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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 15, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: they have been doing this for 23 years. those pumpkins are 650 pounds! >> julie: that shows how big the elephants are. they do eat them. >> bill: how long would it take to carve one? >> julie: get one and find out. have a great weekend. "faulkner focus" is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> harris: middle-class joe biden is facing a high-class problem with fierce reaction after the chief of staff sparked a fire storm. this is the "faulkner focus." the supply chain crisis front and center. the # bare shelves biden the top trend on twitter today. the white house accused of being tone deaf and a tweet from a harvard professor. president biden's chief of staff wants this retweet back.
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it says current economic problems like inflation and empty store shelves and supply chain nightmares are high-class problems. this is hardly the first time klain stirred the pot. >> where would he tweet that? is that tone deaf. >> we are at this point because we made progress in the economy. what would be worse in our view if the unemployment rate was at 10% and people were out of work. hundreds of thousands of people were still dying of covid and people were losing their homes. >> harris: jacqui heinrich has more from the north lawn of the white house. >> good morning. it's not the first time the white house klain landed in hot water with his twitter habits.
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retweeting an obama era economic advisor. twice 3 hours apart. saying the economic problems are high-class problems. inflation is at a 13 year high. the sharpest price increases the last month include products that average americans buy. beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, gasoline, car parts and furniture and clothing. fuhrman defended him on fox news. >> the reason we have inflation is a good reason. the unemployment rate has come down. people are buying more things than ever before. the problem is that people are buying so much stuff and so much is trying to come through the
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ports we have record volumes. that has a good and bad side. >> not all of that context was visible. the white house said klain can tweet what he wants. >> this is not the first time of klain's twitter has drawn criticism? >> we'ry addressing the chief of staffs's twitter habits? it's not a to be priority. >> she said he can have points they find interesting. >> harris: house oversight republicans say it's time for joe biden to lean if on the supply chain crisis. in a letter to the president's
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port czar, here's what they wrote: a struggling milestone. the average price of gallon of gas hit a 7 year high. mark, the "washington post" column it's the 1970s all over again and joe biden is the new jimmy carter. give me the highlights of where you think we are right now. we see jen psaki is struggling to. the president is not talking
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about it. we walked away from reporters again. >> they are struggling. the house republicans are right. these are results of policy choices by the biden administration. we have a record 11 million unfilled jobs. never had more before. why is that? one it's because the government during the pandemic for over a year has been shuffingshuffle shoveling out money. joe biden passed 1.9-trillion dollars in social spending described as covid relief paying people not to work. as a result of that, personal savings rates are an all time high. furman was right. people have lots of money. the amount of money you have after paying taxes and bills is an all time high.
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people are not desperate to return to work and have a lot of money to spend. the demand side of the economy is heating up and the supply side can't keep up because they can't find workers to work at the ports and as truckers and in warehouses. that results in shortages and inflation that people are paying across the country. top putting government money into the side. >> harris: tucker carlson laid it out this way and what it means for democrats. >> tucker: the only reasons americans putun with the woke garbage the left puts out is because they can afford to put up it. politics will look very different in a country with permanent shortages. this may be an unpleasant surprise for the democratic party. >> harris: that word permanent.
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>> i don't think it's permanent but it will be extended with these policies. if you the biden administration is trying to pass another $3.5-trillion in social spending. that will put more government money into people's pockets. and the vaccine mandates are forcing businesses to fire workers who are willing to work when they can't find workers to replace them and the higher gas prices. that's a result of policy choices. the biden administration declared war on fossil fuel. >> harris: from day 1. >> we have now only about 528 oil rigs which is half of what it was in 2019 under trump. when you tell a business you will put them out of business, they won't drill new wells and wall street won't invest in fossil fuels.
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>> harris: that was huge. that had such an effect on everything. biden's disapproval among va-voters is huge. democrats terry mcauliffe with a slight lead over republican glenn youngkin in the race for virginia governor. the numbers within the margin of error. it's a statistical dead heat. closeness of the race, 2 issues for virginia notorious. the -- voters. the majority believe parents should have a say in what is taught to school. something mcauliffe was forced to walk back. two candidates going after each other on education and critical race theory. let's watch. >> he said parents don't have
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a right to tell schools what will be taught in school. he think the government should stand between parents and their children. >> i am the father of 5 children. of course parents have a role in education. >> glenn youngkin talks about critical race theory. it's not taught in virginia. it's a racist dog whistle. >> harris: terry mcauliffe the federalist is reporting that new documents reveal that during his tenure as virginia's governor, mcauliffe's administration pushed public schools to teach crt. what happens in this race? early voting has begun. >> 100% look. if terry mcauliffe -- virginia is a blue state and not a purple state. in terry mcauliffe wins that's no big deal. the fact the race is so close frightens people.
