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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 15, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> the freedom fighter out on stage november 7th live. just go to brian see you out there. >> all right. >> have a great weekend, everyone. >> good morning. filling up your gas tank a luxury. prices sky rocket and a top biden official downplaying the issues that affect your wallet. dana perino has the day off. it's friday. >> it is? >> good to be here. i am joulie. gas prices are up 10%. just the past month alone to their highest level in 7 years.
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president biden is pushing a spending plan amid record inflation. our friday money panel is here. first right to the white house this morning where we are joined by mark meredith standing by. >> julie. good morning. supply shortages is hitting businesses nationwide. the white house chief of flack suggested only a certain class of americans are impacted. he retweeted and support a former message. he said most of the economic problems we are facing are high-class problems. we would not have them if the unemployment was still 10%. critics say he is out of touch.
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jacqui heinrich asked if this comes off as tone deaf? >> we made progress and what would be worse if the unemployment was at 10% and people were out of work and hundreds of thousands. people were still dying of covid-19 and people lost their home. that's the full context. >> critics are less than impressed. the michigan congressman said keep talking about this. you emphasize how wildly out of touch you are with real america. the president is facing a lot of pressure to ensure the u.s. supply chain improves between now and the holidays. reached a deal to allow the port of los angeles to stay open 24/7. critics are less than convinced.
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we will see what the president says when we go to connecticut later this morning for his build back better agenda. >> bill: we bring in our morning team early. gentleman, welcome. jason, you started a prairie fire yesterday. what were you thinking? >> well, what i think is going on in the economy. keep two things in your head at once. one is inflation is real. inflation is creating a problem for families. we should do something about it. number 2, the reason we have this inflation is actually a good reason. the unemployment rate has come down. the family has money and people are buying more things than ever before. the problem is not that our ports stopped working.
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it's that people are buying so much stuff and so much is trying to come through the ports we have record volume. that has a good and bad side. >> bill: saw it coming and did little about it. why did the chief of staff repeat that? >> have the chief of staff on to ask him that question. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the reason we are having this problem is that people are buying a lot. i was when the white house 12 years ago when we suffered a slow recovery. we didn't have those problems then. inflation was falling in 2009. but we had a high unemployment rate. the u.s. economy is in better shape than almost any economy in the world. but yes the u.s. economy has an
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inflation. >> bill: here's one statement. struggling to pay food, fuel and housing because of rising prices is not a high-class problem. biden is making everyone worse off. their strategy is to gaslight americans. you said this was your social judgment. what you are explaining now is your economic thinking behind it. my guess would be if you were paying $2 a gallon for gas a year ago and now it's over $4, that's not a high-class problem for anyone. middle-class america is paying for that. >> americans are traveling more than they were a year ago. that's a good thing. americans are spending more in restaurants and on sporting goods and on nights out and on travel. that's all a really good thing? >> that's what is most important. that is happening because every person in this country got
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a $2000 check earlier this year. that was due to a combination of the first legislation signed by president trump and the second legislation was bigger signed by president biden. that's had a positive side and a negative side. >> bill: we watched this play out. we lost steve. we will bring him back. this is covid cable afterall. sometimes it works and a lot of times it didn't. you said with the overall economy it's not an off the shelf playbook. you said they are trying to figure it out as they go. i don't think you are wrong about that. with jobs being weak over the past two months. with inflation, with wages coming out of the pandemic, how would anyone know what the state of the economy is below the surface? >> it's a very uncertain time in the economy.
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none of united states have ever been through coming out of a global pandemic. i take in a wide range of data. the last 2 months have not been as good as the months before that. we are continuing to make progress, but not as fast as the progress we were making before. >> bill: go ahead. you are standing by this high-class problem thing? you have not backed away from that? >> there is a good side to what is going on. people are spending more than before and there is a bad side. whenever everyone spends more, that drives prices up. >> bill: we will join the debate again when steve moore joins us. we will have to wait another time. jason thanks for coming in today. you got a lot of attention. maybe it wasn't you but ron.
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we invite ron to join us every week on "america's newsroom" and i hope some point he takes us up. steve moore, if you are out there, talk to you soon too. >> julie: former president bill clinton is undergoing treatment for non-covid related infection. the 75-year-old was admited to the irvine medical center in orange, california, late tuesday night. jeff paul is live outside of the hospital. >> yes, it's quiet here outside here in orange, california. seeing a lot of media right now. coordinating to the secret service and the hospital they are telling people not to show up with gifts or flowers or stand in vigil. a spokesperson for bill clinton said on tuesday the former president was admitted to the hospital to get treatment for
6:09 am
a urinary tract infection that spread into his blood stream. it's not related to covid-19. he is in good spirit and thankful for all of the doctors and nurses helping him. he was given antibiotics and fluids. he is in an intensive care unit not because of his condition but for privacy and safety being a former president. the latest from doctors. after 2 days of treatment his white blood cell count is trending down. the medical team has been in communication with the president's new york based medical team including his cardiologist. we hope to have him go home soon. his wife hillary clinton visited with him. the former president back in 2004 had quad rouple bypass
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surgery and 2 stints put in his heart. but this has nothing to do with his heart or covid-19. >> bill: 3 weeks away from election day. a neck and neck race in virginia. >> julie: the biden administration plans to reinstate the trump era policy. we await the latest numbers from the border. >> bill: a former obama defense secretary slamming president biden's withdrawal from kabul and the chaos that ensued. >> i was so low about the way it ended. it probably did not need to have turned out that way.
