hope the american people are making that connection that the current administration and democratic party it as a whole is what's causing all the chaos in all these parties in the country. i'm not sure all americans are putting to attitudes together but i will say this is my concern and this is my fear. i wish i could say the biden administration and his cabinet and those that he put in charge are all just that don't know what they're doing because that's fixable but my real concern is that they know exactly what they are doing and they are trying to dismantle the government as it is and rebuild it in a way that looks far more socialist and former communist and i feel like that's exactly what they are doing.
9:20 am
they use government to create a problem and use more governments to try to solve that problem. we are talking about the worker shortage and the supply chain issues and my fear is that they will look at the border crisis and they will look at all these legal immigrants coming into the country and they will use those as an excuse and people to say, we have our worker shortage, americans don't want to work so you might as well to grant amnesty to these illegal immigrants and i believe they are dismantling things on purpose so they can build it back better the way that they see which of socialism and bigger government and that is my primary concern. >> emily: the problem for democrats is americans will reject this, >> emily: . he thinks he's fdr, biden does, but he ate there is a seed in iowa that he just lost. 46 years he's been in control of democrats and republicans just won. he needs to wake up because americans want small government and not socialism. >> emily: the polls and the
9:21 am
horizon looked bleak for him and i have to say just in time for halloween, i'm totally terrified for the future but to her point, i do feel like americans are seeing it because as we've been talking about in this ongoing conversation of inflation and the impact on everyday americans lives that we are absolutely feeling it. then we see that tone deafness coming out from the top. so here's an example in a small business my family has. during the last year of covid and riots and everything on the west coast we pay taxes and endured on-site inspections from oh lcc and o.r. doa, and all of that is separate from the agencies of protection but that's at the same time that we saw homicides, like 800% in the same area in which we operate. we saw 911 calls increased to 4. we saw 28% of state crimes of violence and property crimes
9:22 am
were reviewed for prosecution so how are you telling americans that they are supposed to keep up their end of the civic bargain when their dollar is now worth less, when they are less safe, they are having their land taken from them constructively. how are we supposed to hold up our end? >> kayleigh: one other point i want to make, pete buttigieg is on maternity leave because he just adopted two children and trump paved the way for that by the way, and it's really important. i think it's a huge deal to be with your child after they are born. but my problem is when you sign up for a job, i signed up to be trump campaign press secretary and i got back to work a few weeks later by choice because my job had an expiration date on it and so did pete buttigieg's. he did this to someone there to oversee this. >> harris: is so interesting. we talked about this a little
9:23 am
bit on "the faulkner focus." brian kilmeade and i did. i'm concerned about who's actually doing the job site now because pete buttigieg took paternity leave and i think that that's a beautiful thing. you just set it, as parents, you want to be with that baby. you want to be of the little ones. at the same time when i'm out, somebody else fills in. and you are not in your job with little blake being born, somebody filled in. he has a deputy administrator to back them up its transportation secretary, deputy secretary. until this week i didn't know that much about john to carry and now i know he is the court's are for the supply chain crisis. and you know why we didn't know much? because we didn't see him. all those times i thought pete buttigieg's in the last two months is because we saw the supply chain thing happening we know in february would have issues for a whole host of different reasons, it was coming like a train down the tracks.
9:24 am
but with this, we didn't know with jonathan carey because he wasn't taking reporter's questions. this white house actually thinks we don't deserve answers and they don't even put in backups when their main transportation secretary is out. like we have questions. >> kayleigh: we do have questions and my question is where where the reporters during all of this? >> exactly, well said. up next to the pentagon's vaccine mandate may mean some u.s. service members are getting the boot. but as u.s. navy officials announced discharge plans for sailors who don't comply, some risk losing far more than just their jobs. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback?