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in youngkin win it's a cainary in the coal main for democrats. in the mid-terms elections.naryn the coal main for democrats. in the mid-terms elections. school board moms are mad about what is helping. they labeled them domestic terrorists and the biden administration sicked the fbi on them. how incomtent with you? these women are the reason joe biden is in the white house and nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. today the democrats are doing everything they can to push women back into the gop fold. >> harris: what is your take on all that is going on with joe biden right now? he has a vice-president that can't step in because she has 7
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or 8 jobs he gave her and she can't get the border crisis under control. >> this is the second coming of the carter administration on every front. had a can't do their jobs. port crisis. pete buttigieg is the transportation secretary. he is on paternity leave. fatherhood is great. but when you are the transportation secretary and there is a port crisis, you don't leave your job. can you imagine if secretary austin left during the withdrawal? >> harris: we scrolled the jobs of the vice-president. neither one is dedicated to it. have a fabulous weekend. growing outrage now as americans across america are bracing for
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president biden's covid vaccine mandate. get the shot or lose your job. >> biden continues to avoid questions from media. only done 9 sit down interviews compared to 50 for donald trump. 113 for barack obama at the same time in the presidency. >> harris: crises piling up. critics torching the president for refusing to take questions. that looks like file tape. it's just familiar because we see it so much. we are not one year into his term. brian kilmeade on the radio and in "focus" next. homeowners. for veten newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees.
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>> i said many times god bless you all and may god protect our troops. >> sheath sheath. -- [shouting]. >> harris: if he moved faster it would be a dance move. walk-away joe at it again. president biden refusing to answer questions this time on the supply chain crisis. that was yesterday turning his back on america after delivering prepared remarks on the covid response. he ignored reporters. it's a thing with the president of the united states. he did it last week following remarks on a bleak september jobs report. just 2 days ago did it again. a touch of what we have seen this week. >> thank you all. >> [shouting]. >> i thank you and god bless you all and may god protect our
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troops. thank you very much. >> [shouting]. >> harris: reporters and lawmakers are noticing this trend. a congresswoman tweeted this: scripted joe turns his back on america. kevin mccarthy wrote: brian kilmeade covers the fox and friends and host of the brian kilmeade show on fox news radio which he is doing right now. let's get to. walk-away joe? >> i compare it to the previous president. so interested in interacting with the press he told on the person who wrote a book, don't go to the press conferences. i will do it. he would walk out and go next.
8:20 am
you, you, you. 97 percent of them despised his existence. president biden has a series of issues that affect you and i on a daily basis. what are we doing at the ports and the shelves and getting food and items in the major corporate stores costco to wal-mart? his answer was open up one port in california for 24 hours. that will work. problem solved. he doesn't want to answer questions or about afghanistan. he aux washes a. -- walks away. it makes you look weak and not strong. >> harris: it seems like it's part of the plan. okay, good idea. let's just walk away. he gets to the end and closes the book and says nothing. >> [laughing]. >> harris: it seems scripted silence. the buck tops with the
8:21 am
president. you have to wonder about the leadership of this administration. serious problems facing the top people. look what we created on our big wall and it almost wasn't big enough. how much are they helping joe biden? there are a lot of self-inflicted wounds among these people. >> the big picture when the general managers came out and said i suggested to the president to leave 2000 troops. suggested to the president to leave 2000 troops. on afghanistan and they did not listen to me. on that wall mayorkas is going with the president's vision terribly. and tom holman said he knows how to do the job. he was a deputy and choosing not to do. the u.s. secretary of transportation. we took 3 months off. everybody understands paternity leave but if your national
8:22 am
interest matters, i can't picture you taking the job if you know in a few months you will take 3 months off! this is a window of opportunity to serve your country. you can't leave for 3 months. bad decision. >> harris: i thought about this. people do this all the time. parents men and women taking time off when new little ones come along. they have somebody to do step in. he has a deputy transportation secretary. this is the better than that biden put in charge as his port czar. never knew about him because if he were going to step in for the transportation secretary during a crisis of supply chain and other things, all goods didn't get there 20 minutes ago. that took time off.