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>> bill: the biden administration saying it plans to reinstate former trump's remain in mexico policy next month. this is happening as migrants encounters are higher than in over 20 years. we expect new numbers to come out today. rich is back on the border and live in texas. remain in mexico comes from a judge's ruling. you have to get the mexican government to agree. we are not there yet, rich. good morning. >> that's right. there are more negotiations. the trump administration negotiated with the mexican government and the biden administration cancelled and the court says they have to reinstate it. it's remain in mexico known by
6:17 am
the name migrants protection protocols. it requires migrants looking for asylum in the u.s. to wait out their cases in campus in mexico instead of interesting the u.s. republicans pushed the administration to restore the policy and a federal court said the u.s. has to. dhs says we are working to do so despite our appeal of the court's order. discussions with mexico are on-going. dhs will move to cancel the problem as soon as it can that addresses the court's concerns. in texas state law enforcement is stepping up operations. texas troopers shared this video exclusively with fox. arrested human smugglers near
6:18 am
del rio, texas. texas charges them with smuggling and trespassing. the fiscal year ended october 2020. border patrol encounted 1.5 million on the southwest border. we will get the numbers for september. this could have been the busiest year on record. it surpassed every year since 2000. >> bill: thanks, rich. >> julie: former defense secretary robert gates is hammering president biden over the withdrawal from afghanistan. gates over saw the war in afghanistan under former presidents george w. bush and barack obama. he told cbs watching the chaos unfold made him sick. >> it was really tough. i wasn't feeling very well.
6:19 am
i was so low. about the way it ended. it probably did not need to turnout that way. once president biden reaffirmed there was going to be a firm deadline date, that's the point they should have begun bringing those people out. >> julie: joining us now is a republican congressman from florida. a former green beret who served in afghanistan. robert said that president biden should have begun the evacuation when there was a firm and complete pull out. if you start with the notion we are pulling out you have to be naive to not assume things would go downhill once that withdrawal was complete. just this morning breaking news out of afghanistan. there has been a suicide bombing in a mosque. 30 worshippers dead. the fallout continues. >> yes, that's right. that's why so many of us
6:20 am
veterans who served there both republican and democrat in the house and the senate demanding in april. i disagreed with the full withdrawal decision. if you are going to do that as secretary gates said, you have to get our people out before you get all of our military assets out. as we are seeing play out tragically now, without military assets left you are handing these people a death sentence. not only the americans left behind but those who stood and fought with us. gates said biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue the last 40 years. the record is all over the place. he opposed the 1991 gulf war but
6:21 am
criticized hwbush and for the war in 2003 and opposed the bin laden raid. his record is horrendous. america is left safe now they he is commander-in-chief. >> bill: jen psaki in yesterdaya afghanistan. >> our focus is working on with the majority of the international community to deliver humanitarian assistance in afghanistan to make sure they have what they need. >> bill: we could be helping out in a humanitarian sense the taliban trying to feed their own people. our people are still there. state department ned price. watch. >> holding the taliban accountable for their pledge of
6:22 am
safe travel we are not satisfied. >> bill: they will resume evacuation flights. that's proof we left americans behind. >> yes, he also back tracked and said there won't be any military-style evacuations. what he was saying was these grassroots organization many of whom quit their jobs and exhausted their savings and are suffering in terms of their own ptsd, they have to get the job done. price said 129 americans have been evacuated. wait a minute. i thought there were only 100 there according to his boss blinken. are they all out? of course not. that number was wrong from the get go. it was misleading.