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speak for the u.s. navy is set to get the boot to the sailors who defy the u.s. pentagon mandate. officials say the deadline is november 14 for active duty sailors to get fully vexed. reserve have until the 14th. sailors who refuse a vaccine risk not just losing their job and pay that that veteran's benefits as well. the navy says it may even try to recoup applicable bonuses, special and incentive pay and the cost of training and education. steve, this seems incredibly draconian for a force that protects democracy and certainly does not practice it. >> steve: yes it's true conan and stupid and antiscience and completely wrong and i found my position on this. it's easy to see how we've all kind of resisted the imposition of these mandates, even those who are pro-vaccine and that shouldn't be in the public
9:30 am
section, and certainly not in this vital part of the country's life. and many of us know he's been on fox news many times and is one of the founders of the great barrington declaration, the very same pro-science voice throughout the pandemic. we had a long conversation about this and he had a very helpful framing of it. just need to bear in mind, there are two types of benefits from a vaccine. at the private benefit, does it protect you, and the public benefit, does it help control the pandemic? we all agree about the private benefit, that there's clearly, the vaccine is highly effective in stopping people from getting seriously ill or dying. the argument for these mandates is all about the public benefit, but as well as protecting you,
9:31 am
you protect others and therefore it's not just your choice. what the doctor laid out clearly is that the public benefit is not there, because in fact people who get vaccinated do spread the virus which means there is no scientific or public health proof of any of these mandates. >> kayleigh: tomi, eachisticso s looming deadline, 90% of personnel are fully vaccinated and 98% have had at least one jab, there's a big disparate representation between other branches. the army reservists and national guard have been mobilized this last year more than any other years since world war ii and they have accounted for almost 40% of service member deaths by covid. and yet around 40% have been vaccinated. so the reality is if we lose
9:32 am
that forest and we continue to deploy them with the demands from our natural disasters and a cultural disaster is that we've been seeing in these democrat led city is? >> tomi: i have to wonder if the biden administration or federal government, do they really care if our military is dismantled mr. mike sadly i think the answer is probably no but i also want to share, i have a friend who is in the navy who actually messaged me yesterday saying she was in tears because she got the notice that if she did not get vaccinated that she would lose her job. she's had a covid and has a positive antibody test so it makes absolutely no sense that she should be forced to be vaccinated, something she's very uncomfortable with. but she is trying to fight for a religious exemption right now but the question she's being put through to try to prove this religious exemption are incredibly invasive, rude and disgusting and she essentially has to prove why she doesn't want to get the vaccine. that's it overstep especially
9:33 am
for people who are fighting to protect and defend our nation, defend our freedom and they don't have freedom of their own. you have to ask the biden administration, what is your end goal? do you care about those that served, do you care about law enforcement or do you want this for us to be whittled away just like the rest of the people who are protecting and defending our communities? let's or a question to be asked. >> emily: and this can't be overstated. you are removed from the commitment you are about to make it because of that reprimand you lose potential your benefits because you are discharged less than honorably and has a lifetime effect on these families. >> kayleigh: your benefits are at risk and you may have to recoup the cost of training. it's amazing, it's onerous. and the way that tomi's friend was treated versus andy mccabe, he's number two of the fbi. despite lying to investigators and committing perjury. you are in the top rack of fbi?
9:34 am
you get paid. military hero? no. >> that's exactly right. and forth readiness is such an issue. >> harris: readiness. i want to check with some generals on how this could get into recruitment issues for them but the bottom line is, and steve helton is speaking, there's so much science out there. with all due respect to all different doctors we are not getting a litmus of what we need to be watching out for. some argue there are benefits in the community, the herd immunity belt, and we know that from the flu and other things. there's a whole host of things that go into this and that's why making mandates for one thing is so frustrating because it's coming from one perspective, it's coming from one end goal and that goal may not be herd immunity. it may just be, we think this is our shot here, no pun intended, it's part of a larger puzzle. it's a weapon and a big fight and no one is acknowledging
9:35 am
that. the mandates don't acknowledge that and it's because there is no conversation now. that's the whole point of a mandate, to have your hand in the air and get your questions answered. >> and while our tax dollars, i wish we could choose that our tax dollars go back to restoring the benefits and salaries of those service members who will now not have it. all right, yet another scandal rocking the nfl. nfl cheerleaders are demanding accountability over the sharing of nude photos of them. that story, next. to turn your home equity into cash. newday usa lets you borrow 100% of your home's value and take out $50,000 or more for security today or retirement tomorrow. get the cash and peace of mind every veteran family deserves. so make the call.