8:23 am
why do we see john instead of pete buttigieg if he was staying on his leave? he can do it. absolutely. people do it. babies are always a blessing in our lives. your thoughts. >> it john or joe? >> harris: you may be right. no, it's john. >> you got it right. the president called him joe? >> if anybody is not doing a good job it's the guy in charge of getting the ships in and out port. they have been out there longer than the crown princess cruise. we had william there. they are not moving. these are goods we paid for. they are explaining it's a good thing. an upper class problem we have to wait for goods with empty shelves and inflation is rising. please don't explain to me how
8:24 am
paying 40% more for gas is a good problem. you have the labor secretary. why is everyone quitting. why do we have a work force but have less people working in our country? we have somebody and a labor secretary that says give renter relief and student loan forgiveness and you wonder why nobody jumps back into the workplace. you have a $3.5-trillion package. someone forgot to tell the president he can't get his own party to vote for. whenever you go he failed. the picture is not only is he responsible. this is what joe biden wanted. it turns out his vision is impossible to implement. >> harris: wow! i am thinking about what you just said with pete buttigieg the secretary of transportation and you have a chief of staff klain retweeting that's a high-class problem.
8:25 am
what about the diabetics who can't find cotton for the alcohol on their fingers. i am thinking basics. that's who we are as americans. we have basic things that bind us together. it's unbelievable that anybody thinks you are rich if you can't go to the store and get what you need to eat. >> two over arching statements on a real leader. the reason we are importing so much we don't make anything anymore. this is a wake up call. you explain that to the american people and show a shot of ships in the press conference and you say the reason we do is because we don't make anything because it's cheaper to make it. that has to change. number 2, we have get healthier as a country. the reason this virus feasts on americans is because we are not if shape. those are the people that have the hardest time shaking off the
8:26 am
virus. let's get healthier and start making our own stuff. it won't be a tomorrow solution. i have 4 years here. in 3 years i want to see real progress. this will be our plan. then we are on the same page want don't tell me i am fired if i don't get a vaccine. or tell me i have 3 weeks to choose to do something or find another career. the president is dividing the country. from the reconciliation plan to the vaccine mandates that's happening. i am watching police and firefighters and medical workers walking off the job. we lost 400 medical workers at the buffalo medical center. we have 18,000 over all just in new york city. we have to ask the national guard to help us out in hospital. is that bringing the country together? >> harris: brian, you put all of
8:27 am
this into a few words. come on, do we have their attention yet? good to see you. tell your listeners hello. >> and i say hi. >> harris: democrats pushing their massive spending bill and voters are noticing new polling showing most people believe the federal government is doing too mu. that's a reversal from this time last year. >> they were trying to push this policy through by a mandate by a detector. you can't layoff cops because you will never replace them. >> harris: key mandates could cut their force in half. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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she just decided she was going to do and pushed it the entire city work force across the board. >> there is no skoorption. -- cooperation. firearm and the first responders. everybody supin arms about this mandate. >> harris: the president of the chicago's police union not holding back. urging police officers in one of america's most violent cities to defy the mayor's covid vaccine mandate. it took effect at midnight. the city will put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave if they don't agree to testing. the democrat mayor said no bend. >> he is threatenning
8:34 am
litigation. bring it. we create safety for all employees and the safety. >> harris: does this raise the risk in a city that has seen the murder rate a 56% hike from 2019. across the border murders are going up and crime in general going up. the vaccine mandate could put policeman power if half. power panel now. your thoughts? >> well, i am in chicago. i got to tell you, it greatly disappoints that the mayor is playing god with the most vulnerable in chicago. i was with friends last night.