6:23 am
he put on a disqualifier of those that want to leave. they all want to leave. these veteran groups won't quit. thank god. they are doing is out of pocket and what the state department should do. focus on getting everybody out rather than funneling aid through the taliban who have a long history of skimming billion dollars off the top. that will fund the taliban terrorists super state and not the afghan people. >> julie: ned price's words holding the taliban accountable. that's what the biden administration needs to do. we made a mess of ourses. who will do the clean up? >> well, that's right. where is the kind or else what? they keep talking about a better behaving taliban. how about they release the american navy veteran holding hostage for the last year and a half and we have full access to
6:24 am
get our people out? they stop huntings down those who worked with us and abusing women. they are living in this fantasy land that the terrorists will improve. they are not. the intelligence is clear that the taliban and al-qaeda are closer than ever and al-qaeda intends to hit us again. as long as they stick their head in the sand, this cancer is going to spread and follow us home. >> bill: once you withdrawal you have little leverage. >> we have none. >> bill: thank you. fox news alert. president biden and the supreme court commission warning against court packing. brand new fox polling on the race in virginia that might predict next year's mid-terms. and parent protests at school board meetings. >> the minute parents said no,
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instead, they're just focusing on giving you great benefits. so don't delay, act now. wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> julie: less than 3 weeks to go until election day in virginia with the very tight race for governor could tell us how next year's mid-terms will go. a new fox news polls shows voters evenlily divided with education and the economy. alexandreis live. >> a loss in virginia for a democratic candidate that hasn't elected a republican in 12 years suggests a significant shift nationwide. the race is impossibly close. the latest fox news polls shows
6:31 am
democrat terry mcauliffe with a 5% lead. mcauliffe said during a debate that parents should not have a say in what schools teach. here is republican glenn youngkin. >> he said parents don't have a right to tell schools what will be taught in school. he thinks the government should stand between parents and their children. >> consider this: because mcauliffe has. the latest fox polls 57% of parents feel they should be telling schools what to teach. yesterday mcauliffe walked back his original sentiment. >> i am a father of 5 children. of course parents have a role in education. >> mcauliffe mentioned president biden's low approval rating is no help to his campaign. first lady jill biden will join the trail this even and stacey
6:32 am
abrams on sunday and president obama later this month. they would not be near this campaign if the stakes were not so high. >> bill: jason riley and author of maverick. a biography. the piece you wrote in the "wall street journal" was intriguing. the left is trying to impose racially divisive education policies in a top down fashion. what was the point you were making? >> well, there are historical parallels between the 1970s and today. these top down policies that are hugely unpopular. nobody liked bussing.
6:33 am
white parents didn't like it. black parents didn't like it. it never polled well among black or white parents but elites wanted to socially engineer our schools. they wanted racial balance. parents wanted good schools right there in the neighborhood close by that were convenient. you have the top-town effort to impose a new curriculum in schools. a divisive curriculum racially. you have scientific dubious mask mandates. parents don't like this. we learned in the '70s what happens when you try to ram down their throats something parents don't like.
6:34 am
>> bill: the pandemic came up a lot. zoom brought the curriculum into the home and the parents could hear and watch and listen and record it. >> yes. absolutely. covid played a huge role in what is going on at these school board meetings. a lot of people in the school board meetings are not people you typically see. they were radicalized by what happened under covid. they learned how much power the unions have over public schools and our lives. if kids can't go to school, parents can't go to work. they didn't like the way unions leveraged their power for better pay and benefits instead of getting rid back into the classroom. we have seen this among middle-class and upper
6:35 am
middle-class in boston and virginia and in new york city. covid radicalized a lot of new people to become grassroots activists. in virginia the democrats could pay a price for this. education is not typically a wedge issue like abortion or guns, but it could be in the upcoming election in virginia. >> bill: indeed. mcauliffe conceded yesterday during the interview on msnbc how parents should be involved in what is taught in the classroom. this is the one that kicked it off 2 weeks ago. roll this, guys. watch. >> i won't let parents come into school and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should tell schools what they should teach. >> bill: youngkin jumped on that and made an ad within 12 hours.
6:36 am
among our polling the margin error has it to close to call. it's within 3.5 points. there are parents telling schools what it teach. should 57%? that's substantial. how is that playing? >> it is, bill. i am always reminded of this fact: a majority of our 4th and 8th graders can't read or do math at grade level. of course parents should have a say at what is being taught. before turning 10 years old into social justice activists we should make sure they can read and do math at grade levels. that's what concerns parents. schools are not doing the basics. schools are trying to introduce
6:37 am
a radical curriculum. >> bill: plenty to debate. thanks. >> ♪ ♪ >> nancy pelosi doesn't have any idea how much $600 is. she spends that on ice cream. >> julie: back lash growing over president biden's bank monitoring plan. a bank executive tells us her customers are so worried about this. half of chicago's police force could issue sidelines and the city braces for another weekend of violence. >> the city of chicago will have a police force at 50% or less.
6:38 am
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>> [sirens wailing].
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>> julie: more vaccine booster shots may be available. fda recommending moderna's half dose booster for emergency use in seniors and healthcare workers. the fed will decide next week. >> bill: law enforcement crisis. one of america's most violent cities, chicago officials upholding a deadline of today for city workers to report their vaccination status or face unpaid leave. that could cut chicago's police force in half.
6:44 am
just as they had another bloody weekend. mike tobin live in chicago. >> it's ugly out here. city of chicago filed an injunction against the president of the police. he is encouraging the rank-and-file police to refuse a mandate for an online to report the vaccination status. it created a deadline. employees are supposed to submit before the weekend and raised concerns about cops reporting their medical information. the mayor went for a person attack. >> john says a lot of things. a lot is offensive and racist and foolish. we will see what happens. we will be prepared.