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>> kayleigh: another nfl scandal erupting, something cheerleaders are demanding answers after reports that emails were short of them between top coaches and executives. john gordon resigned monday after pass racist and misogynistic emails were
9:40 am
uncovered. the emails of the women at rit allegedly showed topless cheerleaders from a photo shoot back in 2008 when they didn't know the cam i was taking between shoots. his emails that go back as ten years have been front page headlines. where will the cheerleaders allegations go? >> tomi: i would hope it would be taken seriously but let's look at nfl as a whole. i'm not saying that gruden's emails were appropriate, they were disgusting and we could have a discussion about that but the fact that those in the media and those in the public and nfl are more asked, upset about the emails than they are about the action and members of the organization to me, to me it's a little bit off balance. let's talk about players and optimistic abuse allegations, sexual assault, weapons charges and a violent criminal history. somehow all of that is largely glossed over so i would hope that they pay not as much attention to these women who are
9:41 am
actually being objectified and that something that's actually very damaging to them and their self-esteem, their confidence and really, to the integrity of their body and the way that they feel about themselves. i hope that's taken as seriously as some words in an email that were disgusting, certainly, but let's keep it all in perspective. >> emily: and these women learned at the dissemination of these images from "the new york times" after they had settled their first lawsuit and signed a nondisclosure agreement. so it appears that they did so without knowing the full story. >> steve: the whole episode feels kind of creepy and sleazy, like taking these behind the scenes pictures and them and then sending them around, that's gross. but i think tomi makes the important point here which is actually not just relevant to the story. i feel it like it's really true of so much that's going on with the left these days, but the only thing that matters is what
9:42 am
you say, not what you do. and you of these situations thae find ourselves in as a country. they go on and on about how compassionate they are and that's why they are doing what they are doing at the border. it's not compassionate, they created a humanitarian crisis. it's the same distinction all the time and all they care about is your words and are you saying the right thing and doing the right virtual signaling. but what they actually do is completely irrelevant and it's a double standard. it's not a standard at all, it's total hypocrisy and it's true of almost everything we look at these days coming out of the left and it's actually true of this as well. >> emily: in an age where everything is discoverable on the internet and everything is published, emails going back 20 years and more and with a leak that has tried desperately to the tune of millions of dollars to change its public perception, why are the result of this investigation not being made
9:43 am
public? >> kayleigh: it begins with transparency. they reviewed 650,000 documents on this investigation with hundreds of witnesses, why would they commit to making the results of their investigation public and why is the only person who has any accountability, the coach of the las vegas raiders, not anyone at the washington organization, it should be very public. be transparent. >> that's a perfect segue to what i wanted to ask you. is that no one has been punished at washington but actually the cheerleaders have. when you look back and you look at who has had accountability and impact, the cheerleaders now are basically being downplayed. any perceived sexuality is to be stamped out, there are benefits changed, their uniforms changed, everything changed to eliminate it appears temptation rather than to hold inappropriate and illegal behavior accountable. it's so unfair and also illegal. >> harris: corporations do that all the time and what they do is they make women and the victims of sexual harassment go through all the training.
9:44 am
with, sometimes, not knowingly, i don't know what, but with men in the room. victims can be anybody. the perpetrators can be anybody but you are in some instances, at least what's been documented, punishing the people who are potentially victims by making everybody goes through those trainings. you think that we don't know how it feels to be harassed? some of us could be teaching the class. but my question is who should be held accountable? the nfl is a bunch of corporations, it's a league, like a club. we talk about roger caddell and the commissioner, we saw after ray lewis and some others that there's only so far they are willing to go. you've got to have videotapes and pictures and a bunch of stuff for the nfl league to take any sort of action. but at the end of the day, what work do they do? because they are not the employer and all of this. it's the corporation and the team and if the team is that
9:45 am
worried about it, i don't know what to say about that. it's not good enough but i don't know if i would be holding my breath for the league to do anything. >> emily: i don't think i would be either. each team is a franchise and i think the nfl acts like the federal government which is they step in when they want to and then they say, it is out of our hands. >> harris: it's a line dance. lean in, lean out. >> emily: exactly. scientists warning about 50 harmful and side effects of social media use. how harmful? if tthat's next. ♪ ♪ what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena®
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>> president biden and what critics are calling created to gave dependence on big government as new polls show americans want governments to do less, not more. we are following the biden sales pitch. his president biden being dragged down by his top advisors? karl rove has everything from questionable retweets to paternity leave. should parents have a say in whether children are taught in school? kayleigh mcenany sticks around with her take on that and dr. mark siegel will have the latest on covid-19 vaccine booster shots and are christmas tree is latest victim of supply
9:50 am
chain woes? anita vogel joins me at the top of the hour. >> harris: first of all, don't touch my tree. i love it when they give a cohost props. were going to see you, kayleigh. i don't know how often you ask yourself this. there are nearly 50 harmful effects related to sites like facebook, instagram. scientists found side effects ranging from dumb jokes -- that's a side effect? that's funny. to wasting time, depression and even incitement to suicide. we go from one end of the spectrum to a dangerous other. they say most research has focused on the benefits of social network but this means the negative effects of sites like facebook and twitter are overlooked. what are they talking about? >> kayleigh: i looked at the 46 downsides to social media.