8:35 am
they say there have been days over the weekend where there are drive-by shootings in downtown chicago. when i grew up here the violence was on the south side. it expanded. it doesn't matter what color you are. bullets don't care about race. the mayor decides she wants to fore a mandate on police officers who would be supporting the safety of the city which needs it the most. we need officers, not less. she is playing god. the situation has terrible effects. with my family i am very concerned we will see more bloodshed than ever in this city. >> harris: and your thoughts? >> i think the coronavirus doesn't discriminate against people regardless of race or income. people with pre-existing are at the highest risks. this is about saving lives. in 2020, 66% of all law enforcement deaths were from
8:36 am
covid. that's a fact. this is about saving lives and protecting communities. >> harris: i will come back to you on that. you lived there? >> yeah. 69% of people in illinois have gotten at least one dose. i understand the people who have pre-existing conditions should do it but this should not be forced. democrats are supposed to be the party of following the science. but they don't follow the science. they follow the politics and propaganda. even with the vaccination you can still transmit covid-19. we understand that. individuals who had covid in the past, we know they had natural immunity and have more immunity than those who have been vaccinated. following the science should be
8:37 am
in the conversation. the mayor of chicago and president of the united states are not following the science. they are putting chicago lives in great danger. it's a big safety issue as we have here knowing that more children in chicago have died from shootings than covid across the country. >> harris: children under age 12 can't get the vaccine. desiree, quickly. we have florida governor ron desantis. can regards to deaths of any police officers. a heck of 2 years for officers. they need support on every avenue. it the door open for the mayor of chicago to talk to the cops? that's necessary right now. florida governor ron desantis is defending first responders. yesterday he said this. >> let's not have biden come in and take away the jobs of people
8:38 am
who have been working hard throughout this entire pandemic. i am offended that a police officer could lose job fair. they could not work from home. they could not zoom in. >> harris: that's a good point. >> that's right. they don't get to zoom in. that's why it's important that we protect their health. america mandated vaccinations for hundreds of years. we have seen all kinds of out breaking news in florida. i won't uplift what he is saying. i will uplift the vision of scientists that say vaccines work and mandates reenforce that. the chicago mayor saying that everyone needs a vaccination came with an exemption, if you don't get it, get tested.
8:39 am
stay healthy and protect the children. >> that's not what they are saying. they are saying we will fire you, period. plain and simple. you are putting our lives in danger. mayor lightfoot, that's what you are doing. i have family who have been shot at and beat up. this is a dangerous city. the fact this mayor is suggesting this. the city council needs to jump in. this is serious. the first priority should be the safety of ever citizen. you don't have to usurp the police officers's rights to make a decision terror themselves. they are smart people. they should be allowed to. >> harris: in case it comes upen. >>. >> [overlapping talking]. >> harris: the military the boss is the commander-in-chief in the
8:40 am
white house. it can feel political. his decision will come down. that's where that goes. it goes to the pentagon from the commander-in-chief. the police officers they are represented by unions. if can comes up again, desiree, don't muddle them together. they are 2 different things. this has been a great discussion. thank you. this weekend they expect a violent one with fewer cops. democrats trying to sell their multi--trillion dollars spending plan to the american people. people in a dramatic shift are not buying it. cancel culture. now has this person in his sights for something he joked about 48 years ago. who is going after dirty harry and how that is working out. >> go ahead, make my day.
8:41 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> harris: we are celebrating hispanic heritage month at fox news. live in denver to tell us about a youngster from puerto rico who followed his american dream and became one of our nation's top
8:46 am
doctors. >> so good to see you. dr. garcia lived an accomplished life. he family went to puerto rico during the 1800's and his grandparents inspired in him a passion for science and medicine. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> watching the 1969 moon landing from a small dairy town in puerto rico inspired a young garcia to take an interest in science. >> we have one of the few tv's at that time in the neighborhood in my grandmother's house. >> his grandparents taught limto question and innovate. his biggest inspiration came
8:47 am
from devastation. >> my grandmother died from cancer. i got mad but i said make a solution out of this. he became a surge and game the highest ranking medical doctor in the united states as the first puerto rico assistant secretary of health. >> you will receive a better public health system. >> he joined the cancer center moon shot program to make a giant leap for programs. >> the moon shot is to discover between three years what you can do in fifteen. >> doctor garcia is the chief medical officers at american express but finds time to prioritize family. >> i am very proud of them.