6:45 am
our message is protect yourself. >> she can call me racist all she wants but i am defending the rights of my members. black, white, brown, asian. she is so ignorant with this. >> the mayor said it will take days and not weeks to determine who is compliant with the mandate and who will be forced into no-pay status. the crisis of a weekend cop shortage is temporarily averted. mayor lightfoot called this an unlawful strike. he said it's not a strike because officers are told to report for duty until they are sent home. >> bill: we will watch it. >> julie: bank officials call foul -- >> they are directing banks and credit units to follow what is happening in your life. >> it hasn't been explained
6:46 am
well. this is about what people already owe today. there is not the information to determine that easily for some people. >> normal working people realize this idea is crazy and what it will do to their ability to pay bills. >> bank officials call foul over a plan by congressional democrats to let the irs surveil your transactions in your bank account with as little as $600. that could affect more than 100 million u.s. house holds. my next guest says customers worry about the impact on their privacy. jill is at chief executive at citizen's bank in oklahoma. how concerned are your customers? >> they are coming into my
6:47 am
office. in the lobby and i see them in the grocery store and the cafe. they are concerned about the monitoring transactions between accounts and just $600. they are concerned they will be targeted for audits. >> julie: we are not talking about millionaires. every day people. teachers and officers. this is a huge concern. >> it is. the concern i am hearing is from teachers and small business owners. we are have a small community bank in oklahoma city. we don't millionaires. these are common consume ares and small businesses that are
6:48 am
concerned about the irs collecting information. will a breach expose their information? >> julie: an american bank put out a letter about this irs plan. let's put that on the screen. what was your reaction, of treasure secretary say it would be easy. >> that incited our team.
6:49 am
to monitor that many accounts, even if it's $10,000 is an overload of responsibilities. it will be a burden for us. we have 1.5 team members and this would exceed beyond that go on this witch hunt of what account holders are doing in their accounts. it's also a difficult way to assess this. it's not income. it's just the transfers between accounts. >> julie: it sounds like it could be a real mess. i don't know if there is enough manpower to oversee all of these transactions. talking about over 10 million americans being affected. why the disconnect with the administration and the banks?
6:50 am
>> from is a lack of understanding about what regular people are doing and what type of type regular business accounts and consumer accounts people have. we have small businesses that may have 12 to 20 different accounts transferring between accounts. it's a lack of understanding of the practicality of the policy. >> julie: it's like they want people to take their money out and shove it under their mattress. >> [audio breaking up]. >> julie: sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off. >> bill: an american company shutting down an app in china after a censorship controversy. a reporter in the middle of all of this will talk to us. plus this. >> we don't is a food shortage
6:51 am
problem. we have a leadership problem. this is not rocket science. >> bill: will those words haunt the president. the blame game in d.c. over the supply chain crisis is in full swing. apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event.
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temperature-balancing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save up to $800 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday restore mccabe's full pension is part of the settlement over his firing in 2018. mccabe lost his job after the justice department concluded he leaked information to a newspaper reporter and misled investigators. >> bill: china shutting down the
6:57 am
platform challenging tougher rules under the communist regime. this is a reporter who was censored on the chinaa platform. what president xi's problem with this company? >> well, he has overseen a sweeping crackdown on interspeeds. linkdin was the only platform allowed to operate in china. they were told their censorship was too lax and they needed to censor more content. >> bill: they will shift to a different app suitable for the chinese communist government to accept. a statement read like this:
6:58 am
that's not likely to change. going in the direction xi wants it to go and not coming back. >> well, that's right. what we have seen in china this crackdown is getting harsher including china's own biggest tech companies. the compliance environment in china is getting too tough. that's true. linkeddin faced scrutiny in the u.s. for agreeing to participate in china's censorship. my own account was censored in china and linkedin did not say
6:59 am
that. any company wants to get market share in china. they are between a rock and a hard place. >> bill: why were you kicked out? >> they didn't actually tell me. when the email i received, they told me the summary section of my profile contained prohibited content but didn't tell me what it was. when i asked them 4 different times to tell me what was the content and under what chinese law was it prohibited? they did not respond. there has been a lack of transparency on the part of linkedin that continues today. they are withdrawing their china based app they continue to dodge questions. >> bill: why should we care? why not let china run the
7:00 am
business they want to see if it works out? we have seen capitalism works in america. >> well, the problem is that what the chinese authorities are trying to do is export their censorship and surveillance and repression abroad through companies. making it a prerequisite if the companies want to operate in china they must censor content. >> bill: thanks for coming back. we will stay on the story. thank you. new hour. president biden's commission to study supreme court reform will hold its first public meeting this year. the far left looks to pack the court. it's friday and i am derm. -- bill hemmer. dana has the day sough.