9:51 am
if you want a healthy relationship with social media, two big pieces of advice to avoid this. number one, don't compare yourself to other people. you see the best parts of their lives and smiling moments, not sad moments, and also dismissed the haters. i laugh when i see the hate tweets because that's what gets the haters after all is when you just laugh it off. >> harris: if you know what we should do is take a little video of us laughing. no. spending too much time there. >> emily: i think it increases when its teenagers and children, especially those in their formative years when the brain is still developing in their executive function skills are still developing so whatever barriers we have and the self-respect and character to be able to withstand all of those pressures and that the delayed gratification that all of the negative effects of that and a time management, these kids don't and it's absolutely ruining their lives. >> harris: that's our job to step up his parents.
9:52 am
tomi? >> tomi: parenting is such a big part of this. you can have a healthy social media relationship and you can interact on these platforms and use them for what they're worth as a business tool but it goes back to parenting. people have to understand i can't get their validation from lakes and retweets and comments, they have to get that from themselves. time and time again we see parents who spend their day on social media and in their kid with an ipad and they are pushing the stroller. spend more time with your kids and teach them to love themselves. teach your kids to become a tool but don't be a tool. >> steve: the underlying problem is actually not the apps themselves, but that's where all the screen addiction comes from, the fact that you can carry these around in your pockets. and my advice would be to not have a smartphone at all and if you are parents don't let your
9:53 am
kids have a smartphone until they are at least 16 because i think you can't ask them. when all their friends have a phone and they demand it, it's tough for parents to resist. that's why we go one step further and say we need to ban smartphones for kids. >> harris: wow. now i feel guilty as a parent. i mean we waited for our teenagers, our 14 year old her 12, preteens. all right, programming note for you, a big and dramatic event coming up this weekend here on fox news. fox nation's "the killer next door" by john douglas will air at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it will be available on right after it airs. you can do a back-to-back which i love to do, catch all the details i might have missed, because it's huge. a true crime anthology in which a criminal profiler for the fbi depicts the worst serial killers. each one revealing a different color and how they track them
9:54 am
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>> give me that. drop it. >> let me take a look. >> coming up. come here. you don't stop screwing around back there, this is what i'm going to do with you. >> every flight may need its new kindergarten cop of a new survey is any indication, they would leave their kids alone if they offered them an upgrade to first plant, class. 9% said they'd even dig a newborn or toddler. >> this is all about the numbers, i am with the 40% but not with the 9%. they don't care where they sit, why should they have the luxury? but a newborn or a toddler, absolutely not. you can't leave them alone,
9:59 am
that's outrageous. >> they found 55% dread traveling with their kids. i've been in airports going to iowa, new hampshire with my mom, dismantling strollers, baby blankets, once held her when she was screaming, lara trump held her pacifier for me so i understand those 55% of parents. >> during the break i said no, my babies have been great flyers but i do remember a melt down bella had that just a few weeks at newark airport. it was ugly. and there was a woman is the reporting would turn around and said are you bringing that on the plane. when i said and there are two of us. she gets that waits for me. we will both be crying. >> despite the challenges, 83% of people said their best memories are while traveling. >> is a fellow passenger, no thank you. the signs that say unattended children will be given a puppy and a chocolate and a soda, leave your kid behind me in coach, i will give it a drink
10:00 am
and a cigarette. >> don't let emily babysit. >> there is no better birth control than watching parents struggle with their children in airports. utterly miserable, no one has fun. >> we will between tommy and emily. here is america reports. >> john: thank you, we will see you soon. fox news alert to kick off america reports as the supply chain crush puts the squeeze on the u.s. economy and president biden is taking heat for the hold up that could wreak havoc over the holidays. welcome to america reports on a friday. i'm john roberts on a friday. >> i am in need anita vogel in for sandra smith. president biden trying to break up the bottleneck by calling on the private sector to step up and getting busy ports to work around the clock. it's just the beginning of the supply chain


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