8:48 am
it's all about serving. >> and writing. >> this is the main character in the book i am writing. >> he inspired a children's book and doctor garcia's experiences inspired a book on leadership due out this winter. >> god provided me with so many opportunities. when you are hispanic and puerto rico and having lessons from my family allowed me every opportunity i have been given to be able to help the system. >> ♪ ♪ >> as the u.s. assistant secretary for health doctor garcia took a team to afghanistan in 2008 to combat a more than 50% c-section mortality rate for mothers and infants at a woman and
8:49 am
children's hospital in kabul. he works daily to protect the midwives we worked with there. >> harris: that's a big job in afghanistan. great story. thank you. >> this big government socialist system is falling apart. their answer is to use the power of the government against the american people. this is happening because the left knows they are a distinct minority. they know the country is going to repudiate them. and they are desperate to enforce on you and me and everybody else their roles. harris former house speaker newt gingrich summing up big government. a new poll shows 52% say the federal government is trying to did too much. while 43% say it needs to do more. that's a 180 from a year ago when 54% said the government
8:50 am
should do more and 41% disagreed. this comes as democrats in congress are pushing that multi-trillion dollars spending plan that critics say it will turn the united states into a welfare state. polls show while democrats support the bill the majority of independents don't. 64% oppose the bill or want a less expensive version. yesterday on "focus" republican committee chairman jim banks called the bill massively corrupt. >> the bill polls fairly well among the american people. when you dig into it you find billion dollars to fix racist roads and bridges. creating a climate police department to enforce green card policies. and 700,000 first time fines for
8:51 am
employers if they don't abide by the biden vaccine mandates. it's a dangerous bill. >> harris: kat timpf. this is so serious. you hear the congressman talking. this could have effects on us for years to come what is unfolding now. >> absolutely. you and i, people who are journalists and seeing news we follow this every day. now people are noticing that don't do that every day for their job. that's why it's flipped. more people are saying the government is doing too much. they are noticing it when they go to the store to by bacon and hearing from the administration, it's an upper class problem. how is the rising price of groceries an upperclass problem. it is not. >> harris: on the screen 64% of
8:52 am
people who would prefer a smaller spending bill. this is a catastrophe of information for the white house. the big fight is among themselves the democrats. >> yes, it is. they are going to attack against democrats who don't agree. they would be smarter to listen to the american people. that's their job. they are the progressive wing of the party that is loud and effective this convincing people within the democratic party to go hard on this agenda. it's not working. it doesn't work for anybody except for that small progress wing. it's small but loud and influential. >> harris: physically loud? >> sure. >> harris: joe biden would be like i can't it, you are so loud. i wonder why the cancel culture doesn't go after their loudness. they are too busy going for dirty harry.
8:53 am
clint eastwood under some fire for a comment he made 5 decades ago at the 1973 oscars. when marlon brando refused to accept his award for best actor and sent a native-american actor to stage. he criticized the treatment of american indians by the film industry. after that speech clint eastwood made the joke. >> i don't know if i should present it this award on behalf of the cowboys shot in the john ford westerns. >> harris: that drew the ire of a progressive activity. -- activist. the native-american actor was booed by hollywood at the oscars before being mocked by clint eastwood and nearly assaulted by john wayne simply for asking that indigenous people not be
8:54 am
dehumanized by films. they had to dig to go ba. >> 48 years ago. that makes it ridiculous. what sticks out about that moment it was a surprise. a little awkward. you make a little joke to lighten the mood. everyone has done something like that on some level. the idea of this woke culture and the cancel culture they are compassionate. what is compassionate about digging that far back in someone's past to find something to cancel them. if you had compassion made i made a joke at an awkward moment to lighten the mood. >> harris: put that back up. it's important to note that in the movie, it gave a very, very important look behind compelling
8:55 am
portrayol are of the mong people and that's important. >> to reduce somebody to trying to lighten up what was an awkward moment. he didn't know what was going to happen. i can't slam anyone for doing that. if things feel awkward i make a joke that might make a worse. everybody understands that. this movement of trying to reduce someone to one single sentence there is nothing compassionate about it. >> harris: "outnumbered" after the break. the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. with mortgage rates near record lows.. and home values at record highs. you could take out $50,000 or more to build your dream kitchen, a new bathroom, or a swimming pool for the kids. call newday right now.
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>> harris: and emotional and solemn moment at our nation's capital, thousands of members of law enforcement, their families and friends lit up the night sky at the national mall. look at that. they were honoring the 701 officers who have died in the line of duty in previous years including 434 who died in 2019 and


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