7:01 am
>> julie: one more to go. good morning. the presidential panel releasing draft documents as it begins to study several options. already a warning expanding the supreme court could back fire. >> bill: more on this now. >> the headline this morning is that is a huge blow for progressives. this commission came back divided on whether expanding the court would be really good for the country. 203 page draft report. the commissions suggests growing the size of the court would not achieve balance and it could undermine its goal.
7:02 am
the commission is opened to term limits writing this: it does not believe term limits will be partisan. some democrats believe the number of conservative judges disrnt represent the u.s. population. republicans and legal experts are warning that packing the court would end the supreme court's legitimacy. >> it's a boneheaded idea. but a number of law professors say we have to pack the court because it's not reading the
7:03 am
constitution the way we do. >> will progressives try to bring legislation despite this set back yesterday? yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi was asked about this. she dodged the question whether she would support progressive who have proved their power in congress. >> the supreme court hasn't increased size since lincoln's day. it's a legitimate discussion to v. the president appointed a commission to discuss that. >> this commission did not make recommendations to the president. this is a draft report. the final report goes to the white house mid-november. >> bill: thanks. we are on stand by. >> julie: the supply chain crisis. companies are dealing with
7:04 am
truck, rail and warehouse shortages. william is live at the port of los angeles. >> the president said on wednesday the ports of l.a. and long beach would go to 24/7. we have been here since 5 a.m. and no one is moving any containers. yesterday reporters pressed the president's port czar on when that might happen? he refused to answer. suggesting the president's announcement may have been premature. >> this is not flipping a light switch. it's a series of problem solving actions that lower the barriers to 24/7 operations. we won't create artificial deadlines. we will expand the hours. >> that's not going to be easy. it depends on truckers and
7:05 am
retailers and unions and the port operators said it will take 3 months. and black friday when retailers are supposed to go profitable. that's 5 weeks away. we looked at the shortage of truck drivers and the bottle neck here at the ports. today we examined the warehouses. like trucking they need workers. >> warehouse companies are limited on staffing to unload those containers. or even the supplies that are needed at warehouses are limited. >> they expect another 25 ships to arrive here in the next 3 days. they made progress at the rail yards reducing the turnaround time from 14 days to 4.5 days. but two-thirds of the traffic moves by truck.
7:06 am
you have a cab, container and the carriage. is the shortage is in the carriages. >> bill: the finger pointing over the nation's growing economic issues in full swing. the former obama economic advisor with us last hour offering this explanation. >> americans are spending more in restaurants and on sporting goods and nights out and on travel. when they spend more than ever before that drives prices up. >> bill: chris wallace, fuhrman should the tweet about high-class problems. that was retweeted. i don't know if we would have noticed that tweet had the chief of staff of the president not retweeted it. is that the most eloquent way of addressing our economics now? >> no. it's not politically effective when you go to the store and you
7:07 am
can't find something because the shelves are empty or try to fill up your gas tank and have to pay $10 more than a month ago to say that's a high-class problem. it affects everybody. that's one of the problems with inflation. it's a tax onern regardless of income. buying goods and meat and shoes regardless of income. buying goods and meat and shoes. i don't know that high-class problem is the most effective way to put it. it's one thing for a professor to say. but for the white house chief of staff to say it. middle-class joe, i suspect they would like to have that one back. >> julie: many said that president biden needs to get a handle on inflation. hurting families. rising prices.
7:08 am
you have the white house touting the strong economy despite falling job numbers. a lot of working families are hurting. is this administration tone deaf on how much americans are hurting? >> well, i think that one comment was certainly about high-class problems was a mistake. inflation is complicated. with the way that we normally deal with inflation, you raise interest rates or tighten money. if you do that with an economy with a disappointing jobs reports in september that has consequences. a fairer question is: when you have inflation do you need 4 trillion dollars more in government spending? jason said people are spending more than ever because they have more money in their pocket. if the government gives money to people it will add to the demand
7:09 am
problem and won't solve the supply problem and you get inflation. >> bill: rnc jumped all over this comment. struggling to pay for food, fuel and housing is not a high-class problem. biden is making everyone worse off. they are trying to gaslight americans. our poll shows 52% say the government is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses. you consider from are ideas now before congress to spend trillion dollars and trillion dollars more. >> that's right. i was looking in the internals of that bill. it's a 5% jump in the number of people of americans who say that we are doing -- the government is doing too many things. 5% dropped from 2020 to 2021. what changed a covid relief
7:10 am
prejudice and now an infrastructure package. a social spending bill between 3 and 2 trillion dollars. even if you like government programs, you say enough. i talked to liberal democrats who say people who worked in the obama administration, i believe in social progress and big government but this is getting into really dangerous territory. remember, this is a president who is trying to govern and pass programs like fdr with the new deal or johnson with the great society but he has no margin for error. he has a zero vote margin in the senate and 3 vote margin in the house. >> julie: a big show coming up on fox news sunday with a big guest. >> a few big guests.
7:11 am
dr. fauci on covid. and the moderna booster. talking about j.j. koch. the vaccine mandate.j. the vaccine mandate. and pat robertson from the christian network. he is not retiring. is 91. he said i will live to be 121. >> julie: with election day less than 3 weeks away, education taking center stage in the closely watched virginia governors race. could parents protests at school board meetings be the factor? >> bill: these two little girls
7:12 am
abandoned. they are only 4 and 6 years old. we talked to one border county sheriff about the problem the deputies are facing. >> julie: and senator tom cotton join us next. >> they are concerned. they saw what happened in hong kong and see what's happening whoa is going on in taiwan. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability
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7:18 am
that lawmaker has died. a man was arrested on suspicion of murder. no name or age given. the member of parliment was part of boris johnson conservative committee. >> julie: officers rescue an unconscious man from a burning vehicle. heroes. officers in the garland police department battling heat and flames and pulled the drive out. he was unconscious after a single car crash. taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. he is expected to be okay. >> bill: awesome video. it's amazing what they pulled off. china stepping up its tough talk on taiwan. tensions rise over the island
7:19 am
nation. a editor told the white house to back off: >> senator tom cotton, strong language. our commit to taiwan is solid and contributes to the maintenance of the peace and stability. >> that's strong language from their propaganda outlet. they have been flying into taiwan's air space now. this is exploiting weakness that
7:20 am
joe biden already demonstrated. we had the retreat from afghanistan and president biden would not even say china's name. he said we don't seek a cold war. of course america never seeks a war of any kind. when china is waging a cold war against us the only choice is to win it or lose it. and joe biden is losing it. it would be a catastrophe to allow china to envade and annex taiwan. we need to help taiwan fortify defenses. we need to make it clear to ping that we will support taiwan. we will come to its aid if china ever tries to invade. that's the best way to deter an invasion in the first place. >> bill: i characterized kirby's
7:21 am
words. listen to him. roll the sound bite. go. >> our commitment to taiwan is rock solid and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability within the region. >> bill: is that enough? >> it's fine for a pentagon spokesman to say that. it comes down to the president of the united states. he can say that our commitment is rock solid but when we had joe biden making rock solid commitments to our own people in afghanistan and conducted a disgreaseful and embarrassing retreat from afghanistan that shows weakness to leaders around the world. joe biden needs to say we will stand with taiwan. >> bill: the words about a peaceful reconciliation was intriguing with taiwan. back at home this commission on
7:22 am
behalf of the biden administration about expanding the u.s. supreme court. they may not take kindly to this idea. it does not serve democratic values. what is your expectation when we get this report today? >> this commission was never designed to improve the supreme court or fix any problems with it. it was a way to provide cover for joe biden who refused to take a position in the campaign on packing the supreme court. there not much wrong with the supreme court aside from democrats don't like the way it rules in many cases. this commission from the very beginning has been an effort to provide joe biden cover from the far left who is criticizing it because they want to pack the supreme court. that's corrosive of the rule of law and americans would oppose it. >> bill: they are significant
7:23 am
reasons to be skeptical that expansion would serve democrat values. you think the president is using if for cover? >> yes, the president refused to answer the question whether he would pack the supreme court. that's what the left demanded. because liberals don't like the way the court rules in some cases. it's deeply harmful and undermines confidence in the rule of law to change the composition of the supreme court or any court because you don't like the outcomes of the cases. >> bill: senator, thanks for your time. tom cotton, we will speak again soon. >> julie: first it was covid. now food supply shortages are threatening in person learning. a few fox poll shows education is a hot button issue for
7:24 am
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don't wait! be like joe the pro and make the right call. dial the number on your screen now to request a free wellcare guide today. wellcare. it's medicare done well. >> julie: a fox news poll found 57% of virginia parents say they should be the ones to tell schools what to teach their children coming do weeks after gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe said they should not. will this cut into his narrow lead? tom co funder and president of real politics here too weigh in. only 34% of parents say that schools should be the ones to decide what is best for our kids. if that doesn't tell you this we as parents want control of our
7:30 am
kids education, i don't know what does. >> that's right. mcauliffe stepped it in making that statement. part of the problem is that a lot of what is going on now regarding the controversies of school board and education is happening in the north where terry mcauliffe has to do the best to win this race. it's turning off independents and cutting into his lead. it could make -- it's already a very, very competitive race. >> julie: look at the latest fox news poll among voters. mcauliffe has a slight lead over republican glenn youngkin. with the majority of parents and voters disagreeing with his distance and education the number 1 issue among voters. are the tides going to turn on him? >> well, it looks like that. from are other polls.
7:31 am
it gives an indication of how tight this is. mcauliffe has strong support among democrats and youngkin among republicans. this will come down to the independents. joe biden won them as he won that state by 10 percentage points. 8 month later and joe biden is underwater in virginia and underwater with independents. mcauliffe acknowledged that it biden is a drag on the ticket. you throw this education issue into the mix. it's shaping up to be -- can't emphasize enough how close it will be. half of the electorate will turnout on election day. >> julie: mcauliffe at a debate in parents involvement in education. >> i won't let parents come into school and make their own decisions.
7:32 am
i don't think parents should tell schools what they should teach. >> julie: you have to be kidding. many of us had at-home learning and i will have ptsd from being a home school teacher. we saw what our kids were learning or not learning in school. that's what is going on. of course we are going to step up now. >> also if you remember at the end of last year, there were a ton of local school board elections that were hotly contested. there was a lot going on. parents were very much involved and very frustrated whether it was what was taught in schools or the way they handed covid. it's a top issue with the economy nationwide.
7:33 am
>> bill: the supply chain crisis an unwelcome lesson for school kids. schools across the country face a food supply shortage. in alabama schools are asking parents to make sure their kids have breakfast or come to class with a snack. they may need to return to remote learn figure they can't feed the kids. >> things have changed. alabama, i will throw out numbers to get a sense of this area. $38,000 is the median household economy. parents were told to feed their kids breakfast or bring a snack because of supply chain issues. when they get deliveries it's not what they asked for. this is another expense these
7:34 am
families will face now. cut to klain's tweet. >> bill: he retweeted it. >> julie: a lot of parents can't afford to feed their children. >> you think about the trickle down effect and everything is woven together with inflation and the supply chain. we are talking about christmas and who cares about christmas? that's down the line. when you see empty store shelves they wonder about their next meal. or they are frustrate they had have to go to multiple stores to buy something they used to get in one trip. adam -- i am going to virginia. the director of food and
7:35 am
nutrition services in virginia. he said every day we receive 20 to 30 deliveries and we are missing about 10,000 items a day! he said everything from forks and knives to chicken on the plate. every kind of produce you can think of. it would be easier to name the things that were not impacted by this. >> bill: bottom and virginia. -- alabama and virginia and i am looking at massachusetts. >> all schools are worried about it. if you think about how president biden wants to be remembered. he wants build back better. they changed the definition of infrastructure to impact human lives. in children in particular. we are talking about the supply chain issue impacting children in school. politics is a game of spinning things into a positive. when you look at the cost of gas. the fact that meals are not being served in schools it's
7:36 am
hard to spin that into a win. >> bill: people saw this coming months ago and did little. >> julie: a major fentanyl bust in arizona. the latest example of how the border crisis is fuelling the nation's openioid crisis. 2 girls ages 4 and 6 alone in the desert. is the biden administration turning a blind eye to this order state. >> they are fine with the human trafficking and the drugs coming across. i want the biden/harris administration to enforce the law.
7:37 am
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>> bill: one thing to watch this weekend is president biden's leadership called into question. his administration struggles to address crisis after crisis and dismissing sky rocketing prices as high-class problems. the issue of education in america growing by the week. the chaos that is still in afghanistan. and his vice-president absent on the border. watch these story lines to see how they manage them or not in the coming weeks and months. >> julie: 15 days until the month of october and we are awaiting the september numbers of migrants encounters at the border. fox news getting a first hand look up close at the situation
7:43 am
on the ground. lawrence jones visiting a train yard in texas where troopers catch migrants. this is a really really dangerous way that migrants are creeping into the country. >> you're absolutely right. the border is not secure. what you hear from the biden administration behind-the-scenes they realize it's a crisis but they won't admit that in front of the cameras. they signaled to illegal immigrants in mexico they can come into the country. they are putting their lives at risk jumping on the trains that are behind me. the texas border patrol special operations unit i have been with them this weekend. the migrants are in this desperate situation. they run off these trains and
7:44 am
lose limbs. one i spoke to yesterday had not had water or food in days. he was dehydrated. the first thing border patrol did was make sure he got hydrated. i visited the migrant and he was in the hospital. he was not in good condition. that shows you the situation here on the ground. breaking news i have to give to you. i talked to sources yesterday. there are 30,000 migrants waiting in panama to enter the country. they don't know if they will come in the del rio sect oregon the rio grande valley. this is part 2 of the biden administration border crisis. >> julie: lawrence jones, thank you very much.
7:45 am
scary stuff. >> bill: texasont edge the state experiencing this crisis. arizona border patrol agents seized more than 50 pounds of fentanyl under a truck bed. officials continue to sound the alarm calling for more resources. an arizona sheriff is with me. thanks for coming back. the 50 pounds of fentanyl seizeed in 1 truck. what will we do about this? >> they set up for failure on the southwest border. let me give you numbers. this fiscal year we had 10,000 pounds of fentanyl and 180,000 of meth and 80,000 pounds of cocaine and 5,000 pounds of heroin and 311,000 pounds of marijuana come through this border. the war on drugs is back. until america steps occupy this and secures this border, it's
7:46 am
only going to get worse. >> bill: the war on drugs in america is back. that's quite a statement. think about what we went through to bring that war to a halt. a 33-year-old female u.s. citizen was the driver of that vehicle. we have 4 and 6-year-old girls found. >> this is common. the cartels are dropping children into the community. there is all cartels driven. profit and greedy. criminals running this. it's very, very sad. that's the humanitarian side of in that is not being told. the other aspect. just in arizona alone, we had 162 migrants deaths in our southern part of our state.
7:47 am
the humanitarian side is real. >> bill: no doubt. the remain in mexico policy proved to successful for the previous administration. this administration kicked it to the curve. a judge said reinstate it. there is a massive caveat. mexico has to accept the terms of this deal. how successful was remain in mexico? do you expect to get it back? >> it was very successful, bill. you look at where we are at today compared to a little over a year ago. up 325% increase in our southwest border. 1.4 million on the southwest border. you look at in my section of the state, southeast corner of arizona we get 10,000 a month getaways. single male adults 20 to 30 years old.
7:48 am
smuggled in the country that get away every month. 10,000 a month. 1100 a day on the southwest border. the southwest border is the largest crime scene in this country. >> bill: the largest crime scene in america. wow! >> i say that because you look at public safety and national security and you look at humanitarian. not even talking about the health issues addressed on the border. it's a mess. it is a mess. caused by this administration that have willful neglect. the message is not there and there are no consequences. >> bill: we have to clean it up. the war on drugs is back. and the large of the crime scene in america. you are probably right. good luck. we will stay on the topic. we will stay in contact with people like you. thank you, sir.
7:49 am
>> julie: he read from the teleprompter. >> [shouting]. >> julie: and walks away. why is president biden refusing to answer reporter's questions. coming up. >> it's been more than 8 weeks since president biden did a sit down interview. the white house is petrifyed to allow the leader of the free world off his leash.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:55 am
the hour. >> bill: a story out of london. a british lawmaker was stabbed inside a church. he has died. police said a man was arrested. there is no name given. no motive. age 25 is all we know from the suspect who has been arrested. the flag were lowered there in england. >> julie: we have seen it time and time and time again. president biden reading from prepared marks and turning his back on reporters and walking away without answering any shouted questions. he did it again yesterday. after talking about the supply chain. >> thank you very much. >> [shouting]. >> julie: the media buzz. i enjoyed being on your program on sunday. you talk about everything and this will be a hot topic.
7:56 am
what do you make of president biden turning his back on reporters and walking away at the end of prepared remarks? do you think it illustrates his handlers don't have the confidence to have him answer questions? >> the bully pulpit has been muted under president biden. he doesn't want to tangle with the press. he has shown annoyance with reporters. he hates the question: how confident are you that you can accomplish x? the contrast with donald trump who had a constant and hostile relationship with the media is stark. >> julie: what does this do to america's confidence in the president? >> biden's theory was he would not be in your face all the time. he didn't have to be at the center of the news.
7:57 am
down at the polls and you have crises i don't think it works well for him. look at the media landscape as a void. there has to be something every day to put on the top of the newscast. if the president doesn't fill that void others will. he abandoned control of the news. he takes weekends off. he is giving up a tool of the presidency. >> julie: the mainstream media. particularly network news which is largely leaned on democratic voices covering biden's massive spending bill. after studying 30 news broadcasts there were 115 demsound bite compared to 16
7:58 am
dem bites. >> to have so few republicans. it's like they are fringe characters. the problem goes deep. you have massive budget busting bills. $3.5-trillion for one of them. the press is not focussing on how much money this is or the major tax hikes that would be required. when you combine that with the imbalance of the voices you get a distorted picture. >> julie: his approval ratings. the mainstream media and capable
7:59 am
competitors to fox news want to bury the facts? people are dissatisfied with the president. >> i think there has been a shift in recent days. i have seen a lot of mainstream reports talking about the undeniable fact that the president is down at least 10 points on average since june and trying to analyze it. democrats are worried. some democrats are panicking about the future of this administration. that is forcing its way into the media reports. >> julie: thank you. we will watch you media buzz on sunday. >> bill: using social media you like a tool to communicate. a zoo in oregon. the squishing of the squash. >> julie: why is this so
8:00 am
satisfying to me? >> bill: they have been doing this for 23 years. those pumpkins are 650 pounds! >> julie: that shows how big the elephants are. they do eat them. >> bill: how long would it take to carve one? >> julie: get one and find out. have a great weekend. "faulkner focus" is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> harris: middle-class joe biden is facing a high-class problem with fierce reaction after the chief of staff sparked a fire storm. this is the "faulkner focus." the supply chain crisis front and center. the # bare shelves biden the top trend on twitter today. the white house accused of being tone deaf and a tweet from a harvard professor. president biden's chief of staff
8:01 am
wants this retweet


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